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«rrm From the Token, for 1829. \ THE BRIDAL. [BV on»ifiixi.r. MEIXEN.] Toun° Beauty at th.- .ilwr ! Oh ! k,ncel down All ye that c>me to ^H/.C into her face, And breathe low prayers former. See, at herside Stand her |>;de parents, in tlieir latter days Pondering that hittci word, the last farewell! f The father, with a mild btifjtailess eye, The mother, with both eye and heart in tears, He, with his iron nature just |iut off, v \ Comes from the mart of noi\\ men a while' To witness holier vows than hind lite world, And taste once more the fount of sympathy ; She, from the secret chamber of her sighs, The home of woman ! she hits softly come \To stand beside her child, her only child, And bear the pale-lipped promises. She comes With bands laid meekly 011 the bosom, yet With eye upraised, as though to catch one glance, liikfl that of childhood, from that pallid face • That hung for hours imploringly on her's, In the long iron years of trial. Now Sbe noulcT endure those cruel years again To take her, as an infant, back to anus That shielded and encircled her ere she Had blossomed into life. But lo ! she stands A plighted, lovely creature at her side', The child all lost in woman. The whole world Contains for her no glory now, like that That centres in her full and thrilling heart. Her eye roves not, is fixed not, but a deep ... And lovely ha'ae, as though she were in vision, Has gatbercd-'on its dark transparency. • Her sigh is on the future—clouds and dreams. Her bead is beiTt, and o.u her varying cheek The beautiful shame flits by, as hurrying thoughts Press out the blood from the o'erteeming citadel. Boses and buds are struggling through her hair That hangs like night upon her brow, \ind see ! The dew is on tlieir bloom—Oh ! emblem fair Of pure, luxuriant youth, ere yet the sun Of toiling, heated life, hath vnthcred.il , Aud scattered all its fragrance to the winds ! This world was never created for majrfto dwell in, b:tt to pass through. Weak rea- son caunot teach us to regard our life in all its remote relations, but was liestowed up-wi us simply for the regulation of our duties heie. When it wanders without the limits which nature has assigned, it be- comes madness. Of one thing we are cer- tain : we must die. Though reason shud- der—though nature revolt—though pleas- ure sicken—yet no doubt can struggle, even into momentary existence, concerning this termination to my career. Days, months, years, may flit by, but they glide with the startling rapidity of the wa'veless stream verging towards the cataract—and I am borne along by this lapsing current-to my grave. While under the influence of this never-pausing power, how can man forget himself, in the fruitless pursuit of floating striws, or centre all his hopes, on empty bubbles? -A fe.w more pleasures—a few more pains—a little rain, and a little sun —-.ii>d then lowers the eternal night of death. We should always remember this. Thrones have been dishonored—cities ru- ined—countries laid desolate—and the earth bathed with the blood of faithful heaits—because man has fotgotten, that he must die. I do not wish to cherish melan- choly, nor to darken my imagination with images of the grave. These are, literally, nothing, or merely the outward show to terrify the weak. The mere pang of dis- olution, or the pains of the death-bed, are not the bitterest sorrows to which mortals are subjected. It is not this' that strikes the soul with such chilling terror, but the ^rJea of leaving for ever \ the warm realms /of light,\ with all their thousand fascina- tions. 'The scenes in which we have mo- ved, although at other times unattractive— those whom we have loved, although per- chance whom we have loved in vain—the memory of ibese, when U steals into the imagination of the dying man, must make him shrink in agony from the mysterious gloom, and cling, O, how convulsively ! to this existence, deiolate and heart-ren- ding as it often is. And yet we must die. In this humor I am accustomed to admire the dearest pleasures as if I walked ihtongh a world of dt earns. Thei^ .shapes, then color-,,• their delicious fascinations, delight m_\ fancy, and impress my heart. But let me. ,iever take them fcr substance. We dwell on clouds ; light gilds them, and they shine; winds touch them, and the_\ change; time rolls over ttrem—and wheie are they? Vain world ! Cheating delights! False and capricious hope ! The simple wanderer seeks the rainbow, and finds it nothing; he plo.