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We hold. tKese truth. .-^M^lJt^, evident, that, all men- a'jrijjj&Mt«J^ equal; th'at thcjy are endoyed^^ W INDEPENDENT JOUK.NA.J LI DEVOTED TO THE BEST INTERESTS OF HUMANITY—THE PEOPLE'S PAPER their C!t^tte^thr*cerl^B^i^^^. ienable rightaj>thafc. l amon|^«H» / ^i are Hie, 'Mbert^1wAW ^*^8^f ^w -Declaration or IndependBnc«#%$^£?' - '<n.'w<-W'* > — ^ VoL 66, No. 35. Union, N. Y., Wednesday October 2, 1918. 50 cents a year in advance. Among \She Churches ' UNION CHURCHES. ^ gA>T '3T CHURCH, Rev. E. S. Doloway, pastor Moralit* Harriot 11:00 ». u. Sunday School It:j3p. m. t. P.i. O. i> 8;00 •' Im*lne8«rrlc*. v .\s0« \ Priyer Meeting eferf TbnradsT evening it 7:S0. 0ojen»nt XKPDJ lit Thsnday tn etch moDti Our M«u itt tree. All are weleome. \ Oomo inpp with ni and wo will do tkea Rood.\ -Horn. lfcts. • Y.M.C.A. HELPS DRAFTED MAN, ollows Him From Time He Qui!. Htime Until He Gomes Baclc GREAT COMFORT FOR MOTHERS AjfaTTHOOIST CHURCH Class Meeting Preaching Service Sunday School Junior League Ep^orth Lehgue Evening Preaching \OA.M. ID 30 A. M 11.45 A M. 8. P M (5 8IIP M. 7 80 P Si. Every Phaie of New Soldier'* Life l*\f |h Bbl Way—Y. M. C. A. Secretaries Com- mand Respect and Admiration 6i Ail Our Troops. P'jjtCSBYTERIAN CHURCH REV. R. C, GALBBRATH, PASTOR Morning Service. \ A -M. w 12 *j. Sno|l»y. School. i 8 J ?i ,?i | ? p M Chr&tUn Endeavor J ±$1 °2™£M Everybody welcome. In a letter to a friend, a man from • New England village wrote. \Twenty-three draft men left here . ae reacuCT a ua<M , ul » Hluu . . ~.~ % Wa^^y^N^<AOi!^^^^l^^S^\fi}^tJ^. sent home,.t)ie, Y. >L-U^A- }H. -BNiJlGOTT OHJURCHES. pmt -METHODIST-CHURCH Bunday 8ohool 10 a. m Morning Service 11a m Class Meeting ^2 ro. Evening Service 7 p. m. Prayer Meeting, Thursday 7:80 p. m. Yp'U are* bordlally invited to attend these services. First BaptlKt Monroe «••» Ora'rit uvenue TfevTX?T^Ci. •ParkhTtrstrpaator Flist MethortlPt Mndlxnn avenueMiOr Rev. L. N. ganford, pastor. FlnrtrPrmiby lerlairrMonroeoorr Qranl avenue—Rev. David F. Bonner, pastor at. Ambrose Roman Cathollo Wash lugton avenue, oOr. Broad—Rev. J W. Byrne, pastor. St. Paul's Mission'fEplsoopal)- Cpap el. Rev. T, Rj Jones.posror 1st Sunday moaning prayer and ser mon. 2nd Snnday. morning prayer, litany and -\\^-rtnbu?'\*-\- - • 8rd Sunday morning praver, oommun ion and sermon. 4th Holy Communion at 8-.15 A. M. morning prayer at 10:80. 8th Morning prayer and sermon never slept a night away from home. Probably one of Ufa most trying thrice tor the new soldier is when he has to break away from- noma and Mothers, wljn never before had . | knqwji anything pt the, Y. M. iLM °lJ^t «c ^6 «^g-^rmanj. they ieel they The Lodges of Union HEAOrA»TRlB«,Ho.liH,1.0.K. U Kern V *^S err Wednwdty evening. 'Street. RadMUL'sJ^tll^ D. C Morgan, Sachem Prank FoBter, Prophet AH. Schoolcraft. Br. Sagamore Fred Foreman, Jr. Sagamore. C. of R. Cllve Warner C. of W. C. Q. Rodman K. of W. A. L. Oliver BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Telephone ST2 Diseases of Women aha Children Perciva,! D. Bafiey, M.D. Broad Street, cor. Lincoln avenue Endicott, N. Y. Office Hoursj ' 8 ;to 10 mqrnlnjs; 1 to 3 after­ noons; 6.30 to 8 evenings. SUM- DXVS; 8 to 10 mornins; I to 3 aXternoon, and by appointment.. Wi. : N. Christopher, M.D South Liberty street, Union. ELECTRICITY IN ALL FORMS Otflee Hours— »,to I a-ra.— 1 t o 8'.