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The Union news. (Union, N.Y.) 1918-1919, April 17, 1918, Image 2

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The Iron Men Of History. Cromwell was said to ru.e with-an \ron hand. His \ roundheads\ were npjnpre heroes, nor » ' braver men than are our boys today fight­ ing in France for country and freedom. Men <with dauntless spirits — men of red blood, courage, ener­ gy, vim and vigor are needed every day behind the lines aa well as behind the guns. You need iron in the blood! Every healthy man or worn- as much iron in his or her body as there is in an ordinary \ tenpenny\ nail. To gain this iron, the best way is to take an iron tonic called \Iron-tic a com­ bination of iron in its most soluble form, discovered by Dr. Pierce and experimented with by bis physicians at the Surgical Institute in Buffalo. \Iron-tic \ is a form of iron readily taken up by the blood, the blood-cells I get round, rich - red in color, the cheeks are pink, the appetite im­ proves, and one feels full of \snap\ —1'pep:\ — \vigor\ — instead of- tired before the day is half done. The eyes take on a luster and the body feels that tingle which one gets from a cold bath. If you want to try this new \Iron-tic\ tablet send 10 cents to the Surgical Institute in Buffalo, N. Y., and obtain a trial -.package. This 20th century Iron tonic is sure to do you good. Drug- gists sell \Iron-tic\ for sixty cents. Beware of desperate stepB. est day Lived till tomorrow, will have passed away FOOD FOR THE PA1YIIL.Y. There or e plent y of good thing s still within reach of th e common purs e If we use thought In our'buying. Vege ­ tables , when grown In th e home gar­ de n ar e a great ad ­ dition t o th e food for th e family. \We\ have such a variet y _ tha t we need never Ur e of them. Fla b ar e excellent , an d I n many local­ itie s ar e ver y reasonabl e In price. . A stuffed fish roaste d an d served wit h th e followin g sauce will be tr welcohi e dish. This sauce Is als o good served wit h either fried o r broiled fish. GET INSURED NOW! t v -,\S - The Premium Won't Break You A Fire Might THOS. A. Mao CLARY BANK BUILDING ONION. N . Y (Agency Est. 1853.) Labels $1.00 gue. 'PS Dies -ing gerst Binghamton ) variety g Paper. Paper, ice and Stationery, iaale and Retail small onion s an d coo k unti l soft In a tablespoonful of fat . Sti r In a pint of tomatoes , a chopped pepper , o r a few choppe d olives. Season t o tast e with* red peppers - Tind -salt; -and- when th e fish Is reody^tnr n the sauce' ove r It Just as It goes t o th e table . Buttermilk Biscuit.—Sif t togethe r four cupful s of flour with a tablespoon ­ ful 'of soda an d th e same o f salt Mel t thre e tablespoonful s of lard an d stir into two cupful s of buttermilk , the n add t o th e flour. Mi x sof t enough t o handle an d roll out just as soft as possible. Cut int o smal l biscuit s an d cake i n a hot'oven. Prun e Crum b Pudding.—Steam a stones an d cu t In smal l pieces. Put a laye r of brea d crumbs Into the pud­ din g dish, then the prunes, then more brea d crumbs, sprinklin g each laye r with brow n sugar , cinnamon and dots of butter. Ove r th e last laye r of prunes sprinkl e a few chopped wal­ nuts, cove r with crumbs an d turn In a cupful of th e prun e Juice. Bake un­ til \the crumbs are-brown . Serve wittj a sauce made o f the prune Juice a little cornstarc h flour, a tablespoonfu l of butte r substitute , and sugar, al l cooke d until thick. Sweet Potato Custar d Pie.—To one and a hal f cupful s of boiled and mash­ ed sweet potat o allo w one egg , two ta­ blespoonful s o f butte r substitute , half a cupful of sugar, three-quarter s of a cupful of milk and nutmeg t o taste. Beat the eggs , cream the sugar and fa t an d ad d milk an d potato, beat­ ing wel l t o mix thoroughly . Turn Into a pastry-lined plat e an d bake as usual . .» . .