-ks the flowers, \and they fade at his touch ; his soul is wrapped up in the music, ajid tt^'es away. Life is but a brief travel throu^'i these visions: clouds, tempests, and wintry-ddtkness brood around, irrad- iated by a few nle.inis, which shine only to disappear. But there is a Mar \hichnever fades: <he ti-KJiu-st cannot extinguish, nor the tin • Is obsfine its brightness :— the hope of hm. i Though the earth revolve, and shake, '.id yield to e\ery change—still do thou, A . n thy fair throne in the depths of Sfjjce, :••. -d for ever, shine on! Shall I weary u..-T with chasing the false and feeble !.:i' - .otiud me, when I can stand in the sir. \ of God. and gaze on thee ? solved to bring the romance to a conclu- sipn, and cairy her'off. This he explain- ed in' a very complicated bouquet; but un- fortunately the young lady was not equally proficient in the language of flowers.— Wishing to make a longer reply than usu- al, she so embroiled her ideas that the as- tonished lover found among the flowers a pied-de-lion, (coquetry) jthe monkshood, (raillery) and a^t last a superb cockle-weed, the doleful emblem of strife and indiffer- ence,\ The despairing lover, when he abandoned his position in the flower-mar- ket, was almost tempted to throw himself over the parapet. Believing that he had received his leave from Love, he petitioned for that also of *Mars; and in this double retirement, like a true knight of romance, added to his coat of arms a scabious, the token of widowhood and grief.\— Mirror. THE SCHOOLMASTER \BOARD- ING ROUND.\ EXTRACT from a Journal of a Vermont schoolmaster, published in a Vermont pa* per. Monday—Went to board at Mr. B's, hjd a baked goose for dinner ; supposed from its size, the thickness of its skin, and other venerable appearances, to have been one of the first settlers of Vermont—made a \slight impression on the patriarch's breast. Supper—cold goose and potatoes; family consisting of the man, good wife, daughter Peggy, four boys, fPompey the dog, and a brace of cats—fire built in the square room aborit nine o'clock, and a pile of wood, laid by the fire place, saw Peg- gy scratch her fingers, and could'nt take the hint—felt squeamish about the stom- ach, and talked about going to bed. Peg- gy looked sullen, and put out the fire in the square room ; went to bed, and dream- ed of having eaten a quantity of stone wall. Tuesday—Cold g'ander for breakfast, swamp tea and some nutcakes; the latter some consolation. Dinner—The legs, fctc. of the gander done up warm ; one nearly despatched. Supper—The other leg, &c. cold ; went to bed as Peggy was carrying jjhe fire into the square room ; dreamed I was a mud turtle,, and got my back broke and could not get over again. , Wednesday—Cold gander for breakfast; complained of sickness, and could eat nothing. Dinner—Wings, Sic of the gan- der warmed up; did my best to destroy them for fear they should be left for sup- per; did not succeed : dreaded supper all the afternoon. ' Supper—Hot Indian John- ny cakes, and no goose ; felt greatly re- liever), thought I had got clear of the gan- der, and went ro bed for a good night's rest; disappointed; very cold night, and could'nt keep warm in bed ; got up and stopped the broken window with my coat at-,*,vest; no use ; froze the tip of my toe a little before morning. Thursday.—Breakfast; cold gander a- gain ; felt very much discouraged to see the gander not half gone: wejij a visiting for dinner and supper; slept.abroad and had pleasant dreams. Friday.—Breakfast abroad : Dinner at Mr. B's, cold gander and hot potatoes; last very good, eat three and went to school quite contented. Supper: sold gander and no potatoes; bread heavy and dry; had the head ache, and could'nt eat; Peggy much concerned ; had a fire built in the square room, and thought that'she and I had better set the*« out a f tho noise; went to bed early: Peggy thought too much sleep bad for the head ache. Saturday.