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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, March 07, 1870, Image 1

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, '*Vf' t a a 1 X V J -■> <a * jO * faitrtcton | r t $«■*. tl PUBLISHED BVJBY AFTERNOON “ A t W**kljr BeTor&wr ;r B « ilT |J N M ; » * w>-. M T a v k ly, 8 ,3 0 0 . R * t * S i > > ttlflt* ; M D « OM H B I I TOT O B I WOO* a t lllO A I A * *’ » I O K 1 .0 W - fo LtBMNOBparau ■akraVaaar*. 1 day |ld»yv Sdayell w’k Sw’kv K fO o lw a ..'.... OnCotaW b-vc a? ttlijlOO SOOilBD •4 OH ( SD s od ] voa ,101011100 1»1 ,1.00 asot too B OOf 6 00 8 eo] to oo uoolm o o ati> BOO 800 M l oo ^0,00 u-rti, fitvj. tA *wttw«e»wa».BMiv L y tu S f f i f e r r , ; ] Oaa OaUBri.-.i/. li. ii.i h i ; ■ Ju.u 4 004,400 so o o lio o 40 OO | | | ■*>?o a v m . batM ^te Dakota??. ____________ JOpirteut, »ad«at0Mfaltr HosdwrtiaeaMnte nuaiu o*ef;o«etaonth--wW ■ •' -iftaaerttaxiavaryother toy. B P \ 8 , W . T B a l u l b d , U k D e h t a x u k . — Beflidehoe, Jffeknym Houie, Room No. 87, Id float. Residence o f Son, No. 1 0oodale street., , A ... , Qet.80.dtf w i r m i w N , ic . v . ' ^ t f T H f t K E I S , P r o p r i e t o r . Jayl, lMS-dtl____________________ r r M M D i r a o u s s . w ta ^ j i T a s r o w it, » , r . ttadnp u S willbw kept Strictly t m I BUCK * 8ANOSB. Frop- iSSjiUrttttd'i a s r r - iff M i l l J g c k m a a H o u s e , *- \mtSRlom sr. t. \ W U . W . P E T E R B O I f , Bsct—Mt to 0 * 0 - W. Jonis. late [ptroprjtrf. ‘ A r o m a t i c h i k e r o f E h a b a r b , AMtttU am»0lDr«»*p«U, Diw^rtKDysertrxy, ‘Be. MUtetUr oa m m u d lor e e l ! Wtacleeale kdS I S I p p s S S Ujj^27bihr4ir«ta1uM Mtsat l» 4k MW. gsKrlgtkoM a n t be pall ior o« ie lf (i dloriuod M a b t f f c ■■■■WUO- » I M . CABI1? Who wW, ,caif r When we Ue bsneat|i die^UililM, Undorneaih the chorcti jj»»d mould. Aid the lon* g r t s io’eroirr faces, -Lwalulnger vasjpaadicolil; . When we tleep from caje «n<t»oiTow«. had the ilia of ejrthly life— Sleep, to knot* nb rad to 'morrow. - Hth Its bittemrva and atrlie- Who will can J •r. cayat , Who wlUm d e to weop vbove ni, lylng».ohi ao whlte and still, Uaoerneath tha a k lu ofiumnur, Wien all uaturo’a paleea thrill To a new UU, glad and tendar, Full of benty, rich nnd awcct, And the world la clad In iplandor That tbe, year* ahall e’er repeat— . WhowlUcarer • Whowlll-cara r Who w lit think o l white Uaudi lying Oh a atUltnd atlent breast, ' Uerrrmors to know ot aigUng, XwmoVa to know cfiMt'v* -Who wULcutt No.oaaeanttU oa, Bot U teat and peace beCalli Will lt matter lt they a l i i at, Or they mlie a i not at all ? Not at all t M o w l a n e N a w f a r e B e ll a *U a ls* tha W U t d .” It ia w e-i known that Fifth avonua ladlea often need mare funda than It ia initable to ask of thtlr lordi Although the popular definition of tb e word huabapd atUl*holda goojl, y iz : “ A. mu) that d o n -errands and pays billa,” yet sometimes a little oataldo aid Is necessary. To aflord that usiatance a clasa of centlemawly money-lendeia h u been called into use, and these man bare elegant offices on Broadway. Tboy alio wait on ladlea s t their homes, and tbcro make advances, op property a t the modtr ate rate o f two p'reent. * month.' H o st of these ladlea h ave among tbolr outfit splen­ did feta o f dtmondi, some o f which are worth from 13.000 to. 8,000, and on these they can always obtain advances. If any ol them desire to w e thesd dtamondi for an especial porpoae,fof instance tp attend a ball o r par­ ty, tboy cah b e accommodated by paying an extra fee a n d giring security. For in­ stance, a set o f diamonds can b e got o a t of pawn for a singla night by labetituting a camel's hair ab aw) and paying $10, or per- baps a trifle more. T M l S T M . A s c a t t « UU C a n a d a lg tia A l e s ! Throughout JiSkraoa Ocmijy. jr e w a a a i a g g — *868?* HUBBARD & W RIG H T Asa»inai*ta arm* Conu»«llc»rm at l a w , OSes t m r No. 6 waahisftoii ticraot, Watertown Shw Tork. 9. W. O flttSM D . fl. SD. WBIOOT k W1SNL0W, AaaorWaya a i d coauM lora at Law. rBBS OMt-Na 10 WaaUactoslt. Watnunm.N.W «,<■; tUmtOBD. BBADLXT WCW-LOW ■ ,a. ..... - • . - -------------- <. ----- ■ g l d k t t r m a o a i t c n r t i n In t e l l i g e n c e Offioe. -GlarM WUmn'i Eictk, PvZAk Sfitan. k ^ i a a w u a t t' hnlahvd lo tkou reaaorlrif to Bei, procired ud vltaatloii oUKalied lor botli ■aleud leeule. - ’M M iitttttarllftaU fo *nt<\ ow Hi) will fled tt aatfcelr adnatago la Mara taeni mM dorcrfntlua rw amrntmm K thJirttct^ • ’ «P ho can take th s pledges bade with him. Filth a n n u s wop an gat moaey of their husbands whenever tbe latter males a'Wtakt” and then thoy settle their bills ; bnt aa at the present tune money ia very scares, the pawnbroker! a re (nil ol bo sinews, u d reap. Ing rich harvests. On a capital oi |6Q,000 an.annual profit of $13,800 own be mado, which i s a o s t t e r return than o u be got Irom any other inreatmawt, and some of these broken have double that capital In uie. They »r# a hard set to deal witb^aUrn u d relent]oka, u d deaf to women1! tears aad entreaties, b n t they ar* a o*cessity,ud, thenfpxe, while hated u d execrated, they areln'oonstsot demand. On w pledge oi diamonds worth $1,000 a loan o f $800 can bo obtained. Shatla are al»o popular secu­ re ties, a n d any fine article ot drew, auch as lura, velvetf, will bring the cub from thcao h a rpitt o f arutocrailc lifo. . a . d u a e J . P . . P Q D Q - HJ, ,o i m M ^ M E , . W i m l A U I ANB K1TA 1 L M a rt ia ail U adi Mfrassfe AB a i . t W cavv . Baai BaaMW^BeeMMa^WBMga & u u m . n a a A B alt Watx « JTUX, O t iT i u A Q taa ’vwJB uu<1'' Ordsrs pzvrnptly attaadea to. PveuaarllW. - . __________ _ t a I O U a u i l IRBOBBDI ft** i X4TBB8 BAHT HUPBMOS ABVANTAQIS TOj,THOEB WHO WOULD S n ittte T h d lr