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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, May 27, 1870, Image 6

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W t K K B m S S m -„i*. ■ W lee&jbrsnch o* ory fi ~rrj! deed. p * t , ; He-' t S ~ ^ ?&• • KlTsrtcfBhta -B6n«d •nsAoeceeiee, uo , , ? * » pertoctlf on- rtanedietoes.snd h«Yw (peirwd tmn > mtbtu, ther • of lUmsd tbJrjfodkr,thev □Mj&iifcwhohat rj&ftrtofth* United *wi in bealm „. _ ...... dWC-«WM3ia& < |o iu ia « a n t |it the deli- ■^ttjkjapre nflnwe ft* o»cto«tree. of ie pop- — :l«*l,WulU pott d the part ye«r. Tho eingle- . , * ' iture on Love -- -- - . — „.et® work on’ hundreds of sscrtae nevey » ho worth-rarec Tvourt.ftvo coals inclosed.win eeenro iVqtod a, Jik •a which lu- m*rn thy 1.*^ ... - . ------ . 0.WQ borer M&tilA .-•- t>f ifiremedy,no uaK r r u tb r tm n - 0 7 other nu •etui* T b ettie ci ,,,< _ i%tit «noj other taixt- i m f m ^ i p J ^ w r & S V Z l WOM i g F s « q « s tots dll tancecsnbs cored a t home rom Ubeas-\’ f -*u qieet to ipp thattdoes notenter into ev- ii-no religion at a ll. it man that .means to be lijq- mougnti word trad C , * fiir step'tmvurA vififoe and nap- dolighfc ia the soetrtgfW the good w a r « .. / 2 ~ . - i - p | f | i t y jp-'nevet f o s ^ ' 11. ijSay bo .of no evt servjtt|^tho8e ifc. ia be8#Nred,&, yet it e v m ?4^^|rsioitk oC;.be|nty .and E M k upon tho heart oi the giver. .<*■''. —Many a tfuo heart, that would havo come back liko a fiovo to the ark, after it & ■first transgression, has beep frightened bel yohd recall-by t h e angry look aud medaee, tbe taunt, the savage charity, o f an unior* giving spirit, —To b e Bucessu! In life is n o t merely to amass wealth nor to suroand yourself w ith the luxuries and elegancies o f ) ife j nor y et to attaiD t' o highest position of honor or tmoUitiou among men ; bu t it is. accordjnrt. to the circnmBTliYi ces th wTiuii goi] has p lac, ed,you, and the opportunities he has giveq you, to fill up the sphere o f usefulness which its open, t o you. rTo he good, to cto good, t o get good, and, in all, to -aim to glorify tLofi. —They who d o u b t the truth of'religion because tbey can fin ih no Christian who is perfect, might as well deny the existonce ol tbe sun because i t is not always noon-day. —•’Truth is in m o r lgl; the sword cannot pierce it, fire cannot consume it, prjsons can­ not incarcerate it, famine cannot starve i t jg a M f f i s ^ ^ s r s . - ^ 7 ^ p*rto1’ ■fll* An ipt tr J W U.IB Jf. n ------- ;• W l *«imK f*-ifo.aB«*»»*hAw a r H,., 1 8 * 7 . , •dries. N, B. No ■tmdeai: ithls; sddrasasU ■•■-wdyfigsygrr{«i|y . ... - . . ^jtannwiMg* bon , W k o d a tato& R a U ll Grocers T ~ rJHUiaSScIN %. -rfd. | Y^mes & liquors, V«...*- ! * -r r |l i S g ^ i S ^ | | t o l ^ ^ * * e r t e W n , ------------- krist ikltoro * rery large and extcn OSttde Ik tWslr ltotttf trade, which Mitt g g BHOar TIM S or SHaUI i P r i c e e . T fffi W liolesale Bayei, “ 4 “ ----- ifH t k ib n r t u . t I L T X i l f i S , £ S ^ ^ ~ i n ts s t» S j ' ttUtt werM,andwfll bo m u u cheap J ■ . JU G ^ o o d s areG v ten 'iiea ait a moat brorahle ‘S b a m w e - .ttw, wUeK waprppo** tu rattle 6tf Cieap, to prc, •wrwUHwaoaOMfAheadiai B-yalt Cron. Jta Temitvwa *o not latrtd to he nderaold bw * ffesTrn to sn ff>iifir,u ? ww*bff«r say lha I '^ a A J f p a a . M A upwards,, ’ '■ *- Wa ieortW eoaapanaos. Owr jpnwe aawewat ta always