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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, November 29, 1870, Image 2

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I I P V I S n K W i i dfHANDpaoP* dunoons*. l ^ r . ! '■\’ \ x j whoa* or- !*• - J’l^ f o - » | | | f o | ^ h E t p u r p o « t h e y were bro?t, - ......... ,!$*! I P h t t it tfo t t b e general A a w n ^ r from all procceJinga till the re- ., >ra: 0. *. Wl****. . ••£• - _ V0VNMII 'fiJPEE f6 0() per annum, payable UfAnota ' PAPEB $ 1 5 0 per annum in ad- m m * ! ; ■•/• '■■ '•;” ' « iw i h h 'i i m m l i t *fT' -•*■** *» oat weekot iS m m tSm m m m W mm am ra taken tw Bjp g j * M*** tt*» th* Man ot th. rataa. w n r * « * * d i * - M m ‘u- offfpaxa B d Bgjptaoafj' >M N o #36, lfrO. * „xv<3ti«yL -x-tra - II lam lt awall uaan noell y e ' a not t « i » 1 11 ow n ool M x § » » 00 «s a t on t o p ) » woaol w eeim adkttd ta regalor tataa ^ovat o a a a n t h will w ° - I port of aaid committee is received and 1 acted on. --------- G e n e r a l H e w n . American steamer E rie, with on immense cargo 'of arms and ammunition for the French Goverment, sailed this morning. Over 1,714,000 Irish emigrants have ar­ rived in New York since 1847. Number of immigrants last week 2,588. . Seven cars on tbe Ogdensburg through freight trajn, loaded with flour, grain snd lumber, were thrown from the track near Franklin, N. H., on Saturday, and totally demolished. Poatmaster-Geneml Creswell will recom- mendn semi-monthly mail for China and Japan, instead of the present monthly service. The Paoiftc Mail Company has a new steamer, the Alaska, which cost $1,- 200,000. Of the 11,817 Chinese in San Francisco, there is not one w h o cannot read and Of the Irish population o f the city, T a r k e r , died rip ^nto ten I write, ftljjifathanm nherot Kingdoms and States I 0,885 can do neither, nine native Ameri it i l we preaume there would lie precisely I cana afe equally deficient, but thete i s “^ § l< th * jwme’political objections on the part I not a Frenchman or Gorman who cannot ? 0f the many against any one swtUowing 1 do both. * •- • • k' i vit'' ’ I&. ...t op it* iextxileghtror. Ittesaens the num- J v ber o f crowned heads and royal families, v ’ and o f course,* creates alarm in tho breast of the tutors of amall States and King- k ^ t rdoma for fear they may be made p e a t for f t i someporeptiweiful and vpracioua neigh- - hor. Bo whatever the status of the divis- * - 'ions, there I i * general interest in keeping Jt so? It toon thia ground, we apprehend, 4 %; that EhgUahiAustrian and Italian sym- ^ ^ jp«thto»;a$» folt fqrTnrkey, threstened, as tbatimbecil* and effeminate power ia, of ^ T i B h i 'd e v o u r e d b y the great bear o f the - ’EM Tmkiuxealightly ahead of American Indiana in their adaption to iagjoajt. higher civiluation, but nol '“< m u c h .; T h e tiro or three hundred years v 'l ; 1 toayhkreTived in close contact w ith a ’ bfotar and higher dwiliiation tban tbeir f > «wp, b u m s d o h u t little difforence with I tl|WPv';Tfc* contact that now exiata be- The Chicago and North WcBtem rail­ road directors held a meeting Monday, and declared a semi-annual dividend o f five per cent, both on tbe common and preferred stock. T b e earnings of tho road for the last five months to October 31)were sufficient to pay this dividend and leave a surplus of $230,000 General Sherman’s report to the Secre­ tary of War, on army affairs, is printed. The forces now consist of 34,870, to bo r e ­ duced in July, 1871, to 80,000. He recom­ mends the Remington rifle, and says a new and uniform system of tactics has been prepared. A long list o t the names of the officers just retired is officially issued. It is composed mostly of lieutenants a n d captains; The official returns of the State of Mary­ land show that 184,525 votes were polled foreen them, ahd the people of Western for Representatives in Congress—-70,795 K'urojM U &foltietm as though they had I for the Democratic candidates and 58,120 i r baap oa th e retrogade. One thing ia cer-1 for tho Republican candidates—showing - • - - t ^ ^ ^ i & r O i c a p a b l e of progress,]* Democratic majority of 19,037. Tho and enterpriae, i a poll-1 increase of the Republican voto sinco tho in their social rela- oV literary improve- ?