L ives I OFFICE —WABBWQTOIt HALL, W A T B B T O W lf XT. T . GWO. B. TM1_T8, Prealdmt. - -L. PADDOCK. lltVteaPro't. J. P.'STAMbcK c&S3L“,Mr* twnsactf P o r l a l e . Aftb SPliENDH) HOOT* OB Wajb-' burton Street, comer of Baker. <v now teUy to ------- wov* tato; hu Water, Gav, and Gas Flrtoree, _ . aace, aa**y«nUiUjz modem, It la pno ot th* moat nbitaatluyhnut honaes & the tttty, ~ good flnln- \ “ t eeiir wafler Wkoin kouafiaris lot, gooA rdenbable locsticii. frame SUir? _ GI0. -W. FLOWER. ieoltdwtf W A T t R T O W K G E N E R A L AGENCY, * ™ » BEEBEE, Atent, •MKartiard,—KartioiCSOycira nonwsinihitA -.J.-., ......... .9,S44,8U bid...,...., ........ leseooo W B C r U o t l d ....... *w Work., • ^ w w i s a s s r - Z*BM tisaraaee iat«Hi$Mi Owttpastewti’i IEFPEHBON COUNTY - BONDS. T0WM OF WILWA B0ND8, W a t e r t o w & B o r n e B a l l r e a d B o n d s . NorkftdswegofiRidlanMoiiiis . Y Interut 7 per cent, payable to gold strut- annually. FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS or *n* C h icago, |> a n v ille an d , V X N O X lH lfB a H A Z liX tO A .3}. TBE BEST & FRESHEST 'otal a a e n a t to fee lasuea, | t SOO OOO a p lta iste c k fSM tea, a 14)0 OOO ^jBfa»ji«lllaM»«<l»at-)4 OOO .MlBamlaKS^erarmnm,!) «S0 300 No 67 \j7EshiDgton Ball Block I N T H B OPTT, 2 0 0 2 8 3 UNION PACIFIC R. R. BONDS, In te r a t <5 per c e n t, in gold, p a y a b lt aemi- annvally, MiBBonri V a l l e s . R a i l r o a d B o n d s . In te r a t 7 per ee\ annually. 1 to gold, payable semi- CHIOAOO, LANVILLE <b VJNCEHFE8 HAIL2Z0AD BONDS. Interat 7 per cent, to gold, payable eemi- Bn nmlly, ________ ■ S o a t h e m 'O e n t r a l B- B . o f KTew F o r k Intgreit 7 per cent, in gold, payable lemi- annnaUy. _ AJI o f the above aecnrltee for .ale wpca tbw M O S T F A V O R A B L E T E R M S , and kept ccnatiatly a n hind for inmMUate flattwiy at tbs M Gorerniar.t Becmltli above at t)it J taken In Axehaage toe the Highest Nework. Yuotations Q On tbe dav of Ml*, W ewilk to-evil tfee itteotlpa ol those d»ilrtn(rw;exch«c|t. or urieg ^ M O M E r t o I N V E S T T o U ^ f c d t t o w iiro oA#lln*UfcMl»T* MeuMlM it i tbaa they hive ben tofon beat atftied tnlklv Uir kct. We are o lio i i m u tor alltfee ether RAILROAD BONDS, Ofleredln the aaarktl and van Canlih thus oa ateort notice. THI H IGHEST M A R K E T **>RICJB PAJD FOB O-old C o u p o n s , Coin, AND C a n a d a M o n e y I ! roreiga D f l i l l Ell Vmla oa all ttte d l f i N i t O t t e a v f l i n a * . I . T . K O T T M T T C . O a a h ier. J . i » d*w « : S S X ® K S '. 