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Daily sentinel. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1848-1848, April 27, 1848, Image 3

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-*i 5- ouf'mSif building formerly known as the ' Riding-Schooi; Iiochelega Cross, a bOiifting which.contained a cjuaot1'y'''oM'ram,e 'work • , and other materials in .preparation for a.new- steamer, togclbe'r with/nine dwelling ltousas were destroyed, Reports _yary as ti> the ori- gin of iho'Jj'fe. A large Tire, roportejL at Al- bany ; loss esiimatcdjcit $-200,000. { • Further News\by the Acadia. . Commotion on the Continent increases. •' The -King of Sardinia, with 30,030..iircn,\ has nvtde war on Ausiria.Jnvailing Loinbar- „dy. • The AustrianS driyeij. heToic him from . Carina, Bres'sia, ami Dosansan. It fa sup-\ .pirnl all Austria will be overrun, *. SaVAiyjieclaied « Republic SwiT/'edaVid,strictly nenifal. ' Prussia likely t>quam'l with Denmark for iMsiein. . itrtssia m-ikiti* vignro-Ui preparations to retain Roljjm ^Ordtned'era^inap between 14-aiid 33HO be rempved from RussianPoland to the inierwol -Russia, Qoncehttuting largo urmies/in yoiiyU'iii Ru.-sia. „«-\ luBSIgtum alHttuuipH at revolution had failed^' -' X , ... SrAiw^-Ykilent dl>tMi'lanees in Madrid. •263 people aud soldiers Ib^httill night, (ind .'many JciU* > »l. Queen Clihsttaa, it is said, ran away. City declared in astafo^ot'sioge, .and tranquil since, P.utugrtl tin-nqnil. ••••.. • #\\ ' • Ureeeu tranquil. Ker ministry resigned. 4ti Pitmen, g.i-ermuei.t ordered aroryturas- '•sfeniblion : the Urtstern iroiiikr.' In Sieilv. Parliament lormcil. Separa- tion from \Naples complete. iri-h Address fu Pr.pice presented in Paris on the 3rd hist. M. Lnmattitie repTie.1, ex- rrosiinu -jreat sympathy' tor Ireland, but ad- hering to shii-t \neutrality; condemning Mr. Pitt,I'.r tiitnli'itiiee with\ iVanre in 1T.H. • Ah'el Kad\i* is removed *<> Paris, and -al- lowed f-'timc lit ctt v. . » ' ; Belgian, Prussian-and Au-ftrii'ti Mine-tors cotiiplsin el tln» jir>inn:isiratiovT«>rlili«rtv cil their co'ii.tivimii in Paris Lmn'tilh.e Ktid he could iml rnutrol the opinions ut\ any out?. France wonll H« tieutr.il. 11>' expressed a probability ot'-interlfivnee with Poland.' More tro.ip-:, were brought into,. London,- so • that thi\ loree is noiv'irtvr' H>.:> V) m >n. Very main* .strong iiiui-CIiartist pivisu.sir.'t against the Ciuvermiim.t, hw ».^-Smne warlike tiernojbirnUons are maKinjr'aWain^l China. I'm t of OgileiiKbni'sh--. ou:im:n.\ . April 2S t Barge Jane, Kiali, Port Covington. • , Steamer Cataract, Van Cle.ve, llo ihester- j. -' rATKRFJ).- -** April£7 Steamer Cataract, Van Clove, Re Chester. . ' . . . - . , 4 % i J 44- 1\ ,;• $ '- . f 1- OatS, .. Cum, Ill'itllS, \ I'e.t-, \ Flour ncrhnrrnt llwf, per litintlrptl , Stintiin iii-rticail Fn^tt- Poftr. peplmnST 5 * JtaMs-pcrlii.* / JfllUCf / Liird . . • y '• »<JljseSe,\ . KualoesriSrbtBlii . .iigtfs per doz. ' Suit per iiW. P^- CIS •l« 1,'IS I,IU> 5,30 a 6.110 t S4UL ITS), a 8.0D 5,40 *B. 1*. It, >- 7 50 1» —«——sy,<«iji>r .