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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, May 23, 1870, Image 1

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VOL. X. WATERTOWN, MONDAY EVENING MAY 23,1870. I B B atertohm It PUBLISHED BVEBYrAFTgRNOON. T n w t |8.00.R>er annum ln'advanoe. Stag! t Copies 9 cent* ■ Wow York Weekly Beformer PnbUihtO ererj Thursday, tt $140 Mr ybirlnad faWiec , . ________ . O IM O U LATIO W | D a ily, 9 0 0 1 J fi . W e a k ly, 0 ,300. R a l e t o r A lfv « m s lii( t j z s r S £ & i s s s # G s r & g r a f t s |0 per chat, leu thanjho aum|uf theretei. ’ IN O U U A B IO E L U fl lOwnqaBou^Lreu makeaBquare.. Idey!*dfya *6*J« lw t f tWk* OoaBquare..'...,.. Taiea aqaarea.... quarter wlaaan.. BufOolumn ........ Ote Column ........ 781' 100 100 I BO 4 00 8 60 0 00 7 00 10 001 1$ 00 1 00 1 00 S 00 n * do 4 00 6 00 10 00 *0 00 160 5(0 8(0 10(0 00(0 I i ,mo|l moe|S noelt moa|l year Oao Squire .......... Three Squires.... qasrtorConuen... Hilf Column. ....... poeOolati;n.v ... *001 0 00 lo o 1*00 10 00 10 00 *0 00 H W 40 00 50 00 7 00 >4 00 *3 00 80 00 8000 10 00 10 00 OB 00 00 00 110 08 lOW 80 00 70 00 110 00 100 00 ».» p*r peqf. added to tagatft ttte*. ntnta running o w j o u momth will sP«%o 1 1 Contract o m SB&SZli Ar* Business Cards. a r S. W. B allard , U ndertakes .— Board* at American Hotel, Room No. 10. 8. E, B auabd , (Aaelatant)—Reaidence No.. 14 Hoodale Street. Coflju Room, over No.- SI Public Square. Oct.20.dtf T b e H d p p y M a n . Br VmexHu d . B ucklst . A Garmon king, not an known to fame, * But posteaaed of an unpronounceable nemo. PeU ill one day of tbe etmugeat dlae&te, Of which nothing coold cue him or eat at ease. Phyaleiane were etunmoned from coontry ahd town, Men of mod eat pntenalona, and thoee of renown. Who dosed him with drags, and to eccb 4 degree, That he wishedhlkaelf htag, or drowned in uie tea . At length an old monk, with torerj grave ffcee. Bald, * But one thing will cure this singular cat And that, my dear bOTertign—pray do rot feel b la to pat upon yon a happy man's shlri.\ ttThat a easily done,\ all cried with ono voice ; And the people commenced witbgreai glee to rejoice. Count rs were sent the whole country around. Bat of n|en quite content not one coaid bo found. They banted for days over mountain and and sea. And found one at last in a care by the aes. bail blind, lame and deaf; but when found out al&cn, The happiest mao had no shirt to hia back ! J||Xl)hANl> BONDS. Seven P e r C e n t G -old. FREE OF GOVERNMENT TAX. ON THB * o t » , W A r B B T k R ^ ^ jtiU U O A K : ^ N« V . A. M. HARRIS, Proprietor. Juyi, du ^ fO O B R C n H O O K . ’ ” WATKBTOWN, N. Y. -tmroghlYttted *p aad frill b» kspt Strictly aa a nntauMuoiw. J*ly0.aiy. _________ BUCK tt BAHBBB. Prop. J a c k m a n H o u s e , wATKsjoim.w. y E D . W . P E T E R S O N , Baccasaor to Geo. W. Josh. late roptetor. ST* Ed, ytrwuoit. «iu aiwaya wat bom. to greet hu old standi, u d with 1 cordlp) welcome lo Stages I mto tallhotel for all potato. raUr at au tales. Aa-Mlv jQ W T O B B n U W I Arranatio Lliier of Rhubarb, A canals o itoID m ip tli, Dtirrhm, Dyfuurj. Ac. constuUy on t a i l u d tot ula Who!ea»to and BstallbyN. M.SMITH, Giaaral Axant. V T Alio tot u l i b tiU D n n U u . ditAcIIj L u « m i ; i Under U u tiea. Mr Greeu, tbe famous diver, tells singular stories of bis adventures when making search in tbe deep water of fbe ocean. He thus sketches what he saw at the “ Silver Bank,” near Hayti: The banks of coral, on whioh my divings were piade, are about forty miles id lengiu. Oo this bank