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The Union news. (Union, N.Y.) 1918-1919, October 09, 1918, Image 4

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m>$: ww THE UNION NEWS Binghamton's Greatest fashion Center £ An Invitation ADVANCE SHOWING -AUTtTMTT ancTWlNTER APPAREL •^BipfdN NEWS I3» W. Main St Union. New York Subscription. SOo a year (in advance) T H E^D' V P E when the laDscribyon exlres • on the address label of each paper — the change of which to a subsequent date be­ come? a .receipt for, remittance. No other receipt is sent unless requested. WJCDNE8DAY OCTOBER 2,19lb. MINING TRENCHES ElaBorate Pi 'ecgutlons^Taken to Deaden Noise Lest the Enemy Be Warned. * 1 7 • Jy CAPTAIN TROUNCE, R. E. Ifcbco.I Niched the trenches early In t*e first w'eeic of January, ialB, the Brl$sh company I waa with had sue- caawed In slnklni a number of ahafta ibf them destroyed Tjy the enemy dur- 1 lag $helr construction) and bad driven ja namber'of gallerlea well orer toward ithe^Qarman line*. - Oto-triU^CK.re.-c^poalta rro- jmaQes, ay&gM ifromiSO tp 160 yaxda 'apart 'On account\ of ahallow water (laral wm averaged a depth of about ;twant7-fiTr faat below the surface, *nd.'. only 'by ebnstatit - pumping with jfcaad pumpai ware we.-ablq to keep up JthafprogreM in our galleries. 4h« .soil waa generally a b'luV plastic ^TTlnttrvanrwr~WOUtd strike - To Insure snent working In the clay we would use grafting toola^lnatead of shovels. No natla. were juaed In the 'timbering, all;sets being-wedged with-] sandbags.' Blankets were hUng In the end of 'the galleries to {\deaden the noise., As we approached.nearer to the enemy the men working In ad­ vanced tunnels would have to use can­ vas shoes or work In their socks. No talking was allowed. Byery precau­ tion waa taken to Insured silent/work. As the lives of every one In the gal­ leries depended on this, the work was conducted almost noiselessly, When we reached within striking -dlstanee-rof-the-enemy we ,,would>tmHtl-| a charge chamber and' Joad It with guncottpn, connecting up^wlth detona­ tors and a double set of leads to the charge, and at the right'moment fire these'Charges from the' .trench above by .means of blasting machines. To fight well men must know not only, that they are doing good work but that theyhaVe-the unqualified.sup­ port of those for whom tpey are fight­ ing. The sending of .small gifts and -Irrr* '•ii , «'iw.^v »B ^**cw\M^rrfsi™aSmri 1 slon of this approval, Just as the great shipbuilding program and the, constant \IMTH nf ntw' troooa and* au'ppllee and the oversubscription of l the f Liberty Bonds Have shown themselves to be national expressions, of the. same thing Help by buying Liberty 1 Bond*. OUR SEA FORCES ABROAD : sand, and when this happened jw «<na4aljyi <ouBd it wise* to-abandon Jthau^»^oUrtartM«L»orklngB» Ai [the* outset\ many of our tunnels alBo* iweta destroyed by enemy \blows but Iw a* succeeded in jutting in quite an '••lajrarata system In the course of time. There Is a very marked difference Worsen mining in clay, .and chalk. Lajer on In the VImy Ridge ''area we •haf considerable mining In chalk. In clay it was. possible for the Germans tanf -oursdvea to tunnel to within- a- •f »w feet of each other before .we coffld hear any sound of mining, and - ~*lal >OT«e~precaui5oMr-were taken—tor taJure alienee. In chalk It Is possible 't6'*lfe*f^frbhf much' loriger*dlstaricefcr !any ^ou^o h f*ntfirl' h '' ' h \ IV ^\''^ One CtopyV^t by Com. ho Pub. lot. -^ADMIRAL : siMae* nf ihn tint i ^V Impressions The v Iuid \-Yd«-HawriliniyB.'Bought ; cad which h'a« been t -' - ^ and has Been made under his per- Tjff Ji~_ sonal supervision since Its Infancy. • AJlowi no one to deceiye y L ou In this. ASH Counterfeits,*Inillatlons \and \Just-*£good\'are but Xzperiments ttat trifle with and endanger, the health of Infants J and Children—Experilncej.aga^nl^^.E^rlment. •< Wfiat CASTORIA Castoria is a hannl,ess