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The Union news. (Union, N.Y.) 1918-1919, December 04, 1918, Image 3

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THB UNION NEWS VAQB THRBM Poverty is A Crime! I T Un*t a crime to be poor, mnr more than it la to be murdered. The poverty- ittitltan man la not a criminal, lie la a Tictira of a crime for which othera aa well aa hlmielf nrr rftp-mslble. neniy Gtorge 33 yrara ago pnre a lecture be­ fore the Kniflhta of Labor the title of which waa — 'The Crime of Poverty^ It hni alnce become a rlnaalc and has touched the eoark of ambition in the tuaru of thousand* rf men and inspired them to better thine*. Yon ran set a copy of thin ffrlpplnsr lec­ ture, well printed In a neat, cloth-bound book, and TH E PUBLIC , A Journal of Democracy, for 13 weeki for only 65 centa. Let TH E PUBLir be your In­ terpreter, ne $t la for many -of the ereat liberal thinker* of the day i Brand WhIt - lock. U , S. MlnUter to Uelffium; Wm. C. CoWer r .p<deral Trad* CommUabmer-c— Ray Standard Baker, and hundreds o f others. Frank P . Walsh. Joint-Chair­ man of the National Wa r Labor Board aayat Every vorker in America should be a subscriber to TUB PUBLIC L/C potnts the trav Write your name and address clearly o n the macrln, attach 65 cents, stamps o r money order, and with the first number of TH E PITBMC we will send you a cloth-bound and handsomely printed copy of \The Crime af Porerty,\ THE PUBLIC 122 E. 37th St.. New York City Earl J Curra n o f th \ Nnvy had a furloug h extendin g over Thanks - Kh in ? Da y whk-h he sp-nt wit h his purents, Mr. an d MrB J T ( urr:ui of .\V Mu m street. H e n-lun.ed t o hia ship o n Sunda y Ralp h Rodl e o f .Endicott, former ­ ly of this villnRO and a student •it Hamilto n College , wa s hom o foc| I this wci'k un ' a - fBrlotrjrh, and was- i caller ut (hi s offic\. Everet t Rall t is hom e from Cnm p in 'h * South. ha \ injj reitei\ed hit dihch-irge fro m th e Service . V J Lawles s of Exchang e st. *a s recentl y calh'd t o WatPrville to. aUenrt Lb.-' funeral o f hla. coas. For Sale— ou Belgia n rabbits an d house Inq . Ure e l-'usco 612 Mapl o street Union, N Y. For Sale— 1 o r 2 Uood Work horses. Inq . T . O . Chaffee , W Mai n street, Union . 40—3 FOR RENT—Garages an d stable, o n Mai n street, Union . Lewis H, Butterfield, Binghamton , R.D. 4 Phon e 5 F 13. 39—3 For Rent—Nicel y Furnished roo m Furnac e hfehted, Electri c Light. Privilege o f Bath. Inquir e No. 105 N. Libert y street, Union . ~CAR FOft-UIRE. K. Anson . No.209 N. Liberty street, Union . FARMS FOR SALE I hav e th e best value d In farm s or town property yo u wil l fina in this vicinity . FranI£>NeBtor, Chandler Bloc k Union A. E. Dionne , Auctioneer , Tel­ ephon e 323-.1. No. ilj NanCicOke street, Union. BCfSSKX EOPLE in. Miss Sadi \ Hami ! whowascrubh- ed t o deat h who n 'li e building ol th ° I lica. Paint . Pape r an d Glah« Co. co'lapse d Just efle r sh^ hai \khT fOI Our Letter From France I Septembe r 23, 1918. \ Dear Mother - Well , this is Sunday morn - ng but it hardl y seemB so . Time .>oea so fast I can hardl y tell .hat month it Is. I t Is quiet here his'morning; just once in awhile ve hear a bi e eu n I wa s up in he hills t o a cam p the Germans | A ere force d t o move out o f a fe w lays ago , and It wa s some camp, t looke d mor e like a summer am p The houses o r dugout s wer <j et into th e sides o f the hills.They are built of concrete with sloven md electric lights. On e building vas a Tiath house wit h hot and old wate r showers an d a larg e wimmin g pool built of concrete. I hink the Germans wer e greatl y lurprised wh» n the y got drive n >ut o f their rest cam p I hav e li\ e d on th e truck which driv e so much that it seems like lom e t o m e On e thgin I a m bure ^\TB a dr y place t o sleep when 1 m out wit h it The seat is wide nough so that I can lie out sir - AMERICAN GIRL 8 BRING ~40Q TYPEWRIT­ ERS! All kinds, new ana used. REMINGTONS $15 up Instruction book with each mach­ ine. EMPIRE TYPE FOUNDRY. Manufactu­ rers of Type and Printers Supplies. BUFFALO. N. Y 20 Year s Experienc e Satisfaction Guarantee d H. B. DICKENS AUCTIONEER 222 Lincol n Ave. Endicott,N.V . L. Chrystler AUCTIONEER Campville, N. Y. Phone 15-F3 Foster Valle y J)rs: Mead & Knapp Offices 76 Main street Endicott, IN.. \V. Both Phones; 127 Offioe hours 1 u> 8. o t o 8 p M. Apple Logs Wanted Green logs 13 inches and over in diameter, 3 to 8 feet long. Collect one or more carloads in your neigh­ borhood. It will pay you. For fur­ ther information, communicate with HENRY DISSTON & SONS t. O.B«x 1(37 /hiUdelphU. U.S Jt WktYouWant How You Want It When You Want It MT( For anything in the ^11 KM of printing come Jl to ut and we'll guar­ antee you satisfactory work at price* that are right entere d t o \HjpjjJn he r wofTT\ had he-n iiookkcepe r llure th\ past fi% ° year s Mrs. C DeilTTrt w ?nt lo Hin rham ton t o sp*\nd the ojlance of tin rtfcek with-friends . Th - ' Ladiis Arl Dinner on Thinks •<ivin.< D.iy at th \ M E C'hurih ne » ted $108 fo r th ? Church. The Royal < iicl e of the M. E '\huich will have a Pancake Sup­ per at th? Church o n Decembe r 1.' i t si x o'clock an d until all ar e ser \ ed. Mr an d Mrs . H A. Witheril l o Libert y stree t entertaine d th. 'h° Hustlers* Club on e pveinn ^ las week. Six table s o f 500 wer e pla y *d Refreshment s were b.'r \ed Mrs. Geo W. Johnson o f Endicot ' •ntertained he r p.-rentB. Rev am' Mrs. V M. Sealers an d her aun ' Mrs. Clara Sweas e yo f Chicag o Su- lay wee k Th° Endicot t W C T V held i !•• )»iilar meeting on Frida y after toon. November 29th at the homi of MrB. A E. Bodl e o f Mckinley a\ Ir and Mrs . David Austin an d ho rt o f Vestal, an d Miss Es- •|i i B~:iran o f Susquehanna wer e £u *'».8 a t hr 1 home o f Mr an d Mr II . S. Kike r on Sunday • tion Rebeka h Lodge wi l r r so< ial tim e after th e JUS I *> in .'tin next regula r me. - .1, • i \s and 1 homas Jame s in'on spent th \ wee k en d a t .ii 1 ouv o f th e former 's uncle. Is i .( J Da\i\s of W Main street. Mr E G . PickTin^and BOn N<.r nan o f Liberty street are hom e for a fe w days . Mr an d Mrs . Russell William s of rt'ilkesbarre ar e guest s at th e hom e jf M r an d Mrs . I J Davifs, Th\ regula r monthl y business meetin g o f th e Baraca an d Phila- h?a ( lasses wa s hel d at the hom e jf M r an d Mrs . Warren o f E. Mai n treet Thursday evening Of/li ers wer e elected . A Business Meeting of th e Chris t .an Endeavor Surir. y o f tin il.ipc ist Church wa s he'.d Wtdnesday ev ^emng at th e Church. o*o A Musical Pantomim e entide i • Reverie s o f a Bachelor \ will h« held in th e High School auditor­ ium Friday Decembe r 13th at 7.3< p .m.,hy th e U-E. T. C Victor > Slrls . Thfre wil l be solos, qua r tets. Trios, etc., an d Home Mad e Cand y will b o on sale in th«? lobb j hy th e Senio r Girls. Admissio n is twent y cents. o*o The Junior pupils o f Miss Louis e E. Benner gave a pian o recital oh Wednesday evening Decembe r ilh at th e home o f Josep h Dobrovo V aky o n North street.. A program of twenty number s wa s given, con ­ sisting of pian o solos, duets, an d tw o vocal numbers, rendere d In manne r showing progres s In th pupils an d thorough trainin g Thos e who participate d wer e the Misses Relha Chupin, Eleano r Hurlbut, Mazlo Chapman , Margue­ rite Snyder , Bessie Chopin, Mary Dobrovolsky, Glady s Andrews , Floronc o Dobrovolsky, Olive Gnrd' ner, Mildred Morton, Edit h Jones, and Messrs. Geral d Holdrigc, Arn old Selt v an d Russell Atwood. o*o Children Ory •..-FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR IA ight on it. an d th e ca b closes up and makes it quite nice I hav e 4 --<*en—trana/erred--wtlh—eleven- -oth— ra, take n awa y fro m ou r Compan y >Ve hav e headquarters now back if th e firing line We ha\e a co ?y ..tie hom e at present, but a m af- ud it is to o nice t o last long We iav e a halnt of moving ver y oft - n, but w e should Worry , as lon g is it is towar d Berlin We ar \ in an empty house, not i ver y good on e though , as there 8 no roof o r door s o r u indow s n it We put a larg e canvass ov- r th e floor upstairs t o kee p out he rain, and we hav e blankets ov- r th e doo r an d windows t o keep mt the chi.ly air Ther e is a nice ipen fireplace in th e room , and xe hav e a wood fire The tights Ahich ar e the first w e hav e ha d .ince comin g ove r here ure furn- RED GROSS TAKES . HOME TO THE BOYS The French soldiers have furloughs which they can spend at home. Th e English lighters go back t o Blighty. But onr boyB have the ocean between them and home. They cannot come home on furlough, and It remains for the American Re d Cross to try and take home to them. This la particularly true In regard to the convalescent homes. Here all reversion to hospital life Is avoided. BOOKS, gnuies. Giusic, social evenings and home-tike surroundings help them to throw off the grim business o f war until they are really aUle to recover The housekeeper Is always a mother­ ly woman, usually American, who looks after the comfort of her charges and helps them to pack up all Imagi­ nary troubles in the old kit bag. The American Red Cross now has CHEER TO WOUNDED. —\My-wmmb^tmrtrnree~s===rbu t 1 don't Intend to pass ap this'chance to talk to an American girl.\ This sentiment, voiced by an Amerl- cun soldier reflected the feelings of many of his wounded comrades when Uiey arrived In Parts after the recent Franco-American drive north of Ver­ dun, according to reports Just received by the American Red Cross from work ers In Parts. These reports, testifying to the wonderful cheerfulness of the wounded men, say that many of them refused to •continue their Journey to the hospital until they had a chance to ruot with the American women in charge of the canteens. Experimental Red Crota. Dairy. The American Red Cross has estab­ lished an experimental dairy at one of the base hospitals In France. Th e French government has loaned 1.000 shed by four candles settin g in th? cows for this purpose add It Is expect- over of a tryin g pa n I a m sit- ed enough milk will be produced to ing in a chil r and writin g on a able and 1 hardl y know ho w t o ict The V M C A an d th e Re d 'ross ar e certainly doin g a lot or us boys., an d th e Lord is n . ery present help Th°y ar e calling m e t o dinner md I will hav e t o close Hopin g yo u ar e all well . I a m is ever , your son. Wagoner Harr y P Clark. Hradquartera, 304 M <> Kn American E F o*o Short Course in Agriculture 1 h' deman d fo r a Bhort winter course i D practical agriculture at h\ Stat e School at ( ooleskHI was to grea t last yea r that th e course R offere d agai n this winte r It .vill continue fo r eigh t week s be­ ginnin g January oth an d ending •'eliiuary 28th. supply some 20.000 Injured fighters dal­ ly. For army doctors agree that fresh milk is vital In the speedy convales­ cence o f the wounded men. It 's Up To You It's not going to be an easy thing to get mer­ chandise — the difficulties will grow with the passing days. Figures of Dry Goods Production alloted for war purposes show a constant reduction of merchandise that will be available for civilian use- Now, the POINT is THIS You put off buying unlil later in the year and you will no doubt find that the selection is much smaller than Now and the price con­ siderably higher. We always try to keep our customers posted on merchandise conditions so that they can • • • • • • • • • • • Work for the Refugee*. At Leghorn, Italy, there Is a little shoe factory, which ts furnishing work ' for the refugee fa lies who are under the protection ol tie American Red Cross. It Is but a little factory, but It is providing work, which means sal- i arles, food and clothing for more than , two dozen tamlllaa from Sprezlano *v- ' try month. _ | Pottery the Oldest Art Po'tery Is the oldest the longest and most vtlilely diffused of all human arts. (U history. If recorded, vvuuld be as jld as the history of man, Its record­ ed hNtory begins nlth the building of die tower of Babel Th e oldest pot­ tery known Is Egyptian, but every peo­ ple, civilized or barbarian, has