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fc\' A r* c •t I ?K. Ministers Should Use Dr. Miles'Heart Cure, Geneva Daily limes Published every day except Sunday at Nester Block. 437 and 430 Exchange Street, T HESE 18 NO PEOFESSION, whose labors so severely tax the nervous sy s- tem, as that of the mln lstry. The de- rangement of tho nerve centers of tho brain by over work, frequently brings on attacks of heart trouble, and nervous prostration. Rev. J. P. Kester, M. D., Pastor O. B. church, hondon Mills, Ills., himself a physi- cian, writes Fob. 26,1895: \Heart affection and nervous prostration had become so serious last fall that a little over work In the pulpit would so completely prostrate mo TVJ. MIIAC' that it seemed certain I If I • AUUCa must relinquish tho work HCAft Clire of the « nlnlstr y entirely. , Heart palpitation became ReStOreS so bad that my auditors WAilth would ask me if 1 did not XlCaIlll*«»*» have heart disease, iast November I commenced taking Dr. Miles' New Heart Pure alternately with Dr. Miles' Nervine and derived tho greatest possible benefit. I have just closed revival work of 10 tfoeks, preaching nearly every night and twice oh the Sabbath. I can speak for hours without suffering as I formerly did. Hard working ministers should koep Dr. Miles' grand remedies on hand.\ Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is soli} on guarantee, first bottle will benofitor money refunded. Bi_Kirkwood COXE & GLOVER. Props. \\XeXl^m, QBHBYA, N. Y. Kates *2.00 and «.50 por;day. FSAHHLIHHOUSH AT GEHEVA, S. Y. & COON Ji ro £ r ! et - 0 P Special Attention blvrnto Banquet* and Annuals Dintiera, -<z —ooo- ELECTIC LIGHTED, STEAM HEATED RATES $2.00 to $2.50 Address all Communications to GENEVA DAILY TIMES, tUCNKVA N. Y. LU«U.I*1STAKCE TBI.EPUONK SO JI. II .JKU. DHiLOB, Editor and Pabll»)ier, Eli08fl.8AI,ISI)linT, City Kdltor\ Subscription Price- IN AKVANCK. 'ne vear *6.00 %'x Mouths !.6fl I'nrco iionllis 1.20 20 per cent will bo lidded to aljovo prices If not paid m advance. | il'er week by canto, 10 cents. [entered at second clans mailer in the fast office at Urneva, If. Y: GENEVA, DECEMBER 12th, 1895. 1 l » 111 1 i i .. J .. GOOD EVENING TRY\ THE NEW City Meat Market FOR ALL KINDS OF Fresh & Salt Meats Pricei are WAY DOWN and the Quality of Meat WAT VP. M F. CONNOLLY, 358 Exchange St. GENEVA ADVERTISING. It may be said, with every show of reason, that the best interests of Gene- va are lost sight of by the business men of the place, owing to the fact that they, with a few exceptions who are practically doing the advertising for the whole town, do not act upon the right methods and principles of news- paper advertising. Accordingly their businesses and the interests of the town are made to suffer. There are at least a dozen business hout68 m Genera whoso advertising space, in every newspaper, published in the town, should not be less than one fourth of a page every issue. Their ad- vertisements now are very meaner. What would the additional space mean 't Simply more business. Much advertis- ing would attract to it the little world of which it is the center. Instead of doing this many of our business men seem to be at a standstill, Micawber- like waiting for business to come to them of its own accord. At the same time her more fortunate neighbors, Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo, are taking the business that would other- wise come to Geneva. To illustrate, take the advertisements of Messrs. McKenzle, Ryan & Storms and of the Durklu Brothers now run- ning in the TIMES. These announce- ments not only pay the advertisers big return, as they admit, but also attract business to other houses. Thus it hap- pens that a house that places its wares before tho people in telling terms, not only sells its own goods, but brings trade to other merchants. Hence the reason, we say, that tho adyortisinir of Geneva and its