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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, May 25, 1870, Image 1

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VOL. X. W A T E R T O W N , W E D N E S D A Y ‘EVENING MAY 2 5 . 1370. NO. M T H E Lrterfoh m films, Is PUBLISHED KVERY;AFTERNOON. Term* s $6.00;per annum ln'advanoe. Single C o p lei 5 c e n t* N e w York W e e k ly Beform er P u b lish e d every T h u r s d a y , a t $1.50 per year in ftd v r n e . OIROtTXflATXON i D a l l y , 9 0 0 ; W e e k ly , 9 ,3 0 0 . Rates or Advertisings iiatea In each paper the samo for one woek or m>re. Advertisements in both will be taken ior 10 per cent, leas than the aumflof tbe rates. INGALLS & BIGELOW POBLiaHms. IU u iloo N o n p a reil - m a k e a Square. 1 day 2 d a ys 8 days 1 w ’k 2w ks 0 je b q u a r e ........... T j r e e S q u a r e s . .. 7fi 1 1)0 1 50 9 00 2 Ml 2 00 9 50 3 50 4 00 5 (>0 O i a r l e r Colum n .. Hai f C o lu m n ......... 4 (K) 4 50 5 00 H (X) 8 (1) 5 00 7 00 8 00 10 no 16 (0 O a e C o lu m n ......... 10 00 12 00 16 00 90 00 ao ‘ 0 Oae S q u a r e ......... Three n o o a r e a . .. S tarter Colum n .. alt C o lu m n ....... Ooe Colum n I tno[ 4 00 8 00 10 00 30 00 40 UO mosJ8 mos|ti mos|l year 0 00 13 00 15 00 35 00 50 00 7 OO 14 00 D 00 80 00 60 00 10 00 30 00 85 00 60 00 115 00 90 U0 40 00 TO <>U 130 un 200 00 EDITORIAL and LOCAL NOTICES 15 coins per line. SPECIALS 20 per cent, added to regular rates. No advertisements running over one month will be IneerU'd In Dally oitener Chan every other day. Por Spe dal Contracts, apply at the office, No. 8 Ar- ado, W A T fiR T O W N r N . T . Business Cards. f W S. W. B allard , U ndertaker .— Boards at American Hold, Boom No. 11). 8 . E. Ballakd, (Aes's’ant)—Residence No. 14 Qoodale Street. Coffin Room, over No. 21 Public Square. Oct. 20 .dtf ^ M B H I O A N B O T S L , \V,lTKKTWIS, N. Y. A. W. Proprietor. jayi. lseadti W o o d A v p p h o u s e . WATERTOWN, N. Y .hroaghiy titled op and will bo kept Strictly aa a flrat Ulaaa Houso. July 0, dly. BUCK A BANGER, Prop. J a c k m a n H o u s e , WAT&R7 O WN. N. > E D . W . P E T E R S O N , Bncccsaor to Qco W. Jones, lato ruprjstor. | W\ Ed. Pmnaox. will aiwaya uo at homo to S cot his old friends, and with a cordla) welcome to o new. Btagts leave this hotol (or all points. Porter at al! trains. A a’ • 2-41? p t ) C T O H BINSSE’fi Aromatio Llixer of Bhubarb, A certain euro of Dyspepsia, Dtarrbcrx, DyscnUry, Ac. constantly on hand and for sale Wholesale and BoUD by N. M. SMITH, General AgonL S29~ Also lor salo bv all DnunrtoU. mav8-dly S C. K. N 1C It K BBOCK EH» Homeopathic • Pbyalrlan. Offioo No. ti. Id Floor, Arcade O Aoo boons trom 8 to 19 A ®-» from 9 to 6 p. m., and Iron 7 to 9 In iho rr wring. Residence No. 47 wash l&fton street- Watertown, N. Y. All bills dno when tho OAca prsscrlptlonfl most bo i laolGdlv. tlent Is dismissed id for on dallrary. HUBBARD & W R IGHT Attorner* and Cotmaelior* at Law, OQco OTCr No. 8 Washington 8l-ort, Waiortmrn. So, York. F. W. O C B D iB D . Q B I O B r n u i . u o s u & w in s l o w Attorney* and Conncclors at Law. O\fficoover No. 10 Washington Street Watertown k H. HAMMOND RLADLKY WNl^LOW rfl dly J . XX D O r ^ HJ, O I I ' Y M A I S J B O E T , N O . 10:A11SKNAL ST. WQOL8ALE AND BETAjL M b toalcra In oil kinds o t f P n w * A B*oos, B o c t o m iu ■ 4 B alt WaraaFiBB,1 IS THIB irs, Hai Sauaaoks, m » a Otstsbs A Gam* siasos O r d e r s p r o m p t l y s t t e n d e a to , t y Market Honrs during warm season, from 5 m. to 13:15 M , and trom 6 to 10 p. m Saturday*, *.mS toll p. m.—sll dar. . VjcemUer 11*57 i t a i a b l e Y O D B LIFE INF«inK*M The Entire State Life Insurance Co. O F F E R S M A N Y SDPK H IO B (A D V A N T A G E S T G \ T f l 0 8 B W H O I W O C L D In s u re T h e ir L iv e s 1 OFFICE! -Vi'ASHINOTON HALL, W A T E fc TOW N n . y . iii Q . B. P H E L P S . President, r p 4 D D O C K . 