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r \W5*'^t T^ip^pfe^^fv'*. 1 •• -JPPSiPiP^lw\ 1 ''\ 'V™ ';'-• •*••*,™!i ! eP!|^^ *fc0.w^!-ppil'$.iw ••' -\•**\.» , J 'jT|fs GENEVA DAILY :'TJ$08, : ;3ffiDAYi «i<i ME, I1T18S Published every day except Sunday at 61 and S3 Seneca Street. Address all Communications to GENEVA DAILY TIMES, I. JEB. DILLON, Editor and Publlnhor, »^^ C3-H1NE3VA, N. Y. BSIlWltO WSTAKCE TELEPHONE NO 77. Subscription Price. IN A4J VANCE. or one with a deficieucy of gray matter In his cerebrum can understand, that there is no logical ground of compari- son betwee n th e DAILY TIMES an d it s weekly contemporaries. I t stands for itself, its patrons and its readers, to all of rhoni it extends its most dlstiiijjusih- ed compliments o n this anniversary day. S$PPK- one vew.__. r '\- u \\\ Sis Mouths.. litK\ gfe' lit. Ills-- Pf#\-v if' lilt »•: ift' Kfi'j,ii ]t . r • ; W0; I ?f fe lltlv I?i blffe J» Hi *#&* f| 4 $6.00 2.60 Jriree; Months 1.26 20 percent will bo added to above prices 11 not paid in advance. for week by carrier. 10 corns. Hntcred as second class matter in the J\)st Office at Geneva, N. Y. Distinguishing Features of Geneva. Three banhs, Six social clubs. Nine public balls.; A board of trade. Six lire companies. & lee trie surface railway, i'lireoox proas companies. Klcctnc terminal railroad. 1,400 acres ol nursery grounds. Ten churches and throe chi.pols. A bno of steamers on Seneca lake. Twolvo newspapers and periodicals. Six steam railroads and two- stacona. Twenty-nine incorporated cuinpanios. Tt»e Smith Astronomical Olmervulory. A population of about ten thousand. Dancing acnaoiny and school of music. Beautiful residences and pleasant streets. The h.ndsouicst opeia bouse in the stale. The slate agricultural experiment station. The two best mineral springs in the world. ONK DAIJ.Y NKWSPAPEK-THE TIMES. Communication by Seneca and Cn> uga cunul. Twoiily-four hi-nellc-iaiy and Mcret societies. A 6tipeib Y. M. C- A. building and equipment. blntu military eon-pa., y and uu independent bat cry. An eiitcim-ising, intellcctus> ami progressive population. Light OCIIOOIB, ivto business colleges, mclud- inx llobarl college. Giumluimy post, Woman's Kehef torps.and Union Veterans' union. Au excellent vtatcr svnem, nnd both gas and electric lighting plants. Home for old lad'os, church Home hospital, and projected hospital. Its peoplo welcome now comers and are will- ing toailvanco now industries. FRUIT AS A MEDICINE. Dr.Harty Benjafield says that if people try to live ou such things a s bread, meat, eggs, rice, eoc-oa an d oat meal, without the addition of fruit, or fresn vegetables, especially th e fruit, In a little while they will become lanuuld and leaden faoed and \Ulo in a lo w months at the lonsreBt.\ JUe says, too, that If w e would keep ourselves and our children with clear skins, brignt intel- lects, good digestion, rich colored, heal- thy blood and stieiiRth fo r work w e must regularly take fruit and vegetables since they are more necessary for the support of good health than any other articles of diet. The acids and pectones in fruits assist in digesting the fats ot moats. Tliat is why people naturally take to eallngap- ple sauce with roast pig. Girl- with mis- erable, pallid complexions outiht to eat a quart of strawberries or several ban- anas every day,says Dr.Bejij tlloKl. Ban- anas contain- much iron. Then there is the lemon juice cure for trout