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k., aWthawWsae* b* MHH\ m mr* •**•, • branches. of,ja * )f4i«Mo««|Ult faataaking tnhl^g « £0*4*1 HI Osajh), * iadindoali n eombjaaUoot sf cat in th* toss* of the naubmj tfe« YWtuttl |2 ' tcoordiag to p£4 W*W.•-•-!» tike 40** «* out to the «_. which bi* ••iparj. b# moat kkerytt » -nstung ommij * -wttf block* togs, * with bun lossy *t u« ? ,l ( >r th» taa i fart. Unit tjflkiil . paid, at any jsa|| ~§Wfattir>TS oi\ t_|— •hm tin- prints* Jim tli>' t*,i M^ iat! (t>l i »«./ lots* with th« seta *J *r« to tors* Ik* «*.» i* to|ui4 tb the fan u to ht -i *y will retain ili ^ aaam hy pa&ta* t#m of tamer w«S : propWly crease*. ? Ami togrethar wl -y swttbt. VbM ^ aapawi -tb* ihtaj*. i tie mold* «|j ***** M»f packs! : sty-four fewftit hi i prac*** t« teklhl .:j»«:tr*nt» mrrMfil '{ i«4-****rt*M»i*£feJ ' the «!»#**» aft* ;; oat t»a » btocfc Mi ^ .*** thea f t*w SaV\? x»w#r*. «ad Ail I '.» fiat****! by •*%- 'J *#t Of p*p#f, * 4-m:t ttpaladfflPWjaal .'• befut*; th* Mil ': »; erftu the tint <:;. ft is. hm iwoihrf.; thee ««sy foeiift i tn4*w4, fafltip ;: '-. and had to is ? !*!#> Jyr tb* watt; | . lfc» 0*aJt* far -i h- to temk* mm ; America, the**! : e«li#*d tAvmm$ '; *r. The qtuIMM ' WNI are. not MH^ \ ttn^ii tw «y *•* ] coa«^«y*»ea\ tst ; w bs* bawl ta W first pasting tfcr ;«g*th« m&dihM' ribs, tb* tit* Mt - ! it in thmr ptww - -tbe4 •*>*»»• JH»- ! <>«*<• «s4 u*e faa«y . H*k» Mid KJOfcV dipant'io !*Rfl'««r»1 , brtid*; bat -U>#'«b>' \- rswa»«8te4<i««H|K,\' flSt-wnt l«' «KW » : >l l*r*r«> q»MitJH|l j Wh.i>& th* ismm of tb« p»«w» '*•:,, •i <jatrr wtmagt %i da*tj of TwiA V ;«i r*n. — /yfc.i .lirlt S«»fjr. ' ..« tli*t b»«* b»« : | S*«» rorttttoO^d th • *6#T IBMlB&rtWhf * mt\ «i«rt*tt* rfW; \f p«t<»pl*»* <<J. ••*•;;• MHBt by botfo* iW : ; JO W^# th*a 'W \ Th* wmxtAytq* : inf *b*t h* b«*j ihrtioa,» !*»!****•; 4oJl«r Win, mm ] «t c«iti!jt«rf rit* 0ft•'. , «sa «w«bi»»; P*»rl« to 4«*t*et *j of th* «*»» •»*. * nN*fi. an ftrct^hP | liwoltw**! ***•*.; *»>eiit«id is Hlg ! WPOOt MWSlW*;.' it «4 * !*»»•• tUILUL tHHIl ' *-»J» r . , lwiJ_ii THE FtKJI ASD IIUISCUULI). <vl VTWfcwt t»MK «t*t*W UWWW Ut»Ar»lB ' *;: B ami i Ol IM«tt! !«. Tfe»«f 1»« 'Br* <MT|* Utki Imj^hTiuMt. •• lUk«iUik«*ttt*fifulpwl Wh«*» «tbw wort will permit it in bewt to plow ib« )*nd for lull nowing «WK»I lifur tb«* bkvitt^'and h«rr<*ting i* Tbu aroida the dronght-ilried •oil that is fn^orntlj fonml biter in the ii^MOP. bwddot turaatg aadw thg weeds b*fore Ihc.T h»ve time to ripeo their M«dt. Tborongb o»e of Uie coltintor will pmuc th«Mrl7plowe>d laud when Wing time come*.— American Agrtcut- ttiNkti. - - •- • ' - ' tmm ll»n>**. : Otiu of thb mtmt politic onaea of' contracted hoM^^tnjidraea, ia allowing their ahoea to remaJrkon too long. Itu aeldom we ham' of'MrafMt baring con- tracted heel* when worked regularly fltwy day. Few peraona are aw»r» of the importance of removing a borae'a «ho«*, whieh ahoald be done at laaat ever? month or aut woaka. It i* too often tbe enatom to _,— ——~«™ . after having onoe been placed, to remain till worn oat Mem mooring them. ( Fifty yeara ago, 4 »b«a horae'a ahoea tntm p*UMt.Mk MtotH «*.'