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vidence of the most remarkable nature, from the best known people, attests tte power of Dr. WilHaaw* Pink Piffa & Pale People. # No stiff erer can read it without feeling hopeful, no skeptk can read it without being convinced. , Every disease of the biood and serves, is repre- sented from a common rash to scrofula; from neuralgia to nervous prostration ? from bone- ache to rheumatism; from ordinary weak- ness to partial paralysis. Lives are saved fey Dr. Williams' Pink P'dh for Pale People \ I suffered for five or' six-feats frith Jhe tronbl« ^batcetiae* bo-women at the cliuage of'life, X vra* \\Imica weakened, WH*'t::iai>le union of the time to do ray own wori^aiul-smferffl} beyond my power to describe. I vrus downhearled and melancholy. '' I took many different mecueiaes, but nothing seemed to do me any good, • b read about. Or, Wi Peon-?, and pome of my fn hi;j;ar.\. i taai!e v:n my m; tfre.iirst bo-jt i:x .Man-ii, ISi ara' 1 Fink Pills-for Psl« ad* recommended them <i-io try tiiern. I bought , and was benefits*! ttosa Sopt. Kllbarn'a flub Morte». At the Franklin county diuner in New- York recently Mr. Kilburn told ?ome of hfa characteristic fi*h stories. His fi-h increased ia size with each story antii he dramatically closed with a rieM;riprion of how he played an eag'e sad a bi« troat at the same time. He had hooked the trout and theu tbe eagle swooped doi*n on It and carried the trout into the air. After raDDing oat 1,500 feet of line, Mr. Kil- burti said, he landed both the troat sad the eagle. Col. James, who represented St. Lawrence county, went him one* bet- ter, and among others told the following: Are lour Kidneys Sick lien Is an Easy Way to Find Out. Be sore you need medicine before jQa take it, but having once found oat that you need it—lose no time in get- ting the best. If it's for tbe Kidneys, Liver, Bladder or Blood, Rheumatism^ Dvsp?psia, Chrome Constipation, or tbe eiekne.«s peculiar to woman, the best is ..., ^ .__ . ,.. „„. r*'r. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy, t5 A New York fisbermau dropped a repent -j and a very, simple way to find out it ing watch into tbe St. Lawrence river near j yon need it, is to put some urine in a ^,^.__u . .. T . i £i ;l8S tumbler and let it st»fH£S4iios tumbler and let it ,._ , ,,„, j if it then has a sediment or a milky f „ inside tbe j clotisiy appearance; if it is ropy or five. Of course wbeo be cut j stringy, pale or discolored, yon do not ;n he fonad his repeatiug watch { n^ed a physician to tell you that,'yotr phonic! take Favorite Bemedy at once. •It'speedily cares each dangreroas symp- toms as pain in the hack, frequent de- sire to tirinate, especially at night, btirn- : i}irHca!dinepam in passing water, the \ bos an.4 a ha ragged andstror.ji, troHTTes ,v me completely, ar d I am a bothered wita <r.oe 1 began taking the piils. i n .at- ruled th e ra to man y wo men w ho ar« suaTt-redL Ttic-y are tl;e only thing that omes to so manv womtn&t my ace,.' MRS. J. II. WEAVES. ^subscribed and sworn to before me this 2Sd day of October, A. D., is>J7. O, C. iixCK.fi, Notary Public snfTtJri'.ii; as 1 be; j.x-d s.ue i 5 u -Xu Ogdenstmrg two years ago. Last «u mer ne caugfct an unusually ] and as he landed it something fish strnck five, his fish opei stack in the fish's throat and keeping per- fect time/ Tbe passing ot th«> food down th,e fish's throat had kept it woand from day 10 day. . A roysterjons rumor is current in White River Junction that tbe highway bridge over the Conutciicut river is haunted. A story is going the rounds to the effect that several persons crossing tbe bridge at midnight have seen a tall,' slim woman dressed m black standing on the footpath. Leaning again>f. tbe rail- ing she setmstobeijaziugdown war ^ at tbe flowing water. When a pedestrian ap- proaches the spot where she is branding. her form vanishes from sight hut reap- pears as soon as her standing point is passed. Those who clnim tiiey have , beheld tbe woman in black decline to say \ much about the matter for fear of noto- riety, but they certainly believe they were not deceived, A subscription has been opened in an effort to secure Alfred A. Far)and, of New Ple»ure*qne TIonotalR tfottwe. Tbe oldest btiilding in the Adirondack mountains bs the old Arnold House, locat- ed on-\John Brown's-Tract?