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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, September 07, 1848, Image 1

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f •'• •« PRICE ONE CENT. OFFICE CORNER OP FOKD «Se WATER STREETS. BY S. FOOTE. VOLUME J. OGDENSBTJRGR, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7,1848. NUMBER 122. THE DAILY SENTINEL. Tills paper will be' issued daily; so long «s the Proprietor shall be supportedin his .experiment m ONB CENT per number, to. town and county subscribers, and will be.aent to the latter, as ma- ny times per week os desired and: paid for, ADVERTISERS. ft will ofler great facilities to advertisers; as U will insert advertisements at unusually, low rates. -'' TEjRMS.—Five lines or under ten cents ior •.ho first insertiqn, and one cent for every subse- quent insertion, » • All advertisements marRed and paid in nd- vaoce at the above rates. * CONTENTS. The Daily Sentinel will Be pub'lished every morning, (Sunday excepted) and contain nil the telegraphic news received-at thePreseott station, at 7 o'clock the ovening previous, nnd any other important news that mav bo at hand. Published at the office of THE OGDENSBURGH SEN- TINEL, where nll.advcrtisemems must bo left asearly os 4 P. M, t to ensure publication the niikt morning. This paper will bo continued so long as it will pay its own expense, and if discontinued, all ad- vances will, be refunded. . [STThis paper will offer 'a convenient mcdl- uauor traveling concerts, showmen, &c., and for till persons wishing to advertise on short no- tice, the arrival of new goods, or articles to which dealers wish to call particular attention, and anynumbor of EXTRAS will boat any time furnished t o such,as wish them, giving the de- sired, advertisement the most conspicuous place. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. St. Lawrence Hotel, ' ' HY JAMES LAWC1N, Corner of* Ford and State streets Ogdensburgh, .Aldcn \Vilng VttiGlZShZE AND BKTAIL DEALER IN BOOTBj SHOES AND LEATHER, tile Old Stand of R. & A. Vilas, sign of the Mammoth Hoot, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. ; ti, G. &. Sf, Footc, ATTORNEYS, S0I.10ITOR3 * G0UN8ELI.OR8, OfipsUe the Bridge, corner of Ford and Water. ' \ v • Streets, Ogdensbmgh. Xtes. Anililcr and. lilodgctt, ~ StMGEON DENTISTS', \Office two doors from the St. Lawrence Hotel, ' 'State st., Ogdensburgh. -—. : U— ~B, S, HBifipSr^ & CS., SBCCESSOnS TO t. S. 2iorris, APOTHECARY STORK IN THE URICK-BUILDING, Sign o£ the Golden Mortar, Ford Street, Og- densburgh, N. Y. . 33*Presdripiloii5 curpfully prcpiired.XO A i & H. SXatheson, TAIt.OR,S AND DRAPERS Ford Street, Ogdensburgh. \- '\ t Oswcgatcllio Hpiige , BY.D. P. T. CARR, At the West end of tho Bridge, Ogdensburgh, D3\N. B.—Horses and Carriages will be furnished on rcusoimlile terms ana on suoit nutlce. Amos Reed, ' ATTORNEY, SOLICITOR AND COUNSELLOR, Office ia Hopkin's new building, at the North end of the Bridge, Ogdensburgh, , • H. R. Hare. DRUGGIST AND APOTHEQARY. ' Di'iilcr in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, J>ye Stuffs. &?., at the >igii oi the Blue Morlnr, Ford^at. Q^temlmrsh, N. Y. . 12-tf Scely & Freeman, MANUFACTURERS, OV ALf, KINDS OP JEWELRY, Three doors eust of G.N. Seymnnr antfaaw, Ford Sircet, Qg<lensuiirp,h. li-.n. Pomcroy, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER AND BINDER Sign of the Bts Book, Fiinl St. Osdcnsliiirh N. V. <0*An.onlarttpraiii|itly executed. Tvcmont House. BY, JO H NJ1. U A G G E'TT , t NJ1. Water Street, Ogdonsburgh, N'. — , Near the Steamboat laudirlg. Y., •Tenner, Sjirngno (tCo. SUCCESSORS TO SEARLK&JBNNER, \VIIOtiKSALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN DRUG'S •Medicines, Paints, Oils, Gluss, I'utty, Dyewooda I*yg Stuffs, Putem Atedirlues, French Chemi- cals, Perfumery. &c. &c, „ OgdotfsDurgh.N.Y. . 