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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, December 20, 1870, Image 3

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_ . - h.. a -■■■ g r m r M s : \ 1 W A T ^ T O ’Spf. DEO. 20, WTO.' , gaBpsa ■*> vr~-^%ts,m ■ rt.. TCh*oir©uI*tton of tbo D a iit X n m is now over 1,200, tad-itOQU*t*»tly increating; Onr jitertiaeraaud. o ther friends will please n u k e a a o t* o f tbli. P / Xoori H em s s r e detiredfrom every town ia f - ' t h i s oonnty. W e hope everythingof interest W w ill b*;opamu»le»ted, an d shaQ be thankful 1 to all otur friends for favors o t this kind. O U B ^ A T B O N B w ill gw stly oblige ns b y leaving th e i r orders for A dtehtj S k o , J o s W o * * a a d B n rorao s t on r Conpting- Room, i n tbe Arcade. * City wubBoribera will please notify ns promptly of any failure of carriers to leave papers regularly. Correspondents mnst understand that we tak e no notioe of anonymous communioa- tioni, , No cluwge termade for th e simple announce­ m e n t of a death.' Five cento p e r line will.-be oiurged for e a c h additional line. ■ o a th P a r t of t h e C o n n ty . Mr, Albert Lone, ol Belleville, and Obaon- cay Barrett, of Henderson, returned last week from a six weeks' bunting toon IA the . woods. baok o f Bello v illa, Ont. They shot eleren deerj o n e of which, a buck, weighed 250 pounds; a n d caught eight,-mink and one fisher. Tbeir venison they shipped to New York and sold their mink skins in Ontario. We are indebted to Ms. Lane for o n e oi the finest pair of antlers we ever saw. Some ol o a r farmers have young cattle end horses still in pasture on Henderson Point, and have not a s yet given them one forkful of iodder. >- - c s r ' M r. B. Barney formerly a member of ihe firm oTS. A. «t B. Barney, jewelertof Adama h u opened a jewelry store f n Belleville witb an entirely new stock of goods. T h * original Barker family of vocalists are giving; concerts in this section this week. They always draw good houses end give sat­ isfaction. . . gOAXPKL N e rtla F a r t e r n » e C o n e ty . While Jotham W . Johnson was breaking som e dry Umba trom a hemlock trunk one day this week, striking them with ih e head o f ihe ax, it recoiled, heavily on striking one whioh did n o t give way, cutting a ghastly gash in bin knee, entirely wavering e portion „ , - ~ _ ‘, \7 7 1 of th e knee-pau, which Ue left in th e woods. L&st jflw they b rought {joHiani. wm •'»« 4K- *11 -------- ’ LOCAL h o n e u». T r a v e l e r s ’ D i r e c t o r y - T in K*W T x w t T abus will go into effeoton Monday- Train* going sonth will EB*.V> WATBBTOWN—UPPXB DXPOT, fo r Bome, 8:15 a. U . ; 12:15 P. i s . ; 4:52 p. n. ABXITS AX WAXmTOWN, Prom Bome, 8:02 a. h. ; 4:87 p. u . ; 9:15 p. Trains going n o rth will leave WATZKTOWB - F o r Ogdensburg, 8:12 a. k. ; 5:00 p. h . ; and 0:25 S a tu r d a y * . K. AXXITIAT WATUTOWX, From Ogdenabnrgh, 11:55 a. * . ; 4:42 p. k . • - C l t v e n d C o n n t y , —Election paaeea to-day. —Walk* a r e covered wjth io* and politi­ cians. —Silwer m ine meeting to-day. The bnsi- M N ia going on nicely. - h e r . Prim e had an audience Of five •thousand laat week in Brooklyn to listen to -‘Around the W orld.’ —T h e ioe a t the rink ha* not been dam- ugad f a t by the change ol weather, and probably will be in a good oondition on Srt- wtrday. —T t o navigation b as closed in the Wolfe Island Canal. It is frozen n p —tight u a m a rket. T h e steamer Watortown makes her tripe t o Kingeton around the bland. r t r i X csxcal A s a o c u n o x . —The singers of the M ertharn New York Musical Union, will hold their iderenth anntul festival, at Lawrence Will, BJatone, commencing Monday P. IL, January 8 th, closing o n Friday evening, Jan. U th 1871. Tha festival will b e conducted by Ifr. J o h n P . Morgan o f New York, assisted ~i>y M y ra Brminard and James Parton of New Tork, a i d J . P. Cobb bf Boston. Two oon- rtarta will b e given on Thursday and Friday evaaiitg*, a n d a lecture on Tuesday evening. m----, __ MW «VIV aaa UAC WUUUIk • \ ' — f Jotham, y o n should use t h e othor e n d o l the them home as soon as the middle of Ootober. «x its safer. A few months since we spoke of a noto- William Kepler, who is a t present stopping rious swindling operation whioh counted its with hi* brother, Peter Kepler, tells me the victims in this section o f the county by scores following i p relation to h ia broken leg, whioh and we really hoped o u r exposure of the owing to tbe nntunal severity of tb e case, second thought of the well si the skill evinced in* saving it from people wonld prevent the making of sny smpntatlon, wt