—Breakfast, cold gander and hot Indian Johnny cake; did very well; glad to come off so. Dinner—cold gander again; did'nt keep school this afternoon; weighed, and found I bad lost six pounds the past week; grew alarmed ; had a talk with Mr. B. and concluded I had boarded out his share. » \ TO CAPITALISTS, M ERCHANTS, MANUFACTUR- ERS, and MECHANICS.—The Subscribers now offer for Sale on reasona- ble terms, several valuable LOTS &. WA- TER PRIVILEGES, for Hydraulic and other purposes, situated on the Out-Let of the Crooked Lake, (a durable and valuable stream of water,) in the Village of DRBS- DEN, County of Yates, and Mate of New- York, about 12 miles south of the village of Geneva, County of Ontario, bordering on the western shore of the Seneca Lake for nearly a mile, and adjacent to the Flour- ing Mills of the Subscribers, (which annu- ally manufacture frbm 50 to 80,000 Bush- els of Wheal,) and is in the heart of a lich and flourishing population. Also— about 1©© VILLAGE, WA- TER fa OUT LOTS, eligibly situated, (commanding a fine view of the Lake from 15 to 20 miles,) with the privilege of Dock- ing into the Lake as far as necessary for. commercial purposes. This is one of the most eligible situations on the Senec ( a Lajjefor the man of busi- ness. . It has already a large«share of Mer- cantile and Forwarding business; being the chief depot for merchandise and all kinds of Produce for an extent of country for upwards of forty miles ; and as soon as the Cayuga and Seneca Canal (a Branch of the Erie Canal) is completed, which will probably be this season, business of all kinds will increase at this pftce in pro- portion to the rapid growth of the surroun- ding country. Apply to the subscribers, on the premi- ses, or to H. H. BOGERT, Esq. tesidiug at Geneva, Ontario county, N. Y. I. BOGERT & Co. Dresden, Yates Co. N. Y. ) Sept. 1, 1828. S 03 B Y order of Charles Butler, a commis- ioner to perform certain duties of a Judge of the Supreme Court—Notice is hereby given to all the creditors of Erastus Shepard, of the village of Geneva, in the county of Ontario, an insolvent debtor, to show cause, if any they have, before the said commissioner, at the house kept by William Blossom, in- the town <.f Canan- daigua, in the county of Ontario, on the sev- enteenth day of February next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon* why an assign- ment of the said insolvent's estate should not be. ma-de, and his person be exempted from imprisonment, pursuant to the act en- titled \An act to abolish imprisonment for debt in certain cases,\ passed April 7, 1819. Dated this 16th day of December, 1828. 6:18 Storage <£ f ortuar&ing. T HE subscribers will, as soon as the Cayuga & Seneca Canal is comple- ted, start a DAILY LINE OF BOATS between this and Albany, intersecting the New-York and Ohio line. They will also run a PACKET daily between this and Montezuma. H. MEECH fa Co. Geneva, \%th August, 1828. 01 STO&E &. TA7EEN STAN'S, FOR SALE. | THE^tore and Tavern ffp|' •JL Stand formerly owned by , Mj^ffl. Philander Woodworth, in the village of RUSHVILLE, in the town of Middlesex, county of Yates, (now occupied by Messrs. Dudley and Brother as merchants,) with a- bout six acres of LAND, is offered at a re- duced price. Apply to the subscriber. .<_ I W. H^ BOGERT. SBOj, Geneva, 14th Oct. 1828. 09tf J' WRXTZHG im'K. UST received, a large quantity of the elegant and durable Black Writing INK, prepared by Maynard fa Noyes, Bos- ton. It is put up into Bottles of different sizes, and for Sale by the dozen and single at the Bookstore of the subscriber, in Main- street, nearly opposite the Hotel. J. BOGERT. Geneva, 1st Dec. 16 Trait of good Society. —I have observed that the distinguished trait of people ac- customed to good society, is a calm, im- pertubable quiet, which pervades all their actions and habits, from the greatest to the least—they eat in quiet, move in quiet, live in quiet and lose their wife or even their money in quiet ; while low persons cannot take up either a spoon or an apron without such an amazing noise about it. T 1 making such <&| Ur.'E'S LANGUAGE. In ti'p I'J!: >wing pnttily told anecdote, we are m.