7 » . . . i , ifheBonda follow the completion of tho lloul— jhavo thnUnlOA-TrtUt gpwwnv Qf N. T. ts thcl OSctal lUftater aattTtaudcc A(ont-tnfl ero told e t pceaostvt» andtpcrepAlntcreet- ; They beat exaads|ttwe»dco»parlt<«, btttci, tt !e believed, than any othvr now before the public, In ,tkedxetiasliin<:Uan|«ablQ eleuwtvi$a/';(i/. Scmrtt I ty. end Profit. ) They betrgoofl tntcreet—Scvwt per cent. Gold tor , C oilyyean^tadart sec trod by a SinMnij Fttnd, tnd ^blt»fwtst*e upon tho road, Ita optftt, t a d net In coae, tha Fnachlaev, and all-prefent u d fntnro to qnlrsd propcriv' oftho Compuy. They depend upon nb new or balf-ecttlcd tenllcry rorbnttaevitopay their lntaroet, Dot ipon u old well settled, aad productive coantrj ;-antamlns that t rallofd baiitthnxurb the heart of each t re- glou aVfon kettcr saealty for both Interat and frfn- clpit thama road to tie tiuttl thioujh the meet bl|hly exteUad wlklvtneea er aparaoly Htetodlwrlborv. TMaHaUteaA j qweeln apeelaj advtntagee, in rmaalagfaW|#d,o«ifpf fhe ofChlctgo. in tn- povlinlRailroad,andOoauaardal Caster; In mn- olnfl lhroe*h a Unv of vlQagev and old CatmlnO ■etUfotalila the llchevt portion of the Bute ol □llsole ; ia runiag near lo dcpovlta of Iron Ore ot gnat extent u d value, and over broad flelda oftho beet eofltalbeSUtt-wbleh mlnlngflUfCtta areiu mosopolr. ind beaddte till local and other bvuliae thaiamred, there win be attracted to (hla rotd'tbo cosWderaMe tmBC already tprinqlag np “From tbo The tubectlbSt haefjavt returned from New York, with a Freeh Stock .of of the Choicest Grocerlet, Including T E A S , COFFEES, . SPIOES, R A I S I N S , SUOARS, SYRUPS , CANNED FRUITS AND PICKLES, AMO ALL KINDS OP F a m i l y P r o v i s i o n s I ar* goods TtmoAsxo whin gold was DOWN, AND WILL. BE HOLD AOOQHDiNOLX. | J “ Goode delivered Free of Charte. F K K D , G. B O T H . Nov. 11,18*. Laket to (he Qtlf;\ m silk ita Bonham Conncctlou It faimn a TrtnkLloe (Sallea ihortef thu u ty other rout* from Chicago to NuhrSle. - Three Beediare therelbce baaed upon a Sullty tad t Baajayu tki t a few year* most lnvetlably doible—aad competent fud/reeuy treble—In vtloe, GmrmuniiMBlng ailU the price t t high pay wdl i f put into M u Bondi, a n i T h a t or Ettate ftm it can bt pot into N O THIN (i BJ5TTEB. Fhaapleta,with Mips, Ac., rmhand fu dlatrlbo- - AND Boada may bohr^d directly o f tu, ot o f our Awenl In Watertown. THKJOBtOHANTB BANK. W. RAIEEY i m . k CO., M OLIfF KteEST. NEW YbRS^ Agufawrthavalaallhe Bondi _ ^ ita. 14. Ain r a i l k e a i oa t h a B r a i n . Near £riu there Uvea a colored pert on by tbe name ai J .mea 8 tewart, whom tha com* moni y by common consent bavo dabbed Oosuaodon Stewart, Hy is a talented bul ecoaotris isdividosl, and ban • weakness for chickens, tin oaa occasion, being found pear a poultry-yard under sUEpicious cir* catnstanceBjbe w u Introduced rather ihkrp- ly by tha owner of tho premilea^j follow*: “Well, Jim wh*t are yoa doing hers t “Oh, naffl*, rmffln; jen wslkin’ roun’.\ -“■What do yoa wa*it with my chicken* f “Hnffia at ait I wu only lookin' atWn, d«y looks mn nice.