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Watertown times. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1890-1894, January 22, 1870, Image 4

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' “~i«t»U*alt*Xit*fi*—SOOM!0»—lttllofplalti-priet |dt sariA onxlcr seal, o v m u post fcg-*Q,9**'e*plM to ld tho p a r t year, Tho singl* , . iwtfl n'irfl tlrr Minded htppy. 4 lcctnrc ot Cor* WCWtotwiE'itoQte a jpwteoi—a counlcto notfe oa pti*l*Srllrtyl \ t t COSUlrta himdnoUa or eeerelt n e w t a jitbUehed. W snmtcd to bo worth t t r m VWsaousit Mfccd tor lb. Tmajiy-bvt ckqu '■ • -;la,a»«i* «,P4*tM;» laclowsd w ill tietrro . tOHr hy ntammau. Dr. foliar hit fluvoM a 111* .u.g.jdrtatottecqre orthoee dtioaec* upon vrllcb hit • ‘ To t h e U d h i t *Bj^|,T»XdJB itlU rotrUn* tbo only agigcy tt - - i i m fpau, . sale o f Dr. VloUol'i ltollati Vufaal* l%e aalo ot more than ao.O«r M tkolr reputation tl a feBulo roratdv, IAS; a n d far I s abvotco n f every othw - !S S w t b e z r t ^ 3 ® f7bro'(tho\irlcoyt iMhtfluiM AMh by man at ixprosi to mm at adirtaiw e sc b« enrad il haoa % ' S f i : ^ S . no ■ - NOttoothlii addrotioll A uulmt U; r G R B A T C R A S H Pjf.T j. '■ IN gDRlfGDODS e » p l<> ^ • 4 V : - v - >. iF'f-i'W 1*. ^ MANY GOODS BELLING LEBS THAN I F ' y .BEFORE THE VAJl. AND BBSS THAU TUB , . .. ^ f t M M i C r o a t o f I f laiin f a o tiu iD g •’ , 1 •Uh’tato the XM 1 7 Z .AT08, Vo. I (too * |f JM#dc,«a<lMe tha twrgthxu : kftm tfE r a ii* Saat VUsti* On roannbl« t.-i^r-tMaihMfiejud, . SXKwm. tawrlw wt otbeaaural N«nr8tyl« FB1KT8 oS S u ^ ^ & a t 10 r a t i P«r yard, apar^ud. -yitjSSSSiMwcb&’BUlUi^TNOS,ono r>rd arldp, a h - , v'Shd«utlcl«, at HKeanta Kf jwat •4 JNWTwhllllla, VTannutaa. anflKoaputai Blonh- ■’ «* CfmOK at ptltoa lower than hemto«=rtn *i i M a W NLINXITBOOPS, Prom4uctUa.it *.A‘ «twaVMhcewt oriDtKKtatloo. h laaa M llh iia at ID cenio woht Good Llion . i e& M M 10 casta per y*id|» tnrtler Onwhlor ^ r M X e u i h . ' tkEE. daa(:L*dt*a' Xiaen Ooltan, it & cnia cecb. itu [f. Mam oaa htU tbe ten of mnautscv ;. ' .*fV V.'- • K'T'-If-' ” In Black Alpacas, . S% al prlroi ; t f a » jvlnccd. Clbths-i iplni'-lW ^ ItSat u u « k tw&i YTVaal M m p faaa KThcaat* p a n w L -«*d Colored S1UB3 a a d Ooloreri SILKS, NII’UNS, KPAflO- ... -hiaarrnnta, t u ju k b , oiiuciai OT*. CANTON QimaJjwi. In lactirurytlilE; I h a M y M o r t a X d a e a t L iO W N \ p r i c e r . .M F a A l u | 'f l l # a * d l o v a bore all Utonorcltlrt, p:j|H*MJL*&a« uduciita* weir, and contLnno io a..'> ’ : j ’OtLt axid M a k e * t f MaaA’a O l a ih ! uo and TafllaC' Backo on ahdrt hotlti * rwafihtM M rtpw ilK * »»«: itQ lhiiehaisooroor C!» 