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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, May 21, 1870, Image 4

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s a t f R Q U f c *11 I M « _e#,elhUoM .bW lwj»o, 5 AlbaHV.S V idpvoted u> 'jitalteh ol ,.eS \Um EWtirtti •tim h teiag iwcewiihlhe 4 tnelx Wearer** orOUm* aadavfcyiticUiiwhofaai «V«ky>*l\**Ito* HUM _ ThtotaadOiro lAhaalUi <hrea i k»i)l»;dh«ltay**im M u — \«dM*M*'wut the drib _—a minute de ^ B X A T W O B K . ItvtUBCditcloaucoe. l)i a-Mamedor those con- U!»*-fTlsnorplattiSr-prtce k jWtiderWstl, hy’mall pom •«»»toa told tbe paatyear. Tho single Miscellaneous Item *. A w&tara paper btitets out as follows ,‘Bletted rain! tlie g/ASs is grc^uqr, tint, liowej* are fwlicr, end tlio birds sine bet ler. Btaraeii rain!,- 5 —Victor Hugo ts ssul to ba about to uiatrj • young lady oi IwubbUiB, Who is very beautiful,jmd worth 100,000 guilders. —Popo Innoccot the X II. excoarinuni- cated a ll wbo uscd Jtqtmceo in any form, yrhile Pops Pious IX. smokes and uses anuff. , -Tho' Cincinnati Inquirer calls a blath­ erskite or*tor“Ii Homme qui Yawps.” ’ —Pour million egga ara anually employ­ ed by photographers in Europe, and one million in the United States. —Boston wants, an additional public park, and talks of extending Long Wharf down the b»rbor,ter that purpose. —Ten cents_ make one drink ot Pitts­ burg whisky; two drinks of Pittsburg whi sky make one funeral. -Apropos ot the season, tbe Chicago 1 Journal gives a list of receipts for making , “ wulTE-wash of different colors.” . , .. _ , _ - , i Tho people or tho Stato of New York, represented Cincinnati rjulvoau onvpioyuo waij i intienftto and AafleraWy, do enact as follow*: discharged for beiug absent without leavo ' Section 1. AU laws and partis of laws whicb whill going to a 'burgeon's to have bis band, j preride orprewribe that the eleotore of this which had been ci nshe-J, dressed. U a t0 ahaU cause thelr na: each dayjactuaUy and neoeesarUy spent mthe disphatgl of their official dnttos j § 2- -Stibdivision one of section fifty- three , of titlafour. of part onq of the Revised. £t*t- btua.j^horebv amonttyfl so .re to read as fol­ lows; 1 * \ , 1. The supervisor (except\ whpmattertdmg itho board of supervisors), town clerks,.-asses­ sors. lustices of tbo nake, overseers of tho poor, inspectors of election, aud clerks of the polls, shall recoive two dollais per day for eacn cays service performed by each or eitn- \et of them. > § 8 . AU acts and parts of acts inconsistent I with tbe provisions of this act are hereby re- ii 4. This act eh*l 1 take effect immediatelv STATE OF NEW YOBK. ( Ofllco of the Secretary ol State. I I havo compared tho preceding with the original law oq flic in this office, and do hereby certify that the same la a correct transcript therefrom, and of the wholo of eatd original law. HOMEB A. NELSON, Secretary of Stsie. L a w s e f N e w Y o r k Uy A u t h o r i t y (Every law, nnleeaa different timo shall be pre­ scribed therein, shall commence and take effect throughout the Btate, on and not before the twen­ tieth day after the day of its final passage, as certi­ fied by the Secretary ot State, Sec. li, title A chap. 7. part 1 , Revised Statdtet,) CHAPTER 5ta AN ACT respecting elections other than for mUitia and town officers. Passed April 28, 1870; three-fifths being present n a m e s to be registered o r onroUed w ith registers of election o r other - A N a s h v illo ed ito r w a n ts to s h o r t e n I e lection officers,'at any day prior to th e day i ’ o u w hich an election is t o be h e l d a r e here- Mississippi and Cincinnati, one being ail *^fTsU«jM*Jovi?fcil a Die *nd n, and the bU ’ »°d I b y repeated, except so for os the sam e may . ' 'W'l< .... -• ^_*tUl.