••, \ fc> ta» Urn mn* fkttowaJ tmmm -. - ...» M^M «Ml wki IAHKWV tM«aa% tiMI til <«U lu«wr» UWUHMM WhMVf Wtl'MRf 1-4HH ajtyawa VlMMk tt^MWCif Mwufcr (M*4*i»»Si#*p» MbM4lHur lihMav JP\\ ^vE^r^^^-zj^^.T- MtM* I* HMM Ml l»,i Ml •*-..»• laated'mticlr longer than they do now, it ' wa* a common prartie* to remore them \ one* liefore they were worn out. When | retnored the horaea* feet were pared 1 down the aame aa when newly abod. If | thia waa th* praetice now we abotdd | havt leaa interfering and fewer lame i home. \ |«Ml MMWM, «•*!•* W*U Mf*IH»l I l»e mmH^mtMtmllMmtttm^mmmhmr^-m f fjf ^^mm^^/^l^vfml-r VM ^Py.y.aT *JF HAJtmm ntftfEOY oo. »rt BIHPI. MMaaiWlfiir^-STCttawrtM. — ThlnMlat Frail. Whenever we tell a friend he abonld . thin bia frail be talks abont the <nir<?B- ' liq, the eoildlirfg moth, the bird* and i the boys, and \ gutwaea there will lie ; ibinning enough before the aeaaon get* . throogh.\ Thia ia tree enough in it* ^JtrnfyJ-B^toattTaiLlhige trotiblea exfot to auy extent it u not much oae to grow ) frnit at all. Bat there are aome who do s not leave attTteir\ •avroeai \1»M£TI\F*' ' * 8< * T * rin ' :n ! *ome who atiqjtite the right u^o^m^Um ^j^w m p» i«« a»««*P«<* lo interfere at all. and PT^XL t ^. l *^r\^ly!^*gfc!? i a&l <Ml l *»•* *«. «H»eaefal war againat them; ZiM,«j« i t «f»« o< tJM«yw>.Tmxeii». initjtuiw — »at erra \fBWWff 1 1*» «PMMk I ttmnupl. «M«*•• •« .lout—1 M» hi ewii fc«|i«» ftp »*W. > M< I hrt*»w# » hW«w^«BkSr«*a» I •< at e IWUIPHI •«4jl ,fB*i|»»i—! •Ml**. Ia) VtnMMi*. *«r- » atera «HML|liar«fri«ea. )&•*••»»•«« law, I mil M*4 PM «tl Mnaan I —*• from a a-nrweien and •anpMMi. Mi—«»-i.,t»-* »: - %-imtm tmr+urt •» u«U«r (w« -V t*. f —.V:*-* la* ^(««a m *•«• t fc»« «fW mem ti w l««, ia *4*.c«ss to*waw*>ho*.toft\* r—...w *»4 » <ti«l w<«w«»tBia •*•> • * •***». Prom a Orws«Hi<t. ||»ylM»4.»»'S*l*5»-U»»J«»M*T •»•**•**!* r«H t?*«>^ l« «* 9*1«»f «f«*M«»««. MM »*•* MM* «|W«fwt ,~a*»«!StSS» W» »*«*«*•**» ^••kjawwe** ••aWtW U\ UM> MM* *.T. <*J! ««tf> .*»*•«. YELLOW i tbeae do not appreciate the jy*** *.'**?• I valne of fhinoing their frnit. The evil SiXTIJ^lo' ^ °^ overbearing ia particalarly apparent \ ia dwarf peara and grapea. Aa a gen- eral thing there >» rarely a grape vine )>at would be benefited by baring it* imnebe* t*nt away and tom« of the free leering dwarf peara augbt have from o&e-tbird to one-half. Tne grapea may i *• rttt away aa noon aa tbey can t>e neen, bat the p*-ir ah on id be left antil aome- wbat grown, aa tbey oft*n fail after they are pretty w«41 advanced. It not only help* UM* «i3De of the frail, bat i* a pain to the- future health of the tree.—(AT- wi-iTHWwTi TWeertqaa. N C'he«» VevtUtaer*. Nearly every farmer goea k> the aeiW- \ ^villageloTFp^ir^^it-rmfeebaBiir obl»in bis lettera and papr*, at leaat once a week. He oftenjakea a load to market, bat he rarelybrings one home. He cava, with very little trouble, haaJL a load of material that may be obtained for nothing, and which will be of gnat hia land. Most village peo- e make no aae of the eahea prodnoed ID their atoveaor of the bonea taken from the meat they eomrame. Bcaxoel^ mj brewer ha* any oae for the hope that have been boiled in his vata, and the blaekamith