= * t io**, or m a c h I fo ie b t ,J 1 • <[{ J -Gaotrwiad with the yourig, btlt giant | /^VpoBtfwhlchjttaada Jreadyto absorb her * j flUksmohayind thefap i»*rio auch promieo v^a-hir,- .Theffinaalans a n a a improving ,- :p«>ple,'uid we domot have to w ^ t acea- ^r*,tb'see her pro- r.|raai| ind W k ffcit^JalT m k e y aad the Presidential eleotion of 1808 is 27,255. A collision between tw o trains occurred on the Cincinnati A Lexington Railroad on the evening o f the 28th, resulting in the death of an engineer and fireman. It is also stated that ten drovors were badly wounded. \ tTtnjih 'Itdcrnoral P °F*ri bo jqin in th o ^afor&'df jMogfaal t^ w h ich they are iur- -tijroitadad.JLMer Gowmmeht is no b e t t e r | hundred j s s r t a g o , her r e - ^jmarMS a c afore detFeloped, and the s*me >!< listleis, Mtfveleae, eSemiiiaqy char^erizee H l i e a l l u i o a i . A San Francisco lettor-wrlter remarks, 'dikCOiiragingly, t h a t “there is n o t a s o li­ tary opening in t h e State ot California, : vast as it is, for anothor clork, book-keep er, salesman, half-educated doctor, mining [ stock broker or general adventurer.\ A number of convicts havo lately escaped tlM l |i ^ a r <tirele* K>vr th«t d id th m . The j from Sing Sing. Not many days since a ' ' lowar clwaai are ai dirty, ignorant, bssot J notorious highway robber, named Austin a«ii^i|UtiM>a'll6i»'*a thetl. “While j 8. Davis, who was acting engineer in tho ft- *■ ■■■ * iiilalii s o l a Tnrluy,'Ruttta hasof late ta-1 culinary deparment, after maturing his IH\-- .jcMf-'tonto -Rmger shidi* la-tha right direc-1 plans, made his e x it through a sower, to tfoUj bnth a i a-gaVesniment and people— I which he gained access by penotrating Sad d a m * 'h A b c c a abolished, common l the floor of the kitchen. In order to fiacil- ^afcftBWaguhehureraabiiihed. and initice I late his escape firom the neighborhood, Davis appropriated an o ld enit of clothes j belonging to ono o f his keepers. This man plag-fgundad, commcrce-l was one o fthe principal leaders in the ers a n d the | mrinorable revolts of last year, on which *P T h e people step, up to . W i l ^her ind \better way* w ith akc- w m o f promise and -u••-jtope.ot.-Bnsrisaa than- of Turks. '*• — B S ^ 'a rah rin g e s ts b liah e d , and jm ticel ^ -adaaiaistared imoeg: thecoamon people. l i t i ^ ‘|B a ttra»dl-«foSfi^:ert^ in- I t can- 'aotb*iK%»jji< bf-Turitlflt improvement, -M 4 gOtenment or people, that En^Und, . . . | | ‘a'A o |bi|;iB d 'ItiflV 'xni^ aolicitade .\ j - - (“ ’.ts. » * fs - , ... tlhay do for her integrity and defense Turkey .^jKjjBfo.,fgg*rdad »M ..a decaying=power, •withnoaW UtytohelpheFsclf or benefit reverse is true of ^ ftumia . That vast empire ia rising in the 1 ‘scriidaf 'ii n ipidiaie, and who can say that *r?',':7H'\4hfc.*riiiataon’t<> gmap the Dardennlea and ‘ the-Black Sea, is n o t laudable and for the 'W',‘ t. . ^.i^yiTnnci^ciriliU toQ iLjf^m rely. Asiatic, ^,.g:.aad |o fou^i would come to tho world if. *. * ;w > wete forced to jgiVe up her pTaco in I«*w !»