1st Vico Ptes't. gZ R A t ' U R x & L L 3d ** JOHN 8H ELDON 8cm ^ J K B A T E S , Modtcal ExD m iner. , L P. S T A H B b o K C o o n r e l - ________ InPcVSall ~~ W A T E R T O W N G E N E R \L INSURANCE AGENGf. MYRON .SEE BEE, Af,ent. ... ttord GO year* successful b oa Old Hartford.-B& ' . . 3 , 544,314 taera-. . . . . . ■ •• 1 , 0 5 6 . 0 0 0 P b o s n t x , H a rtford . 5 7 3 , 4 8 7 C U y F t t c , H a rtford. ■ \ . . . . 7 0 6 , 9 3 7 Putnam, H a n ford .. 3 8 0 . 0 0 0 C o a n e c U c o t , Ha ord 3 . 0 1 7 . 8 6 9 B e e n r l t r N 0\* Yorl1 • • l S S s U f J O International. Now Y o r k ’ 460 I 0 OO D N I T k U 8 T A T B 8 ................... , ••• i 'i , 0 0 6 0 0 I t O K T H B R I T I S H , (In g o l d ) * * » * \ g ,. o o O N e w B n * l » n d , Life, B o s t o n , I e o ! o 0 0 Guardian, U to W Y o r k ,....................I ' . ^ o o l o o o N a tional “ .............................. «, a \ Theso a r c Old, Strong O o n p t n ' ” ' H w e l t l n s a n n d C o n tents Inenrod from CD* to five years, a t the lowest r a tes Life I n s u r a n c e ln reliab le Companies. Call on me beforo Insuring o r renew ing your poi- 1 clet, at H ager A Beebee'e J e w e lrv Store. IHl’HON B E E B E E . Agent. Watertown A n e n s t 09.1887 beo EVERYTH IN G . —Galloping consumption—eating at a railroad station. —What soup would cannibals prefer ? The broth of a boy. —What is bigger than the biggest nut­ meg ? Tbe nutmeg grater. —The money market is likeau old toper, frequently tight. —Working for bare life—making clotlK-s for a young baby. —Why is a pioud woman like a music book ! She is full of airs. -—Pockets are like clouds when they hat e a b ingto lining. --The man in debt for his shoes, cannot say that his soul is his own. --(fid maids aro described as the embers from, which the 6 parks bave Aid. —Why was Eve not afrrid of the measleB? Because she’d ’ad ’em (A-dam). —\When are jour eyes not eyes? When the wind makea thorn water. — What vegetable does a gouty mau re­ semble 1 Why, of course, a toe martyr. —Write me as one who loves his fellow men, am the cannibal said to tho missionary. — Well, wife, you can’t say I ever con­ tracted bad habits ! ‘-.No, sir, you general y expand them.” — The woman who undertook tu .cour the woods, has abandoned the job, owing to the high price ol soap. The last that was heard of her, she was skimm.'ng the sea. —A countryman seeing a vessel very heavily laden, and scarcely atove tbe wa ter’s edge, exclaimed : ‘’Upon my word ! if ihe river was a bit higher, the afiip would go to the bottom” —Many a young lady who objects to be kissed under the mislotoe, has no objtutii’U to be kissed under the rose. A stcpid compositor once made an error in theabrrve and rendered it so 4 s to read, “ had no ol jection to being kissed under tbe nose.’’ —Tho diffeienco between books sold in tho regular trade and by subscription, is that the fornn r aro bought by those who want them, and the latter by those who don’t. From*lho Debuqeo flows) Herald. Sad Case-,A Husband W a lllna lor lbs IRI ss I b e Steamer City or Boston. 1 110 particulars of a case, touching, even thrilling in its sadness, were related to us yesterday, ln tho fall of 1806 there ar rived in this city a young man afreet from Germany, who had come to the fYest to seek his fortune, leaving his new made wife behind, with the understanding that sbo should join him tn his now borne as soon as he could tend for her. He came here witb a willing, patient heart, and a> tivo hands and by dint of the utmost energy and at tontion to buaineas succeeded in collecting together money enough to send for his wife, and in due courso ol time was in formed by his friends In Lbe old country that she had takon passage on tho City of Boston. Elafed wiih hope and joy, tho bnsbnod went to Now York with tbeexpec