'MMwltaattwwt, . . ; ^ ^ aptiraly Oo*i «w«y «lth « t th* f y d ' ' ifaSIrocDhocJt,Wntarto-ra,N.Y, i l H - i p a t i for sflnproved Sewing Machine. # \ f - - ’ KoyOdttVTfcvriai i Mlacollaneoua Itonia. A Candian editor, in order to incrcaae tbe circulation of hia paper, will let an; one ■ending him a dollar have lii.s paper for a year tor nothing. —Kissing goes especially by favor in Melbourne. A youth who saluted a girl against hot wish bus been sent to prison tw o months for tho ofTonce. —In Memphis a bride of two days asks •divorce because oa tlie morning after marriage lie refurcd to sen tl her breakfast up to her room. -A South Carolina negro cloins $5,000 damages ior being ejected from a ladies’ car ou the Richmond nnd Danville Rail­ road, -Do3eribing G sorgo Froncia Train’s antics at & recent lecture, a New York paper lays : “ And those coat tails How they spread ! One could imagine ho saw a cooho and a Fenian playing poker tbereon ami vitiug the brass buttons lor chips.\ -Sandwich Ifclatid peop'.o who want lubitaulial buildings import their brick (rout Japan. They arc harder and oi better quality than those to ho obtained at San Francisco. -Mrs. Amelia Oluinr.u, a name once kcowu throughout tho leugth and breath of Iho laud, is living ul Ciunoil Bluffs. Uer pour boltb, she alleges no an c xcuse for her not taking anioru priunneot part in the it-nralo suffrage movcmi nt. — Tho looking-gliuLca in the Internal Revenue office at YVashingtun oust $50,000 But even theso will not enable tbo officials to sec themselves ni other,; boo them.— [E*. - -A constable sold the Pittsburgh Ro. public for aixty^-eight dollar*. Am uxohange tiiiaka the dollar stores will soon bave do wEpapor ofllcca for sale. .—Emma Webb and a ilics Gordon are to liiirousj tbe subject ol Woman'a Rights, in Bin Francisco, the funner taking the con iirvativo aide. -—MinOlivo Lngan and M,ics Kato Flid no oogvged to lecture overy week dsy night to the ond of tho locturu «enson. Tho game is true or A uon. ' —Two joint owners of a homo in Paris, III, could not agroo on the matter of mov ing it. Tho ono who dourcd removal there­ upon sawed tho bouao i xactly in halvos and oirriod of hia half in tnnaph. —A W oi turn railroad killed u paaacagor in u vary imjanius way. The won spout which supplies tho locomoti vo tanks was dropped through the roof of tha sleeping car upon lutn as ho lay in ou upper berth A *.II«I» School «Jlrl Oleo from tho IffK H of FnnlUuneof. A aad affair iu Manchester, Conn., should be e vfKmlng toichbol tc&chcrs against tho pouibla dingeroua conscquonco of some punishment! that s:em perfectly safe. Tbo atory, aa told by a correspondent of tbo HotUord Cauraut ta, m snbilancs, that a Utile girl, nine years old attending a public ■oliaol in Manchester, liaring failed to rcuilo her goography lesson perfectly on Thursday was required on Fri day to : opeat tbo lesson for tbat day and tho day before. She failed again, and, bb a punishment, was required toitand on tho floor in a passage way vrboro thera was a driftsaC_,eold air, whilo she loarnod it. 8ho stood thcro for an hour, and after- wardi w&a ccmpolled to stand lu tho school