«»tafn> io- < ply agency u> _ teMoi'Drt-Yir.SoJi i altan Ftanale fpJSMtoj.Ctfi Jrj.,.,, \1 tUMKl boxer riMMMto’ K * \tSt t-ritrismodv, nn *«»b '»#!> o'Ciypjltgr mco- o t h e r all n a n d 1 , in to M isip:, I a p p ly to the city and co a n ty of N e w Yorlt. bii I. N o thing in thia aet contained £h&U b o comstrued * JUAtvft o fN tw Iork**D y Authority co n to ap p ly to the city and c o a n t y of lo repeal, alter or am e n d any Now York, n o r i o f tlie provisions of an a c t entitled , __ ___ ________ __ _ ____ act e i t e i : S , : i i lcS S r a ^ ! i ldl,SL,« KSSK: : m relation to elections in the city and conn- out the Btate, ou &»d not before ibe xwontietb uay | ty of New York.” passed April fifth, eighteen *ftertfw<U/ofit» naal pau*ge, a* c«Utied by the • ftnN ’ r —» a Secretary of Stair, sec. w, title i, cbap. 7, pan I, ic- huudrea ana Beventy. ▼lied Statute!.] S T I L L T H E Y C O M E ! 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I h«to compired Umprecodln* wllb tbo orl«nal l » on iu to . on file la tbui offlco. »afi do bereby cortlfv that the .* .** i alMM April a.o, 1870; thr 66 fifths being i aaote U 4 correct tranaciipttbereiromaDd of the wbole »U ! preaent or •*ld orts.t?»U»w. T h e peoplo oi tho state of N ew York, rep- r e u n t e d i n S e n a te a n d Anatunbly do en a c t as '(H follow * : g e o tio n 1. T h e '.C o u n ty courts, in ad d itio n to t h e pow e rs th e y now possess, ahaU have ju r is d ictio n in oml actions w h e re tho relief m m ? - Q x o m B !.W in?e\A;Liquora .**^f3W»ie*flown, r'.f •'ar\ ._*aficxtcn trsfio. whicb sharp _ .ctedwhtm ,jMltb«BnOR7 \^■ 1 ^ p!u> u> years to select it Moniy, o»i ^ * ® t o | ; - G r o o d s ^ W ^ ^ * p ; jlfm u r e t a n Given. *M.^awwUy;f»rinrtock of iSUUAfi oi ■UM *t * ao»t IbTotable, to nUrtoEjraosp, to tire to be aadmold by so w offer say tb*i t S t i ^ k u i i n q f i s , WptMite*w«tonnn. * stock- ’WsAUqMrf, orforcl«t CMUfomt* wKlUttore. sAvfiaklor80«M|«ipofla» Mt W«urw»Mia*fc,U web — EkosMsphiJEsN *sc ' soR! .■body. ___ JQBMliAfid mtkes bsMparslyrrcSiWe B k i i j p f i l t r . — ... ------ on ti** ___ nlstoit . ________ obsliuetkms ofthe Xrar, snd other oitaas of tbe --------------- -itoheslUi,*nd , ___ , such dennge- pntt a .the wtapper on 5eea| w .u 1whi& o . s l limiwa, s iH s s ,M u mt ’ WMhLAaafweW sad. I sm «r AMsetite, »htea>ea*«>rk>ifc»siiiyto stiraaiatedis stom- -** a r t rsmtrs Msbsal^toeetodafflion. «r Xafitga I I — agy s — its various symp- EUok H t s O t iw , ■*, MUwa* ,—, ohonW be to' „ ----- oevtwot ths dlscas ed . obatrWctton* wBkfit cause R. er«a»p*heM\tiUt om mUd be oonflnuoosljr sdacflonof complaint* 7»* sm U a l Evveimtffs tag vMt fr6qucilt dofict to pro* WI*j1udkeoMorlwol,fft» topro- A^^SieivS^Stomaoh and *etkm, rMlorbe toe sppeHte, fSrta^iisKeBtd tits oneii ad- e;*etH>*s tlerangenicht exists. S m i ChcmUte, a t .■vS f t P BiiMSPg!