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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, July 08, 1848, Image 1

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t'&ICE QNB CENT. ,' OFFICE CORSFEU OF FPKP & WATIR STREETS. BY & FOOTE. -r/'i'. ••ii»' VOIJUSIE 1. . O&DENSBTJRQfl., SATURDAY, JULY 8,1848. SLUMBER TO. THE DAILY SENTINEL. TtiiS paper will be issued.daily, so long\ as the f'roprietor shall bo supported In his experiment at o^e cfcw per number, to town mid coanty subscribers, and \Vi(l bo sent to the latter, asina- tiy tihics per week as'desired and paid for, ADVERTISERS, '\ '. It will ofl'er great facilities to advertisers.; as it will Insert advertisements at unusually, low rates. TERMS.—Five lines or under ten cents lot •-he first insertion, and one'cent for every* subse- quent Insertion. All adveriisontents marked and paid in ad- vance nt tho above rates. • CONTENTS.\ Tho Daily Sentinel will be published every luomlng, (Sunday oxceptedVand contain all tho telegraphic news received at thoPrescottsfatton, at 7 o'clock the evening previous, and any other important news that rmy be at hand. Published at the office of THE OGDENSBTJRGH SEN- TINEt, where nil advertisements must be left as early a s 4 P . M., to ensure publication the next morning. This p:ipsr will bo continued so long as it will pay its own expense, and if discontinued, all ad- duces will b? refunded. r^This paper will offer a cbnvcnient medi- um lor traveling conosm, sheivnion, &'c, and inrall persons-wishing to advertise on short no- tices tlio. arrival of new goods, or articles to Which dealers wish' to call particular attention, and tiny number of EXTOAS will boat any tinw furnished to such as wish them, giving iho de- sired advertisement the most conspicuous place. \ \\BUS 11 NESS DIREpTORYT St. Tiuivranco Hotclj BY JAMES lARKIS\ , Oorncr of Ford and State streets Ogdenshurgh. . AMonVllns, WltOCBSAXB AXD nETAIt. DEALER IN BOOTS, SttOES ASD LEATHER, the. Old Stand of R. & A. Vilas, sign of the • Mammoth Boot, Ogdqnsbnrgh, N. Y. • U. G. &S.' Kootc, ATTOIINBYS, SOLICITORS t eoiftJsfit.Ldns, Opposite the Bridge, corner of FonTand Water Streets, Ogdcnsbmglu Drs. AmWcr niul Blortgttt, • • SURGEON' DENTISTS, Officetwo doorsfrom tho St. Lawrence Hotel, Stato st., Ogdenshurgh, 11, 5. HampliKcy & Co., spcoEssoiiff TO i • ti. 5. Mollis, . y •APOTHECARY STORE IN TIIB BRICKBC1LUINB, Sign of the •Golden-Mortar, Ford Street, Og- ' • donsburgh, N. Y;- KTProscriptious gurelully pvepareii.J3D V' A. & \BU JSfntlicsoii,: ; TAILORS ASD DRAPERS Ford Street, Ogdciislmrsh. ~\^O&Wl . , O*wcg<\iolilp lionise, / , , ; n\* i>- D. T. CARS, At the West end of tho Bridge, Ogdensburgh, [CTN. B.—Horses and Carriages'will be furnished on reasomililt! terms ami on'ilioit notice. Amos Reed, ATTORNEY, SOLICITOR AND COUNSELLOR, Office in Hopkin'a new building at tho North . end of the Bridge, Ogdensburgh. \\' '' H. H. Hme. '- DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY. j Jlralcr.tn Drugs, Miidiclnw\. Paints, Oils, nye Siuffa, &c, .Uiliu -igiiot the Blue fllorlar, Kard st. Osileustliursli, N. Y. 12-tf ', Seoly & Freeman, MANUFACTURERS OP AM. KINDS Or JEWELRY, Tlttuo doors oust of a. N. Seymour and Sons, Ford Street, Ogdousliurgli. Ii, D. Pomcroy, . BOOKSELI.r.R, STATIONER ANn DtSDER Sign of the Bis Conk, Ford St. Osdeiishiirh N. Y. IETAIIonler.3 promptly executed,\- Ti-c-mout Housu. IT J 0 It N n . It A G 0 K T