room five hours longer till oho learned Thntidny’s lesson, nnd for an hour inoro, trying tcalcara Friday 'a and was not releas­ ed until aomo timo alter tbo uihor echolan bad been sent homo. She is eaid to havo been full oi health and spirits on Friday morning, but on Saturday her legs begun to swell u d tho suffered intcnily, soon be coming dallroua, trying to rupcit tho lesson which w m the occasion nf tho punishment, and begging ot bor teacher leavo to take her *eat_ After a tow doys ot this agony i eb'j died. An investigation by tho School' Committcowaa demanded and held, tho committee finding that tho teacher was go illy of an error in judgment JV STAB*.I18’aK D ie37. 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T H S m j M Q W W E T B ocaojm ) U dill wi take ibo pn>oiiam at tha -JuiJof ti'tj Fail YAErtliifuLcB iru iucrca/lan- rap t o y . *c t o t ^ n l a y U i c r c p u i a i l o i i i t h i ? b 0 T t h a n any olior m a e h ix w o t t f t h u r t t u acqualnSrocj with rbopcbUc Ooe liaa but to no ^homac toiuo In oc»eraUoa bo co-i'i uccaJ of ib iu)o-rimHr. and fttv*» fall to fflvo U Hiol/blirlJC5t praises, li looibiocs a -Ociton Eiolo, O^oiwetmui^ aoO iitarwlDg Mncljlao in ooo$L3»pto. ffrnv. i«AR*y ioowrat-4oand aud'riUnd. »udlaz-dan- Uuio ni(iOA<i5 0(v.-oarUhoMc=4l to » toxntly. aii^l oj- thou?li U U tr>w DCicsT otiitoouQiAif aot taUt^ (he premium at ihe JclTfmsoa Coantjr Pair, yet U wvnt aua kccpi on rwninf-. aud tx <1t»>uacd to r»«t, ixot- v^’bNtandLDQ Um I'rcizsituDi ILaUituc 1b mado in «Jof £ei»na county Tho Ls*rlcelpaJ diflVronco inliio xuq- txlnj of iho two WAtb*=Ji«l# tila: Tbo AmartUin roaicafic:, nuu fute—r, rnna itlilcr, and do?e flvo Id-itie of wark Ui&j c&rano', bo donobv tho ncmJSum l|*cAlc:o. But ibcAmRurian L» nouboonly uucXbioe : iboDowo.ibo Owcr Dak^r. and R iBbarcd like Oita ‘i'hwc old csiabUchcd, t£r9t e'AMaxA£tiloe«, tbslhmveiitoeifbcd tbo wurld for th ir*crviceand damfc?iUlyir<rTo Qotooiy DmT, toi swept bwrt and ir« d.ijt- amnoo ibdog that iiRTo been, aad py- njauy etockJ Juopoe {Jflflcr©wn county ofaouraci.Ui* tbciuiBt donbvbU i l OthrfeM)'# bl^et wilt be load fltiuaLcbie ihom maain IBat rudi to ltto. ©cu3 ttfbl® llio late ol til BcwIqk 3ia chtoBi bat the Prorai'icEJ Micbtzicor Jcfihrsoa comzq. tj Hai cm c lotMi cnttaictilun wo dad F*ln b< id in ol)i5T coastici flUi AfotLmd ua, ind_ atnoQe^ to ana tbai -siio HAVING KlMOVri) OUL tTORGTD Wo 9 Washington Hall Block, <• Where we imr loom \» Ee<‘i- a toigw* Btfi« oi Musical * Instruments. ua M.nslcal Mf^chaaUi/o rouBtanlly ©4i liitd, we ovilo ©urold pulrooe aad*11 inlorcfltc^. wljblo {t< f-QrcJiaeo Mo*-ic or Mr»»icel iu^trnmmit® as* call, and eram.uo our tUe nock <>! 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H i ;ton,!5 A^nV?BK Or*\** Sl\f>00 Race Brothers lb Co., 11V hare <h>K tit// vcdwt-I ufi' j.n -ri I 'l l ’ I kLJt P E 11 CIFPT on </:<‘C K E R Y , hi-.’ riling <>ur Patent E .