substitute for Castor (Ml,-Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant- It contains neither Opil'\i TUnrphin* nnr ntbpr narcj )flp _ciiT«ranfia. —It* sge is its guarantee. Tor more than thirty years it has b«n in constant useforthe.rellef of Constipation,- Flatulency, —Wi«d^ll&-^d-Dteioea-}-aJlaying-Feverl8bie«^kinj— therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the^asshnllatlon of Rood; giving healthy and natural sleep. Ihe Children's Panacea—Ihe Mother's Friend. GErJUINE -tJAa^^JRiA -ALWAYS -l In 0se ,For Over 30 Years irtUsfi\\ cousfna was trie readiness fo fight shown by the American destroy­ ers Immediately after their buffeting trip across the Atlantic Admiral TSlms was In command of the fleet of destroyers at that time. The ships are still ready to fight, and Liberty Bonds are keeping them on the alert. Are yon-hehptn? them? Glory for the Conqueror. The more famous the vanqulshec the more famous the victor.—Dot Quixote. -made.by.theHJnlted States Navy, on Its I Reason for It. A millionaire merchant says: \My success Is probably due to the fact that at night I store my mind and during the day I mind my store.\ Plenty of Room to Grow. Australia, which Is 23 times largei than the whole of the British, Isles, has a population not exceeding that ot London. You are cordially invited to v^sit our store and In­ spect our complete assortments of_ New Fall. Goods —Smart Suits in tne newest mode; the New Coats, severely plain and fur trimmed; Blouses in fasci­ nating styles; Daytimo apd, Afternoon Frocks; up-to-date Accessories, Beautiful Furs. One may also select here Home Furnishings of Refinement Telephone: Bingham ton 3707 Z PERSONAL SHOPPING SERVICE • -•^n.purchases^£^25,00-oww^r-wa-p>y_^our—transportation—for— J- J 40 miles and return. * • * • t Hills. McLean & Haskins : I : | Gor. Court & Chenango Sts. Binflhamton, N. I. J (TO-aiEERflfc -£HEf&& j L «g^ Notice*. *- \Something big enough to die for\ \I gave up everything to come here—my friends, my loved ones, my position, my future. But I am happier than I have ever been before in all rhy life. I can't explain^ why, exactly, but I think it is because at last? I have • found something big enough to die for.\ {Thcyre selling banda to IVe bot*jht is many I could And now my pocket-book i J 3 licjht But 61^ rny conscience, feels so c^ood Budding Diplomat NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of floe. Ben-' Jamln Baker, Surrogate -of the County or Broome, notice Is here­ by given to all persons having claims agalns' the Estate of Mat-, tie A. Davis late of the Village-of Union in said^Xounty, deceased' that they are rebuireu to present the same, wftlv-tne youc&eMther_e£ -of, to-the TinderagnedTtKeTSJcecu- 1 - tor ot the Will or said deceased, at his office in the Village of Un­ ion in said County, on or before the 26th day of January 1919. Dated July 12, 1918. A. Ray Humphrey, -Execuforr —300 NOTlfcE TO CREDITORS, pursuant to an order of Hon. Ben- 1)imln Baker. Rurrosrati* of th» -Willie,\ said his mother, seeing him \ ^ ro '\ Ba , k \- 8nwo»t» or tr­ eating a piece of candy, \did I say you , £°\nty or Broome,, notice is. nere- coWhirve-anplBcinjf-candrr' \WeW 1 - 1 -*^-, fetwen to -all- -persons—havrpir said Willie, \you didn't Bay that 1. fV m * Sri 0 '?? 1 , the EBthte of-Jos- i, I ?PU A- Kimble late ot the Town of couldn't\ WHERE LIBERTY \: BOND FUNDS GO ;: (F!< om the letter of an American Soldier In Prance.) Something big enough to dfe for! Even at close range, surrounded 6n all sides by the intimate horrors of war, face to face with blood and wounds and suffering and death, chok­ ed and- blinded by the smoke of battle, his vision TkU space is made available to the Government (or the adveftiaing oC Liberty Bonds by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Oh behalf of the holders o( over nineteen million of its policies amounting• W_over /our, billions of dollars.of insurance, for whose protection this company is holding, over six hunarea and fifty million dollars reserve besides other aasata.