-.J-' acquainted with another of Cupid's r.i.nu.unicatio.is, besides \nods and sptirUlnigs of the speaking eye.\— There is something delightfully delicate in the idea of avowing or learning an attach- ment through the medium of flowers, it saves all the hemming and hawing and \looking down to blush, and the looking up to sigh,\ and the stammering and the damage, to fans and good grammar, which are apt to occur on such occasions. \Not long ago, a young officer, who has made the campaign of Egypt, fell in Jove with a yming Parisian,\ and in the Spanish fashion bt'gan to walk under her window. The lady was under the guar- dianship of her brother, who, being a married man, and wishing to secure his sister's fortune for h.- o.vn family, was of course much iveue ;o her marrying. The lover, unable to open a c«*re<vpondence in the usual way, but learning that his Rosi- na, was fund of flowers, and had trafic wr. i the bouq letieie several times a week, b- thought himself of turning to account the Knowledge he had acquired in fhe east of the langutge of fi-i vers, and forthwith established his head q-iatters in the mar- ket. The bouque'iere wa-, gained, and by her means, he conveved 10 his mistress a carnation, the emblem of an ardent pas sion. Some days after he received in re- turn a honey-sockle, the svmhol of friend- ship; be replied by a heliotrope, which means love in s-,,dtiess, and addend the am orath, as a postscript, to signify constan- cy. Fo* a long time he received only tbe eternal honey-suck.e; but at last a rose bud appeared, the avowal 0 f a mutual af , fection, and then a veronica, which says, as plainly as a flower,, can speak, ft the more I see.you, the more I love you.\— j \ The captain was enchanted ;„arfrla]thoua! |£ his ttistrsgg was har^hy ypt of age, k<t r«- CMS22 F©& FLAX SEED. I WILL pay snen shillings per Bushel, for any quantity of good Flax-Seed, at my Store in Ceneva. JOHN II. SWIFT. Oct. 14, 1828, 09 FOR SAIiE, an elegant and well situated TAVERN S T A N D in the village of Wa- terloo, well known by the name of Green Tavern, and owned by Foster Barnard—at present occupied by George Parsons. AUo, a IZOTJB'Sl & LOT, in the village of Geneva, situated in Main- Street, and occupied by Dr. J. Smith, Jr. Terras of payment made easy. Inquire of P.HASTINGS, ? Con,'tee of the ^ GEO. BARNARD.* Geneva, August 25, 1828. Estate of F. Barnard. SOUVENIR & HOXBZSr. UST received at the Qeneva Book- store, a new supply, of the above ele- gant gifts, for 1829. A ho, the following new Books: DOMESTIC DUTIES, or Instructions Hq Young Married Ladies, on the Manage- ment, of their Households, and- the regula- tions of their Conduct in the various rela- tions and duties of Married Life : by Mrs. Parkes. PELTIAM ; or the Adventures of a Gen- t)eman-rr2 vols. FAREWELL TO TIME, or Last Views of Life, and Prospects of Imrnor- tality^rfa-c. by the author of the Morning and Evening Sacrifice. FLUTE fa FIFE PRECEPTORS— Blair's Rhetoric, abridged, Integral Calculus, fac. &c. J. BOGERT. January 6, 1829. KITTRIDGE's Celebrated Rheumatic Ointment. OR the cure of Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, and Lumbago— Price 00 cts. per bottle. Also, KITTRIDGE's SPRAIN LINAMENT, For the cure of Sprains, Fractured Bones, Dislocations, Bruises, and Incipient Swel- lings— Price 50 cents. A quantity of the above articles, with di- rections for their use, constantly on hand for Sale at Doct. CARTER'S and at Doct. TOWNSEND's Di uggest Stores, in Main- Street, Geneva. July, 1C28. 96 1AHD rtfF*:H GENEVA. F OR Sale, 75 Acres of LAND, lying one mile, and an half from this village, 18 Acres of which are cleared, and the res- idue in wood. For particulars inquire at this Office. June 7, 1828. 90 WHITE SVEUSTAB.D BSED. HE above popular and efficacious remedy for the cure of Dyspepsia, or Indigestion; just received and for sale at the sign of the Lion fa Mortar, Main- Street, Geneva. W. A. TOW r NSEND. Geneva, June 24, 1828. 