-uP (/lay Cere^, md PUin Ir a n C h ina, b e hai'a. ihteihi-j I’lthi'-.’il < -ur jirt-'-ta P i\ C m 1. “h-*G o U Blind «?•</ f ’Llm Frt-n ah ('hum. W<: ham (Ain (Li/ rrdui'-il tnir i» to -i / ' ' !(<'> >> J \r Cmt. < n Tu mbltrs, G'HCs, /’in/ an i 'Vi in (J/aeu llinv. Tic hfi.m thijs dw j ri - /iiird our P a n Cent. rt/AjA’fVwr P k t t d Ti <t N t*, Ciintoi*. F o r k . i('f. U\i -,n THS FutlUWINi*. la 1L« tF«l)-noflv I.a/aho ih e Cm u m l® *loD o r of F a i s n t B , th e va Uuo**ii© i w e l l i j ' i a i i f l e d rona. ohierww- t l-'UaiiU uKi^fi^uco) ditvcu.il lito tei*icto) atUiitioii a u litc almnlldt • uf \t rwiw &.Wltoun AladUno. mid lie cxAtieiV|ut<Ji ijot-d ru (tuoi weat6tv*3 ut$<t uP x firfilr* IFc hav: thi* Jai/ ridurct 1 a ur price* Pci r<ia and Pm TaLle (’uOcnj. l\ r Cmt. on I com, Rutter, Ciiom and R mu' lit n d ltd Knir-S and Ft'/'Cx, and in fact on ail k^nitqp SS : W beolflr ^ \Vll»rj«Lv The juir Gsh«i f *r tbercauutorture ittd Cc<:lioti or Bwwuu/ Aiachliifts end Putioa- Imlu chllien w*o« nwrrdorl t u i Kuw ^ i>rX UajHY H. ^ r>'Ai isix w, Maottxr and Kefon-’T of U-f ln*«roei|r©sil Jury. XX Ijcom r *t fl eu-i.tiW Brwvitoe y . S Y.. roconcd the I.'\iu Weuai, aud to* Osai 1 Ukb, f t w a r d o d f o r tho t u u e i p t - r ;* * < n B j a f I j x ? JUctiiao a n ^ EGHton-boLj iLichuio oiL! bi'oUi the I’art* Lclrer- sal KxpOftJtion. J C U»£L»r. 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Ftreip*?©- *Bd DtpJooi or tiiliie«o compArtJtf rt, OwLDiy IPC9 State F tin, Ihftt time ipace wfB cot p f t j r m l l o i a f t Q t i o o of q o v . tniam oAuy ocher duar friftDtb. In clo>hu{ IhHto'winUdi; IX? AtacTiCftU. alio* n o io morn my einCaere Uuxxks to lUotmnr frtendunO p&bortts of ibo American o hav«aiwsr» oipreaKMf&B-re uUefftctlonto 3U brxxldffilijg and toaklni; bntlon bole* -a cnicn ■ vAftlltlca lotiui) in uo othof mucliiua lo iho woticL bftiOirv othor a'AachmooLa for sp<*cifil | ar] - o » cj TIT* l|n*T t>tnAUi.L muHtot I ttv&de ooebvndmi pairs of MRiAioont, a 1 thick us<l lined, with o*w nrtdD wUhoat cmuictng— dmiaJc three bnndred pairs .n n'unoaljt, S c’7 tr.i'r yimr\ 31 n * . A V T * r l o t />rt*r Firadfn’j ('o, /V I’KHBV A WATEBMAN, OirocrtilAffonU. 1 . , .■ , Ten ^oz- 30 fipring Hoop Skirta, latest merrltd, and starting oa a bndal tour, snd gtvw gt 3714 ,£cb sb-ont to enter tho cir I iollo-nroil closely, ’ but, was stofiped by tbe doorkeeper who Vuti MF* m ait «niAg a good KM ainra for Udlee .R M fta i ~ ^UNn^lllse^rf |hlsoc Ou fie, Collavo and ftftM F ,(M U S T S , ^ i a o s i x n r , and I 4. > . GXOVXIfl. J A M B # n n p f l y o f r u b i e s , MM«ecrtts«. Ktolargest srsortnK’ni of 0 t m m * auo, Bbctl*hd, f asnnj btj <1 BcrHu (W* ^ M r MRS FSJjyCdON ana SIRS vm 1 g o b 'jgs ■ Xr t ltitK Dnw Hstlng. ftX* Farilyalsr AfiiSittfuJ pW8 *0 Ordora. 