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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, April 04, 1870, Image 1

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i ]$51 }£^}¥?M-sJ$St M l ® . § «1 l • ^ u m M '^^j5^&W^feo^S^-r*Vh '-'rtrK 'AY:; ™WSBW t * > f : < .. • ' *& ■. f£; l '-.. •* \L. \. n »%4 • .rfSN- ’ ‘ ' r , - . . * VOL. X. WATERTOWN, MOPAY EVENING, APRIL 4. 1870, T .H fl ||itt« :rfo h )u J a i l g ^ in rc s , le PTJBLISHJSD EVERY AFTERNOON. .T e r m s t |d.00;per. annum is advance. Blngle Copies 5 centi N e w Y o r k W e e k l y B e f o r m o r FoWlataea every Thursday, at *1.50 per year to »d Vince. ■ ,. ‘ _________ O m O T JI*A T IO N s Daily,?»Od.) . ,s. *• * W e e k ly , 8 , 3 0 0 . •.' > »T i-ritw-ertselia* a HatoH'm each paper the eame lor one week or moro. Advertlac-mont* to both will be taken tor |0 pot cent, leu than tbo Burojof the rates. INGAI^LS & B ie B L fln , . njatnnnott. 10 uawNonptreiJ make a Square. one MBareVi..:..' Thr«4 squares Iv.v Oaultr OolAeiTi BaltColumm ..... Ono Column. ..... 1 day a daya 8dnya 1 w’k tw ’ka 15 aoo 400 500 iooo 1 00 »60 4 50 7 00 13 00 160 8 50 5 00 800 16 00 0 00 400 500 10 00 90 00 r» ii 1 mo]9 moa|Fmoa|8 moe|l year One Square..,.,.. Three Bquaxe*.;., OatrterCol-Qmu. Halt Column ........ One Column. ...... e go 8 00 10 00 SO Of 40 00 6 HO 13 00 15 00 as oo 60 00 7 00 14 00 MOO 80 00 80 00 10 00 aooo 85 00 60 00 U6 00 ICDITOKiALand LOCAL NOTICES 16 cents pet Une. SPECIALS 20 per cent, added to regular rates. So advertisementsUIC8 runningmue overvsi oneuv monthuuui willtiu be tooth'duswtrd i nn Dallyaily oltenerner Chanhan everyvery otherer da:ay. For8] ‘ ■“ ' — ‘ ” ade, j 5 M 0 UWUUIO auu v v ut i I D olta t e oth d « •** b0 office. No. 5 Ar- Business Cards, _ W . B a l l a r d , B h d r b tak r b .— Residence. Jackman House, Room No. 8V, 8d floor. Residence of Son, No. 7 Good&le itrect. Oct.20.dtf ^H tflB X O A N H O T E L , H i r B B T V N , R. Y. A. M. fiARRIS, Proprietor. Jay I, 186a. dU _________ ^ t O B R Q I V HO U8K. WATERTOWN, Ji. Y- .tuongtlj B-tted up and will b e kept Strictly as • First Ulut Honse. July 6. illy. DUCK A SANGKIL Prop. J a c k z m a n H o u s e , WATERlOWtf. N. I. ED. W. PETERSON, Baccciwi t o Geo- W. Jonea. lato Jproprmtor. ; J3F* Bp. P ktxiuoh . will always be I t home to greet Mi old telenda, and with » cordial wclcomo to tho new. BtagM iMToMhta hotol tor all polnti. Porter at aU •W ins. ____________ JPOOTOK Au-Vdlv MN8SEP8 Aromatio Kliier o f Rhubarb, Aoartlln enroot . COM kin com ot Dyst>«P*U, DUarrbma, Dyssntvry, lankly on band aod (or salo Wholes.la and _____ ) N. E . SMITH, General Agent. GOT Alio lor aalcbr all Draoriats. marS-dly Entail b] S C. KtUCKEHBOCKKH,Homeopathic • Phyilrian. OSlco No. fit, 3d Floor, Arcade. Offlco boon Irom 81013a.m., froto 9to5p. m., and 1 rom 7 to # In th«> e vcnlng. Realdesce No. 47 Wub tagton attach Watertown, N. Y. OT* AU MUs Ossa when tha patient ti dUalnod OScagNCtlptioau mu»t bo paid Cor on ddlvawy. E. LBXURB, M . D. G ra d u a t e jprom tbo French school ot Uoei- duo and Bnrmy, V ictoria X foiT a rsity, H X o n traal, Physician to tho Grey Nuns' General Hospital, and rrovtdcr.co Atavtam Dispensaries, Editor ot ihfl •‘Gaintto Hodlcala\ and hecretary of the Mcdleo-Chlrargical Society of Montreal. OFFI0E—FIra* door, <d floor