5tf. I«. V. Fincgan, GROCERY, AND PROVISION STORB$ . Ford Strecl, Ogdensburgh, N.Y. 3t't r .North. American Hotel, i BY JAMES BEALLS, ' * '* OppoBltetlie Post OftVe and Custom. Jtonsc. Pres- cott 0. W., will give prompt a«d every httcnUjn to travulera 2tf. Amos Stoclter, MERCHANT TAILOR AND DRAPER. .\ Ford Street Ogdensburgh, N. Y. 21-tf. JJWnkB •- f FAIA> KINDS, It KPT CONSTANTLY ON hind and for sale at tills office. o VVarc-lIottso Kccclpt IlonUs. FOR Sale at this Office atid «t li.-'D.jpnmKOy's' Two 'Doors Worth oi tjxc st .Lawrence Hotel., \'<••' State Street, Ogdenshurgh, N. Y. . 38tl. E(Dm ©milieu 7 PB.Y,..at the WASHINGTON HALL keeps constantly on hand, a supply of delicip.uBr ICE- CREAM. Bts pktcusjoniersj.and tho public in geneiiil r are invited to give hirb' a call., l 5?tf. i TO THE MILITIA. I I have just recived from the Commander in Chief, the General Order REGTJLAING THE UNIFORM OP THE MILJTIA OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, FIELD OFFICERS.—ARTILLERY. COAT.—Darkblua cloth* double bawtstwi, . two rows of buttons: ten in each row, at equal ' distances : the distance between }ho rows four inches at the'tORand.two inches atthe bottom, measuring from the centres or eyes of the button —standing collar to moetin front with hooks &• eyes, rise no higher shan to permiethd free turn- ing of the chin over it i two loops, .fdur und a half inchsa long, ;on each side of the collar, with one small uniform button a t the end of each loop; tho collar edged. a|l round \vith red j plain- round Sl cuff, 3 inches deep; slashod flaps on the sleeve,•. o 1-2 inches long, and 21-4 inches wide at the narrowest part of-the curve; .4 loops and 4 small buttons on the slashedtflipson the sleeve; loops to be placed at equal i.dlstance, sjasheii flaps on tho skirt with' 4 loops and largo buttons j tlm slashed fhps On the slcoyes and skirts to b e edg- ed with red on, tho on'ds and indented edge; 2 largo buttons at tho. v.aist; skirt to extend to within 3 1-2 inchus of the bend of the knee; red Kersayrttero turnbacks and skirt linings 5 jCfold embroidered shell and flameut tho bottomM the ' skirt; Loops on thecollar andflaps to be of gold lace, \-2 inch wide, and the entire loops notto h exceed H-4 inches, in breadth; tltb coat to befl linedwithred. - ' , \ ' u CAPTATNS ^'SITBAI-TEKNS. The same as field officers,, excepting that the sleeves will be plain, with 3 small buttons on the seam for a Captain; and 2 small buttonsnn the saam for a Subaltern ; and that the flaps on the skirts, for Captains and Subalterns will be with- out loops. BUTTONS.—Gilt convex ?-8 ofiin inch in diamoto'r; -device, a spread eagle with shield. . CAPS.—\Blick beaver, 7 1-s inches deep with lackered sunk- tips 71-2 inches iti diameter, and * • a band ofpatent black leather to/encircle the bot- ' • torn of the caps; black patent leather peak, gilt eagie, find crosseannons; astrapofblackpatent leather, fastened to each side of the cap, to be worn under the chin., ^ ./ PLUME.—Red Cook feathers, falling from an upright stem, S inches long with agilt •socket. — . TJaOWSERS.—Datk blue cloth, to'come wall down oAerthe.,boots; made,plalpexcept-a rod snips down the outer seam t one niid a, half inch- • es wide/and welted at ihe'edges? ''' I BOOTS—Ankle or Jsffe.rsbn^ • »\- » 1 RASHT-Crimson .-jsUk net^ and silk bullion jj fringe ends; sash to go* twice round tho waisl I and be tied on the left hip, thepondannt part to ! I benniform. by one foot in length from the tie. I STOCK-Biack silk. ib GLOVES—\White •: SWQRD KNQT^-erimson and go.ld- with 9 . J bullion tassal. • - ''; ' . .J,\.- \ SERfiEiANTS- I ;• COAT—Te te dark blue, single breastedj •*!* ' fbrie row of-9 buttons ptiiccd a t -equal distances; i theskirta tb-extend within Tjnches of the' bend J oMwkffc'e; the coirt to canfarm to the pattern, . Jin other respects, of thiit designed for a Captain; ihe lace to be of wostod, two Worsted epaulettes, •' < See Fburtk Pa^e,. ••.'-• 4

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