u presented to the diver one of tbo most beautiful and sublime scenes tbe eye ever beheld. The water varies from ten to one hundred feet in depth, and is so clear that the dim can see irom two to three hundred when submerged, th but little obetrution to the sight. The ttom.pt the ocean, in maoy places, is as rodtha* a marble floor; in other* it is added with coral columns, from ten to ighty feet in 'diameter. Tbe tops ol those myriad of pyramidal a myriad more,giring _ nary abode ot some water nymph, ln other places the pend­ ants form each arch after arch ; aa the diver stands on the bottom of ttjp ocean and gazes through the deep winding avenues, ae finds tbat they fill him with aa sacred an awe u If he were in aomf old cathedral which had been long buried beneath th, ocean’s ways*. Here and there tbo coral extends even to the surface of th^yater, as if the loitier columns were towers belong In* to thoee stately temples tbat are now in ruins There are counflm varieties ol dlminattro trees. thru be, end plants in every crevice of ue coral, all being of a faint him owing to tha pale light they receive, although of every (hade, end entire­ ly different from plants that I am familiar with that vegetate upon dry land. One ln MXtlcuiar attracted njJ attention; it resem- iled a aea fan of lmmeoae alsa, of 'variegated colon and tha moit brilliant hue. , jtauopaUUe - JTkxrf, Arcadj. ittliap.au, aad Ho. 87wuh ■J 1IL __ . dStfOTbjfit tartan tuval, Wstartowa, H. T. t r All hula d u whaa tba paUant t* dlnatuail 03e» graeaipctoce a u l b« paid fot an delivery. H U B B A R D & W R I G H T ( l u r u r i a a l O eaiueller* eta L a w , Office ovar Ho. 8 Weshtagtoa Btraaa. Watertown, ■aw York. Hat Allow . A a* lapadlau. Tbo repudiating countiaa of Iowa havo received another hotificatlon from Ptderal authority that tha bond* taeued ln aid of railroads moat be paid. Tke local Courts havo dona thaw utmowt to shield the ropu- dlatorm, aod the State Legislature hu given .•—anil thay most pay. In tho United states Court at Dea Moioe them.encouragement: In thc — on W pUln)y ■. ar. h v b u b d . w b io h t -V HIMMOND A 1 IV M 0 W Attorm < |i Cawmc*lorrn at Law . OSoeorer No. 10 WMhlogton titrMl WtUrtow^ 0. H. HAMMOND. HLAULBT WTflsLOW rti dij J . X>, D O B a w . O X T T K A R K E T , HO. 101AH8KNAL CT. W H O L U I K ARO ■■TAlLi tuar Un.' & >Mlert la til tfsgi # B aod », BontotBA * Balt wat*»It»*, n T«xm o D u f b s S e l n, H a » SACtA.aa, raws 0 n n u 8 (U ia txumi O idno prom ptly attonden to, ion. rre.,i BanrOiyt; Market Bonn dariaa warm seaaoe. rrow o ■■ «*to — . m. to lkta M, a*4 tro* * to 10 p a om 5 a at. to li p. m.—all dav. Deem Dor 1887. j« rotJH u n u b ”* wm Tbe Empire State life Insurance Co. o m B B ma RY atfPKHioB; advantages TOiTHOSl wno;womJ> Insure Their X*ives I OFPIOR - WABBZ&8 T01< HALL, W A T IB T O W N IT. Y . GEO. h. PHSLP8, PTwldent. U PADDOCK, Ul Vtaa Piw*t. EZRA COBH ALL, *d \ JOHN BHSLDO^. Beoettiv. J. K. BATES, Medical Ezamlaei. ___ J. V. STABimcK Ooanaal. taneSaori .WATERTOWN GENERA! II 1AYR0N BEEBEE, A^ent, OM Hartford,—Hartford 60 jear, aacceufanmk lneaa..v. ................ D. 6 4 4 ,914 jPMcsaik. Hartfotd ........................ OUy MlreiHartfotd .................. £JI»i§2 r.XBaw,Hartford ...........................701,937 C.maaetfcwt,Hi o d , .................. S n f S ’S u M e a H tf Hew York. ....... •.•,3,017,889 InternaU o a a ), New Ioik...t«.d . W *1,400 H a tlonal ' “ .... r.'