prac­ ticed the art In one or another form. Man y farmers an d farmeis ' son« All study la every department of art iho camot spare tl. e tim e for I he two year couis e tvi'l find ,t lossible t o take thiB wor k witutu , icnously interferin g v\ u h thei r farming operations. Last year stu- lent s fro m six differen t Counii s in this part of th e State took lie winter course an d a large r atlti.ti­ me r is predicted fo r this year The iv oik will be intensely pra. tical so thi t th e information mn\ oe turned into mone y on th e farms af th e Stat e at once. I t will d e il *ilh th e feeding an d managemen t of livestock , th e testin g o f 'nflk ind cream, and th? production o n .arke t milk . the mun.tgt'n ent of bOils including use of liuie i. nd ftitiiizers , the growing HI more important farm crojin, lii'glns at n period not long after the Mosaic deluge, hut pottery Is the earliest of ull forms of art. o#o Miss Elizabeth U. Knap p MIBS Elizabeth H . Kn.ij.p, age d ol' wars , died Sunda> nigh t at th<> hom e of her niece. Mrs . Chas. Ne w - ell of Johnson City Sh e is sur vived by on e sister, Mrs . Harriet \\ ooster of L'nion Center an d sev - etal nieces. •••••••••••••••••••••••••• t Out of the Grab Bag. I •••••••••••••••••••••••••• Fiuit pits and nut shells ar e no longe r needed for ga s masks, but the yar e still good fo r stove «.r ' n5> fire plan- Sav e them fo r this use 1 .ire o l th e farm flock o i poultry . • • • und th e home orchar d i -nd ga r J* u ji ie present sugar ration is tour Students of good chancer wh o found s each month fo r each per - rc at least sixteen years f a ,ri son Th- public is requested ,nd wh o can rea d an d writ e « II b e <onli .ni its t o effort s toward f o d iMO 'ted. No tuition is ehirg-.l ri indents of th e state. Cobleskill is easily reached by w 'ay o t Alban y o r Bimfhjmto n re - ing 45 miles fro m Albany o n th e main line of th<? Delawar e . and nudso n Rnlbxfad betwee n Bingham ­ ton nijd-'AJbany. ^ announcement of th e work .feted ma y b e secured from Tii- rt-clor H. B. Knapp , Cobleskill, N.Y. o*o Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA conservatio n in every possible wa> • • • Five stockin g tegs may b e tratib- fonnej into a serviceabl e petti ­ coat If they ar e seived togethe r so that th e ankle parts com e at th e waist, the hems at th e top o f th e stockings will form th e botto m <-f th\ skirt Th> average family tat s seventee n bushels o f potatoe s pe r year' Whe n Potptoe s ar e Plentiful \ ma y give vou suggestion s o n servin g this food t o th e family. As k th e Stat e Colleg e o f Agricultur e a t Ithaca for R.C.F.H . 118. protect themselves. Our advice is — BUY NOW ! You can save mone y In all ou r department s If you bu y of us no w We have man y specialties in dr y goods an d no­ tions that are real bargains. Our Carpet Departmen t never containe d a bette r assort ­ ment an d our prices ar e lower tha n elsewhere . Be aure jou visit our Ru g Departmen t befor e you buy . • • 1 • • • Founded 1885 TJQithGTilVs JYetf) \^CorA £>* or8 Founded 188S 118 NANTICOKE STREET UNION. N. Y. Open Every Evening Except Thursday PHON E 330-M • J OLIVER BROS. SL W : t.'EL ? fl\<!>\) (Jrade furpitare ! ^— i of all kinds; Paint, Glass, Varnishes, etc. J Lowest prices on Seasonable goods. Cut flowers and potted plant • . QLTETSB. BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers- Phone 229 Established 1883 HOUSE FURNISHINGS Funeral Director Undertaking Given Special Attention • • • • King W. Spencer Main Street Union Phone Service Buy the Best of Baxter M TJppn Buy 'Lay or Bust* Mixture CullO Buy 'Red Ribbon Scratch Grains* Buy Heckers Superlative Flour BUY AT HOOPER Or at 105 DOME {STREET, ONION Sewing Machines • • x • t Do you need a new Sewing Machine or have you an • old one that needs repairig? If so write or phone us. • We will call and give terms. X Good Secondhand Machines a $ 8 to $ 15 i i W. F. Conrow ENDIGOTT, • New York PHONE 223-U

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