believe will not b e entirely more dupes by a humbug so perfeotiy turns- without interest to your xnsny readers:—On parent. Wo refer to w h at is best known h ere th® 27th, M r. Kepler wax operating with -a as the “Lawrence bond scheme, \wherein one stamp m*°bin«, a n d w h e n the heaviest strain •w . . . - wm oa the \ swmd taa *ncbor-on*in broke, Jehiel Lawrence, now, or until recently, a when the fo r m \ flew baok with fearful mo- resident of Lewis county, by the issue end mextium, striklog bi* lag about b a ll way be- sale o f bonds o t ono thousand dollars cedi, tween the ankle a n d knoe of tlie sight leg, proposed to raise money ouodgti t o enable m & b l u n m S a tw o b m k a him to visit England a n d successfully prose- to powder. Dr. L. O. Watson of cuto his claims to an estato o i $140,000,000, Alexandria Bay w as Called, andaftex a careful uow i n the h ands of tho British government ®**®|k**to> h) [r®n^T told Mr. Kepler that _ . ... he had little faith in human skill in attempt- and awaiting a olaimant, and to which estate |b „ to Mve , w braised snd ho claims to b e the legal heir. broken. Mr, Kepler being very anxious to On the payment of th e paltry sum of $10 wave his fog it possible, th e dootor undertook the holder of one of these bonds was entitled the seemingly hopeless talk of binding to- o , u . « , « . w h « iM r. l«w - £ . E J t o rence should succeed in getting it, it being while undergoing the operation, so excrucia- expressly provided in t h e bond thst b e wss to ting wa* h u suffering. — exercise all due diligence to obtain it. “tod* before it could be Three trials were plaoe, until l . ™ , „ m d . ^ s a ,i?s;lkSL?5s,'K [ tion of (he county a n d the b e tter to negoti- <*, remoTisc tha bandage he would find the | ate the sale o f his bonds, le f t them in tb e lim b mortified, and ampliation neeeaiaxy. hands of threo o r fonr men i n the town of H e v j u k e p t aponW* hack shout trine weeks Henderson, who assumed lo have, a n d poeai- ^ M„ a u i..-. /— «... — »-•— ................. g d * I in a sitting le,, a n d now able to walk a ii t ti e ___ that t h t lag i i no rihorter t h u before, and thinks it will, in time, become entirely sound. H e feel* very grateful to Dr. Weteon, to whoeesuperior ekM and thorough atten­ tion, he ascribes hi* remarkable cure. H. D. Oraree, o t Clayton, haa sold hi* farm ■ removing during the to Alfred Lefty, and ootttemjdstox removing bly d id have, implioit confidence In hi* d a te - ments and faith in hie scheme These individuals have been untiring in their efforts t o sell thom, and they have suc­ ceeded to an extent t h a t seema oimoatinerad- ible in a community t h a t baa tbo reputation of being intelligent, educated and oommon sense. But these operators were man of good oharmctor, a n d om o r two of them church members, a n d men n o ted (or their piety, the churches reckon piety. How easy it are* for Brother A. to convinoe Brother B. or Sta­ ter O. that these bonda were a good, safe a n d _______ ________ ___ __ ____ _ ___ profitable investm ent ? “ Certainly,\ they and mow, whioh bid* fair to continue, to the T » “ “ * * 5 \ e s s s v ! L f £ v s e f i . , i u r . us, for he ts a real good, pious man, and a “ 7 ^ member of o u r church,\ without stopping to reflect that Brother A . might be deceived, I t o St, Lawrsaos C a , m m I winter, we are informed. Sherman Bredis, ol SA. lawranoe, who h a s aeveral time* been vary low with consump­ tion In y e a n pret. i* again dotfin with the dta- *na i s spparwntly h a the vary last itage* andbayocd neovary. yio ara j u t now£anduriug a diaagreeable | alternation of wwather: now a n d rain, ru n , P x w m ta* . —How ahall we keep Christmas whioh unfortunately fall* this year upon Sun­ day? Surely the many thousand* of working Men ared woman who look forward to the hol­ iday with e o muoh anticipation will n o t be de- priw & o f H . Wa were in the aama difficulty f h yea 81 * 00 , aad th* experiocoe thu* gmin- Im a sefol a t th* prreent crisis. Thai in 1864 were at f irst’ arqaw h ii Ot m foaa as to the coarse which ■hoaid be p o ^ e a i i , e n d *oo aside rsble amount of oorrreponden.W to t* pfoop fa the public journal* u p o n tbe *w*>J*et. WQ? * certr*n dsgree of a ffort a ver^ S^oxtl c o l l i s i o n w reak length arrived a t, ilbtt Monday, Bee- ’ 26th, should b e an actJtol holiday. a r e r e t o ^ ^ x o d tradarx T a x L u m a Bxiiixv C o t tx i m x p r tb x X. I f . tl. A- was organised two or three —weekxlflfim for the p u rpoeeof tefUving thog* areoaig IU who are in a Buffering e n d doeti- tste coudition. It m n st always be th* «*%« . that l a tv e r y large town there win- be m o re1 or laa* sufferiag dm.'ug the oontinoBice of '.the Wold aeeaon, from the went of tha com- t Moansaries of life. A Httle oontributed J frocn tk* abundanco of the tioh, will prevent Ooiwat dixtxere and make th e recipients oorn- (ortabi* i f not happy. She’l wo not have a terexty raepom e on the p a r t of those who U r e tka tnrena. to-.the appeal of the oom- miMe* f Oontribut^ooa of clothing or money vagy he a e n t to the room* o f the Y. M. 0. A., o r Sefl t o the order o f the eoaaaiittaa,with Mr. Okie. Heresy, n t the store o f Camp A Homey. T h a o o w n l i t e e m e e t t o t a o n o i t s i ? P, M. • ------ G o o d T a u r u s 's Frsnvxr,.