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GENEVA DAILY Mfe.. ItfONtJAY, WLY 15, 1895. *M •The Tetnporfe* Makeshift for *g!3 iiSanboat. *<«.* MAY'S HAT PICKED UP m „*n Umbrella Fastened to an Oar Served aa a Sail—Large r Re- ward Offered for the Re- covery o f Bodies. •n Ihldence is accumulating to show that the voung men, Coxe and May, came to their death h <f drowning in the lake. Nearly tw o -weel 8 have elapsed since the? bade adieu to toends and started on the fatal pleasure % ipaioimd the lake. S o long a time has passed without anything definite having lieon learned of the actual circumstances and place of their drowning, that it 1B now pro- table that no eye save that of the All-seeing One witnessed the death struggles of the inlying ones. Yesterday George Allen, of the yacht Mabel, while cruiiing along the east shore near Pey's Landing saw an oar floating in .tie watsr. He pulled it aboard the yacht. to it was tied a dilapedated un'brella, evidently made so by wind and wave. The UnrtuolU was tied to the oar by a stout cot- ton cord. Pieces of white cloth, evidently sheeting,-were wound around ani tied t o the ontm Bovaral places. There seems little doubt that the boys had been using the tanmella, and possibly a sheet, for sails. Sfsco other oars have bee n found and re- turned (*> the owner of the boat, having been identified as his. This morning the following notice was posted m conspicuous places: #1,001) KEWA*RD. *l,U(ll) reward will be paid for the recovery of the bodies of A. Cleveland Uoxe, Jr., and Hemy May, or $500 for either, supposed to have ueen drowned in Seneca lake ou or about July 5th. Signed, A. h. CHEW. Soveial parties have left for the supposed scene of the accident. Incited by the reward THER. Indlo&tonV N^Western New York Special Dispatch hi The Times. NflW, YORK, July 15.— Hhowero and warmer. SUNDAY I N PHELPS- Churches Topics Discussed at the Yesterday. BUREAU or THK TIMES, ) Phelps, July 16, Hj90. I EDWARD KIHK , Managor. ) Rev. Dr. U. W, Hayes' sermon a t Ht. John's Episcopal Church yesterday morning was a continuation of the previous Sunday's discourse, on the difference between Cath- olicity and Sectarianism. The Dr. told that the essential truth of Christianity is not vested in any private opinion or narrow creed, but in the broad teaching of the church itself as brought down to us from its original source. This position was ampli- fied and illustrated in his own scholarly way. Kev. Dr. Webb, at the Presbyterian Church gave an interesting and practical discourse based upon the parable of the \ten talents.' Kev. Mr. Chapman's sermon at the Baptist Church was a consideration of the sources of Christian strength and power. Kev. Father O'Neil's topic at the morning service of Bt. Francis' Church was concern ing the miraculous multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Kev. McKendree Shaw's dis.-ourse at the Methodist Episcopal Church was drawn from Matthew 10:10, the inquiry of the rich man What good things shall I do to inherit eternal lifer In the evening at the M. E Singing constituted an important part of tbe service. Professor D. D. Edgerton gave a brief black board lecture on \keep your- selves from idols. \ CITY BRIEFS. PERSONAL. time a-nditis to be hoped by \other and bighei*J ment W tives, they will watch for an i endeavor to recover the bodies. 4:00 p. m.—Harry Mays's hat was picked up on shore near Dresden and taken\ tu (Jo- nova. t R|f t A Cyolists' Long Run. Friday morning at 4:05 o'clock, Dr. Srank H. Flood, of Elmira, left the Hath- burn house, in that city, on his bicycle, the aigbt clerk registering the fact in a pocket .note book that Dr. Flood carried. A t 7::io a. m the clerk at the hotel at Hinirods regis- tered his arrival and at U:B0 a. m. the clerk at the Kirkwood, i n Geneva, performed a like ser- \ic3. The assistant postmaster at Willard recorded his arrival at 12:05 p. m., and ht< arrived a t the Jefferson in W'atkins a t Z 5) p. m., and his run was certified to by Harry R. Hand, the genial host of that house. His cyclometer showed that he had tr lveled }<KiX miles. Another fact that he brought ou t was that from Watkins down the west side of Seneca lake to Gen- eva, and back on the east side in return, was just seventy-nine miles and three-quar- ters iniles. The iron balcony around