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XAGE TWO THE UNION NEWS -Overthe Topwith the Gas. JM this a ifionster from Mais, or a •oldierof modern warfare? It is only one of our iSWS. \Sammies.\ * \ going over the top with the gas and the fire which.the Huns taught us in this barbarous vr'St. To go \over the top\ takes courage and strength Many men and women at home in^pe«cefal—parsuita-WQiilcL rather be on the fighting line in defense of liberty if they feltystrong enough for such an ordeal. It takes good red, blood to be courageous. You can acquire rich, red blood by exercising in the outdoors, breathing 1 exercises ejvery morning, and taking an appetizing tonic pill made up of a soluble iron, together with native herbal extracts,' called \Irontic.\ These \Irontic\ Tablets were dis­ covered by Dr. Pierce and his able Staff at the Surgical Institute, and were invariably found' to give vitality to the blood and strength to the nerves. Theperson who might be run- \dowjrrwith-watery-bkjcdrface-pale^ _pr those warning signals of distress, such as pimples ofTioTBTlnmiediateiy-j begins to have a better appetite, soon gets over the \blues\ and be­ comes bright, buoyant and happy. Take \Irontic\ for a few weeks, and notice the difference. Yon feel full of vim, vigor and vitality, instead of tired, worn-out and dull Druggists sell \ Irontio \ in 60c. vials, or wnd 10c. for trial pke. to Or. Pierce's 8urgtcal Institute in Buffalo, NY. GET INSURED NOW The Premium Won't Break You * A Fire Might THOS. A. MM CLARY BANK BUILDING ONION. N t. (Agency Est. 1853.) Gum Labels 3000 PR ^ ,D $1.00 Send Foe Catalogaa. RUBBER STAMPS Brass Stencils, Steel Dies Notary Seals Commercial Printing Ban. I*. Joggerst lit BUte 8t. Binghamton We sell a large variety of Wrapping Paper. 1[f riting Paper, # Office and 8 'chool Stationery, At Wholesale and Retail Stephens & Company 86 and 87 State St., Bingham ton. N.Y. TheThrice-a-week Edition NEW YORK WORLD Practically a Daily at ha Price of a Weekly, No other Newspaper In the- world gives so much at so low a price. The vslrle ana need of a news­ paper in the household was never greater than at the present time. The great war In Europe Is now half-way Into its third year, ana, •whether peace be at hand or yet be far off, It and the events to follow It are sore to be of absorb- in; interest tor .many a month to come. Vfeese are world-shaking affairs, in which the United States, willing or unwilling, is compelled to take a part. No intelligent person can ignore such issues. The Thriee-a-week-.World-a reg­ ular subscription, price is only $1.00 per year, and this pay* for 150 papers, iw», offer this unequalled newspaper and The Union liews together for on* year for only $135 The; regular subscription-prjc« of . f*a two paper* U lUf, East Campvllle Mrs. Peter Bornt of Horne'l is visiting her sister, Mrs. Win. Ben- nett. Tilrs. BorrT 's son, smitn nor r >U came from Hornell with his mother and called on friends in Union, returning to Hornell on th.» evening train the same day the arrived, Saturday last^ Andrew Woughter was a reccn* guest of his son Lawrence who lues near Sanitaria Springs. Law­ rence traded his Binghamton pr operty in Binghamton for a farm and moved to Sanatoria Springs in April. William Wilcox and family, of •Homfir. viBitprt _hia ~&istPr ,.nnd famrj ily, the Vanderhuydens, one day last/weeK. Also \WTlTf etl \Vanae\rKnj--j den and wife of Endicott visited at their parents' the same day. Uertrude Bierfreund Is sueTl- ing a couple of weeks with -frie­ nds in Binghamton. A family by the name of Wag­ ner, of Binghamton has bought the old Sam Bornt farm from Mrs. J.A Cast lemon of Hornell, and have taken possession. o*o —NOTfeB ^TO-GRS&PFORB.