—B y glancing U p tn d d m onr publio thoroughfares, oft tioaea, o n e wotid lurdly realize that we had fit okr xaidat, a large body ol temperance pooplr, ta d indeed no on# can fully spprsoi- Jrba iha fitot, tifl pnoe placed in ft situation w h ere c t n ba eeaa the organisation aa it ex- W a , ‘T O ti evening, the feativai held by this 1 O rder a t Odd Fellows' H t l , waa largely at- tao d a d end greatly enjoysd by thoee who w o re fortunate enough t o be in attendance. T b e y h a d speeches, masks, singing, oysters, lo e tn a tm , a n d q n ite a supply of good looking jw i a g ladle*, though th e supply did not ex- oaed Ore <Ulri*nd. The room n u t being large xomuffh to aoeogwnodate a large crowd, only because being an honest htmawlf he tho't every other m an h o n e st We know of aeveral ceses where persooa of very limited tna*na ware Indtxoed to parohAM ene or two o f thsao bonds, in the hop* o f be­ ing suddenly msde rich, simply beoauw Brother A. advised them to invest. And yet we would not accuse s n y of there operate;* of being knaves, for they are mot of good character, a n d they appear to be hon­ est ; therefor* we s r e compelled, painful the it may bs, t o accept the other horn of tha dilemma a n d call thom I—a. W e hav* taken aome pains to eaMyfftta how many of these bonds have bean told hereabouts, and think the number will not tall short o f 800. B u t what hss become of Mr. Lawrenoe 7 H a s hs gone to England to secure the estate ? A t one time the bond­ holders sre told he has gone, but a fow days after he is seen i n a Becond-dass boarding house iu Oswego. Again he ts heard of in Oneida aoanty, and thither goes ono o f tha principal b ondholders fo sen him. He seema perfectly indifferent; hss xoado no prepara­ tions for h is journey over tho stormy s e a ; but is content to sit down it h is ease and enjoy his ill-gotten gains, though comparatively small, on th is ride th e big water, rather than brave the dangers ot tho mighty'deep, in search of the Immense fortune— “ in a hom\ (he other side. A fow weeks sinco the principal bond­ holders a n d brokers, diagustad w ith the dila­ tory snd indifferent Mr. Lawrenoe, proposed to send o n e of their own nnmber to E ngland, but, Mko the fabled council of rets who voted to puts bell on t h e cat, th e plan was sn ex­ cellent one, but w h o would carry it ont. Jnst a t this tim e fortune threw in their way s man claiming fo b e an English attor­ n e y . H e Galled o n them, and for $500, otah in advance, .would make the journey. B e was familiar with the business, had prosecut­ ed success fully aewsni such ctafrns, and was jnst the man for them. Ot course I t was, and they were happy i o embrace th* golden opportunity, for thoy were shrewd men. They paid the $500 end congratniatoi themselves that now the money would b o forthcoming. But unfortunately for tho attorney, thalr faith speodily b egan to waver and before h e bad loft the country they bdcimS satisfied be was a swindler if Lawryuacp was not. They followed him to Watertown and by causing his a rrest there, obliged h im to d is­ gorge h is retaining fee. Now they are i n a quandary, and in oonre v . i iv. i _ . j . j . a . . • I ma* and' Haw Yean. B. 0 . Wallace h u butchared 17 aa fine Suffolk pigs ae w* xwer aaw. Thaa* pige , Uto Uttere, tire flret of which cam e th a fth o f May, th e otirer tba f l a t , and ava- a . j rove tc ’ . . a * - — New, c)eau, brightBngars received t h i s day u29d8-17 NOTT & PALMEEB. Cranberries, nioe ones, a t n29d847 NOTT & PALMER'S. Fresh Figs, by th e box o r dozen, a t n29d8-17 ' NOTT k PALMER’S, Choice LemoSs, received this m o rning st n29d8-17 NOTT A PALMER’S, ; Malaga Raisins (layers) a t n29d8. NOTT k PALMER'S. Fox’s Excelsior Crackers, a t - U29d8-17 NOTT k PALMER'S.' Siscoes a n d A No. 1 Mackerel, at u2»d8-17 NOTT & PALMER’S. Fresh arrival of those delightful Cigars, at n-'9d8.17 NOTT k PALMER’S. Booms to Lbt.—A_ small family c a n find very pleasant rooms a t corner Orchard & Cof­ feen Sts., within tea minutes walk of the post-office. d n d ’t.