business enterprises is done by a comparatively few. Geneva is s o situated that it would draw by far the greater part of the trade from; an area occupied by f>(),000 people, if each of her merchants wen* disposed to attract the attention of this people and make known his particular 1 nducemeutsto trade. Why isn't this done? Printer's luk will do this if judiciously used. The general prospects of businessfor 18SH3 are good. Why shall not Geneva share in the improvement? Why will not every Great Black Diamond Sale Now going on at R. J. Roger Lumber and Coal Yard. Leave orders at our <>flieo,40 Castle St., for Maple Hill :4fes merchant put bis shoulder to'the wheel by placing as large An advertisement In every paper published In Gtneva as he can afford for one year. , ThU done, it is morally certain that the volume of business transacted by Gener* mer- chants will be doubled during the yean What is the matter with Geneva busi- ness men? jLet them answer. In any partition of Turks likely to be made Russia would get, Armenia and Euglaul would get Egypt ont anb out A PHILADELPHIA paper calls atten tion to the fact that pigs are an issue in politics in that city now Bat plge are always in politic*? everywhere. THE republican national committee has decided to hold the national eon- ventjon in tit. Louis on June 16th,when one of the many candidate* for prssi. dent will be put in nomination. TUEBE was a full ineon on the 3d of this mouth, and there will be another one on the 31st. It will be the first time there have been two full moons since the month in which Christ was born, 1,£96 years ago. KICHAKD BARDINK DAVIS, writing in Harper's Magazine of the boudary dis- pute between British Guiana and Vene- zuela, says, \If England succeed?, it means a loss to Venzeuela of territory as large as the state of New York and the richest goldfields in South Ameri- ca.\ IT is hard for brave young men, burning with a desire for adventure and distinction, sympathizing with re- publican government the world ever, to keep from running across to Cuba and offering their services to the patriot army. CHARLES A. DHNA speaks these elo- quent words of the Cuban martyr, Jose Marti: It was one of the pieces of great good fortune that have marked a career not short that I knew Jose Marti, I knew him intimately; he worked with me side by Bide; I gather inspiration from the ideas that flashed forever from bis unquenchable soul. He was a nian of genius; he was a man of con- viction; he was a man whose sympa- thies went oyer the whole raange of hu- manity and sought for all what he sought tor.himself—liberty and full op- portunities of life. No man perishes who follows ideas such as he followed.' One or Field's Frank*. A story that has been written about Field concerns the trick he played on two oar loads of Kansas City merchants who went away one time on an excur- sion. Each car was to g o by a different route, and the oars separated at a n early hour in the morning when everybody was asleep, except Gone Field, who was along to write up the trip. Just before tho oars parted company he carried all the shoes from one sleeper into the other and carefully exchanged them. Then he funk the shoes from the sleeper that had a double supply and carried them into the sleeper where nobody had any shoes. The next morning there waB a blue Btreak two ways across Kansas. Every man in both eleopers was miles and miles away from his own shoes. Man wants out nttle here Deiow, ami gcm-mily Rfts less. Rdf-sacrlflop is many a woman'* most fatal weakness. i n ' •'( .WiiliJ.11 . \ V j 1 - _;' _ -;r r rr-i j ~ t.\ i 11 \ • ' ' ,\' . r- ' • i .'