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Rupfill VoL. XXVIIi. New Series No. 21, R u r a l Y in ^ e s . V. 8. PULLEE, . Editor and Proprietor. PUBLISHED BVBBT WEDNEBDAT MORNING IN THE TIMKS BLOCK, KIVER STREET, OTBGO, OTSEGO CO., N. Y. DEVOTED TO LOCAL AND FAMILY READING AN D TO T H E INTEREST OP AGRICULTURE AND FARM . The Only igricnltural Paper In the Second a s - eembly District of Otsego County. Advance $1 SO TE2^a^/ES : In A d v a n c e . Not in A^ One Ten/Tt ............. $1.2S. B i» M o n ths, ............................. 05, Three M o n ths, ....................... 3 5 , At the right ofthe name stamped on tl^e paperls the date to which the 8Hbs( 2 . > 9 0 8 W h o l e No. 143d^ REBELS GtOSING ON itillTI GAPITAL Attack Of General Simon’s Forces RUINS Expected Hourly. ..75 .4 0 Correspondence on all matters of Local or General.. Interest solicited. The names of correspondents must, in all cases,'accompany communicatiots to insure their insertion, not necessarily for pnb- l ication, but as a guarantee agains mpositi on. The failure o fthe notification of tinnance will b« considered' a renewal) rriptloc.. 700 LOST IN COLLISION. Two Japanese Steamships Come To­ gether Off Port of Chifu. Cliifu, Cliina, Depr\!.—Two Japanese Iteamships were in collision olf this port. It is reported that a total of 700 per­ sons have been drowned. PANIC A$ :5.000 DRAW N ua ARGHBOLD IS ON THE QILCRID1R0N GATTLE PLAGUE \ SPREADING RUIN, m and Sudan. Government E^pects to Traee Epidemic of “Foot and Moutii’^, Missing Records. 1.—A venturesome trip.;ii5§i|he and across the Libyan desert:'will be b^gun tomorrow by Mr. and'MrA .Frederick ..Courtland Penfield I (Mrs. .Weiglitmaii Walker). They will • Disease Moving East. ,|a PROBES CONSPIRACY PRASE. EXTENT OF IT TO BE PROBEII. 1 American Minister Will Be Appealed to tomorrow and expect ,by Nord Alexis- Cabinet to Urge the President to Resign to Avert n U c godn after Jan. 1. Further iBIoodshed - Intrenohments | chartered the light draff Thrown Up Six Miles Outside Port ! Prinoe to Repel Advancing alSdtby Mr. a: lutionists. and will be accompa- and Mrs. Morgan Goet- Mrs. James Mead Bel- E. C. Benedict and chlus, Mr. and Port au Prince, Haiti, Dec. 1.—The Commodore American ’ minister, Mr. Furniss, will , friends. be appealed to today by the me'mbers 1 pourney to^ Wadi. Haifa will be of President Nord Alexis’ cabinet to urge him to resign, it is asserted,.as a means to prevent further bloodshed.’ C-i ! _ A-1_ _ _ _ __ _ -X,. A. A 11 -vV? ^ Present Witness Has Good Memory and Will Not Plead \I Forget”—Ho Is Expected I to Reveal Much of What John^ D. Rockefeller Failed to Disclose—William Rockefeller Will Probably Be Placed on Stand Next After Archbold Is Released. 112 BODIES RECOVERED. Since the ,government was totally^' de­ feated in thie battle at Anse a Veau tha .1 situation is I extremely critical. Pre.sident[s'am on May 13, 1902,-In a..^ nearly similar situation was obliged;tc abandon the presidency and leave for France. j ' lecial steamer. From the second New York, pec. 1.—The government^ “tp s t buster,” Frank B. Kellogg, ex­ pects to get some trace today of the missing records of tlie Standard Oil company from John D. Archbold. These records would ‘show;, how the transfers of stocks and trust certifi­ cates were made in the j'ears follow­ ing the trust agreement of 1882. Mr. Kellogg has been trying for m^re than a year to obtain possession of these. Slaughter oF Aniruals Has Begun ancl Milk Famine Is Feared — Pestilence Has Escaped Quarantined District# and Appears In New York State—Hu-i man Infection Is Possible Throiiglf Drinking Diseased Milk, and Gov-t ernment Authorjities Are Alert. New York, Nov. SO.