\ in Ht j rkii»tr, couny. This old house has a, very inter- 2 eating history. In Yi%~£ Alexander Macornb,a fur trader from th? fnr West, efcme to Xew York Stats and purchased 8,670,715 acres fr«m the State at the price of 17 ceota per acre. This land lay right in tbe heart of the Adirondacks and comprised large sections ofiHerkimer, Hamilton, Lewis, Jfcfferson 4 St. Lawrence aud FrHEtklio counties,. Three men, named Constable, Daniel and McCormick, ,were equally iuterested i» tbis.purctiase with Matcomb, nnd soon after the purchase Macoruh becoming in- solvent, Constable b<»caBQe Xhe priucipal owner of this vast tract. Ia 1794 James Gre*»tjleaf bought 210,000 acres of tkm tract, which a;little later, lie was obliged to mortgage to Philip Liv- ingston^ s?til>^queutly be gave a second mortgage to other parties, iacluding JO , Joba BrowQ > tt wealthy merchant of staining of linen by yotir : nrine and'ail ' ProvidyDCe ' R L JaI798, Greenleaf th lt d h * vlo 8 f * ltd staining of linen by yotirnrine andail , the unpleasant and dangerous effects h * vlo 8 f * lted to . redeem his morcgages, prorlace* on the system bv the use of l u he eBtire t J ac t Vas ^\ght ap by John hik d b ll 1 \T n i k p whiskey and beer. g system bv the e f All drawristsgel! Dr. Fit Rd >nd even BOW is knowo as the David Kennedy's Favorite*Rem^dv%[t! l* Job ? Brown Traet,'^ It f Was regarded $ 1.00 a bottle, or 6 bottles for $5.00, ' | fo 5 * Iyn ^ time ** lhe who1 * New Yotfc mess, whereas it really comprises ooly about one-ieventeentbof that region. Jo Ira Brown first risked bts tract in 171H), when be bad- it surveyed into eight townships. On Township No. 7 '(Old Forg*-) he made a clearing, erected a saw and grist mill and a few log houses, in one of which his agent took up. his abode. Tbis house is still s^aadiag, and ia said to be tbe oldest-heuae i& tbat section. In 1812 Charles Herres&off, Browses son-in-law, went to this settlement estab- . Itebed-by Bto:sm r AG4 i»ov«d into this _ ____ _ __,, I »rery house. He deekwr*d that u be would LIE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW \ s ^ttle the tractor tbe tract would settte By a_spedaland particular arrange- Tn?nf with the manmactnrers, our read- ers can try this grand-medicine ab«o- Intely free.\ By simply sehdingyour full name and post office address to\ the Dr. DavM Kennedy Corporation Bondout. N. Y.. mentioning: this paper, when, a trial bottle of Favorite Remedy, together with a_p_iniph)et of valuable medical ad v : P. 7T•) 1 be 5*ent you by maiI postpaid. T se ^publishers of fh><* pnp*>r gruar- ante-!.' the jrenuineneps of this of'pr.\ ftbost A prominent Montreal clergyman^ tbe Ber. 3mm H. 'IHxon, ^etor St. Jades and U<mi Caaoa of ChriM Church Cathedral, wrkee;—\Permit me to f^nd yoa a few^Une* to ttrongij racosmwri PKEHY DATIS' PAIN-KUXKB. I hare wed it with satisfaction toe thirty-fire jean. It is a prepara- tion which dewH-res foU publkr OTnfldwjce.\ Paw-filler & for oat, Two Son , tec and 50c y erne P!aiB-Ki8er, Perry HITIS ^y begins witfi » common cold jjf nof^ared it beeom«« dangerous ax&Mfc^rands die from bronchitis annually. Dr. Joha W. BiUVs Coogh Syrnp, the beet remedr for tbfe diseWcnr^a it in a few d^i i burg, where Mr: Farland ] a critical audience some two or three years I aao. Wbac Paderewski is to the piano jarfd Ysaye to the violio, Farland is to the : baa jo.