tue corner drag store is being removed. The annual excursion of the German church will take place on the lake July 24th. A large excursion over the lake, composed of Syracuse people is booke 1 for August bth- A large crowd of friends will accompany tho Hydrants and Ogoyagos to Penn Yan on Wednesday. Con. Mulcahy sprained his right foot yes- terday while engaged in an inno.'ent nniuse- An LOOKING FOR A NEEDLE. the Little Operation Made on Fellow's Foot - Dr. McCarthy was called this morning to the home of M. F. Oulehan on K.xehange street. It was discovered that Mr. Oulohan's threo-year-old boy John had a needle in his left foot under the instep. A thread was noticed hanging froin the child's foot, hence the Inference. Upon pulling the thread the needle failed to follow. Dr McCarthy made an examination. He felt tbe needle. The child was put under the influence of chloroform and an incision made along the tra :k of the needle. It is expected that the needle will work out in a JCew days. The funny part of it is, the child did BOt cry or complain uf pain. The parents do not know when the accident happened. Tbe doctor is of the opinion that onlj part of the needle is in the font. Balcony Contract Let . The contract for building the balcony in tho Jorth Presbyterian church has been awni led to Butler and Benjamin, who have ahead)' begun to get the material in readi- ness It is probable that the church will be closed for a couple of weeks after next Bun- diy h service. The balcony will add to the seuting capacity of the church about :i0U sittings, and will improve the interior op- peaiance of the church very materially. Tho rapid growth of the society has made necessary the enlargement now under way, whub will probably be finished upon the return of the pastor from his vacation. Higher Awnings Demanded- Policeman Merry has been detailed to measure the height of awnings from the walks. According to u village ordinance thej must not be lew than seven feet there fioru Complaint lias been made to Presi dent Herendeen of the lowness of many on L-xchinge and Keneca street. Policeman Men y is accordingly taking measurement* and will notify offenders to give their win- dow shades a raise. She Knew Her Age - 1 hi-yarn was told by a census enumerator the other day. He nils asking the usual questions nnd had got as far as tbe servant girl who ex. lnimed \Ob'I know bow old I am to a day, I was born the day my grand father died.\ And when wax that, asked : > the seeker after infi rniiitioii.\I don't know,\ .was the rbeerful an=\ver, as she left the Enumerator trying to figure out just bow old she was. A party of ten took a trip to Lodi on the yacht Consuelo yesterday, spending the day there. It is announced that other interesting at- tractions will be offered at Pre-emption Park soon. Innos' famous band of fifty pieces will be the next attraction at the Park ou August :id. A meeting of the village Board of Health will Jbe hold to night. Inportant matters will be diBcussed. The annual picnic and excursion of bt. Peter's church, to Lodi and return, will t ike place on Thursday, July ijftth. The barn and nursery shed of W. & T. Smith, recently burned, ore being rebuilt. They are being put up in a substantial man- ner. A meeting of Nestor Hose Company will be held at their rooms on Tuesday evening. As business of importance will be transacted a full.attendance is requested. A street car left the track yesterday at the Pre-emption street curve, which is very sharp. It was put ou the track again in short order. Nearly all the merchants on Bereca and Exchange streets have their awnings set at half cock to evade the enforcement of the seven foot limit. Round trip tickets to Penn Yan and re- turn for Firemen's day on Wednesday next, will be only 45 ceuts over the Fall Brook road. Judge ISmelzer reconsidered the sentences of the three follows arrested oa Saturday for rioting at the Lehigh Vulley railroad depot, and gave them sixty-five days apiece in the Monroe County Penitentiary. Several hundred people assembled at Pre- emption Park yesterday to hoar the sacred concert by the Geneva band anil witness the programme offered by Jeakle's Pony tlippodrome. Undertaker Borgnian and Coroner Wright accompanied each other to the Park on Sat- urday afternoon. They claim that the bal loon ascension