-r-Both the nei^ , tional and state 'departments of agri-* ’ culture are watching night and day. for the development of tjie dreaded “foot and mouth” disease in the great abattoirs of the city. Today a'rigid ^iuvestigatlon of thd exact area over jwhich the cattle dis­ ease has spread in the state will be' gin. The peril threatening the country i# When Mr. Ilockefeller was under, shown in the extraordinary measures Danger of Further Explosion In the M a r iann a M ine Is Past. Pittsburg, Dec. 1.—One hundred and twelve bodies have been recovered from the Marianna mine of the Pitts- burg-Buffalo Coal company and now lie in the improvised morgue.' Of the victims twenty-three have been idela- tified as Americans. The miners worked throughout the Qight four, hour shifts. All the headin'^.the exception of two r< ■ .Danger ,frOm:%thW at of 'the explosion, and he ^ does nob .believe the list of dead will exceed that number. Rebels Expected Hourly. The appearance of the rebel forpesV^ under Genebal Simon before this city' ' is expected hourly. Panic is general.; ; Their army is believed to number^f- 5,000, well equipped, trained a^d with- plenty of ammunition. . .... The Amerlicjan warship Tacopaa-wilb;j> remain near j Port au PriucC>tP. Pi'.oXi ; tect AmericU property, iwhic^i^noW^!., ^ ; cross examination be was called on to produce these books. He said he did not know where they were. Fights Back In the Open. The government attorneys are couht- ; ing on^ Mr. Archbold to furnish much ' of what Mr. Rockefeller failed to . hand over, it is ' ujiderstood. Mr. r Arohbold has shown himself to be as ; r ^ d y and. .fluent a witness as Mr. COUNTING LANDES WEALTH., \defend/his;lcapital. He is . intre.nche^; si!’miles •\“ * ---- -------- position. He is c ; . Ilockefeiler iwas careful and reticent, h'.and it is cbiisidered jfch^t on cross ex- taken by the United States and local- authorities to check the spread of the disease. The quarantines established- are similar to those against the most' devastating plagues. The first traces were discovered Ifl western Pennsjj'lyania. about twe jveeks ago. Several carloads of year­ ling cattle were infected, and an inves­ tigation traced; tllem back to the Bast Buffalo stockyards. Scores - o f Animals . Killed. Scores of, animals h a v e ’already been killed rjfc^u^o^ New YorkS Natural Resources Commission Will Meet In Washington. W^ashington, Dec. 1.—The meeting of the national commission for the con­ servation of natural resources growing out of the meeting of governors called last spring by President iloosevelt be- •giiis today. There will be made public the “in­ ventory” of the national resources com­ piled in the various states since the president’s meeting adjourned. A large . number of governors are expected to meet again on the'8th to consider fur­ ther the same subject. tnfident of being able to Reports announce the army of Gbu.-.': eral Simon j as approaching rapidlyf from the south, increased in force .by;; the incorporation of many of the best_j armed troops of General Celestin Cyriaque, defeated at Anse a Veau on Friday. by< stej made Into\ the White Lue Nile for sliboting and URGES RURAL PARCEL POST. Deficit In Postoffice Department For the Year Is $16,873,222. ^Vashington, Dec. 1.—Jn his annual report Postmaster General Meyer gives total receipts as $208,351,886, a deficit of $16,873,222, the largest in the his^ tory of the department. The deficit of 1909, it Is estimated, Avill also exceed $16,000,000. It is suggested that a limited rural parcels post would earn millions of dol­ lars and benefit the farmer. ! Alt FRANCE IN NET OF STEINHEIHIASE. Rer Entajijlln; Cmfesslon to Bo M IgatoO. \.Theiii itkeywili visit from a point aear l^uxor the fjamed-oases of Khar- gtehrt'ahd Dakla, 100 miles across the Libyan desert from the great river. The- towns of some of the oases ante­ date the Christia^ era, and it is said yiat some of the ruins and temples are as w-onderful as those in the Nile val- ley. FINDS BODYKBY A VISION. I Missing Husband^ Had Fallen From Dock Just as Wife Dreamed. Jersey City, d ! bc . 