* i Pure Coffee can be had at jhe Watertown .Tea and Coffee Store. . n29d8-17 -TheJum taud flnsstTeuB ia least money, a t the Watertown Tea a n d Cof­ fee Store. »2Dd8-17 The new Water’ Engine commences to roast and grind those choice Coffees to-day, at tho Watortown Tea and Coffee S tore. n29d8-17 Bemember that any thing you purchase a t the Watertown -Tes-snd-Col£ee8toreI--j,ou4-i ore sure to get 16 ounces to every pound. Their m o tto is: “ Full Weight*, Quiok Sales and Small Margins,’’ snd the boys a re bound io live u p to i t .Give them a call. n29d8-17. BY TELEGRAPH* MORNING REPORT. AFTERNOON DE8PATCHE8. A large variety of goods suitable for Christ­ mas Presents, can ba found at C ooks ' s . ' (did) Ladies do not fail to see those elegant Foot Bests for the gentlemen a t O. IV. Lawrence ft Co.’s. LidieS- and Qxmt's hem'd stitched Hand­ kerchiefs, the largest and best stock in town, at (dl6) Cooix'e, A Nsrw T wo H ome B ob B h i o h , with m u x skats, Fob Saijl—It ia spleadidly ironed and beautifully painted. Will be sold cheap. Enquire at the Jeffenon mills o f Hanehett ADdong. d6t B o m b a r d m e n t o r P u r l s Im p o s s tb l* . New Y’ork, 20.—Herald’s Brussels cor­ respondent tefegnjphs this morning that thp bombardment'of P aris is declared to be impossible. It ia n o t humanity which restrains the Prussians, bnt simply a n im. possibility for tbem to'succeed, aa thoy have neither the nnmber nor calibre of guns necessary. They bave only 500 guns, mainly 24 pounders, a n d the French out­ works, which command the batteries, can j destroy them the moment they open fire. Paris has two months’ supply of food. A correspondent writes from Vendotnc : Neither of the French armies, commanded hy C'hanzy a n d Bourbaka, number less than one hundred thousand men, and they can draw reinforcements from the other parts of Franco of nearly double that number. The appearance of th e French armies is favorable. Many o f L he men are, small In stature, but th e majority are large athlotlc follows. I have seen whole compauies of Garde Mobiles which presented th e ap­ pearance of comprising picked men. All that is necessary is the getting of these men accustomed to standing fire. They are raw troops now, but, as was t h e case in-t.h e United Rtgtca during ths rebellion, steadiness o n the battle field is sure to come. N afkimb goods, a t and Doylies, (dlS) and other linen Coon's. SreSafcuptore w b * ^ S w r L w s y .'- aoreptkxM , and everybody bring aoquaintod re f o o d tim e of oouree followed!. Dccretorm _ tUoS ilriaare of value to th* organization, 4Dd ■boeUl oome r e o ften u prootioebls. B M K trO T tC B . ViCTOxr o r T n * VAxquauom. —A story of Alt* S i n t Cetitoiy. Published by Dodd and H s * } ofN e w York. 'W to\er* ixdeibtod t o U e ssn Hterling a n d M o iber ( o f thix interesting—historiotL.tq^ Xuute*. Th* scone is Uid in the Boman Em- * fifre, e n d traverse* a wide field o f Bonum Story. The habito o f t h e people oompriring the d ifferent n ationalities of this wonderful r em p ire from G aul to W estern Aids, their su- psrxtitions, religions toeeto, notion* ot vat, habito o f industry, pares tal relation*, Ao., Ao., e re b rought out m viTid picture*. It is * s tory o f heroism, ia finely written s n d very instructive. Ctstiows clearly h ow the oonuptions th a t fissU y itqpjped the foundation* of th is mighty X m p i # fin t began thslr work through tka potttieisita SOd were oontfhued, in «pit« ’ - A t 7 $ f o m •$ w f tr tn , till th e Empire d b - infinities a n d reefid . . . M i .|#KBMaaf oorrnption. T h e rfflnue “ . f io tii'a)* a ^ M titht ths reader witit IsTrid . Vp*to*v*T a w^ _ y o w p - A J e t % Ptop, whioh harbeen r/ ■ J s f t s t m s s a r e , . ~ uu s n e r am* a»aau»a. ---- —--—— 7 > tliis d a ta yonr draft will b e dmr hem* r tbe amount’ of yonr claim, leM i f lb. s t th s T M iin u O q y n ilS r ito n . A wall known citizen of Henderson, who it iheowperofone bond, recently motived* jetfof of whioh thp following is aa exact oopy: . New York Oity, Nov. 25th 1W0. W. H— , Esq. Dear Sir, On looking over th e reoords ot the U « . renoe Estate we fled yonr name among those interested In (h e reoovery of tbe same, aad yon a rs hereby notified ‘that the funds ere -naw.inouir Dawseeaion, but claims will n o t be ptotdf After ored for . per cent. Respectfully yours, QmnxBMixv* A Coox, Bankers, - 31 Wa’ISt., N.Y This letter wm written on * hrifrireetof oommon note piper withont aay printed heading. Evidently i t never came from lf*D St. N. Y,, b n t issn effort o n the part o f too* one nearer home, who to well acquainted with the party to whom i t was sent, to indnoe him to b u y more bonds; or i t may hsra bren written by some waggish fellow for a pare hoak. We oennot learn that any other partis* have reoeived suoh a letter We would call the attention ofthe Mseeaorsof AtUmx, Mia. burgh ttd Mfepfcraan 16 the fact that thee* bonda are not exampt front t^ 6 to )ittd : pecfntal property to the nnouiri o f ii**' or fotfr hnndred’ thousand doilari to vjvtfikr' looHrig Mtir' It these days ofhigh iaxire.'’ * Dajon AtotfrinyluriAboat’fifty pupiii iM t t M k o f t i » f d l l N t f .e ■ s, than thwikbore. Tba ohildren a re to have a Christmas tie* on ChrietwiM eve in th* M. K Church. Wbst easdjee, whet picture book*, wbat doll*, w h at nlalmaek* mad toy* o f every des­ cription will Santo Claus then bestow upon th* good ohiidranl Z ozoaitx *. t , Ofrnae’s t a s u l O r e e t l x s t a r 1 1 7 1 , “ a s imna w r o u a tax. waxxxs.8 loaaM toiow x , To view o u r b ran new d ty . A n d ell th e rightn he noted down, To weave into ■ ditty. He eeme'in on FnmeUe'etide, A n d sroresd on o ld Btupention : And viewed Bteek Biver's culling tide, - Along its g reet dnebntion. He next bahetd o u r d ty toy, And thought h e 'd oome to Chass's, A n d saked a little bright-eyed boy, Why tbujgp b#d *9 changed plscaa I Sny* hs, “ this ia not Obaap’s thing,\ H a has them under ears* 5 - ffis doll d o s t fra i l * np until Spring. S o that n o on* o a n lore bar. H i * m n s are portable e n d gay, Wwtefft them t o o u r kouxee; * A n d for t h e tig h t don’t hare to pny W hri. toopey’f f a par taowaere. T h is is R a b e o reai the ,wall, J a r i a* o o r Mayucniagh* h e r ; XI yen wonld e a a foe e n t a n rell, Cofii*;«iiMto:|hA'fiitai hire water. Three U o A ^ l l i y . i w n n d ’tire baae, With tiiiipw ire'itdii-B rfanaw , Gaanot * 0 M |>r* with ttepre of Chase, Wttk to>dteaitod,wiihl>XBb* oa. You*** we're «et.a mifflhfy town, TV* l e e t o where i le n i n in g ; T o rere the foDtt from b eing drowned. I t only needed dreiaiag. And *o by Ofitaeii’* G iead Bexaar, T h * n r a t a a anighfy eewer, I _ think that Chree m o at have a oar, Andrtra* hi* g o o d * ri0dihroU g h h * r. fo r riMh ff$<* fiHag* y o u n a v tr saw, - They eoafywfore n ^ ^ know it, Bach erawd* o f people t h r t ibyr drew, Amreaa e'en tte* p o e t “ T to’i tried t o aritbew h e i# to rhyme. And yasrfy b s gore tkroa#k H, Tuteea ha g a ls (head o f time, frn lo r e t e l l a tr e r Ao it. YonU are a d j i w tribe its plane, Yog n e e d Bo* writ a aaiest*. Foe Chrtetxaa* Hid few New Teer’i tte*, iB u Jm d n d h rertaaB d fooaa, InW atortown, y b n T raevrta*#, A store oosoptredto Cheeek And Ckree wrill keep hi* new Ba*»ar, No fear of h te ebeoocdtog ; O b bia Otot t ^ BfTl HBf W* oar, Aad d o it without bonding. Ho I foc C hew’* n e a r and t o , Ffiddf*; Dowrn, outaide, n p the middle. Yankee Doodijb 4$«tfl6-iSpaii YukkeeDoodbXX IB aaekNtoekfyto *«•».* ~ »nntn w d sa#flf o tady. A tasdoanditnreM . \ * Plain Linen Haudkerohiefs at 75 oents p e l dozen, a t (dl6) C o o n ’s. Go a n d eee all of those luxurious Chairs tor the holidays, a t G. W. Lawrence ft Oo.'s. Hnaio Boxes, Toy Drums, Flutes, io. re- o«lred this dsy at 0. T. G skxm *’*, Wwhing- ton St. Musio Store. B xax . Vaxanronmis ILacai H akdkxxckxxt *, Fonrr G auxx , and P o u r A r o u q u i L a s * C ozlaxs —splendid goods—a t Cooxx’a. (did Do n b t toil, before purchasing your gift* for th a holiday*, to see ail of th e beantifnl artioiea in the ahspa of furniture tt G. Vf, law**a*« ft O a ta. - - -- Luaoan—Pine Lumber at ill kind* aewad to order r t abort notice, a t the Nsw 8 tasm Saw Mill fn Ohaumoat. ' deolOd J. Q . A dams . The nioest areortmsnt of Black Ostrich Flume* ever brought into 'Watertown, from $5 to $9.50 eaoh, it dl4dw2w D . B. S awtokd ft C o b , Hat* W oxk —Hu n Jxwxaikx, Ao.—Paxtio- ntar attention paid to Hair Dreasiixg, at No. 2 Stone at. a27d6m Ltzsm MoMzzzajr. Anew aaaortment of BUpptr P atterns, at dl4dw2w ’ TX7R USmcqapk Co’s. Velveteen in ail oolars, for sals at dl4dw2w V. B. Sunroxn ft Oo’a. D ry Goods, Fancy Good*, a n d hire, for tb* Holldiy*,Tn \greatrerieties a h - - H owtkax A WmRxxnao. W ashington, 29.—Gen. Schonck having stated to som e of h i s associates in Con­ gress that h e would not tak e his 6ett in the House after Thursday next, i t is be­ lieved (hat b i s departure for England will not b e long delayed. He ia now busy a t tbe State D e p a rtm e n t, making himself fa­ m iliar with the p a s t history of t h e Ala­ bam a claims and o th e r m atters of interest between t h e two g o v ernment!. H ia name will be sent to the Senate to-day or to­ morrow, a n d will b e promptly confirmed, when he w ill tender his resignation as a member o f tb e House. T h e V a c a n t S e a a t o n U l p Albany 20.