*». more 4 c jrigoroua framea, inclined to industry and C ^ mrahanicTuts, and whe take to learning ;',.witli i^cqrity raft who are wrilling to adopt . bfoter wodM when they see them. foy-e Af Turkey but the fear a/'Rtueia'-We preaume that inclines iritefpbse against ftsfer. . Buaiian detigni. I t ia the apprehension /A a f b y tihe absorpfnou of Turkey, Russia w ill become too powemu ior control, and tore itqTfofoar«d'and dreaded. Bnt, .vim think i t would b e as well fbr th e world gM enliy, that T nAey should retire to her |iffigmal'quutere^in A^fa and'thcre remain. ftsw s. .rats took place, near Amiens, raft jMapday/ 20th and 27th. ciaim bb.have gained a great Tba first army of ^ ^ W i e f f e r i i a f o f o ' a l l ^ fo have been beat -i- ' ,u 1f - j i -'iri-tevanblolE-to-ita intrenchments. p l t o ^ t t P l 'W ahieb army are eatima- ffe - s f e i s a loesea bpM o forafo Tfo. German J»fere. T r a a W . i . A i a * . - . . ofllces o f Goyeimor aad Treasurer occaaion owing t o his desperate character, it waa found nccesarry t o secure him with chains in his cell. A colored man, who escaped during F riday night, was named J. Best, and was employed in the agent's apartments. He was always regarded as being contented with his lot, and was Certainly looked noon os Sic last man in the prison who would take advantage ol any opportunity offering ultimate freedom, being an old steamboat hand. Best man­ ned one of the State boats, and, taking a single oar with which to steer o r perhaps scull, confidodjhimsclf tolhe current o f the Hudson river, and doubtless ere this has found a hospital b arbor. Complete census returns show that the population of t h e State of New York is 4,870,840. This i s a much larger popula­ tion than is possessed b y sny other State inthe Union, Pennsylvania will probably show abont 8,000,000; Ohio has 2,052,302; Illinois, 2,567,032; Missouri, 1,708,000 Indiana, 1,668,159 ; Massachusetts, 1,440,- 042. Pennsylvania has grown more rapid­ ly than New York, though it seems doubt ful whether she w ill continue to do so in the current decade. Oar increaso is al­ most wholly in tho cities and villages, snd hereafter it insist be so in Pennsylvania. Of growing cities we have a larger number than our sister State. 'When the next census shall be taken New York will, even at the old rate of increase, have a popula­ tion of five millions, and there is no reasoh to doubt that s b e will continue in thc future, as she has been for many years past, the Empire State ofthe Union. An unusually large spot on the Sun is attracting tho attention of sun-gazers. It may be seen through colored or'smoked glass, as eclipses are looked at. A writer hr the E vening P o st-gtTas-detailB of-this Bpot on the Sun, as follows;—I t consists of a group of three large spots, quite dose to each other, w ith seventeen smaller ones lying contiguous to ita southern border, The east and west diameter of tho group is 75,000 miles; t h e north and south 65,- 000, The largest of th e three principal spots it the west; its longer diameter - he- teg 52,500, and i t s shorter 45,000 miles. Into the umbra o f this spot extend numer- puT Aafved lifer o t light, in form like tat- Otts Thld umbrm ha* also t well marked, very ftnrk puijtle fitigl«t|s, visible even, hy ordinary mothoftj* of observation. Ths ipot of the group next ia sirs is to tfo raifcoftte formwri sndL '35,000 mils* it o f these three con- exist*, e Governor r / u i d each r e Re- Unim q f Special corretpom ' C&KVBELy-,^ JiKssBe. EDiTons^pwil.; 4 1\ % This has been a-vraek.<>f excitement in lids “ Forest City.