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Rural times. (Otego, N.Y.) 18??-1937, January 27, 1904, Image 1

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y < a . , X X I L ;N e W S e ^ s , 1 9 0 4 R j j i m l / l M 0 e s . . T. b /^ ptoler ' , - / H- ' j. Editor u d ft^friotor. rVSX.ItUD '■▼BBT WXl»f'«S3>AT MOskn^* UT T* TIMES BLOCK, RIVER »TKEJrr,i ______ OTEGO, OTJ81GO CO., N. Y. | ©BTOTBB TO ; ‘ | LOCAL AND FA.MILT RIADING .. M r t i m , ..s' |1 iMTBSBST OF AGRICCTETIM AND jFA .t. . T h t O b I t Afrio«U«nU P bih 'I i* tko BooMd a J m mh\j Elrtriot > f moofo C— ty. j 'Tkrm JHontM*. KORE^ IN S o l d i e r s a n d ' ; P o l i c e W e a l t h y l)lativ e s . P l u n d e r AltEBIOAH GUAEDS' Q t J ^ MOT ..%V ,.. V ■ W h o l b N o . 1 1 7 3 . Floods cansi^'^ll^fhw melting - nrcstern 8everelr.:.many,@|gsa,.and aectlons ot. 21 ® S S S S T T S T iS ,|' 2 sasgs.i?. 2 : 22 i'S- 2 m 5 s^ ^ * .1 A ’ measures are/^ndiiig.’J,;f.:- j NOTES - See Jias received newA ____________ „ . 11^, srA K p S iiffiSss ill the gtate^Buti^t'^; nearly as much. At Pltto!,urg;_tli^;%as a heaVy iloss. ' w As a result of the ,ed heavy bpN d X E D «XP<lioate 0hto,.Unmiims;:?enn5ylyanta and k S l . ’v v .;: i A 'Blght.^t^ Thomas the neiahborhc The British foreign of­ fice has received newA ftc tMTCDccT massacre of a. n>* I t K t b T . British exp^ition un- ‘cea of ; the East Africa. . . Tiirkhana tribesmen in ; ppnPL p Bightn.= 'Rey, Thomas the neighborhood of Rudolf lake, east ., . ■ /. Africa. Several white men were mur- ilp l ^ p a i bishop’ The dered, b n t ^ details of the occurrence ;i,or,h e lt,,« lI o w |ng J a n : ^ , in honor of ^Ishop, markable cAreer:1*Jfc^»^t^ a 5 ? 5 s a s ? s i r ” \ '‘ ’ The sultan of Turkey has ordere<f lap !*“»? th a t general amnesly be granted to the and burning, homesteads over wide areaSi The German colonial troops In the d i s t u r b ^ , districts are wbolly .... ...... . ......... . m * : p i ^ » < ^ : . t h t e o o l d ^ ' .I „ : c h l 4 ^ ; r F E P E N I •• ■'•■ At i f^et Square. The building was a total , - and Macedonians who; Iwve Kilting of a Korean In Seoul on a Street ili^ a s at '. E ight men wiere lost In the wreck re'ro. iS e t t e W ^ ^ i W r i e h i * d in. j «*: the fohr^masted sohoofler Angusjus, ynearly-all o f iJ |% a * terh..and |mlddle I Hunt pff Westhampton, N. T., on Sat- states.; ilTmi - l ia ^ i & u t h as Washing- « r W morning.^ who were ■ ton .there w4re:^^8m£.erfttuB^k..,-: ,. ■ P» boar^. ,|vere , s a v ^ Through. the c i r t m i CootrolLd by United Stat«j I' Capitaliet. Cube., a S.riou. .Out J, i been imprisoned for participation . the disturbaneea of last summer. ^ Be- tore: giving effect to this decree, how- ‘ ■ trying to obtain as- ” ------- — uttitudo Capitaliste Serious eOut-i , ' xVAKJ,-^4 V>A1^ caaw : ^ w vaaxo va\^va -rwp p i p e \ Sbelby, O., Wednes-. ^bver, the porte is trying to bl • \ d a y ./the stock .ware-i surances regarding Bulgaria's RECp^D. . Rouses; iof; the , . .Steel Tube wmpany^^^ The Korean/emperor has appointed ,TTniyAi^>:ii3/afoi. R+ftov ;Aow5nri<f!nn were an entirely hew cabinet. Yi YungTk Jre ori j jg the new ministeir of war and also of Seoul, Jan. 25.