..... ^ ;;iaiTi,ooo,ooo t i r These an Old, JDwalllaaw and rontarita liiinrad from one w\o Avo n a n . at the lowest met. Life lnaaranee ta raliabla Companies. Call on ma teetoro tasnrtaf or reeairin* jom pol- letaa, at Hager ABtabeeta Jewtlrv'Btore. n n iO R H n u H B B . a i » l 1fetertowWAonatt*.isn imp thay most pa it Dea Mol oca, W odntadaj. Judge Dillon told them l that tha people oi tba counties and unpabtiet concerned “ must abandon all >fasc! mqnli bopeo Tltay must bo paid,” ho added, “and the officers of tbo Court wUl bo sustained by the power of tho Government.” Tbat is all pght and proper. No Stato in tho Union baa been more bountifully assisted by tbe Government in the construction of Its rail­ roads, and nonaat this moment cniovs graattr pnrp r ty. Tho part lt baa for Immetlme played aa a repndlator ia diacrcd •ble lo lu Courts, if not to its people. —There la ona in theVorld who fcola for him who ia sad a keener pang tban he feels for himself ; there ia one to whom reflected oy i* bkttar than tbat whjch comes direct; (here ia ona who rtjoioa* In another ’a honor dor* tbhn Ih aqy Hhlcb ia ona’s own; there Is one oo whom anothi^ftnsdeaccdent ex ceilanot sheda no bMu bui that of delight; there it on* who hWHAnoiher’* lnflrmities more fahhluily ihans aa? ttwn ; tbero ia one who lose* qll muss at telf in the secntiment of kuu$BtaMsndmie«B and devotion to another ; that ono is woman.— Washington Irving. Tho history of negro emancipation ia re­ peating itaeil in Cuba,—tbe Captain-Gen er. ai having issued ao order conferring freedom upon (he sieves ofinaurgsnts, and also upon slaves who hsvo acted as guides to Spanish troops or otherwise sided the Spanish causa. Thus (he first official blew at Cuban slavery takes tbe form of Military necessity. That ia the begining of the end, to fir aa slavery Is cunoerned. By and by tho statesman will join the soldier, and Sp&irr will decree emancipation, jlvea rebellion has ita bles- »ngL A Bra Thing. —The Berean of Statistics •tads ua by telegraph from W aahington, the gratifying intelligence that American navi­ gation interests are reviving. A new pro- geUor of l,492 tons hu actually applied for registration from tbis City. Moreover, nine vessel?, aggregating 1,983 tons, havo ap plied for registration irom Detrtfii Tills is gratifying to our national pride, albeit two out ofthe nine rate 1,Q32 tons, leaving a tonnage of 800 tons for the other seven vessels, or an average ot 45 tons. Our emo­ tions of thankfulness for thia mosquito fleet —evidently wood bspges for the Canada trade—are mingled witb those of gratitude to onr efficient Bureau of Statistics (or thus promptly heralding tbe revival of American commercjp-N. Y. limes. FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS OH A Railroad in New York State. THE NSW YOBK AND OSWSGO M i d l a n d R a i l r o a d . extends Lorn New York City to the Ofty of Oewego on Like Ontario, s dtitsace,of 800 utiles, lnclndln* britches. The line U .cimpleted shout ISO miles from Oswego, ind regular trains running duly.— Rapid progress le miking In the balance of the lino ind the entire work wUl be completed st tbe earliest practicable period. 8A F B T I OW T H B BONDS. Thereto no railroad bond offered upon dlie New York market which so clearly combines the elements or PKBPKCT &K OU BIT Y And s HIGH RATE OP 1NTBKXBT ss this; ta proof of which assertion ths. foUowtag simple facts sre presented: 1. THS LOCATION OT TBT BOAD, stretching from the city ot New Trek, icroei the Northern put of New Jersey tnd the rich and populous MID­ LAND COUNTIES OV NEW YOBK STATE to the nearest port on the great Lakes, is inch, thst lt most command a targe throngh sad local trafflo from the moment lt Is opened. The route from New York to Budhlo will be shortened sweaty miles, tnd lo Os wero fortv five miles. 