Arcade. Residence, Corner Hotvk a n d Oofleon Bireeta. Water town, N.Y. [eh 16 d 9m H U B B ^ D ~ & W R IG H T A M n i f i a a d C o u n sellora mt L a w , Offlce over No. 8 Wiihlngton Brevet, Watortown, Raw York. , > V. t r . nU B B A B D * O. P . TVRIOnT. HAMMQ.Nl) & WINSLOW, Attarueya a a d Connaalora at L a w , •fflce over Bo. 10 Washington 6h Watertown, N.Y. A H. HAMMOND. ORADLRY WINSLOW. __________________________________ v39-dly J . D . D O D G K , CITY- MARKET, NO. fiOJAHBKNAL ST, VY HOLS A L E AND B E T A I L !fc >«aler» in lU Wnd» ©ifFnira ft S xjjt Mi its, Ha* ft BkOon, &oux)«mA SastvaoUs Fbbsb ia® oil & ft Sjllt w m a Ptws, SM TDUI » O ttstim * QaE* (1U0IV O r d e r s p r o m p t l y a t t e n d e n to , Bocemner 1887. * ______________ j a S O L tl L l F B lltSC H E D ? Ihe EnijiraState life InsurancetGa. OFFERS MANY 6DPERI0R JADVANTAGES TOITHOSE WBOtWOUUI Insure Their Ziives 1 OFFI0B-W A S B S tpTON BALL, W A T M L T O ^JN ' ST. V . GKO. S. P HELPS, Ptoildenh 1^ PADDOCK, 1 s t Vice Prea’t. EZRA CORNELL, Sd \ JOHN 8HBLD0N. Secretary. J. K. BATE8, Medical Kumlncr. ' P. 8TARUU0K Coonael. Inni38atf WATERTOWN GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY. MYRON BEEBEE, Agent, Old Hmrtford,-Hartford 60 years ancdeaslnl bus- t n o a a . V, 544,31-1 FkoedUEh lltofora ............................ 1.658 000 ci«r Bira^Harttonl. ............................. 673,487 PntaukitolTOtiira ............................. -..706,931 Comma«Uetat,Rartrortl.........................38o;QOO S e c n r l t r NewYorlc. ....... ,3,0 1 7 ,6 6 8 In t e r n a ti o n a l, N e w York. ........... 1 ,3 * 3 ,4 0 0 un r r g y j r ^ T O B R . ................... . .*4eo}ooo N a t i o t a u m « ; . , — ...i;goci;ooo 9~ 7 « d « q a r n 0 i3s s t r o n c C o m a p a n let, D srelllm g a a a i CToaient* Insured fromone to dve yjskrmatlloldweat tatea. i amaaraaee tax rollablo Compartlca. enewfee yonr pel- Ltlo Cell on 3 Idea, a t ' HYlkON B B B B B B . Agent. Watertown Atunit SV. 1887 son m M i Mlpr* lnwnrlnit dr rent t Hager A K seW sTc^W rStoti: Q U A N P 8 SPEC IFIC , F ot the Certain r a d Bpecdy Care of Rheumalism, Neuralgia ft Gout, it la taken &Fridiyx?d & J if c r ^ j r Hlrmtcsa. Thu prepkrattoh l« thamoat fdlaVa toAsaM remedy M at *■*—— J inVltinfstwAMe *Ax^ A4»--Jiu . . x. . , rj' ever oflered tottha'tMtbli plaint*. »r Rhas beennaedln —. u, bu noTtir fitlltd Ut glwing tug a permanent cate, For sale a t _ , Nasdwta bom- waaawum*. COM8 tSR ittnt relief and affect. B. LEWIS t CO’B, for Sale. ’ AND BWaWDlD HOUBEon Waah- (Miitertriim S a i l s Cim es. Btarm uring, I was tired of washing liis'hes; I waa tired of^Jrpdgery. It bas (ilwaya been so, and I was dissatisfied. I never 'sat down & moment to read, that Jam ie didn’t want a doughnut, or apiece of paper to scribble on or a bit of soap to make bubbles. “ I ’d rath­ er be in the penitentiary,” I said one day \than to have my life teased out so,\ as Jamie knocked my elbow, when I was writing to a friend., But a morning came when I had one E late less to wash, on? obair less to set away y the walls In the dining room; when Ja ­ mie’s little crib was put away into the gar­ ret, and it haa never come down since. 