and i heu- matistu. el rapes and other fruits eaten plentifully are also effective for the cure of gout and rheumatism. In the matter of canned fruits ihe docior thinks that they should be seald up only In glass bottles, as the fruit acids are upt t o eat into the tinware and become poisonous. He U further of opinion that millions of dollars now spent on medicines for tor- phi dige«tlvc organs could be saved If people at e fruit habitually. Fruit Is a very easy mulioino to tuke anyhow, and it is plentiful this year. Justice Duuham, of Manchester, re- cently lined two Lehigh Valley employ- ees $15.40 fo r stealing fruit In that vilr lage. A social dancing party was held a t the residence of Mrs. Frank Barber ou Tuesday evening. Elliott- Beach fu»- nlehed th e music for the occasion, Fred T . Deyoe and wife went to New York city on Tuesday, and from there will return to their home in Sauta Ana, Cal. George Barry has returned to Geneva, where lie is employed iu VV. D. Mern- aru'g clothing store. Married.—In Uypsum, on Wednesday' Sept. 85, 18U5, at the home of the bride, by the Kev. R. L). Fish, Milton 0. Phil- loy to Miss Gertie Becker. OEISJNI30IVIS\ ATTRACTIONS Wo'have not only tine goods i n s-ook, but desirable goods. Yo u ian only foym avague idea from reading our advertisements. You will find many an article in thia store you had not tnougbt of. Our variety this season is away beyond any of our previous tfforts. Tne very latest productions of fine foot wear, grandly displayed in quality, stvle and elegance. - - - Mason & Hamlin PIANOS. BROWN & SIMPSON PIAN0S - Mason & Hamlin Organs; Worcester Organs. For Sale By JOHN J. POLE, Castle St. . KrX tsHEB.v n v; wm i\-*- M. DENIMISON & SON, Introducers of Footwear Novelties. CORRESPONDENCE. GENEVA, SEPTEMBER 27th, 1895 GOOD EVENING ANNIVERSARY TO-DAY. THB TIME* to-day his reached another mile-stouo. Me.tsured b y th e Standard of Its Geneva contemporaries it is two years old, am i Is o-bl-j t o write on Its title page the figures 101, accord- ingly i t rejoices in th e celehratiou of its second anniversary. During the period of it s existence 104 separate papers have been issued, or as untily as mtke their appearance from any o t th e oftiees In Geneva in two whole years. Let us se e what this moins! All th e local news, together with telegnpliic and general matter, has been served to the public 104 times, each da y th e Ge - neva news averaging about live columns. That would make 520 col- umns of pure local matter, u p t o date in point of time, and fresh and crisp in Character. These Issues have, there- fore, boon delivered to subscribers dui- Ing that period for $1.70 each, or at th e rate of 85 cents on the basis of a weekly newspaper. I n other words th e sub- scribers o f weekly papers pa y $3 00 each to the publisher o f either th e U<i- zette or the Advertiser for the same ser- vice that costs through th e DAILY TIMES ouly $1.70; and by reason of th e combination existing be; ween th e Courier au d (h e Review, subscribers pay $4.50 fo r what they cau got i n th e DAILY TIMES for $1.70. Each week the|DAiLY TIMES prints not less than thirty columns ef Geneva news matter, which 1B far iu excess of that of all the other papers combined, for a careful examination will show that the average of genuine home news matter iu any one of them does not amount t o th e daily output o f th e DAILY TIMES. HO muc h for th e new s value of the