\' Tuesday uud Wed­ nesday the American Suffrage Association was J n session, discussing tho great ques­ tion, SHALL WOMBN VOTE ? Many of the celebrated women of tho movement were present, but tho atten­ dance was quite slim, taken as a whole. Miss Susan B. Anthony was present, and tho Chair invited her to address the house, and on the last day oil were on tho yui wive to hear SUSAN B., who buret forth pitching into Mrs. Lucy Stone for the position the Woman’s Jour­ nal-had taken on the subject o f the mar­ riage relation, in reply to some strictures that had previously been- expressed upon Mrs. Stanton’s course in relation to tho same subject. The speech proved a bomb-shell in th e camp of the faithful, and this caUed forth a rebuke from the Chair, who seemed to realize that they had caught a Tartar. The Chairman, Col. Higginson, said; “I have known Lucy Stone and her husband, Henry B. Blackwell, for 15 years. I tied tho knot. (Sensation.) I will not hear such slan­ ders upon her. THE KXCITKMENT was Intense that followed this speech, but Susan sat proud and defiant, chafing like a caged lioness; bnt said nothing. The plot was thickening for a general row, when H. B. Blackwell came to the rescue, making a flank movement upon the bellig­ erent Susan, rising the moment she sat down a id commencing a d r y speech as if nothing had happened. After farther parley, Miss A. retracted all she h ad said, and then all were happy again. I n tbc afternoon the question of union, between the American Suffrage Associa­ tion and thc Union Suffrage Association was taken up; but the spirit of discord was too widely prevalent, and after a fierce discussion, the vote was taken by States (each being entitled to as many votes as i t has Congressional districts,) re­ sulting in a strong anti-union vote,—suf­ ficient to put a quietus npon the question of uniting the Associations a t present— This object being defeated, the Illinois delegates, headed by Judge Brad woll, seceedcd, and returned to the Convontion no moro. In & business point of view, the Con­ vention was a failure. Tho second day’s session was marked by a regular “ squab­ ble,” in which personalities and recrimi­ nations were the order of the day. Tho “suffragers” have come and gone, leaving anything but a favorable impression of th e “happy family’’ among the outside world. THE AHUV OV THE CUHBEKLAND. We have bad still another Convention, th a t of the aocioty of the Army of the Cumborland, a t which many of tho war­ worn veterans gathered and had a grand rc-union. Among the many notables were Gens. Sherman, Hooker, Rosccrans, Palm­ er, Garfield, Granger and Whipple. Thc attendance was large, and much enthusi­ asm was manifested. Speeches were made by a number o f those present, among them Gens. Sherman and Hooker. “Fighting Toe” wss ted t o the rostrum-, being una­ b le to walk securely since his attack of paralysis. He made a speech characteris­ tic of the man. He wanted one more w a r—wanted t o whip Canada Tbis war, h e aaid, muBt come. He did not want to buy Canada, b u t wanted ter whip ita peo­ ple. He reviewed their course during our late war, their present condition, and concluded that across the Atlantic was near enough to havo British possessions. Gen. Sherman spoko of tho Prussian- Praneo w a r; o f the strange speetacle o f 220,000 mon being surrounded a s in the French * C a p ital; of the desolations of war, tbe blessings of peace, Ac., <fcc. THE LATS SEN, OEO. H- THOMAS. Con. J. A. Garfield delivered an elo- quont eulogy o n the late Gen. Thomas, on th e ovening of Thursday, which was lis­ tened to by a crowded houBe with the most marked attention, and thc affection o f the soldiers for their leader found ex­ pression in applause a t almost every pien- tion of his name. The address was a masterly production. On Friday inofnlhg a was held, and in the afternoon Gen. J. M. Palmer delivered the oration of tbe occa­ sion. In the evening the society had a grand banquet, and thus closed the Fourth Annual Rc-Union o f tbe Army of th e Cumberland. B bevieu . n ' v S j - r * \ \ ' ■^wfoy’i ikily, ■ ] ived frqifi th# M E l^70,''7*ooofd|ig“^ ^ | :«n r ^ ’Vs^rTMaT’*'*- , »i S* Adams, Alexandria, Antwerp, , . . Brownville, Oape.Yincsnt, Champion, Clatton, . Ellisbnrgh, . ■, ' . . IS S 3 . . . ■ . LeRay, Lorraine, ; Iiyme, Orleans, Philadelphia, Pamelia, - > ... ...... Rutland,. - Rodman, Theresa, • ' Wilna, ■Watertown, Worth, Total amount, / i By cash of W. C. Thompson, Wheeler & Hays, By cash of W. G. Thompson, George W. Jones, By cadi of John L. Hotohkin, •410, l v m 280 00 — 260 00-j-ardsoir.' 