'V tgx'is. 9 B . S A i r r o n p f t O o ^ * A f t i u g s s u . . s : Yfln Xsgls Af lllc aro again INEUNSING “ Aaaresdjfor tbe million. All kmda of : •■•■tfVT’rT'*-! ► ,iSf ■ ■ , F l o u r and F e o d , ? u t> ks^t for sole, Cheap. OarMolto, UlftllMBLE BIXPEHCE BETTEE , THAN THS J SlOYf- SHU. LIN G! JU<-1 ”■ - '■ • i>’* 'iil orfrtifeftxt llio P. ©.'ior 'NH1 wm mi,iv»' sAiiMaMstatleiiUoa.’ Goods dolliereJ Frco ot u n s jC m tuirtity. \ h i * ulied ont— **Hon many geutkm e n sic n ith thia Iwi y ! ’ I bavool'wova noticed that yoarig now- ly-marricd people aro fnud nf saying “ my hubMd,\ a n d w ilc Uiry am new term s w l r r i sound pU»®anUy lo tho c irs ,’f Ibneo Who ntloi t h e m ; r>.i m loswor to Iho per­ emptory inquiry nt the. doork-’fper, the brid*!griitD piouqitly n-plr.i - “ I am this Udy'a h u sbaad\ Am Jt gness you can rr» hy the rcsem- bb nee hotwoea the UJy an.] myodf.\ saiil l In Cerbctua, “That I an, !-or fniier.\ T h e aslonishral liufil'nr.'l. no 1 tlm blush­ ing brido w e re much \ u k c n buck lo deny thoir newly- discorerd parrot,but! he brakna man said as bopermitile 1 1 ho young couple A aplendid C-OR5FT. at $1 26, st Uc I roar patronngi. tnsd cmili*jiy Inrlte iho public 0 my iuUcb room, vttcres lhd«4.t<J MichHao U on aex- JjH-iuod on it* honed eaarncd rwrmtAtlott, north $Gdo of Public Bfoftr©, op)to® >tc tho Fountain In Wlliona'i bS^cb. A. J. V ANDUZRiL Agaol Un JriTSKMQttctxil L«wis covnUtft^ .T Jij ft^rrl t p A lim N G i ~ O.VD 1 focn^ilftwn V>(i* nc/J PAINT,OIL,AND GLASS TRADS *1 w haw OUMFSTRS- v MKDV le Oo tho tiow-. WrtrV OaTISF aeTOHll.’fer msi il K LLC3G0 O£ OOWOEH, rj ’ .1 E altmjnoc r»f StllwB I) ullrvt l« tho Fin « Mocte A of Staler o*j hsofl u the v,ct. ol Ton Kt-V 3* Oonapany. B a r a s ; XiBorr^-J» Oiah and Rimk. F r o d r ic k Stovsn^a* ‘ ‘ Oavr«ou’s “ Ooctral Farli “ j ArA 3 r.no 3J»wti!joiilofr-<^nona FKalossnd Wnn» 1 st r.ry low *irlr« ir ■OBim-r tbv nvrK. R^jntiir l utlby . K M f.e.w Jan 10 dw 2 iv D. B . SAN'FORD’S 5 Washington Uall Block. p e n AAhs, T W O A OOOU With a Half lop, Fc t w 1© fii SEATED SLEIGH! oil trimmed ted In A do order, lo pasa into tbo car W o < taily.' cannot piss all creation with one “I hope you will not dcpiivu mu ol the coinp*oy ot‘ my child dimug the little timo twean remain together,\ I said with a de­ mur* countance. The brakesman cvidenUy oympatUized with tho fond “ parent\ whoso feelings were -guficiently lacert cd at loosixig his daughter ttrough nor finding a huoband, and I was ponaittetl to pass, I luunodisioly opolo- glued to the young bride aud bee husband, and told them, who J wss, and my reasons fqr iny Mtumed paternity, and they onjoyed tho jo k e to K a li that they cellod mo ‘father’ eduiii% out entire journey togothcr. Lu- <kj,tlie hn*b*ndurivat«ly and slyly hinted thine that (he firit hoy should be christened HALF ITS HEAL VALDE! Oall roon. M dJw-wJI H. A E. P. ( O O fim N KVT. CTABLHS B. JONES, h* iWDPld infertajliannhUr. rhoi TAHKAriWiftxnnDffiM vnrtliS Acchvid Boor at V. 