well atodi-, . ,JI*rwti-Yls* •«t«-wtnaafchd- r Llaoota, of Foroleat awU pattrw-Stodeetton, Ineledla* gChampaRncs.j 40. Loodon Porter Crajf Hair toi i l l j^ti^ai vitaliiy iuid Color, i whicli T‘i'% ogreeablc, M ^ liadfhy, had-cffectunh l^fOf./sfpreaCTOIlg UlC ..Ftfifetf or proyt nslorerlf -.id.r-tfs-’ oftginal color- with, 'the gloss ami Jfcshnest o£ youth.. ^liLST.liair is iliicki obdeked, And baidi XSft owxh* not. Always, cured. - /.Wr,JSl''toiL*riNfitIung can restore tno >—^tfe^vrW w-fltB 1ni i os ere tlc.sto>ve<k- -sW ilJ is' gti^ndfff,aCrojihiBfi ntid decayed. ' , eiich Hit ’remain can bo saved fon uiefiil»e*»;7hy-tlli8 npplrcation. Instead 1. jd^.feAj^Pgr '*ho Kitir With a pasty sedi-f ityrall kcap l t clean nnd vigorous. I^§*^ii«ponUi?C-Will prevent the haji* (ibrf ihrnjnag c r i^ tih, fttlliug olf; and ^■feos^Matly^prcscna- balducas.v Fred , fro m j W e f o r i o . u a substances whicli -jr^Qretomerpteparabons dangflronsand ' ^ T i w ^ L w a n te d — t,*FAfU}EVIX.U5,irom July 1lh to July I7tb, OltSR. from July I8th u- jttly S4th, AXilXAoDRlA IltV, I rum July 25 th. to Atut. 7th. PHI a JUAAa HU1U t/UIJ KOI.U I1 PEKSSIS Aojrdst 8th to Aagnst 16th, REDWOOD, 18th - 21st THKRE8A, •* ltd to Sept, 12tb, PHlLADKtPB JX, Sept. J2ib, to Sept. 18lh. , lgt’h to 0ct; 2 i _____ . Oct. 3d, to Oct. 18th. THIBB3A, from Oct. 1711a to Nor. 2Sth. At cooaideabte In ber and expense, he has prepor ed hlueelf to fcuh'.sli his paucDts who may wish with Arijlcial Tcelh wuh any of ibe later .tyies ol work-fCbotlr-noua Gran Goldror Vntcanlio ) The shove *f imo Tnhlo wtll ho strictly adhered to. o. 13.' TSOLDCROCERfSTlJRE IP'i STILL TAKES THE LEAD ! N e w I m p o r t a t i o B S a n d S t Y l e s : -- ■ X O W g S T HMHKHBft^ - P0RCKLA1N DE TKHHS SEMI Something entirely now, than French hanaedmor or - t Chi ls, and costloe only ._ abont one half a« much at 'ORCELAIN. ’ 1 3 Woodruff B o u s e C t w d p u n . T a k e Carr. WHITE STONE'CHICTA,, We hate' a very large. Plain, and Kctall 'Di^dc, coiaprt- \ sine all the leading Myira Figured, and makes. Also a full line ol Coaunos Ware, at Aad -landed. 18 Wjportrnfl Honso Fine French China, In Tea 8ets, Breakfut Seta, nd b y r FBENCH CHINA, WHITE GOLD BAND, Dining Seta, and hy'lhsii AND DECORATED. Pie°T8’woodrnfl House. FANCY GOODS. AnTnftnlto variety. Gift Cope, Toilet seta, Va„e«, Cot^noe, Bouquet Haiders, Baste, SutuetteB Smoking feta, Ac, Ac. at No. 13 Wooarnlf r 1 KB UXLVKR PL4Tfii> C&fitQi^.Cakfi Ba«kete Ico rltcHere, Tea Ware, ariil tipooas, Forks and Knives warrtmied t>est I d market B HITANHlA WAKK At No. 18 Woodrafi Soane i~4'*ta3-Bronz0't*mpa sna LAMJP8, Chaaduiiors. Gun Glebes. UH a NDSLIEHS Bohemlaa and fllbt glo&e 1* a NT KRN6, lamjw, porcelain tihade^ F.XXUiliWq Uariforbj Ohimnaya, wicfea Ac. Ac. (Sc. of an klsds and sizes At No. 18 WoodruJV Eooe e Kntvea with Ivory, Hard Robber. White Bone. Kt>- ocy, Uosewood and titoci Bandies—Steel, silver aad TBA TRAYS, £c.plau?d blades, at 11 w oodrulf Hooee. Aew patterns In sets ox KN1VHS, F0RK6, GLA.8S WABB. by lbo piece, at No. 13 Woodroff HonSo. B T Bemembor—13 Public flqnare* Wa Import our own Goods, keep j!ho ler- gest Stock in the Oily, wul soil at tha * P ? t I 0 £ ! 