477 50' 00 00 235 00 ! 250 00 \ 150 00 80 00 180 00 .30 00’ .. 210 00 _ *85 00 ileOO <40.08 ■ » 80 00 80 00 $4,110 OO $50 OO 76 OO 7Q.OO; •105 OO. 32,18/0. Bonds and coupons unpaid Nov. Unpaid bonds. No. 79 of the 4th series, dne Feb- ruary; 1869, No. 89 of the 5th series, dhe Feb­ ruary,-1870, No. 164 of the 6th series, due Feb­ ruary, 1870, No. 88 of the 6th series, due Feb­ ruary, 1870. No. 26 of the 6th series, due Feb­ ruary, 1870, • 1 , 0 0 0 O O ; Coupons due Feb. andAngust, $$3,511 50: •s.nrfStti Report of A Wheelook, Sheriff of* Jeffe^? son oonnty: - —, $200 0 0 200 At* 200 OO- 500 00 500 OO *35 Journal of the> lost meeting read and ap?: proved. ' Tha loitering «taii(unf#icHui from the Comptroller, the Pftu'cipnl of ihe Now York Superintendent ol tire Idiotic Asylum, were presented before5 ths ' Board; itfnd were re­ ferred to the cowinittee on appropriations. * To the^Olerk'of the BoOrd of Supervisors of . .Teff. Co.: -• - ■■ * - - .......... ■ , 8ir-<—I enclose a form of the statement of the valuation o f Real and Personal Estate re­ quired to’be made by yon, jfarsnantto Chap­ ter 117, .of tha laws o f 1886, and forwarded to this office previous tb the second Monday in December xn eaoh year, nnder a penalty of fifty dollar*,- together with A form of a Ijeturn of Inoorparatoa Comptuiiet liable to taucaftan. It ia mdxqiensable.that thte iRepnrt be fur­ nished^. fo fto*. time prescribed. The Board of Equalization of Taxes, in purenano* of Chapter 812. 1859, have flxed the aggre; property fo ypnr county,' 127,745, npon which $109,870.10must be fiscal year, (oonunenaing being 7 end 41.-15Gnulla on the following purposes; Air*- •*'’ t'1\ -’ *l ' * FACT8 TO BEREMEMIEREG, -Adopted?* By Mr. Maoandie— ' Resolved, 0 ^ thb aoooumlolCb, Rteoktoy amoaating to $34 for rent 0 * roonu* for widow ooal and family indigent peroons o t the town of Cj^o YinM^t^te allowed,' u X that the Treasurer forltheBamft'* ‘ * - /.\? AjjopfedaJ fl.t^ t? Sa On motion ot Mr. Ellis— Resolved, That'the BoanJ' adjourn to F r i­ day, Nov. 25, 1870, at 2 o’ofcook p. m. . Adopted. _ For Gentral purpose*, For Ganftls: ,To.p*y'awa>d*btwM3raiaersand tjba^f^i868-9,had ^ r 'nowroA ibid extra To the Board qf 8upervi*qri q f JoffntMt, Count y .* ^ I have the honor to Wbraf /tha. following;^ for yonr information and'folUMtHNition. In pnrsuanoe of a repori eitibraoing tstia mates ot the amount of money neobntry t o be appropriated for certrin repair* and int- irovemanta on Court Hotise and'Jafi, made iovember ohnaon, t aa follows: November 1st by niy pmdeoeisorJ Jama* Johnson, file sum of $600 woe appropriated For flagging Conrt Honae eelUr, Repairing roof of Olerk’* offloe, Grading Ocrurt House yitrd, Repairing jail, Mr. Johnson made repairs on the jail before tha expiration of his term, amounting to, I have canned flagging to ba laid in the oeUar at an expense of, . I hav* repaired roof on the Clerk's office at and expense pf, $800 OO 50 OO 50 OO 200 O O $600 OO $254 26 455 OO 69 43 .$798 68 $198 68 l i $,000,000 square mates Fivx Bnsanaits bkeak Jan.—T bztvabs THBOUOH TH* KllTOHXlt TAKE A LCNCH, ASX) t h i train ro* C anada . —On Saturday night, five burglars from New York and Boston, who were reoently arrested at Ogdensburg, and confined in Canton jail, escaped there­ from, and took the late train at Madrid, for Ogdensburg.