—Korean soldiers and police lit •Pj’^engyan, disguised as rob- bers,^have looted all the wealthy na­ tive houses. • Foreignera are growing very uneasy over the condition of affaii's. •The na­ tives seemingly are apathetic. ’ . ' The -weather is extremely cold. An accident here yesterday on the j electric street railway, owned by Americans, resulted hi the killing, of a I Korean, and this led to rioting on the ■ p a T o£ the popula.ee. , • / / ' v\ .. V-Thr/ratline gtiard at |b(/Anierlc.aT»* ((jgaliouf however, ’Without having re­ course to firearms, suece.eded hi pre- TCiiUng the trhuble from' assuming se­ rious proportions. MINISTER ALLEN’S REPORT.' Mob Started by Killing |Of Native by itte k t lines t o - r e » %e;wreck. the .most powerful niah in Ko- He has/ordered 10,000 rifles throng] i, a French firm. Fire Chief .M n sim n /^ >pVepare.d by Fiye : Monroe, Fulkersbh^^^^^^^^ , _ „ ’ F t o f u l ^ S S ^ [her husband from j h i n l f i g , ! ^ ^ At Bloemfontein, Orange River Col- ’ idsm -is made k Thfetinilding depart- whom ,she i k s would take ;dhg; of the Sunday, at least sixty persons I m Z : h ^ tt^o iittS, A f r o m iier, as he,had rG ii9^.:at;?G ^ de- were drowned as a -result of the b u r ^ biiiiil’inir ordinailWaM^noted^^^^^''’ alrea^yTak^iib'fei: only Mrs. Frank {.strbyed. Thursday n ig h t/T h e r e were ihg of a reservoir, which also destioyed. C taken Elian f e f f l « 4 | t l # S p n d : ' k me,y:fe^^ - ; ^ action that \vill litr'fitt^ self in a Ne^. YpVk apartment Weanes- ’ mlto^^ The University of Berlin has confer-’ ' fn t S irnoinff n# flUy^ Mra. BK’aii T^as f^enty-dgbt yeUiis J TheToss ' ’ red the degree of doctor of philosophy, ■ S A i t f % 4 'm f e r e a , o W l d ^ . w e r e - f with the:greatest prai.e; on M i.i jn^ a g a a ^ e v e n 'i ^ a ^ g h L :', v ' . / ^ t P if MlV;pj. , f DetreiVM lch. (or her W o * i : ^ ] ± f blit ^ s c a iW, i the enabling act! imeufilcient time to do Wedn|esday. three people ,were killed, loss is estimated at $250,000. A tire-. 8e.eom business durihgt the remainder of this two fatally hurt] and ten seriously^ m- man lost bli life.• i seasob, and several of them declare .lured. The building was a two story Bay Mills, ' Mich.,, Fii( 1 that they have no intention of tiding to brick, having five busmens rooms on gtaiLod in one oJ . ■ . * f 1 reopen their dooW the .first fiour, the hotel occupying the factoii.es and spreaa tupihi., .-.'uii it I Thel body of, John Smithson, the.’ second, floor and! hpfing about thirty rejiclied .every fr.-tmy in town. The foundery-of the Smithsonian institution guests. total loss'-was ,‘>300.000. . American Line Trolley Car. ' at WashIngton, Uvhd died in Genoa, It- ' In .a fit Of angpr Everett B. Bourne, j Eighty-three head of high bred Here- V^ashimrtoii Tan ^ 5 -T h e state de- aly, In 182^, am v ed in Now York on a crippled railroad fireman of San An- cattle, valued at .$22,000, were ; r s . , r i r 2 s S r t f iiia . legislative council,' . ' ' ' fife Baroii-von..Mannlk;her, invoritor of the Mannlicher rifle, died/n Berlin on Wednesday. • • • \ X ™ ■this p u ^ , skooting bimspif because of tlie fact that it had killed a 1 Kore.an. , ' . ; ' | Although there have. been previous repoL^s of distnrbauc(*3 in Korea, this Is the first mob attack made thiisjfar ! on property of Americans. The rail­ road is owned and operated by A.meri- ‘ cans. H. II. Bostwick' of San Francis­ co and H. Collbran are its principal of- fleei*8. it runs through the heart of Se­ oul, the Korean capital. • The guard which made tlie rescue came from the American legation. It consists of 100 marines,-^dio were sent ,OUR Jg serious\ and exten- NEIGH|30R& sive. There have been three battles, all won' by the^ govern­ ment, the la^st one being on the 18th, The total h u m i^r of killed and,wound-^ M k ; S l k o r a n d Bulciae. | Mlha W . F l e t o h . , . .............. . ........................___,,. ............................. .^4.' T+«ivv.4J«,.'+n!a r,i,T.