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PAGELTWO THE UNION NEWS MAN WITH IRON MASK. His person was a mysterious pris­ oner of France, who was closely con­ fined for years by the State, ana died in the Bastille in 1703. He may have been a twin brother of Louis XIV. Who knows? In this century, it pis no mystery how we > can get strong, for by putting iron in our blood we become strong men or women. The strong men of to­ day are men of red blood. Men gain en­ ergy, vim, vigor, by. taking a new combi- ~aatian—of ^soluble- iron—with valu­ able native herbal extracts, called \ Iron-tic\ This is the discovery of Dr. Pierce and his able assistants at the Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y By experiments and actual test this new combination of iron will act as a tonic, increasing »the appetite, in­ creasing the number of red blood corpuscles, thereby feeding the ner­ ves on fresh blood. The whole sys­ tem feels the invigorating tone, and instead of being pale, weak, nervous or sleepless one feels like a new being. A man or woman of real red blood is ready for any or all tasks. Gain strength\ eBgrlgy, Vjgorby guing to) your nearest druggist and obtaining a**60c bottle of Irontic Tablets, or Bend 10c to Dr Pierce for trial pack­ age. You will And that instead of pale cheeks, feelings of lassitude, tired, worn out, your cheeks will have color, you will feel strong and vigorous, and you are \ ready for •the-fray.''- Start -now and you will haVe no so-called \spring fever.\ GET INSURED NOW! TkPrenuflrWoift Break You A Fire Might TBOS. A. Mac CLARY BANK BUILDING UNION. N Y (Agenoy. Ear. IMS.) Gum Labels 3000 t>R Fo£ ,D $1.00 Send For Catalogue. RUBBER STAMPS Brass Stencils, Steel Dies Notary Seals Commercial Printing Ben. 1 M, Joggerst 118 State 8t BlnghamtOD We sell a large variety of W rapping Paper, riting Paper, Office and School Stationery, At Wholesale and Retail. Stephens & Company 86 and 87 State St., Bingharriton. N.Y. The Thrice-a-week Edition NEW YORK WORLD Practically a Daily at he Price of a Weekly, No other Newspaper ID the world Rives so much at BO lo w B price. The value and need of a news­ paper in the household was never greater than at the present time. The great war i n Europe i s now half-way Into its third year, ana, whether peace b e at hand or yet be far off , i t and the events to follow i t are snre to be of absorb­ ing interest for many a month to come. These are world-shaking affairs, i n which the United StateB, willing or unwilling, is compelled (o take a part. No? intelligent person can ignore each Issues. The Thrice-a-week World's reg­ ular subscription price is only $1.00 per year, ana this pays for 16 6 papers, we offer this unequalled newspaper and The Union News together for dne year for only $1.25 The regular subscription price of ffco two papers is 8US0. An Outline For Bible Study A suggested outline for ,Bi61e St­ udy, after H. T. Sell. This course is to cover one year, allowing two months to each Grand Division Such an outline study gives unity and piopcr balance to the theme OLD TESTAMENT. Beginnings. Crea' ion Gen.. 1s t Chap. Garden of Eden, Gen 2 to 5 inclusive The Flood, Gen 6 to 9 incl The Ancient World, Gen 10 & 1 The TrMocracy Abraham and the Chosen. Pepj)!e_ Gen. J2 to 50 inclusive Mosc9 and the Exodus; Ex.. Lev Numb, and D<\ut. Joshua and the Conquest; J.is h The Judges o f Israel, Judg and Ruth The Kingdom The Rise o f the Kingdom , 1 Sam The Glory o f the Kingdom, 1 Saml 16.13- 2 Saml - 1 Kings 11 - 1 Chron , 11 ,1 2 Chron, 9 ;31 Di\ ision and Fall of the King­ dom, 1 Kings 12 ,1-2 Km - - - J2_iJyaiL 10 to end.. Prophets o f the Kingdom, Saml Elijah, Elisha, Jonah Amos. Hosea. Micah. Jo-1. Isai.ih Nullum, Zephumah. Hjoas. kuk, Jeremiah. Exile