was entirely too successful. The funeral of Mrs. John Naughton, who died in Rochester last Thursday at tho home of her son, took place this morning from St. Francis de Sales' church at 0:;i0. The business men of Geneva and Seneca Falls will struggle for supremacy on the ball field, at the Park on Friday. July ldth. The receipts will be donn'od to the new hos pital fund. h. E. Kisor has the contract for putting in the plate glass front in the corner drug store. The work will begin to-day. It goes wthmt saying that the corner will be greatly improved In appearance. W. J. Broderick & Company intend soon to convert their liquor store into a drug store. They are tired of the liquor business and feel that the drug trade will tie much more congenial. Tho barn of T. Smith & Co., at the Beniling Works, which was destroyed by fire several weeks ago, has been rebuilt. It is covered with corrugated iron as a pro- tection from fire again. The entertainment at the^ Baptist£church Teachers' Training Class The Geneva Classical and Union m-buol %a» been designated by the State Superin- tendent of public institutions to instruct a ichors'training class during both terms Of the school year, lt<W5-ii. Pre* tuition is given to qualified members. The certificate earned by graduates from this class is prac- tically o life certificate to teach in the public schools o/the state. this evening, by Mrs Young's class in elocu tion and physical culture, promises to be of more than ordinary interest. The pro gramme will present a series uf drills auo attitudes of an Interesting character. Sunday afternoon F. M. Tuttle was in his boat house. He watched two yachts in the distance through his glass and was pleased to see Frank's old yacht built twenty years ago by W. O. Tuttle, lieat Hchenk'n new boat. Mr. Tuttle greatly admired thp set of the sail on Frank's boat. Owing to poor health C. A. Lane has tendered his resignation as ticket agent at the Central depot. His successor has not been definitely deteriuiued upon as yet. Mr. Lane will take n vacation of a month or two before resuming work of any kind. Tbe demand upon the Saturday edition of the TIMES was so great that, although several hundred extra copies were printed, it wus exhausted at an early hour. The or ders for the paper have since been so many that a new edition was issued from the press this morning. The firemen's convention at Peun Yan* on Wednesday will be of considerable interest Geneva will be brought within easy distance on that day by a special train on the Middle- l)r. Peter Collier is regaining bin old vigor. Mrs. J. L. Colvin is 111 at her home on Castle street. D. S. Tuttle, of Wutkins, is tbe guest of J. Goo. Stacey, Jr. Miss Lizzie M. Carroll will visit relatives, at Penn Yan this week. Hal 8. Harron is spending a few days on ICeuka lake. Policeman D. H. Hawkins is spending his vacation in Boston. Miss Mary E. Riley, of Seneca Folk, is the guest of friends here to-day. Reginald Coxe, of New York, uncle of A. Cleveland Coxe, Jr., is in town. O. Lavern Leigh, of Clyde, spent Sunday at Mr. B. Compson's on Oak street. Mrs. Win. A. Bean and daughter, of Buf- fulo, are tbe guests of Maj. J. E . Bean. Thos Smith, of the W. & T. Smith com- pany of Ca itle street, is better to-day. Joe Franklin, the hustling little boot black, has gone to Syracuse to ply his vocation. E. G. Hull, Clark Spoor and Ed. Van Aken spent yesterday at Gibson's Landing. L. J. Williams, of Jamestown, formerly Central ticket agent here, was in town yes- terday. Rev. Mr. Covert, of St. Paul, Minn., is the guest of his uncle, Dr. N. B. Covert, on Main street. Miss Marthu Bouney, of New York city, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Goodwin on John street. Charles T. Marshall, of Rochester, a for- mer well-known Genevan, spent Sunday in town with friends. Postmaster Thos. P. Hefferman, of Dun- kirk, is a guest at the home of hiB cousin, Robert Wyatt. Mrs. Winship (uee Bonnie Chew) Pbineas, Beverly and Alex Chew are at their old home. M. T. Atchley will leave for New York and Newark, N. J., this evening, to remain away only a short time. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Marshall, of Roche ter, are the guests at the home of Joseph Wagner on Cherry street. Swift Martin has returned from the Troy Polytechnic Institute, to spend his vaca- tion in Geneva. DeWitt J. Mowry, of the Smith dry goods house, has returned from bis vacation spent in Steuben county. Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Smith, of Tampi»> Florida, are the guests at the home of H. E. Wells on Lafayette avenue. Miss Kate Killen and Agues Steel, ( f Will- ard are the guests of Miss Jennie Guard, of North Exchange street. Miss Radford, of Auburn, and Miss Lobpe, of Pottsdum are visiting at the home of Mrs. fi. G. Giles on Washington stieet. Moses E. Benedict and family, or Lewis street, loft on Saturday for a fortnight's outing on the shores of Cayuga lake. G. F. KinBella, of Corning, attended the fuuerul of Mrs. John Naughton this morning. He returned home via the noon boat. Louis M. Vail, son of Prof. Vail and student In Hobart college, is spending a few days in Goshen and vicinity. • Prof. Arthur S. Hoyt, of Auburn, spent Sunday in town. He occuple I the pulpit of the First Presbyterian church. Arthur Thomas, of the Bo-ton shoe store, who has been spending the past \v» i*k in Huston returned to Geneva yesterday. VVm. J. Maloney, of Rochester, formerly telegraph operator at the Fall Brook station here, is shaking hamls with old friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McParland.of f,f.vi street, are receiving congratulations on the arrival of a daughter last Thursday morning. Miss Barber of Manlms, who has been the guest of Miss Fos er, of Washington street for several days, returned to her home to- day. Floyd B. Smith, an experienced employe of the New York Central Iron Works Com- pany, is in Canandaigua placin J a Dunning boiler in Bingham hall. Phil Sturges and Arthur Ayrault were cruising yesterday off Dey's Landing in hopes of finding the bojies of Cuxe and May. Mrs. S. S. Finch returned Saturday from New York city where she wus called by the Viavi company to attend a course of (lenea- logical lectures. Master Willie Durrant Schell with his grandmother, Mrs. W. P. Durrant, left for Buffalo this morning to be gone several weeks, visiting Niagara Fulls and Tona- wnnda before they return. Thomas Gallagher, of the Auburn Bulletin, formerly of this place, was in town Satur- day and Sunday. Mr. Gallagher was u caller at THK TIM US ofll«e and paid high tribute to Geneva s new enterprise. E. S. Williams, of CI nton, who has been the guest of his son C. E. Williamson Elm- wood avenue, returned to his home to-day. Mr. Williams' sisters, Mary and Rachel, will remain to visit their brotnor a week or more. Miss Grace Joues, of Rochester, Miss Nel- lie VandeMark and Miss Browuell, of Junius, are guests at the residence of Mrs. A. J. Traves on Genesee street. Miss Jones assisted the choir in the M. E. church lust ev euing by singing a solo. Maj. Horton, of the Ijehigh system, his •ion-in law, Dr. Orosveuor K. Trowbridge, surgeon'of the westorn division, and J. S. Hamilton, Sales agent of the Lehigh, passed through Geneva bound east on Saturday afternoon. New York Central ticket agent Shaffer, of North Tonuwandu, in company with a lady friend passed through Geneva over the Lehiih Valley road on Saturday. To a Tiuus man Mr. Shaffer said he intende 1 visiting at Sayre, Pa. Mr. and Mi's. A. Goldman, of Syracuse are the guests of Mrs. Goldman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Jacobs on Pulteney street. Accompanied by Mr. J'tcobs and family they will leave to-morrow for Niagara Falls and will visit Toronto and other portions of interest before returning. William C. Wells left this morning for Paul Smith's, tho Adiroudacks. where he will be joined by three others. They will fur nlsh music for the summer hotel there. Mr Wells, who recently graduated with honor from the dental department uf the t'niver sity of Pennsylvania, expects to open dental office in Geneva on his return. 