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R U R A L T I M E S WEDNESDAY, JAN. 27, 1909. A NEW ZEALAND LETTER. ....O T S D A W A . .. . The Earnest Worker elected the fOl- lowinsr officers for the oomlbt^ year: President, Ruth Terry; vice president, Mae Harris; secretary. Hazel Lent; treasurer, Suiiie Harris; refreshment Occasionally there is received .t the . ' Otego post office mail matter that' is ad- ' ‘ J^ine head of Leeman Rowe’s fine dressed to Otago, N. Z., and recently Mr. i *^*'^'*® Holstein cows, including a Anuable corresponded with the officials c o n d e m n e d by a state in- there regarding the matter, at the time pector and have been ^hipped to Al- inclosing some, local views, and the reply j bany. to be slaughtered ; to his letter is published below, which, Jease Cook has retUriied from the will be read with iuterst by our readers: Onebnta hospital, where he has been WELLiNGTONj N. Z , 27th Nov., 1908. for treatment, much improved. A. D . A x n a b l e , E sq h e ,^ Postmaster, Otego, New York, U. S. A. Dear Sir:—I received from the Chief Postmaster, ~ Mrs. Geo. Jenks, of ^Oneonta, and Mrs. 8. P. Decker were | recent callers on Mrs. W A. Beaman. [ ' Mrs. C. K. Beaman spent Saturday 1 » . .n ?“’'«■ luterccting and Saoday io Morris,! the guest of letter of the 6th ®f October, addressed , , to. the postmaster. Otago, New Zealand. • Alford Baker, of Laurens, . was a recent guest of his niece, Mrs. Charles Holbrook. ; The Ladies’ Aid meets Friday, the 29tb, with Mrs. Frank Weatherley for dinner. Rev. M. C. Miner will, deliver an address on local option next Sunday. Mrs. Frank Hathaway was able to be out to church last Sundtivi School opens Feb. 1st.’ WONT OPPOSE BRYAN SUIT. Artist W» H. Leavitt Leaving F op the United Statejs. Paris, Jan. 25. — William Homer Leavitt has received frclm, his wife’s lawyer at Lincoln, Neb!, notification that Mrs. Leavitt, who Is a daughter of William Jennings Bhyan, had filed a petition for divorce on tihe ground of incompatibility of temijer and non­ support He chivalrously declined to discuss it, saying he did I not desire to embarrass his wife. Mr. Leavitt will not oppose the suit. With his mother, with whom he has been living in Paris, he leaves in a few days for America. His departure is in no way connected jvith the suit, but to exhibit his painting, “The Last Supper,” in the United States. > Otago is the name of a provincial district in this Dominion, ,and Dunedin is its chief city. The chief postmaster super­ intends the postal business of the whole of that district. I note what you say about the con­ fusion between -Otago and Otego, but I am afraid |hat so far as it subsists it can­ not be, helped. I atn quite »ure that persons in Otago will not want their let­ ters long whil‘=> it depends upon your vigilance to foWard them. The post^ cards you enclosed are very interesting. The noble avenes of trees which form so beautiful a characteristic of the land­ scape in many A^eric^n cities we in New . Zealand have, I regretT to say, too much | occasion to admire in our own want of any such; but it is a want which no doubt ___ national age w^iil remove. It would) ' one like this, however progressiv'e the younger might he. , Another admirable feature in your land­ scape is the absence offences in cities. It seems to inform the wajfarer that mere 1 resting on the road is not regarded trespass. ^ In the matter of climate I think COUNTRY’S RESOURCES IN GLOOMY CONDITION by Gonissiiio. Washington,' Jan. 22.