93 WOOL CARDma. Cloth Dressing and MANUFACTURING. T HE subscriber having procured and put in successful operation a first rate Steam Engine, for propelling his machine- ry; - will in future be enabled to carry on the misiness of Carding, Cloth Dressing and Dying, in its various branches, and during all spasons of the year. He is furnished to accommodate his customers in the best pos- sible manner. His establishment is situated directly on the margin of Seneca Lake, a short distance south of the Franklin House, where he re- spectfully solicits from his old customers and the public generally, a share of pat- ronage. He keeps constantly on hand a good as- sortment of Cloths, whichrfJie 'will sell cheap for cash, or exchange mt Wool. CHESTER FRANCIS. Geneva, 22d September, 1828. 06 ftroTxes* T HE Copartnership subsisting between the subscribers will be dissolved on the first day of January next. All persons indebted to them are requested to make 'pavment before the first day of October next, at which time all delinquents will be prosecuted without discrimination. ROGER HASKELL, HIRAM WALBRIDGE. (£]r* On hand, a good Assortment of Saddlery, Hard-ware which, with a general assortment of SAD- DLES, HARNESS, SAPDI,E TREES, fac. will be sold ver> low for ready pay. H. fa W. Geneva. August 19, 1828. 6wi00* \ xtroT7 , <;&. IDE Copaitiicrslnpof George Stafford if Co. consisting of Geoige Stafford, Hallenbake* Stafford 's Spencer Stafford, Junior, was dissolved by its limitation on fhe first day of Apnl last. Those indebted to the late firm will please take notice that any demands un.settled on the first day of September, wi'l be left with Messrs. Bogert and Grosvenor for collection. GEORGE STAFFORD, HALLENBAKE STAFFORD, SPENCER STAFFORD, Jun. THE Business will be continu- ed in the Hard Ware. Line by George Stafford $f Spencer Staf ford, Senior, at the old Stand, (corner of Water & Seneca-Streets,) under the firm of G. STAFFORD fa Co. Geneva, June 20, 1828. 94 (rryjEair TJLSLTIOVLAJBL NOTICE. A LL persons indebted to the subscribers are informed that unless their Notes and Accounts are settled or paid by the mid- dle of February, they will be put into other hands for immediate collection. J. B. fa R. RUMNEY. Geneva, 6th January, 1829. 21 T la^tT&i^ rCm TME AF- FLICTED. T HOUSANDS of living witnesses are ready to attest to the efficacv of Dr. CHAMBERS' MEDICINEasa remedy for INTEMPERANCE. Q^Apply be- fore your case is hopeless. c£Q The Rem- edy can be obtained of the subscriber, A- gent to the Proprietors, at his Medical Store, tyro doors north of Col. BoggrtV Bookstore, Main Street. W. A. TOWNSEND. Geneva, April 2, 1828. 81 P. S—Persons at a distance can have the Medicine forwarded by mail, by en- closing the necessary fee, $5, post paid. HE character of this Ointment is so well established as to need no recom- mendations, for being a. pleasant, safe, and sure remedy for that loathsome disease.— It is also a cure for other eiuptions of the skin, particularly for the Salt Rheum and Chilblains. Price 37^ cts.— Also, DR. DAVENPORT'S BILIOUS PILJLS. These Pills are justly esteemed for their easy operation and good effects as a mild, safe, and sovereign remedy for Bilious Fe- vers, Pains in the Head, Stomach, and Bowels; Jaundice, Scurvy, Piles, Rheu- matism, Inflammation in the Eyes, Female Complaints, Acid Stomachs, Indigestion, Worms, Eruptions on the Skin, Dysentery, Bilious Cholie, Dizziness, and Headach. They are likewise an antidote against In- fectious diseases, removing Obstructions of every kind, by dissolving and discharging the morbid matter, helping Digestion, re- storing a lost Appetite, and a sure relief for costive habits. They are so accommo- dated to all ages, seasons and hours, that they may be taken in .winter or summer, at any time of the day, without regard to diet, or hindrance of business. Their opera- tion is so gentle, pleasant and effectual, that by experience they are found to ex- ceed any other physic heretofore offered to the public. Those who are travelling by sea or land, will find them a gieat preser- vation from the disease? of foreign climates. Also,—WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS, which have been proved by thousands to be so eminently useful in re- moving all Jaundice and Bilious