- One of them made his escape b y sawing off the look of bis cell door; he then unlocked the cells of the others, with keysiupposed to have been furnished by friends. They passed ont throngh tbe kitch­ en, taking a hearty lnneh before leaving. Sheriff Tanner wont to Ogdensburg Saturday n ight, in pursuit 61 the fugitives. I t is sup- T y J. G. STRICKLAND-SHtJBTLIFF—-At the residence of the bride's father, in Philadel­ phia, Nov. 24, b y the Rev.H. O. Tilden, Mr. P itt M. Strickland and Kate Shurtiiff, all .of Philadelphia. ANSTJ5D—AZiDONS—In Rodman, Nov. 23d, hy Rev. 8. Dewey, Henry Anated of Le- n y , to M sm Jenette T. Aidona of Rodman. ACKLEY—h t BeUeviUe, Nov. 23d, of heart disease, Minerva, relict, of the lata Charles AoUe|, ofRoffinaii, ag#d'63 years. oenntiiptioiJ, . MattiB,*gtd37' therLaws of Vduation bf 4 115,- taxof current 1870, dollar,) for New Advertisements. r p w o H O U S E S TO B B N 9 . N o ’ s 5 & 7 M n n s o n - » * . WIU. B l HKNTW* OHIAP. Bnqulro of mills 156 mills. '■§, ^^.A. A. NICHOl ^ * non‘ri^d*n\t*£es credited to foi lSra^aifioun.t'to $145.16. To tiie4fork%tiM\Botod Ot Bupervieors of Jeff. Co.: Sir—I forward you herewith the bill of charge* authorized by law, on aooovnt of pu- pfia in this Institution from yonr county, t o $ 2 1 0 . , d as to lay it before the Board of for their action, and greatly This leaves due Mr. Morrison for . laying flagging, do., in cellar as per biUsubmitted, In addition to this I beg leave toicall yoar attention to the condition oi the two jnry rooms in the over the Clerkk offloe, I the f ~ trict Attorney’s room, and pirhapaofaoor other rooms in the court hoUM,m*plastei _ of whioh has been joined by tfie eraser,whioh has found ready tSceas to thee*r joomt for, yoars past I am of the opinion that the root over the Clerk's offlce is now in a condition t o e f f e o t t i- ally prevent any further injury *to those rooms. „ - I also ask your consideration of t&e subjaot of draine leading from the oellar o4’the conrt honse to the Btreet, a new and ample aawer having been laid through Arsenal street dor- ing tho past season, it may be desirable and per tape necaeary to connect the cellar drains with the sewer. I respectfully invite yonr inspection ot the work done in tha oellar and upon ths roof. I consider it abo ,my duty to report to jroxir honpnble body th a t the fenoe enclosing tbe jail is in a dilapidated condition, and calls loudly for repain or for new fencing. The cellaret the foil ard entirely unprovid­ ed with Lnnks, save snch as ore rudely con­ structed of loose boards, (and frat faw of them), ip my opinion some sort of cheaply constructed bunk should be placed in each cell. __ The jail ia likewise in great needbf a cook­ ing range o r stove. I have hastily called your attention to inch matters above as I doem neon—ry to be a t­ tended to, and ask yonr consideration of their merits, and if compatible with y oar ideas of the best interests of the oonnty, I respectful­ ly ask for e moderate appropriation far these purposes. Tho fence on the south side of oonrt house lot is also in ruins, and should be new. A W. WHEELOOK, Sheriff. Mr. Thomson, chairman of tha committee on United States Deposit Fond, pres on ted tiie following: To tho Honoiabl*, tbe Board of Supervisor! of Jeff. Co.: Ycrar committee on United States loan* of 1808 and 1837, would respectfully report as follows: Whale amount ot fund, Amount on hand date of last re- amoxml Be ao Supervisor* oblige, Four obedient torrent, ISiAO LEWIS FEET, Principal. To the Board of Boptmsora of Jeffer nn '■ County: By the existing provisions of law, the 8u- parviaoraot any ooontY fronn whioh State pu- pfie u e admitted into tk* ^«w. York Asylum for Idiota, are required to niae tha sum of thirty dollars a year for eaoh pupil so admit­ ted. , The foliowiug pttpiltf bkve been received into the Asylum from your Oonnty npon the proper legal oertificatee as required by the taw relating to the admission ot pupils: . Morris Ferguson, Adrian Enos, George H. Btoarni It will therefore be yonr duty, at your next *nn*al