hardly\ ever aavea the clipping* he take* from the feet of hones. . All these materials make ex- cellent iaaoare. A barrel of shaving* eat from the hoofs of horaea con tains more ammonia than ia contained in a o ad of stable ' manore. Applied to (land, without preparation, they might give no immediate reaalla, bat they (Wflitfin«t<» (TM.)i »*Uy Mrs. Adam Ornbb, 231 Walni ^ been a great aafferer for a number of yean from extreme pain in the uomeUiing like rheamatiim. She also very ranch tronbled with oornaand Iraniona. It. was with great difficulty that aha ooald walk; and sometimes when aae woald visit her hasband's shoe store or any of her children, she ooald not get home again withont sa- sistanoe, and often when she was walk- ing along the streets she would be aeued with such aente pain that she was compelled to stop in at the neigh- bon on the way antil she got better. Some two weeks ago she heard of the wonderfal cares B t Jacobs Oil was affecting, and she at onee commenced to use It and experienced gnat relief immediately. The pains have left her feet and ankles and the mflammation has left the corns and banians. She is now tripping up to her husband's shoe store and oat to see her children „ ^v . «•»——. T. . WT rrT to r WW»M. *• •- « w woa ^ 1 * Ncoow decomposed ia time ana iiflfel^SW^i^w^^tom^ Illow^-SaiJSlf k Sl^Si£l e iSSSl ,ri *^ 00t expoisacing any pain. ^J^7^Jt^^i£^*^S *ft«r h*rin<r once been »laced. to nmainTfP^ 11 ^^^\\'? \»? T° «> tnated^ — that they woald produce immediate re- sails. By covering them with fresh horse manure they will decompose very rapidly. They may also be leached in a barrel and the water that covered them drawn off and applied to plants. Water in which - pieces of horns and hoofs have been soaked ia an excellent manure for plants that require forcing. Itatimulates the growth of tomatoea,roae bashes and house plants very rapidly and emits no offensive odors. Avast amount of fertilizing materials is wasted in towns that farmers ooald obtain the benefit of with very little troeble.— AW Fedfc Horild. Berts**. BAKC P^tiro»i.-lUw ,»te1«o«^*^J«^J^%T^^ . .... - • . *l . , daaaaVja tm wnt •<••• J%» h^«» «anaawiaai t a *%aa •**»#•• 11 «• *•* - - ' \ \— .— ^— pared and aliecd visryJLhi5 J ,pai-iato_a Are a syrnptom of Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Constipation, Bil- iotisfiessyand Li vcrCompkint. l^WlXTDr8lliUI[WUI(E BITTERS will aire the disease and re- move yellowness from skin and eyes. Warranted to cure. Sold everywhere at 3 6 et*i per book. wmxmmmmm AMMTCA^ : #Hi t'kleh** t*lw»t#r».. The di*r*ae commonly known as clis.-M-n cbolen i* one of a contagioas ch*r*<cU?r, althongh Jt will nadoabtedly ocetir Bpoataseottaly in a single fowl of * flock, and may spread no farther if r!W aick fowl t* removed at once to a aaie distance. The dinpsae is inteat.in.al fever, with inflammalioB of the liver. Itfmav becauaed by nnvfholeeome sar- 'ro^inawgs \and by ^continued indigea- tion and malBatntion, by which the blood ia brought inlo ifae precise con- dition in which it furniuhe* an acc«pt- ebl« support to the germs of the dis- ease which are floating in the air at certain season* and under certain cir- rnm*tancee. These, however, are no varied that %e XM,J expects them to be preweint at alt tim«s, CTTO in the coldes wmth*«r4, for even then tqwls are at taek«d with thia dikes**. 