* » go n n I'a a a M U r s **< Dptrtuts ctvrwhrro \ t m .... . . tbfflnropstofi.to IMSlox.cVtbfi,J* ltr At affixed Hists of ar iaod. iftaftwa Idft^tN M Mb. 3 4ttAo.fi £ ocki bill re irlgl HOMER A. NELSON, Secri eUry of State. Legal, N e w T e a s , N e w C o f f e e s N e w S u g a r s AT NEW PRICES! M o st of o n r Goods w e New, and bought at t h e Lowest Gold Price th i t season. \We are now giving our Customers the advantage o t these low p rices, and s h a ll continue to d o so, keeping O u r Assortment G-ood, Until our stock is closed out, j r 1 S T We invite our patrons a n d the public i n general, to call a n d examine our stock, and avail them­ selves ot the advantage of buying GOODS P O B CASH A T SMALL PRO F ITS, over those who.eon tend for SMALL SALES a t Old Fogy Prices. C a s h i)a id for B u t t e r . D W. RIOKERSON. D lortga ffe F o r o c losnro a a d B t l t * D &FAUUT having bean made In »be paymentof a certain mort£age. mado and execute! by JKllxa* belli Coibler and Josspb Corbicr, her husband* of Watertown Jefibrauu Cornuj N. Y. mortgagor to RuIUb ticott of tbo oimo pUa> to secure the pajocnt ol tbe sum of ono bandrod dofan with Interest tberroo Irom Ita date, payablo to two years, which eaxl mortgsgo bears dalu the vOtb day ol February, I860, aud was duly recorded In ihe ofllco of the clerk of tba said county of Jeff* re^o. on tbo Kith day of Fobraary, 1W0. in bber GB»* « mortgages., page 177, and traorferrcd bv ofiAtifumrot i hereof. aStod Jane Stifh. le^i, loHrra P. U*KJgcA There is claimed to tbo time of inrn of ono thcrocm, nrom tbo 26 ii] dvy of June npd nu rnitur proceedings at law or in rqolty baa t»oen Instituted to recover tbo pai U moneys or aov part theronL Lbo mortgaged Lremtae* are described In eald mortgage, as ftUlowi ‘All i hat tract or parcel of land Mtoate txa_ tbe dftlgtpded Ib the recovery of a suid of mon fly not* exceeding ono thousand dollars, ur the reovexy of personal property Dot exceeding w ▼alae one tnoasand dollars, and in which all tho rocddcuta of the county ln ^hioh the ac­ tion ia brought at the time of its commonc- moafc, subject to the right of tho supremo 50 art, upon special motion, for good cause shown, to remove any such action into tbe supremo court before trial, and also, on such . . . remOTSl bcicj? made, to chance tho vonue or ^ duo on aaid mortgage ano onpAld at L y T Z I . I ’ “ ttJl* ! ibe (Hat pubMcatlon of ibU nolle*, tbo jpLIOCOf tndh Thoy shall have such appellate • butdrcd dollars and tbo in exeat thero Juriadicttiaa *a ia now provided by law. § 2. Gotta in the county courta in actions authorized to bo brought therein by lho pre­ ceding aeolian shall be tho name and shall be recover od In tho same caaea only aa in the liko actions in the Supreme Court. 8 A Power of local legislation is hereby conferred on the several boards ol supervisors to establish, by local law applicable to their several countloB, tho salary of their County JudgA-snil of the Surrogate whon olectcd as Separate officer, such salutes to bo payable put ol the county treasury , provided that the salary of no coanty judge or (surrogate shall, when once eo oatabliahod bo diminished daring hi* term of oflloc. § 4. It shall bo lawful (or tho boards ot supervisors ot tho several counties to author­ ize the surrogate therein to employ tbo ne- OCSBary clerkB, and the said boards shall fix the compensation to be paid to such clerlta $ S. This act shall take affect immediately. dTXTB or Ns*\ Yoxx, I . Offlc* of Ike Secretary ol State | t have cosipsrcfi