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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, May 16, 1848, Image 3

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\Died oa .Saturday eyenj.ng last, within •twenty minutes after the reception of the con- tents 61 ajJistdi fired by Thomas D; Mnrray— Captain Henry ? Newman, a, citizen of. this place, andla thefuU vigor ofimanhood.\ ' • JJTThe-Maryland >%hig Convention tjavo declared Mr, Clay to be their'first choice, and Gen, Taylor, the second choice for President,, 1ST Roger Baldwin and Truman\ Smith have been nominated U, S. Senators by the Whiga of Connecticut. • SifjqutjAR JVCCIDBNT.—During some public cpleb?a\iioh at New Haven last week, while the bells were ringing a merry peal, the tongue oi the bell in the First Baptist Church came/ out and was cast int,o the street with such force that it imbedded itself in the pavement, The street-was crowded, and the tongue' iell between' two files ol ladi.es , brushing the clothes oi each. m • THRLOST MONEV.—$2O,O0i)Qf the money tot by the President of the Mewarfc Bankii g - Association and insurance Co,, has\Been iuutid in the possession ttf a ijegro wpman by the name of Sarah Siewm t, re- iding in Jersey city, and restored to the Btnk, The balatjce ol the anvmat was in check* and nates, which are supposed to have been destroyed. A specimen of the genus ' clerk/havinjrnn- swered an adveWsttnent for\a good account- ant and clever book-keeper,\ applied to a friend for a testimonial as to ability, who kindly wrote to the advertiser'as follow?:— \Shv'Mr. dnny beasood rccoanfantj I know him to be a clever bookkeepper. 1 lent Jiirn two-ShaksfeareTs—three.Scots,.aiid-a_Boz,. •\eighteen montfe ago, and he has not thought •-proper tcVx^utirtome of them. I am, sir, &o.\ SENTIMENT AND SVCCB.—One day i n spring, Sir Walter Scolt strolled lorth -with Lady Scott, to enjov n walk round Ahhotrsford. In their wandering they passed, a field where n n'imher of ewee were enduring the frolics of their lambs- \Ah !* exclaimed Sir \Waller \'tisno-wonder that poets, from the earliest ages, have made the lamb the -emblem of peace and innocence.'* \ They are\ indeed, delightful animals,\ returned her ladyship; \ especially with mint sauce.\ 3?brt of Ogflenaburirl*. . KSTTERRD. May 15, Steam.er Propeller Ontario, Corn wall, Oswego. Schr. J. B. Gollns. Eddy. Oswego. CT.EARF.D. May, 15-Br.Empirc, Hawkins, Laehine.,; Og lensbnrgti at»>ket PIICL-K Cnricuti Oats, per huabcl Corn. .\. < Oh!» Cora \ xl Tfo-aii*,\ — \~ Pe»s • \ Flnnr per tinrtfl Jtepf, per tinniftfii Million pvrhetiit -CatvU* \ \ J Frrah Pnikpef hcao. Hani* per It,' Buiter Cb*e»B»- • Pbutoe* p«r bnsb. Yim-?M)r fin*. rouioes peri E;e» per doc. 9»l£p«rhbl, S els 49 50 . 68 W urn 5,68 a 6,38 5.W i 3.00 , i a,«i ' «,M '7 a « M 10 a so a i s,oo»: a s -gEMT^?^ Will continue frofa from day to day at the store? of' BOYD & JUDD. Ogdensburgh, May 15,1848- . 22tf. BOOKS—BOOltS—BOOKS! ALL Books published in the v \fe.S. or Europe, or advertised in Stearns &Comp\any's Monthly Bui letin, or Wilson fic/Co's.Despatch: will be forward ded by mail, by A, G. FOWKEB, Antwerp, Jeffer- son county. N. Y. 21-i6d. RespectfuUy .informs the inhabitants of Ogdensbourgh, that ho is again nn hnnd with a good assortment of Gold and Silver Watchi s, which-he will sell very cheap. He will be found at the St; Lawrence Hotel, where he will remain birthdays. Ogdensburgh, flay Mtl'j 1838 4t. GLASS FHUIT DISHES. \ IMPERIAL and BASKET PATTEaNS just received and for sale on consignment by < ' . \ BOYD&JtJDD May 13th, 1848 tf. Amos Stoclter, MERCffATST TAILOR AND DltAPER. Ford Street Ogdcnsburgb, N. Y, '.I 21-tf. T' • \ ~~F^lfSAL.E, 8000 BUSHELS CORN, GOOD MESS PORK, by the BARREL *t -----. flEYMatfft & SONS. . May 2j 1848. . 12-tf. 500 Bushesl «Corn, 100 BBIL.S. BL0UR, .fiO.BBJ^S. MESS r>ORI(;, Received to-day by J.C.