-.New ''Goods/ • . <®mm &£*% mmmtiwmm • By A. •& II. MAI 1 HESON; • • 'Ogd'ensburflh, April 27, • Stf. Thei ? arlor Magazine,. Oovolcti to Iiit-crnUirc., KSorals, Sic,- ami <U'si$;»f!iln4 rt»o CojHiiimioij nnil t»i-iia«. ~T~ Hiput.ofovovy J?ttrloiH\'6lf'oiir IiiCud. Tiii.-i popular Monthly commences its fifth • VolmSfe'in May; 1U-18,*. It appears in an>en- tiroly nqw Costtime, and in the beauty o( its exterior no 'periodical in the * country, ot wi.Titever character,' can vie With it. Several' impji'tut'itimproveinents are made in the lit- erary character ot' the work, which 'cannot Tail to render it more acceptable than eiir to the ium-ily circle:. This Magazine w'as'oiig'i- natcd lour yearssinee, wiili-tho view 6f fitr- , nishipg a periodical li'terattjre ofYotms; Gen^' tlemen .and Ladies of taste, and refinement,. free entirely from the Hash so jjcilerally' dii r ' fused in siinilar; channels, while it \should afl'ord an innoecnl entertainment and reflect from its .pages the image of vir'ine ,and reli-' • gion. '1 he efl'oi thus succeed. Prom year to year the work has Meadily' increased in public i'avur, until now the generous patronage ex- tended ta it warrants this Publislterin ptomis- > in? that no reasonable expense thall bespare,d\ to make it, in every rispeot, fiebtsl Manasim vi.liit<ti-iiiirli;tt:ilt>flttjhUilcfali!rc.,Vn\\-tiaim\ Editorial labor will be bestowed upon it, and • K we s-ltall have itlteient aid from thetno*st cele» Nlirated writeis in the cminlry. in the .matter of vmh HMiments'we will endeavottr.tiot only to imy main the histh reputatkni already secur- efl.'butsstrhre.to uiake it s-till mora \elegant •and-atint40ve. In addition to our ustKii.Moid pfcte s.nd eoloivd.ongrnyings,, occa'dr.t.ial' Ii»t- urprV'ss engravijigs, oti wood, will be intra- ' dttticlj- e.weuteaio>omc of the lest Ameitean artists. * - In short) the 51ns;a\Hne will le—in its mal- • t?r atsd drap.Ty—'in its interior and Qxt >t ior— in it«; yKead-w'i-1 in heart—a valuable ornn- m nt'tothe parlor table, and, whei^tonf.d, \yill form a volume of great value ami Leiut- /ty. It is f»'iie,l mnnilily, containing lltiitytwo stipn'-royal paij.'s ol\otiain<\.l matter, jfiyted on liri--|'::p'r.-vvitii , a splendid steel cngrav- ing and roUned (lower iir i-adt nnmber. with occasional w>j.'.l cuts and. music, making.a beautiful vcmuv of over. DO pages. Price S.-J, in .advance'; 3coj-ie« lor go. BEAPLETS P.VRLpJl'BOOK:, • Is nqw feadv,ton{ahrfntrorc.r-10')snpdi5-royal\ pag.\= and ^l b»aiitil\ul •iiiltftratmns, one of • thoTicliPst bioks KF the sea.son. AIM% *• THE PARLOR. SCRAP- BOtlK, Containing 30 line sta^l plates and colored flowers, ' *. . . SPLE^MD PREMIUMS. Any person who will foiward us, ircc of exprise,. two new Subscribers,- with thccSsh, i may receive the 21 or 3.1 volume ofTETTar- lor'Book, or the Parlor Scrap Boalf, and any. - -^Sfsm~ sendjng three new snhsftr-ib2js M rp,njj&. •TCc^Ve'TJf'aaieyV'Fa'ilbr'Bb'dlJ*, 'In 'morocco, i jirice ^J .S57\rncopv of Gt btsby'sgrcat^^' 1 tional pjcture^Rte Declaration ot ,lnderiehv tlence, 2fby31 inches, cnn'taintiig Portraits ; of all the signers. Price SS 00.. Tfiisis 6ne of the best engravings