*<•*, \ i several years past, haB moved to MAINE I G- _ . April 17— A few weeks ago Mrs. \SESW ^TiT\ n £S moved Irom Elijah Butts- turned into the JR?d Campvllle to his farm . at thiB Cross, two pairs of socks t.he had place. lust completed, putting a letter Prank Pierce has been visiting i n _na^h_r.air Tho tvan ..pnii-q how- relatives and friends at Corning, ever reached the same parson and Addison, Kathbone ana vicinity lor last week Mrs. Butts received a j letter from John Anderson who aB a boy lived here.^and was well known to her. He is - now at Camp Dix and wrote saying that he had received them. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dence and little son Chester spent a week the past two wees.k Blanche Oast who went to the hospital at Binghamton for in operation for a water tumor, about two weeks ago is-reported as doing nicely New Spring Suits For Boys I Priced at $5°°, 6 00 , 7 00 & 8 • I Now Spring and Summer Suits For Mem, Priced at $12, 15, 18, 20 & 22.50 Ifl T ^ n ^\ c ^L ^nTt ^^r ^m \ statin*- SPH rings with Rev. F. R. Yeomans and family and attended Church at that place. \ Hfs.\~Ma'ry Daniels\ \la spending several weeks i n Newark, N.J. , at the home o f her son William Lenty The Evangelistic meetings at the Baptist Church are being con- 1 tinued this week with a good int­ erest manifested. Last Sunday aft­ ernoon Mrs. Parsons gave 'he siory of her life . I Rev. H C. Hay ward who has for the past year been pastor o f the M. E . Church of tjhis place has RED CROSS ISSUES CALL TO NURSES FORWARSERVICE Statement Says Between 30,000 and 40,000 Will Be Needed in a Short Time. mdveH'WIfh KTB ' family to Steuben\ A call t o qualified nurse s to enlist County where he takes charge o f monlllzme agency for nurse s for ano'.her Church. I the u n | le< i States Arm y an d Navy . Speakers from Union occupied, Attentio n is called also to th e luiper- the pulpits of the Congregational I ative need for a n Increased enrollmen t and Baptist Churches last Sunday1 In training school s s o that fully quoi t morning i n the interests of the SCOUTS GOOD TURN FOR BIRDS. Vernon Bailey, chief field naturalis t of th e United States department of agriculture, Is aa activ e scout official In Washington, D. C. He offers t o send any scou t who asks fo r It a hundsome poste r designe d t o Interest the public In feedin g birds In winter. Th e poste r Is Illustrated with pictures »f birds an d bird houses. A scout could d o no better good tur n than se­ cur e some of thes e an d put them u p In publi c places . Ford Garage 129WASHING TON AVENUE hird Libert} Bond Issue. 1I> 5 Andrew Gowi-r entertained at Supper last Thursday evening, Mr and Mrs. Elijah Butts in hon­ or o f the birthday anniversary o f her husband. » Rev Harlow ParsonB will give the story of his life a t the Bap­ tist Church next Sunday afternoon at three o'clock Mrs. Ray Smith and the Misses Stratton were recent callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E . M Payne. Perry Emerson is spending a short time with friends in Penn­ sylvania. I. T Deyo o f Binghamton will discuss the Third^Hiibert y Loan Is­ sue i n the Congregational Church Saturday evenihg April 20th,. Mrs. F . P . Corwin and A H Decker have been both quite ser­ iously ill the past week. The Committee on Liberty BonJs report meeting with a ready re­ sponse from the people generally. Mrs. L. J . Emerson called on Miss Cor a A Dayton in Bingham­ ton last Saturday afternoon. Mr . and Mrs. Fred W. Ingalls and little daughter Lorena of Westov Company £ State St., idmton. N.Y. ce-a-week Edition M WORLD a Daily atie Price of a Weekly, spapefinthe world gives at so low a price. Jue ?,mnq<;.ne6d of a news- ft*3n the, household was pever Hpj taahjatjthe present tim*. sat yvarS ; ,in..Enrope is now j^iato&itBVtbira year > on a, fcroeoce^be at hand or yet hwfk -it;and the events to * sure to be of absorb- itor many a month to ,. •ef^^orid-ahaklng affairs, »h?oiiithe*United States, willing uhwiHlhg, \is compelled to take firti ^o^g intelligent ipenron can rHriefra-week jWorJd-B reg- u\-£'pt|od«prI<Se'''is only 81.00 „ji>Wthi» .'