8 7 ~ - ___ OITY GROOfrfitY MTOBJS. NovUOs hr-RHHJHBAY * Co. The Rev. J, H. Noble, ol Troy, married 3 Bftwavconple. tbo^ ALfux: 8 »y, not atop= ping to inquire as to the wishes ol the triends of tho parties, though the girl waa but sixteen yeara old and, being aoquam- •ted with ber lsmilj.be mast have kn wu tbat therb wore serious objections to her private marriage. Add it seems that be has been equally indiscreet on other occa- y ato°gL_Willl>m Dnsrnhury- wsitw-te- t-hr* roy W hig to norKlenui- bim. “ l ei. enqed,” be soys, ‘ -tho tame deep wruhing agony only a leiv days ago, wheo the aunouncemont was mado to me by a neigh- hartbstnry little gtlijonly IB years old,' had been clandestinely married by this in- jndicious, untecling reverend iu question. My feelings can better t-e imagined than described when I learned that the ceremony of jpy daughter had bson pt rlormt d in a dwelling of a very questionable character, in a secrqt and cowardly manner.” There is EoujcthiDtr very strange m tlio fact tbat such marriages are L y no moans uncommon, and that tba clergymen wbo perform th<; ceremony arc frequently men ul the highest resptcfabik&y. It is hardly possible tbat familiarity with marriage services cam bleed for themw certain contompl in these clor- gymen. Tho relation is perhaps the most sacred of any whicfa it u iu iho - powpr ( I men and women to cntir into.and should - -. — Tiiiverlja 'rtghllrSct*-pwU 7 TvliaffivSr’tEu rir- '“ noiico U lurthor givoa that no appeal will Do ol- Chmstancea of those who aspire to it may be, lowed to tny partj aftcrboahsu tuvo bcern duij m Yet girls aud boys, running away from thoir paten ts, find no diflcul ty irj gottmg 'themBolvfs united. Disparity in age, feeble- nbsa of inteliot, dnimkoncss, even at tho time of acceptance of tbo bond, appear to be uo bar to marriage, though, in addition, it may bo apparent to the officiating clergyman that,the partiei have escaped from those wht^Baye^berigBf -toprotect them This ie al (wrong, and a chrj'gman wtm eo im- posts-^upon llio sacrednesa 01 the -bond ought to be severely punished. 0 S, INTERNAL REVENUE, ASSESSOR'S OFFICE,' (Comp rifling tbe Co an ties of Jeffereon, H^rki- mor.zad Lowi*,) 20lh Colicctton District, Htsteof New Y otk , Watertown, April 13, 1870. OTlCK la bereby given that lbo Annual List? of- .YatintUoxuuuid enumeratlonaof property snbject mX. DDftfkT lho Rt-.L flntluert ‘An A tk. tn-^in* 4 A+- loteraal Revenoo to sapport the govonimciit, to par lou-rcst od the public debts Snd lor other purposes,” ' 'orce August J at, i860, and as amended March 2d, \ and by otber amendatory acts ; arul also tbe approved July 3utO, 1.663, entitled \An Act im- uoelng taxes ou aUtllkd eptnts and tobacco, end for other purposes,” %ud tho atta amendatory tlioreot aod w&tco Hats of valuations and enum.eratlons ot jjropuny. Ac , made and LOkon by Ike several Assist* qdi Assessors of said dUirlcL will remain open lor ibe inspection and examination of ail persons Inter* csled, tor the space at 10 days (Sundays excopte<>) •irom the date boreot, at my office ov@r~Nx>. tl Cour* ytseot, in Watertown, and immediately fihef the expiration af^lu days from the date her oof, and for d 4*ye themftor to wit. tho 25th and 9&ab days of April, lb7ft, I will receive and aelennlae all appeals rtlafivo to orronoons or oxucsalve valnttions or onn- mentions mado and taken by said Assistant Aiiqj*. tore lh said lisle. Tht lists above referred to com- pitsothospcdal'taxea on business, tradoa, vocaQons and prolQ&flhxns, tor tho year tnding May let, 1871, aud tno taxes on carriages, billiard tables golu ’watches, gold