paper. In matter o f advertising patrouap-e, It Is au ascertained fact, susceptible of easy verification, that the volume o f lo- cal advertising in th e columns o f th e DAILY TIMES exceed s th e combined home patronage of all the other papers ofGeueva. It s daily average iu actual measurement exceeds the weekly total of an y one o i them. It is, theretore, demonstrated that th e advertising pa- tronage of th e DAILY TIMES is worth in dollars aud ceuts more than that of all the other papers combined. This state- ment Is also supported by the testimony of advertisers as shown by results, The total circulation of th e Geneva weekly papers does no t exceed l.fiuo copies each week, on the generally ac- cepted quotations, or a grand total of ^-78,500 copies for a period covering the existenc e o f th e DAILY TIMES. Dur - ing the same peroid there have been is - sued 104 number s of th e DAILY TIMES, with an average of 1,400 copies.\dally or a grand total o f 145,000 separate copies. This Is nearly twice the combined cir- culation of al l the other Geneva papers. BUD this is only a beginning, fo r from present Indications during the next four months the numbers will b e more than doubled. Puttiue, then, the facts together, the number of papt r* issued, the circulation ^ich week, the space cevoted t o local reading matter an d local advertising patronage, one with half a n eye can see WATKKLOO, Sept. Iu'7.—Arrangements are being made here for th e forinitiou of a.Chiutauqui» circle. The Hignt Kev. Bishop Mctjunde, of Rochester, will deliver a lecture at Ht. Mary's Church, O :tobor 0th . Th e l'olyhymnians, of t!»•* Rochester Cathe- dral, will acc-jiuuauy th e bishop, and will sihg a t thu opouing and close of the lecture, and will than give a programme of choice selections. Tluy wlil render Cardinal N'ewmau's beautiful creation, \Lead K tidly Light,\aud Prof, Kugeue Bonu's ''Cor Jesu.\ The marriage of Miss Catherine IIul- lerau aud George Watson took place Wednesday evening at St. Mary's rec- tory, the Rev . VV ill lam II . Il.irringlou peifortm-J the eeremonv. Le Itoy Kiuery. of S.-n.io.i, Fall-i, lias been appointed by the vestry, organist of St. 1'aul's,Church, in place of Mis . Samuel It. Wells, who recently resinn- ed. The ladles of -U, Paul's church held a meeting in the parish schoJlhous-i Mon- day afteruoon to mtke arratig.-tueuts for a seriesof eutertainmeuts to bj triven during the coming winter, for the bene- fit of the church. Another meeting will be held iu the residence of Mrs. Fred L. Manning this afteruoon at 4 o'clock for th e purpose o f making father arrangements. CANANDAIGUA. Sept., 27.—The bi g blowout by the lirnmeu next Tuesday willbrng one of the largest crowds Gauaudalgua has had iu some- time. There will bo ilfteen couipaules in Hue, including companies fro'ui Geneva, Penu Van, Phelps, Uliftou fpiiug-s aud Wutkllis. There will b e three brass hands. The Hue o f march will be as lollows: From Niagara street down Main to ^altonstall, t o Center, to Bee- man to Main, to Gibson, to Uuwell, to Main to Chapel. The new waterworks will be thoroughly tested i u U.ffurent parts of the village. There wore numerous lights between country boys who camo to town t o the fair yeslerdny bu t u -no were of th e magnitude of the ooe that occurred at the Carpeuter & Sls^on coal yard. At Mr. Sissou .was c.osmg up , lie noticed nine hobos sneaking into Lis yard. H e ordered them out bu t