*nd T to 8 p.m. Edward Bishop t O. C. U Wsifclaslia Ava, ^ ENDICOTT, N. T. Spinal AnaylsiB Office Hours FREE. 2 to 8 P. M, A^Rajf Humphrey. JL. A. yv Y ER. Oor Jhin\and Liberty Bta., Union, N. Y. OIMXRAI. LAW PRACTIOt. Special attention given to Probata of 'Wills, appointment of Administrators land settlement Qf deoedsnt's estate. , MAO CLARY. ; ATTORRKY-AT-LAW. - General Law' Practice. For three-yews clerk -ol the Surro­ gate's Court, Tioga County, 'giving ex­ cellent experience in Surrogate's work, } and administration ol ettates. -TTnion. . Yprk : 8tat«'Pone 18 D '\r^:.W iJTi-.it. • lU-llc^ r> sW.siiaSrt4*«,,lta enemy But he stayed with them and gave them that something that re­ minded them of their home lite to America and which kept them up to the highest degree ot fighting «ta- cleDCy. II fc literally true that the Bed Triangle follow* the flag everywhere. It is literally true that the Red Tri­ angle secretary Is with your boy every minute whether he la with the army, the mtry or the marines. TAere are secretaries, In France who- have rtnrg-a-of tht rrmt ramgw rhara are whole cities la mace which are practically under the coo.' trol ot the Y. M. C. A, tor vacation By LLOYD 8. GRAHAM. America. Amusement parks, restaurants and as many -things as H Is possible to obtain over there to give the boys a good time on their furloughs when it is impossible for them to go to Amer­ ica, are provided by the Ked Trt-Agl* men and the Red Triangle money When a soldier fe wounded, the Y M. C. A. helps him hack to the dress­ ing station and stays with him until he reaches a base hospital. If a sol. enter camp to begin ' his ~ military training. What the New England'man said'of the boys who bad lest hb> home town, holds good tor practical every town in the country. By far the largest percentage ot the young draft men have spent little ot no time away from their homes. whoJdAd. ever thought about its ser vice to, men »a peace times, have seen their boys take the train for VMW \ —.*» i n\jx tL win t*M»irfuw«j w .\v.*\- litttrTnoTe- -comfort TTSSerTcan ^oys; who are-farther away wfacD they saw a Y. It. U. A, eec- retary 1 board the train also. Mathers -of draft men throughout the country have learned during tbo year and a half ot war, that the Y M C. A. follows the man from the time ho leaves' home until' be~ £6tn£~XMc£r Ercr> phase ot the new soldier's life is touched, >by the'Ked Triangle in so are way. This *r true\ of the tram- lug caijips on both sides of the At­ lantic as well as life aboard the trans­ port .ad m the actual fighting tone of F: trice. Secretary's Job -Not \Bomb Proof.\ Tho remank has been frequently made hat the Y. M. C A. secretary's job is \bomb proof Nothing could be further from the actual fact. The SR.'dlera who hare been in actual ser­ vice over there Know this. Men who bud little or nothing to do with the Y M. C. A. In training camps have come to look upon K as a necessary factor in their lite while \on active service.\ Bveryoae of the Y. M. U. A. work- en in France is working only for the amount ot his expensea. There is no financial gata In It here or over there He 1B in the service because he likes the gain* and wants to servo, and be­ cause his character and ability are such as to bring to our tighter* in France Just a little hit ot the qual­ ity of home life which sustains them tbnsGgh <the greatest test ot their trials' in military Ute. 'Only the other day, a New York, secretary came hack irom somewhere 'In France on a furlough. He had been wttb the one unit for eight months and when the boys in that unit heard he was t o leave them, they made a great protest. They were assured that after he had' his furlough he would come back, and because ol that they consented to let him. go. Before he left camp they garvo^ bhn a .pisrse of -8100- and a fine, eapeclall) made,, French watch, Byeryone-'know* that to command the respect and admiration jot the American soldiers or any other kind of-soldier to such an extent as