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The Union news. (Union, N.Y.) 1918-1919, October 16, 1918, Image 4

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**f&K8&Ktr **** -.'i ««\£•»• r ^fAGEJFpUR THE UNION NEWS r THE UNION NEWS Established I85I UNCLE SAM'S LEADER WEARING A TIN ° Pukliibed Every Wednesday by lit W Main SI Union. New York Suhgorlptlon 30c a year [In ndvnnre) THE I) VTI£ vthca the suDvcnption exires s on the address label of each paper — the change of which to a subsequent date be­ comes a receipt for remittance. N o other teceipt Is sent unless requested. . WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16. 1916. 5 What, Ufrer^-Bonds Are, £ A Bond Is a promise. - A Liberty Bond Is the promise of the United States to give you—what? The Safety of the World. ' nf Ulght over Wrong An end to the Power* of Darkness. Peace. These things can be bought! BUT FOURTH LOAN LIBERTY BONDS I Copyright by Comrolttce ~pD Public ln» formation. v GENERAL JOH N J, PERSHING . If y'our'boy Is at the front woarlnc a \tin hat\—that Is, a steel helmet—you will appreciate the above picture of , the fnniops-PnUo<l-St«t ^8-6oldl <^r-Bay some Liberty Bonds and supply mora tin hats to the men who will follow this leader to Berlin If necessary. SWcr Contents 15~gluid Draohna '•i«iiS i.iii<Z .KSSS I 1 111 Turn Your \Iron Men 99 Into Real Men of Iron\ *y REV. JOHN B. KELLY. Uncle Sam wants Iron Men . \Iron *men\ over here and men of Iron over there. H e wants men of Iron flesh, men of Iron deter; mlriatloh, men In whose Iron Ideals lR stamped the word \Liberty.\ Uncle Sam Is In a position to | convert the \Iron men\ that now He I helpless In vaults into men p f Iron who will stand as a barrier against which UM mailed fist will clang In vain. For more than a year Uncle Sam has been drafting human flesh add bloed and converting it into men of Iron. The speed with which he has done this Is the wonder of civilization •MJJ the' demaralUatlon o f the bar­ barian. Ai^jUteons wa r elevates money to ajdanft thai .completely transcends Its' valu»4nJUme of peace. This war Is the opportunity for money to do Its great- eattiervice t o mankind. The money of this land has been unlone In having the word \Liberty\ Inscribed\ l upon Its chilled surface It la a reflection o f that gift first given to the angels, and then given to man— nuSooB. The Almighty la looking down upon | a people who are giving theV coins of : tribute to the works of God. They are , rendering to God the things that are Caesar's In contributing to the protec­ tion-of \Hls-Blft o f Liberty.\\ In ae- I knowledgment H e Is sharing His pow­ er with America's forces. The Liberty Bond has been happily named. It Is the evidence of a people bonnd together, o f that unity Ip which there Is unconquerable strength. It Is a bond between peoples whom an ocean divides. There should be no need of urging the citizens o f the United States to pat their faith In a government which has already proven Its power to turn money Into Iron fighting men. This Is a worthy consideration, but It .pales compared with the interest re­ ceived In the most desired of all pos­ sessions—lasting libertyj and the i-e« turn, WHOLE, of millions of men whose spirit braved disease, maiming, and death for Ita conservation. It Is an Irresistible Incentive for the citi­ zens of this nation to release their im­ prisoned \iron men\ from the vaults over here, to place them In the hand* of Uncle Sam, Who wW convert them Into men of Iron defending our Uvea, homes and God given rights over there. Mothers Know That ft ALGOMOL-3 PEH CENT. _. Signature of Thcrctr/rremotlnSBS*^ accrfutncssandRcstft^*, 1 neither Opidm.Morphtac n« Phmpiin Seed Mx'Sroaa 1—ISslLs- KniJM MjCmst/pation and Diarrtau. jjj Loss OF SLEEP\ J ^resulting Ibcfcfrom-in Infancy. iac-SJmile Sidnataneot For Over Thirty Years \Exact Copy o» Wrapper. OUR BOYS ON THE SEA Copyright by Committee on Fubllo Information. AN AMERICAN BOA**\ THAT \STRIKES WITHOUT BEIN G SEEN.