4 Made by^ a State Officer on Small Boy. ALL WATERLOO EXCITED The Fourth Deputy Secretary of State Mongin Brought into Notoriety—Warrant Issued for His Arrest- JSUBBAU OF 'l'HK TIME S { Waterloo,.July IS, lsas. i A warrant was issued this morning by Police Justice Marshall upon the sworn evi- dence of Mrs. Joel Wooleyfor the appre- hension of one Justin B. H. Mongin, a former resident of Fulton, < Iswego county, but more recently of this village, now a fourth deputy secretary of state at Albany. Hire. Wooley, in her affidavit, charges the said Mongin with a brutal assault upon her youngest son Paul, 11 years of age and suf- fering for 1 , several years past from hernia. Some of the witnesses who were near by, at eight o'clock last Saturday evening, have made affidavit that the attack upon the boy was a most cowardly affair, not likely to be perpetrated by any but one devoid of the common feelings of humanity. From the facts collected by the TIMES correspond nt, the following seems to be the beginning and end of the matter. The Wooley boy and a companion, named Eddie Lum, were returning home by way of the Central-Hudson track. Ou reaching the M. 13. church corner the boys state, a son of the defendant in the case, accompan ied by two other boys, commenced calling the Wooley and Lum boys objectionable names, when they turned back and Wooley. caught the Mongin boy, who commenced to make an outcry which it seems attracted bis father to the spot wh o administered some blows upon the Wooley boy. The boy broke away, ran up the track toward tbe passenger depot with Mongin following n hot pursuit. He overhauled the boy ut the freight house of the railway company, picked the boy up and threw him with violence to the ground, tbe boy's head coming in contact with one of tbe rails. H e then kicked the little boy sev- eral times in the back and sides. Several men standing close by, who were waiting for the arrival of the train from tho west at S::if>, witnessed the whole transaction, and pronounced it a most cowardly and brutal attack by one claiming to be a man upon a small boy. Had Mongin not made quick time for his home it is likely he might have found some of the lookers on to administer to him a dose of the medicine he gave the boy. An ex- amination will be had in the case In a few days. Mr. und Mrs. Geo. W. Baker Jr., and daughter Evelyn, of Geneva, spent Sunday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bolles, of Geneva, were in town Friday evening. They expressed themselves pleased with our handsome little burgh. Messrs. Harry C. and Alfred L. Ostronder, B S., of New York city, tw o Waterloo CARRIED UP IN THE AIR A WESTERN CYCLONE STRUCK A I FARMHOUSE. The Occupants, Five i n Number, Were More or Less Injured. OHAFTON, S. D.,- July 15.—A cyclone xtruck the town of Adonnells, doing great damage A two story house, belonging to Mr. Nelson, containing five persons, was carried up in the air, and when it came down was broken into a thousand pieces. All the persons were seriously injured. FIREDASHOT. THE He ACT OF AN EMPLOYEE. to Wounded a Woman, Tried Shoot Himself and Stabbed an Officer- BALTIMOBB, MD.,~July 15.-—Stephen Webb a colored employee of the Pennsylvania railroad, shot and fatally wounded Emma Harris this morning. When arrested he tried to shoot himself. Failing in the at- tempt he stabbed the officer slightly wounding him. ENGINEER LOST HIS LIFE THE STEAMER CIBOLA BURNED AT LEWISTON. The Engineer Was Burned-American Hotel Near the Dock In Ruins. LBWISTON, July 15.—A fire last night en- tirely destroyed the steamer Cibola. The engineer was burned to death. The Ameri can hotel was burned to the ground. • • •• MARRIED A GAMBLER- A Young Woman of Tully Claimed as His Wife. ; ; • <JXf>-not-tolM •Mend the entertainment sex Valley roadj to leave the station at 1:M> in the morning. The Hydrants, the Ogoyavi go* Mid the Steamer company expert to take J pai-tintneeventoof U» day. J Young but Sterling Preacher-. The pulpit of the North Presbytertain church was occupied a t both services yester- day by Rev. Mr. Covert, of St. Paul, Minn.. who preached two scholarly and edifying sermons. In the morning his subject was •' Christain Love.'\ from PhilJ. 2:17.1, in which he presented three phases of that iove, ! exemplified by St. Ifrul, as to its intense sensibility, its mutual reciprocation and it* alertness. Although a young man the preacher acquitted himself most worthily, and his discourses were well received by the large congregations. Subscribe now for the TiMM. Joseph Marsblill, a farmer residing in Fayette, hail a valuable cow killed by light- ning Friday night. The receipts of the Waterloo postofflce for the quarter, ending June :l(lth, 1S1I5, were $3,4*5.45. . The topic of Rev. G. K, Campbell's sermon at Sunday morning's service at the M. E. church was \Abraham's Vision.