they di d not go . He then summoned an employe, Walter Kowe. colored, who with two other negroes, \Hank\ Pay no an d \By\ Ulcliaidsni, all heavi weights and no - table exponents of th e muily art, pro- ceeded to clean out those nine liobos in gnat style. Ou th e appearance of Chief of Police Booth, six hobos fled but tlireo were captured and jailed. These thioo were s o badly battered they oould not get away. One had such a beating hi s eyesight i9f{oiie temporarily, his eyes being clostd by the blows he received. THE ELECTRIC CARS Are NONA/ Running to Cayuga Lake Park. Antuiaoitacoal useft exclusively i,„„„„ i '& : W Jine&s and couifot t u, % 4#| In Effect May 12, HBQ, GOtSa EA8T-I,LAVL GENEVA Jfork 6 0*D. m 'Dally, to slvvo & MM Harper, the Tailor,- p. ra., Waterloo 1 53, Seneca Fads 2.15 Syracuse 3.40,ar. New York 1U.1S 4 On p. m., Waterloo4.45. Seneca Fall6, 4.55, 111 Syracuse li.40,ar. Hew York 6 30 a. m p. m., Wa'orloo 8.28, Seneca Falls 8.35, Syracuse 10. in, Now York 7.00 a. m IS A\T TME TOP IN NEWAUK, Sept. J7. — Kov. L. B V'ati- Dyke resigned his position as pastorate of St. Mark's church last week. Jaeob Wilson, editor of th e Newark Courier, has just returned from a pleas- ant trip in K'irope. Tuesday morning a stranger hired a horse of C. F. llaeUel with which to so to Phelps. As he did .not return Chief of Police 11. II. Stansoll wa s notified. The horse was traced to Geneva aud from there to Waterloo, where i t wa s found last uiglit. The stranger has not yet been found. The regular monthly meeting of the ludubtrlal Aid will be held a t th e resi- dence ot Mr*. J . G. Pitts this afteruoon at 2#0 o'clock. Joel II. Prescott has an apple trees lu full bloom at jlila residence ou East Miller street. Thu Newark baso ball nine will play the Wolcott base ball nine at Wolcott this afteruoon. CAI ruA.Sept. '27.—Charles Hamilton and daughter, of Auburn, spent Suuday lu town. H, C. Van Sickle wh o hm been ser- iously ill for tho past three weeks is slowly improving. Thomas McCarthy has purchased the Hamilton store on Lake avenue. The Misses Sanders, o f Waterloo, were guests ot II. A . Warrick Sunday. William II. Seward, of Auburn, gave a few of his friends a pleasaut trip to Geneva ou his ne w yacht, Jauet o u Sunday last. Augustus Dttnckei U placing a large engine in ins malt house for gralu ele- vating purposes. The steamer Fr.mteuac of the Cayuga Lake Transportation company ha s ceased plying between Cayuga aud Itha- ca for th e season. The Rev. Mr, Fitch has removed to Auburn to resume hs studies a t the Theological seminary. CLIFTON SPRINUS, Sept. 27.—The banking office o f Jackson & Lleweliyu was removed to the rear of Carpeuter> store o n Tuesday. Values, Styles And Fit The BOTTOM in Prices, and Keeps Everything in Repair One Year. LYONS, Sept. 27.—Th-J Lyoiia Busi- ness College has opened lta doorit with a membership of about tli riy. Th e for- mal opcuin'g will take place about Octo- ber 7tli, when it 1B expectid that the membership will b e abou: fifty. The contract fo r building the ne w house at Wolcott village was awarded yesterday morning t o Pickett & Schatt- ner of this village. The contract prico is *3U,000. H.unuel Heott ,t C-> , iiialstfl's f this village, have forwarded articles of iu- corporatlon to Alb.uiy, transformhm the concern into a stock company to be known a s the Scott Multiug company, with a capital stock of $150,000. As soon as the company is Incorporated