—Advance. We arc Ager\ts for TBE BEST §F ALL TRUSSES. ie Prlci is P ROPOSALS FOR PUBLIC PRINTrXff PAY- able by the state other than Leirfsiative j printing, pursnast to the provisions of Chapter ! 683, Lairs of 18U. \ The undersigned hereby give notice tbat they : will receive sealed proposals aatii Wedne«da.v j the second of May. 1900, at eleven o'clock on the | forenoon of that <iay. for executing the public ; printing parable by the-fitsfe other than Le^isia- i tWe printing, for the term of two years, begin- j niiK OH the twentieth day of January 1901 ! Separate pr<3posais will be received for the ] printing- for either of the public- offices., the whole j to be performed in the same style of type, paper I and execution as heretofore—the bids to be made Edith vGoodnouebJ rSHdine in ..McKean County. Perm.; and • c \Brock Walter Gooduosgh. [ n<i Catherine Goodnooga. all ! \ ' Clermont emnrty, Ohio.*! tbe bullet can be seen oa the walls. The old house changed baadsagaiaj&nd 1850 it was leased bw _fat Foster, the- who used u represent atives. send greet ing; irijereas. Henry J, Mernam, the e the last will and testament of the said John Merriam. deceased, has lately a] \ * Waters. Smed Peter t qaarteling with the India*. shot him dead, aud it is recorded that Nat moved quicklj to other resdoas. Surrogate of oiir County of Franklin to bare his ' Another hunter, Otia Jtrwrfd, with bis accounts as saeh executor .as aforesaid, judicially wife aad one child took possession of tbis S^^.SSidS e . Of . the ' l T teiaaUt>h ? 8e fc»el/fea«t home ia STXS for Yocu and each of you, are therefore- cited and required, personaSly. to be and appear before our said Surrogate, at his office ia tbe Court House i s Maione Village, in the f'oonly of Fraak- Ife, rm tbe 3©th day of April. 290©. at 1 thee forenoon, thenn andd thereto oo Ife, m tb e 3©th day of April. 290©. a t 1 the forenoon, then and there^t jdiill ttlt f th f a 'cSock in ^ the for different weights of paper. ineittdinsf mrcb meot. Proposal)? for all work to include cartage and , ^ delivery books, blanks, and other printed matter i tl»e — •\ ~~ place* in tbe city of Albany, m the Secre- State. or the heads of the several State may _direet._ except sach work as th forenon the an there^t a*t«u^ th e jadieia ^ttlemen t of the account of said Henrr J. Merriam, as executor of the said Jckn Mef- riam def^ased m, And¥a£To f th« aforesaid persc*s-are under e ase of twentyone ye th ill l ty yeura he kept open board and raised »large family of chiHiren, wfco became famous guides. Again was- this house to be made the scene of a trageery. In Sep- tember, 1868, Arnold )<£3 a {jearre! with asother guide ^nd trfipper, and in the passion of a moment Bhot hk». He died fi?e hours later, and Arnold ilted with COUCH SYRUP Will promptty cure BrowWfa. ' Doses are small and pleasant to recommetid it. Price 25 cts. At Dr. Humphreys' vSpeciaes €^ff hj acting directty upoa the disease, •wshBomt excitijog diflordef m any other pact oi the system.. A ti—Wor ., . . 3—Teething, Colie; Crying,Wakefolnesr . 4—IJiarrfaea^of CttUdrenor AdulU..... 7-^oa^i» , Colds.Brcmchitta.. .._»... . , g.3» 10—Dyspepsia, Iad%ea«oii,We*kStomAch.tW 11 -?-uppre»»e<l orPalnful Periods S ^ 12-Whites, Tbe Ftesfoae Periods., 13-€roup, L It matters not how well pleased with tixe Trass you liaTe, Wear the TRUSS a prk-e is called for in form oi proposal, and . who give the security approved by said $tnte i officers, Samples-of the blanks ami other print- i ins repaired for the said public offices, may be I ,«een at the offices of the several State depart- j ments, ami samples of the dlfferes*-weights of ~-r- °* twenty-one years, tney wili please! Tre-niorse drnwnwi him_»if i« _. !aV a «_c« take a«tice that they are required to appear by i ™ orse arowned himself m * lake Bear w*ai euardian, if they ba^e one, and if i *' . then that tbey appear and apply j Arnold's aon then ran fcbe bouse as a «ise, and it is from thte-laadlorti that it | kes its preseuc name- «>l tbe \Ar- {aold Honse.