and Return The Captivity, 2 Kings 17.1-18 24,1 - 25 to end. 2 Chron Ezek,, Da/)l„ Esther. Etc The Return from Exile, Ezra. N'ehemiah. Haggai, Zech Prophets o f the Exile and Return Danl., Ezek.. Oliad., Hag Malachi to Christ; Malachi. NEW TESTAMENT CPRIST ON EARTH. The Ad\ent o f the Messiah, Matt Mark. Luke, John The Life o f Christ on Earth, Matt Mark. Luke, John The Resurrection and Ascension Matt 28 . Mk. 16. Luke U John 20,21, lCor 15. The Supremacy of ChriBt, Isaiih 9; 6, 7 The Gospels. The First Churches The Churches i n the Acts, Acts. The Epistles o f Paul, Epistles of Paul The General Epistles; Jas., ..Pet. John. Jude. The Message o f John to the Ch­ urches , Revelation. (Paste in your Bible.) For Rent— 5 room.6, water anJ lights. $8.00 per mo. .Also 2J hand I icycle for sale, 126 W Main s t East Campville April 23— R C . McNeil has sold his farm at this place to Fred Stelke of the State o f Wisconsin Hattie Vanderhuyden who his been sick for several months past has gone to the Sayre Hospital fo r an operation Fred Doane o f Endicott has been visiting his daughter Mrs. C M Chalker for se\ eral days. Fred Mills and family were week Ford Garage 1Z95VASHING TON AVENUE Endicott, N.Y. Mr Car Owner, how about your Tires and Tubes for Spring! We are Selling Agents for two o f the best tires on the market. Goodyear & Ajax Plain and Non-Skid Fresh, New Stock Just Received No Left - overs. 5 per cent of f list for Cash. Ford Parts Spot Lights, Hand Horns Bumpers, Speedometers Shock AbsorberB, Body Polishes Radiator No-leak, Dry BatterleB Spark Plugs, Motor Oi l Tool Boxes, Blow-out Patches Wrenches, etc. All OoodB Sold At Bottom Prices For Cash. Garag\e Open from 7 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. — * \ MAINE and describe our Journey the best I can. We started from Palace Garde.i, N Y. v Wednesday morning, at ten o'clock, with our baggage on our backs. We marched up Four'eenth St and down Broadway to Pier No. | 1, ( a distance o f about three miles), I We stood our march good, but i t April 23—A large delegation of made our right shoulder ache people from the Conklin avenue some, as a good share o f the Baptist Church of Binghamton at- work' came on i t Our Company ^ot tended the Parsons' Evangelistic on the boat first, and waited two •ST^TICPB 1n the Baptist Church last hours for the rest to .get- »n I Friday evening ) to put on the horses and other Mr and Mrs. Fayette Bowen sp- freight, while the free-hearted it_J«rst Saturday evening i n John- people were treating us by buying m City at the home o f Mr and apples and some oranges, and Mrs Fred Pearsall. | t h i owing to us from the dock, o f M,ss Georgia Totten o f Roches- ; vhi ^ h 1 «°* some or twen- •er spent the week end with her ^ h \ t J a _ 8teJ . mp a \ through, ana aunt Mrs. Helen C Wheat. hundred o f us, up tVe right o f Staten Island, where there i s plen­ ty o f »plendid acenerj, and all al­ ong to Amboy No. 2. T-here- we took the cars to Philadelphia—got there about 10 o'clock i n the evening— ciossed the river into the cuy, and had a good supper given us, as i hey do with al l the Regiments. They fed five that day, so you can sre how the folks leave theii homes and go to the war. The 21s - | New Hampshire Reg 't came along in the cars and stopped, ( a long tiain .i n o that wo could ate some Rev S E Lewis and son flar- °> lhl ' m 11 was llke Mothers meet- ence o f Binghamton were week end mg When they started they wen 'owns end guests o f Mrs. Mills' parents Mr and Mrs. Stephen Ulrich. Mr. Shuler o f Bingham'on, .or- 1 merly o f Foster Valley, visited Mr and Mrs. Bierfreund Sunday las'. Wm. Bennett made a business flip to Owego Tuesday Letter of Delos Davenport ¥.;iiten 56 Years Ago (From The Union News) Annapolis, Nov 