tation of mooting her, and there ho ia wait log yet, pacing the docks and looking out on lho sonnd for tbo vessel, which started away wiih his heart's dearest treasure, but which, alas, is never signalled, for tho con fiction has forced itself a pon tha minds of sil that tbo City ot Boston has gone down. Liko tho President, sho sailed away from port with flying colors, and was never heard of more. Already tho under writers havo commi-nced lo settle the claims entailed by ber loss. Disasters at sea arc tomble, com­ ing in any shape, and death is awfnl, bnt there are in most instances somo crumbs ol comfort for tbo consolation of mourners. There are tho final ministrations given to the dying one; there la tho last look bcs towed upon tho form that once lived and loved, there is knowledge of the where a bones of Its last resting plane, where one can gn with reverent band to strew wroiths and deck tbe sod with plants typical ot our memories. Tbo want of those things makes the grief of tho poor husband wo havo des­ cribed, the harder to bo borne. Dying in bis arms, be might have some consolation. It is the uncertainty ol her fate tbat makes him inconsolable, and forces bim Btill to re­ main. It is a bard heart which would re­ fuse its sympathy to him or any one who can 8 &y, “ Onr beloved one ia dead, bnt wo knew not where the body lies buried.” — ' The consulting physicians” of Boston, in their recent communication to tho cily government, say that ‘‘during the put ten years lbo chance for living nas not been so good in the city of Boston, almost surronnd ed by tho sea, witb a population of 200,000 as in London, on tbe Thames with a popu • lation of 3,000,000. The great vital de­ pression cansed by want and misery in that most vast of modern citis, seems to nave been more tban counteracted by the carelul protection of public health. This increased death rate may be accounted for in a dif ferent way, by reference to the comparative density of the population of tbe two cities. The population of London to thc square acre is about forty, whilo Boston, before the annexation of Dorchester, bari a population of forty-five to tho square acre, and before Roxhnry became a part of tbe city, sixty persons were crowded npon thc rquare acre. J J B . J. * BA K E R , o f New York, Has compounded an article called Bt for the cure ol UoldnoB* and Gray Hair. Tht 1 article to a vegetable Pomade, highly perfn- aod will tarn gray hair tt> lia original color in 2 t <iav*. when uaea according to the direction*— ti tains tiO satpbur, ingar of lead, or poisonous In lent. Jt does not discolor any substance. Is Ki5i npoti sit *1. H Is a beautiful article forold or yom ’5* lho hair, and keeping It from turning gray. Id by CANT A M abswt , dad K bllogo <3 Co^^Dm gpst., K’stertown.N.Y. fsa6dw 1CH.ANT8, A T T E N T I O N . g been apt'olnted agenta te wholes* e tht Piirfoct Fk'ttiig Shielded B &tle- b o ie C o rsets, nowprepsred to t’ll order* promptly. IA«t D. H. IAN FO H D '* CO. H |IO L *N D BONOS. Seven Per Cent Gold. FREE OF G0VEBNMEYT TAX. ON THE FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS OF A Railroad in New York State. THE NEW YORK AND OSWBGO M id lan d R a ilro a d . extends from New York City lo the City of Oswdgo ou Lake Ontario, a distance, of 400 miles, including bratches. Thc line Is completed about 150 rnllos from Oawego, and regular trains running dally.— Rapid progress Is making tn the balance of the lice and ibe entire work wfcU be completed at the earliest practicable period. SAFETY OP THE BONDS. There Is no railroad bond offered a pon the New YorV market which so clearly com ernes the elements of PERFECT SECURITY and a HIGH RATE OF INTEREST as this; In proof of which assertion the following simple facts are presented: 1. THE LOCATION OF THB ROAD, stretching from tbe city of New York, across ihe Northern part of Now Jersey and the rich and populous MID* LAND CO* I N TIBS OF NBW YORK STATE to the nearest port on tke great Lakes, toeuch, that ll must command a large through and local traffic from ths momtiii it le opened. Tbo roote from New York to Eudalo will be shortened seventy miles, and to Oa wego forty five miles. 