—Transmitting to qongress the report of the national conservation commission, appointed last! May to make an inventory of the , . ^ ^ I nation’s resources and devise ways may claim advantage over you. Of course ; andj means of conserving them, Presi- New Zealand cannot claim all the variet- | dent Roosevelt in a special message to ies that the.United States can;^but with ' congress’ declares that .the ^matter of our thirteen degrees of latitude we the Iconservation of natural' resources stretch irom the sub-tropical a good dis-' stands first among the questions upon tauce into the (higher latitude?; and the ' which all men may unite,for ,the com- cquilibrity of the\ climate of the middle ^ o n good. r , ^ portioD in which Wellington is situated | vei^ort of the commission is ,de- usualiy strikes the attention of new com-mainly the ers. , I country’s, resources’ffif-mmerals, lands, I am very glad to have receivei _ ]etter,'b«t regret to think/itifebuhL^h^ been occaslqped; by any deficiencies in our admirable po^aTsefvic^'. Yours faith'fnll.T,- F - V . W a t e r s . GAMMA KAPPAS, The Gamma were pleasant­ ly ehtertained Tuesday evening of last week, at the home pi Miss Bessie Baulf. After some rather unusual stunts, end the announcement o f an important marriage, a sumptuous biifiet luncheon was sarved by the hostess. At a late hour the guest took their departure, all uni'ing with the bride in declaring it the most en­ joyable meeting of'the year. MONDAY NIGHT CLUB. The/ “Monday Night Club” met Monday evening,Jan. 25, at the home Of Ray Ayers. The subject for the evening was “Life and Works of Ed­ gar Allen Poe.” R. E. Van Cise was leader assisted by Mrs. Van Cise and Ray Ayers; Miss Mosher gave a read­ ing p f the “Bells.” The program was much enjoyed by all. After the pro­ gram each member told a funny story affording much enjoyment. The next meeting will be held with Mis« Russell Feb. '8, 1909. Subject for evening is “Important events in 1908.” Each member Is expected to contribute. John W. Wilson, Optician and Eye­ sight Specialist, will be at the Hotel Breffle on Friday, Jan. 29th. Cousul- tiltion and examination Free. Special attention given children’s eyes. All glasses adjusted by Mr. Wilson are guaranteed satisfactory in every ■way. I will visit Otego every six weeks hereafter. rapidly A stray gleam of ligjil^ii.; tliA gloomy mmeijM\ .seen' in the fact-that, :whil#iHe production of coal is increasing enormously, the waste and loss in ffilning areidiminish- .ingl • There is urgept'need of .greater safety' to the miner.; The ^oss of life through mine accidents is appalling. Stress is laid on the -assertion that four-fifths of-the country’s fire losses, or an average of $1,000,000 a day, could be prevented if the precautions taken in 'Europe tvere adopted hero. Speaking of the nation’s cultivable area, the report declares that there has been a slight increase in the average yield of our great staple,, farni prod­ ucts, but neither the increase in acre­ age nor the yield per acre has kept pace with our iiicrease'in population. Under the heading “National Effi­ ciency” the report treats of preventa­ ble diseases and says: \■ “Since the grea.test of our national assets is the health and vigor - of the Anierican people, our efficiency must depend on national vitality even more than on the resources of the minerals, lands, forest-s and waters'” The p . & H. Summer Paridise Directory The annual chicken pie supper by the Gleaners of the. Baptist church will be held on the\evening of Feb. 2d, in the opera bouse. Supper will be served on the European plan and all are invited to attend and partake of the meal. An .entertainment, “A Night In Dixie,” will be provided by the society and all holding sapper ticketsVwill be entitled to enjoy it; others will pay 10 cents., Supper will, be ready at 5 o’clock and the enter- tainnient will be commenced at 8:30, The value of ^classes as a D airy F eed has been pretty\welLdempn- . strated. A oar load of Keystone Feed* J3g Molasses will arrive tlfia^eek. MESSINA HAS ENOUGH FOOD. Gratitude of Earthquake Sufferers For Relief Sent From America. Messina, Italy, Jan. 20.