\ At the evening service it was \The Green Bay Tree and its Lessons.\ Town Clerk, Oliver C. Cone was the guest of Charles Perry at Seneca Falls yesterday. John Still was at Montezuma yesterday, visiting his friend Isaac Farmer. Charles Taylor has secured the contract for painting tbe power house and car barns of the H W. S. F. and C. L. Traction com- pany. He commenced Work this morning. Little Maria, youngest daughter of Hon. and Mrs. A. L. Childs, sustained a dislocation of the left elbow joint with compound fracture of tbe radius and ulna in falling from a fence near the residence of her parents. Dr. Geo. A . Bellows pronounces the accident one of the most serious he has met with during his surgical experience. John Welch, of Syracuse, after a pleasont visit of two weeks spent with his parents, relatives and friends here, returned last evening to resume bis duties in the city of salt. The Seneca Falls and Waterloo combina- tion base ball team will have a lively con- test with a team from Union Springs, Ca- yuga county, next Saturday afternoon at Lawrence Park. The famous Frontenoc bat- tery, rearson and McCanley will play with the Union Springs team, Riordan and Doyle will hustle and grab the sphere for the combination team. This will be one of the most spirited games of the season, and should call out a large attendance. The trimmers of the Waterloo Wagon Works crossed bats Saturday afternoon with the painters of the same works at Law- rence Park, resulting in a victory for the trimmers. Score 5 t o 7. The battery for the trimmers was-Prudhorn and McCue; for the painters, DeYoe and Dunfee. The Heneca Dramatic company consisting of young ladies and gentlemen, belonging to this town, of acknowledged talent, will produce the laughter provoking comedy- drama entitled \The Confidential Clerk, - ' Saturday evening, August 3rd, at Buyer's (lpera house, Farmer, Seneca county. John Flannigan, of Oswego Falls, a former employe of the Waterloo Woolen company, spent yesterday with old friends in town. He left this morning for his new home. Mrs. Edward Kly, of Syracuse, is making her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Love of East Elisha street a few days visit. Henry Semtner, of Phelps, was home yes- terday, the guest of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Semtner of Church street! He returned to Phelps this morning. The steam pleasure yacht that the Betts Brothers have been building is almost com pleted. She is a trim looking little croft. We shall be able, in the course of another week, to say something as to b >w she be haves in tbe < water as she will be launched in a fow days. TULLY, July 15.—Society in the little vil- lage of Tully was shocked and indignant a few days ago when Charles LyFayette, a Boston gambler, appeared and claimed Miss Rosamond Gilford, and daughter of a prominent lawyer of that viilage, as his wife. They were married at Scranton, Pa., tw o years ago, he says, she giving her name as Violet Delavena. Miss Gilford was attend- ing school at Cambridge and the last j ear she was there spent $:l,(K)u, most of which, her father believes, she gave to LaFayette. When LaFayotte announced himself as her husband she indignantly denied it, and the feeling against tbe Boston gambler was anything but pleasant ill tbe village. His proofs, however, were sufficient to convince the g rl's father and now LaFayette is trying to induce hi« wife to live with him or he threatens that he will sue her. LaFayette says that Rosamond often vis- ited him in Oswego a year ago, when he lived there for a time. She traveled on a mileage book, and he claims that it was by that he knew she lived in Tully. To Buy a Handsome Si|k or|^l|et,$^e| for a Small Sum ol Mtfuey. ^ J %%%%%%^%%%4%% \A/E have determined to close out our stock of Spring a^id \ ^ Summer Capes, and have marked them very cheap some of them at about one-half price. We? have sojtne very neat Cloth Capes in blacks and colors th.at wiuVgo very cheap. Reduced prices on Misses' and Children's Jackets, If you are going to travel we can fit you out nicelv. -%%^%^%^%%%^%. The J. W. Smith Diy GfjotoCo. Kew Goods AX CHITRY'S BARGAIN HOUSE A complete line of Granite Ironware and Iron Preserving Ket'Ies white enameled lined, of all sizes and prices. An entire new line of Crockery just