\ ThliaaawK W U both cucQistory u d conclakive, tiid would have been satisfac­ tory hid it not baefl for Jim’s hat' Shli wuarather worn, tofb ielt, wgaod d a u i o s largo'fonts WBBIB^I head ; and- it flfUied to haTe a motion entirely unuinhl in hit*, afid muifeitty da* to some remukBhle ctaae. It seemed to contract and expand andTcova of itasli, u d tdearly wiuioat Jim’s volition. So the aext inqauy Ass; ■Whit istbematter witbyonx batl” •Ify hst 1 Fat’s an ole hat. I'm fosd of dat h»Lrt “Well, take it ofland let’* look at i t ’ “Ikkfe off dik hat ? No, sab. Fd katch cold id my fcttd, Sir tan. Always keep my hst on wnen I’m ont o’ doora” And with that Jim w u abotrt beating s haaty r*tra*t,when atJiiafliat step, a low “klak, kluk, ktak’’ w u heard coming only too clearly hem the region of hia headgear. This w u faul ; u d Jim w u stopped and forced to remove his' hat-, when a plump, halfgrown chicken jumped oat snd ran hastily a Way, The air* with which the culprit gazed after it wu a study lor -a lain ter; it elprettcd to a perfection grott­ ier And perplexity blendtd, bnt not a trafle ifgttilb Blowly he .spoke ta* though er ilatning the matter to himseli, and how tc accoant for vo remarkable u inddeoL “Well, ir, dat ain’t de funniest 'ting I ebber did seo. Why, dat dar chicken mabt have dam up dp leg af my putalooss.” 3 0 0 0 , T o n * CAYUGA LAND PLASTER, ForSdeav - ’ * C o a l Y a r d a n d L i m e W o r l d s - Jtoeh StipetoerJio>tto Onmdaga. N it ttdcM «i *4gaa i lerinUa . N t mri- ictaln the It oftfe* i v i n o u r a m n ^ olhar rubber p la in : 1 st—Kuauil comfort by nmaaef A votvriktoar UntB|oTKr UteaiUn amracoln C0BUCSWtkil»«W sad [BMI Id-A perhot imcUom, vrllkoat tumod, into Ikw llvlu ttavaa to 1 tale Ibajiw utl make o n tot datecte plea. \ ’V ’.-.-.l' . Id-Ti.ra li so praparaUoa of aarnorv la *aM llnlai aa In other rubber, hence tk* lrvitatkahari derfu oa MllvaUoo, eeta la ao May atmitrt* moaua wsaxlic the orCxary ptttee, ta aaUwly, wr! Tiitod. TfecfoUowiic CBHUeeit, vwnew etM nf la the h u m as( ton of IMS, IkvA A e fyafeaU torar for vlx make. DmrlntUwt U*M t e M N M a f awu*»£S S u i r . . . . fey tasin*. <a4 IX lat#e*itUeae<fbo4 k . m ]#U * a u U « H iilu ifem M teM « V N 7 f» v e e ^ j e r t W y ^ tw r.-^^ wUfe wi»S!Su5S*mhiicMtehijafeiW.jifest*a of Fr^wm'a ptkeat, ket 2 htpfoeml ' ~ ahyAVyariiiia 4 a wvarttit, litiM tiaw ia4 vaeonmrw, vadl la Ira n»e« pf aeBetlim to -BMWttatefhc^TwtkttrU. I lie »>o«tpwl*cHii muial tn lkcSeBleJ usrifemtlhaw* sTcrtnsd,aadetBtvMe taalltkm e pofatw ihiAai Paris. Coe|raw*Uoaal Otari^BaM tt, N . T-v 5 WABHIRCntON H A U B W d X : 1 - W H O L E S A L E & R E T A I L UILL1NER7 AND FANCY D r y G o o d s , H A T S . B O N N E T S , R I B B O N S , F L O W E R S , F E A T H E R S , A N D L A C E S . Hanle Hiaalwa KM Glovwa for Esfllev, Klncr, vKOmU.AUe.Cbilfcsa’vlKMOlote*. M W i artvaniaga p>o4 Xld Glcm far Eadki « TA OeatW A fan Ua* of Z iia e a O w A , C e ll a r s mad la a i k a w t i a f t . ■ O O P .E X X E T B , a x . o v a a . A N E W .S U P P L Y O F N U B IS 8 , Jaet Received. Tfe# taqpset taaortment