— - Pursuant to an order of Bon. Ben­ jamin Baker, Surrogate of the .County of Broome, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against the Estate of Jennie C. Courtright late of the Village of Union in said County, deceased, that they are required to present the same, with the vouchers there- of» to the undersigned, the Exec­ utor of the Estate of said deceas­ ed, at his residence in the Village of Union in said County, on or be­ fore the first of January 1919, Dated Juno 19, 191C Harry E. Keeler, Executor Edwin H. Moody, Attorney for Executor 604 Peoples Trust Co. Bldg. Binghamton. N.Y. —185 o*o THE UNION NEWS Established 1851 PuVfuKel Every Wednesday by Cbsrlea LeB.ron Gocllcr, 130 W Main St Union. New York ubscription 50c a year (In advance) THE D V rE when the subscription Mires s on the address label of each paper — the •hange of which to a subsequent date be­ times a receipt for remittance No other ecetpt is sent nnless requested WEDNESDAY JUNE 86. 1916. Ford Garage 129WASHIN G TON AVENUE Endicott, N.Y. Mr. Car Owner, how about your Tires and Tubes for Springl We are Selling Agents for two of the best tires on the market. i Goodyear & Ajax Plain and NOD-Skid Fresh, New Stock Just Received No Left - o\ ers. 6 per cent off list tor Cash. Ford Parts Spot Lights, Hand Horns Bumpers, Speedometers Shock Absorbers, Body Polishes Radiator No-leak, Dry Batteries Spark Plugs, Motor Oil Tool Boxes, Blow-out Patches Wrenches, etc: All Goods Sold At Bottom Prices For CaBh. Garage Open from 7 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. calling on Ti -s<liy who The Sunday School Class of the winter,.in BJngham- Baptist Chifrch, fit which Dr. C..F. d— tpAtjer— home—4n-«wif ^-iB— t^achej^JaJ—folapning_|to. , have a picnic at Lily. l»ake Sa£ 1 Frost and daugh- urday~ of th'is week.\ Ten auto- loads of people June 23—Miss Mary E. Grey spent the past wlnte: :oh has returns .his place. Mrs. Elviron ters Lulu and Lillian were guests from of Mrs. Lucius Vandeburg last Wed ^ \ pla 7 e \p la n at ^tendThe Pa^ nesday. I 8Qn8 Evangelistic Meetings at Cin Mrs.'-Julia Duren entertained at cinnatur Friday evening. , >^ a house party last week Mrs. Wal-; M Dud]p ' of Efl8t ^ er Cady and Mta L Phipps o h spentUn& lhe Summcr VMlA ^ a Btnghamton Mrs A. C Bradley of „ the homp of her Newark Valley Mrs. Geo. Wood.n Dwi M DudJ and of Tiona, Mrs. Warren Sturges and Mrs. Wm. Morgan of Endicott and' Word was received late last eve- Mrs. A. J. Wilson of Union Cen- ning of the death, at the Arnot-Og ter^Mr. John Smoker of Sayre and den Hospital in Elm.ra where she Mrs. DeEtte Sleeper and airs, -fi-.-fcamb-of—this- place.. ^^-^Vent^Ioj-nn operation about two weeks ago, of Mrs. Stoker, ~— r °- \ A - wire o Rev -Daniel- Stoker, -who- -has-- -t-he- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Butts and dau- Bympnthy of aU in Hs sad bereav- ghter Elizabeth of Binghamton emPnt MrR stoker had in the past were recent guests of relatives in few yearB 0 f m e spent in our vi town. I cimty made many friends w ho will Lacey Pitcher of Hammondsport mourn ber sincerely, who has been spending^ a week at — the home of his father leavea to­ day for Camp JJpton where he has been called to the service. Mrs. Carrie Turner and son Fl- IrytirTnTner -and -wlf©. hove-ba ending a few days with relatives in Oxford and vicinity. While th/- ere Mrs. Turner had the misfortune to fall and break her ankle. Floyd Turner and wife came home last Wednesday, returning to-Oxford last Saturday. Mrs. Samuel Dence, son Chester and sister May Hollenbeck are spending a few days in Johnson City with their aunt Mrs. Russell. Mr. an6VMr8. Fayette Bowen and Mr. and Mrs, Ray Carr