the procccfilnc with tbeortgioai taw on file tn this office, and do nareby ccrUly tti x i the Muna ti a correct tranocrlpt iberetrom and of c 8 ■ wkoto ot v»lfi crtslnst law, HOEEUA. N 8 LSON. Secreunr of Stat* Primeau, Phillips & Co. * 9C.rfS! ■ No. 20 Court Street, have just received an entiro New Stock of DRY GOODS, which thev will sell for CASH, cheaper than cau be found eleowhere In the City. They alsokccp tlie celebrated “RedLion.” Black Alpaca, Doublo Warp, Silk Finish. These goods are superior to any in the market, as regards Price. Color mid Durability. May7»mt«few W h y s t a n d y e a l l t h e d a y i d l e ? Money Cannot Buy I t ! F o r S g h t I s * P r i o e i , ibs ! ! * 4, L a w s of tfcw 1 t o r k - i) f AatDort«r« [&T«rr tat, ooleu a dHTtAai ilmetfcAU be i --------- . .. _ i nUAgoof WMaumn, county uf Jefiononand 8iaie of Now York, tsoanacd lollowa, begtoslcg in iho ircflt margin of Meadow street at the north cost corner of bum now owned by WllUutm and runs thence northerly along Ue wocierly margin of Meadow rtnxit about piiiy-»u Joel to the aoaih C&sl cumet ol &ot l owned by John V Blub at a post and board fence, thence westerly si right angles witb Mid Hoadow etrcct and along iho south lino of said Ult»h lot, abuut twvlxo rods. to land now or lately owned Dy Geo F. Benedict, thence southerly and E irailcl wllb eald Meadow street and along told encdict's loud about tlxty-sia ft»t, to tho north west comer nf said W1Uams l lot at opoit and b^ard lance, thence easterly slung aaid WUDants northerly lino and at riant angles with laat munUonod line aboat twelve rods to placoof beginning, being tho bouse sml i<»too the westerly siooof msadow from the west cnarglQ ol Fueter nlreet and tho asms prem­ ise* whlen wero deeded by Timothy A. dmltn and wife, u KlUabcth CYiiblcr, October 96th, 1857. Now ihejnfore, nuUce Is bereby given that by rlr tno uf tha t>owc> utealo contained In and recorded with lbo said mor gags aad In ptusutnco of tho statute In such caso made and provided the said mor­ tgage wllJ be foreclosed by a #a!o of the mortgaged premises at public saction, st ms American Hotel, tn the city of Watertown tn eatd county of Jefferson no tne trt day ul July ISTUat lia,clock noon of that ,Mr EZRA P lIODGSo, Assignee, W ll Airniowr. Aitorn* TiicaN. Y. Ufl-rd JUrrh ‘J.lb 1 ST) April 1. IJw Henry A. Weaver’s Estate. N *jTI('K TO I'URDtrons -Pursuant to an or 1 made ip lids matt«rr by W WT Taggart, Ksq . bum^ate of the Cotmtj J cUmtoo, the dav of the date Lcrrof. Notice Is hereby given according to law, *•< *•! i^TEono lurlcw rislms against Henry A. y or Vi «i«rtown, lu said conn- Bead Thu Bor '^T9k) WTiy not go at once to ehsp. HrrUtY^laVntYi.j CHAP 888 AH AOT to amcmd tbo lawn robsting to rlu«'_ tiona.' Faasod March 2S, 1870 The Peoplo uf the hi *t* ot New Y ork. reprc**T ir<l . In Hens to asd Astombiy. do oaect as loUowz SooMdu 1. Ail laws or porta of laws which direct or reqniro tho registers or inspectors of elections or other officers of elcctiono, to tender to or ro quire of a colored rnan offering to vote, whothor whou chnlongod ot not chalopged. anj oath other than or diffor»«n i frnin tho oath which they ore directed or riv. quired of a while man tn Uke cases nro hr rr by repealed; ond all tho laws or parts of law which require tho registers or inspectors of oloctiou to interrogate colored men offer­ ing to vote, or when