3. THB COST OF BUILDING THB BOAD I * about $40,000 per mile, and $30,000 of that amount Is oeccpsarPy furnished by sLcck subscription be­ fore a dollar Is uso6 from the sale of onds, since the Issue of the latter Is positively limited to $90,680 PER MILE OF ROAD BUILT AND IN RUNNING ORDER. Over $6,000,000 have alrealy been paid In on stock subscriptions. 3 The mortgage bonds on every railroad nrnntLg out of Now York City, axe good, snd Interest is promptly paid on them. 4. Tbe Total lotsrcst Liability ol this great throngh route ol railway between the lakes and tho Atlantic coast, 400 mites tn length, will thoa be only $650,000 per annum, after the whole line .s com pic tod. On the most moderate calculations th. average EARNINGS OF A SINGLE MONTH wouUi iar exceed thia sum. THE HATE 0 9 INTEREST These bonds pay seven per oent. In gold, freo o f United btalcs Incomo Tax, and this with gold st l‘A ts equal lo about 8M per cent, a year. No rational person could expect a SAFE INVESTMENT, with­ in oor own State to bo offered on more liberal terms than these. THE BONDS. Tao bonds bar* s years to run ; are Issued In do nominations of $1,000; bear Seven Per Cent. Interest In gold, free of incomo Tax . are Coupoo or Regis tered, with Interest* payable seml annoaUj In Now York, on the drat of January and 1st of July, Price-Par & Accrued Interest Pamphlets, Circulars, Ac may oe had on applica­ tion to tho M e rch a n ts Ban k , A a EXT* AT WATVkTOWB, N. Y. Aiso, at tbo Banking Homo of C . G . I I a r g - e r & S o n w a t r r t o w n , GEO. OPDYKE & Co. D i a k . n , N o . 3 5 N a . i a a V l. — Tho founders of the families ot the present earl of Essex and Craven were W il­ liam Capol, & draper, and William Craven, a tailor. The modern dukes ol Northum­ berland derive their malo descent from Hugh Smithson, an apothecary, and the modern earls of Warwick from William Greville, a wool stapler. The earls of Dart­ mouth, Radnor. Ducie, Pom (ret, Ttnker- ville, and Coventry, are descended from a skinner, a silk worker, a tailor, a Calais merchant, and the two latter from.mercers. The ancestors of tho earlB of. Dudley and Romney were jewelers and goldsmiths, and those of the dnke of Leeds, the earls of Cow- per, Fitzwilliam, and Darnley, Lords Dor­ mer, Leigh, Hill, Dacre, Willoughby de Ereby, and Carrington, were all tradesmen of one kind or another. Lord Ashburton, Overstone, Helper and Wolverton are in­ stances in our own day of merchants, man­ ufacturers and bankers who have been rais­ ed to the peerage. ^ —W^— —— — ——— ANTED, 600 Bushels Spring Rye. AT »f®FF. OO. 6SID STORK. H. OOfiPEB. TH B OHDBAPBAKD AHD OHIO R A H B O A D Ifcompiated and nmalog from HL1CHAOND, Vo, lo tbo celebrated W B I^E SULPHUR In West V i„ 397 mile* It Is being rapidly extended to lbo Ohio River, 900 mllca farther, making In ail 497 miles. In Its progress ^ ratword, it penetrate! and opens ap to market iho Wooderfhl Oo»l Doposit* ol tho ZLanawha fiorioa in W o it Vir­ ginia* A nd thn« bring* tbe ecpcrtOT and abac dan Cools of that section Into comm onl cat ion Vitb the Iron OrosofVlrgtal* and Ohio, and tbe Wertwrn, Booth W o itern nnd Sactern markets* When completed it wlVi connect the •nporior horbor facilities of tbe Ohoaapeake B a y with reliable navigation on tho Ohio River, and thus with the entire system o f Railroad and W a ter transportation of the great W e s t and Bonth-W est* It wi I make a short* e a s y , cheap and fa­ vorable ronte from tho WArt to tne §oa, and wUl command a large shars of ths enor­ mous freights Kicking transportation to the