T , .Water Street, Ogdensburgh, N. Y.,- Near the SleamtiOitt landing. . Now. Poster's ExclnMigo, PORP STREET, OOnUNSBUROIt, N'. Y. Just received, anew unit splendid assortment of SpriiisnndrimimierGoml'!. wlikli will bo »nld at our i.sim'ly low prices. URONNUK & KRAFT. AprU»9,im a-swtii. Jcuucr, Stirngno &Co. SUCCESSORS TO SKARtK&.tI3NNBR, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN DRUGS aiRitteiniS, I'uillfcS, 01M, Glasi, Putty. Dl'ttwoods l)ya Stuffs, Patent AleiWiues. Freach Clicuii- ciils. Perfumery &c. &c. Ogilcnsburgh,i>J.Y. .Stf. Xt. F. Pincgaa,' aaociiRY, AND TRoristoN STORK, Ford Streel, Ojilonsbnrgh, N. Y. 3tt North Ainoricnu Hotel, BY JAMES DEAt.1.8, Oppnsitetbc Phst Ofli>°o and Custom Hnnsc, Poi n c'ou C. W,,-Tviit-give-prdjnpl mid every allentni-saj travelers ' \ 2tf. ! , ^ 1. , ,, . Amos StocUcr, •>, MERCHANT TAILOR AND DRAPER. Ford Street Ogdensburgh, N. Y. • 21-tf. . Dentistry.- o DR. AUSTIN Ws: this day removed his office to Statu Street-, % door3 from tho St Lawrence Hotel. Ogdensburgh, May 13,1B49. 2l-tf Blantcs* f-jFAit. ttmns, it KPT CONSTAWTLY ON ** hsttd and fdrsHjant this afiice. . ^Vaeoilloiiso itccelpt HoniiW. FOR Sale at tins Office and al It. D.Pomoroy's^ i , i ; _ • Ittom Holden'sjMagasdne. The Advtaitures ofa Baudereo. A TBOE T0SE OP-TUB ABGlit«Tli« RSlPUDLIC. (Contvmei0rom yesterday.) Tho boy „fp«nd\*hirrjself sinnding al- most upon (he verge of a ledge of rock, elevated some fifty feetttbove'the ground which formed the floor of riii immense cavern\ into? which-he ; had beoh'condudt- , . A •' '•* '.' * v *' - •«r-»**••• „v cd by 'ht$ captors. An lmmenso fire w.aa kindled in tlio;centre. iU 'glare re- flected in a myriad r ot 'colore \frdtri ftho countless stalactites \*hich hnngsuspeiKF. ed from llro cavernous rdof. Around this lire a band numbering not less than fifty was congregated, variously enga*' ged—somo shouting forth: bacchanalian songs at a pitch of Voico which made the cavern cesbund ; others flaying mmtie —and many making tliemsolvcs merry 'neath .the caresses of wanton womeu, and the inflaenco of repeated doses ot agua (Uente —of which thero appeared in this place-to bo a plentiful supply. It was a scerie for an artist to exercise his talents upon. The many coloured drds- scs of tho outlaws—their strongly mtirlr. ed features, in which every sensual pas-, sionhad its distinguishing tjnnrk—the' nature of their occupation* nnJ the cha- racter of the place—all imparted to it an ' '^ air of romance which triiglit well have enchained, as it did, the attention of our young adventurer— who wits not yet sufficiently accustomed to such scenes to bo able to view thefn without emotion. In another moment.a hand Was lain up- on Ijis shoulder, and he was warned to descend On looking about him for the means to accomplish this feat,'he discovered ti ladder, through tho aidofwhich-hesoon found himself in the midst of the rudb party just described. He was not suf er- ed to pause, however, but was conduct, ed to the farther end of the cavern, . wheren red blanket driiwn across a wide cavity d&iieted tbe entrance to nnnther apartmenl. This being drawfcaside, ho was ushered into an apaTtment fitted up in a style of airnost 0\ e ?' a l magnifi^ cence* The fJoai?,wn3 covered by a -thick matting of de.licaftrfixtuf eFftnd-the____ Avallsrwero thicUly hung witbi curtainf, _ - Sec fourth Page, -._ .-_-, • y

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