<*paye for 156 fe ^.bfler. thlV/unequaliea ~\riQ^ThelUnton Jiews DBelyeaxti or\ only $1.25 fanbscrlption price ot Endicott, N.T. Mr Car Owner, how about your Tires and Tubes for Spring! We are Selling Agents for two o f the best tireB on the market. Goodyear & Ajax Plain and Non-Skid Fresh^ Now Stock Just Received No Left - o\«rs. 6 per cent of f lis t for Cash. Ford Parts Spot Lights, Hand Horns Bumpers, Speedometers Shock Absorbers, Body polishes Radiatpr No-leak, Dry Batteries Spark Plugs, Motor Oi l Tool Boxes, Blow-out Patches Wrenches, etc. Al l Goods Sold At Bottom Prices For Cash. Garage Open irom 7 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.. America n lied Cross Nursin g Service, New Neckwear, at New Hats, at . New Caps, at... New Underwear 25c, 50c, 75c nnd $1.00 S2 00, S2 50 and $3.00 SI 00 and $1.50. New Hosiery New Silk Waists, at A fall assortment of Underwear for both Men at prices of unusual interest. ind S3.75 Women W. M. BARBER Clothier and Furnisher i • • • • • • • • • • • • • • fied nurses may be released from civil­ ia n hospital s for military service. Citing a n estimate of th e Surgeon- General' s office that th e Army alone will need betwee n 80,000 an d 40,000 nurse s In short time, th e Red Cross Nursing Servic e makes It clea r tha t the present average enrollmen t of 1,000 a mont h falls fa r short of th e military needs of th e Uovemment Moreover, It Is asserted, th e Allies ar e dependin g upon this countr y to sup­ plemen t their nursing service. The fact that th e recruiting of nurses does no t keep pace wit h th e military need s doe s no t Indicate that the women In th e nursln c profession ar e slackers, accotdln g t o Miss Jane A. Delano , Chairma n of th e Re d Cross Nursin g Service. It Indicates merely tha t th e sudde n an d extraordinarily heav y deman d for nurse s has no t been thoroughl y realised b y th e women availabl e for thts service. A s demands gro w dally, th e prob­ lem of borne nursing fo r civilian' needs becomes harde r to solve. It Is estimate d by th e Army Nurses ' Corps tha t over 30,000 nurses will be need­ ed, o n th e basi s of th e presen t esti­ mates , for a n arm y of 1,000,000 men . 18,500 Enrolled. Statistic s prepared a t th e headquar­ ter s of th e Red Cros s Nursing Servic e In Washington show that ther e ar e between 80,000 an d 00.000 registered , nurse s In th e Unite d States . O f thi s | J • • • • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ~ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • H Color up last Summer's Dresses with Diamond Dyes, two package dyes (silk -and wool, and cot­ ton and mixed) or Dyola. Putnam and Peer­ less Dyes- one package dyes. Then buy the McCall Patterns and make in the latest style. H. L. Whitney Nanticoke Street •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • LTnion * • Live & Let Live Hardware Store : Exchange Block, Union, IM. Y. Garden Tools, etc. Garden plows, rakes, hoes Perfection and Classic Oil Stoves er were week-end guests of rc-la- i numbe r approximatel y 16,500 ar e en- ives here. • | Grover RIneburg is home from his work i n Endicott, ill with the mumps. | Ceci l Pitcher who has been em- 1 ployed in Johnson City fo r the past two years i s now at the home of his parents Mr and Mrs. Harry Pitcher | Mrs. W. R. St. John and little daughter Marion of Nineveh Junct­ io n are spending a few days with her sister Mrs. F H . Marean. | Mr and Mrs. Earl Higgins of i Center Vi l;ge were week end vis- tors a t the home of her parents Mr and Mrs. F. H. Marean. Bast Campvllle April 9—Mrs . Maude Whlttemore and son of Union visited Mrs. Whittemore's father, A . C. Wough- ter Sunday Miss Hazel Pierce was a n over­ night guest of Jennie Bennett on rolled Re d Gross nurses , th e majority of whom ar e In