\ The first Indians to see guns nicknamed them \sticks that strike without being seen.\ Th e same name may well be applied to American submarines. The United States has an extensive fleet o f them, and they will be ready t o play their part when needed. They must be kept ever In trim and prepared. Liberty Bonds help pay for their upkeep. Buy t o your limit on the nextloaa l -Rills. McLean <& HasforiTf Binghamton's Greatest Eaihloa Center J An Invitation ADVANCE SHOWING of AUTUMN and WINTER APPAREL You are cordially invited to y'isit our store arid iu- spegtlour complete assortments .of New Fall Goods —Smart Suits in the newest mode; the New Coats, severely plain and fur trimmed; Blouses in fasci-* eating styles; Daytime and Afternoon Frocks; up-to-date Accessories, Beautiful Furs. One may also select here -Hiome^FixriTfehiiigs of Refinement Telephone: Binghamton 3707 PERSONAL. SHOPPING SERVICJEL • • • On purchases of $25.00 or over we pay your transportation for X 40 miles and return. ~ | Hills, McLean & Haskins : : : • Gor. Court ft Chenango Sti. Biaghamton, N. T. % i i •••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••«««#«>«««^*«^ z NOTICE TO CREDITORS,. Pursuant t o a n orde r o f Hon Ben ­ jamin Baker . Surrogat e of th» Count y o f Broome, notic e 1B nero - by given to al l persons having claims agains t th e Estat e of_Jps- m h^T 'Krrfl1jte - IaTe~of th e Towo\o. atal In and County , deceased , tha t the y ar e require d to presen t th e same, with th e voucher s there ­ of, to ' th e undersigned , th e Exec­ uto r o f th e Will o f said decease d at th e offic e of A. Ray Humphrey in th e Village o f Unio n in said |_County r o n or befor e th e 26th o f Januar y 1919. Date d Jul y 12, 1918. Simeo n B . Lindsay Executor . A. Kay Humphrey, Attorney fo r Executor , -imiOD, N. Yr _l§o Ta I w Axe You in Arrears W<! UXMO THE MONEY Lesral INotioos. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order bf Hon.^Ben^ =^amin\ _ Ba^e^'1Surrogate of the County of Broome, notice la here­ by given to all persons having claims agains*- the Estate of Mat- tie A. Davis late of the'Village oi Union in said County, deceased, that they are required to present the same, wlUi-.the-vouchers~tKef& of, to the undersigned, the Execu­ tor of the Will of said deceased, at his ofHce In the Village of Un­ ion in said County, on or before the 25th day of January 1919. Dated July 12, 191IL ^ _ A. Kay Humphrey, Executor. -3M \ Get into the fight —the way he it in —with your whole heart He is fighting for you—fighting with the spirit of Victory. He will never quit til] his job is done. But he can't win with his bare hands. Send up (he ammunition! Send ur>\ the hand grenades! Send up the rifles and bayonets and iriachine guns that will help to win hew battles. it Buy Bond* t<i y<jur utmost This space Is made available to the Government for the advertising of Liberty Bonds by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. on behalf of the holders of over nineteen million <>t its policies amounting to over four billions o f dollars o f insurance, for whose pro tec di n this company U hold-i ; over six hundred and fifty million dollars reserve W Ides other assets. Tills company has subscribed f t 135,000,0o0 of the m Liberty Bonds and recommeni * .hem with­ out qualification as the safest Investment 1% the -world. ^Its agents have sold over seventy-five million dollars of W. S. 8. and expect to reach one hundred and Uilrty millions this year. LIBERTY IXJAV ooMMrrrntai • SNOW ) V.s.rs t X.i .rv. - OfacnW is* saoADWAr. jraw. row, crrr t It* >> .

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