1 THE OOST Of BUILDING THB BOAD ir tbout *80,000 per mile, tnd **0,000 of thst amount la necessarily tarnished by stock inbscrlptton be- foessdoflsf is ossd CfbBS, the isle of onds, since ths lisne of the latter lt positively limited to $10,060 PEB MILE OJf BOAP BUILT AND IN BUNNING OBDEB. Over *6.000,000have already been paid ln an stock snbacrtptlone. 8. Tbe mortgage bonda on every railroad running out of New York Oity, ere good, tnd Interest te promptly paid on them. A T ls. Toual IaUreat Liability of this yroat through routs of ml}WSJ between tbe lakes and the Atlantic coast, 800 mlise In length, will thus be only *860,000 per annum, after ths whole lino :« completed. On the most moderate calculations tbi STurago EABNXNG8 of A SINGLE MONTH would far exceed this sum. . T H E B A IR OB D T m n r . Theso bonds pay seven per cent ln gold, freo o f United Stales Income Tax, end thl^rith gold st Ik la equal to sboat 8g per cent, s year. No rational penon could expect a BATE INVESTMENT, with- in onr own lists ts be otsred oo more liberal tsnar than these. THB BONDS. Thu bonds hare SS ysaro to run; an Issued ta d» nominations of *L0CO; bear Boren Par Cent Interest ln gold, free of Income Tax : sre Coupon or Begta taxed, with Interval, payable aeml-anntelly ta New York, on tho first of Janaary end 1st of July. Price-Par & Accrued Interest Pizapklats, Circular*, Sc. mxj do bad on applica­ tion (o tba % M e r c h a n t s B a n k , A Aenm ar Warxaroww, N. Y. Also, si tho Banking House of C . G - . H a r g e r & S o u WATERTOWN, GEO, OPDYKE & Co. B a c k e r s , No. 36 K u s s i j t . 1870 1870 Northern Transportation Co. OF OHIO 111 during tbc. praeent eoacon uf navigation ran tbeir lino of # T W E S T ¥ {F I8 S r CLASS' S T E A M E R S ! Regularly, Between Cape Vincent and Ohicaec. AND INTflKMKDLATE POn»... These BTEAMER9 will form two dally lineefrom Oape Vincent, touching at Oswego, Cleveland, Toledo, De­ troit, Glen Haven, Sheboygan, M II.W A U K D D , AND OBIOAOO. Leaving Cape Vincent dally on arrival of the eve­ ning train from Watertown., connecting at Western Lake ports w‘tb IL R Licea for all points South- west asd North west, rod at Capo Vincent for all points East- landing at Ports in tbe St Lawrence nlver on their ap and down trip. No Change of Steamer BETWEBN C A P E ANU Tbe Steamers of this Company ARE UNSURPASSED for Passengers accomodation, hiving LARGE AIRY CABINS ’ AN D S T A T E R O O M S ! ! Also Good Cabtas for BECOND CABS PASS Hi; GEBS. Tickets Issued fer all- Points West, C O O K B O O K S , F O R S A L E STT S T E R L I N G to M O S H E R . JEyery day Cookery for Every Family. Bxcolutor Cobk Book sod Houaskoupors Aid. ( Mis. BUsa, Practical Cook Book. Mrs. Hale’s Cook Book. Mrs. HlC’s Nsw Cook Book. Wsroe’i Model Cookery snd Housekeeping Book. ProL Blot’s Practical Cookory. Mrs. Uoodfellow’s Cooking as it shonld bo. Kitchen Directory snd American Housewife. A L IO tactical Floriculture, by Henderson. Gardening tor Profit. Bulsts Family Kitchen Garden. April S3, 1870. , -■ —- ---- |||SW BOOKS. FO B SALE BY PRIEST AND NUN. - BULB OB TBE MONK. By Garibaldi. YOUNG SHKTL ANDBB AND HIS HOME « » SUBLIME IN NATURE. OLD FASHIONED QIBL, BESSIE AMONG THB MOUNTAINS. A PHYSICIANS PBOBLBH8 ISABEL’S BB0HET. GOULBUBN8 FUH8UIT OP HOLINESS. THS HOOpSTEDHS. DIALOGUES FROM DICKIN8. BEEOBEB’h LECTURE ROOM TALKS. |9 p*Flnt clais tickets Include Meals snd rooms. State Baggag* Checked through to Destination. AGENTS: JOHN BOOKING, Boatou. BREED * BABL, New Yoi k. UEG.A. EDDY.Ogdcnaborub. CHA9. ALLISON, Gawego, N. Y. FRENCH, CBILD8 A CO., Oloavcland, O. W. T. WALKKB A CO, Toledo, O. N. J. BOLDER. Dotroll. Mich. E R M a THKWB, Glen lUvon. Mich. LBWI* CURTIS, snoboigan, Wla. O. J. HALE MUwaukco, Win. R. D1KFBNDORF, Chicago. HL W . D . BU O K L U T A g e n t . Apr S. fi Avrlra Cape V lucent N.Y. Or lo JanJMwlf T H B O H B «AFBAJCH iw alx color tn ths” direction*— j^R. jr. « H 4 KCB, or N«W tart, Qs* compounded an Article called tot the core ol BUdneas and Gray Hair. This article U * vegetable Pomsi icd, and will tarn grey hair ------ x days, when toed arcordi containk ho snlphur, tdgar ol lead, orpotaonoos in­ gredient-; ItdOM bfiv dlacoloTSny lubaxanc*. Ia •old m pots at*l... It is a beantita) article for old er yoangrlndreeaUig tbe hatai sfid keeping It from taroitggrey. t a r Sold by Can C Xassiy. and Kwrxrma al Cotresk’Dnirgbitai Watertown. N.Y. janfidw u n c H U H , f J r ^ r ^ 3 V - x w i « v . Bfevtag bean tppolntad ageBta tn whaleaa a Um H*w jperffiel F ittlig ShlelM Wfcile- TMe L im it of the H u n a a Voice. The gnnhopper make huhseli heard 1-16 of a mile, or 20 rod*. An ordinary man weigh* aa much at 36,000 of thtae insects, and if his u>ico were proportionately pow­ erful, it could be heard a'distance of 3,000 miles. Such an arrangement wonld enable R* to dispense with the telegraph and abol­ ish at once the franking privilege. The honorable member from Smithtown could address his constituents directly from hia Mat in Congrew^ it might, however, have its disadvantage* also, as a sneeze would probably land the roof of a honse into a neighboring lot, and tbe house be mater­ ially dilturbed. Upon the whole, aa ' ‘si­ lence is golden,” and the telegraph answers every purpose, we uef .satitfifid with the preftent limit of UM-toice, khd.' propose to W fc tho gnmhopper ia tbe pwsetsion of theflsld l^&lentiihAmtrican. T AND H A IX.SO A D OHIO Is completed and running from BICHHOIYD, V s . to ths calsbrelefi W H ITE SULPHUR la Wees V s ., *J7 mllee. Ills betag rapidly extended to the Ohio Rlrer, 900 miles tarthfit, msktag ta ail 8*1 mllas. In Ita pragma Wettward, it penetrate, and opasa np to market ibe W o o d e r fbl Ooal D e p o s its of the K a n a w h a R e g ion in W e s t V ir­ gin ia. A nd thus brings the euperior and ttrandan Coale of that eectlon Into communication with Ike Iron Ores o f V irgin ia and O h io, and the W e s tern , SA a ih YV*at*ra and S a s t e r a m a r k e ts. When completed lt will connect the superior harbor f a c il i t ie s ot tha Ohaaapaak* B a y with reliable navigation on ths Ohio River, and thna with the a n tira s y s t e m e f H a ilroad and W a ter trnnap e r tation o f th* great W e s t and lo n t h - W e e t . D will make a s h o r t , e a s y , cheap and f a ­ vorable r e n t e from the W e s t to loo t e a , end will command a la r g e sh a r e o f the enor­ m o u s f r e ig h t s seeking transportation to the coast. It will Urns become one'oftbe moet im p o r tant, an d prodtabla B a st and W e s t Trunk Xeinssof H a ilroad In tha country, and com­ mand a tnde of immense value. Tbe completed portion of tbe Boed te doing e profitable a n d increasing B a s in e ts, >nfi is lolly equal ta value to the whole amount of ihe mortgage upon tbe entire Line—<* 1S.OOO.COO.) Tbe loan of Ihe Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company, betag a f i r s t M o r tgage upon tha en tire D ine, p r o p e r ty and equipment*, w o r t h w h e n com p leted a t least *30,. 