8. eoniar of lh^lle Bqnsro and ho sllljflro Us entire atten- U ftCCUftt* flout f t l h i i h i l t l c left- «t th# flAnr# jaofitfoiol Hat bought Paul Snttls's i ntcreet in tho OsUrsst where bo trill eoattmio lo nsaenlsetnra *;1 klnrijof FLODfi trum strictly No. 1 Who**, Especially for -tha Oi-ty B o tail Trade, snd warrant It •> good ss tho vsiybest, always st Wholesale and fiotall Usrhn rates. Kccya conatsn. ty en hand 1 ] kinds of Feed, Meal, Oats, Shorts &c as.i will do OUBTOSI G BIND ISO In tbo hest po«>i blemsnnsr. O u h P a i d t o r d r a i n . _4EJ Goods prompt'? dellvcrod In tny part of the city frcs of c*rta»o. v E. b. Thempson keeps onr dldhrent brands ul Flour constantly on haul. All orders left with him r« Fowl, Jfcil,Oits,Bhorti.fcc.willreeslvs aftenilon. ------ ---------- Wstortows, An*. »Ti86». dwly i, Bhorti, s c . will retain prompt CHAS. fe. JONES, Prqpristor. ROAS. SIMMONS, MlQer. 75 P X G S 1 0 4 S t a t e S t , .h ju . t t d f t t U a t a x W t K n g l l x l i Cmsi Sfon ’ j j «»»rjtm* and w»rranti*a thmntli m flnhint* *o flUdiorudrr*. tfAad-nArGri u u»* pU*v* th ^ g*wwfM Micaawiar®. Miu or ©thart brylnv » ff-ipplIH at whft|««ftl<A nliw - 2 - * r « l b « r o » t a i l n n o - h a l f I s r s e s l t l n j th s lr o l d f l l m u s r i \•I'.l'y CTlMlriK Hi* eld teslli n s i , coiling „ih.,i .w^f « = » l o « m . T s y p a r l u r t e i n p . r , m » t n i b o r o * « s r s i » A ^ « h M i n e w . C e n s n m s n . u k your m s r r u n t for /rwus** priii , t o t »ii 1 m rvd n n w vo wit. No»W «U n o F O R T H E RIH^C \ W 1!’ ALUNOHAM over Milton Clark A C’ ob , . \ h ‘ho PnbUr Square 1* prepared Co idiko IliokDoots and Shoos iriIh bis T a t e n t Applied X*or.) t e •t.wa o f Krelotj, D; w h im j 0a c a o jito j-osr bsJ Itt .11*15 withm ts ton? off ?Iotos. Nonobuf tho best w - i r t m c Q CTnplnyrfJ and m a t e r i a ] need. Giro h im CK.U hetore j PUSCBALIXG ELSEWHERE, an*! he *112 try to nieme, Wfttortown Jan. w ‘ TBHSS5S AesoTtasent! of the moil sospron. HBACEH. TKCSSIS, 8DP2P08T1_ BTOONINBS. BYBrafoMS.SUEtGIOAL. DEB C* TAL ^ ^ M B l t E ^ T ^ n i a n tud.\ ftT TiaamytupaztpadqwcK still Mean Aaearewnr an^^^ntf^Mnia. At ’nper fo. 0.50,1610, Slri Oompi All work wnrrantod. W’M. ALUNOHAM, rY F F lfTEO F KBWINGTOrTltaj Tbo Fresident and TrnstloTo’f'rtre wiit CSomts of. Inmrewbcoor Iho Stmow In snch ceso medo suea provided,Wo hereby report that tbe amitsl short a! £ni 2°5*¥her* > f « ‘hdwWctihsssll keen psld in cull, ana that too amount of thadobtunt aftldOo It t hl.dste ieiw.asatu. a . D. seminotc S p S: w. w. shskkah . 8TATB0K mWYOH I T E5tBR80N' JelEinon county ***• w?Sitt?*0 “ irir 2 l J«;D»y. 1610, before me, per- 8kormsn, to m* known fo bs tboBemtaston Piper Oonptny, wbo ! j . ^ ^ r ? M ^ g ? S S 4 “ r> w “ G. U. BABOOUK,ff*UTj>ablle, W chfim tins 1 1. 