1 had been unusually fretfnl and discontented with him tbat damp November morning that he took the proup. Gloomy weather gave me the headache, and I had less pa­ tience than at other times. By-and-by he was singing in another room: “I want to be an angel,\ and presently rang that metallic croup. 1 never heard that hymn since tbat it don’t cut me to tbe heart; for the croup cough rings out with it. g e grow worse towards nignt, and when husband came home, he went for a doctor. A t first he seemed to help him ; but it merged into inflammatory croup, and was soon over. “I ought to have been called in sooner,” g&id the doctor. I have a servant to wash the dishea now, and when a visitor comes, I can sit down and entertain her without having to work all the |ime. There is nq little boy worry­ ing me to open his jack-kniie, aod thero ate no whlttlings over the floor. The mag­ azines are not soiled with looking at the pictures, but stand prim and neat on the reading table, just as I Leave them. “ Fear carpet never looks dirty,’ say woary worn mothers to me. \Oh no,” I mutter to myself, \there’s no muddy littlo boots to dirty it now.” But my face ie weary as theirs-weary with sitting in my lonesome parlor at tw ilight—weary with watching lor thp little arms tbat used to twine around my neck—for tbo curls that brushed ugainat my check—for tbo young laugh which rang out with mine, as we watched tbe blazing coal-flre, or made rab­ bits with tbe shadow on tho wall, waiting merrily togother for papa coming homo. I havo the wealth and case I longod lor, bub at what a price! And when I see mothers with grown-up sons driving to town or church, and my hair silvered ovor with gray, I think what might hove boen, bad I murmured less at tbo providence ol God. Reader—young mother you may be— had you heard this mother tell ber story, you would bavo felt to say with tho writer— \ I will be more patient with my little ones—I will murmur less.”—Home Magazine; Cxrrrlnx a lo k t to o Far. Somo young ladioa and gentleman who were taking advantago to tho fine sleigning not long aince, in attending a donatio a surprise, or wedding party, or something of tho kind, wero obliged to sit three in a •eat. Ono of tho scats contained two gen­ tlemen and one lady. Tho gentlemen, ot aourse, would not allow tho lady to take an exposed position, fiho therefore Bat in the middle. As the night whs oxtremly cold, gentlemen number one quietly pasted his hand (aremarkably small ono, by tho way) Into tho lady’s muff. As tho muff was not very capacious, tho lady quietly removed one oi her hands from the same. I d a few moments eho felt another movement on the other aide, and found gentleman number two attempting to pass his ha*d into thq muff also. Sbo then quietly drew ber hand trom tho muff and allowed him to do so. W hat took placo in tbo muff afterward sho is unable to say, but each of the gontlcmen privately reported to a small circle ot friends how warmly tbo lady had returned the urcsuro ot his hand in ute muff, while the lady privately reported to her tnends the magnificent salo lbo had made of both gentlemen.