masting to raise the; amnqf $90 for Inveatedii MDtralges, ... . “ in Jeff. Go. bonds, “ in State stooks, Defldenoy report 1869, f 111,498 48 1,684 14 78,629 05 86j58iFW 319 36 15 93 Amount paid into the hands of Commissioners Convene and Moore b y Commissioners Hall and Alim, > Amount of Principal collected since, •111,498 48 $ 9 24 1,400 DO Amount reloaned on mortgage, Gash on hand, Total amount of fund, Amount invested in mortgages, invested inn Jeff.eff. Co. bonds, Gash on i J 1 stocks, Deficiency as per report 1869, “ at this date, $1,409 24 $656-00 759 24 $1,409 '24 48 •79,m 15 30,900 «0 819 36 769 24 15 93 J 69-60 • l l l j « 8 OO W m . M. T homson , Ghatougi. t Report reoeived and laid orer until $hl next meeting of the Board. - Ts. '—i'f. ' Mr. Waddinghanr Tnoyed that the Fo*^' adjourn to Thursday, Novi 24, loT o'clock ji.- m. - ■ Mr. Winslow moved to amend b y adjooril- ing to Monday, Nov. 28, at 7 p.m. Qneatkxrt jipon jh* amendment, ayes *a»3 naya called were: ' Ayee—Baldwin, Brown, Bearnp, Ghristien, Ellis, L. Foliar, Gibbs, Kellogg, McCartin, Winslow—10. - km m b a M ;1uk Asylum resolution on roeaobject. The Treasurer of the InhtitotiMi wifi draw on yonr County TrqaAunr, for the amount ao raised, om or before the 1st day of April next. H. B. WILBUR, . Supt. of the N. Y. Asylum for Idiota Report*: Mr. Fripk, chairman, of committee on Printers' claims, submitted th* report of such oonxmittee, and moved that the claims so an- dit*d,be(taassaedupon the\Oonnty. Report and resolution accompanying the same adop­ ted. Mr. Winslow, chairman of special commit­ tee, to whom was refined tht petition of Jamei A. Bell, iuhmitted the following: To the Honorable the Board of Supervisors of the County of Jeffemon: Yonr committee, to whetn was feferred the petition of Hon. James lyF Bell, have the honor to report, that they ore convinced that the bonds have been destroyed, and would recommend that duplicates b e issued. - N. WINSLOW, Chairman. Report adopted. By Mt MpCartin— Resolved, That in purauanoe of the prayer uf the petition of Hon. James A, Bell, asking this Board to issue to him two Bonds of $500 each, with coupons attached, in tbe nlace oi two Bonds of like amnnrit owned by aaid Ball, and destroyed by fir* on the 26th day of May, 1870, and the report of the commit tee thereon, the flhairman and Olerk of the •Board be and they are hereby authorized and empowered_tp issue to' s»id-hunas A. Bell two Jefferson Connty Bond* of $500 etch, to Be denominated as follOwi: No. 1 of 7th ae­ rie* Of 1664, payable in 1871, and the othar ■***• 0-f- 186*’ **yable 40 npon the com Bell, before f B^dwiffi^wo TO^eafo bsapproved^r the farson Connty and thoir successors in office, in the penal rain of $200, agreeing to nify and save Jeffenon County bnrmlrrw agrihut the payment of said bonds supposed to have been deatroyed, in caee they ■b«ii ever be presented fbr payment, and the same ahadl Be paid by said oonnty. • Adopted. • By Hr. Waddinghau— Resolved, That the unpaid taxes returned by the Treasurer to tht Bnpertlsors of the several towns be re-awcesed qpon the landi forcollectiop. nKLdlw J. f . m o p h t t . B t B G A I N I B A B O A E W f ! li A . B U S IB HE L l . OFFSK 10.000 yds. Madder Prints-, in rtew and \desfrable patterns, s t 10 cte. per Yard. 5.000 yds. Heavy S ii ei til g * 1 cents per Yard; 3.000 yds. 4-4 Bleached |Cotton fit 1# cents per Yard. A Splendia Bleached JCnBlin for 12$ cents per Yard. 1,000 lbs\ Batting at 12$ 1 5 , 20 & 25 cents per PonndL. B a s s i i H i n f BLACK ALPACAS, SILK8 AND DREES 800D8, OlothsSi OassbBeres, BEAVERS, of all Blutdee * n d qaal- ities. G ood R eady M ade O vercoats , $7, CUSTOM OLOTMUJG AND LADIES’SAC5KS MADE A , SPJS0IALITY. J.