spent _a day recently at Tracy Creek with Mr. Carr's parents. Ralph Gray of Cornell Univer­ sity is now spending some time at for two weeks and came baek fo* the home of his. parents Mr. and **'0 weeks and picked strawber- Mrs. A. Gray. J ries. Mrs. Oline Vandeburg and little Mrs. Oeo. Card is so that she haB daughter Dorothy spent several to keep to her bed nearly all of days laat week with Mr and Mrs. the time, we are -sorry to learn. Lucius Vandeburg. | Charles Fuller and friends, Mr Charles B. Lamb last week had and Mrs. \V Hewitt and little son his house on Main street moved Hussell of Owego motored to Mrs. onto the now foundation, and will M. Chidester's last Saturday nl- make extensive repairs. i going back Sunday pvening Mrs. Forest A. Perry and two The Sunday School Convention little daughters are spending a' a \as held at this place last Wed- few weeks with her parents near nesday. The exercises were very Blmira. I entertaining and all very useful Dr Dwight Dudley went last Mon and £ood. day to Saratoga where he at- * * ^ +++ Little Meadows June 24—Mrs. S. Beebo is In very poor health at the present writ Jng_.HPr_son Frank's wife of Bloj- hamton was with - Ker \parr \oT~Yasrj' week. Mrs. Dr. Harding and daughter Mrs. Loud of Philadelphia ire here lor the summer Emma Sleep­ er is with them for a. time. Miss Susan Chapman, who has leen sick at Mrs. R. Beardslee's for some time died last weeka and was buried at Nichols. Mrs. C. M. Chidester who has been sick in Owego for over a y?S.r ,_.ha8 returned to her home In this place. Her daughter. Mrs.Chas,\ Fuller came with her and stayed over a week. Then she went home • : In­ tend a meeting of the State Bd. of Health. Mrs. Dudley accompan­ ied him and will visit relatives in that vicinity. Levi Phipps is digging a cellar on his lot on Lewis street, and is preparing to move his house onto it. Miss Ethel Benton of Bayshure, L.I., ia spending her vacation at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Leroy JkL Benton. Mr and Mrs. William Middlemist are entertaining ^heir daughter from Washington, D.C. Mrs. Julia Duren with her guest * * * If one person baught the * * whole limit of the War-Savlngi * A Stamps Issue his contribution * A would effect nothing. A A But 100,000,000 saving and In- A A vesting will hasten the war** A A conclusion. A A Just do your share and watch A A the others do theirs. Invest In A A and boost War-Savings Stamps. A A Let us give up our luxuries and A A Kaiser Bill will g.'ve up his am- A A bltlons. Put your money In War- A A Savings Stampa. Four per cent A A compounded quarterly A A • CHARLES S. WHITMAN. A A A A* ****************** Miss L Phipps of Binghamton, and' John Smalser of Sayre spent last « n , lf D<iw ^ Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs * Nathan Lewis at Tlona. William Pier has been called in- the service, and left last Monday for Camp Wadswortb. i >,„.„ , Wary: \1 don't remember. I Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Taylor and caught the disease, but not the Out of the Grab Bag. . •••••••••••••••••••••••••• Mary \The doctor says this ill— ni ss of mine is caused by a germ.\ Agnes \What did he call it?\ daughter, and two women friends, name.