• . ' ODDAWDiirtiiiisnifa. r A nobie.pert of ever}* true life is t o learn to undo what ha» been wrongly done. Wie' Japanese carpenter can hold a plank with His toes, and draw his plane toward him. A, milt has been started in the Irish peat district for the manufacture pi antiseptic wool from peat. A duck having four wings, two tails, and four legs was recently shot by a hunter off the coast of Maine, French officers, who have been in« specting- the fire departments in this country, consider them better than they have in their own. country. Some people can neither stir hand nor foot without malting it clear that they ar6 thinking of themselves, and laying little traps for approbation. An Eng'llah mathematician figures that the sun will consume Itself and all living creatures belonging to the solar system in ten million years. Cuba has twelve varieties of mosqui- toes and they make it interesting to the Spanish troops. The different va- rieties have different hours for service California raisins and dried figs defy rammer criticism on fresh grapes and the few fresh purple flgs which occa- sionally stray Into Boston across the continent. Providence is quite a city now In point of population, as it contains 145,« 472 inhabitants, as compared with 118,- 070 In 1885. The city has 70,038 males and 75,43* females. It is said that in the future firemen's clothes in England will be made of as- bestos or mineral wood. It is non-com- bustible; a non-conductor of heat, and is in no way Injured by water. The sheets of steel for pen-making are, in their original condition, eight feet long,and three, -feet wide. From this strips are cut wide enough to per- mit of the'cutting of three or four pens. The laundry of a great hotel is of eon slderable importance to the manage- ment; for itis In thts department above all others that the value of machinery makes itself felt in reducing the cost of labor. The most interesting student in the University of Kansas is Martin Van Buren Stevens, who la seventy years old. He expects to be graduated In the spring, after which he will take up the profession of law. That the fore farthers wore the tooth- pick shoe is evidenced by a last in the possession of a Burlington, Vt, men, which is so pointed In shape that the most extreme style of the prevailing toothpick shoe could be made on it, and yet i t is ninety-nine years old. Furniture Upholstered and Repaired* Shuttleworth's, 2SG Genesee* St. THE ELECTRIC CARS Are Now Running to Cayuga Lake Park. See the Display *Of Meats in the Window at Wilken's.Meat Market. RAILROAD AND BUSINESS NOTES. An order for 10,000 tons of steel ra.'ls was placed with the Pennsylvania Sted Company recently. Locomotive builders have been ask'd for bids on twelve new locomotives for the Nickel Plate. The gross earnings of the St Pa'd Bystem for the second week in Novem- ber were $852,569, an Increase of $28S,- 159 over last year. About the only evil result of the late attempted strike on the Great Northe n was that \over one hundred men in good positions lost their Jobs\ and are now Idle. But the bosses who got then Into the muddle still draw their fat salaries. As one result of the flour war amoi g Northwestern'mills, one jobbing house estimates an Increase of 900 per cei t. in Its flour business. Such a volume of business as has been during the thr^e or four days since the-cutting began is not expected to continue. The Pittsburg and Eastern Railroi'd Company has recently placed its ord»?r with the Schenectady Locomotive Works for a number of large consoli- dation freight locomotives, two of which are for delivery this year, and tl s others next year. The grading ar 1 bridge superconstructlon is near y ready for track laying for fifteen mil* •», and a branch from Burnside to Span- gler is under construction. This w 11 add a large output of coal tonnage, an d coal car equipment for this traffic muut be provided. According 'to an authority 1,0TO changes have been made on rallwa/s during the past three months. The o f- flcers changed were: Treasurers, 15:5; general counsels and man of the boa» d, 2; presidents, 98; vice-presidents, 88; re- ceivers, 26; chair attorneys, 