ex - tensive Improvements will lu made to their malt house. The democratic senatorial convention for the fort,y second convention, com- prising th e counties o l Wayue and On- tario, will beheld a t Cousrress hall In this village on Weduesday, October 2d, at 2:30 o'clock p. m . While Henry Youngs, of Lyons, wa s returning from tood-is TuuSlay after noon with a horse aud btiggcy, the ani- mal stumbled an I fell when near the top of the Rogers hill, jiut uorth o' the villatre, and in struggling to get up seri- ously injured Its forward leg hy com- iug in contact with tlto shoe of one of Its bind legs lu such a manger as to necessitate its being kllwd. Th e horse was valu- d at $125. PHELPS, Sept. '27. -'-Vllllam'Shimer, a member of the New York IVurld staff, aud wife, ar e guests of Dr. O. U. Pncti- ard. Jennie Stoutouburg started yester- day morning fur Houglitoti, in the ex- treme northern part o f northern Mich- igan, where she na s accepted a position as stenographer in the office of a promi- nent law firm. Stewart Pnohard leaves Mouday for Baltimore t o enter ou h.s third year iu the Dental Department of the Univer- sity of Al*rylaud. The Red held Hook and Ladder com- pany lias accepted a n invuaiiou and will participate in the parade aud an- nual inspection of the Catraudalgua tire department npxt Tuesday. At th e same time the new water works system will bo tested. Ovii>, Sept. 27.—The suit fo r damages brought by Catherine Martin against E. P. Gleason was ended at 10:30 o'clock Wednesday evening, the jury bringing in a verdict of nooau*e for action. The case of Hugh McGraw against the vil- lage of Seneca Falls for $2,000 occupied seven hours to-day, tho jury after one hour of deliberation awardmsr McGraw S. r >00 damages. iNOT AN OLD MAN. The Waterloo News ot Tuesday says: J. O. Seymour, of Geneva, reached his seventy-second birthday yesterday. Mr, Seymour wa s formerly station agent of the Central-Hudson station a t this place. He is now carrying on a very prosperous coal business at Geneva aud is hale and hearty, notwithstanding his advanced age. nreb±jo£ebZK: IBlocIk:. D* Cresdon IS SELLING Whipped Cream Baking Powder, 20c. Price's Baking Powder, 3oc. Oleine Soap Powder, 9c. One Ponnd Best Coffee in Mason Quart Buy Your_ Oue Dollar will pay for tn e SF.MI- WKEKLV TIMES fo r On e Year . Jars, 28t. Or, Coffee in Pails, extra fine, 25c. And so many other things in the Grocery Line and prices so cheap that it would take columns to enu- merate. BUT SEE D. CREEDON GM NATIONAL BANK Capital $150,000. Surplus, $76,000. Safe Deposit Department, Our vmilt is built of sixty tons of steel an«l pro- vnleil with Sargent and (Ireenleai's lime locks. Siife fnrrent in our vault nt three tu twenty- live il-'llars per year. The time consumed in huntini;fi>r a tnis»iiiK paper i» often worth more than tin' -/est ol a safe for a year. ABSOLUTE SAFETY. 1 ,ie strong-pii vault obtainable is|to be pro- ferre-1 especially if it costs no more, S TOKAfiE or TRUNKS, BOXES, Satchels I'liekiifTPs or Papers, for any length of lime at vi-ry slight expense R KNTKD SAFK8, or ARTICLES 8TOHKI) H I'II us, al«aj 8 accessible to tho owners in btnmu'ss hours. C OL'l-uN ROOMS for tho free use of our patrons. A ritel.t'IK PRIVACY nsAured to renters of safes. P KRMiNN I.K,WING THEIR HOMES va- cant fur a f-'iv -lays or weeks will consult tin ir nieriwt aim comfort hy storing their Milualiles with us. T 11K ( IIKAIMIST INSURANCE known for the protection of proporly. K. II VKIUM.ANCK, President. M. S. SANDFORD Cashier POSTOFFICE FACTS. M«ii<M>iiiereU for pointseasi of Svraeuso must Ira iu UIPUUVP not la:erthen6:30 a. m .and fur Albam, New York and nil poinlsi-iintat H 05 a. m.an-l :i:'in p m., and for all points east via Lyons at i:!.