received. Fruit Cans and Rub- bers. Death of Edward Moaw. young men, are home visiting their parents \ The remains of Edward Moaw, who died on North sti eet during a week's vacation. at h, f > me Ulyssess, Pa., this morning. morning, will be brought to Geneva at 7:45 this even ing, over the Fall Brook road. The cause of death was typhoid fever. The remains will arrive in charge of the I. O.O. P.of Ulyssess, of wbich he order Mr. Moaw was a respected member. They will be met a t the depot by a committee of Hydrant Hose men. It wijl be remembered that when Mr. Moaw lived in Geneva h e was one of Hydrant Hose's most active and prominent members. It is probable that the company will attend in a body the funeral, which will take place to- morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. A commit tee from Old Castle Lodge 299, I. O. O. F.. will meet thp remains a t the train and will have charge o f them up t o and during the ¥• M, GATES Glove and Hosiery Specialist. Remember ou r reduced prices on Shirt Walsls, Parasols, aid Infant? Bonuets. The y ar e th e decisive sOTJi o f retruc,-,, tion&tUrtt ac^mpi^l| the |nd defied, via : Clean out the'stacS aibd give buy. era burgalus t o remember. l . We are going to give you one case only of si'iunless hose a t 10 cts. a pair, wprth 15 cts., blacks, talis and unbleached. When 8uopp!ng,.*alvvay8 call on ui If yo u find what you want, th e chancei are you will stv u some Money. # 522 EXOHJffli ST THAT IS RIGHT, The Great Pompey has Come, And is going to place in position our new Fount. So in order to save money and tak- ing care of stock we are going to give every body a chance to buy anything in onr line at a If) per cent reduction. Remember we mean every thing. Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles, Per- fumes, Tooth Brashes, Face Powders, Toilet Soaps, etc., etc. You will receive your dis- count in cash at the Corner Drug store, opp. Kirkwood. W. O. NKBLV, Prop. interment. He Likes th e Minera l Water. Albert A. Ashley, proprietor of the Hub Theatre Bulletin, of Boston, and theatrical writer for the Boston Record, \is in town to remain a couple of weeks. Mr. Ashley is an admirer of our mineral springs. He was in Geneva when the first spring was discovered and remaining several days partook copi- ously of its waters. He was greatly benefited thereby ind has come from Boston several times since in order to get the water direct from the spring. Hotel for Sale. The second hotel in a city of 80,000* all equipped and doing a good business. Will sell furniture and fixtures with good will or the entire property consisting of block, stores,apartments,ete. Privilege of examina- tion and low figures to the right party. Address H. h. Hoyt, real estate, 40:41. Auburn, N. Y . One Albion dealer sold I'-S gallons of ice rrooni on the Fourth. Ever since the Buffalo kidnapping case came to light a Oowanda young woman stops in nights. She says she is afraid if she goes out after dark she may be \Cottled.\ A Tonawando man recently warned the public that he would pay no bills contracted by his wi'e. A paper of that village call attention to tbe fact that it was a needles injunction, as the man was never known to settle any iccounts of his own making. The Olean Times states that it generally believed that John P. Myers squandered a portion of the Ingalls estate to conduct his unsuccessful canvass for county treasurer. Ingalls did not die until four years after Mr, Mye-s thought he could be elected to that office. All advertisements under ihis licad OHO cent per word eacli insertion. No notices taken for leas than IS cents. Situations wanted fr»e. f A C1X MUST accompany advertise- vAiSXX Wants for this column, ' W ANTED—A soeond hand sideuoarff, bar, Ejes Examined, Glasses Fitted 8. H. VEE PLANCK, P. M. N10HPLAS, /X 6 \ ' STEUfiEN CQBB'fkY, \ FvWCOXfi, M. JACOBS, If asked will tell yon to go to H. L. DEZENG, JR., 20 SENECA STREET, For SaiiBfaclory Woik. < beer pump and natures. Times ofllco. Address r\ K, 41-tf W ANTED,—Room ard board m private fam- ily by young man. Address J. O. It.. Times ofllce. W ANTED.—Two conil good wages, call or address II. slon Ilouee, Genera. traveling salesmen •••- '\ M.. Man- as* - W ANTED—A girl to do general IIOIIBO work lu a sm 11 family. Apply at once to S7 Geneva street. 