000,000, •» therefore one of the moit rabsUiitiaJ, catuemUva, and reliable Railroad Loans ever offer* ed in the msrket, and peculiarly adapted to the Mints of INVESTORS ASD CAPITALISTS, Who desire to nuke their lnveetmente with the moet ■stisfketotr sssnrsace of p o s it iv e and nn - doabted ■ r e u r it y . The Bonds an in denomination of *1,000 *500 a n d *100, end may be bsd COUPON or REGISTERED Intern! Six per cent per annum, payable MAY 1st and pOVMMBEB 1*4. P r incipal r a d Zat*rast payable in OOXdB in t h * O ity o r H s w Y o r k . Price go a n d adcrned i a t e r e e t in Currency at which price the, pay Marly Maven par cent, i s raid on their cost. AJifloVertmeit BoiiiUand biher Becuntlee dealt Inst the *tock Bxchsnge, received ta exchange, et ihsir fall market valne, asd Boade eent to all pert* ol ths country. Jree ot Express chargee. Tb'J tab b* dbtaiaeiny orileriag direct from « or tbriMIk le y lreiptai»lble B u k or Banker ta anv part of the Conn try. „ . FISK ft HATCH. • . u i n u . BOLDET ' <r». I Mead M talctaretlc 0 R U G 9 , MEDICINES, PAINTS AND OILS G J - l a s s & I 3 r u . s h . e s TBA* A COFFEBN, SAGARS A SYRUPS, MOLA89KS, SPICES, &C. ond a general aeeortment of G r o c e r i e s , AT WH0LB8ALS ct) RETAIL, A t the very Lowest Possible Prices -ALSO- , Breat U. 8, Tea Co's Teas, mt their Whole* a}o Price a, from 80 cents to $1 30 p« pound, and Terns ot oar O W N S E L E C T I O N . PRINCIPLE! OF C. E. Beecher By Miee X tf Stove. INNOOENT8 ABROAD. A new (apply. . RBALTR.fi If GOOD LIVING. HAND BOOK OF BULPHUR OfJBE, ftar Vines and Trees. MEN AND MYSTERIES OP WALL STREET. tf F. PADDOCK ft eOffiPANTS IWo«6 W a sh in g ton 6t» W^tortowx^* Wc keep un hamt aud uupi>ly ALL THE FIRST CLASS BONDS AND S E C U R I T I E S I N M A R K E T . Persons flicklcr Inveatnifyita Will do well to- sea us before Rurcharing. WE HAVE 1' OR MALE Missouri VaUmj Railroad Bondi , i/rd. 7 per cent., gold. Rockford, Rock Jslaml <j& St. Louis Railroad (Jo. First Mortgage Bonds , in t. 7 per cent., gold- Railroad Bonds endorsed by the State of A.labama, int. 8 per cent., gold. Central and Union Facijie R a il Road Bonds. Potsdam cfe Watertown, and Rome, Watertown da Ogdensburgh Railroad Co. Mortgages. ■ Council Bluffs and St. Joseph •Railroad Co. Ronds. Persons desiring to sell or ex­ change Government, or other Bonds can ao so on the mostfavorable terms at this office. Accounts o f Indimidmals, Compa nies and Corporations , received on Liberal Terms. Certificates issued bearing inter­ est. ’ Gold D rafts , Gold, Silver, Cana­ da Money, a n d Coupons, bought a n d sold. Collections made everywhere in the U. (S’, and Canada, a t the lowest rates, and a General Banking busi­ ness transacted. 0 R I M C. FROST,Cashier 1008, PLAIN and DECORATIVE Paper Hangings 1 S h a d e s , Paper Curtains C o r n i c e s , & c . I N STOCK A N D TO A R R I V E i 3 0 ,0 0 0 l o l l s Coauaon F e y e r , 9.000 K p U s Bettis * 1 .0 0 0 K o lia O l l t “ 000 Fairw Opaque E h a d e s . Onr Btock ol WALL PAPERS, B0BDSR8, PAPER CURTAINS, SHADES, FIXTURES, TAB81JA Ac. war nevai morw compute thin now. W Wo sre prepared to hang paper purchased of os, and guinnfce the work. NEW-i . Wo offor Greatly Reduced * wittou^cxoojiUoa thcLargeet, apd: i|oet rvnpM* Ever oxiltedin.thi* city WehiMlia. SOLID SILVERANDiriATS CABXOIOl T 8 k i W O O W .it > I T M I x * 0 R K « ,v B A - « irr« ,0 A U S A » v . K B V V i O A R O K m ^ M p M . r a v i f e a v v x s x . ru> K in v m . ¥-. ■ ' ..’