24; general managers, 43; general superintendents, 17; superintendents, 78; purchasing agents and storekeepers, 28; chief engi- neers and resident engineers, 45; engi- neers maintenance of way, 8; superin- tendent, signal and telegraph, 11; su- perintendents of bridges and buildings, 9; superintendents of motive power, 8; master mechanics, 57; master car build- ers, 16; roadmasters, 101; general fore- man and foremen, 62; other position* not specified above, 219. ia.Castlft Street, Has Removed After November 1st, the Tailoring Establishment of GEORGE HARPER, will he found over the Bos- ton Shoe Store on Exchange Street, where he will be pleased to welcome all his patrons. Call on him over the Boston Shoe Store, Harper, The Tailor,. DO YOU WANT ANY ENVELOPES ? IF SO, You can jcet tho host printed at THE TIMES office CHEAPER than any place in the world, in lots ranging frora 500to 500*000, TRTDS Lace and Button! Have You Seen Our Line of j CLOTH TOP SHOES ? Berlin and Ladlode Toe. 47 Scncoa St. tioxt door to C.;». KxpitM Co. NOTICE PERSONS wishing to pur- chase PIANOS will hear of something to their advant- age by calling on JOHN J. POLE. CASTLE ST., Music Dealer. Come and see the grandest bargains over offered. I don't ask roil to buy. Furnishing Goods aud Christ- niiig Goods. E. E. RUNYAN, 4U1S Bxohang«5St-,G«n«ra, K. Y. • WOMAN'S WORLD. Dr. Lillian Hamilton, an English- woman, has been appointed chief phy- sician to the Emir of Afghanistan. There are now twenty-flve women in Chicago who are practicing lawyers, and fifteen more will soon be admitted to the bar. Eighteen American women bear the title of princess in Italy, Russia and other continental countries where prin- cesses are plentiful. Mrs. Ballington Booth, of the Salva- tion Army, has Just completed a trip across the continent In an engine cab* It is the first time on record that a wo- man has made such a Journey. For the first time in the liistory of Japan women are now allowed to ap- pear upon the stage. The Empress is at thf head of the movement. Ancient and modern works are being translated and studied. Maria Christina of Savoy, daughter of King Victor Emanuel I. and f.rst wife of Ferdinand II. of the Two Sicil ies, by whom she became the mother of the ex-King Francis, who died last December, is soon.to be beautified by the Pone. We are now in our New Quarters, And ready to serve our customers with everything in the line of Fruits, Natf, Taflfoy. Salt Peanttti and everything to be had in a first class FRUIT and NUT STORK, Our Prlcasara Right, SiveUsi Call at 394 Exchange St. ANNIE MADIO, PROP. ANo»elXo»eHoBi»nce. • Here's a curious story of love and courtship. It comes by way of the Athens, Ga.j News. About two years ago a young gentleman of this city, while in Savannah, got Into a street car with a very heavy umbrella under ills arm. Like a great many other care, less people, he held It at a. dangerous angle, with the point sticking.out be- hind him, and ere, long the car gave a lurch and o, lady JUst behind him emitted an ear-splitting scream. Every. body jumped ana looked, and to his hor- ror the young man found that the point of his umbrella, had come in contact with the nose of the young lady seated Just behind him. Of course, he apolo- gized, or tried, but it was like apologia. Ing for murder over the body of the victim, for the lady's nose was bleeding and she was almost in convulsions witn pain. The car was stopped at the next car? ner where there happ?».'d to he a drug store, and the young man, aided and abetted by one or two elderly ladles, who at once took a Hvely interest In the case, helped the young lady off and into the store, and posted off haste af- ter a doctor. One \was found, and the unlucky nose was soon put in working order, and the owner, attended by the married ladles, was sent home In a car.. rlage. The young man took her address and hunted up a mutual acquaintance, with