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.ysjmsms:^< VoL. XS^VIII. New Series 'No. 28. OTEGO O tsego X., WEDNESDAY, ■: 'V - , ' ■■ -■ Afe:\ - . ■ fAN. 20,1909 W hole N o . 1437 R i i r a l ^ i n ^ e s . V. S. PULLEK, Editor and Proprietor PUBLISHED EVBBY WEDNESDA.T MORNING IN THE TIMES BLOCK, EIVER STREET, OTEGO, OTSEGO CO., N. Y. DEVOTED Trt LOCAL AND FAMILYjRBADING AND TO THE ’ NT BREST OP AGRICULTURE AND PAR'^^ • The Only Agrlchltural Paper in the Second ab * .Bembly District of Otsego County. One Tear, ....... S ix Mon o nth ths,..s. » Months 17 E Sa .3!u(E S : In Advance. Not in Advance dvance. Not in Advance ......... $150 ________ ..................... Three .t the right ofthe name stamped on the paper is the date.to which the subscnp. on is paid. No paper stopped iintil all back claims are paid up, unless at the option of the publisher. SeneraJ indents C O N S iiE N E Y ’S bodyon I ew a y yerican KiM In Eartlipake to Have Piiblic Burial. Correspondence on all matters of Local or General Interest solicited. The names ofcorresponde must,in all cases, accompany communicate to interest soli must, in all 0 insure the^ ------------- .ication,but as'a guara ------- „ ----- The failure ofthe notification of R'i - tinnance will be considered a renewal > cription cases, accompany commiinicatjoEs iir insertion, .not necessarily for pub- as a g u arantee agains mpositj'5n. WHAT GANiAND CAN’T. INEBI! New Yofk's Ganissiener laGor Tells AM It. rao mib A oulous rescues . Aged Woman Found Alive In Messina and 1 Infant .Taken. From Ruins of Reggio After Being Entombed For Twenty Days—United’ States to Send Carpenters, Plans and Lumber to Rebuild Three i ThouWnd Houses For Survivors In Razed Cities. Washington, Jan. 18.—The state cle- pa,rtment will soon announce arrange­ ments for public ceremonies on the. burial of the'body of Arthur S. Che­ ney, the consul at Messina, killed in the earthquake of.-Pec. 28 that reduced, the consulate to ruins. Tlie steamer Venezia, from Naples, bearing the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Cheney, is expected to arrive at New York on Jan. 28. ’ TAFT’S NEit) ADVICES {UNCLEIAM S I S PLEASES THE S0UTH| T N E lN iSPiERS B|efore 6 n d Juiy. ALSO (HIE, LITTLE NEWSBOY. NATIONAL WOODPILE I BRODOHT IN MONEY. as Laborers,” Hs Urges. Forester Pinchot Albany, N. Y., Jan. 18.-That every effort is being nmde to enforce the la­ bor law of the state is to be drawn from the report of Commissioner of Labor John VTlliams, submitted to the legislatnre. Gpoi) tlie* department's orders 1,G33 children found illegally employed were, discharged. In 414 casps employers were prosecuted for such illegal em­ ployment. The falling olf in child la­ bor generally from the figures,of 1907 ■H-as 21 per cent, ■n:Ulg,.illegaI child, la- • .bor feil pffi84iper.;cep|w ' canning industry. Prosecutions groyed “almost a waste of tim e /’ says the commissioner, om ng to lo.cal prejiidice •of co.urtoE.jury,^. Another new'cl§.iarture in 1908 was inspection of tunnel construction. The excessive hazards^were the justifica- lion for such a special provision. In the tunuols inspected 11,708 men were employed, of whom 4,934 worked in compressed air. Over 500 accidents in such work Avere reported. Four fatal cases of the “heijds” were reported. The preliminary report of the bureau of mediation and arbitration notes a large reduction in labor disputes in 1908. Only 158 strikes .and lockouts Avere reported, in Avhich 19.948 em­ ployees Avere directly iiiA'olA*ed as com- ])ared Avith 282 disputes and 77,9.31 Avorkers in 1007. Interventions of the bureau numbered seventy-five. Body Easily Recognized.-- Rome, Jan. IT.—Maior Landis, the American military attache, who has returned here from Messina, in speak­ ing of the finding' of the bodies of Consul Cheney arid his wife said that the sailors of the . battleship Illinois Avere indefatigable-:, in..their efforts, Avorking- for-hours'Until they succeed­ ed in removing the rtiins of the Amer­ ican cons^kte a few feet of the . gi-ound, :;;wlierf ,the, bodies .were foDDd- That of >-tfreconsui could Au.gusta, Ga., Jan. 19. — P resident Elect Taft’s advice ,to the negro to make himself indispensable as a labor­ er meets Avith earnest approval here. Addressing a mass meeting, he said; “You have your own destiny to carve out. I deeply sympathize Avith your feeling with reference to the injustice that arises from race prejudice and race feeling of thoughtless and wicked men. I know hoAv it cuts to the quick. But, on the other hand, 3^on know in your hearts that there are in the south many noble Avhite men who believe that the uplifting of the south is largely in the uplifting of the negro, and he is the chief instrument him­ self