of w o j e e r s a e , cttr.'Alao, SfecUaad, S u o c y aad, Barill MBS. FRKGtmOH anCNBK BBIGOB*^) ■3>tveelU3a»f. ; - AtiaaliontjaM to otAas. Ocasiw tlseptew th»» cak m aade hy aqr pUer arihori, and u we 00 cmr Cwmwetfc w sew titw ltteoaS dene*. Prlcw Uhv evas M fleetUta c h n te tor Uwtr oldatyle of vrodc. - ' 1 _______ _ X L. BARGKRT. Iroa Kfotk? X A. H0LM00K, U Arstntt stttri, Wateitovra, M. Y. •faaXl-twhm —-e-, ---------------------------------------- ^ n v v o n b m n t a - i r f f U T Watertown,J«. ®*. ^ A i v x a x . r s i x X K i L-rie'J M 0 LtiWtJ ' t'T. t ' ,S S S ^ S S 9 ^ < ‘r B e w rngp M a c h i n e s ! i.b. I tfAVENO RIHOVRDOUn 8TOH* TO ’ Ho 9 W a s h i n g t o n H a l t B l o c k , Wh** w* have room to ktep a large atock of f u m . M u s ical iln s tr u m e n ts. F i r s t 0 1 m s F i * n o s O r i t f l f , Melodecns) S b u t M t a i o S M T I i n j «T. I f y o u w a n t , P A G K A C r E . A T 5 \■*’* ** J r e w f Tjrtfont'* ■ * t ni > ■~«*v>.y - 5 ^ dfitoEn * ^ s s s p E r * * v 3 T m yon want^oou M o la M e s Y p r.o.O toM ti.iigs t n e betfr J a p a n r f f o f t i n W g t e r t o w n 1 io if m g i . y i o tat', t o yOU YVBDt EiokorisouB. ~ g g f .R Jon w»nt*‘cliOicft Oolong ST-ByOu wmjitthe beflt Golong in thia Oity- forv|rt25;.| <x'Lni. If you want a good-¥onng W oehU * I t ______ rvi _______ br n 5‘ -* vK* so n s . - *5T ersona. Idjf If yon want Tea3 GheapoE-atKl Better tiisn yon c a n fivvyo T e a Company-tlua side o f Olhina,,go, to Eickersotfe.,-r- 5 ^ r i I S T I f you want tho.bcet.SliOO-Syrup for 84«int*gotp_I ^ If you want a .iolco^ y ^ u p for $1.15 go i o S f e « o p * r ^ l& r j t yon want ih o b^t g p p jfon over bonght for f f . S S g e ocgonh, ti , J # T F w • * a * f f t » l t t ' ' t * ® w . J » O f c « . 8 5 o n t o , V ’ m R .c t a » » .. to .fro v _ ‘* l i y o n -w a n t t h e b e s t O l d G o v . . C o f f e e 'R o M k A o r G n m n d , I b f e i O c e n t a g o to R i c k e r s o n s . ^ , i l ' l . E M T l C I S W I t y o u w a n t g o o d S a l e r a t i u fo r 8 c e n t s g o to R i c k e n o n a . ' - J I f y o n w a n t 1 0 jK)UftdA ^ i n g * r ; f o r f l , % g o B T yon want (h o ho s t a r i | ' a B h p e a t S i M m r i i ^ n t h l a C l t j i r e to B itir- ersons. ’ - f ■ ’ * ° • •_ , <.* **• . I f y o n w a n t a n y t li i n g - i i i t h e Q r o o w y ’j r n ’^ c h e ^ g « ’n o _ j E M i f c ; JC S iC * H e m c raber tbO ^ p lhco u n d e r t h o B a p t u t C l i n r e L ^ f ^ i ^ f so n s . £bwy p e r m w m ttof-n Semtog MeAbu; BhcnM m hlit tfehSviiawtor I f WtUei^s 1 a n pntcfeail ng.it ltkM pfoved UMf U»h«1ri1fe« B e i t H a o l i i n e . i n t h e ' W O r i d : u r THE PXOrLX ANSWllh. Orrr 480,1)00 ahrtatlj to vm— { her 80,00$ mde in iSOB. U*AD YHX-FOLtOVOfa! » . .la the amj^i Srmev n i a & etAom ttsiii w(a>u4> W in,- -SjW- KacMaA W m 5 F 3 *n»<. 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