** p ni. Fur Itiifliilii, (.'w-voland, Chicago aixl all west- ern |ioint8nt7:35a.m.,an<l liMp.m.Forall points wost uf Syracuse nt0t05 a. no., ami for all west fn Lyons at\:15p.m.. A closed pouoh issont to Unc. e-.or at 11 :S0 a. m. Mail fur Lyons and all points north every day at 7:l.> r p. in. t„,inu-until, nil poit|ison the I.eliipli Vallev at ii :<o an-l |0:.VI n. m. and at 8:15 for all points ,.h ihe MnMii-M-\ Valley R. R. Mail on ti e Fall Ilrook It. H. POM every day at 7:80 at ni. and for Ovm and WiPanl atlitfS p ru, At6:S0 p. m. for nil lumitsnn the Erie R. U. and the south. The above lijrurosaro when tlio mall closes at tlio.iKistofllco ready for the trams. BAKI N G ROW DER And get a ly.quart Dishpan, Or a Set of Bowis, or a Ualvamzed Baking Pan FREE.. A T C. C. BELL'S, 48 Castle Street \AMERICA'S GREATEST EA1LROAI?.\ NEW YORK (ENTRAL & HUDSON RIVER R. R, THE FOUR-TRACK TRUNK L1WE. LEAVE GEN EN A-GOING EAST. 7 i B am., Wat- rloo 7 26, Seneca Falls 7.86, 1Q Syracuse 9 2u,arr. New Yorfe 7.0U p. m. 9 nr a. m. Waterloo 9.45, Poneca Falls D.82, X*) e-yrnnuso 11.25 p. m. New York 6.30 11 EC a. M. Waterloo 1.50, Seneca Falls 11 00 l^'2-f-yracune 1.50 US 4 8 18 LEAVE GENEVA-GOING WEST. 6 1 n liuflalo Acxoniiiiodauon via Batavia Av /If) Buffalo lu:l& a.m.,Oaks Corners3 07.1'hclps 8.13 Cllf ton springs 8 20. Cunumlalgua 8,45, Roch- ester two a. in., Oaks Corners 9.25, Phelps 0.80, Clifinn SprioKS 0.88, C'anandaigua 10 00 p. ni. Rochester 10,50 11 CR a- >\•• Oak\ Corners ,12.08. Phelps 12.15' II ill ) Clifion spriuRs 12.27, Canandiiigua 1 » v v 12 65, Rochester 1 00 p. m 2 017 p 111, Oaks Corners 2 37. Phelps 2 45, 1,1 Clif 1011 springs 2 65, Cuuandttigtia 8.20, u ' Rochester 4.20 4 on 11 ni. Oaks Corners 4.08, Phelps 4.12, llll Clifton springs 4.20, Canaudaifiua, 4 40, uw Itocliesle 5.32 7 nn i>. • .,Oak«i Corners 7.2H, Phelps 7.85, /ill CI.fun Springs 7.5o, Caliundaigua 8.20, uu R-ichuster!».i'> in nn u, in., O.ka Corners 10.12, Phelps 10.28, III 111 I llftiuiSpring-10.2<J,Caliandaigua|0.5U, lv uw Rochester 11.45 T. B . FOSTER & BRO., City Ticket Office, 24 Seneca St . Fa.l Brook Railway. In Effect May 19, 1893. LEAVE GKN'EVA-CiOl.NG SOUTH. Q Jf\ U Lv< \' Q.1U iH-nS 40, 1'ei Walkm-. n 2.'i. Corning Wilhiiiu-portS 20 p. m. lO fiC ''• M - ''y'\\' 11 0 °. Geneva 12 05, 1 Z.Up Ure^teu 12 38, l'enn Yan 133, 7,2:0 ± -m Daily to Sarree^'SMa _. M„ WlttMd 7 fjSi North H„„. **%1 $a3W9W,fehita«eiphi» B M W* 0 *' JKI 6 03-p. m. Dally^pt Say. J> N °« r Yor|| it^'^feay^ WSVR*^ iti» vo^ir Biia.m w*ffi°l._ 'M! a,|< >Phla,.8aSlal | ROCHESTER Steam Laundry Ladies' Waists, 13c and 15c Collars, 2c OufTs, per pair, - - - 4c Shirts, 10c Best Work Guaranteed. L. H. PAGB 4 43 Seneca St Frss Excursion TO TH! MIDWAY. Of Course Everybody is Going, Be- cause They Can Get a Nice Free Lunch at ALFOKD'S CAKE 30 Linden St. FINK HIIRTON ALK HOT'X'I,F.I> rnRTRR, Always on Hand. Don't Forget the Place 20 Linden i?t. F. D. ALFORD, Prop SEE THE- Quyer Hat. IT IS THE NOBBIEST OUT, VII the New Strop i>8 for Fall and a New Line of Neckwear Just Received ot -s^E. J. BRODERICKS' 8 00 916 g? Now' York 8 68 p. in,' 'Dallv. i'mi m v-' Sunday. • • \\J *J«!