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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, September 07, 1848, Image 4

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WBBQBOB&tKBSBBxBBBw^^^^B mtarmatsmn %4 m •1:1 If 1 -. S~3 r 'ill 3 •lis 1 corresponding in pattern wlih those of a Captain; j llret sergeant of coiiipaniesto wear a red wor- i uted sash s rill sergeants toSveaf the red stripe on ,] tho trowsers, ns dnsignatfd for officers; same for non commissioned.BtafF. • . j CORPORALS. ; ; COAK\—Snmo as sergeants, excepting that ! Ihci'iyaSU bo'but two buttons oh the sleeves.con- r Ititriung to tho pattern of the sleeve for tho'aub- ! ttltur'ps. , BROWSERS—Same as sergeants without ' the Btripe two.cpaulettcs of the. pattern for the '• subalterns of tl>i5samo materials ns thoao of the | sergeants.. . ' , , . PRIVATES. ; . . The same as the corporals, excepting that in- ' ' Btead of epaulettes, a strap will bo womon each J , ohoulder, composed of the same materials and '• i'orin of tho epaulottceof the corporals, \Vlth pad J and half fringo. . .• ' MUSICIANS. The same as the privates.. excepting ..that tlw , coat -will bo of red cloth, lined wlJhjWhlte, turn- J backs white; white plume, upright hackle, ten < InoheB long. '. • • * - • j The cap of the non commissioned officers, imisicians and privates, bo of the sninq pattern as | that designated for the officers. Tho'plumes i oftho sergeants, corporals, and privates, to be I rod worsted, eight inches long. l , INFANTRY. > Coat^-Thosamb.patent as that of tho artillery! I to be of dark blue cloth, lined with white Bergo s ' edged with white kerseymere whero the artillery I eoat is edged with red; turnbacks and akirt . lining of white kerseymere; skirt ornament, < Silver embroidered bugle' the-lace-to bojghrer; ' buttonssjlver plated. ofthesamedcviceTsizSnnd i • sahpc, 08 those for tho artillury. , | CAPS—Same as tho artillery, except theor- t namems, which \are it silver buglo surmounted ; by-a gilt-eagle. . .' PLUME—White, cock feathers, falling from an upright stem, 8 inches long with a giltsockct. TRO\VSERS—Thn same as lho artUlery ex- ecpt that tho stripe will bo of white kerseymere. ; Boots, Sash' Swonl knot, Stock, and Gloves, , Same as for the artillery ' CAVALRY Oil DRAGOONS. CQAT-Dark blue Cloth,' double breasted, 2 : rows of buttons, ten in each row, at equal dis- • tances, after the fashion of the coat described for ! \ the infantry, except that the buttons are to be , tjlU, the lace gold, tho collar, culls, and turn- . backs yellow, the skirt to be ornamented with i ft gitlistar instead of a bugle, and lho length of ' the skirt what is called tkrecquarters. The slosh flap on the skirt and sleeve correspond with that of the infantry; the slash on the sleeve to desig- '; note lank in the same manner: tho collar to be ( , framed with lace, two loops on each side of tho t collar, with small'uniform buttons ottithe back i end oftho loops. \ ,. .1 BUTTONS—Gilt convex; device, a spread • eagle with shields j TROWSERS—for lho company officersjjttork ; blue cloth with white stripes of yellow floth, three- fourths of an inch wide, up each outward seam, | leaving a. light between. GAPS—Of the.safflo materials as that for the • .infantry, but according to the army pattern; to i be ornamented with a gilt star, silver eagle, and i gold safdr the star to be worn In front with a drooping white horse hair potfipn.' BOOTS—Ankle or Jefferson. ^ . SPURS—Yellow metal. SABRE KNOT-Gold r.ord with aeorii end. ., SASH—'Sitlc net deep orange color, and like j that of the infantry, as to shapoatid size;, to be • tied on (ho right hip. . • ; WAIST-.BELT-Black patent leather^-t-'i ! inches wide, with slincs, hoOks, Ofttl pTate, like i those-of the general staff. • ' , STOCK— Black silk* GLOVES—White. \ . . , HORSE FURNITURE. '- .'\ '. ! ;>10TJSfNG r Btack cloth, with gold lace bw- ' oer, for the field officer Slid commissioned staff, 11 2inches wide and yellow elothborder of the same .width for company officers. BRIDLE—Black leather. M'OUNTINGS-r-All metallic rriountings, stir ' rups, bits, &c, of saddle and bridlo to bo <5f yel- low metal.; NON COMMISSIONED OFFICERS BU- GLERS AND PRIVATES. . , GOAT—Dark . blue cloth. short coat, double breasted with yellow.collar, cuffs, turnbacks, and braSs shoulder knots of the army. pattern' Ser- geants to wear chevrOhs of 3 burs points towards the cuff, on each sleeve, above the elbow •, corpo- rals 2 burs. ' The collar of chief musician's and sergeants' coats to bo trimmed with yellow worsted binding, after thestyle of the officers, mtisicia'als coat to be of red cloth, wfth yellow turnbacks cuffs. TROWSERS—Of dark blue cloth, made after the arm*: fashion. Sergeants to have g-ytilUw stripes three fourths of an inch wide mp each out- ward seam, leading a light between corporals and privates, one yellow stripe up each outward seam,' The stripes to bein advance of the seam. ' ' CAPS—Samo material as for other corps, and otthe army pattern, drooping white horsehair pompons. • - - , * ' . BOOTS—Ankle\ or Jefferson.