offered as a witness ua to the qualifications of othor voters, whether when challenged of not challenged, by put­ ting to him questions or requiring answers, other, than those required to bo pat to or in­ quired from a white man, ondor like dream Stances, aro hereby repealed, aod it ahull a{>* be lawful for the registers or inspectors »»f elections to tender to or administer to cuUn- odmen any oath, or to put any questions or require any answers other than such as, un­ der liko circumstances, it is lawfuJ to tenth r, administer, put to or requnr from a trbri** man. § 2. It shall not be lawful for the regisU r**, inspectors, canvassers, or other officer* nf election, to reject tho name from th* regis­ try, or the vote of any colored man, except 'forTike causes os would make it their duty m reject tho name or tho vote of a white man. § 3 Any register, inspector or other officer oi elections offending against the provisions of this act, shall, upon conviction, be ad­ judged guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable I *1rire >y a fine of five hundred dollars and ltnpn* > .-f 1 onmeat for six months. § 4 This act shall take oftect immediate! > Uiry am required to prrfleut thoir i voacben thereof tu tba anbacrlbar tbe Biacotcr Ac. af >aid decaaecd, at tho store of U R Murray A Co. In said city or VYatertovra, oa or l>rforu lho 15th day of 8«ptesib?r, l&TO. Da'rd Ma/rb ilb. ]H7l L R. MHRHAY, mch&dSm U j ecu tor, A<. A b a g a il H a rdy’s E state. CEE TOO CRKDITOB8.—Por»nantREDITORS.-Porvnam too mado by Hon VY W. T»cysrt, Harrocateof Jel N OTIC T C t ao OTtJer made by Hon W W. Turasrt, burronte of Jel ler«no roonty, N Y. uotirn u hrroby slven accord lug In law, in All perronfi baviu^ cb-ms against Ab •gall Hardy, (ate nf Hot land. < aunty and btate efore- Mtd. duceasc*!. tbat tbey An ipqaired to preeent the Mtoc wllh tb*> vuucber-* «b**r*nf U> iboeabccnbcr ibr •iwa’or. *»f 'bo \ ab \ w>ii Aod tesUmant of thr Mid iWrint-ii ** ni# |>la«“e.>f r^*ldenco In Rotl&xid tlcre/A'd '•»> *»vfrenj tbo It**, day of .Jotic, A. I) 1K5H ADDISON pr 1UHDY. IDI'J N\' tL l 6m* Si ecu tor. Benjam in OawyoVa Btrtato. N OTICs ’i o CRRDrrORrt— Fureuautio au order m*de In thta matter »>- Wm W T&ggart. Eeq. f*nrrvj%ir of .leffoxson f ounfy, N. ^ And dated npril i . 1K70, Notice ta berrby glv. irr«»mtng to law io alt i«Tftooi having rla'mv agt -t « lamln 'ate of tbe town of W»t«rtov ir «H coon ty oi JrlTpiroD. drvpjrcd, tbai ihcy * r v red to l-rwoi ihe ramn with tlie vouebvra >u r**>f to tbo nobrrrlbcr. ibw fcx«*rnUiruf u»e la^t will and tcata* mont pf.tbo i»n(d rteeoaecd. At tbn *tors of Huira-r a^aA Ch1tteud«'D. n lb^ i y t f riowo. tn Faid county of .ifff-iron, i u i r ••'.»<* lh*, lVb nAy uf OC.oOer, Iff.n JOHN UBARBIt, I'Mcl A pul 21, iatg Executor. aptdCuj FjaaaincBu-»tpt«s, rimnerB wntKsrs; pcr«», an-l velocipede rider-? will take lh RACE BROTHERS’ New Crockery Store And secure for yourselves one of tho*n Rare Bargains. We can certify to the fact, thut th«(y havo imported this spring over SIXTY TONS of thoir UNEQIJALED “Royal Patent” French Clay (AggugileQlazzie) Ware, in plain and fignrod, together with the he»t makes in •» P l a i n <fc f i g u r e d I r o n . 