that demands the highest sort ot charactei and Ihe best things a man bae In , him while serrtag as aj^ccrelary- |__gb.lsL<- particular secretary has been In the trenches \and out wlththe men. Ha had lived wXh them and Buffered fill 4he-.hardBhlps they bad Buffered. He had eeen their pals die and had helped them bury them. He had helped the wounded men back to the dressing station* and he stuck with all of.them through the petty triale of their first fighting , days in the tre&obee .and through' the greater 'troubles, and through the strains ol trench tffe, as itteontinued to grow durktg the time they''were In the fighting SOM. Y. M. C. A. Fellows Ffl'ag Everywhtrs. Like thousands ot other American secretaries on the Western front wkh the American and French armies, he had shared their joy a and thett sorrows for'months. He hod seen thepoor,, woebegone, halt-starred German rpr*»oe>»rs come in by <h« isa pi treaebeajripei «ut;aniTli ;^rtcaB:, with him on the transport and In the cities,. The Y M C. A. throughout the country is practically at his ser­ vice while he wears the uniform. -Brltlsh-Sotdlers Laud \Y. M. O. A. The soldiers who ere. for one rea­ son or another, interned to the neu­ tral countries, are also served by the T M. G. A. It to such a factor In the rehabilitation of the British soldiers who are -sent to Switzerland for ex­ change, that they call the Y M. O. A. building there '\Alf way to Blighty\ For when thejfrad a Y M C. A. hut are halt way home Whether or not this Red Triangle work will continue BO that these Wherts'Liberty Bond Funds Go ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR LIBERTY BOND WILL BUY: Eight seventy-flve- mm. field gun shells, ot Three rifles and their bayonets, or Five Incendiary airplane bombs, or T N. T. for the bursting charge of a fourteen-lnch shell. It will clothe a soldier for overseas service, or clothe sailor TTtOWlJUHy Uf'li fantry for a day. For the Medical Department It wilt provide: Twenty - fltel pounds of ether for anaesthesia, or One hundred and forty-live hot water j bags, or Two thousand BUT- j gicol needlea 9 V V « V yWj \ 9 tf » V ? * 5? from home than any other allied sol diers, exoept the Australians, depends on the liberality of the people In sub­ scribing to the war fund. That the people io want It Is shown by the hundreds of thousands of let­ ters from soldiers hT which commend­ ation la made of the services which the Red Triangle Is giving. Every mother,' sister sweetheart, father or kid brother wants his or her soldier to have the best that the country can give him; wants to make him comfortable as possible, while he continues In the tight to clean up the Hun. If the American soldier wants ' the Red Triangle be shall have the Red Triangle, even it the AmerScan ' people must gtve up every last cent ' so that he may have it As a matter of fact, the service ot the Red Triangle to the allied soldier is only measured by the amount of money and workers It has with which to serve the khaki-olad warrior from this side of the Atlantic SELFISHLY UNSELFISH. We're being very unselfish when we <leprtt» on red YPH of pleasures nnd annulments and non-essentials and buy Liberty Bonds. Yes. all very true, but we're being mighty selfish toot For we're saving money for our own precious selves which will draw Inter­ est which will be paid regularly, and which, as at htBt we all .^^Ue^ia'Sr, mighty good thing to dovfand we'.'^e^ allze, too. we're getting the?siltoat'-lttjj veatmenta In the wotliLJ^i^ MY\ FlFTY\ DOLLiurBOfljJ By R. BTO IFFQRP. My little fifty dollar boner',' Will help to Wir. Uilijwar; Will make me lea,-,i a'llttls'mere Of What we're fTghlfna\for, My little fifty dollar bond . Will teach me how ttr save, I-Will -also- keep-some-hero-from Another soldier grave. <My little fifty dollar bonev~ - With many million more, From all this Nation's workers, WILL SURELY WIN THIS WAR. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 30 Years Always bears the Signature of There's a Catch in This; See if You Can Solve It Sam Lioyd was asked to make a i cutting them out and then fit them to- puzxle that would carry to his thou ; J getber so ns to form a perfectly round sands of puzzle-solvers, a FOURTH. bomb. LIBERTY LOAN message, Tho puzzle-maker has chosen to symbolize this message In the form of a \Puzzling Bomb,\ suggested by the slogan \Bonds Buy Bombs\ and the thought that when'enough of our avla tors start dropping explosives behind the Rhine the Knjscr .and his crowd will be ready to* you \kamerad.\ Well, then, Jbere's the r pu*zle; All we^are asked to ^o.is. gather up these ten pieces of shell and torpedoes, \ri^^T y-'-rr: '•—- r\-i Mr. Lloyd says that If you can't solve the puzzle still you have the/op­ portunity of proving your wisdom nnd patriotism by buying a Liberty Bond. If you are clever enough to work It . out, then there con be no question of I J your being smart enough to buy bonds to'the limit of your nu'ancial ability. Mr. Lloyd's solution to the \Puzzling Bomb\ will be published' In the last week of the FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN jrlYA , Paints , Oilsfchi Namel Varnish, Oil Cook Stoves, ' v:.y • _ i Netting, Screen Wire, —|~\T r • Farm and Garden Tools. SPECIAL Ajax Defiance Auto Tires and Tubes, $ rarrr-AwcsT^eirflaYolBiic-^ • Oil Poliihei, Johnson's Auto Gleaner and War. X . I Bumbing and 1 Sheet Metal Work —Home-ot^Xhe- Stewart' £ange ! Ui Hardware G phone '^a ^grif ^^••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••eee; ^Wfaat Ypu Can Do With Your • • T • 3 }Cif <^^S |t Bonds of the First Liberty Loan 4 per cent Bonds of the First Liberty Loan converted ~4\per cent Bonds of the - Second Liberty Loan may now'be convefted Into 4% per cent Bonds^of\ the respective loans. This conversion privilege must be exercised, if at all, on or before November 9th 19J8, when it expires: The 4 per cent Bonds cannot be converted after that date even though Bonds at a higher rate of interest be thereafter issued. I i • • FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Union, New York. Banking hours, 9 to 3. Some \IFs\ If you come our way we'll send overflowing values your way. If you leave a dollar with us it is merely exchanging the money for its equivalent in Groceries, If you are anxious to secure goods which are not afraid of the closest scrutiny, this is a good place to come. Glad-to greet you at any time. • • • • • • • • • VanGordef '& Grdcery Phone 322'M J07 Nanticoke Street > ••••••••ee»»eee»^«>»«>e»eee»»»»»»»e»»»»e»eeeeeee •••»*•• •••••••••••••••••••••W**»»t»l»»t»H*M*«««»»»H»«* Removal of, Meat Market To the People of Union and Vicinity :— Having rented the store ot J. E. LeBaron No. 122 West Main at, Union, N. Y., recently occupied by Sam LeBaroD aa j reetaurant, will move my Meat Market from the basement of the Major House, Ndtiticoke at, about April 1st 1918 where I will he pleased to,see all of my old customers and any ne^r ones wishing to trade with^me. The New Market will le fitted up In first - class condition ;aiid- beloK located on the street level with no steps to climb up 'or do|wn and aUo more room, I feel that I can take better care of my meats, ' and also ot my customers. I -wish to thank the people of Union and vicinity tor paat pa$,-t ronage and solicit a fair share for the future, • j _,j . CITY M

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