38t Calcium lights will be used for the tableau* this Monday evening at the Baptist church m t mm I' - For saia. The I. H. Merril place 25t East North St., six acres of land, good house, steam beat, plenty of fruit, high state of cultivation, nplendid chance for speculation on building lots, or for residence, for particulars applj on premises. 4U 46 * '. '' '\JL\» * . •\ • '\1 All tanned shoca and tin have besh reduced 25; per cent at Ouiahan'i Dettderattun •tore. I \Can Well Support It.\ Penn Yan Chronicle. Geneva has a daily paper—THE TIMES, edited by M.J. Dillon, formerly of the Tona- wanda Paily News. Geneva is a lively town of 10,0110 inhabitants, and can well support finch a nesvsy paper a s Mr. Dillon issues THE TIME«, though only two months old, has now i.Ojti subscribers* m m mm> \They Know a Good Thing.\ 8eneca Fails .lourna'. The Geneva DAILY TIME S was sent out in eight page form Wednesday. Its 81 col- umns of reading matter and illustrate ns were decidedly interesting, while its 35 col- umns of advertisements proved that Ge- neva's business Arms know a good when they see it . - m m mm, _ F OR RKNT-At Torrey Park a block of stores suitable for grocery and meat market, anil two live-room Hats with bn£Ii and all modern improvements. Already August 1 'ft 1 ). Knquiro at Torrey Park Hotel. 411 w. ....... cat instrument. John J Caslle St., Uenova, N. Y, ANTED—A bicycle In part payment for piano or organ or in exchange for a musi- •» ' *-'- * Pole, Music Dealer, 41 r O TtKNTS-Th© hotel at llio Driving Park on .1 reasonable terms. Inquireof W. G. Dove, SOU F OR SALE OU EXCHANGE—One horse 11 years old, very gentle, sound, aind a good driver; will sell or exchange for a bicycle. Apply at THE TIME S ofllce. 20lf F OE UENT—Two hanusiimcly tnrnishdj rooms over Page's Hat Stori^apiily\ a* the Mansion House. I7tf !rfW7 Gifts LATE ARRIVALS Now designs In Out Glass Bon Bon Mebe New Yorfe cut, large size, 13.50, Berry Bowl* Vases, etc. Al 8 o|a mwllfeof stone fctjflw/ i less Wedding Hings, warranted, al \ J - K ^teth's 0 ...... u.»> ,i , jiuurtD KIM E heated by steam; no* rented for 8 j ears atJ52S5 -really: this is a good bargain. Alsn my house iiml lot, 73 Madison street, ticnova; lot is large, enough forannt'or House. Inquire at Uachman A Hmdlc's store, or 78 IKadison Btreot. 13-tf x W ANTKD —A position by an experienced lady stenographer, (iood references. Ad- dress X Y l, Tl M BS Ofllce. 2ltl W ANTKD-Men . vines; nion. Apply to son, Manager, 21 thing Shirt Waists. Keduced, wide red stripe, 118 cents; plain pink, blue nnd red, new, very large sleeves, •)» cents. Vassar waists, finest made, $1.40 quality for $1.00. 0 . A. SHIHKB. 41 -..•» » —i —-— Death of Mrs. Hammond. Lucy Wads worth Langdon, wife of Ex senator Stephen H. Hammond, died at Ash- croft, tho family residence, at 11 o'clock this morning. to sell trees, shrubs nnd steady employment to good salesr - '\~ Ontario Nurseries. ,F. Uroit Exchange St. GonCAft N. Y. '. 18-lf INSECTS, WORMS, BLIGHT. Or era House Block, Geneva. A|iuH line of Silver- NoieKh* Bloufe p e j ?) Holt-PueUer, etc V*WJ ThPBe are the great onetnio of thfl Pftitner and (iardenor, who lose millions of dollars In tins country every year through the rav- ages of those peats. We can help you save nomc of this money by furnishing all the principal INSRCTI- CIDKS and the chemicals for emulsions or nil lit tires tor spraying. We havo Agricultural Reports, Knots, Journals, etc., containing lots of.roclpVs for mating siicli compounds, and are always ready to give Information upon tho subject ilcreare some prices on tlio principal articlee sod inhbl -hits': m Poplar Onerrtioe eiotfiiBrs, Are sacrificing: the remainder of Spring a»d Snuutier CloUiing ** unheard-of pm&s. If you want Men's, ^oys^ or Children's CJotb- ing it will pay ydii t„o look ti» Need we say more ? over. A Sideboard is always an ornament as well as useful, and we are showing a new hie at prices that must make them sell. Call and see the late styles. I K>Ha* f Co., «0 & 88 Cut)* ». Blue Vitriol.. ,, •P»ri«Grech...: Insect Powder * Sic (We .XSc Hellebore ^...^i.o London purple lii© W. O, NEELEVV Carnwr Drug 9t<af. -m- ifU-V ' „ ' • ^m0fi$$ 4t MifMkPK*«9»feW-**<*:• -. Ktfm I«, \-'.''\-''\i-v. .-.••, a aim '^W^^PI^^^^^^^^*|pfi!s#5HwWBWl\#'v* 1 ' '

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