'The conspic- uous indicatioaa of thia disease area yellowness of the wattles and cheeks a»d grwn and yellow dang or * black liquid discharged When a fowl is thus attacked it should be separated from the rent: tweaty 'dropsVol carbolic aci<| sbo.n|d be pat into a pint of water for twflvc fowls v and tho Slick fowl should have three .drops of the aci# given Ut a tyMpwinftttii***,*» tgT >*o food should W.Ri'ren for some days andionly the earbolatetl water. 4 \When I have prepared a remarkably good sermon,\ said Bev. Mr. Gushwell, \it generally happens that I have a very small congregation to listen to it. \What a memory yon have!\ exclaimed Fogg, ia tones of astonishment; \how long ago was it that yoa prepared that did yoa aayf {Cambridgaport (Haas.) American Protestant] A lady friend of ours called the other day and stated that her husband had seen Bt Jacobs Oil advertised in oar paper; he used it for rheumatism and was convinced of its merits. ^K faOs^«s^Xalasa%|«« is lasannsl to health and ragst_, bowels sad stomsoh. Whan mis function is iaterremed by ttu> avOnm of the gland to perforin its seaming dafrprnpsrlr, constipation and indigestion lesult, sfts is m- jecisd into the blood, sad dyes maskm a dirt) yellow: there sro.nsu***, bssdsrhe, p*ip ia the right aids, t orred tongua and- other annor- ing symptana, Forthsaesndfcrtbslrcsas*, Hoststter-s Stomsch BitMrs ia a far m«t rational and pleasant rsmedy than (fas draatte, rloleat porgstirei aomstimes taken. It re> bucea tbsbowela without nam or amwyaaos, and imparts ths requisite sUmums to tbs Uror.x. proiaoang it* activity, ant mat of its aasoeiata N organ, th* stomanh, Tbeas eontbined bsnefl- cout sfisat* ara apssdELy sppreeiabis. No woman ever realizes the aster helplessness of her sex so much as when - she reaches a steamboat wharf three minutes too late for the excursion. In . Milwaukee they give one last, lingering look around them and' lay down and die. If 8«MMHM iMaMtWiMo T3ia* a resftsdy made nl such cxnaxuoa, aiswte plants as hops, bochu, tusiutrnka. daadanon, etc, shooM msJke so tnsiiysnd such msrrslooa sad wendsrfal cures M Hop Bitterji do, but when osflj been cured by them, yoa mast believe and try tbem yeeraau' and doubt no longer. Sea other At Bayeax, in Normardy, if any of the «TJ offers «o sell as? or ow-afvh th* f* -, Thi* oft«» *•* «>ople, who, ia ft* nlr rich, pa?* 1 ?? iiozn* firm ww* .'r-erally «W*M*Ml •,{ wUocn !»«**•** .nd f)9<»r» 1'>I? 0 '\*' c Brm know of 1* n, filrfl k'»g •a i »irothcr pw** _V* hr>W BTBChB* n<i U-lla htm th*» et him go i^JSJ ril i«c>m»wM»»n •Bnpictouit, bat *• at any amoast * Thw is •*»** drel go** i»«^* •kavse of pap** ffj *ek» would BM*»« . The P***'^ od wsled wi* • » :bia is- •%«»*»££- ,« billa. Uiw*ja\* For Man and Beast. Jt swr* essre fmr jrmmmd$ f J»Vas*a«»t J»a*rs**, W' ^^ITlCatr*, «*. #W1RUM7£D CaUfe,| IBJMfl •»**«., w»*»«i luTttf umu I««*«•- CsraiA MBoil** fftraTa**, \i-_v7Wtils, m«a« M«llaa»*>lsr4 r»iafa«. Tite following figures ahow the result of experiments made in growing potatoes at IIJP experimental farm of Cornell unir^raitv, Itbaca, N. Y.: The Early ltito«_rsjryty wss planted May 10; the padding dish and covered with milk, _^kleJwith pepper and salt and a tablespooniui or ilour previously nuxeoT with a little milk, baaed until nicely browned $ from thirty to fifty minutes. Those fond of Onions can add a few slices. s-\ AsctEt.