&R.W. BUSH. Monday, 3May 1st, 184&. Ware—Homo Receipt Ubolu, FOR 6'ulu at tliis Office and »t b, l>. Poiiiproy'if TUB MUTUAL LP INSURaNCE CO^IPAD*?, Dentistry- DB. AUSTIN .has this day removed-lila office to State Street, 2 dopjs from the St . Lawrence Hotel. Ogdensburgh, May 12,134a 21-tf ~ JBST \RECEIVED/ A Largie assortflleiltiaf Parasols and Pnmsollettsr. J. H. GUEST. . May 11,1848. - v -ZO-tf.. • SFIERIFF'S SALE.\ OF J. O. HAWLEt\ «fc Co,»s Entire Stock of Gkiods, to commence onThursdny, May 11th, at 10 o'clock in, *he forenoon, at the Store of BOT»&JUDD, Ford Street—and con- tinuefrom day to day until mills sold. S. P. JUDD, Mdimetr. Stock consisting of .Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Boots & Shoes,. Glass by the Box, &c.,fcc., &e. May 9th, 1848. if. * \Respectfully informs the Public that he will re-open his Tailor's Shop, nt his old stand .-••on Monday next, when he will be prepared to wait upon his o'd customers. Thmkful for past patronage, he solicils»a'renewal of favor, and bones to merit his share of business. ' Mny 3th, 1848. - t£- AUCTION & COMMISSION. THE undersigned haying, formed a connection in the Auction and Conjmission bus- ' inesj^hftv'e opened a store at the place lafply oc- , cupiedbyN.S.Bitkin nearly opposite - \Crtfr\ Scymour and Sons, Ford Street, Ogdeftsburgh, ^shirrthej-will-giye thth- exclushro atlen.lion to the sale of Goo\3s ofi Commission, or-at Auc- tion. • . - •' . All goods entrusted to them shall be sold to the beat advantage, and when sold immediaterctpras Wide. WeaoUcit thopatronaEe of all; ' • , B(WD&JITDD. 0gdensbnrgh ) Msy,l)1848.-.-, ,'•• 13u- GEORGE Bt)Yr>. -.. -'. • *,p?jiitip. ITtlTH an. accumulated and Increasing capittl - W of837S,^2, and an aonualjincdme of nearly $300,000, insures LIVES ojitv, on more favorable .terms than any other company, and divides tuo jimfiw among the insaredj < ,- Tim OJinpany purchases whole life policies of two years standing, at anequhable valuejr'givlng. Iirofits, Premiums «ra paid annually, somi-annually,'ot iiuarterly.as dssirod. ' - A married woman can insuro tho life of her husband for her own use*, and that of her children Ireo froms claims ufcreditors. Painplilets axplanaiory can bo had at the of* Ilea of the Agent. , STILLSIAN FOOTE, Agent, J, Ogdenaborgh, Juno, 1847. 13tf. , Lost, O N,the2ndt instant, a CASJBO LisiuKSs Pi*.' Thu fincler will bo suitably rewarded by leav- - ingltatthisOfRi;o, or with Messrs. J.&G.R.. Bstt- lB.tf. . M ,,' = ^ > ** iiou^o to jtiVt. • -t-lo. L.'D.POMEROY. JOB PRINTING,. rpHE SENTINEL OPPIQE, with a. large , 1 number of fonts of new beautiful and fash-\ ionablo Joi TVPD, is prepared to execute Jon ou short notice^ and on as reasonable terms as can becommanded elsewhere. Workmen of appror- e;l skill are employed. . • REMOVAL. .'\•:•'.: T\«S. AKBLEa & BLODGETi: hnvo re- , \) moved their Office to the Stone .Building, State St., directly opposite their former location, arid two. doors from the' Osdensborgh Bank. Ojdonsbatgh, 2d May,1348, • 6-2 v. ' Saddles & Bridles. A O.UAISTITY of SADDL-ES and BHIDUS Just recelledj and for Sale at grestf bargnins, by is-tf, . • .. . -^. BOYD:&IODD. F*i'n» fox, Snle. ' •' . A PARM: kandtwely toc.ite.i, w.v?n mite< hnck- / . (ifPre»coU,.0 W.isoirertiUf.irs.-ilcs lor <J4l)0 ->• • A. U. JUOIC SOS/ Cloc/cs, Clocks, Clocks, .'..,-. QKPfiR. CENTCHBAPER than was ever -vSw-offirje^_heffiMc±& .30 Cases Bras.-i amt \Yood Clocks,. fo'r-Sale hy the case Or singly,* jiist.received and ldf sale oh terms to suit pur- ehasafs. JKsiehanls.and Fsdlars are invited (6 call. -,, - --•• 16 tf.- , , BOYD & JUDD. . A ,PDtt. assorjment'of Tin Ware for Sale at iapHb»« toTndudi pufchMertiby . IStit ~i_ : -U \ V .BQY«*JUDD.'. • * . -:-J: ••••• , V- - • • ••

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