And silvor pLato, owned or kept March lit, 1870, aod tno tax upon Incomer for tho year end­ ing Dec. Slit, 1860, nil appeals tothn Asiessor, aealoresakh matt be maoeln writing snd ^pdcify tbo particular cause, matter or ihmg rcaacctfng which a dccieton, la re* iBogfcinnd or pcindpls>la Quested, and state l - or error _ ted 0 H O V E H Be B A K B R Bowing Mn chines piato thfexh far In aovaneB et Ail others, the tstt highest prlzv, lho Imperial Cross oftho Ltglon of Donor, ws* awarded to ibe representative of tbo Grover and Baker Machine, at the Pans Exposition lh J867, :bo* attesting the great superiority ore: ail other Machines. _ Tno Grover and Baker Machine* have been fur nished. by special command, to tbo Empre ** ol Prance. Empress oi Austria, Kues'a, Qoeon ol T£r.g* ,-iin.d, Qucou <m Hpain, and have HBtunt hen v.o world tor gervlcc, workmanship, and dorabUit;. Tho company arc manafactnrlng bctb pbaU'o <»f lock itdtch.and elastic etlkCh Hachinea, 'has afford­ ing customers the chance of selection, and tbe per­ fection arrived at In tbe construction of onr new inmile-nischlnasj make them thrsdmlntton of ther world. Don’t fail loseo i£x&m before pnrcharing. Head wbat J. A. Natali, a Machinist In the exteu live manufactory of J. fl. jftrtona A Co. of Cob6<!, says: fij this manufactory aro txned at present, T wpqiv - . . -- , . „ tlx Grover and Baker Trtey >if> nndcr- - ^td (bat l o*c It in tny tamUy. my cfimrgu, and have oeen for tho last seven y«ars. I am also acgoaiBtert wltri many othor msnniacto* rir* In Cohoes n&d Troy, where the Gr6ver and B j - kerrnachlne* hsvo been osed to a greater extent, for the last 13 years. .Thoy are tbe only machines bo far *s I know, competent to sew £ntt Goods properly, and this is now a settled conyictlon in the iride. The work doae noon these machines Is bet tor than hand jrork, ano brinfts s higher price, tho •earn being stronger and irrcro^nrabto; THiore Ifl In Cohoea,Troy, and vicinity, live band* rod 6f theeo machines in n&^. Allotdrtsehoaldboadffressud to OSCAR NKU IB Pamella 4 CJorners, N. V, Grcne(fti A^Botlor Jf'fi r- fon County, or lo LfiKOY 0STR/\3fDEW, fcvanfl Mifls, or G. A. HARTMAN. Redwood. USMAN, BOHTGN Chnnmont. _ ______ _ J ----------- mayiowfltn .Uexitel Gard, A* CTOB, Gradaatc of Pennsylvania “ WUskJeConj* hia friends and ie v»luvli1t u d Jtecc* dsoaiiy visited ouiwg the summer* accompanied by Dr. A. ’thorough and (<ftnp«tdnt Operatof. and wbo -j hinrr ratt of tha paa ne-spectfled-balow; ' from May 2d, to June 6th, DMPA-tJVIlLK* from Jane 6tb to Jtme 52th. CJaAYTON. fWSfiJ June 13th to July Sd, flcesed, and xhts annual lists containing tho Abbcso* meat bas been traoBxnlttcd to ihe Collector ol this District. DEXfRR WIL.DSR, ABBesfior 20ih Ulfltrfct, N. Y. ■ IM . M , Wholesale A Retail dealer In B R U G SM . E D ICN I E S P A I N T S ; Oil*, D y e St offs, W indow CHass. Pure W ines and Zflqonrs* 'JHK NEW and EJsgant DRUG STORE m. A n n h No is ^afford Block, was opened agflln on Tnosday, March sib. The former establishment. It wtll b« re- j mombered, w a s dcatroved o j ttro, on Decctnber 10th I leCO It has mereJo-o boon ontlrdy robuttt, and re- 1 famished, and ie conceded by ail. to be the bind - voraest Drn? Store In JSorthern Now Yorfe. itd . oMd'H would reepoctlnUv tnlonn ail propri eterB of H o u le, and dealers inLlqaota, Umt ao can sell them pore wines andjuquotes IU per cent, !e*s thfiQ aoy other wholesale or rotsil oaLa •llshment m the city; and is also prepared to ftrr&l 8 b ax eqbtily low rates tbo l boicest imporicd French and English Liquors! By lho caso lor Family use. Mr. Bmllb ib im receipt of a hiU supply ofl'AlNTH, WINDOW GL a «S, AL To those i _ T H E Y O Q M 6 1 T h i r d A r r i v a l t h i s S p r i n g 1 -^BERBIOK AYEES, A r e n o w receivin g another la r g e invoice, o f O A R P i S T S , purchased at the L O W E S T P O I N T R E A C H E D T H I S S E A S O N , co n s istin g o f .the N e w e s t and MoBt E leg a n t D e s ign s in E n g lish and A m e r ican TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, Real 6 Frame BODY BRUSSELS, Imperial 3 Flys—Lowell and Hartford Supers and I-xtra Supers, Smiths Tjipestry Ingrains, A n d a g r e a t variety of th e .C h e a p e r G r a d e s , Patient C a r p e t L in in g , M ats, Rng8^MLatting a n d O I L Q L O T H S . A lso, .a cftmplete assortm e n t o f DRY GOODS; Adapted to tlie Season, A full lin e o f tlie celebrated R o c h o a ter T r u n k s a n d T r a v e lin g B a g s , all of w h ich w i ll bo s o ld at W a v D o w n P r ice s , a t i N o . 7 W a s h ington P lace, N e a r the A r c a d e E n tran c e . ' . M a y Cd ARGAINS' ; • : ' A t . ■ ■ :<n? I f 1 Sewing Machinesj a n d N e w T e a s , N e w G o f f e e s N e w S u g a r s AT NEW PEICESI M o st o f our G o o d s are N e w , and ught at tno thi bought at tho -Lowest Gold Price N e w Road This Through For Fun. 10 purpoae tobtiLd, he wooid e*y, ibdt lAAvaipm&co arraDgemcnlfi with the largest Import* tfiitaud MaoQiaotnnng Bouses of ' PLALM, F A N C f AJIi>< D T h L lS iT l Ho Is enabled to eell nt very low rates, and will fur* pish all tbe Bhaxwu, Simn, md Qol^re cf Gtssa astd. Hobartiuitbcr iDfide arranqf^ffientfl 10 copply the trade with DR J. BIN&SBb cb l e bratkP Aromatic Elixir of Rhubarb A Tonic and Bare Core for Dyspepsia, Chronic DI* arrhcea, ac. <r of whicb tho following is one oftbe nuuiny flatter* Ifig losUmo&late received; [Loiter from H on . J.M ctllin , Jodge Saprcme Court 1 _ Watertown, N. Y, March 7, 1870. • N.M. S mith , Eflfy, Dear Sir—Noticing a letter from tbe Hon. Wm C. Pierrepemt. in regard to Dr. Blnsse's Elixir of Khub&rb, I won>d Bay. thax I fully coincide with htm in enytng tbat It ts an ;esc?Ueni Medicine, performing tally all it is proraUed 10 do, ’ ~ ‘ * ‘ ' Yours tnUy, __ J M U EX s N, All orders Bboold be addressed to K. M. SMiFQ, Druggist, wholesale Agent, Watertown, N. Y. to secure attention., MR SMITH yrould also Inform the public that bo hss now a fnll corps of assistants, wbo are folly com potent to &U all oidcrs and prescription®- The foi losing notice bears testimony to tnolr capability. Watertown, Juno 1. 18C9. An act recently passbti bf tbe L<^lslataro for the protection ol tbe public and physicians wbo pre* scribo at Dtug btorea, reuders it iiecoss&ry thut derkM and otbers paring ap pr&fcriptlans, should nt least haye hfld TWO Yearn experience iu putting up tho same. We bereby dettlly. ftom om own personal knowledge, that dmltb. Druggist, No. 3 SeUToriHlocx, has two Bngene-CrVatr Namv .