to bring that about. ^ “When yon make yciirselves indis­ pensable to a community from a ma­ terial standpoint there is likely to he a modification of unjust prejudice. The idea that the south can afford to have the negroes transplanted to some other country to me alAvays sounded like a joke. They tried that in Missis­ sippi. They were only going to move the negro laborers not out of the coun­ try to Africa, hut across the river. They had a riot when it was tried. So of course that i^ absurd. “But if the negro would be respected he must make him skf Avorthy of re­ spect. He must cultivate those Air- tues of providence, ■ of industry, of thrift, v,bich will make him respected as a laborer; as a farmer, as a skilled mechanic, as a man contributing to ^stlng Facts of Past Year. ells Inter-^ iS S S S i S f ^ even from distant camps, to pay a last tribute to' the representative, of the nation which had been, so generous toward them in their distress. Two Miraculous Rescues. Messina, Jan. 17.—Earth shocks con­ tinue here, but they are slight and have done no further damage. Seven babies Avere baptized, which event Avas celebrated as the return of the city to life. The .archbishop of Mes­ sina officiated in a Avooden hrit'that had been transformed into a church. For the first time since the ea.rthquake the provincial council met, a ferry­ boat being used for the meeting place. One miraculous rescue Avas that of an aged woman, found after tAveiity days. She was unconscious aud can Yiardly survive. Another miraculous rescue was the recoA’ory of a five-year-old boy in Reg­ gio. At the hospital the women de­ clare he AA-as saA’ed .by a miracle, as the child persists in saying that he was fed by his. mother Avith bread and oranges. The mother, hoAvever,- was killed on the day, of the earthquake. UNCLE SAW TO BUILD HUTS. Lumber, Plans {and Carpenters to Construct Italian Cities. Washington, Jan. 17.—An innovation in international relief measures is to be undertaken by the American gov­ ernment, in-expending^ the $500,000 in money appropriated by congress for the Italian earthquake sufferers. Realizing th a t 'a great need will ,be shelter. President Roosevelt has decid­ ed to send plans arid' material for 3,000 very m o p s t frame house^,-sup­ plementing .this, by .'supplying ^civilian carpenters froip the navy, eli^ble list. Timbsr :ltKf4e*ked, Says. Manila. .Tan. 19.—A party of Igorrote Rome, head banters have raided an lliooano must leei .xuac j- nuu my duty in comiiig into this country, if I spoke\ a t all, Avithoiit speaking to the colored people as an important part o.f the south and as Americans entitled to the same earnest concern that I may manifest with respect to a Avhole united people.” GEN. MILES' - returns HOME. Has Been Spending Winter Motoring on the Continent. New York,' .Tan. 19.—Lieutenant Gen­ eral Nelson A. 1^11108. retired, who has been spending the fall in Egypt aud — — / Panama Canal Purchase' Price Alleged Scandal Thought to Be Basis of Criminal Suit of the United States Versus j the Publishers of the New York World—President In Message Had threatened Joseph Pulitzer With Proceedings. Washington, J^n. 18.—Six Washing-’ ton correspondents aud a newsboy have been summoned to appear this week before federal grand juries, pre­ sumably in connection with stater ments bearing on the Panama canal purchasci Those cited are three men of the New York World staff and one each from the' Indianapolis News, NeAv York Sun and Brooklyn Eagle. The newsboy is William Smith, engaged here in selling New York papers. . The World staff also Avas directed to bring - files of the?' paper for the last four months' of 1908 “in the case of the United States versus the Press Publishing company,” publishers of the New Y^ork Wcfrld. There is no dot^t here, that the sub­ poenas all have to do with a .suit;for libel whieli; it bolie.A'eclj - hWs been brought iby - th ei 'go.y.enimeut ' ‘in ; New York against the-Wo^^^^ It was / publisher, pf the York Sum in cori-t Foulke, '{severely .denounced. In his special, message to 'congi-ess of Dec. 15, regarding tlie charges of corruption in the caiiall purchase, the president au- nomiced that the- attorney 'general had under consideration the form in which pro'ceediiigs for libel against Mr. Pu­ litzer should be brought. Washington, J a n . . 18.—Gifford Pin­ chot, the United States forester, re­ ports on* the good work accomplished for the past year as follows: “For the 182 national forests in seY- enteen states and territories and Alas­ ka the government spent $2,526,098.02, or about IV 2 cents an acre. Permanent improvements, including the construc­ tion of 3,400 miles of trails, 100 mil eS of wagon roads, 3,200 miles of tele­ phone lines,. 