Com- plaints. Price 374 cts. DAVENPORT'S which needs only to be used to be highly approved of, for all sorts of weak and sote Eyes. A fresh supply of the above Medicine just received and for Sale, at the Drug- gists' Stores of W. H. TOWNSEND, and W. W. CARTER, in Main-street Geneva. Also, at Seneca Falls, by B. Maltby and S. M. Giddings; at Canandai- gua, by E. Warner; at Rochester, by G. Hitchcock ; and by the Druggists in Utica, New-Yolk, and Boston. Geneva, Jan. 1, 1829. l#cA21 ir use, had almost despaired of finding i relief. For Sale, F ' the village of Clyde, in the county of Wayne, a two story DWELLING HOUSE and Out Houses, now occupied as,a tavern stand. — The dwelling House is situated directly on the bank of the Erie Canal, and is one of the most eligible situations for a Public House in that flomising village. Also, one hundred Acres of good LAND. lying about half a mile north from Clyde and the Canal. This Land is pait nndei improvement and the ren heavily covered with valuable timber. This Lot will he sold together or divided into puts of 15 or 20 acres each, to suit purchaseis. Ail of the above pioperty is situated in the heart of a .rich and flourishing country, and is rapidly increasing in value. Posses- sion will be immediately given and the ti- tle made indisputable. For terms apply to Mr. George Burrall, of Clyde, or to John Scoon, in Geneva, who is authorised to dispose of the above mentioned property. Geneva, August 26,_i828. 02 CHEMICAL Efrawing School. MISS LfiWXS, P ROPOSES to teach Drawing, Wed- nesday and Saturday afternoons, be- tween the hours of two and four o'clock.—- Lesions will be given with the Pencil, with W^ater-Golors and black-Crayoos— $3 per quarter or 24 Lessons. References, Mr. H. Dwight, H. H. Bogert, Esq. Mr. Wm. Young, Mr. A. B. Hall, David Hudson, sq. D. W. Lewis, Esq. Mr. R, Runiney, Dr. G. L. Rflse. Otfifm, $«e«ft&rf 24., 182*. 4:19 T GENEVA BASER?. OLD ESTABLISHMENT. HE subscriber respectfully informs his old customers and the public in general, that he continues the BAKING BUSINESS at his old Stand, in Main- street, Geneva, where he will be pleased to wait upon and furnish them with the very best articles in his line, viz. BREAD, CRAJCKERS, CAKE, fac. fac. Gro cers, Taverners, fac. furnished at whole- sale af. the lowest prices. As he is deter- mined to use none but the first quality Flour and other materials, he may with confidence assure the public that his arti- cles wtll.be of a superior kind. Cash a\pd the highest price will be paid for first quality old or new WHEAT. An APPRENTICE at the Baiting bu- siness will b^e taken. One that can be well recommended for industry, activity, and honesty, willyeceive good encouragement. (L/* All persons indebted are requested to make payment by the first of February, and save costs. \ i^ATHAN DASKHAM. Geneva, 5ih January ,1829. 6me/t21 BLJLN3ES \*\ For Sale at the^ffcneva Boskstore. 3USS APfS) LOT. FOR SALE, the House and Lot BOW occupied by M. Haves, situate in the village of OVID, county of Seneca. Possession given on the 1st of May'next. Apply to ALVAH GREGORY, Esq. in Ovid, or to'the subscriber, in Geneva. JAMES BOGERT. February 5, 1828. FOR SALE to ACTUAL SETTLERS 11,000 ACHES OF I/iED, B EING the unsold part of Township Number Six, in the Seventh Range in the town of Ossian,'county of Allegany, and state of New-York. The Land is of an excellent quality, and covered with all the varieties of thrifty Timber which mark the superior soil of the Genesee country. It abounds with never failing springs of the purest water ; and it may be said, with truth, that no part of the United States can boast of a more healthy climate. Canas- craga and Sugar Creeks, which are branch- es of the Genesee river, pass through the township, and afford numerous and excel- lent sites for Miffs and other Hydraulic works. The township lies two miles west of the flourishing village of Dansville, in the county of Livingston ; this village is situat- ed on the Canascraga Creek, at the distance of 15 miles,. by land, from Williamsburgh, from whence good navigation is afforded by the Genesee river to the Erie Canal tit Rochester (30 miles.by water:) and