<5kwt,~Beat the whites of eleven eggs stiff, then add one jysd a half cupful* powdered sngar. and one teaspoonfnl vanilla. Sift four times one cupful flour, and one teaspoonful cream-tartar sifted four times; add the Soar and cream-tartar, and beat lightly btit thoroughly. Bake in an earthen diah with stem in the center forty minutes. BKAZIUAS TEA DSKH.—Take some Klices of bread about half an inch thick, cut off all crust, steep the bread in a little milk; wbe&aoaked through cover, each piece with beaten egg tolk and fry .with butter a light brown; then arrange the slices on a hot plate and lay on each piece a tolcnbly thick covering of pow- dered sugar and cinnamon well min- gled. GJUUI on Boss.—On* pound of Boar, one ounce of butter, three-fourths pound of brown sugar, one pound car- rant*, four ounces candied peel, three eggs well beaten, one-fourth ounce car- bonate of soda, one-half pint of milk, wanned. Bub the butter ia the flour, then stir in the sugar, sprinkle the car- bonate of sugar over the mixture and immediately add the milk and eggs, previously mixed together (the milk mast have been warmed- and the eggs well beaten), then add the currants and candied lemon, cat thin. Beat all to- gether with a strong spoon for ten min- utes. Have ready tins well buttered, half, fill them and pat them directly into a brisk oven. Asi'Ajuk(*re Socj.—-Takex&alf a hun- dred of. asparagus, boil it in a saucepan with three pints of stock free from fat. When done remove the asparagus, pound it in a mortar and pass it throagh a sieve. Meit about one and* a half ounces of batter in a saucepan on the ,fire,>nd mix it with two tablespoonfols of Soar, add a little sugar, pepper and stock in which the asparagus was boiled Let the whole boil up, adding aa much more stock as will make the soap of the right consistency. Then put in a little spinach greening, and lastly a small pat of fresh batter, or stir. • in half a gill of cream. Serve over small dice of bread fried in batter. cake is cat, his or her share is carefully laid aside. If the abeenteeremaiaswell, it is believed the cake continues fresh; Mnj\ it hapina tr> fa ptgiajt.^ i f twoyattA dies the cake spoils. The most wonderful slad ssuTsioos saeoee*, la cases wbar* parsons are sick or. pitting mv from a oiaditloB of misersbleness, that no oue know* what alia them (Brofitabl^jawic-DH fur doctors), ia obtained by the me orBop iiitiera. Tb<»T begin to ear* from the first dose ami keep it up' until perfect beslth and strength ia re- stored. Wfeoerer is afflicted in thia way neoJ not suffer when they can get Hop Bitters, St* \Truth* sad \ Proverbs \ in another oolanm. The present harvest prospects throughout Southern Russia are so brilliant that if they should bo realized the farmers think they will