& A .BU S H M ELL, Bo. S Iron Block* rater** wa. me-dJUw-w-ew ^ A I H U U T O N HA LB., p o s i t i v e l r t n o m a f f T S o N c r , SATURDAY AND MONDAY, Dxo, 8 fo 5 C A R L F O B M E f i ' GRAND OPERA COHFANY )/* NEW V I D .W . s a A L B B n r P u r e T E A S , COFFEES, Spices&Ch oiceFamily GRQCERIE S&P RO VISIONS Under Baptist Church. 9 W A T K R T O W * . n . J , Speak Louder than W O R D S , FACT* aay that D. received from New Yc Yerkt “ Cn,l,#,r 1“ I I Largs Stock of Choice I TEAS, COFFEES, SUGARS* SYRUPS, SPICES, H . CUtATT .■ a n a g iar Blreckwr. Tbo Ufii.Kevr U*9 iho honor kanotici ihmX be will on SaiurdAy ahd Xooflaj Bveaiaxt, XHc. SdaodbhJbTU, T W O Q fR A U m Operatic Perffornaances CcD»u«nv of So'ectlosi (ro*a Iha kseet work* ol DONTZNTVp M^V*ttn*RN. MbEsHff. VBOI, *C, wl'h tho full Grand Sccosld let frou Flobow'l Chi ming ( p'r», I PJRWJ® UI 40 a Ay MMI U16 OULBT to M od > the iaraing fiaareof, axaantce a ^ ^ W id d in g h a m ^ - . Rceolred, That the earns7 feqmredjJy law be aeeaeaed against the persona readdnts of JeJTenon oonnty, whoee name* have been re­ turned by the meeion of their reepeotive town* as the owners of dogs and bitches. Add#*!. ' ” ' • - ' • , By5 Mr. Dewey— ■ Beeolved, That the report qf the flnmwyt- . Treaa- referred ith instrno- itemeaa thd* refer* M l port *11 items ob|tg*d tha»in.<not ami tharesoltt- the account iriunittedjvqn otiona.to re- T York? thras by the atatutea of the 8iat* Ameadmaat adopted ' 7 Will .pprir a* PI UNKtT. a part **pMl»lly vnlt to far him b? ih* [mmoital r c i^ r a r , aad lai the acting u d ringing of which ftia pm* and ■grope end America hav* AdaalUld kt* ll, tn wt llvinr Ra**o, aud the gwaid Trio fros “ U B B A T I 8 T W O B x . F U R IM E S , 4 peb&e of I n l t f ? EOBERT, th.« DEVEL, Is elal 'h CAHL POBKI8 ataSdi eltlaaul u equal, ellher ln lorope or America, with tke foUourat poeerlui c u t: MISS AMELIA JA0K8ON, off Miretcck’a Italian Opera. SIGNORA CLEOPATBA BANCATI, tom La Soala, M SIGFOR BOY, the Favorffta Teraor. MR. G. VAN GHEL Mnaleal Director, from the Imperial Operm Honse, Faria. Fricet of edmtalOB—», 80, and TS oata. (Mate mar be aecared at Chaitca T. «rtaa Mule Stan. Thia Company Perform Xnaaday in Onrago. liAKOK B A N S R t f F T 8 A L B , At Autlen, coeaffatlai o l D R Y G O O D S , HATS AND CAPS, T a .n k o o N o 'iio x ia & c . Will poeltlrel|^e Mil on WICNESDAf, NOV. 30TE, At the Anotlon. Bdote of P R A N K KBBXAEL ^Country itlorchants iaro particularly In­ vited to examine thft obcxjkoF Goods. The stock M U l T a n d S H A L L O n Wednesday-. Dale to commaac* a f f j e’plock ita th* foft*rBooa>|*ad^ In k h t Bwa: . 30 th, ick h ^JAIiL'AND'BBM:. ! Tholirtolot Cfhgfr ■'Tia'h. \S _ h: ... , . ... .- T a - . c . •.i-i.s*' ; ' •’ istatfste’fflssw * faaase FRUITS, * 0 , New8Sr5f)r******** MUI,, *“ W *Ct 0t “*] M u o h R e d u c e d PricesJ i s \ a T E l A .O ,T Tbat he is selling Good. Btowa Sn-J gaY TO” poandi for |1 ; I Very Good Brown Sugar, 9 PqundjJ for $1 ; Very Citorci Brown 8ugar, Pounds for $ 1 : V E R Y BEST STANDARD 7 PoundB for $ 1 ; Good M oluess 50 oento per (Sdoc J Choice “ 75 “ ‘ “ I BEST PORTO RICO, 85 oe*| per Gallon ; Good Syrup, 75 cents pei Gn!«c;| Choice \ 100 » J BEST SUGAR HOUSE DBP8j 1.30 per -Galon A FACT! |3f\*Ooffees of all kind) G mbapb | T han E vxk . M O R E F A C T S . Good Yonng HysonTea for 75 c Ohoice “ M “ LOO Good Imperial Tee for 1.25 Good Oolong Tea for 90 Choice Oolong Tea for 1.00 Very Best Oolong Ten for 1.50’ Good Japan Tea for 85 Choice Japan Tea for L00 Very Best Japan Tea for L«T All these Tea* are from 5- to Kr| cent cheaper than the Old Tariff A L L O T H E R GOODS| w x L L a a m u V E R Y C H E A P FOR O A R H P A I D , FOR P r o d u c a l f . . ■ ' ' 1 . I -T --------- ' REMEMBER . > ■ a w h l ; 8TILLUM DER ’ : ‘ . ■ -ice a1 •Kf 3 >- ;n-: BAPTIST i A -fi‘ 1 i f R l ( » E R S O N ^ * 4 ,v - • dterj

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