whom he called the next day to see how the nose was g« ttlng along. The nose did well, so did the young man, for by the time the nose was oufo of danger he had got in the habit of call- ing so that it became natural for him to step around in the evening. So, in the course of time, they were married, and she is the only lady In the United States whose courtship began by a punch In the nose from her future hus- band. She Tricked the Burglar. \Take him all around, the burglar has as muoh human nature in him a s the average man. It cuts the professional to the quick to be called a sneak thief. There are just three things he will run from—a hysterical woman, a small dog and a revolver. If a burglar gets into your house remember that discretion is the better part of valor. Sometimes diplomacy is better than either. \So far a woman carried the blue rib- bon on diplomacy. The lady, hearing some one in the dining-ronm, thought it was her husband, and slipped down to pour a glass for him. She confronted a burglar, who was making a vigorous search of the sideboard. She stepped to a closet and brought out a heavy basket saying: 'Here is the silver. Now do go awaj, rry good man, because I hear my husband at the front door and he carries a pistol. 1 \The burglar tied with the basket and the lady fainted. When her husband revived her she told the tale and ex- plained that the basket contained an immense maltese cat that slept in it. She fainted again for the possibV? fate of pussy. The next morning the eat scratched at the basement door. .It looked no worse for the adventure, and it bore a note tied around its neck which conveyed the compliments* and admiration of her victim—the burglar.\ —Chicago Times-Herald. LEGAL? T HE BEOPLB OF THE SrATlToF ^EW YOEK.—By the graco of God free and inde- pendent. To William E. Price, next oi kin, heir at law ana person interested in the estate of William Price, late of tho Village of Geneva, in the Coun- ty of Ontario, deceased, Greeting: You are heroby cited and required to appear before the Surrogate of our County of Ontario in tho Surrogate's Court to be held at the Trustees Booms In the Village of Geneva on the 10th day of December 1W& at 10 o'clock in the foronoon of that day, then and there to attend the Judicial Settlement of the accounts of Henry J. Price Administrator of tho Estate of said deceased. In Testimony Whereof, we have caused the seal of the Surrogate's Court of tho County of Ontario to be (L. 8.) hereto affixed. Witness D. G. Lapbam, Surrogate of said County at Canandalguo, N. Y., the Mat day of October, ISflC. O. G. LAPHAM, •-T.8-W Surrogate. Handsomest lot i n the city. Buy tho best Teas, Coffees and Spices. We sell China- ware as cheap as the cheap- est. Call and Get Some. CHAS. T. BELL Castle Street, Geneva, N. V, E. J. BR0DERICK, ^.,„, fa the Leader He is also showing theflnest line of JA'll-Wool Underwear at $1.50 and $2.00 a Suit that can be found in Geneva Cheapest Place To buy your Holiday Gifts. A full line of Watches, Diamonds, and all novelties, at No. 356 Exchange Street. ROCHESTER Steam Laundry Ladies'Waists, 13c and 16c Collars, r - - - - 2d Cufla, per pair, - - - 4c Shirts, - - -.- lite MWork Guaranteed . STEVENSON'S SfYH?, ^ \ ; r L -r- f W« VH HO Here Epigram fmm* <* ***»• toehniit In SUpx—loa. < . . - : • Brilliant as were 8tevenKpn»B pm¥$ of thought and word, he yri» ^pj,^pik gram turner, no pyrotechnist in idwor expression. A clear and .coherent trjao ; of thought rung through hia most -apiufo kling chapters j in its eindJdaMojn «*£*>: phrase plays an indispensable role, and the garment of styl^ nta tti». $iffigW& closely that, although each sentence ;$! in itself » work of art, aim 4«stafor itself, but all for the sake of th^jjenw- al effeot of the whole. ' Singularly excellent is tbii whole aa m medium for the transference pi thought; impeccably lupid *«nd,limpid, translating all