- This company has subscribed for $25,000,000 \of\'the • new Liberty Bonds and recommends them ' without qualification as the safest Investment in the t world. Its agents have aoid over »eVenty-6ve million >aV)0arso£W.S.S.and expect to reach one hundred and [' 'tfcarty millioas this year. of tlie eternal Ri^htness of the Cause is [undim- med. The Liberty of the world is \big enough to die for.\ It is big enough to save for, and to lendTTor, big enough to buy Liberty Bonds for—to our very utmost! Buy! Buy till it hurts! LIBERTY LOAN COMMITTEE Second' Federal Reaerr* District J2« BROADWAY, MEW YORK TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS IN LIBERTY BONDS WILL BUY: ONE HEAVY Browning ma­ chine gun, or two automatic' rifles (light Browning gung), or 20 .gas masks, or ! two army wag­ ons (escort ra­ tion or combat wagons), or 0,250 rifle or ma­ chine gun cartridges, or eight rifles, or a dozen slx-Inrh shells, or feed a soldier for a year and eight months, or pay the entire cost of a soldier for about 60 days, or pay for five six-Inch shells and the powder to fire them at a U boat or clothes for fire sailors, or buy GO pounds of ether for anaesthesia. MICKIE SAYS >rVW , 1 ' POOR V** -tV\Kt PAPEB . Eft tvse PU* rf BACK*. VC COSTS VJS VVOHtTi <j\v*V*f 'tWv «kSN»i>4, tMiH VPS* OCA SKi\'fH^K<« , , >iHWi OOt« TOO\_T : -o*o—-— FOR FLETCHER'S , Vestal In said County, deceased, that they are required to .present the game, with, .thejjyouchers theren of, to the undersigned, the Exec­ utor of the Will of Btfld deceased at the office of A. Ray, Humphrey in the Village of Union in said County, on or before the 25th of January 1919. Dated July 12, 1918. Simeon B. Lindsay Executor. A. Ray Humphrey, Attorney for Executor, union, N. Y. —19<J NOTICE TO CREDITORS.' Pursuant 1 t o an order of Hon. Ben­ jamin Baker, Surrogate of tho County of Broome, notice At- hereby given to all persons having claWa against the Estate of Jenhie' C. the same, with the Touchers- there­ of, to'.the Undersigned, thV~£xec- utor of the Estate*of said; dfcceaa-:' ed. at his residence in the Village of Union in said County, On o r be-i tore the first of January 1919, * Dated June 19, 1918. , Harry E. Keoler, Executor,: Edwin H. Moody, Attorney jfor Executor 604 Peoples Trust Co. Bldg. Binghamton, N.Y. —195 NOTIQE %p CREDITORS. Pursuant to an order or Hon Ben­ jamin Bakerj Surrogate ,, of , .thai CoUnty of Broome, notice is here* by gives to all persons having claims against the -Estate of Car- bline ,C. Catforty, late of the Vil­ lage of Unibri\ in'iaTc];CoUhty, de-. ceased, that they are required to present the .same, with-.tha. vouch­ ers thereof, to the undersigned, the Executor ot the Estate^of said de­ ceased, at his office, Ho.'-SOi Peo­ ples Trust'Company Bldg,,-in tho City of- Binghamton in »aid t Coup- ty on or before the-first of Janu/» ary 1919.- - --• Dated June 19, 1918. -Edwin- H^JJoody^— Executor* Edwin H. Moody Attorney for Executor , '04 Peoples Trust Co. Bids*. 'Binghamton, N.Y. . —lM NOTICE,TO .CREDITORS:,. Parsaant to an order of Hon Ben- tia.n »Tn Biker. 8ur;r6irlilr{-.' nf s , thi :Coutfty ;of BrMmt,,ao.tiielIaifa »V4f J by given to all persons luvlii^ el*Jn>« agains* the Estate.of*Alf?» red-Card. U .*e-ot*the town-oftyeatll 'V iri said County, deceased,-th*t the*\' I'are required: to present.theuame; with the vouehera ftherwoffitot th* undersigned, the- •dmlnlstrators, o« • the-eslate of saJd-\de'ceaae'di ; at thi residence of B. W. Newman, in' thsv toWn of Vestal in,saidJCouqtyi>o«r k s> or before the 8th of. Novenibir MM. • \ - ' Dated M»y li\l918.^ u; * $ x\ - Melisa «r ^>wrttJu>/«n^:' /. (pfi Baruey-i'Neiwihan^ r\ \ e ^fvv ;jj . »• „ \. \ (Admlnlstratlir ^X^i-ViJ A.. B«y Humphrey,. ,.v «^.r .'V^'*' T- ~ !tg*m 5a

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