* and Edgar U. Rnnmer, who bavo been con­ stantly in tho babit, tot the past two year* axld over, of putting trpjucii prescriptions correctly: and from onr jpcrsonal^xpenonce as physicians veaoem them in evory respect compoteut to do the eitne. *s tbu Act directs, for lbo better safety uf xho yuibtic and pfo*ection of tbe medical profession. W. R. TKO WBBID 3K, fit. D. * j'o’feN'oftiS-TON!' M?IX P TIUS KSTABLIBHMEKT WILL OPEN ON 81TNDAT8. Hineial Spring W aters, Including Mssisquot, Gettysburg, Syracuse, Eapelsior, Kimngen , Massena , Sarato­ ga , Congress, Empire , Star and High Rock. Aor. 25 08m Primeau, Phillips fe Co. N o . 20 C o u r t Street, h a v e just received au enfire N e w S t o c k o f D R Y ’ G O O D S , w h ich th e y w ill eell fo r C A S H , cheaper flian can.be found elsew h e re in the C ity. T h e y nlsokeep the celebrated “ K e d L ion ” B l a c k A lp a c a , D o a b le W a r p , S i l k F inish . T h e s e goods aro superior to a n y in the m a r k e t, as r e g a rd s P r ice . C o lor und D u r a b ility. M a y 7 s t n iA w W h y s t a n d y e a l l t h e d a y i d l e ? ) Why not go at once to RACE BROTHERS’ JYew_ Crockery Store A n d secu re fo r yourselves o n e of those R a re B a r g a in s . W e can certify to the fact, th a t they have im p o r t e d th is sp r in g o v e r S I X T Y T O N S o f their U N E Q U A J j E D “ R o y a l P a t e n t ” F r e n c h C lay (A g g a g ile G lazzie) W a r e , in p lain and figured, to g e t h e r w ith the beat m a k e s i n P l a i n S c f i g u r e d I r o n S t o n e , ) A lso , an enorm o u s lo t c i P lain , Band and D e c o r a t e d F rench G H I N A , and a num b e r o f cases o f T h o m a s W e lch 's celebrated F a n c j i O n t nnd Plain F L I N T G L A S S of G lasco w , Scotland; (s-omctbing en t irely Dewj, C h il­ dren’s C a b s and P e r a m b u lato r s , S I L V E R W A R E , L a m p s , K c r o s i n e and Ga6 C h a u d a liers, P a ils, W a t e r O o o lcA an d Filters, T a b le C u t le r y , L o o k ­ in g G lasses, W a s h T u b s , W r i n g e r s . W a s h -B o a rds, Scrubbers, &c. &e. A ll w ill be r-old nti S M A L L P R ,O F I T G . W e are not to be undersold, an d to p m v c th is, wo w ill sell T E N to T W E N T Y P e r Cent. C H E A P E R than a n y oth e r place in N e w Y o r k S t a t e Please call, and exam ine. Good? ahown w ith co u r t e s y .and pleasu r e R e m e m b e r the place, R A C K BRO T H E R S Ho'. 22 Court l^raei, Watertown , N. Y. m a y 12<feodw ly season. W e are now g i v i n g om* C u stom e rs the a d v a n t a g e ot these lo w prices, and shall continue to do’ eo, k e e p in g Our Assortment Good, U n til ou r s tock is c losed o a t . t 3 F ” W o in v it e our jiatrons and the p u b lic in gen e r a l, to ca l l and exam ine our stock, and avail thom- seives ot the ad v a n tage of b u y in g G O O D S F O R C A S H A T S M A L L P R O F I T S , ov r those who contend .for S M A L L S A L E S at O ld F o g y Prices. Cash uaid for Butter. D W . R I C K E R S O N . itsyMwtf Money~ffannor Buy i r ! F o r S t t h t - I a - P r I c e l e s s ! ! Tho Diamond Glasses, *AML>ACTtniXD BT J. E. SFKNCER & CO., N. Y, Which aro now offerod to tho pabllc nro pro­ nounced by all tbo celuhruted Optician* of the World to bo tho M O S T P E R F E C T , NiturtL Artificial }cjp to pbe-bomaireyvover known. Th«j are Rroupd ander their own supervlsloa. from tnluuU Cryetal Tobhfefi. TO«Uod lOjfother* ana derive their name \Diamond au account of tbeir hardueaeaud brilliancy. TH 8 HJTIi.WIFll PRIflK IPLK Ouwbicb (boy arocoD*tmcvd brba|?