\ . The Non-Comrniasloned staff to wear nlgui- lettcson thaleft shoulder, like thosejbr Artillery. Non commissoned staff and first sergeant of companies wear yellow worsted sashes. S. F. JUDD. I,t. CoJ. Coro'.lg. 33d. Regiment. S.N. Y. M. INSURANCE COMPANY ~4>F NEW YORK, NO, 35 WALL ST. • $550,878. THIS COMPANY has an nccnmulate'd fund of •3550,878 invested in Bonds nnOJortgnges on Real Estate in this city and Brooklyn,\and stocks of the state and city of New. York and United States Government, which is rapidly increasing by a widely extended and prosperous business, producing on annual income of 3350,000. It has jusl declared a dividend of profits of 52 per cen< On all existing policies on the 31st of Januaiy, 1848. Policy holders lor life, orshort terms, continu- ing tho insuTadfie till death, participate In tho whole of the profits. The premiums are payable cash semi-annually, or may,if dcsired,.semi-annuallyor quarterly,by adding interest on the deferred payments, Tho cash principla adopted by this company, sacures to^tho parties for Whoso protection tho insurances are eflected, the whole of the bt-nefits without subjecting the heavy drawbacks ol accumulated premium notes. Persons may effect Insurance on their own lives, and the lives ol othists. A married wo- man can insure the life of her husband, which will inure to her sole use and that of her chil- dren. ' • *•„ ' • Pamphlets explanatory Of, the principles of Mutual Life Insurance, and illustrating its ad- vantages, with forms of application, may. bo ob- tained at the office of the company, 66 Wall st., fir any of its agents^ ' MORlllSHQBINSON, Prest. . SAMUEL HANNAY, Sec. ' i STILLMAN EOOTE, Agent, and Dr. Ul F. SHERMAN, Medical Eixaminer, Ogdensbtfrgli, N.Y. . . 5-17-tf T HE SUBSCRIBERS;have this day associa - ted with them in business Mr. Daniel Bing- ham, The business Witt as heretofore be cpnducted under thefei Of HUMMIREY'& Co. April lst,l84& 52u IMPORTER MAWUPAOTURER. AND DEALER-^ Stocks, Shirts, Cravats, Scavfn, Glov«-«. Ilotloi-y, TJnflcr GarmoutH, Suspendcv; Kosomi, CollaVH, 0ml)iella8, DicsulUfc ltotics, shoulder Bvaecs, Bnnit Kerchiefs, Money belts, Oil- ed silks. &c„ &o<. WHOLESALE! AND RETAIL - Merchants putchnsfng Goods in the Gentlemen's Furnishing Line, Will find V this establishment tho latest styles nnd one ol thflibest assortinents in tho city. The facilities of tho subscriber for Importing and Manufacturing arc such thatho can, sypply his customers at as LOW PRICES for cash nsuny other House in thoUnltedfStatoa. Those wishingtobuy n.o invited to call and xemnine hi3 assorimont and compare Prices be- fore making theirpurchnscs. June 30,1848. — 17.3m NOTICE. THE Mansion House at Ogdeniburgh is oft- trod for rent on reasonable terms. Possession will be- given the first of May. The furniture ot tho samaisnlso offe'red for silo on the most fa- vorable terms. j i Jj This Houso is large and cojivvenient for a Ho- tt3l and boarding, and is among the most sightly nnd plaasant locations oil the shores, of the. St; Lawrence River. Apply at tho office of A. 0. Brown, in Ocdisnaburah. Aorll 18*1818. 5-Jltf. Village Lots For Sale. O NE HUNDRED VILLAGE LOTS -within from five to ten minutes walk Of tho Bridge. .Also \sis ono and a half story house% nearly new, built in a substantial and convenient man- • ncr, worth with tho Lots on whidn. they stand, from ten to twelve hundred dollars each. Also ssvtiml Wharf Lots on the Harbor- Terms liberal and title unqestionable. Enqire of F. Haskell Agent for \ ERASTUS ELLSWORTH, July, 184§, East Windsor Hill, Ct. * 5-16tf. MTei'y Stable. THE Subscriber keeps at his stable on the corner of JPord and Isabella , streets a .large assortment of SfUn.' ilitiJtlors^ Cariingcs Double and Single, Shit\ ilhStoi-scs, &c, &e,to let «t reasonable rates. Safe drivers alwaysin rendirtess; ' Thankful for past favors he solicits a coniuni- onceof patronage and pledged satisraction. June, 1847. HAMILTON STEWART, j

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