\— Judce. • • • | Tommy could not understand why in his teacher thought that the fol- jlowir.g paragraph from his compo^ of Lowell,. Mass., L. M. Bowers and son Clement Bowers of Bingham­ ton were calling on relatives town last Friday. Friends of Lacey Pitcher who'sltion on \A Hunting Adventure\ goo's to Camp Upton torday, madel lacked animation and effe->tive- him a surprist party a tthe Town ness- Hall last evening, presenting him Pursued by the relentless hon*- with a wrist watch. f ''e panting gazelle sprang Irom Miss Olive Gould has been spend- oli \ t0 cliff - At la8t 8he couId K° ing a couple of day B In Apalachlu no '\r'her. Before her yawned the with her brother Leslie Gould. M. A. VanTuyi of Endicott was There is more Catarrh in this sec­ tion of the country than all other diseases put tog £th2r, and for years it was supposed to be incur­ able. Doctors prescribed local rem­ edies, and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pro­ nounced it incurable. Catarrh is a local disease,, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions ana there­ fore requires constitutional treat­ ment. Hall's Catarrh Medicine, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is a constitution­ al remedy, is taken internally ana acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. One Hund­ red Dollars reward is offered for any case that Hall's Catarrh Medi­ cine falls to cure. Send for circu­ lars and testimonials. F.J.CHENEY & Co„ Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 75c Hall\i Family Pilli for constipa­ tion, , . , . chasm, and behind her the hunter - Youth's Companion. o*o— CASTOR IA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 30 Years Always bears the Signature of , Village Tax Notice Union, N.Y., May 22,1918. I have this day rocelved the Vil­ lage Tax Roll anl will be at No. 101 Exchange street for 20 days commencing May 27th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day to receive the same at one per cent. Tax rate: .0178 Cf A, Hmereau, Collector. ing Clothes . Workers! It who-appreGiate-good—fit— *r and, goodJoqks as well J as long wear m their ov* • eralJs, shirts, hose, und. 1 erwear, e,tc. , \ * Our showing of these * gar-aaentS4*fs ver plete; full sizes >and -good*^ wear as wellras-sold- on the small profit plan. MIEN'S SUITS present dayxclothjejs for men are made in a sensible,' t fcd'm\fohaDle4nd economical way. . Right in our store you will find a fine assort­ ment Of • .\•..-«! 1W • 1 Blue Serges. Grey Worsteds, Fancy • - - . , _ . f e-»tiW * Casjsim.ers, arig^KrloQs^trmirrer— l -— I • • • • • • •' • materials, in light & dark effects, priced at . $15.00, 16.50, 18.00, 20.00, 25. Straw Hats to Fit Your Head and Parse W. M. BARBER Clothier and Furnisher • • • • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• * ; Color up last Summer's Dresses with Diamond • Dyes, two package dyes (silk and wool, and cot- • ton and mixed) or Dyola. Putnam and Peer- • less Dyes- one package dyes. • Then buy the McCall Patterns and make in the • latest style. _ _ _ J H.~L. Whitney I JCantieoke Street Union • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• FOR SALE. 3 Valuable Lots on Nan- ticoke st.. Union, N.Y. Oood location for Store or Residence, ue, on easy termB. Will increase in val- Now is Write your chance to get a good lot at right price. C. LUSK, 84 Court Street. • • • • • X • • • • • • • • Binghamton, N.Y. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • * Live & Let Live Hardware Store • Exchange Block, Union, N. Y. Garden Tools, etc. Garden plows, rakes, hoes Perfection and Classic Oil Stoves For Summer Use U.S. DECK PAINT • • • • : : • • • • • • • I : : • JpitiiHbiHg aqd filming | Frank J. Lawless! Cet Your Shoes Now! That new suit is not complete with* out a pair of nfee shoes. have a complete line of New up-tO'date shoes that fit and will give you the wear. Call and see the line before buying else* where. Stock and quality considered I can save you good money. also have Shoes that I am Closing Out At COST and BELOW. Come and Pick while the picking is good. CEO. T. RAITT 12 Nanticoke Street Union, N ^v

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