—Dnboquo Times. Sllsns Eloquence. ‘O'Connell was amazingly powcilul a t tim es; but ouo of hia most effectivo dis­ plays was a silent rej' v to a youthful mem­ ber, who had made au attack upon him that was qaitc unique. Tbe almost breath­ less assailant was so much frightened at his own audacity that, after a few stampering sentences, ho broke down, and making various wild and voiceless gestures, tumbl­ ed upon his seat amid a chaos of sounds. Tho shouting having now subsided tie great Agftator rose and looked at thc-great- ly agitated with so comic a smile that up­ roarious laughter was tbe immediate result; then, shaking his head is much ms to say, •The poor feliorv has quite enough,’ he turned quietly to the Speaker aud bfgsn to talk about ‘something else.’ Better acting wasnever seen on any stage.” —From our Monthly Gossip, in ths September number of Lippincott’s Magazine A F eauedl T ragedy .—On Wednesday night tho 22d u lt, Manning Vanderhoyden, a wealthy fanner living a milo from Troy, was murdered in his bam about 8 o’clock. His Ron-in-tow, E. A . Alexander reported that the murderer attacked bim, after kill­ ing Mr. Vanderheyden, hit him with an iron pump handle, broke his arm, and alto cut bimj in the head with a knife. Suspicions were aroused tbat Aloxander himself had comjmited the deed. He has since written a complete confession, and committed suicide by flowing his brains out .with • shot-gun. His confession statos that he meditated mur­ der fbr a yckr, snd about four weeks ego intended to do it, but the presence of a negro prevented it. Ho sayB the Lflrd prompted him to do it. He tried to escape ft, but could not, and thinks he has done no wrong. He asks the pardon of his wife, and hopes to meet her in heaven. He s?ys he had ao accomplices. T h b SuBTEBBAtatAN Lakes of F lo rida —Ia Florida there are m iny lakes which have h o les in the b o ttom snd underground communication, so t h a t they vrill sometimes shrink away to a m ere capful, leaving many equate miles of surface uncovered, a n d then again fill u p irom below a n d spread out over th e ir former urea. Some of them have outlets in th e ocean far from ahore, hurst- ‘ ‘ “ of freah w o tei to aaltneaa o f the during Along, exhaustive dryjM won, men h a v e gone un­ derground i n one of these sabterra&ean riv­ ers front lakh t o lak s a distance o f eight m i l e s . . , , . ■ !&« ' v -1 tv #fS tftn jitV,aij#A5 |* r A BewfnpptyflflteTrix’SwwleeeKldGfelw .iMt r^ostvafefalRttk wMririeitAV -> • m is \ ; - No. 13. THEOLDCROCHRYSTORE S T I L L T A K E S T H E L E A D I New Importations and Styles: LOWEST PR IC E S . PORCELAIN DE TERRE Something entirely new, handsomer than French or China, and costing only ___ i ahont one half as much at BKIII PORCELAIN. 13 W o o d r u f f B o u s e Plxlu, WHITE STONE CHINA, We have a vary largo Stock, both for Wholesale and Retail Trade, compri- elmr all the leading styles Figured, and makes. Also a fall line of Common Ware, at And Banded. 13 Woodrnff House FRENCH CHINA, Fine French China, ln Tea Seta, Broak&tt Seta, WHITE GOLD BAND, Dining Sets, and byUhe piece, at AND DECORATED. 18 Woodrnff Honae. Gift Capa, Toilet sets, FANCY GOODS. Vaaea, Colognes, Bouquet Holders, Boats, Statuettes An Indntte variety. Smoking acta, Ac, Ac. a t No. IS Woodrnff Honse. INE SILVER PLATED Caatore. Cake Bukots Ice Pitchers, Tea Ware, and Spoons, Forks snd Knives warranted best ln market. BRITANNIA WARE. At No. 18 Woodruff Honfle - Fins Bronze Lami LAHP3, Chandeliers, Gas CHANDELIERS Bohemian and ft LANTERNS, lamps, porcelain _ FIXTURES, Burners, Ohlmnoya? Ac, Ac. Ac. of all kinds and ___________________ At