•A!!.. lv.R Wltk'a tfeooeond othet^ < , >, V tu :• ■TT5t O U R o o O i E V . A R Direct from thoMinutaefuier’e-pfi tbev will ba *oJ*.. a # . _rtl ^ t a j .Ri i I B O T T O M 'ft. 1*«US WANTED I AM Goads Warra*ted.TEa. t WashingtonElap#. r R. FLOWER, AprmFiO.' HAJNPORD <6 WOOD. Signer tha BIG BOOK. Watertown. N. Y. ROAD BONDS F O R S A L E . rT'RK UNDERSIGNED odkre fhr eale the Bonds I of tbe Ullca^Ctintom and Btaehaaipnm Bill Boad Company. Thay era teauad ta turns of *1000 md *500. end ----------------- - ------------- - ------ cent.\ psyabfe at tha Ooatlsental Bank ln New Y ork City, Jaxmary ill asd Jaly let, led ire FREE FROM GOVERNMENT TAX The road nms from dtyof UUciq through New Rortfbrd, Qliocon, DonartDe, OHiti&y Foils, Soles- Assisted hy one of tho most expert Tea Tasters i tbe dty of New fbrk.) Extra Hoyon Flavors, as tweet as * N E W M O W N H A Y All of which with our very OF MISCELLANEOUS AND F A N C Y G O O D S will be sold at BOTTPM PR1CE& KELLOGG & CON GSR, No. ll W o odruff H o u je Jasl7-dAnr W a tertow n N. Y . The itataUrtf imputation attained by thfs anrival. cd aod infelHbie Powder darlna twelve yeasa past, is duo to IU porfect parity, hcaithlhlneps and econdmr. Put up In tins, actual weight, as re* presented, and will keep for year?. The quantity required for hpo is from ouc-rourth to one-half loss than other Baking Powders. Hold by Grocers throughout the United 8tates. DOOLKY & BROTHER, Manufacturers and Proprietors, 69 jVeu? SlrttU JfiW York, H°> vUla. BoackvUie, Pi Ud HamUti to the Midland Railroad at Smith's Talley, and^lll lorm ihe main eonnecUoa of tkw Mlnland with Utica ind Rome. The mortgage la for i— tain talrtewn tasurasd doBira per mile, ud la ln every reepect a fire, clu* eecnrlty. The Bonde ar* offered al the low pile- of ninety cento and accrued mtereat, aad may be bad it tho National Union Bank, or at the Watertown Bank asd Loin Company, Watertown. O a O . B , FH S X .FE . • April 6,1670. dtf Aro daily adding to their laYge stock tlio latest stylos o f F A S H ION - ABLE JEWELRY, Watches, Solid Silver nnd S ilver platpd w a re,docks Table Wara &o. We call special attention to o u r largostock of A m er­ ican Watches, comprising tha .How­ ard, Waltham and American, Elgin, Newark and United StateB move­ ments. Tho R. B. & A R. FLOW­ E R flitch, mado expressly for ob hy the American Watch Oo., is a fine Ghronometre balance with all late improvements,, and warranted’ to keep accurate time, pride ftfO.— W e keop a large assortment Jpf L a ­ dies Gold (American and, Swiss). Watches and Gold Chain*, ail o£ which wo warrant by special certifi­ cate. In Clocks, wo have those \ ' English, French, Gorman and Ame: ican Mannfactnre, also keep tho Ith-' aca Calonder and tho celebrated, Sofcfi Thomhs Calender ClockB, tho best in this country. Our stock of By- zahtine, Mosaic, Engraved and En-- ameled Jowelry is the most com­ plete in Northern Npw York. , 18 k plain gold * “ Sngagemeiit and Wedding Diamonds &e. In Knives, Forks and Spoons, we keep none but the best quality. Solid sijver, and Bteol-l bow Spectacles and Eye Glaa^es,^- Onr Suvor P lated ware is from the celebrated Manufactories o f thi Me­ ridian, Reod & Barton, and Gorham Companies. All ot our gbods we warrant, anda if an article does uot prove as represented we will fefund the money. Opposite the American Hotel, No. 1 Court street, Water­ town N. Y. N B.—Watches arid Jewelry re­ paired by experienced workmen.—, A ll ai-ticlqs m gold or silver neatly engraved iree of charge. * 8 is * No 67)WaSMtlgfiftEUlBl0fk. « “ ■ : TSA8, RAISINS, t OOFFB&ff, f t ♦Uh? ■?.: vo * 8PI0M8, a i t X ( i i 8U G A M ,\. • ’ • , ' ■ • i. «.u*g ■A 1 *£qi| ... •* .i .* •.