—T h e Attorney-General, in rosponwJo a n inquiry from the Governor, has rendered an opinion th a t the latter is not empowered to fill the vacancy in the Senate caused by the death o f - Senator Blood, and that th e Laws do n o t 'yivavide for holding a special election for [that purpose. The mattcr has been left to tbe Legislature to remedy. * Dennis Mitchell, of Troy, while quarrel -1 ing with a boy named J o h n O’Neill, last evening, was shot by.the latter und will probably die. R a i l r o a d Accident. Hudson, N . Y., 2 0 ,- J o h n McAllister, u llitgmun 011 the Hudson River Railroad, aged 70 years, was instantly killed by the Lightening Express going south yesterday afternoon. The body w a s carried nearly u mile on the cow-catcher and w as shock­ ingly mangled. 12,000 bamel*. fiidre 9000,5 , 20 >5 41 for Spjwrilne Stotoawp'm tom ’oore. a fo ohoice E xtra Stofoi A 8 7®c 50 m p ohoica extra Western 5 h0®(, 50 . to choice round hoop Ohio 5 90 ® Bale* ? o 4 ^ ^ ^ S •1000 ’a t ' M * w w i i P ^ t o Winter, P r o s p e c t of Pease Im p r o v in g . London, 10 a . m ., 20.—Prospects of peace are much improved this morning., It is. th*ught in. Berlin and.Fra.nkiurt.that : a peace basis proposed b y neutrals, w ith some amendments, will soon b e adopted. Military movements hi t h e field continue actively, and the French are evidently en de&voriug to concentrate. O n e of the German armies is falling back beforo Bourbakt. Four different qoalitisa of Black Velvet­ een on h and o p d jor sa)* a t d!4dw2w D. B. S axwoxd ft G o 's H o t F o r C h r i s t m a s I —Fancy Goods tor Christmas a t Gooke's. Th* best assorimant and tha cheapest Bea­ ver Cloakings iu town r t G ookis . Bpltndid B oaoe S o r e , juat received ind rexy ohrep r t Oooxxs. K a rr Goon* by the yard r t Cooxxs. PoMoxs,' Diagonals, Serges, Empress Cloths Vuloure and other D n a s Goods, ut all tho fashionable oolon, and i n Block—very ohrep r t Goasxa. Home made Flaunal o u t b o found ret d9-dw2w Cooxxs. _ ; t h * w a h m nw m , Ox ATHV xekwi Exr x sm zcaz T is aot th* cloth ta that makes t h e man,* Some »noj«ntireg*lu5i t*)^, Wbo, did h s lire to modern tim e! Would taka back a v u y word. F o r who thrt bxvds now-*-day! H m not {hirlaaatnriaamed, T h rt h s m a rt drees to suit t h s time*, Or surely h i ll be spurned. Ifb * be youxtaABdwant to rise, * As every body knows, H« must nofib* too peuny-wia*, But thniys x a ar good doth**. I t cot m t i t o v h o he i s , Or whrt the pelsoU k n p f f . He ne’e r oos pass for what h e ’s worth, Unlrea he weals good clothe*.' I uow submit t o you myfriand, To whom thia mreaage goes, on n a rer felt youraelf to trig As wh«a you w ear good olo^**. No man oan bold h is bred a o high, Nor b e so eelf po*ae**ed, . . Nor wilh anch atrength th® world dafy -Aa w baahe.goea weUdrtiawjL Now tttia adrix* # * wolimtoM “ to r th * |o q d ol«IlwAnHii(l,i If yo* would W hat j t m ay% 'rtp$art iji j u i m t ... 1Q*yfoitewllwcn»Hia*atlMr fioOxttop-, H o m . not g o retrty, b u t fixid tire right plao*, NIKhay t atf.reto fiirtftopfoiBflhflt tf '- B A Q iBma. iN g tfbO w tti-S : VTsteatowA New Y o rk. 20.— A. Vendomo correspon­ d e n t writes on the 14th: Manoeuvring is tbe order o f the ( tf y with t h e French a rm y comm anded by Gen. Ghanzy and th e G e r m ans under the D a k * of Mecklinburg a n d Prince Frederick Chirie*. A* • conse­ quence, thero are m o re e x h x u itlng marches th a n hard fighting a | present. Now Y o rk, 80.— Bteamiblp* City o f C o rk and Nevada, both from Liverpool, u e coming up to-(toy, Judge Cardozo, y e iterdxy, in Court o i Oyer uk I Terminer, rentenced Michael Kerrigan to 20 y e a n in Sing Sing, Ib r knocking a man down a n d robbing bin; o f five d o llars. Tbe notorious H i t B o r a , th e Fourth W a rd ru t baiter, whoae real name wa* W illiam K e jboorn, d i e d In h i a W ater, street dance honae, l u t night. H i* agonies a n d eoutXMrieau were fearful, a n d only w i t a r t f e d by M is. Burn*, t h e i r two daughter*, R e v . fa t h e r M artin a n d tto-m a d lcahrattaadaot The N e w York U n ivenity Larw ac opened l a s t e renlng w i t h * fonnaLrecep- tion, A large n u m b er o f eminent citizena wero p resent, a n d addnaaei w e re made by Judgo D a v iei a n d Wm. A. Butler, A s p e c ial despatch a aya th a t inveatiga- tions in Engineers Department a t Forfcresi Monroe has bronght t o light extensive frauds a n d dofalcxtions, w h ic h w o u ld h ave been (lieclowd m o n ths ago h a d it not been t h a t the b rother-in-law o f the chief defaulter ia a prom inent General. Tho confederate* a r e t o be treated w ith g n a t severity. It ia stated th a t th e chief de­ faulter h u absconded. R u m o ri are abo afloat o f I m g a lu tttea i n the Commiaawy, DopartmeBtvWffifiii-poiati ---------- - T h e Siege o l F n t a Berlin 20.