No. 18 Woodrnff Honse Knives with Ivory, Hard KNIVES, FORKS, Rubber, White Bone, Eb­ ony, Rosewood and Steel Bandies—Steel, sliver and TEA TRAY8, Ac.plated blades, at 18 Woodruff House GLASS WARE. New pattern* to sots or I tho piece, at No. f3 Woodruff House. t w H e m e m b o r —13 P u b lic S q u a r e , if a Import our oum Goode, kaap the lar- gat Stock in the (Jity, ond tell at the , L O W E S T CITY CROCKERY STORE. Novaiw L. R. H DRRAY A Co. CONE & SEE THE BEST $ FRESH E S T GROCERIES, IN THB OITY, No 57 Washington HalllBlock. R . FL O W E R , Arc daily adding to their larjfo stock tlie latest stvles of F A S IJI OF - ABLE JEWELIty, Watches, Solid Silver and Silver plated ware, Clocks Table Ware &c. • We call special attention to our large stock of Amer­ ican Watches, comprising the How ard, Waltham andpA-nmhcai), Elgin, Newark and United States move­ ments. The R. T\ & A. R. FLOW ER Watch, miade expressly for ns by tbe American Watch ,.Oo., is a fine Chronometre balance-with all late improvements, and ’warranted to keep accurate time, price- $40.— We keep a large assortment of La­ dies Gold (American and Swiss) Watches and Gold Chains, all of which tve warrant by special certifi­ cate. Tn Clocks, we have those of English, French, German and Amer­ ican Manufacture, also keep the Ith­ aca Calender and the celebrated Seth Thomas Calender Clocks, the best in tbis country. Our stock of By­ zantine, Mosaic, Engraved and En­ ameled Jewelry is tho most com­ plete in Northern New York. 18 k plain gold E n g a g e m e n t a n d W e d d i n g R in g s , Diamonds &u. In Knives, Forks and Spoons, we keep uono bnt the best quality. Solid silver, and steel- bow Spectacles aud Eye Glasses.— Our Silver Fluted wane is from tho colobrated Manufactories of tho Me- ridiaii, Reed & Barton, and Gorham Companies. All of our goods wo warrant, and it* an article does not prove as represented ive will refund the money. Opposite tho Auiericuu Hotel, No. 1 Court stroot,'Wutor- town N. Y. N B.—Watches and Jewelry re­ paired by experienced workmou.— All articles iu gold or silver neatly engraved free of charge. XH S IH T U T R Y m Tha fubacrttxjr hxa J u t ntmaad (tom New York, with a Freak Block ot of tee Choicest Groceries, Including TEAS, StfP E E S , BPI0B8, RAISINS, SUGARS, STRUTS, CANNED FRUITS AND PICKLES, AND ALL KINDS OF Family Provisions ! o r GOODS PUHOASED WHEN GOLD WAS DOWN. AND WILL BE BOLD ACCORDINGLY. J3T\ GoodsdeUvared Free of Chargt. FREED. O. B O T B B . Nov. IA 188*. 'J H * KU1T1KLAN G R A P E . Thu It the oarllot, hsrdtext and beat table grapo ln existence for Northern New York. It la now an established fket, that In a larqe number of places between tbe AttanUc and XIaaitslppi, where the Enrcolin haa been grown and fretted, ltta acknowl­ edged to bo the molt promising of all the varieties Introduced It dees not rot or mildew, asd la the only grape of. flrat quality that will grow welLan* folly matnmlta-frnU In unmotd climate, nice from $1 to $8 Send stamp for circular. fSW Other early Grapes sold, also. Order Book at Thompson's Grocery. Washington Hall Block. Orders received now by malL Grapes delivered here, or Forwarded by express about the let ot May. D. 8. MABVIN, Agent, Watertown. N.Y. Xaicb!d9tawAw6t Tbo patent of Dr.Twltchell, which aecnrce to tho wearer the three (oDowtog advantages over all other nlbbcr plates: 1st—gate and comfort bv means of t soft, rubber lining over the entire surface in contact wth tba uw and gems. 9d—A perfect auction, wlthoat ridges or odgaa tiimod. Into the living tisanes to lacerata and Im- tato the Jaw and make up for dofocta to tke d t oftbe plate- , td-Tkaro is no preparation of mercury to said lining aa tp qthtr rnbbar, henoa tha Irritation bor- d*rlM oil RbUvaUoa, ***“ to *o wpy aanslura mautEa wearing tho ordinary plate#, lvolixaly pra vented. Th4 following oartlleatr. among othcre ol tba wma ^Import, ^spaaka lor Itself, after a trial ° f two In th* auatxur aad An'oflRtolbktf tlta typhoid fever lor alx weeks- During tkai time Iwai aafvlna- ted three tlmca and lokt some ol my tooth. To obvi­ ate thtiloas I hadrocourse to the dental art, trying soars of the best dentists of moat dlstlngnlihM ■Uli tnd fidelity ofwhom I cooldlesnr In the Btatc of Now York. Bat, wllh i heir best efforts and skill, I soflirred constantly from Irritation of tho gome, -cscf*ea by ths piste—ftom Ita ftllUeg—ffem Its dls- ptocemmtby eating and the Introduction snood bo- tvrecn the pato nod thegnma, I have tried every In­ vention tna devtce that promised benefit, bnt wlih Indifferent success, I have had two or three plates with tboflexihlo rnbbcralr chamber. I have had two of Folsom's patent, bnt I havofonnd none mat bear aAy comprrlaon ta wearing, ta freedom Irom irrita­ tion and annoyance, and In finnaaM or adboalon to tba patent ef Dr. TwttchelL I consider It, far the most perfect invention In the dental art that 1 bavo ever tried, and complete ln all thoto points alluded to to tbo foregoing circular. JAMES DOUGLAS, Pastor Congregational Church. Fulaekl, A, Y.. Lato ofRntland, N Y. Tbe undersigned have purchased the or cl naive right focitho county of Jefferson. Wo guarantee to ear patrons a more perfect, easier, and tatter fltt- ting plate than can be made by any other method, ana as wa do onr own work wa speak with confi­ dence. Prices tho asms aa dcntlata charge for their old style of work. K. L. BAHGKNT, Iron Block. X.A.HOLBBOOK, SI Animal street, Watertown, N, Y. Jan34-d«Sm lO i i g & G G i n t m ’s N o . 6 W a s h in g t o n S t . ’W a t o r t o w n . We ia ep on lmml aud supply ' A L L T H E F I E S T C L A S S BO N D S A N D S E C U R I T I E S T N M A M E T . Persons seektoe Investments Will do m$K to see us before Punhaiinff. WE HAVE fOR SA L E M issouri Valley R a ilroad Bonds, in t. I per cent., gold. Rockford, Rock Isla n d & St. Louis R a ilroad Co. F irst Mortgage Bonds, int. I p e r cent., gold. Railroad Bonds endorsed by {he State cf Alabam a, int. 8 per cent., gold. Cenb'al a n d Union B a cijuilR a il R o a d Ronds. JPotsdam <&' Watertozon, and Rome, Watertown <& Ogdensbwgh Railroad Co: Mortgages. Council Bluff's m d *S55. Joseph Railroad Co. Bonds. Persons desiring to s e ll o>' ex­ change Government, or o th e r Bonds cam, do so on the mostfavorable terms at this office. Accounts o f Individuals, Compa) nies and Corporations, received on Liberal Terms. Certificates issued bearing [inter­ est. Qold D rafts, Qold, S ilver, Cmar da Money, a n d Gowpons,drought and sold. . ’ Collections' m ade everywhere in the U. S. and Canada, at th e lowest rates , and a General B a n k ing busi­ ness transacted. O R