coast. It wl il thus become one of the most important, and profitable Bast and W est Truck Z«ines o f Railroad in tha country, and rom mand a trade of immense value The completed portion of tbe Rood is doing s profitable and increasing Business, and is tnlly equal In value to tbe wbole amount of ihe mortgage upon the entire Lino— ($15^00,000 ) Tbe loan ■ i tbe Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company, being a F irst M ortgage npon the entire Line, property and equipments, w o rth when completed a t least $30,- 000,000, s therefore one of the most rubstoiitiaL, conxervatlve, and reliable Railroad Loans ever offer­ ed in tbo market, and peculiarly adapted ti Ihe wants INVESTORS 5M> CAPITALISTS, Who desire to make thoir investments with tho most satis factory assurance of positive and an- donbted Brcnrity, The Bonds ore in denomination o{ $ 1,000 $500 and $1O0« and may bo had COUPON or REGISTERED. Interest Six per cent, per annum, payable MAT 1st and NOVEMBER 1st. P r i n c ip a l a n d I n t e r e s t p a y a b le in QOX.D in the Oify ofN e w Vork. Price 90 and accru e d i n t e r e«t lu Carreney *t which price they pay nearly p e r c e n t in gold ou thetr cost. * All Government Bond* and other Securities dealt In at the Stock Exchange, received In exchange, at their fall market valoe> and Bonds sent to all part* of tho country, /roe of Express charges. They can be obtained by ordering direct from us or through any responsible Bank or Banker in any part of the country. FISK & HATCH. B A N K E R S . If 0 . 5 N u n n >t. If. 7 . BOLD BY O. G. H A H O B H It f ON ,Banker*. awd n o b o . r . p a s s o o x a Oo’* b a n k , Of whom Map*. Pamphlet*mfl mil information can b« had npon application ln paiaon or. by mall, Ksffindta J J B 6 6 8 , OIBDICINEv, PAINTS AND OILS G l a s s & .B r u s h e s A COFPEK5, liO A B fi Sc SIHUI-m moLASSES, HP1CE9, Ac. aod a general aasortmcot of G r o c e r i e s , AT WHOLESALE <f RETAIL , A t the very L o w o it Poaaiblo Prico* — ALSO — Great D, S, Tea Co’s Teas, at their Wholesale Prices, from 90 coots to $1 S) pei pound* aod Teas ot our OWN Assisted by one of tho most expert Tea T&stcrs in tho city of New York.) Bxtra Moyuu Flavors, &e sweet as NEW MOWN HAY , AU of which with our very OF MISCELLANEOUS AND F A N C Y G O O D S Win bo sold at BOTTOM PRICES. KELLOGG A CONGER, N 11 Woodruff House JonPI-d&w Watertown N. Y. 1 8 7 0 a S B S a t 1 8 7 0 1 Northern Transportation Co. | OF OHIO i w ill during the present aeagon of navigation rt.n their line o f TWENTFjFIRSr CLASS S T E A M E R S ! Regularly, B s tw ien Gape Vincent and Chicane, A N D IN T E R M E D IA T E 1‘Oiw . 11 These STEAM ER S will form two daily lines Iro u Cape Vincent, touching at O s w e g o , C le v e la n d , T o ledo, D e ­ tr o it , G len H a v e n , S h e b o y g a n , K IILW AU S S D , A N D CHICAGO. Leaving Cape Vlncet t d a lly ou arrival of tbe eve­ ning train from W a tertown, connecting at W estern Lake ports w‘ th IL R Lines for all points South­ w e s t and N o rthw est, and at Cipo Vincent fur all points East, landing at Ports lu tho 8t Lawrence u l v e i on their up aud down trip. No Change o f Steamer BETW EEN AN D T h e Steam ers of this Company A R E U N S U R P A S S E D for Passengers accomodation, hiving LARGE AIRY CABINS AND STATE ROOMS! ! Alao Good Cabins for SECOND CAH8 PAhSKN ; GERE. T ickets Issued fbr a ll Points W e s t. taP^Flrat cUu tickets lududo Meals and Stato rooms, Baggaga Checked through to Destination. AGENTS JOHN HOCKING, Boston. BREED AE a RL NowYo-k <«BG. A. RDDY, Ogdcnsborph. CUA*. ALLISON, Oswego, N. Y. PBENCH, CHILDS A <-t» .Ucavolond, O. W. T. WALKRK & CO , Toledo, O. N. J. ROIDKK. Detroit. Hi ch. B- Il M a TBEW s . ttkn lUven. Mich. LEWI 4 CC RTI8, Sncooj gan, Wls. O.J H4L&. Milwaukee, Wla. a DIKFENDORP, Chicago, Ul. W»B« BUOML.ETT Agont* AprtLt’AwTm Cspo Vincent N