—Tho Cross Gazette of th i s , the failure t o open tfisT*boml>ardment of I Paris were incorrect. Difficulties in tho transportation o f m aterial and heavy guns will shortly be overcome. Further action will be g u ided b y m ilitary consideration. London, 20,—The Telegraph this m o rn­ ing has a special from Brussola saying that the late heavy c a lls for landw b er denote a weakness o f th e Gorman investing army around Paris, s n d that its operations, are uow more defensive t h a n offensive. Ono or tw o m o re sortees l ik e that o f last n ight and the seigo o f Paris w ill be raised. A special dispatch from Frankfort soys that a m o n th w i l l bo requited bofore tho bombardment o f Paris jwlll b e possible. Gone in use in t h e German a rm y at present arc u tterly worthies* t o r such a purpose, snd, besides t h a t , Versailles itaelf is near- ly in range of th e French guns, Poughkeepsie 20.— Charles MurphyV dwelling o n S o u th fit. was destroyed by fire this m o rning. L o s s $5,000. Partial-1 ly insured. New Y o rk 80.—Considerable m o w fell ] in thia vicinity lu t night ending in * heavy rainstorm . Boston 20.—A alight fall o f Snow hew thia morning ending i n rslo. Pprtsm o u th N . B. 20 .—Snow fell here to th e depth o f two inches. T h e rm o m e te r st S alem s t sunrise w u 18 fo below freezing p o int, t n d at Hamilton th is morning 1 0 tf l o w u t o . mon I mon to common < 6 44). RYE. FLOUR—DuU. at 4 00®5 55. WHEAT—Firmer. Receipts 8,000; Hale* for New Spring, itod and Amber COBN—DuU. , Receipts 41,000; S ties54,000, a t 7I074J tor Now Mixed Western; ‘ OATS—Dnll. ~ ' ’ Receipts 19,000; Sales 28,000, a t 9ri001 : Western s n d Ohio. ‘V i \ ” D0BK—Quiet, : Sales 100 bbls., St 19 25®lu u7 for new : Moss. $18 50fo r o ld. ’’ \ ‘■’■'■‘t L.ABD—DuIL Sales lOO tieroes a t (or-Steam Refined, 12$@13 for kettle w n ; dared. # B U T T E R -ll® 4 2 . ■* t CHEESE—12®16j - S EQGS—32@38 ., P NEW YORK D e c , l f f 'M Asazfi—Unchanged at $0 7 0 7 J5 f d r p o ® | CorroH—Is $0 higher. - Safeaof 7,847 bateW ot-xtidaBHgTiptotarst i5$c: ' ___ 7 r „ ~ l ■WniHKt—Ia stoady. Boles ot 360 bbls •*; 9/ic. I Hit—to scarce sod ua good demand a i| $ 1 05 fot shipping 1 $1, 1501.85 for roUdS lots; - ■ - ■ • - tt — ----- H ops —Choice new in fair request r t 8 0 i .l e | (o r western; 10®16 for Btatc^ - K C o n n —Is d o l l Bales o f y,0i o n private tanoa. I— tiooAa-jJa^nifiL ^ t i e a Ot. 800 hhcta mt 1 lo j@ n o for O u b a ; io j 0 i ij o for Potto M oiassks —to firm. S ticedf 300 bbk a l l 63@f2o. for New Oriema. IliOHwiMza—85j@86o. - 1 ^ Eior—Ia dull. Sties of 25 (tenj*s rt< t $ # l Coax,—to unoh’d. Scranton r t AS 77kM M 4 f ^ p a x e ^ S S S r foratov* ; $8 7 5 « 4 00 for c h M t ij g g l H n * a decline ol 25»40o p er ton, LiAxiixx-to qniet H e tulookxotol , Ayres a n d Bio-Grand* light,.h*avy awlB fflew«ghtartJ27®80o doC tiifaririarta 29o; doOrlaooo r t 26#28$o. , , ^ y o o x ^ torm o h 'd.atie* o l NXAQOOlteai «52$o t o doaneatfo waAed -, 250450 for pulted , 500*3 ? I tubbed; 25$ 026 for O tiifom ia;T 70 ff 8 « i t a u i i e r n i M , A B*rlin spacdti wyu a ooafarctio* o f tip- roaantativei off nretrai pow*rah*a b * e a h*Id , r t t o foreign o&o« £h*r« r t w U d r f ilu i d L j lowiig baste t o p*we wa* Agreed to:- Aequi- **o*ne* t o the a n cixatioo of ttiu u a b u r i tre P r e itii; reoognition of G e a m u Rmmref paymsnt b y Fxand* o f an indemnity t o Q*r- maay'ot 13,000,000,000 inoca; m reiaglwt* fortrereea on GeWaia froauaw **d th* t o o{a p o rtion of Alaao*. v ... , xMa-'.'.Mta0A0talA.«M0MtaB#tflik''--'00Bl)totoUr 1 ia London eMaathn* in Jsuaary. Brsxta K u t a t from L o n d o n . I There h u been n o flghtuog around t h e ity iln c a t h e tot d f'D e c e m o tfi lh e people from th e out inst. Soldier* a n d cltixent w e re undism ayed., Puhilo o r d e r w m pcrfeCt-Jand atoT r e ^ m :-i Bring ix y n « P o tiM KaH« Haikltet Md; gefiNiwBladMin ■o t t f s * ) h Mtorotia HK v e r FktfncBadV tabN li ‘ ' ------- hiagffhop. Ba t f p r ijiand (6 d o ag n a t. to n y Udngx i n t o 4 . M o n o x . 'i a c h o to B f i^ cr . 1 of Pam* hsre rcceived new* outride world n p to the 11 th pie for several month*. Advices have been received here-ar* noundng that tho Germsn* riormed Nntx, in the department o f Cotte d'Orr, on the 18th. The french withdrew *t rughtfan. Texas. ^ Paovacore —X „ , , -Po* i« dril and ' U Sjha of 1,200 bbl* itt $1880 t o riJJU #19 85-to n*w n w t; #ITOO#W 8 0 to i ptim* mere. Atoo, l ,000 bbk x toito/l S ! S V H & f g j £ E t £ i l .afoadv. Stic* of 200 bbla ot$990ai.