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T H « SflENTIFlf FRUKirLB Oo vrttich ibof tru coawirQeteU brisc* the core 0 x centre of the lens directly lo front off Ua ays. pro- doclog a cioar aud lUwtlnct vti!oo,as In tbe utusl* healthy s'gbt, and prwanUuf •ll wapleaauit sense Uobo. each u gUesiertca tod warerlDj? of sl^ht* dlulneu, Ac., peculiar to til othore In u a They ore Mounted in the Finest llaontr, Is frames of the beat quality, of til snatvrlMs used for trial puipotc. 1RE1R FENl&Jl AND DURABILITY CANNOT HE tURPASSXD. CAUTION.—Nch>o gcnulno ouleaw beanos ibelr Uula mark o sumpcb ou tvtry frame. R . F .& A . R. F L O W E R J wwtlara end Optician*, are Sot* Affenti for W ATSK T O W N K . T . From _ whom they qan onl^ be obtained. Thwe dij*' Xood* are not npplled to :ilet*, f altavc Apr. tl. t ORESCENT MILLS, WATERTOWN, N. Y . R . 0. F U L L E R , Proprietor. known A l l w ill be sold ou S M A L L P R O F I T S . W o are n o t to be undersold, and to p r o v e this, w e w i ll sell T E N t u T W F . N T Y Per C e n t. C H E A P E R ' Tto*^»*crtb«,itaTiii*purdu»«itoii*^ tban 6 d v oth e r place in N e w Y o r k Stntc P le a s e call and exam ine- tun. t» *o* tunnttctBrin* all tb# - O H O I G E B B A U D S G o o d s shown w ith co u r t e s y nnd p leasu r e R e m em b er the p la c e , R A CF R R O T H E R S No. 22 Court \Street N. Y. in a y l 2deo<lwly Carpets! Carpets! W c a r e .n o w receivin g one o f t h o best solii-t>-il O I L C L O T F T S over brou g h t to th is <-itr. >toek o f C A R P E T S . ano Anew B l* Bndnen. well known clergyman was crossing e Erie, some years ago, upon one of the steamers ; and seeing a small lad st tho el, steering the vessel, he accosted him A L S O A C O M P L E T E A S S O R T M E N T O K Dry Goods, Notions&c. A , t A ll ot w h ich have been bought since the re c e n t decline in prices, w h ich 'w e now offer at prices that doiy com p e tition. R e m e m b e r O u r P l a t f o r m : ~ 1st. A h v a y b to fjiv c o u r custom e rs the w o rth o f their m o n ey. 2d. N e v e r to m isrepresent an a r t icle sold. 3d. Short Credit and E\iig F r ien d - . OF F A M I L Y F L O U R , ALSO, MISLED FEED, <£G, tad soDcitf i call from ttia old cuitomer* asd opart Anszsv WVLDtK vrtxo hai beep for airbt yean Is charn o f the grindlos* will be coutlutiea in lb* mill, whlcnwill be a aufficlcnt iruarantee to caitomert. CASn PAID TO GRAIN. Order, left at toe Flour and I Ft»d Store, 1 No. 7 Aratnal I t . er,t ibe Mill, will recetre prompt attention. H. 0■ FULLXIBi novau-dw THE CELEBRATED B e a v e r B r a n d S I L K F X l S r iS IL E D M0HAIR8 1 AND THE 87ATX cr JTbw Took. > „ OflifC of tbf Mcretdry of feutc, t *a 1 bare r- ,1 pa rod the pf^cMlDit wjih the uripmol W illiam Lamb’s Ssiato* TU< RSDrroRS —Purvoant to an order mado m this wau^r by Wm. W Tagffart, Kaq. t.f JUTt-ti*on rtttiniv. N Y. ri^arlnv c«n» «»jir b'Tewitb, Notici* i» hereby eivefl accord OK to ld»r *j *11 p. ritoua living claiuifl against Wi -«i i.aji»h, .•( \v tj: t in said CT'ooty, dccca»> **tl. 'bat thoy a/o ilffd to present (bp e&mo witb the tour her • ihrn-* r io thvttobeenbef. tb« Admlule- • -v * «•,-*. u»i .ire u( -(UUk *fr<* 111 e t>. 1 .. , , , , . - 1,? tffl file U (hi, office, aad dobrrchr certliy that tnr Iran x *e. of lbo «.-tld deceased, at ber placo or res- Mure I, » correct tr»n«-ript (heretroin and of tbo * b o ) e i i..