be able to dispense with any harvest during the next four rears. • No matter how truthful a man may be throagh life, he is bound to lis at the point of death. Cartels Knawleaare. w* know whereof we affirm when we say that Warner's Safe Sidney and liver Cure ha* performed mors wonderful cure* tbs* say •aedicioa ever brought before the Aiuerioas public Six attempts have been made on the life of Queen Victoria. ^ Peaooa South buys Csaaoun, the deader, taad |ieSjiilaiiiii hair renower sad restorer, sod it* improvement recommends it to all »& a Treaties upon the Horse Book of 10> pages. Valosble to every owner Poatage stsagps taken. Bent ; rTorOTe\ paid by New York Street, Hew fork. aafi Mas s IMseose* U in sswif swtt* tJke ftansatv 4WlT*fl«y)»at_i_ fvio* a uti *0c jar bsStU soil, a sand loam, anmanured and mod- ^ratcly fertile. |jach plot consist* 6f a nngle* row fifty feet ia lenglh. The rows were four feet apart, and the seed was dropped eighteen inche, apart in | ,_. e Wowing oai ^ little bndns th the row. Below *s the yield m pounds: j^^g^ ,_ d _,,__, __ fti , _,__,-,__ r>«M. >'i--i4. r.*oi /Xl»\fl*». f*will Twirl An Epidemic of Hsiclde. A wave of suicide seems to be sweep- ing over the whole country. Ia all parts of the republic men and women HKXKV'M CARBOLIC SALVE 1. IIM BEST SALTS lOTCuu,Braaws, Bona. tJtoeri. Salt Ibram. Trttar. Ch»pp«S Hank. ChilhUlm, Ooo»M»4aUkSB.a«c>t8»BErei»ltoB«. Frwalatand Plmjila*. ttat EKJTKT rt CABSOU0 SALVE, as all xbert ataeoepterftJU. Prtc* 38 oesta. OU. GRKEVS OXTGKSATBB BITTEBS I* OM bwt BcaMHty lor Dyspepsia, BQlmwaeai, SCa- tart*. bKlltesUoa sod rseeaact of the Blood, JUd- c<-r»» TJrer. Sato. ate. IJEJETCWfS BAiSASI cum Oowrta. Oolda. Bbeu- EuntatUi Sidaflr TroeMea, etc Can b» used erter- aailr at * vl/Uftn. r— EEB ^OBsTiioW&EB for Hotaai .and C*t«a^ ™ r ^^£l!rTH»-Witt\** YB.ARS AMD XSVKH rArLED Te» mi K Croup, Spawn*. IHUTIJOB*. Praeptery and Sm Blctoeas. uW mt*m*i!y. and OCABAXTEra swjleetli hiimlea* a)*n eiteroaJly, Cut*. BrutM*. Chmnw Bheamattam. OM Soma. f*im ta tb_;U>iita. (auk *»d rb«rt. Bar-h a tmmeir it Da.TOBIAS' VKXKTIAK LWmKST. flTSo <>t» eons tryt&K It wfll BTer be without it* over S9i» _t____g__^ 23 Ceata wtll Bar a Trrallae apaa «ae Home and U» Ptaaaata. Boc* of 100 page*. Valuabt* io er*m owner of horse*. .PooJaee *ta.mt«\ taken. Sent poatpaM by KEW TOBK SEWSPATEB CKION, 1 SO Worth Street. KcW TioA. VSOSTDIS.—\Tbe life of all flesh ts the bkod tbereof.\ And no one can possibly bs healthy when the blood ia diseased. Vssernm is oompoaed of substances identical with haalthy blood; sad w&eo taken into the sys- tem tor ws ours of dawaa* it is absorbed, and replace* tbs deficiency which caused ths dia- Pll n a«4 Maaaatraca. 