ever made in this c'oun- .try, and deseres a jJlacS in every- family, ' , . Jetiuer, Sptagite & Cc. . ' • • suceEsscir.s TO FEAliLK&Jli.N^r-n, . '. ' IVIIoLGSAtis- AND RETAIL IjE.U.EitS IK DltUQa Mi'lliclmn; faints. Oils, Cl'abS,. Viitlv, Dyt'WQOil, X>y«^tufl<, l>ai«nt .Meiliriiii^.l'fi-ufli Ul lc -ini- . oab, t'crf.ai'.cry a a, ,tu. Ogdcushiircii'.'N. V. 5tf. E. W. Benedict, fUl TTA^ ,,;is day rofohril a good ns=nrt- HM ' Ji-sL J \\\ 1 '\'\ l''» s l'i»«i Uilc, llii s ami I ft- • ^iP-^Uiiivioi (be liiiust Style*, nnil bu-Kprnl o^k, ity, Uiruct Irom Nrny Vork, wiiidi tuscili-r witli lifc) ««'M iiiiiiml'avturo coinpriiies tbu srouicst variety In' llifem.il Caps, niailistg order a3tisual,.at iii3 Ola St.iii'i, 1' iinl s«irecl. , O^ilunsUurgli, April )», | .l54 a , . 3 t f. !•'. P. •Pincsau, Gnoc'n'ttY, AND*-Pttri'-viaiDTi' STOBB,\ • , ford Stroct. d^ilcnstmrgh.-N*'. y*f 3 (l \'• * Klaul^s • ' QTALt, ICIXDrf; KKCT CON-STAXTLT ON '-' li mil iiiii-fnr y,i\is at IIIH »fii -c. Kovtli AtpiQi'lctiu Jlolt'l, -* J!Y JAMES m-AYa,'!, 4 Opnnsitetlie Po^iOllrc anteiistnm Ilnnw. Prcs- cmt O, W., n ill give promm anJ every ttitoiiti.nl to tnivi> i;r.*i. .•»• .- » 2tf. . *WarcalIan«o J^ccchit Ttoslvs. rOUStiliMitliim^inysiul .a h..|J. I'mii •ioy\'9 ^^. \ \-Iloiisu to lii't. J.M. i-m, i/.D.roA^EnoY. 3L.J -. • \ A.B.JACKSOX. If-\ .-•I-. Fntm fox* fi.'le, , JR PAIlM.h'iniU.iiinV 1 ' i.-.m-l, n»v»-n liii^? 1-iH! JS- (if IViwntt, U. W\. i,;«)l «••! I.r ^,t%- u.r g -tiO ItiU.itniis tl.0 .i.rosot'sijo.l l.iiil. l..iiir.-.| . •• . » . A. 1!. J 'UlvSjOX.. . _. J. ) ' \For Sale. A NEW II »iisi*, nml Hi? inttTPsl cf llii- mtt-.-critirr -\• in Hit-1, n i>» wliieli ii fiiiiils i-fi Moif..ii.'iva r<ml, iii'ar UH-'.Miiii-mii. Tlif ll.c-i H tUlvl liir tlit>ln.iH:ir.i>tuti;nrt'niff>*>i>Hi>-r\ , , IIIKI i-i l>li\isitiuly lisilrd. 'I'lif I'litifectianViy >ai'«ii|, wi'l u% s-old v, llii 111 - |ir wins .a. .. -V. IS. JAUKSO*\V April IIVI-sW.. TUG ffltTCAtLII'EJNSraxCE CCMPAJtf, , • '. -SEW-IORS. X ' \ TS*riTH an acrniitiiliie.] and inerensinjr eapihl . • >x Vr iil\MJ7ij 1 2ji2(i!idaiiaiiiiii:iHiieoiiif»i ) i.tatiy SifflJfl'.IO,insuresLtvEs't-stv.\itnmr. fi-.i-ra 1 11 lrriiitHlmnanyi>lluteoittp:ii.y, a'.d divides thd. jiriiiji^ifiiiiittjctlieiiimtrid. T!i i CiiitiianypuicUSs.-j v.lfik- hu> p4i\:i <s of tv.'.i y\.n-sat&Hjliiig, t atnufe.jtiUuU.- \aluc, gl\ii.g .JiMfllS. '^V « 1'ttMiiums are |*wU annna'ly, s-mi-armuaily, iir \iitrterly,a-i d^sirtlK: „ . .tmnrri dwoannina i.i; are tV lif»s of her Itthbsmd for li. r own u.-r^Hj\ l.ihatul'h;rcht|dron (roe frSnis cliinis of crttSi'oh^ , • \ Pamphletscxplanaiwy caivto Itadat the of- fice of the A«!ent. • X ' -> ~ STtLL-M \*N* FOC Oj;donsbargh,Jmie, 1SI7. .'•••' srsiw.ia©^^? The: Subscribor lias jiM receive- aTargs assortment slEs^U,-'.*!, l*!vn>\l»s n.jdAtocfe iean Prints, Lawns', Gi.i^ltaais'ttnd 31i;--lins ot the latent .styles and-patterns purc1ia?.-d this spring at extremaly low prices,, winery he i&en- abbd to sail irnich lower than those beiast fall ? purchase's. Gallandsee^'' J-H- GUES1, ^.pri^ath.'.lMS. .. \i \ •!

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