at the distance of about 12 miles from Arkport, on the Canisteo. a-jriavigable branch of the Susquehanna river. A barrel of flour can be transported from Rochester to New-York for about $1 25, and from Arkport to Bal- timore at about the same rate. The Land is subdivided into LOTS of about 100 A- cres each, and will be sold at very low prices on a credit of nine years, with annual in- terest. Improved Farms in the counties of Ontario, Cayuga, Seneca and Yates, will be taken in exchange for Lots at a fair cash valuation. The title is indisputable, and good war- ranty deeds will be executed to purchasers, by theproprietor. Col. Robert Troup. For other particulars apply to the sub- scriber, at the Land Office in Geneva, in the county of Ontario. -[861| GEORGE GOUNDRY. E O R, WHITWELL's orig'l OPODEL- DOC, for Bruises, Sprains, Rheu- matism, Cramp, Numbness, Stiffness of the Neck or Limbs, Chilblains, Chapped Hands, Stings of Insects, Vegetable Poisons, or a- ny external injury. Recommended by pne of the first Plnsicians in the United States, whose certificate, as well as those of numer- ous respectable individuals, accompany each bottle. CAUTION.—It is greatly to be deplo- red, that as soon as any important improve- ment or discovery is made in Medicine, the community must be cheated, and the inven- tor, in a degiee, deprived of his just re- ward, bv a host of servile imitators, (insti- gated by envy and self-interest) imposing their spurious compounds on the public, as A substitute for tbp genuine at tide, thereb) lending to bring such improvements into disiepute, and even utter contempt. Such instances aie so numerous, that it is judged by many that all deviations from the com- mon course are unimportant, unless follow- ed by a train of imitators, counterfeiters and impostors. Therefore be sure that you receive Whitwell's Opodeldoc, or you may he most wretchedlv imposed upon. Price S7£-cents. fj^ VOLAT1LE ARonsAvic suurr, For manv years celebrated in cases of ca- taarh, head ache, dizziness, dimness of eye sight, drowsiness, lowness of spirits, hvpo- condria, nervious weakness, &c.—it is most fragrant and grateful to the smell, being mostly composed of roots and aromatic herbs. It is absolutely necessary for all those who watch with or visit the sick.— Piice 50 cents and 25 cents. (L/^ The above valuable articles for Sale at the Bookstoie of J. BOGERT. Gewevflf, Sept. 23, 1828. 60 ARE an effectual remedy for all disea- ses of the lungs, Such as Colds, Obstinate Coughs, Influenza and Consumption, it is now about six years since the discovery of this medicine, and not a case has come to the knowledge of the proprietor, which it has failed of curing or alleviating—it pro- motes digestion,_gives tone and vigor to the stomach, promotes the discharge of phlegm and restores the lungs to the healthy dis>- charge of its functions. NEW CERTIFICATES. This certifies, that the subscriber has been for a long rime afflicted with the Asth- ma, (and for' three years was unabled to ' sleep m a reclining posture,) attended with difficult respiration, and all, the other dis- tressing syinptoms usually attending the complaint. Had tried almost all the vari- ous-remedies, recompiended for the disease and not finding the.least benefit nsult from their any Having heard the American Cough Drops highly recommended, as a last resort, I made a trial of two bottles, and finding my difficulty of breathing lessened, and my general health improved, I continued the use of them until I had used 12 or 15 bot- tles, when I found fny health completely restored. I can 1 est well, and have no dif- ficulty of breathing—am able to attend 10 my business,-and have not had any returu of the complaint. From the great benefit I have received, and knowing by sad expe- rience, the distress suffered by persons troubled, as I have been, I freely recom- mend the American Cough Drops, as a Medicine that, with perseverance, will, in most instances, alleviate, if not cure the distressing disorder. LYALAN WILCOX. Berlin, Sept. 12, 1025. The Subscriber having been for several (fays severe!)