Y. ( O U K B O O K H , l-'O R 8 A I . B B Y S T E R L I N G & M O S H E R . Every day Cookery (or Every FamLJy. Excelsior Cook Book and Housekeepers Aid. Mts. Bliss, Practical Cook Book. Mrs, Halo's Cook Book. Mrs. Hill's Now Cook Book. Warne’s Model Cookery and Housekeeping Book. Prof. Blot's PdfcticaJ Cookery. M.re. uoodfeUcw’ft Cooking as It should be. Kltchon Directory and American Housewife. Practical Floriculture, by Henderson. Gardening Cor Profit, Butota Family Kitchen Garden. April 22, 1ST1. JJE W B O O H S . FOR BALE BY PRLEST AND NUN. RULE OE THE MONK, By Uarabaldl. YOUNG SHfiTLANDKB AND HIS HOME. SUBLIME IN NATURE. OLD FASHIONED QIKL. BKSBIE AMONG THB MOUNTAINS. A PHYSICIANS PROBLEMS ISABEL'S SECRET. • 00ULBUHN8 PURSUIT OF HOLINESS. TILE HOHKN STEINS, D1ALOGUB8 FROM DICKENS. BEECHER'S LECTURE ROOK TALKS. PRINCIPLES OF D0MS8TI0 SCIENCE, By Miu C. K. Boccber and Mn Btowe- INNOCE.NTS ABROAD. A now snpply. HEALTH BY GOOD LIVING. HAND BOOK OF BULPHUB OUTRE, [or Vine* and Trees. MEN AND MYB'fBRIKSOFWAJLL STREET. PLAIN and DECORATIVE Paper Hangings! S h a d e s , Paper Curtains C o r n i c e s , < fce, IN STOCK AUD TO A R B IY E : 90,000 B o ll* Oommon Xapar, 5.000 B o 11a la tip 1.000 B o ll* OUt “ ■00 Pair* Opaqno ■faada*. Oar Stock of WALL PAPERS, BORDERS, PAPER CURTAINS, SHADES, FIXTUKES, TAB8ELS. Ac. was never more complete than now. (V~ Wo aro prepared to bang paper purchased of oo, and guarantee the work. AprlUMTO. HANFORD A WOOD. Sign of th* BIG BOOK. Watertown, N. Y. RO AD BO N D S F O R S A L E . T H K „U N DBRSIGNED offer* for sole tbe Bond* of the Utlco, Cffinton and Btnshampton Bail Road Company. They ore liaued la sums of $1000 aud $500. and bear Interest at the rato of seven per cent, payable at tbe Continental Bask in Now York City, January 1st and July lit, and are FREE FROM GOVERNMENT TAX Tbo rood runs from tho dty of Utica, through New Hanford. Clinton, Dsnaville, Orlafcmnj Falla, 8oles- vlllo. BoockvUlc, Pocksport and Hamilton, lo tbe Midland Hailroad at Smith's Valley, aod wLnorm • ho main connection of tboMlalana with Utica and Home. Tbo mortgago to for loss than thirteen thousand dollars per mile, and is ln every respect a firs, close security Tbo Bonds are offered at the low prlcn ol nlnetv cent* and accrued mtsrest, asd may ho bad at tbo rtRtioo&l Union Book, or a t tbe Wttortown Bank and Loxr. Uompony, Watertown. OBO. B . B B B L P * April 6, 1S70. <Stf MIL LINE II. The standard reputation attained by thlsnnrival- ed and ipfallihlc Yrnat Powder during twelve veafr paf»t. jp quo to its perfect purity, bcalthftilnesn and economy Put np Tn tins, artual weiifht. o« rc- preaentod. find will keen for yearr. The quaniilv required for ti hc is from one-fourth to onc-halflesj* t'mn other Raking Powdere Sold by Gror« rj throughout thc United States. DOOLEY & BROTHER, Manufacturers and Proprietors, 69 New Street. New Yofk. J J O , rO H T H E H O L I D A Y S J . W . At the Old Stand , No. 30 Streeter's Block , Would inform the cittaonj of Watertown, that ho haa just rocolrod for tbe Holidays, a choice assort mont of O O N F B O T I O N A R T . which cannot bo excelled ln quality or urlce, hy any honse In the city. Ho also lnriica attention to his Btock of Green and Driod Traits, Vegetables, Ponltry, Ac. Ho haa also a selection ol CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES, and ProTlslons, conslstlne of Teas, Coffees, 8agars, Spices, Sjrrnps, Bntter, Oheato, Pork. Lard, Eggs, aod other article* nsiuuly kept ln a first class Groce­ ry. The public aro Inrttod to call and examine onr goods and price*, which will compare favorably with any honse in the city ln finality and cheapness. aecSldwlr BB* A nsw supply of Harris’ Seamless KMC ''«• »st received, in Black and Color*. D B BiwroaD A Oo, SpriDg and Summer Fashions. ,NO. 4 , P A D D O C K S AJICAD F , ZK1&3* Z9Z. A . HDO&fiB bos just