1 ] r< d u r td our jiriris F/J'tn'ii p r r Cent on L a m p s , Kir- ini ne furiuri s, uutl Chandelier*. Wr haiv this iLnj >■( duct il vi'i' j/rici* Ten per Cent on Gas Chansdditri an d I’raciii/s. Wc hamt/as ihiijredwrd our pricis Fifteen per cent on Looking Glats- &3</f all sues. Aim, an and 'l'oih:t IT Wc hwvc this dcij riduct'd uur ju'tces f.-ri jirr cent an Rockingham md Yellcno Ware; TiraUtj per coil o-i Tea Trapi and Bird Cages; Pwenlg /W jxr rent cm o n r h irj ■ Stock of Fancy floods. W e have this dag A larked IJmon every thing in our Irnme<isc Steockof G-'csde; so as tv have o u r p rices s-jfar hdoio all compelitors, th a t ciestcn- cri c a n see at once that thu is the only pdaae in hug Goods C H E A T * . O-ur Motto is: Quick Sales and Small JGvjits.'’ Remember the place, N<>. 92 Cmi-rt S tm t, Watertown IN. Y~. inayS-kieodwly R A C E P, R O T H E R S & €o. D o Y o u W a n t A ROY A I, STANDARD. DOT RLE WARP ALPACA, Oo to DAVIS A HART LETT’8. Do vou want a d-rimd Dutchess Alpnea go tu DAVIS A 1! ART L ETT’S Do you want a ''I,von\ Alpaca, pro to DAVIS A HAIITLETT'S. Do you want n Dragon Alpaca, uo to DAVIS A BARTLETT'S. Do yon want a (rln/.c CAnl Alpaca, go t« DAVIS A LARTLETX’8. Do you want azivtliinc in the 'ine of DltY ROODS, CARPETS and OIL CLOTHS yi.ii curt Rlicfiys tind the host the market affords., and the pri'c* right, nt N “. 1'J COURT STREET. R e m e m b e r O u r P l a t f o r m : Int. Always tofriv-oour customers the worth of their tnonoy. !!d. Never to niisnejircj&ent an article ai.M, .'id. S h o r t C r e d it and D i n g F r i e n il a . D A V I S 8 t B A R T L E 1 T . FALL CAMPAIGN!. Boots & Shoes for the Million Webb § Chidester 9 US ( OLRT hTKEET, WATHRTDWN, IS'. Y. Haro the Lartrrvt As-nrtmmt „ f IDIOTS a n ,) SHOE8 fur F a l l T r a d e in tho Stntc. They rnll r pci.tl nltciito.n llicir Kip and Calf Boots , D F T I I E I R OWN MANTFAcrri'Ri;, ALL IIAND MADE AND W A J t R A N T R P . Don't f. ■’ ') ( ’ail aud Examine them. 2 0 ,0 0 0 DOLLARS! *tit Cost , t it Cost . Great Sale of Dry Goods! . lu’c) alter the 12tli instant, I shall offer my entire stock of DRT r i r n u>’ f1°PC ‘Dwn. Tnia is n r a r e chance to bay goods LliEAI . as my goods arc entirely new the past year. I am determined tn reduce my stoc’: Vforo the S p r i n g T r a d e , and will sell you goods cheaper than you can buy in the city. |3 3 r C A U A N D S E E F O R Y O U R S E L V E S . R . F R E E M A N , 1-tl C o u r t 8 t r e e t . J a n u a r y lo t h , 187o. s H o tel Pox Sale. T HIS -fnmiture and good w lit of thebuoioeig ol tb® American Hotel, Priccce flfc* Kizjgfton. \» offeielioi Ml* &o n tt rettooabie term®. Thli Ho- tel to i&twUd i& one of Uie belt part* of t^eclty, ftDd commiDde a largo ebaro of ptiblic net' KWlft. Bftftlon slv«n , Uttar*. Rirk- Wni, Mftrttn on JsniMey !, 1SV0, TdlW. ■0. —* AT 6r OF BEST ^ V A L IT T , AISCi-CEACEEJ) WUEA1, *XB Graham Flour, MOUI/rOH. SKRBJtK * e**» IsnTdSs

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