15a, box \Boogh oh Bate\ keep* a boawfrw from flies, bed-bogs, roaches, rats, mice, etc FOB DTSPEPSJA. UJPiaEsnoy, depTHesioa of spirits and general debility in their various forms, also as a preventive ncsinst fever and ague and other intermittent fevers, the tfc&Jto PHO*THOSATXD Euxisor CiLtsAiu BASS, made by Caswell, Haz&rd &, Company, New Tork, and sold by all druggists, is the beat tonic; sad for patients .recovering boss fever or other aiokneaa it has BO equal. Pur Hay Pe?e?. CaUirfc. Cold la tl u H.»4. PS*-., iitaert witi liltl* fliijHT * partiei* of the Balm into the \™*H!»: draw *tmns t.rv»ttw tbxottfdi taa nom. It Will b t *b- nrt*d. claUMtDC aud Ik-iUa*- the diaaMiBd tiicmbnuw. For Deata,. Vegetine. The lkrks, Boots and Herbs raox WHICH VEOETTKB IS MADE 50 CENTS A PACKAGE. IKrection tn/^ery Package. Each pfHam wUl mak», la quantitv, (wo »oa*» of l'fg«Hne Wj«ri3 or *WaV«*r« jXnts. after the Dark?, tttHMM and llcrlit uc sbMtiwd. Yrgrtin* in Pvyrdtr Farm is tnli by all dru»rt*t» anilgTifr*] store*. It jfou canuot buy St of \Uiem inclmw aoi'. ia IKMH-HHO utampa for npn pacsas«. flrtl ri'rt v>. 1. Finil; }-i«*l-' AM <M*.l, . uatlt b* .—_. «»cti'»n. A* * l— :: thf »i*tfV i **.* hund*-»>'rack *•\ _j hi* w^th»»»!J 111* ot very s*w*- •et tb*tr as** 1 *!'* * b»,«y**ba*^*^ h*.\**»-it****ri vars* cf**' k H<r*tl 3M X SMinra C«>ut/if«, *5 *V S»in< nM ml ID balvc«, one piece per hill, 9t Sa.Rn aw ral %n t» o <.Tt*fW-rpll'W'F:.iJi:|. • jwr hill, S i it .a* No. 1. ta., j'lft>\\* f»; LSI], % i •itn'i r>t f»»t»l« ,;4*lil*«i ** Ht«-rp rjK? 5»I*Sit»i1, w* Mi:l'!i« d( j>*t»t<J 1.1*0! <«J, ti S. i [.iantei Ivuatrbe* ft#*^B. \fc fv.»..i j-nuu'cti ?••«'; r lucboa H5 It* small. It ap- potatoes, cut Uif r*»!&;r»t«J *al (. < u!tr**H'-J in nri'f-' ^otaBwr leas ilisn ben's #^;g are ciavwd' as |ir«r* that mmbum-sised to twft ryes, s*d two J,.I«-C<P« U> tb# hill, g«v» tbr-\beat r*S«Its; that deepplanUng and fiat rv'n-.r*- d«I lb* best, Tbeae exprmaM-ij,!*,, it tl»ey do sothtag mora, point owt to c*«r rxsdiar* the advaatagw f4 tnadt tnaas,! a«t1 wi> bope tktere\ will I«»*TI a dias^oatbHM 'to r ataniasr tswts ta toe em , __. ' . . __| _. ' tawe. *a* *»*\ ssad *'*'*• * aavas C»KI*>. sfsdli aad Tkrott jafr«etlo*u mm _, ____*_ _,- __„ „ T possess and catting their worthless throats in the most reckless manner. The compensating circumstance about it is that it rids the world of a number of people who, if they did not kill them- 123 | selves, would probably kill somebody- , i9 | else, sad that they make business lively 1 for tbe undertakers and the coroners. It is almost impossible to account for this destructive tendency that occurs every once and awhile. The specula- tive writers and philosophers endeavor to account for it in various ways, and they talk learnedly and eloquently about crime cycles and more or less other sentimental rubbish, all of which is very good as a theory. The fact of the matter is there are a great many ni more craxv people in the world, or, as SSS they call them ia Washington, \cranks than the world imagines. When rritjwrant thaj^trrmjfa^ • two pactagefc asd J will nead it bs' return mail. Vegetine. A. PKBFECT BBMEDY. , BAJL.TIM0WC MJ., Mar 34.1878. MB-SnrcxsK. \• Dxj*r Sir—I have u«*d ytnsr r«M«ne, imt on In rowDKs rmat.vnimxivg if »«xjr<finit to direc«t>B>' found itrthe ihckaft. and I must ear it was jti»t »h*l 1 n*ed«l I h»v« been a ereat «ufferer from /VmiKr Wtxiknaa and complaint* peculiar ta women, rS£i« *\• v irl 8 i . n &HSfferSfe To,in Sa. US Ko. High itrest. Vegetine. DEW30SSWBITHS: Scrofula, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Weakness. a. E. Smvnct, Bo*ton: . , . „ 1 h*T* baen praoWctofi mtdktto for 23 ream, and a* a remedy for Scrofula. Liver Ofm(>tanit. Pmxsi au. Khewmatauo. Wesakuem and all djaeattc* of tb« blood, t h»v« mem found 11* pquaL I hav* unlit Vnertn* 'or arran year*, and h*vc nnver bad oao bottle relanied. I would heartilr recommend It to tnowta need of a blcxtd purifier. _. , PR. W. KO*». Drufliwt, Wilton. Iowa. Ssptemtm IS, 1ST*. whole country comes these weak-mind *d creatures jump off the first wharf, tie thetneelves to the first rope they see. or point to their beads the first old maty piatcl they run acroe*. The majority ' of them are of far mere use below ,gr<mad than above it.—AW Fori Hm- Vegetine is SoM bfiHH>f^|_fstsi= all eSbet uaaisiftwi <sf • He ifeat dk»«s fwd for w\.A't sal • a«a>k» i***»b*v pm** uor reward, tbasa_» ; irsrv <4 both 'at i**l. AlrtErflCAN AMD FOREIGN PATENTS GEOftGE L LEMON, AH'y at Law. WUSIIHrNR, D. C. iHrl J raanai 0**m to a«l«al dtasta tn unai? «wr; '•wil*S»rT. Viii»,a_i**va*inw laritwl KVttfl ' Sol a* to p*_iiut*i..U«v. V, * lac aaBWaLtoTatard last. •*-^ * or i •itot^n^er^ l?SSrTa , HAY FEVER. av» heen aflllctfld for twenty years, * and have tried Various n>tnedie« fat its retiet withput ifidws-^'-*———-^ «_,—..—^ of AoifGM *nd Septemlxvr, with Hm ... .. ^^ ... .----. . JO _ itwtlli favorable re»uMa.*nd nwmmml It to all •Imjlgu'ly astlcted. Bosaar w; Towsun (Ei-Mnyor). Elixsbeth. N. I. Price—SO cents. On receipt of 50 cents will mafi a package free. Seod for circular, with full information. ELY CREAM BALM CO., Owego, S. ¥. Sold by all Druggists. At Wholesale in Now York, Philadelphia, Syra- cuse, Chicago, Boston, and other etttea. PIBLE REVISION MJ 00ITBASTED EDITI0IS. €ont*ln!r__tli9Old and Kew Verdon^ tnurwlle} calami*. The be« and rhea.r«tli]initnU«d*dlHoo t>l <li«4ievliPcd Sew Testament. MilUoMOf |**pJe ara waitlnjpor it. Do not be deceived hv the fl-naerapo- !•-»«• paljltahrrK of lofBrtorcslitittM. See that ta*o sou iMj__oatain*lwO«n« «nsravin«* on^teal i wood, Thit'S lik«. i__ _.„ !e*s« Uias 13 lb* f akm oS or r« on ia on* nunnto. ASord* con \ protection from aon raia. M«de la diSatant nsc«s to fit bui!.iuw** waa ,iin*«in. varan, and i j. J ,. «*»• rk«a*«Bhi: .._ <_realar and rvtee tint, Agwife yaitfad avauLahyaW. i M*n«f»c*ai*M, Sandy Hook. Ot. fBrflhw CELL8L083 EYE-CLASSEO. Representing the tibotaest selcdeil Tortoise- Shell sad Am)>er. The lightest, handsomest strongest known. &d<l bv Opticians sad }CJS. Made by SPEX'OER OPTICAL CO., 13 Maklca T^tcft, Xew York. I^1L13«W.W^ t _W wrfato* [y If aat&it— \<mit»t.vt' ,, ttotiaa.rorotiyioru- ** /»w. KAKBAfTAK SOPS CO » W. UUi 81, S.V. P.O. SB* um. ~ -xxgy&PQft - BSfl»Jt,» of the New . and College ef Mnsic AjMilT if! li. TorjBjr^ Boston. Jias*. IMPORTANT K«ii«n_[CoB««ri taory at i-s Mnt FB£& AlJl'l<- t<\ JUST OUT! LiFE OF GUITEAU, i>y himKlf and oth«*. Hf» emtio earner. Fully KKW VORK lort Street, Kew Tori. * I DIVnOStT*•*DAIS «.~.™*»« M >JIIIIII,H»II . IS.Umiaw Win BMMI- :\.^T^n aoawtr «nd^aVi.Wty. la^C vTsraAB. jitoelpal. ™rt«i.»«r»ou*y-.«ji»j , S; Rf nd fortYrcBl»TtAr^tTMBS£rr*1j Wr* »y.^.T. I>er<t. YOUNG MEN i7\ AM* WS^h^^^^i^ m«

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