returned from iho Ciiy, aod haa now opened for ealc, W HO LESALE AND RETA IL Tbt* lanroil and moet heavtl a I variety of Hats B o n n e ts, Bibbons, Flowers and Millinery Gooda in general, and which we prom , lee to sell cheaper tban the cbeapeet WE INVITE AN BAKLY CALL PBOM ALL, and will checrtaliy ditptoy our goods for jrourlwpcctlon> M E L . M j l . V F . R S will find it gTeatly to their advantage to como and eee. We have some Bargain! for th£m. Hair,8witche*. Watsrfals, Bnafds, 01c. Tho tallest asso'tmem.M asnfiTT W orsted Canvass, also JAVA CANVA8B, now on hand. Plaster Blocks & Pattern Bonnets. Hats and Bonnsts bleached or cleaned and remade INTO THB NEWEST STYLES. UmbroiderY ■tam p ing, daxxa o a short notice' X .A . VOHBB. F. PADDOCK & COMPANY’S B A N K , N o . 6 W a s h in g to n S t. W a t e r t o w n . Wo keep on hand and supply ALL T H E F I R S T OLASS BONDS AND SECURITIES IN MARKET. Perfouf Sfiekinp Investment* Will do toell to see us before Purchasing. WE HAVE FOR SALE Missouri Valley Railroad JBonth int. per cent., tjold. Rockford, Rock Island de St. Louis Railroad Co. First Mortgaye Ronds, int. 7 per cent., gold. Railroad Bands endorsed by ths State o f Alabama, mt. S per ceiil gold. Central and Union Pacific Rail Road Bonds. Potsdam ife Watertown, ansi Rams, Watertmon de Ogdensburgh Railroad Co. Mortgages. Council Bluffs and St. Joseph Railroad Co. Bonds. Persons desiring to sell or ex­ change Government, or other Bonds can do so on the mostfavorable terms at this office. Accounts of Individuals, Compa nies a n d Corporations, received on Liberal Terms. Certificates issues' bearing inter­ est. Gold Drafts, Gold, SH/ver, Cana­ da Money, and Coupons, bought and sold. Collections made everywhere in the U. R. and Canada, at the lowest rates, and a General Banking busi­ ness transacted. ORLN C. FRO S T , Cashier H. P . & A. R. FLO W E R , NEW GOODS** We offer at Greatly Reduced Prices, Witf out exception the Largest snd most’?fimpl«10 stock of Watches, and N r J i n JgwelrTjOoin l i l v n i •llver JPlated W a r e , Clocks, . Spectacles, OCC., \ , Ever exhlted tn thit city. . We hats in SOLID SILVER AND]PLiTO rA B L B If TBA SPOOKS. ‘U f W M I “ S b S iT S S fc S fF ’ p x b s u r r a s * ^ v o a a r s , z .A s a a a N A r s x x c B i x a s . 8Ilth a thonstnd other srtlclca slot encmeraled. OUR GOODS, A R E IV i & - w ; I Direct from the Mazmfa&tum** and tbervriU ba,*o!d B O T T O M P M t M C E S . Don’t hoy an article ef Silver war* bafor* looking onr stock over; WM HAVE JP8T WHAT; l l W anted i a u moods W i m s M c Do, t Washington Place. acAOAB a a a a s p o t . OOHG&SEE THE BEST & 9 ■ ■ ./• -M - '-K i r , IN THE OITT, ’ Ho 67Wa8htogtonHallBJock • / r ! —-> if. Aro daily adding to their large stock the latest styles of F A S H ION­ ABLE JEW E L R Y , Watches, Solid Silver and Silver plated ware, d o c k s Tablo W are &c. W e call special attention to our large stock of Amer­ ican Watches, comprising the How­ ard, Waltham aud Amorican, Elgin, Newark and United States move- ment8.^.The R. P . & A. R. FLOW ­ ER Watch, made expressly for ns by thu American W atch Co., ia a fino (Ihronometre balance with all lato improvements, and warranted to keep accurate time, price $40.— Wo keep a largo assortment |of La­ dies Gold (Amorican and Swiss) Watches and Gold Chains, all of which we warrant by special certifi­ cate. In Clocks, we have those oi English, French, German andtAmer- ican Manufacture, also keepuie Jth- acn Calender and the celebrated Seth Thomas Calender dockB, the best in this country. O u r stock of By­ zantine, Mosaic, Engraved and En­ ameled Jewelry is the most com­ plete in Northern New York. 18 k plain gold Engagement and Wedding Rings, Diamonds &c. In Knives, Forks and Spoons, we keep none but .the best quality. Solid silver, and steel- bow Spectacles and Eye Glasses.