§pi|; GOINli WEST-LEAVE Ok NEVA, Wt S D'K A. M. Flyer. Koehostur i as n..i J<- . *M0 6 10> Niagara, FallsC; ssi.,,,! r5 a ?5# 8-1 n A. Jt.BooiieBterO 40, BiiOnl,, n in ir\'! .lu ar»Falls iiB5a.m. sC .iil'W New YorkW PBUadoIpiria. \'\'\\Swato^ 9 3D -JL - ? 1, .AW'ivesfromSayri! V i tt wm. S • WW Daily except Sunday. T1Ii \fe 9 15 A.JM.atopa at all stations, an-ivesi!^ •-*W ester 11 15 a. m, Buffalo 12 35 p. m^\' 3ftQ P. Jit.Bt'opa at ail stations, arrivesB^ia • WtJ ester.ISO, Uuffale 5 85. Kiv - * Sunday. \\' Itimcn. DBlIye^ Flyer from New y, *-*£0 oopt Sunday. 8.08 aMs^W'Sufflnsi T,\05 D 'aUy. an ' m8 fl ' om M,ro via Wfil JSOLLIN H. WltBCB, Gen. «„,,, So . ^ P hifp a 3 : s ' :LEE,Gen ' Pass - Agn,t - f *if Lvoas 7 25, Geneva S 10, Pres- ''euii Yan 1) IS, OundoeU 04, mig 10 lu nvt 3 liO p. Ol. a. in. Arrives at Ooiiiii-e 1 cT, Walking I 2S, Corning a 10 p.m. Arm-sat YVilhau.i»purtl0 10 p. m. ~7 O/^ 1 '' 1 - LvonsO 40, Geneva 7 20. Dres- / .fCVJ ''en ' 63, l'enn ^ au 8 20, Uuudee 8 17, Wiukiim « 37, CorniugO 21' •• — - *••- ther. iug0 20p. m. ltuns uo fur- LtAVEGENI-.VA-GOIMl NOKTH. 10, Walknis 7 54, I'an fl\42 Dresden 40,\Genevan lu. Arnvesat Lyons 1) 45a. ni. J QC P.M. Corning U 25, Wa'lkins 12 17, 1 ,00 Dumieo ;2 3f,l'enn Yan 12 07,Dre8den Amu* at Ljons 2 .ftp. in. Watklns 6 27, . . , i 6 *2, Dresden 15, ueuuva 7 45. Arrives at JLyona 8 15 p. m. All |ia»fi< nucr trains dally except isucdavs. Coimet-UoiM in Union stations at Lyons and Geneva with N. Y. C. & H. K. R. K.; at Wilhamspurt with Philadelphia and Reading R. R. VV. II. SORT MRU P, Passonger Agent. G. R. BRO VV N, General Sup't. 9 1 A A. 11 Curiiing 7 10 , 1 (J Dundee 8 1.1, l'enn Vi I 05, (H'liewi 1 3.). \7 /, d 1'. AL Corning 5 85, VV / .rtCj Dundee 8 50. l'enn Yuu 6 Middlesex Valley Railroad. LEAVE GENEVA-GOING SOUTH. O If f a. m.,I)(xon 8:57, Stanley 9:15, Gorham U.-TU !i:42,Ru»hviIlelO 15,arrive Naples 11.05 S I) r\ ii. in., UUiiii 0:30. Stanley (1:40. Gorham .A\J 7:00, IJushville7:20, arrnq Napl,s7:55 LEAVE NAPLES-GOING NORTH. S Bfl a •\•- Rushvillo7:24 Gornnm 7:41, Stan • WW ] ( .j 7:5ii, IHJKU (IJOS, amve Genova8:20 2 -IB 1>. m. Kushvil e 3.1R, Gorham 3:45, Slan- . XW ley 3:55, I Mxon 4:16, arrive Geneva 4:80 VV. VV. Al'WuOl), Managor. SENECA UU STEAMERS. TIME TABLE. Takes Effect August ist, I895. GOING SOUTil. Attorneys 1 . Directory, ONTARIO COUNTY, eiHUWt, N. Y. GEORGE W . NICHOLAS, Law Oil Justiue of the Peace, Notary l'ublio will Seal, No. 43 Seneca St., Geneva, N Y. GEORGE L- BACHMAN, Attorney ji4_ CoonBOlIor nt Law, No. 527 l-.xelianco 831 Geneva, N. Y, *™ BACKENSTOSE & KEYES, Attoincia and Counsellors at Law, sinuii Builiili Seneea St., Gmeva, N. Y, Olliee lioursJti) 9a. m. toflp.m. J, G. FARWELL, Attorney and CoiuiBdlH at Law,NoS. 5 ana 6 Lindcu Hlnek, Genes?^ N. X. Oufce houw from u a. iu. to (i p, m. CHARLES N. HEMIUP, counsellwi Law* No. 1 Smiui Block, Geneva, N. Y. HAWLEY, NICHOLAS & HOSKlNSl Alt-iuneya aud Oouneellora at Law, UOBBIJ N. Y. Charles A, Ilawlov, l'liili|iNjitlii las, Lansing G. Hosklns. DITMARS & WYCKOFF, Attorntm Gounseljors at Law, lnsurame, Real 1J Geueva N. Y. George F. Ditmars, A Wyekofr. CHARLES D. BEAN, A'terneyaiid,Coi$ eellor at Law and Notary Public Willi s 1 Oluce Linden Block, Geneva, N. Y. GEORGE Wt'BOSTWICKiAttoinoy.