• *viT CANNED 'm U I T 8 AND PIOKLJfS, ’ *. A :• * 'I i>» -• ■¥ * • axo iw j a m o r P r o v l i i o i f I . - -• nrtraL-.ear afavraK, -• WoV-iime ^ H E U U U , ,? ■mrenow; tntavawet * m t F O B T U B B O L I 9 A S 8 J . W . A t the Old Stand, No. 30 8fr«fer’e Block, Wonld inform tho citizens of Wgtcrtown, thit bo heejtst received for the Holldxyspk choice u sort, ment of O O N F E O T I O N A R T . which ceanot be exceDed ta qasiUy or price, by any hern* ta tbe city. Ho also invites attention to hie *tockPof areen und Dried Fru its, Vegetables, Poultry, Ac. He hssilso A«eloctlonol CHOICE F A M lt? GROCERIES, end Provliloni, eonslstius or TetwCofSes, Sugary ~ Hore, Spring and Summef Fashions, NO. 4, PADDOCK8 ARCADE. X B B 8 - HI- A. H U O H B I hssjuet retaruod {rom the City, and hm now opined Cor r*Je, 'W HOLESALE AND RETAIL Fbe largcit ind moet besstlml variety 1 of < Hats Bonnets, Bibbona, Flowers ind MHUnery Goods ta general, end whlfih wo prom lee toiell cheeper then the cheapest. WE INVIT* AN KABLY CALDKBOM ALL, snd wUl cbeennlly dlspllj our goods for yonr Inspection- will find it greatly to their edvaalan to .come ud see. We lreve sows Bargains for turn. ' A F U L L L IN E O F Hnirgn^tohee, Watterfnls, Dn^tdf, Ike. N A T U R E ’ S HANCHETT.* B E l t U B , Tdnccceeort to mXdtt KHiktkettJ 3 j ' (IT 4* t XT P j Thee* mill* OTSrtsellmf.n taralagoetx tirtunihmM in 1 HOUR, FEED, ?KAIfftftgi n’i :. 1, 0 ^. f i ? j •MjUlnotb*Mtai»*»*r«M*i taXorihwa MewXetk. lb* : Cwtom wotk deceta the.’bui’ $_ ruts* to give eetUfitotloiL u o e e i • . _____ ttanvrtUtthe aill fot,Ut:hceoeu*u4»ttefc eft aeerti ’ * _ >L.h; 'ip-ttJSS -t *W\Allordurt’iB it tf* m tifer iA'MwlMf i York's store, No. *0 FaVhe (rs tre v flim dranpt'ettautiamnad tMlvuedfcee ef ererei ’ Inthucorooreltou, ,jeu||g((>wg; a I S t B v V ^ HUbneghI PaulNetMi'e leal MUM, where1 he will iMfsei kinds 01 FLOUR ireta* M\ lifM la t t f fox O f and warreat ltas good t* thaf Wholesale ihdKetlllMatMea ly cn kind al kinds Of, < Fesd, Meal,4 O t ^ S M i fte* awdttiUd6CTJ*T0Ke*lHDaWiiWtaetj*a*i Mamuaer., , t > / t r Owak 9*M Sat ■mltar jE k Good! proeapUy dMivsfad in aay yen *f|tht;*Mr free ofeartele, ,f » X. u ThOtaMBttYtan* bar dUfcwat hnids et EteaiconstanUy on hinSi . AR owHellel wltthtae tbr reed, MteifOea, 8temta,l«»wUt*lsMvi an a rt etteallou,’' CHAS. E-JO’ -?'■ ’ . OUASiBiMM ___ —_ . 'Watertown. Aur. 1*. WN. . ?'-. .iM-wlv The tallest asrorawto w« Oanvaae, alao JAVA CA»VA8*fW IT o r a tad eaaaaa, Piaster Blocbft Pattern Bonnets. * . * Hati iad BoaniU bisect ad or elreaed and rtnadt INTO TBI NKWB6TBTXLKS. v ambroUary ptiiijti f i 6 *n* oat abort notic e . . » * a l g » » » » * ettS XmcBKTKfYUKMC. i ' ^ I, AytteBltaral b m a m SaiM fr*t«i ineWBe toeaaUttf * -------- rrary aaaBaxpwws part Transparent snd dear ua crystal, It will Aot edll tho tthert fabrlc-porfectiy safe, ethaiaa abd efll* clent—deslderalums L o n e sotted! for, aad round at last I - f It restores and yrevents tine ntlr-’from bocounnr Grey, imparls i soft glossy ippearenco, .roraotee: Dandrnff Ih ccol snd relreshbg .o the Read,' checks tho heir from folUueoft, andxcttoree it to a gnat extent whoa permstnrely ldstvprerenu Hcsdachfie, CureiAU Hcmors, cntancoUe eruptions, and fuiiata- SJG Y H , - I h l s n t m , Girotett JanCtIon, newa., prepifed only by NRlMl* £B K BBOTHKIfg, $te*ee«ter, MUM The Genu too ft pqt np ta a . psnel bottle, nawls c*' broeaty font, wllh the nemb ot iiiS articis blown in he elms. JU» ydurDrngglsts IbtNAtnieieHeJsB*. itorativo, and tirotto other, ' - autvledwihn- Fpr, Sale by N.M. SMITH,'Droggidt, Watiartowa ' W ’ i _ j

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