active servic e or read y fo r mobilization for specified purpose . The Red Cros s enrollmen t form s th e reserv e of th e Unite d States Army Nurses ' Corps an d th e Unite d States Navy Nurses' Corps. Alread y 1.700 nurse s have been equippe d an d sent abroa d b y the Re d Cros s Nursing Service. For servic e at home th e Red Cross has provided 2,600 nurses . Mor e than 2,000 addi­ tional nurse s have been organize d int o units whic h now are read y for mobilization. Red Cros s nurses also ar e doing special wor k In sanitar y tones sur­ roundin g cantonments . Eighty-nin e are serving In a public healt h detach­ ment unde r th e America n Red Cross In France . Twelve public healt h nurses or e In Roumanla, thre e In Greec e an d one In Serbia. Requirement s Modified. All Re d Cross nurse s assigne d to dut y In military hospital s automatical ­ ly become members of th e Army o r Navy Nurses ' Corps an d are n o longer unde r th e supervisio n o r direction of the 8t h instant. i/\ 8 Bed Cross. These nurses, when Grover Doane, wife and sisleiv o n activ e duty, ar e entitled to th e Frances of Johnson City were Sun- same Governmen t war risk Insurance Mr. Doan's sister, 1 ss Arm y o r Navy officers an d enlist day guests o f Florence Chalker. M r Oast has moved from It. C. McNeil's farm to M r Toepke's ten­ ant house. Neils Neilson who has live J on the old Samuel Bornt farm for ed men . To mee t th e Increasing demands of the Army an d Navy Nurses ' Corp s th e Red Cross has modified somewhat th e forme r requirement s for enrollment. The ag e Umlt Is lowered t o twenty - one years, an d In special coses nurse s ove r forty may be accepted . Small - lu-hnola for trninlng c nurses have been There i s more Catarrh in this sec- 1 school s fo r trainin nurses have been tion of the country than al l other ( place d o n th e accredited list diseases put togsthzr, and for years i t was supposea to be incur- ! Sinc e the entranc e o f th e United States In th e war th e number of p u able, poctors prescribed local Tim-' „ enterlng nurses' trainin g schools edies, and by constantly failing to £ , ncrett8e d 2 0 pe r cent Within th e cure with local treatment, pro-, »» » * _ nounced i t incurable. Catarrh i s a local disease, greatly influenced by constitutional conditions ana there­ fore requires constitutional treat­ ment. Hall'' s Catarrh Medicine, manufactured by F. J . Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, i s a constitution­ al remedy, is taken Internally and acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System. One Buna- red Dollars reward i s offered for any case that Hall's Catarrh Medf- ~rcine falls to cure. 8eno for circu- I lqrs and testimonials. F.J.CHENEY & Co., Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall\s Family - \ - \ tion. Pills tor constipa- las t few days th e Bed Cros s has re­ cruited an d equipped a grou p ot 10 0 Burses fo r th e Army Nurses' Corps for service wit h the Britis h Expedi ­ tionary Forces at th e reques t of th e Britis h Government . I t has als o mobilized severa l highl y specialize d group s of nurses fo r orthopedic, psy­ chiatri c an d facial surgery hospitals , as wel l as mobil e operatin g units and other importan t groups. Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S C A S.T, Q JR-LA • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • For Summer Use U.S. tkCK PAINT Frank J. Lawless I Get Your Shoes Now! That new suit is not complete with' out a pair of nice shoes. I have a complete line of New up'tO'date shoes that fit and will give you the wear. Call and see the line before buying else­ where. Stock and quality considered I can save you good money. See^the new Window Display. I also have Shoes that I am Closing Out At COST and BELOW. Come and Pick while the picking is good. ) GEO. T. RAITT 112 Nanticoke Street s ,:fiW§:Jti^p0$^ it

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