*! Oou..Beilor, No. 41 Linden St, Geneva, 1%^ SACKETT & SACKETT, AttorneysSp Couiisgllors at Law, Linden Iilock, Genew N. Y. C. V. Saekett, V. B. Sacketu HENRY LUDLOW, counsellor at £ml No. 4 Seneca St., Geneva, N. Y. WILLIAM S . MOORE, Counselor at 1*8 and Notaiy Public witll seal, No. 4 senecaSt ocneva, N. Y. OAVANDAIQBA. WALTER H. KNAPP.-Attorney*!!! Counselor utLaw.ollico iu tho Tunes Btillaliijj Canautlaigiia, N. Y. Leading Pfiiysicians of Qeo^| HENRY D. CLAPP, M. D, .17!>Maljf| OUlce Hours 8 to 10 A. M. 2 to 4 and 7 to8P-f| M. D. BLAINE, M. 0.-1*1 GencweJ Office hours 8 to 10 a. m.,2 te 4 ami 7 to8if. r LEAVK. A. M. Gfma 8 00 VVillwril-ovid 9 20 Highlands '\ s L\' 1 ' '.-..\.'.'.\\.\\ 9 50 Lamon-aux » North floctor *....\V.Y. 10 20 Glenoia _„ • VVatkins, arrlvo *\\ . xi 40 OING NORTH LEAVE. VVatkins ,_ Gk-nora .\* North Hector...1.1111\ Lanwrcaux '. Lmli Highlands . \\ WHlard—Ovid Geneva, arrive A.M. 7 00 8 12 * 8 40 ... 9 10 ... 10 40 P. M, 2 30 S50 * 4 20 4 50 * 000 P.M. 3 80 4 40 4 40 6 40 7 00 Passengers along tlio lake wishing to roach Walkins o r Geneva by night stenmors will make arangoments to get such land ngs bv the after- noon boats, where tlie evoning steamers laud, as tney will hotstop on the night trip at tlioso land- ing marked ». Boats leaving Geneva at 8.00 A. M. at,d Watkius at 3.80 P. M. carries freight. Signals must not. be displayed oxdept for pas- Bengm-8 and freight. \Land on signal. TIME TABLE. G.W.S.F. &C.L.T.C0. N. B . COVERT, M. D.-*i» Maiit' OOieo hours until!)a. m., 1 to 4 ami7to8l>.•' Telephone 24. ;>1 *~~\^~- ^.- ADUIE B . DAKE, M . D-435 Mw4 Olliee hours 8 to 10 a. m., 8 t05andj7to 8B«J a. J. POPE DELANEY, IM. D-» M Place. Office houi-sS to 9 a. m., 12 to 2,7-.IJfl p ni. H. M. EDDY, IVt. D.-43 WiMinro St tiffl hours 8 to 9a. m., 1 toS,and 7 to 8 p. m». ••' HENRY DBG OLAPP, M. D.-01»^ -379 Main Street, W. W. HOPKINS, M . D.-U* JJtol, Office hourB 8H0 9 a. m;<S to a, ami 7 to 8p »j J. aKNAPP, M. D.«-<0 Park I'lace. <j» at Park Place, c o, MCCARTHY, M. D.-SJ caatii Office hourSB tofi a. sit I to *, ami 7 to D^J WILL MoCAVAT, Mi D.-367 Main St, 0i hours 8 toflisp a, m.,2 to4,anJ 7 to 8 P m J. E. MCKENZIE, ,M. D.-fi ^J*] Office hours 7 to 9:30., I to 3, aud 1.30 » 8 p^ 1 M, H . PlGOTiM- fi-502 Maui 8L Oi MtiVs¥.tF9^\^:80 to 2, aud 6 to 9 p.' «| Leavo Bank Comor 6.80 a, m. 7.50 a. m. 8.S0 a. m. 9.10 a. m. 9.50 a. m. 10.30 a. m. 11.10 a.m. 11.50 a. m. 12.30 p. m. 1.10 p m. 1.50 p.m. 2.30 p. m. S.10 p.m. 3.50 p. ni. 4.80 p. rn. 6.10 p. m. 0.50 p. ni. 6.30 p. tn. 7.10 p.m. 7.60 p. m. tf .30 p. m. 9.10 p.m. 9.60 p. m. Leave Waterloo 7.10 a. in. 8.30 a rt. ».lo a.m. 9.50 a. m. 10.30 a, 111. 11.10 a.m. 11.60 a. m. 12.30 p. m. 1.10 p. m. 1.60 p. m. 2.80 p m. 8.10 p;m. 3.50 p. in. 4.30 p. tli, 5.10 p. m. fi.60p.1n . B.S0 p. m. 7 in p. in. 7 50 p. ni. 8.30 p. in. 910 p; m 9 50 p. ni. 10 30 p. in. AU cars conn-Ait with.villago JHUB. V. M. LYNN, Sup't T.-0. RLrpERT. tA. D.—47 Senoca St <A bounil m\S!U;i W 3 and 7 to « p m W pliohelOS. '•* '\ i F. LAMSiSG -STEBBINS, M. P.-j„ Main-St.\ Ollleolioiu^ 8. to 10 a. m.,1 to 3,Wj t68p\ _ « J AS. M.-^eBfiflSiTM. D.7888;MAI»1 « 3 - om«5hoa©8;« t: i|>6ii. m. Telephone a , ,- kiffi^'iDefltists. W. LVNN- ADAMY-tlontist,«t senetk ^ Offiee Hours 6 to 12a. ffl., and 11\» P m P. A. GREENg^I>ehti»t,lJ99 Mam St hours 9a. in to5pa- J. P KNAPP-» entlBt ' \OSonoca St noma!) a . m. toSp.m 1 omco hoars 9 a. m. tp 6 i»m. t \*-\>, iijtt ^..-\iJh-iiini.-.i *w r.^rfUWSS**\*!\***^' '-^'*«^ '^jfpmpw\-— itjWWIIwHI

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