« « - 1 ’ » o .» m . . u r . i at md orlglD.l |»». IIO'iBJl A. NELSON. Secretary 6f Slate- idee r< l.atv* <>( Netv t orb Bp Antiiorltp. [Kvptt taw, nnlc, a different Umo eball be pro- •cribed tbcretn, sbaU commerce ana take effect ftorlseu etntntes. CHAP. 242. AN ACT to amend an aot entitled \An act to allow tho several towns of this State to raise an increased amount of money for tho support of roads and bridges,and to provide for increased compensation of commissioners of highways and other town officers,’’ passed April fifteenth, eighteen hundred and ftfty-sovan. Passed April JS, 1870; three fifths hoingpres- ont. The people ol Uie Rtnte of New York, reprccented In eensiesnd Aerombly, do cadet ns follows : Section i. Section twojof an act entitled, -‘An act to allow the \ several\ towns of this ’ SUte<to r*isaiaii mdiiStMd ainodiit of money fot tho-support ’bridges, and to provide fot incr 6 »s^r^Kip|il 5 Rbon ot com­ pensation of temmissfdnepi of• highways and Ot^v.tewn edRcerkj\ paSspd Apnl fifteofith, eTghlten Eiindrecl and fifly-soveh, is hereby ameirded. oq a ito roadaefollows:. x i 2 . Ibe coinimasibneM of highways and 1 > Jjpka m ai^town in tius Stite, shall be dollaxs J>?r, day for I., r'r-M’•,*». r ; r. I %ta >*. .« . J _--c iu Ibe (uu n < f LeRay in fald coanty of Jof . nn or boforo tb#* 20th day of November, 1«70. • A***NA !. I.> jits Admlulitratrlx l'alfi *1, Msy ]u, jsTX 6m* ChFUEMB LuliKT (.ui/N-TT OF JBFFKESON O Apbei b. tqcDA.'r anti BIc&uot bpencer, hia wife asaluel Uu tlah Aon 8^ racer, I.ydiA 8ur!loe Hanr >( Mlif'ft, 8mah L. Sponccr, Altho J. Ftooe, Blbm M. Hrowr. t /i McCoucga., JAorlab McGonegal, his ivifr, Au^ur»v r P»imer, DIrani MrGnncg&l, Me* lmI Spructr. Ju’iA Spencer, bte wife Nelson Spen­ cer, Hnunalt Spurcor, his wife, Henry Spencer, BJlz- * both Fortcrs wioow ot George Spcoct-r. dcceftsed, David BL Spcucci, j«ovinu Spencer, bis wile, John L*. Spencer, A«bf*r A. dpencer, Georgu 0. Spencer, Spfncer, tfig wUc, LjdlaM. BiOwn, widow of Darid appuccrv Jr., deceased, ftud Alice Spencer. To tne Abovtj named dcJGudanlr You Rtf' bnrri>y •ummoiied to answer tho com- . Iftlnt of Artier 8 speucer and Eleanor ftponcor, hie wifuajilfttutiffs, (which mob tliodlu tbe-Clcrfc’® office of JeffarBon C'ouaty, May nth, 1S70J jud to eervc a <*spy #»f vuur fu-wvx rn the subscribers W thulr of- rtrv in#»rit|of Waiertoim, coanty or Jefforecm* n . \ ,‘ bi mu iwontjr daye nltir tlio eorvlce of thia Bummoa*. «. rr up{vn oi ihe d8f of pprrico, or the pbnotiT'i 'Vi1 npply to tbo tMurt for tbo relief dc- DJffur.cil in u»* uomolaluU JJUBDAKD & W BIGHT, ‘ntiff's T e Ar mayifl ?«• •gg'yiggw Plai Attorneys. I M V TRUSSES’ ■ AWPrtmonteof- toe moBt appjoyeff^Ut 3EAJCJS8, TBDS8B8, SCOOTERS. ----- 8T0CjaBU8,fiYmNQK8, SOB&lOAb AND DjtN- TAb rfWTRlJMENTS. Ac., com tiff Ur on bind. A-aociDEK D A V I S & B A R T L E T l a C o u r t Ht W a t e r t o w n N . Y . T h e P i o n e e r C a r n a p ESTABLISHED 1 8 3 3 . BOOKS. FOtl SALE BV H a n f o r d Ac W o o d . JINNOCBNTS ABROAD. 1 AGNES AND THE LITTLE BKT, i little women * | AMONG MV BOOKS. I A DAY BY THE FIRE H. SCOVIL, Proprietor. ; TUB MAIDEN WIDOW WONDER 8TOR1ES, Andereon. BEYOND THE BREAKERS. UP BROADWAY. OorD'T of FRANKLIN Bt and POBUC SQUARE, Opposite lbo Wood raff Honso. It ls with great pleasure that I announce to my numerous irtcDdsaz-d patrons, thatlbsve t,o«v on band and Inlcod to picsunt tbe largest stock of Carriages o ftho vary X*atcs( Btyle, and Faebtan, ever betore offered ln tots suction, a I of which are made item the beat material. I wonld also call especial attention 10 my LUM­ BER On* and Two Horte WAGONS, which I am now muafictnring Tor Spring Trade. My work caimot he etupaasod In etyte or materiel. 