IN C. FROST.Cashier JEFFERSON COUNTY BONOS, TOWN OF WILNA BONDS W a t e r t o w n k H o m e B a ilro a d B o s k . ft Oswego Midland RR Bonds I n t e r e s t 7 (per cent. p a y a K t i n f f o t d M mi- a n n u a l l y . UNION PACIFIC B. B BONDS, i n t e r e s t fl per e e n t . i n gold, p a y a b l e s e m i a n n u a l l y . Missouri Valley BaiDoad JYew Arrival of. * .Vi VA fivf t a J S l l r ‘brMn-SiB j- r P&r r t Here w e come again w ith ano&heii a & r 1 *■** NEW TEAS, bought a t the present LoW, o f 0-old, enabling us to, erive our Custom -decided Benefit over those w h o bought _ G-old w a s up from 20 to 30 per c e n t * ........ ** n M m '' * u- ^ ^ 4 ^ / W E CAN N OW SELL YOB Good Straight Japan Tea, tor 85 cflnts, — ; - t- Choice $1. 00 Japan, for 90 cents. - Yory choice for $1.00. The very best tor $1.20. Good Young HyBon 75, 90, 95 aud $1.00. Oolong 90, $1.00 andfhe very best $1.20. O O F - - , y v . Java 30pts. Roasted do. 38 St Ghood R io 2 2 c t S s Roastad do. 3 2 o ts. ' ' Maracaibo 26cts. ]^a^^^do.^35ote! » ! i ui % ) » * v f >* y l tee - s > <• v- el *5*7 iCtm #MA'. Sugars and Mr: ................. j .AgffffMgR TOsBSsfblSElA CHEAPEB THAN EYEKI- , jmf •. j . • At v » 'wdlft f ' *' *' * 1 ' >* .r^Ns .•*. *i»‘A Oar goods a r e fiaostly ndvrind v l LlQ c |^,\ f S f T TV> ln f O T il^ n lS ^ our RBwrtment good untill ourBtdWii oloMd oat, eriviw^ii«HesOiAiiairifc|<i% ; th e benefit o f n e w goods a i tli^Iateii^^nd loVeitt iwam’iJB'i* cuatomora wishing t 6 sv«Utbemi<ilve 6 bflsying inT;h«ir 8 tpo^ ies, now have a a oppferitmity o f getting t^Tem now rad ^Tera, tend to fill all order*- tUfaeagh cloeirig down our stock w« altaH hrtlri «%»*>.v . s>-lve* ip readineM to fill orden’with ~ E E W GOODS, stjV * ry^jholU ^ k U vaoeelR O M GOST. ^ * J I t r n * , , , v - a il * g -» > \ i : FO R l3i® 5 S S Kid X s i Bondi, Interest 7 per eent. i n gold, p a y a b l e semi­ annually. • cu r e a a o, d a n v i l l e >d tin o e s n f s b 0 RAILROAD BONDS Jnl're-t 7 per eer,t. tn yoIJ, payable semi­ annually. Southern'Central B* B , of New Yoik Interest 7 per cent, in gold, payable soni- 'innnally. , All of the above u c q rttes for ule upon t h e MOST FAVOBABLE TERMS, and kaptoonittnUyon hand for isniiMlata daUyaq at tbe -------------- Sixpence better tk*njthe Slow ShiUin^.^ „ Uj° 7 A ^ -** t i t C a s h - P a i d f o r B u t t e r : tSZTQoofa delivered promptly wiftnn iao 9 w . W a t e r t o w n , M a r c h 2 X sc 1870\ i. ■rf&A 1 f .ujfafc - MW. A Spnnjg sock of j® w & m m m M r Z . Bprtog, and have ^ B C H I T E C T U B * . Tha subscriber wonld Inform tbe pobllc tbat be has opened an offlco on tke second floor of V. S. Hubbard's Block, corner ot Public Square and Franklin Street, where he will rive his entire atten­ tion to making Drawings, Plans. Specifications and Estimate* 01 every deacription of building, both Public and Private, tn an accurate, neat and artist! c manner, AU orders left at the above mcnt.oncd place, will receive prompt attention. ■ar* The patronage of the public I* renectndly sofidted. JOHN HOSE, Architect. Watertown, Mav 96.1869. . dtf JJN IO N A G A D E n Y . THE SPRING TERM at this Institution wlU begin Tnekday, March s»th, and continue fourteen weeks. IS3A0 win pay fbr Board, tarnished room and Tuition to Common English for ths term ot 14 