- nhnnfino-himself tbrough th© heait. ! gj, &; Co., in Cincinnati, O., used .as^a,i gfl .was about 500, The government ,„™ _ ___________ _ ______ - , ________ „ on Wednesday night and for compounding liquors. I forces were estimated, at 28,000 and the th'e United Stages; dispatch boat D o l-! five persons, we.re seriously hurt and .^^s burned on Tuesday. The loss is rebels, a t 7,000 to 9,000., The opinion is phin for intefme'nt.; | ten others, badly jbruised ^ and shocked ,^250,000. | that the insurrection will be suppressed John Beck, one . of the best knpwn in a runaway car on the Swi.ssvale and . mercantile establishment of Flor- ; in a mobth unless aidpd by near neigh- mining men of tftah and dnee owner of Bradc cck division of the Pittsburg rail- gjjce King & Co. and five -business j bprs. ' . . - . ' the Bullion. Rock, mine, is the head of ,way._ The accident occurred by reason h^jidirigs ill Marietta, Ga., were wiped The government troops of Santo Do- a coinpany thatlis forming to manufac- of icy tracks. ! , out Wednesday night; loss, $190,000. j mingo have signally defeat^ the insur- turia rubber from !a weed that grows j Three people were killed, two fatally j plant of the Pittsburg., P late geiits under General Jirainez, and Unit­ in that sta'te and Idaho. | Beck is the [ h u rt dnd ten seriously injured by an • d ^ s s company, .4J;2-452 Wabash „ave- j ed States Mifiister Powell has recoghiz- discoverer. For two years he has been explosion in the Seitz hotel a t Marion, Chicago, • was destroyed ' Friday 1 ed the provisional government of Gen- --------- , on Thursday night . - 1 -------- -- i • •• there some time ago to be on band for j a t W’lnnemuccal Nev., have unco the protection of . Americans and their ' a t a depth of about twelve feet a conducting experinients until satjsfied • iqo ., that I his discovery is of commercial' value, I . Workmen e n g a g ^ / n digging gravel L ------- iccat Nev., 1 uncovered The senate committee ---------- , , ^ v- DOINGS- OF privi-1-ges and elec- - Huron, Mich.,^ the total loss being .about , ly lost t CONGRESS. tions 'lS s determined' WOOO.' . | j ti,-where. night; loss, $d 000. r • r ! eral,Morales as the de facto government Several buildings were destroyed on | of Santo Domingo. The cause of Gen- Tuesday in the business portion of . P o r t ,,eral Jimihez now seems to be complete- COlJiGRESS. fippy ij 5. s determined the protection of . Americans and their ; a t a depth of about twelve feet a num- on Tiivesti^ktion into the i In Boston,. T u^day,' the fobr story -taken refuge, j/roperty. - The re-enforcemeht of this . her of bones th a t once were i>arts of to em p upop . ^ warehonse.of II. P. Garrity & Co. ' ' ’ -------------- - - i the skeleton of a gigantic human being.. char«ps maaeci^aiiist cieu ^ was destroyed. The loss is $75,000.. His last retreat is Monte Cris- he is now thought to have Kuard has been urged and cpuld be | t t e skeleton of f glgauUc'humai being.., i * S i « i S : | W am pure food bill on a rising vote to 68, its opponents being unable n touch with' the situation.- 1 ** ...v/j vx x.,v., u.xixv.v4. vrj ip 55 tructious have been sent ‘ pot dog and then .^lent a number of No fresh as yet as a result of the mob's attack. The Korean legation has roceLved no ' baby hours in her loh|ely. house caring for her , advices concerning tlie matter. Texas Dry Goods Store Burned. -IN THE FIELD QF LABOR. world is indicated by made public by the stafe^ bureau t r®,v./h n f oilouv a't S h k h , 1 b \ ‘ T t t ! tbe chU,t manufacturing-i.Muatry' . ; •A ,fire in Dawson has caused great consternation. The thermometer was 35' decrees below zero, and wafer was flirown oil the fire with diflBculty. The That France will have lu-emeii’s clothes were covered .with ice. to hustle if .she is to re^ ^f^er two‘ hours’ work the fire was con- main the center, of the trolled. The loss, was $ 105 , 060 : • ^ silk mdnsby of tlie . - .connected with the con- report 311 st /.pii-acy’beaded by General Monplaisir 4.1 4 . • 4 -v, to start a revolt again.st President Nbrd tistics, which shows that m the- brief condemned to death, by a .period of sixty years the weaving of- tnbunal and executed in the ! tlie delicate and castly fabric has be- _ 4 ,'.. ...., 4 . =• isigfsl; i l l i s i l i f s i f “ ^ ,'”T \ - \ / m ; s ; f -at Shiloh. .ot^goons T h e -losi-^s 100,000. , There was expended duriilg the lastnf sjneh misbrand-1 ' ^ ___ ____ Germans . Break African Siege. defines w h a t nghments, ropi'eseiiting an' aggregate ' . Swakopmnnd, Germ an- Southwest adulterations or m is-; -j^ 24 , 872 . 624 .: The arm y of Africa', Jah. 2o.—Lioiitepant ^yelow s schobls ;of,New York state, acoordiu.g to. a statoraent just issued by the state sum !of. $41,418.00(), an iiicre./e «d 049,078 over the pree.fdip'g yesir. \ Sour Lake, Tex., Suffers, Fire oil'Sunday arienioon destroyeci six block.s of frame l)usiiies>? houses a.t’ ofublic p Hnslrnotion.- the Sour Lake and got into the Cannon ; tract riu the off fields, doiii.g considera-1 ble damage. The loss is placed at .$200,-1 000 . ' ' Wonderful Nerve Is dlsplaye.d by mah^’^a man enduring pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds, Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Sore Feet or stiff joints But tliere’s no need for it. Bucklen's Arnica Salve will kill ih6 pain and cure the trouble. It's the best Salve on earth for Piles, too. 25c At C. B. Woodruff’s. Druggist. ^ * the mills com- year inithe matnt..-n,moe ot the public, I ^ ..auUerate,! a.tiolos, I Clty..,Kan.. Tnoedny, fifty xr^«T A .-lY’Ir of-ofo nr»r»Ai*i H M \ ^ force of 120 men, which, as announced ' Jan. 10, appeb'Cd.to be in a dangercius position ,near:AValdau; has fought its no vliluo was charged by Mr. Hemon- Avay lo'f Indiaua during tlie-discussion and about a hundred members of the . - I . . X, Structural Ironworkers’ union engaged of^tho ai-m.v appropriation bill m the ^ pitched Jja t t k Thirty, revolver’ stroyed, j iioiise on Siilurrtiiy. A breezy d i s c u . s - n - e r e ' l i r e d , hundreds o£ briofcV: ■ Sion ensued over this asstirtioii and ------------- ---------------------------------------- handja and has joined' the gamson. Avhicli occupies a - strong position. .About twenty-five miles of the rail­ road arc reported to have been de- On'iiig to the defalcation of its ca.sh- ier,-'boorgo A. Rose, iii the sum of $170,bop ibo P:-o(]uce Exchange Bank- | criticism of the expenditure of money ing company pf Cleveland. G., closed 1 py department in the Langley air- its doors on Friday. The defnlcation is more than the pJid in capital' and sur­ plus 'combined. Seven thoiisa nd .aCTOS of land situat- ship. experiments. ' The senate-ill exeentive session has confirmed .the following hominations: Fleming D. CheJihire of NetV York, con-. . 'J-' __ 1 ed in Washington county, Ala.', thirty-[ g^j geheral at' Mukden, China; Edwin five imiles from M'obile, on the main | y j^lorgan of ' New York, consul at line 'of the Southern railroad, has been D'aijjy, china, and James W. David- ' I ' , ■ ’ “ ■ Domestic troubles. Children Poisoned- it I is. exceptional, 'to find a lamily ^ ilany children are poisoned and made whef.e there are nb domestic ruptures neivons ann weak, if not killed owu occasionally, blit these can be lessened ;iighi., by mothers giving^ them cough by having D r .-King’s, New Life Pills ! sy,rups coniainiug opiates^ Folev’a around. 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