* the core or Contr© of tbo :«n* directly »n front* of tbo oyo. yre- dnclmfca-cloftx ancUU^tlnct vUlon«*a tn^ba-natural, hcnuny a obL and preventinu all aoplca&ant aen&a tlons, anch iu* gllmmericg aud warcrluc of ai£b’, dlzztocae, dc., p<donar io all oihera ln qm . T h e y aro Mounted 10 the Finest Manner, In frameaof tho beat quality, oi al] maUrialt xatA for inat purpoea. 13EIR FINIbII AND DURABILITY CANNOT DH : URPASSKD. CAUTION —Non© gennleo xnloaa bearing thoir trade a&rk o fitamped on every framo. Rr P. & A. R. FLOWER J t welert and Optician*, aro Hole Agent* Wr W A T B H T O W N t t . T . h a v in g a i a i „ v m » o i - R s t 0KETO N o , 9 W a s h in g to n H a ll B lo c k Wfc«o.w t o e toots tp .. In s t m m e n t s C l a s s P i a n o * Organa,..; Melodeoagj Sheet Knife Beery-person, umbing a Sewing Bhonlfl sxsmtiie thii V h e a U r * W ilsa. ore patctoln*.ss It t o proved itsslf tobste thi Best Machine iu the World, LET THE PKOPLt AN8WXR. Oner 480,000 already in use—Oeer 80,000 made fo.1800, — RiA» TH* FOLLOWING 1 lu the tesUjjpDy hsfor* ths Oquilstt *ltfie««s (wen qasluTHTroSeii Patents, tha (wen qu2taXTr?£ehs^.' sntritousfiWit tepslts. Ths ont; w neeier * wii^-, ---- om from srtu tad*MsJy ofNsw’yotk. „ . H m t P. ff. d *A u 8* t . Mmaber and 'Reporter of th o unernaitnn^ Jiw, t S S t i •jiiwmid^thsniestpetleci SesrtUg Nichlls a l ^5 a^osfem!1 * ** “ * ^vUxSTSt- J. C.. u. 6. General Agent ’ iBKBT, oTtkaBxpotftted THB BOTTOH ’XOLK AlfTACHKBBT The moriiaidBB^iaa(fe>pIe(|eTlc*A£ extra d o tS p w S the uaebifia. wKl'ti fetarckangw with the ordLcaty doU - buttcm-nole, barred at each ends U eoafc i Mtly, an* rapidly «ud«, at the rate of uw.**-™ holeaanhoai; It t*. adapted to fraUy •WflriTaS ma*al*«tre*l 5 thoJsmerange of'pnrpoeetad w*- tdrihL ttctnuttcstaew dcrees-maker* apd ahlrVme. aCactur^go, will find it eeneciato dmIuI. Thu **- machine while narynorpoaoaofwwipg.coadnet dedow for*^Mk> hroiderfeyand making hettbn hole*-* bbo I * of gnslltles toond tn no othsr wimnstw.. { q a . y—u Thsis sis other attachments for ipsctsl ynyy , Tni MOST nrrniST.M m p r o , I made ons hundred pairs of psatslooea, sit tlto »•*“ Used, with munesdta wlihont ch»»«Jjur it; Also made three hundred pairs (n nine bobu ST- ' VcrytmlT yonis, — XrilA.-Ck-TiTUSA. Troy,Sradfom Oo, Pa. PKHUY d V d T K U L U l, _ Ofueotl AttssSt) Frdm whom they caq onta gooda aru not eappllcd to * Carpets ! Carpets! W e arc now receivin g one o f the best s e lected stock o f C A I i P F .T S ,a u '' O I L C L O T H S ever b r o u g h t to this city. A L S O A C O M P L E T E A S S O R T M E N T O F Dry Goods, Notions Ac. A l l of which have been b o u g h t sin c e th e recent d e c line in prices, w h ich w e now offer a t prices th a t d e f y com p e tition. Remember Our Platform: 1st. A lw a y s to {jive on r custom ers the W orth o f their m o n e y . 2d. N e v e r to m isrepresent a n article sold. 3d. S h o r t C r e d it and L o n g F r ie n d s . D A V I S 8 0 B A R T L E T T . I S C o u r t s t , W a t e r t o w n TV . Y . T l i e P i o n e e r pdlN T IN U , N C AND 1 connection with] onr PAINT.OIL,A»D GLASS TRADE O N M H B ? )- « s i a i u > a a * o o i r « i m < H . S C O Y IL , Proprietor, Comer of FRANKLIN St and PUBLIC SQUARE, Opposite Ihe WoodrofIHotiB0s It Is with groat pieasnro tbat I announce to my numerous iriendi and patroua, th** I have now on tusodand intend to present the Uujpetf etock of O a rrlageB of t h e v e r y L a # s t B t y loi and Fatbion, ever before