— Onr Silver Plated ware is from the celebrated Manufactories of tho Me­ ridian, Reed & Barton, and Gorham Companies. All of onr goods we warrant, and if an article does not prove as represented we will 'refund, the money. Opposite the American Hotel, No. 1 Court street, W ater­ town N. Y. N B. — Watches a n d Jewelry re­ paired hy experienced workmen.— All articles in gold or silver neatly engraved tree of charge. Ths inbKilbor has J u t retuasd flroa&Mw Tork, with a Fresh Btock o> of the CboicsK fltocsriaa, lacladlng W't I '• ' • . S It,I . t e a s , ■ ; v . , \ C0FFKK8, 8 p m & RAI0NS, SUGARS^ CANNED FRUITS 1 AHD ALL KINDS .) - STMVT#, AND PfQUBS, Family Fr o risons! MW GOODS FUHCASKD WHSN -OODDt; WAB « OWN, AND WILL B S HOLD AOOOXDIMOLY/ (■r-GoodsasUTsrodFrsao/Chant*--' ^-'^-’ ' - K . I W '■ti.. j l V F I B N f f M llfX I . H fiN C H E T T ipE L O H I}, (BncccMore to BalltrJA HsrrhsttJ Th##*BlllB,havIng r ^ U y ^ j v j ^ j A ^ ovsthaallng, and arc now timing ont a BETTER GRADE OF F L M R flour , feed , GE$ii| ttdohallnot baoutdona not u d inoiftbriik) isNortbamHawYodc. • * !*',%• Outatn work doca imika boat a tfM r tm S \ ^KCHIXBCXIJIKK. Tho snbocriber wonld Inform tb* pnbUc that bo has opened an office ln tho Affricnltarftl Xnsnrsncs BaJldinps, Where he irin give hia entire Bttaotios to making prompt attention* Watertown, April 9.1878. [tact dtf I V A T T J F I E ’ S hi ► n e w z O H A B L E B ^ , 1 0 X 1 8 B n 1 ---------- ------------------ --------------- e t i B B & W E B p i — * S V K U IV fc r t t o tnd warrant lt u good** tha vary I nnt, aiwaya at Wholes*!* and KtUllMarkat nim. ■s s s ~ ly on kand al klndi of. Feed, ffleal, Oats, Shorts &e, mawffldo CUBTOIK QUNDIKQ.tk t i n M lt psaslj tv ov* 9 »ik set ante* Ikt Goods pn»ptlydeUvsr*dUnypsrt-Al|i<dtF free of carta#*. •• •«. •w.-TMSxwtF- K u . Tboispaoo ksspa Flosr cOBstohfinMt hand, tor Feed. Meal, ~ \attention... . . “‘••‘S W ■, CHAS.SIMMO: W&ierlown. An*. Mt. 1S69. ont dUhrw l hrtotact AU artarSASft-WtUtla ^fSiiiSSSKKf^ W H S v jj i s entiral y f r s e f r o m t h s P o i - m g s Contains x>' juead—n o _ aanoqa a m i H a a lt h - d s s t r o nssd in o t h e r Hair P r s p a r s t l d n s . Trssaparent and.cletr aa crystal?, lt will not anil the finest fabric—perfectly ■■!#!. <il«qu § 1)4 iff* ctenl—dceideratuos L o a g l o v i u t fhr* and found at l a s t ! v It restores and prevents the Hall from becoming Gray, imparts a soft gloaer appearance, removes Dandruff, ts cool aud refreshing .o tho head, checks the tsir from falling oft. aud restorea It to a great extent when pcrmiturely lost; prevents Headaches, cures all Humors, cuUneoui eruptions, and urmata- roJ heat. D R . G . H I w r iH , P a t e n t e e . ‘G r o t o a J oncsioKi. IQ o i . , prepared only by PH O C * r B R B K O T H E t t f , G j o u e e i t e r , H a i l . The Genuine to put up in a panel bottle, made ex- presely for it, vrfth tbe aome bt the article btovm io t t O SSsnO »ssifatov thh *I mb . As* yonr _ _ ____ storatlvu, and tako no o t t e r . ;ts for Nature1. Hair Be- \*•»««» auu vttui uv utwer* maylddvSm For Sale by N. 3L SMITH, Drngglat, Watertown. gOLDIERS OF 1861, ATTENTION ! Under a recent dcclelOD of the Snpvesie Court, threo Beldlera wbo enlletcd for three veaie, between MaylandJoly 2/. 1 W, 1 and were Honorably Dis­ charged on aecnnnt of dlaeue or other canaes, are entitled to their * $10O BOUNTY ; nnder the act of July M, i ‘«l, unlesa* they ham already received the earn a * S0LDIBH8 ENT 1 TLKD— 8end or bring on your discharges at once, lending poet office address, and-will file claim. lor yon sa soon as possible, t bare this day received “lnstinctlota and.Forraa’ trom the Bounty Departmental Washington, Dated March 39.1310. . . „ %.. H0KPH, Axmom at,Uw hadU^todSUtor Ctoln Afeat, Ho. 6 Wuhlngton Bt, Y i h r tow , N* Y* N W l B i t f , 1 $'wf” tf X\

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