shades of peroeption, sensation and emotion with snoh ease and preoieenesH that the reader scarcely remembers he is absorbing the thought) of anpther. Bu> even tbii rare BaeSri| does not necessarily imply great charm of style. To achieve the highest kind of charm, of beauty, the ear inust.be m-, phanted while the mind is definitely and delicately led. If you do not possess an ear for the mnsio of prose (which has nothing at all to do with 4;he ear for music proper and is different even from an ear for Verse, and a good deal less common), no one can make yon understand the ex- traordinary beauty of Stevenson's work But if yon do possess this organ yon will rate him, as an artist, at least as high as any poet. The essentials of good poetio form, with its organized mess- are and accentuation and often its de- termined rhymes, are symmetry and balance, diversified uniformity, varied repetition, echoing assonance and reso- nance. The essentials of good prose form are a graceful symmetry, a 'discreet avoidance of actual in favor of suggest ed balance, harmony in perpetual diver- sity, no obvious repetitions or echoing* and yet in every phrase a recognition pf the form and oolor of all accompanying phrases. - Thus a more subtle, if not a higher technical sense, goes to the mak 1 \ ing of very good prose than of even very good poetry; there are n o t ormulOB or rules to give assurance or warning, no signal cries determined upon in advanoe and thereafter loudly audible as helpers of a doubting ear,—\Bobert Louis Ste- venson and His Writings,\ by Mrs. M Q, Van Rensselaer, in Century. Subscribe for th« Daily TIMES. Its columns are full of live news. /^iftwa^^^r.-:\ [tte M hoc tin them *r»^M9^!^«?|^eatiitaUoi BUtoi»in^ryw»]^y» n d» nlnd0 p^ d 2* ' An wfcrprlilBg.llnliii^tui' *' »ndprp}eq^ho<^t«i,r,. \^ R^*A?iffAii^B^jnTruMe»,et« T r «ud in all agea. Kadlcal cures mneiiii^l! cure^Ofl^tig^s^^^^\! nev».W, J.,- :mmm™fa™&™ l, ' i *i% U ^%;,'\ d, ! ,l *^»n^oio'r at law , neW^T?*V° WM ^ S< * 1 » No. 4 SenecT^ \ Jtecelv lunth the bar Corn near N sensor Uas. W Tho iT^tMM^m^^^A Nothing Too Good for Christmas. SOME OF OUR pi^^ Chri 8 tm B i l £v Ve A 0 - be ,^ e V ^ th W ^ thep^son yoa^Hih to mtkeatp Miristmas day. It is only necessary to look throuih/ou* stock tfeifflndsfc* some and appropriate gift for persons of: any• 2§flwKmlttciluS ever else you miss don't fail to'«ecTour ^bf»dtffu\d»w2y fl%W»Ou? to be careful aud economical i n your purchase you have ohWm : s5k4o/ On The Popular 30 SENECA STREET, -Gfcpeva, M\. D* CreMffri :IS SELLING Whipped Cream Baking Pwder. Baling Poider y 3oc. Oleine Soap Powder, 0c. One Pound Best Coffee in Masor Quart Jars, 2oo. Or, Coffee in pails, extra flnft. 25c And so many other things in the Grocery Line and prices so cheap that it would take columns to enu- merate. BUT SHE D. CREePON T8W 111 C«t>itol *I50,000 Snrpliu S75,000 SafeBeposfti^artflont ,9 a I •?«*» *ufl)i6t-iVx%ioiit:i« imm ' „ eafeforrent %Cdr tauttlfflBrea to I are^dollarai'per iWK*jrafe-ttais cwh - vftverr.slIgKUxpeiu*:;. • R «3»pD'Sif*i;OT-\ikitlie»BSI .Withu^*lw»y,mooc««iulAto ft* < buslMMiioura. . - C ^tTPpSr BOOMS for tk* 1 «• 1* * m patron*. . . ' ' A^Qttivat PSlVAdTanured to **. a«fo«, - »\.-.^-. • \ P BBSONS WtA-VtSU* TtfBIR HOIIM i cantfor [w-'feyrrtifm or\**** -will eof their interest andooutfort by ilorfitJ 'v*lual)ieip.*r£thiii».i':-.;•'' Ttt* OHBAllKsi^iStJK'ilfrO* **f i I tueprotacUon'ofparopertr. : U. (9. BAKDrOBD / ill Kinds i# of •- Try a pi pi I bun tail to 1 of Flow F Our prices ai 1 40 JucccMort GET PAR NO. NEW P] stc Every day from now iW ^i»v^-dj^f»Wr^w<«|ii ««•:» yotu-ad^dr^ on « portal owe- *t? £ MWfr *!> >,^!»3ilr.^'!*Wi#^?* ? J? i[ !?J!!! mimmm\$& r ? ; '\ TIMB»TOUcan rtmlt Vt, wn» Is the price to petph ^iyinf ;f^it^#l*yiM« Geneva, as w« cannot delif#*jfr'fcjf ••$&$** <** for less; -* *=*= UttTOI

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