oflfefed I d this section, £1 of which are made from the best material. I would also call emedal attention to my LUM* BKKOne and Two Hdrfo whphl t s now taflutifactnrlng for Bprlbg Trade. My work cannot be norpaised in style or raatermk I keep notxe but experienced Wotktnoa* *nq Warrant all my works v- tm - Woaa WotE, agfiutilMffe fttnUugt «Hd TrimmliiR done with ne§ttie*a Utiaupatch. NOTICE—Th« Books U)d Acatunl* of JoseDh W1ta«it*. deceased, <HSn»o M id sk my Office, fot Mittemet-t. H. iiCOVIL, Administrator. *p6dwtf , \ g O L I B ARO A O T m U U * He. lSTeehtBlefUsst. I**- , i ’> >, Xnqdlse on the p*tm> , m»j lOdSt* igq|BW BOOKS. KfHSECffBY H a n f o r d & W o o d . J jq obtained. Thaaa ddleia, at any price. _______________ Apr. tL dly CRESCENT MILLS, WATBRTOWN, N. Y. R. C. F U L L E R , Proprietor. Tho subscriber, haring purchased this well known Kill, le now manufacturing all th* C H O I C E B R A N D S OF F A M I L Y F L O U R , . ALSO, MIXBD FEED. AU., andiolidts a call from his old customers aud other*. Axrranw W bldvk woo has been (Or eight yeara to charge of rhogrlnding, will bo continued in tbe mill, whiarwiir *■ — -------------tee Ul bo a cufflclcDt guaran to customers. CASH PAID FOR GRAIK. - OT Order* left at ibe^lour and Feed Store, N o . 7 A r s e n a l Bt- or at the Mm, will wccJt* prompt attention. £L, o* FuhZdULm nov80-dw T H E C E L E B R A T E D B e a v e r B r a n d 8 I X 2 K F U S T I S H E D M H M 1 INX0CENT8 ABKOAD. AGMEAjkND THB LITTLftKET. AMONG MV BOOBS. A DAY BY THB FIRE. THE MAIDEN WIDOW. WOKDSh STOHIBS, An delicti. BEYOND THB BREABSfiS. OP IIItOADffAY. THB FAMILY AND THB CHURCH. HEALTH B? GOOD LIVING. 1 HE EARTHLY PARADISE. Part Sd. — B 1 4 C K 4 L P A M ! J j e D # R AND EOT DOB S&LB. '. Bymonds, on : Tbe Home and Lot formally occupied brChai. F. Bymonds, on Msdtion Sqnsro tad Prospect St U now oflored for esle The hoote is one- of tho mostanbsdtditlel and-bMt -bollt lir tbs el' ■ntly thce-tsdon alsrgs lot. and tauqanded 67 »>*3« and (hit trees, (apples, petre, Dima*, ehsrries, Ac.) Ln greet abundance, Large Garden, containing tzmpe.finen, r»sp-berry, (tmssbMrysndtowsC beds, end good Bun on tbe lot 1 , pecttoO/i r T ™ MAH (/T'r-KjV AND TH B i j . B R A N D RECOMMENDED b y Harper’s Bazaar aa the BEST a GUODS o f t h e k i n d . “ » A4FULL LINE OFjALL GRADES JUST RECEIVED AT , ApSSdrr * COOKE’S. g C A «,:« 8 , WojhaVo on bend trtjitle en>eiortmeot^)t - From tbe Oven Seaming - SewingJI Machine O O U B I H E D . DON'T B V Y UNTIL YOU SEN IT.I O F V IO B -I8 C«mrt H n r t . WATERTOWN, N? f. I A. J. VAKDVtMM Agent lor Jeffenon and St.LMtskeeOH> Jon e?»l»-«r™» WHOLESALE &_ RETAIL MINER ILL? AFAN NC DI D r y G o o d | ° HATS. FLOWERS, FEA T H E R % ’ AND LACES. ' : lUrrls Besmlass K M ------------- ldGsnts, - AlsOtCMldrrt’sELdGP, tnd ___ » good Kid aiMs ke lsMm a o o r a n c x n s , . « O V X B g T ,» » * j v • a s v s * A N E W , SU P P L Y \0F M D fSS, JnstHecelred. The targe t tWorlm«B«BM ‘ \ _ to tbeficlty. A)S 0 , Bh«tluu)r-Bsioer||uda»F'18 runs. : a r m m . fkbgdbon u«iM iL * w iW ’J S Hstbodsfov Ones Making, ^ P^'-Putlcnlu AttenUoi'peMto 77 ..9rwAds#m**\~- OttftdW PUFFALO S04XE YJOBKS, RVirffUtaJwwtmM avxiAsrukvr.- Ka.iC u s Afegtf ffhtah ws’ will tail Oheap. BARG] No.iOotkW IM ^ P oUtat, ' - ‘tfA-.-i ijO-.’ : 7) Itcal PoUihed *.Vtt 1AA*. A I ‘$101$ ^Cl t*’*' ,-RT ,) {itx&

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