1.—The body of Joseph Demarest|of 360 Grand street, ■who disappeared a couple of days ago, was -recovered after his wife dreamed be\ had fallen frpm a drydock where hfe worked. sent her^ son there, so certain V^s she bf the correctness of her drbam. The boy waited until the tide 'Vent out and then found his fa­ ther under the bolw of a barge. Dem- OUI^E Romanca JILTED FOR YANKEE? of Miss Katherine Elkins With Abruzzi Has Ended. Washington, Dec. 1. — The famous romance of the Duke of the Abruzzi ,.and Miss Katherine Elkins has ended, due to the determination of the dow- i .ager queen of Italy not to receive her ns a royal princess. ' Another reason ascribed by some in rhe social swing at the capital , is that -Miss Elkins has jilted the duke for\ a broad shouldered and handsome young naval officer, Lieutenant Adolphus An- •drew. ' Pi* Eating Supplants Bridge Whist. Red Bank, N. J., Dec. 1. — The Daughters of Liberty have started pie gating as the latest fad among the Paris, Dec. 1.—A famous Parisian dancer, Luce Yanna, will be a witness _ against Mme.j Stelnbeil and give evi­ dence which may prove the prisoner was a principal at the murder of her ^ husband and Mine. Japy. | head was I buried in the mud, This- dancer says a named Mey- jg supposed he fell from the er told her Mine. Steiraeil had con- low tidd and was unalile to fessed the murders to him. ■ | 0 xtricate himself. The Steinhell case!promises to be as j . / ' 1 ________ a V r f c c K r e S e : J TO- b l o w UPjFINANCE WRECK Oil company the alleged coh“ fection had escaped spiracy which was entered into by tined districts. | , those who were parties to the trust i Luckily the spread of the ^disease tP',7 agreement' of 1882 has been carried right down to date. Cannot tPlead It Is Outlawed. . , This does away with any idea of a possible plea that the • acts of which the government complains are. out­ lawed. There is just a possibility^ that Mr. Rockefeller may play a brief return engagement, as Mr. Kellogg reserved the right to examine him further. If he is not recalled, William Rockefel­ ler probably will take the stand after Mr.^rchbold finishes. human beings is a remote contingency.\ It can be passed to human belngi^^\-; solely through the milk of Infectea, animals, Mifk Famine Is Threatened. / ' The milk supply of New York may be seriously affected if the disease spreads eastward through the dairy districts of central and southern NeW York, and a millc shortage/(s 6ne ot possibilities * jWhich may happen the unless the disease is checked through the drastic measures adopted by the national and state' authorities. I The mysterious inianner in which the (T o s t o f n e x t c e n s u s l a w . _______ * , most impressed (the veterinaries iii charge of the outbreak. Pigeons, dogs, I cats and rats transmitted the germs,, the experts decla^d, and the quarau' tines proved of little avail. ments. Chemists caused his iTtiath. kudge Andre has ^ 'a cheinlcal and micro- >*9ion with the Georglc., will be dyna- _ lx, Bureau Buys Tabulating Machines to Effect a Saving. Washington, Dec. 1. — The cost of taking the next census, a\s estimated by Director North, will be $12,930,000. The director says he will require only $410,000 more for the census of 1900 “in. spite of the enormous growth in the population during the last dec­ ade, largely contributed by foreign born people who do not speak English, a class which! is very exiiensive and very difficult to enumerate.” The sav­ ing, says the, director, wlll .be effected through' having the permanent census bureau and its own tabulating ma­ chines. Englaq^ Stops Danger of Infection. London, Nov. 30.