! afflicted with influenza, ac- companied with a violent cough, loss of appetite, and symptoms of foyer, was en- tiiely cured, by using half a bottle of the American Cough Drops. From, a perfect confidence in this remedy, I would recom- mend a trial of it to all afflicted in a similar war. L. D. VANSANDS. Middhtown, Feb. &bth, 1825. This certifies, that I was for nine months laboring under a violent affliction of the lungs, attended with a veiy hard Cough, and every Symptom of the consumption; having made use of maiiy remedies without any removal or lessening of the complaint, was induced to try the American Cough Drops as a last resort, and after using onfc bottle, I was retored to perfect health. CHARLES D. BUTLER. Meriden, Jan. 3, 1826. The Subscriber was violently attacked with the influenza, attended with a violent cough, and many turns of spitting blood and symptoms of an approaching consump- tion, was induced to make use of the Amer- ican Cough Drops, and to my astonish- ment, after using one bottle, 1 was relieved from- every symptom of disease, and my health was perfectly restored. March 7, 1826. WM. DOYLE. For Sale at the DRUGGIST STORE of WM. W. CARTER. Gmeva, SOth January, 1828. li/*72 FARMERS' Fire Insurance and T the GENEVA CASH STORE. —The subscribers have just received, on consignment, a large supply of COOKING STOVES, with Copper and Tin Furniture. PARLOR, OVAL fa BOX STOVES. Aho—\ large quantity of English and Russia Sheet Iron Stove Pipe, which will be sold at unusualy low prices and on ac- commodating terms. t DE ZENG fa HALL. Geneva, 22rf Sept. 1828. , 06 Select Hymns. J UST published by the subscriber, and for Sale at his Bookstore, a \ Select tion of Hymns-for tf^e Musica Sacra,* be- ing the words of the Set Pieces, &c. in that collection of Music—Together with a num- ber of other Hymns, from various authors, with references to Tunes suitable for each. i. gQGBRT. Y •„ beVwa, April®, l»2fl. J' EREMIAH VAN RENSSELAER, Esq. the Agent of this Company at Cannndnigua, having resigned, the public are heieby respectfully informed that th» business of Fire Insurance of that Agency will hereafter he under the entire manage- ment of JAMES REES, Esq. of Geneva, who will act as General Agent of ibis Insti- tution in the WKSTERN COUNTRY, and who is authorized to make arrangements for the Renewal of all such Policies as may Ex- pire, as well a* for any new Insurances that may be applied for. This Company have a Capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, all paid in and securely invested, together with a large sur- plus to meet any contingent losses that may be incurred. The public may be assured that all claims for Losses will be adjusted on the most liberal principles, and prompt- ly paid. Few-York, Apfill, 1828. JOHN T. CHAMPLIN, PWL JOHN KING, Sec'y. Those persons who wish IN. SURANCE, will please apply to the subscriber, at the Office o( the Ontario Insurance Company, in Gene- va, who is also authorized to Renew Poli- cies issued by that Company and the West- ern Fire Insurance Company, at Canan- daigita, without any other expense than the payment of the premium. The pre'mium nf Insurance will b'e as moderate at this Office as at any'ouVer 'regular Insurance Office in this state- JAMES REES. Geneva, April 9, 1828. *jj s ^VWWWVVV LA MOtT'S COVOIf 2X3.02S. Prepared by A. CROSBY\ as secmdetit-] ed on «fck bottle, and with the signature of A. Crosby with pen and iiilt, to each bill 01 directions, which is enveloped in a stereo or check plate. The public have noticed (be < mSny certificates from physicians and oth- t ers,.whlch hare accompanied the publicity of this valuable medicine. It is now famy •|-before a benevolent and enterprising Amen- — <. can people, and the vender only asks for »£ a place among the list offaiWily medicmes tor a cough and asthmatic remedy, as a certain pledge of his willingness and ability to re- ciorocate fke favour. ^ ^^ , ^ ^ > The above valuable Medlcin?, togethei' with Crosby's Chemical JAPAN BLACK ! For sale by tbe*princibaj Draggistsw ffie ! Unitea* States. ' C/uumtSii£,lS.J.. ING, W large *nd small bottles-^&r at the Medical Store of ,„„*,„ WM. A. TOWNSEND Geneva, June 24, 1 ale $5

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