1 keep none bat experienced Wotkmbn, and Warrant all my work. AV Wood Work. BlackamUhinff, Palming, and Trimming done with nuttnets and dispawh. NOTICE—Th* Books asd Accounts of Joseph Wtngata, decaoted, can he' iqnnd at my Office, tor scttlomcut, ii. SCOVIL, Adannlitator. apsfivftf g O V I B A f l» lO T FOB M i l . No. It Mechanic Street. Enquire on Ihe aren- k * ■ayiMat* ■ THE FAMILY AND TUB CHURCH. HEALTH BY GOOD LIVING. 1 RE EARTHLY PARADIS*. Part 8d. JJOCAK A N D LOT F O B SA L I. The Hooscsnd Lot formerly oampIadbTCltai. I\ Symondt, on Hedlsnb Square ttd‘ ft6tp>Ct 8 t le now ottered for ute Tbw ho ale M Ode o r tie most nbetaotfal add Imt bnilt U -tkaetty, ptoaa ontly located on a targe lot. and ahiretMed by eted* and fralt trtee, (hFplet, bean. pum^'to«it«».. » e ,) in peat thuipdance. large Gird*!),? srtpe-vlnes, tatp-berrritrawberty IHwin' W ^ j j b w a Affiottdattbo Fkofr pectto O reiM itnetili* vdMaMRMlwM.'M. —“••\or : B R A H O BLACK A L P A C A S ! REGOMMSmED B Y Harpet’s Bazaar aa tbe BEST GU0U3 OF TAB KIND, A PULL LINK OF ALL GRADES JU8T REC E IV E D A T ApJSdw COOKE’S, HAVING REMOVED OCR 8T0BE TO No 9 Washipgum Ball Blo«&. Wherefvr^ hl»^ toonitokeep otbekhf* Musical Instruments ^ J ^ iy e w gtaaA - puctore jSuW o rM j^ v f f iS J g T b * * O l a s a t i a m i s Orgaaft, Melodeonsj R t S S S i i S t i B t -« peno * wanting a eiwtid oxaeitoa tte W h eeler It '1 on pnrthaalng, u tt haa proved ling Best Maetine in tin V e u LKP TH* PMOPL* AlDWSfc 1 Ow 480,000 already in ute—{Oapf made in 1889. HSAD TH* POLLOWWO, (JL T ffSSS iSSSatAsssa. M^iooasaqueBtftcedw . Hembor and RepSta^I ^ ^ e t a t a S S b j n i y f e t e »w»«te («*\ t e a moet perfect Sewlaf JfaeM aatS ^ibpoetLffm' j . o. Dkaar, ^ < o. 5. GeaamiAtent fcr m BUTton/ton Attia The merhanlnq 1, a ei.-plq Aqi\ extra elotlu\p)*t* «| the aasklH, taterehanrwo \with tha ordiaan botUmJhot*, barred «t toto **fi,4e, ptaUy. end rapidlymodiw boleesnhowr. It It adapted It tMuufactoiwa InthteamaiaxM S ^ s s v i s m i s s m S S hrolfierUif and anoklnt battwhfflEa dStaSb UM tmm KQtt amunofMMnhf I aids on* hundred pain of haatalheM •teI tlnte, wtthj ont mmSmwtthoittoSSat i t il totes thrta handrcdpSnlaolae waft*1 Veryuxlv jffu. _ _ . . . A.XTana* TVny,Jfte<t/hrd &.-/*■ ” * W A T M U U N , OeawolAraela • / insVTT AND T / Over Scsmlu( Sewing Machine O O U B M M M B J DON'T B O Y rm riL Y O V S fi lT.I o f f i c e - I » c e n t Rnte- WATERTOWftX T. A. J. YUffigH * Agftnt for Jaffcwoo aiidBl.lAWr«Ctv»»* JjD 0?WlV-fWr»V r ■* m ftf i> j. * ' t a ■' ■ •■tsjpw*?’\’--. g c a e -: e s , Wetjhawa ca htna !cr>*Ie on SMortagant et d O A - I i B ^ S , Frost the BUFFALO SCALE WOBIS, ■i - \'iu tiuithw*: will mu Oheap. xtm fcte«;innuM SA ^ m |l»U T T , irjTvia 7? \ g W U H I N G m B A L L SMVft 1 WHOLESALE & HlllNERI AND f p D r y G o o d s , HATS. BO N N E T S ,',Bl FLOWERS, FFA,®; A N D LACIES. \\ Dirrlt Betroieae Kid O jo m M tM ^ P \ 0 M 7 I 0*>t*. — . a A foil line o f Xla«k B a a d k a r c h iafs. I \ m e m m ■ o o f : u x x * « , - _ V A N S W S U j P P I Y o r Joat Beceivefi. The Hrjett z E P S j t m w o s s p x M * in the oity. Also,.. EhtUoad, A m H t * Tara* * r-T* »*lt Octiffi# i V , . u- 4e i a.: *•”■V : ¥~, •'. L S

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