—The Jmportatioit of cattle from Ujelaware and Mary-^ land to Great Britain has been pro­ hibited because of the preyalence. oil the hoof and mouth disease. which Stelnheil drank at dinner on the ' i night of his jdeath. . - ^ |v pivers are^at work recovering many ^ pieces of baggage and bags of.mail. All sorts of fantastic theories about Felix Faure’s death Cotton Crop Is 12,800,000 Bales. New Orleans, d J cc . 1.—Estimates ot the cotton crop place it at 12,800,0Q(J bales, exclusive of; linters, repack anct I similar additions. ; The crop has been •picked with, great j rapidity, but farm-^ F*ANAMA c a n a l dam b r o k e . afe inclined to hold the remain* ______ for better prices, j Disaster Threatened to Obliterate the [ — -------- j -------- ^ ---- Worlc Done at Gatuh. > Crash In River Tjunnel; None Hurt. Washington^ Dec. 1, — Confirmation I New York,^ Dep. 1. — A train of of the. report^ sinking of one of the ♦mpty cara in the tunnel from New — . . ^ 4-^ Hoboken ;s lished, but It seems certain xvtt ^/ ,.ua.y - the president was In Mme. Steinheil^s; room , ------------ vaults. . women here. It has already, supplant­ ed bridge whist. . . A Cancerous Operation i-, the removal of ibe appendix by a sur geon. No one w h o ’ takes Dr. King’s New Life Pills is ever sul jected to tlds fiightful ordeal. They work so quietly you don’t feel them. ^ They cure eonsli-, pation, headache, biliousness and ma­ laria. 25c at G. B. Woodri.fi’s drug store intimate comiDany when he ^ _______ in'hedt ANCIENT TOMB IN ILLINOIS.. of a slight attack ; of .^typhoid fever “VTi . w hen M. Faure w as jstricken has been Skel_eton* War* proved false! :East 29.^Bones he- Hid His Gold |ln a Ril* of .Corneoba, • Lebanon, Ind.- Nov. 29.—A t. fhelhome 8, an. excarvauon lor «. , . Df David Slayhack,^ A bachelor, fb&^3 ip ie, sk^^^ .walled^ up iV 'a dead, the neighbors discovered $2,(^:^ stohy:t^^ j feet high. Buried in gold lii loins had beeii tied up' li cftts had scattered them amohj 2obs., 1. :h.. Ther dams at Gatiin, in the Pacific division ^ork to Hoboken rsiid back mto an- .. axxvxui. X 1 . AU 1 tilP Panama canal, is contained in other train with about a dozen pas- are being pub- cash for the canal, zone Panama canal sengers. No one iwas injured. ertain now that has been taken from the ship s commission. steel cars stood the test well. - .A . and placed, in safety The catastrophe threatened to oblit- - ---- ^— ; ----------- erate ’^he work at this point and men­ aced a large number of workmen. The j Medicine that is Medicine. S 9 8 a- 5 )o^zal dam gave way, seuding .1 good .Ida. with ma- thouaanda of tons of stone and dirS stomach coinplaints, but I sliding^ dowm' the inclined surface of havo.jM)’'' foin.d a reinedy, that keeps iner the underlying rock.' This Is: Worth Reading. L«o F . ZpiinsVI. of 68 Gih<»on St., well, ;»nd that reniedv is Electric Bitterss a .niedK;!ne that is niediciii.e for stomach and liver troubles.and for run down con­ ditions ” says W. CJ Klestler, of. Halll- Bnffalo. N Y.J savs: ‘ 1 cured the nv st day. Ark. Eletitric iBitters puiify and annonng cold .sore I ever had, \with enrich the blond, tone up the . nerves, BhcWents Arnica Salve. I applied tliD^._a,id impart-.vigor And energy, to -he fto'l f fsi rLMoia O /lo t T ' #i\i* 'tw d \ </1ot*o I - I .; .' s- ^-..l l.w ! tl a -pile of corncobs. ^TilmHun(^biSli^n^ sflilye ouce a day foV two days. \yli;cn [.weak.- Yoiir timney wdlUbe Yefjmd' djlf neii tied up in paperi;®f every trace of the sore was 2 one.” He 8 l« it faii^to help you. 50catC. B. Wo^d- \ ‘ ^ J!\ ” circle about the ,ftll>A>ea : Hold/undergnarantee at C, B- 1 ,uff \5 drug store.' Woodruff's drug store. 25c,, i

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