- b«*l k qul*t. 8*lM.otl60 ti«e*a,rt t-r for prim* meas 1 #80083 for Lsfltfi Cut m*ate an..dii]L;' Btitwat S S U . & * <Wb*ri*ndcxxtj.*4.j tord—Stisa, of 300 for staaawd: 11 ) 01 ! for ihonlderi. % o u tt «tty «HM*-He 1,1)018* for Batter te qniri rt 11016* 200426 f w l t o k r ' r ...... *t 12019)6. w m . . | r ; GhWaM qntffi-l' Fi«u»--to riali and mekamroi, ntrac at a ^ - W J u r i i a ae» m N * . * / t for Dre., imdE#B»f iAaBiirf^ th* affotaoom steady wMt* «t#UHj0lO6 Corn iTqate* at 41 naw No ff; 41} **U*r forJire/pY kftensoohnof - ta* for irooLoomd ] Tbe Germans lost 900 klltotd'snd w0un3- ed. Among the wounded waa-Priace 'William of Baden, who wn* ihotrthrough thecheek. ■ ; ., . , ; John Bright hia-retigned the Freddon* cy of the Board o f Trtde. - . . , .<Met The lull terti o f Pretident Grants azi- n u r i m r e u g e w ia^raihllihedjhere fodfffyi nurtmeuagevfWjpuWlsbod here fodfoy for the first tlmfo-^p^Eton-rnntpmat? ments says if the Piroslflmnt expects Br^g: land ta take the initiative for rcoplnuig negotiationa on tbe Alibaun* qneatlon Tw 1 be disappointed. I t wu Awericrem rejected the loaf aettlement and that act* tlement wa» framed at WaahlitgteBi- ■ y ~a$ BraaMlsffO—The Govwunent bu titf cllned to publish Bismarck*, note or t o ; swer thereto heforts the lattotteache* KtaS William. - ... ir r . „ wasbroken oai ’Friday «R -ffh* Canada Southern RiUwaj. uemx Waten ■ford - ' - ■ - ---------- The fcheme for building * harrow ffimg* | railway from the Bideatx-at Perth to tu | back tovniihips, tf'steadily ■ suld growiuj u t frroc wilh O m ptoptf- d a ily THE MARKETS 'V Washington 20.—There will be about 180 supertumerayofifeefotogo qqt,(^fof- ly Captains aad First Lteutaniata etch will receive a year’s adwance pay in cash, amounting to from $1,500 (6 #3,600, with which to begin civil life with. Gen. Hincocki board, orguized for thoqporpoM of weeding out diubled and Incompetent offloer*, hu accomplUhed but littie. It became avident seme we«kt since, that the 1 st of JaaQtry would come before the board oould moke much pro­ gress in its labors, aad si the offlcere or­ dered beforo ifi hire bese pafi os 'tha »u- pemumerey list, md will Becem rgy go out a t thst tune, It h ai not bees consider­ ed neceereiy-tb repdrAtf nuuly ewes. The carefoi action of Sn^etoy Belknap .in m tkingJiiaitfm bctoeel t b i actlwe and] F*rel 0 $:ito?fcMa.- enpMimmerarw the retontion of the |teft oficers, and “ thoae to be^mnatored riit wili^with few; exceptions; b e o’fiwrswho cafibe- dispos­ ed o f withont; detriment io ihe lervk*. Lexingto,~V*^3$0j-*X-Gov. Letcher ii seriously ill with pleumoni*. - Tribune’s 'Wuhington aperiri aays:that the Miwositi |^litiol$tf . ^ e aro gniUy interretedin th*. Beeitoriat con^tf ftftf in progiMa.i11- fr* fo ^or * t80M|”0r ^'1 Benator Drake lire triiraphofJto.dMMKratoand titfj riection of f m d t . *• ed thia morning conflrmlfiff h tft ili m l rone fie says; __ ______ in two of thri niuiibcr of weteiii riffcemafy to eirist him. If a wpuWicw te afocted it is concededfihri Qtf’Bs^anitf-j L x s x H o ee , t o k > i t o r i $ Baaf-OaruMl Are:qrirt;*A#fl;l B«cani«i: >Ws fftetejd l jdH H iffAQOObrek W i r AX.m il 5,000b*s>i qCSwfoyfi „ . .Bkxtfju n» T ’8^0W);.^>l*-i wbaati 34.000bwh coca, *i;ooo'b6tic<' ■ *'■ ■ ' _ > ' ‘4n * I • Fw>c»-r-tf»t**dytfaii--i ____ of lOO bbkari $6,76 t o lfe L i, tor a n b r e r v r i a t e c t o j j Milwasiks* eM>a*$ll a|810jac-jfo|¥»*ten*-refti. , 68oto'W M fiw £ ’tfad<iyvisi J t L t o J r t a M G a a H tf I f y i i 1 activ*,: - , Ooas MteteXr—# i f t f for.\ to w t o t o a : . tfw i. YmHi TSstakiiifisiT - ■ H aaaAU isi $ffB0M aptem^v EUUAvrlt Hriai-—’Whaafi—Neff 1 ___ N e l d r i i i f i M O I K F s r m a m L 0 W > ^ 1 t o r mLin » - 4 , 0 0 » b tfi'l H AY,#$m . money a t 01 f s *«oo*at » . Amsriran securities qnisti. —. fr-ffO*, «3, « 8 i , 45 old, 88 $ , % 104O*,87A Stocks qm*t, Erl«,19| j UL, HQ, QssM' Wstism 28j. ' .] Uvstpoo), D 6 pK tS<tfri*iJ|W Bri^ P p tf ittf M) 7 a riH U » :^0 8 ) g i j \ ........ ■■ ... Msnev sa* »4**>us.:: N*w; York, 90./-told: 'wtfl)/fysmaflfaf U 0|, aad rim stboutllO|. . . ^ OOtennrDsntf rtredy, witii b tf titto flo- i P r ’.- ■ .. . ......... . ^W oete steady with but Uttia eltemgA t f : K K jT.r: # j ........ — ' ^ m ^ ___ ,.,..*en*fo*f*3ii»ee$e4il|e«t t ’isa. BUUK-llflJtATt.W-re .wewuppm*eerere 0 .. w-^»> a*sp«ns« L A l f t v # - » T A IJO W ; ¥ la . lisrii'botfs wmy tfHL - 4

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