wcox*. None bit experienced and aucceaalnl teachers are g a s S t Board can bo obtained ln the Academy Bnlldlng. at *3.00 per Week. Good aad Pleoaant Rooms maybe had on applica­ tion to tho Principal. Let every young gentleman, or Jady, who expects to attend ichooi the coming spring, send for a Cir- cnlar of Union Academy. For lnrther Information, address tho Principal, or call on him at Hu Academy. W. W- GRANT, A. B. Prtaoipal. Anitaa Btntasim, Prcat. If. G. C ook , Sec’y. Belleville, N. Y„ Feb. 19,1870. afitavr-vrtt tho Rome, Watertown and Ogdenabnrgh Railroad, 18 mffea from tha city o t Watertown, and 0 miles from Capo Vincent, and near the village of Three Milo Bay; and embracing about ONE T H O U S A N D A C R E S of very productive land, Thii M e t .la eepocla' adapted to gnat, and would make a profitable grax- tog and Daffy Farm. ,Tho euWcrlbec h u draiaed, cleared and subdued It, and offer* It for sale at a reasonable priee, and on eaay tetan*. For partkmlare oddreaa WM. DXWKY, doodOwtl M L E . F ° * ----- . A (food Cabinet and Joiner Shop, 90x43 fer tn tho mo phis, Jeff. Oo. toa food WATEILYO' p u t Of. ated iikfief W ifi 'ft« !i% M » f« F ‘ O itk 1 .4*. Saw dfclhg Agood Jobbuc Baalnua AUtm Best Running Order. We ara now MANUFACTURING the Best Brands of Family Flour, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. CORN MEAL AND FEED of all kinds, all of which wo wUl 'tarnlah^at.Whole­ sale and Retail atjtoo We solicit a renewal of the liberal patronage be­ stowed on ns before Ihe disastrous flood, azd we will spare no palna to give eattafaction. We shall aa usual give particular attention to C u L s t o m G r i n d i r i a : and will PAY THE HIGHEST PRICE for Wheat, Rye, Oats, Com Ac. Order* for Floor and Feed left al our Office and Store ln Fairbanks’ Block, will receive prompt attention. MOULTON. HERRICK * Co. Ercclaior Mills, Watortown. Now. 19,1869. _______ dfcnwlr Jig C W HOOKS FOR SALE BY H a n f o r d & W ood. ESNOCKNTB ABROAD. AGNES AND THE LITTLE KEY. LITTLB WOKEN. AMONG MY BOOKS. A DAY BY THE FIRE. THE MAIDEN WIDOW, WONDKE S t GR i ES, Anduton. PffOM^'TH* BREAKERS. UPBB&t&WAY. T in EAlictLir a n d t h e church . N e w Y o r k C t t o t a t i o n s S t y l C S o f J D p e S S G , On toe day of tale. We wlah to efll tie attereUee' of those doalrtag toltxchaage, oehnli g' - \ MONEY to IkfVEST Jaspu Poplins,'Serges; To the tact that wa irt|oSutag thktkore tecni i tltl than thr, have heretofore beta offtref tnthla n ket. We are slab ageata fbr all the otto Alpacas and FrehcH Poplins, CELEBRA.TBD “BONNER MANtT Acknowledged as thi1 Best In 2il4 n i T T t l n i ^ B R A C E M O H A I R ) S i l k F i n i s h ) R o u b l e F a c e , o f i h e RAILROAD BONDS, B e a v e r B r a n d , t h e b e s t g o a d s o f t h e k t d d i d m a r k e t . -.j): iI.-tyrS *■ ■■ Offeredln Ihe market and can tarnbli them oa abort notice. B IG H E S T M A R K E T F R I C K PAH) FOR Gold Coupons, C o in, AND C a n a d a M o n e y ! ! Foreign D rafts Ib r M a i* en a ll tb * different O itss efiM«rap«» ff. r. xonr*vT:oMKi«rw * ■-giii ' i Jisft: O O I _ I N X B , F = ! F P A r o fbbMltwif A. W POTTER, PhltaMfUl, ;1 JU . Oo. N.Y, Oft; Lots Fer Bale. wo wsarssSiir ' Fi-tAWEING, -ill 1 ~S *851 fMMNbH.IM. ‘ * *EC* ■T\ ^ % QymfkT

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