—The Ameri­ can supplies for the earthquake suffer­ ers brought here by the steamship Cel­ tic, that sailed ■ from New York . last December^ are .bein.g distributed along the coasts of Calabria and Sicily, north and. south of Messina arid Reggio, by Italian torpedo boats. Ev'eryw'here the people received the provisions with manifestations of rejoicing and out­ bursts of enthusiasm for the United f.tates. i There is now sufficient food in Messi- M, but the people still need clothing and shoes.' I The Grove Street G r e e n h o u s e s (Formerly C. E.' Miles; ONEONTA, N. Y. CUT FLOWER^ and FLORAL DESIGNS ' FURNISHED AT SHORT NOTICE Potted Plants in Gyeat Variety Write, telegraph, or telephone yout orders to us. They will receive prompt aUentioD,and first class goods guaranteed BEp. ’P hone 731. H ome ’P hone 290-F. THE GRpVE ST. GREENHOUSES 37 Grove St., Oneonta, N. Y. C. W. Pe!ck, Prop. City ‘Bu.s Service! • ’Bus meets all trains and will convey parties to anyjHote], home or private residence in the Village of Otego, at reasonable prices. -Parties wishing to be convey­ ed to depot can procure my ser­ vices by leaviug word at the Sus q.uehapna House or tielephoning. ’Phone calls given prompt, atten­ tion and patronage solicited. HOMER JOHNSON, Susquehaana House, joTEQO, N. Y. PARKER’^ _ HAIR BALSAM ■ ClesuMf and beautifiea the hg| HFromotei a luxuriant growth. I N e v er Fails to Restore G-ra ■ H a ir to its Col' ■Curea a-ulp diseMea & hair falii \ e.andfl .«0 at Dr ' All hotel and boarding-house pro­ prietors on the line of the Delaware & Hudson R. R., desiring representa­ tion in the new edition of tbe/H o tel directory shonld send fuU informa­ tion at once td tha General i ’assenger Assent, Albany, N. Y. : 27*3. FR e e e i ( H * k s e (OLanw F or SALR-rQaantity good hay at **** UBS*jl£*fN. Y. Aoetyeleni»^»8 5 liaht,. jn good ordef .-5 %i»P «ti>A.ene-half,hor8e power 8te«d)\ilil(itioe; dll ltdraer. .'Ope 240-870. B s a A ln S p tetb f ‘•Tlctor Green ' • ~; i-? \ ■ A Great E t i i l ^ ^ u c e r to make jL^ylng, Heiis get Busy when are high. F. T. POSTEi O t e i o , N . Y. W.Cibennaii Gradtiatc Optician ADd Member of the New York Stdte Optical Sbeiety OFFICE AT RESIDENCE Cor. Main and Church Sty, Gtego,N.y- The jRriBALTiMSS and Thrice-a-Week World|$2. op per year. Order them iK>vr« New River Street Market, BURDICK & WILLIAMS. ii H a v ing opened a new M eai MaiHkef in th e Opera H o u s e B lock, on River street, We desire t<> infprni the publijc that w e 'haye a com p lete l i n e o f Meats of all kindis^ . . . Fresh; and Salt At the IMost Reasonable Prices- A share of your patronage w ill be appreciated an d w e w ill endeavor to m erit the sam e by honora* H e dealing and first-class ^o'ods. C o m e ini and see w h a t w e have j in G o o d Meats.. ■ Burdick & Williams, Proprietors, . .WARM GOODS,. |F p r t l i 4 ';^ f |i d |e : i E ^ i%^P 4 pi.tfae 'bead;! .. REM MAPLE SYRUP.. ^ .. •„ §§ i ., A .L S O . . . i | | ALMONDS, PECANS, BRAZILL NUTS, i s FILBERTS, ENGLISH WALNUTS. 8ic. lll^ ^ ’Pfione orders always cared for. Iciias. D. Martin, Otego, N.Y. I if i - ' ‘ i To the Voters of Utep ( Notice is hereby given that the followiag Questions will be submitted to jthe voters of the Town of Otego a t' the Town Meet­ ing in OtegoJ N. T., on February 9th, 1909 : Question /. dulling Liquor to be drunk on the premises where sold. Shall any person be authorized tojtraffic in liquors*.under the provisions of subdivision one o f section eleven of the liquor tax law, haniely, by selling Jiquor to be drunk on the premises where:, sold, in the town of| Otego? ‘ ^ ' Question 2. Setting Liquor not to be drunk on the premises where sold. Shall any person be authorized to traffic in liquors u n d erthe provisions of subdivision tw o o f section eleven o f the| liquor tax law, namely, by selling liquor^not to be drunk on the premises where sold, in the town ofj Otego? QueAion 3. Selling Liquor a sapharm a e i^nnphysician^spreicrit^ Shall any person be authorized to *traffic in liquors jimder the.provisions of subdivision thre^ o f section eleven of the! liquor tax law, naimely, by selling liquor as a pharmacist on a physician’s tire* senption, in the tovim of dt^^ / i ' Question 4. Sfiliing Liquor b^ibqiel ke 0 ers only. r Shall any person be ajithbri^|J to i:ra|&c m liqjiQra u^^ of ^ t i o n eleven

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