1st , 1861 Dear Friends,—1 again take the pri\ ilege o f letting you know wh - a t Owego Monday. Fay Ford expcctB to visit his sis- er Mrs. Frank Tyrrell, below Owe­ go lo-monow Also Mrs. Tyrrell's sisters expect to visit her, one from Warren, Pa., and the other firfm Mansfield, Pa. . have got one left now. It was fun . „ . . to see them catch them Some men The Parsons' Evangel.s.c Meet- wouW take ou[ thcir ^ ngs will be continued every exe- spend , t fQr ua But l ^ ^ run* except Saturdayjl^week i n ff0 , away frcrm New Y|)J . k Md mU8t 'he BMK18T iTOffdh x.i~~ -~',,e a g olngi s0 nere T 6\n a rayer meetings held ,n different Jar ^ e 8ll , amer W)lh leJJ Qr ej) I homes every forenoon at ten o clocks and next Saturday after­ noon at 2.30 o'clock. Mrs. Parsons will have a meeting, tor women and girls i n the Baptist Church, and Mr. Parsons' a t the same hour in the Congregational Church for men and boys. Earl RUSBCII of Binghamton sp­ ent last Thursday with his mother, Mrs. Aobip S. Russell There will be a \Liberty Loan\ meeting i n the Congregational Lh urch Friday afternoon U-t o f town speakers are expected guteis at the home o f his sister, Mrs. F H . Marean and family Mrs. Elija h Butts has been si>- ending a lew days w i h reluti\es and friends in Binghamton ind Johnso nCity La Verne Lewis was cilli-J to Binghamton last Monday b> the seiious sickness of his brother Ar­ il ur Lewis. There was a ( onference o f eachers of this Town held u , the School house Saturday afu-n.oo 'i Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Schoolcraft and. oaughier Marguerite of L'n - inn spent last JSuiiuay uuli Mrs flow, so that ue cotl I shake hands with thorn out oi win io^s and btd them good-bye.—Oui response was • Bully fo r N II . and the same for N V..\ with ' Give i t ilo Jef i—do your dui>\ &c. \S e v thtn took an­ other train for Pel ryville — got there the next morinng—then took a boat down the Chesapeake Bay lor this place—got here at 3 o' ­ clock, P. M., and then got tnarihed up to a rise o f ground on a beau­ tiful large green yard, our com­ pany were thin marched to our quarters up nf the fourt.li sioij o i a large brick building, that was Hill lor a Naval School. Anna- .Schoolcraft s brother Levi Pluj.ps polls |8 a most s)llcndid () , uct . and family *,' and Mrs. t E . Lewis lutle daughter ElnOra. and Mrs. \ \ air. n Stuigis of Endicott and Mr and Mrs. ( ' B . Lamb of this place look see i t you would sa > you could the same. I have enjoyed mjself a t a great late since we started from N. Y . To see ihe many Stars and Stupis. Mis. W E . Dyer i n honoi of Mr Oyer's birthday Jf* Mr and Mrs. F I I Marean an'l dinner last Sunday with Mr^ and as wp havp see/) f loali , )g Jnd , h waving o f handkerchiefs and hats, is enough to stimulate a;>j on* lo feel patriotic. I think the peo- son Kayomnd were i n Hinghamton p)e iu p h ,i ade i pilia are for ^ c „_ last Monday forenoon to s^ e their , on ilen women and children nephew and cousin Arthur Levws were out at m jd n jght, waving flags ho i s I n the City Hospital very and handkerchiefs, and shaking seiiously sick with pneumonia I hands and bidding us good-bye M.s. L. M Blewer o f Sjracuse (rery , ikely tQf th)? , abl Ume) pent several da>s last week with VVe c hcered them til l we are so her friend Mrs. Julia Dureix Mrs. Caroline Howard and Miss Minnie Ball who spent the past winter i n Binghamton have return­ ed to their home i n this place. Rev. F. L . Page, appointed to 'he M hoarse that wo can hardly 'alk We are all well and not a bi t homesick. We expect to go to camp a lit­ tle out of town lo-roorrou, but don't know as we shall till next E. Church of this place and the weo k. Wm. Bullock IH on guar d M. E. Churches of this vicinity, oc- | t0 . day cupied the pulpit last Sunday.and | Saturday mornin g — As i t his will soon move with hi s family b>-en raining all night and still i s from Endicott to the parsonage, j we shall no, go to camp nil i t i s Mrs. William Valentino o f Wil-, bette r weather. We have pleasur e seyville i s spendign a few days j by the wholesale — Tnere i s twen- with her parents Mr. and Mrs. F. ty of us i n this room; we have al l . Corwin. I sorts going on here, even to play- Mrs. Julia Duren called on friendB in g car ds, (but i t i s not I>. We and -datives i n Binghamton, End- i ay on the floor, with a blank e; icott and Union last Monday, y | under and over us now, but we ex- Miss Ruth Clarke^ Physical Di- ,,e c t to have stra w mattrasses rector of Schools, was a r cent when we get in camp. We are now guest o f MisB Mary Clarke. 1 i n a slave State, niggers and . ., - • .-o u u-,.™.r , , i-^ -i'^f | secesh, a plenty . of them. There Therfc i6 more Catarrh in this sec-; was a rebel battery fired across tlon o f the country than all otber he pdtomac at our mell but done diseases put togathar, and for ' years i t was supposed to be Incur- \° damage. Also, the report is able. Doctors prescribed local rim- 4hat there has been a smal' bat- edies, and by constantly failing to t i e fourteen miles from here, and cure with local treatment, pro- our raerl whipped them out. It nounced i t incurable. Catarrh i s a probably will be the news before local disease, greatly influenced by ( ongi tna t our Regiment was i n constitutional condilfons ana there- battle and half oi us killed, but fore requires constitutional treat- j n ope not. Wo can see the Capi- ment. Hall's Catarrh Medicine, to l and State House o f Maryland manufactured by F. J. Cheney & from our quarters. I have seen Co., Toledo Ohio, i s a constitution- the 0o vernor-he lives a short al remedy, I s taken internally ana fiance from here. Good-bye to au. acts thru the Blood on the Mucous u fl u hear again fl . ora a soldieri Surfaces ot the System. One Ilnnd- „ pt ' rm j tted t0 Uv e. DKLOS. red Dollars reward is offered for fjourtesy o f Mr. J. C . Brown o f any case that Hall's Catarrh Medf cine faiU to cure. Sena for circu­ lars and testimpnials. F.J.CHENEY & Co„ Toledo, Ohio. LSold by Druggists, 75c. Hall \e Family Pills tor constipa.- tion. Vestal Center. Children Ory\ ' FOR FLETCHER'S CAS^ORIA • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • New Spring For Boys * • * • *: « • Priced at $5 00 , 6 00 , 7 00 & 8 New Spring and Summer Suits oo For Mem, • : • • Priced at $12, 15, 18, 20 & 22.50 £ New Neckwear, at . New Hats, nt Now Caps, at New Underwear • • •i 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 J $2.00, S2.50 and $3.00 • * SI.00 and $1.50 t~* J3.75 X New Hosiery Jtiew Silk XYaisi^ at ._. . A full assortment of UnJerwear for both Men at prices of unusual interest. id Wc W_M, BABJBER Clothier and Furnishex*. • * • * • 4 • _„ H • : Color up last.Summer's Dresses with Diamond. ^ Dyes, two package dyes (silk and wool, and cot­ ton and mixed) or Dyola. Putnam- and Peer­ less Dyes- one package dyes. Then buy the McCall Patterns and make in the latest style. H. L. Whitney Nanticoke Street Union FOR SALE. 3 Valuable Lots on Nan­ ticoke st., jL/nlon, N.Y. Good location fo r Store or Residence. Will increa'se in val-- ue, on easy terms Now i s your chance to get a good lo t at right price, Write C. LUSK, Uinghamton, N.Y 64 Court SJtresjt. • * Live & Let Live Hardware Store | • • • • « • • • Exchange Block, Union, N. Y. Garden Tools, etc. Garden .plows, rakes, hoes Perfection and Classic . Oil Stoves For Summer Use U.S. DECK PAINT • • 4' • Frank J. Lawless • ••••••••••^•••••••^ Get Your Shoes Now! 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