550 cabins aud hams, 600 miles of pasture and drift fences, 250 bridges and 40 miles of fire lines, cost $592,169.10. “The receipts from sales of timber^ grazing fees and permits for special . FRENCH BIRTH RA.TE TURNS. ' - ' ----------------- ! For First Time In Years Population Begins to Show Increase. Paris, Jan. 19.—Vital statistics for 190*^ slioAA' a decrease in the proportion <;f deaths in France, a condition attrib­ uted to more stringent application of .laws of hygiene. Births exceeded deaths by 11,000 ogainst an excess of 55,000 deaths for 1907. TEN DOG TRAINS BRING FUR. Seven Hundred Mile Trip From Hud­ son Bay to Winnipeg. Winnipeg, Jan. 17.—From a 700 mile Journey across the A\astes extending to Hudson bay, tvm dog trains^ heavily laden Avith furs, have reached here. The furs, which are valued at hun- -dreds of thousanlds o£. dollars, are bound for,the London market. HEAD HUNTERS MAKE A RAID. •Constabulary In Pursuit of Ferocious Band in the Philippines. the winter in motoring oii the conti- nent, has arrived hoine on the steamer Minnehaha. 1 DELAY IN OF’ENIING LANDS. G o v e rnm e n t .Wahts] to Start- ah. Ice Plant \In Arizona l=’irst. Yuma^ Ai:.iz., Jan. l9.—It is improba­ ble thaLForttYnma jlndian reservation CANAL LIBEL CASE IS BEGlJN. Judge Ward Hears Protests From the New York World. New York, .Tan. 19.—After hearing the arguments of .Tolin M. BoAVers, counsel ifor the AVorld, and United States District Attorney Stimson, rep­ resenting the government, on tlie mo­ tion to annul the subpoenas in the case of J. Angus Shaw, secretary of the Press Puiilishlng company, and William P. McLoughlin, sporting edi­ tor, Judge Ward of the United States circuit cW rt suspended the subpoenavi pending |further argument. As sqoTi as the subpoenas had been served the World got an order to show cause, returnable before Judge Ward, The contention was in effect that the governirieiit’s inquiry w^as a mere “fish­ ing excursion.”^ Mr. BbAvers asserted that the subpoe­ nas AA^eve . irregular in form because they called upon the witnesses'to testi­ fy “to ail, and everything which you may know generally on the part of the United' States.”, He- argued that snb- pi^nas .worded in this way were with­ out force and in violation of principles enunciatled by the United States su­ preme Gjourt and the court of appeals of this state. Mr. Stimson was accused of- having “started! out on a voyage of discovery of a kind' which the law does not Loler- ate.’f The district attorney said' that the subpoenas followed the form ,recog- nized in this d istric t ' f or upAvard of fifty years and longer; in other districts the country:'• < \ / GiFFoim uses of forest-resources amounted to', $1,842,281.87, an increase ^of $271,•• '222.43 over 1907, representing profita­ ble use of the forests by some 30,000 individuals or concerns, in addition to more than 30,000 getting free use of timber aud other resources. The tim­ ber is given for the development of the countJ-W through settlement. “The 182 forests Avel-e cared for by 29 inspectors, 98 forest supervisors, 61 deputy superA’isers, 33 forest assist­ ants, 8 planting assistants, 941 rangers, 521 forest guards and 88 clerks. The average areavfo each ofilcer to patrol was 500,000 acres. This is considered inadequate for protection.” Don’t Got a Divorce A western judge granted a divorce on aeconntof iU teraper and ba.l breath. Dr. Kipg.fi New Life-Pills would ha^e 1,/r-. IVJUg.h iTiew ij1 1 0 --I Ills* wwuiw iiaTc prevented it. They Cure Conaiipation; Bu^^rgiPe|i caufiing/md breath arid Iliver Trouble best rhi» 111 remner. disnel colds.haiii.«h head- cauBing/ma nraain ana L«wer i louoie . pest Woodruff'..’ ' Rresiderit Help;* Orphans Ilundrerts ot orpiVaris helped by the president of The, ludn*?- MORE LAND FRAUD CHARGES. High Officials Among, Huncireci and Thirty-eight Indictments. Eagle Pass, Tex., Jan! 17.—One hun­ dred and thirty-eight indictments were returned by the grand jury, alleging Indian land frauds. Many of the parties hold high state positions Oklahoma and govern­ ment positions in Mexico and are high in financial and political circles in the United States and Mexico. LIGHTSHIPS GO 13,000 MILES. Fleet of Beacons Reaches San DiegO After Four Months’ Sail. San Diego, Cal., Jan. 19.—After a voy­ age of 13.006 miles in 118 days the fieet of lightships and lighthouse tend­ ers - Avhich le f t . New York last Sep­ tember has an-ived here. The\ ships/will, leave tomorrow for San Francisco and later be distributed. One will :go to Honolulu. OIL TRUST FINED $1,623,900. Supreme .Court Decide* That . Waters-* Waslj^gton^:: J a m ; ; 4 9 ^ h q supreme Texas^eppiTS im p o sing.; iiiies ag g regai-

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