\ For many y«*rs* it» genial was open to tbe w«ary traveler, and * iT\ • hlP* ^u 6 **$*?* Wank forms | speeia? guardian will be appointed bv the Surro- ! «,byerther of theuBdeiswrned upon ; gate TO represent and act for them' in the pro- ' contraet wilt be entered mto with I eeedsa^cs. r-^.u wjirm who snail make the lowest bid\. [' ' Ia tessitaoov upon one tbt>usand copies of each Item on 1 p,p^3a8 . 15-RheamatiBtn. Bheumatie Pains. , lG—MaUria, CWlfe,F»rer andi«ae ... . . 19—€«»rrh, Inftuaaaa. Cold to tbe Head Wetting Bed 3 hereof, we have caused the seal K^..? of our said Surrogate's Courtto^ bo * rd be hereunto affised Wit -^ r _„', are. in coo__qpe_ce of any . eombiBsation. or other caase-, excessiTe or disad- i vantajceo-. to- the State, they may decline any or j all of the said proposals ami advertise anew* for ! JJhe work embraced therein. j No contract made in pursuance hereof, or- anv ! j Interest in the same, snail fee as^isrmble to anv : a week, then return it if you wish and 1OX X^™.^^*>*°™^™^* be hereunto alfised. Witness. Hon. Samuel A. Beman. Snrro-' s.- -. gate of said Couaty.at the town of Malone.the 2nd day of 3fovdi. i in the year of our Lord one- ! thousand nine hundred. I WM. P. EARLE, f Clerk of the Sarrogate's Coxirt, j &EL3KKT JE WEUA Att'ys for gxecnto; p ; T nd aaany were the jokes and bage tbe laughs which resounded through; Sfee aoar kil kails. retreat has long and is neariy gradual Eeto. Maloae , X . Y . ; p pons withoat tfee written co I the Secretary of Sfcate;and Coroptroller, \ To erery propoal f th f money will be cheerfully refunded. BARNES Sc CO., ng'iBttk, Maloi\c, N. Y. th e Secretar y Sad Coroptroller , I To erery proposal for the performance of all ! ny portwn of the pritin b ifii i bt Y« 4 d Leave ikt lippj Home-\ WEBSTER'S Up-to-Date Turnouts. Prompt Attention^ Courteous and Ex]»»w Drivers. Road Horses • and the Latest Styles in • ^-*- Vehicles. We also have several family horses, ..... r . . — printing abore v^^-v.^^. . .and bat one proposal will be received Sromaff. , I one person, firm or party in interest, forthe per- \ j ability, that the person making such bid wilL if 1 i the same is at^^epted. eater iato a contract ae- j | cording 1 to the terms thereof, and eive lhe-> i security mjgired by law in such case, withia ten j | davs from the time he shall receire notice of the. j i acceptance <»f bis bid: and to every such, iruar- '•. anty there shall be annexed a certificate of the I County Judge of the county where the guarantor; resides iliat the suaraator i« a freeholder and, ': i. able to make good bi^ gtiaranty. ' I } The right to abrogate or annul any e^mtract ; ! made in \p?irs«aa<;e' tiereof, for failure or non- i ] performance- iasto time and manner o^f exeen- '' i turn and delivery*. ?s berefay expre^sh- reserved I j to the Secretary of State and Ooinptroiler. • I It is further expressly imder»;t*.>o<i that the coa- \ i tmct to be entered into as aforesaid shall eon- ! ! tarn th* stipulation prescribed in section 8 <>f tbe '• | Lal»>r kw . that BO laborer, workman c-r me- f chaiiie in the employ of^the comraetor, sab-tt.»s- i ADC TU C tractor nr m-her person'aoing or contracting to 1 *»»v«-* 1 ilE r do the whole or a part of the wntk cHmreaiplHtM > . % DCCT by the contract, shall \->e permitted or required j • % • • DC* 5 I to work more than eight hours in asy one eai- emtar day «-scep_t is cases of extraortiioarj' emery*H<^y i caused by lire, flood or danarer to life or property. • -• Each proposal, with a guaranty, -must be in- dosed in a sealed, envelope and airec*etl on the outside. \ Proposals for Publiu Printing oth< thaif Legislative*\ or for-.any portion of tL_ printing for the said public offices embraced in this notice, a<* the case may be: and, when thus sealed and directed, the proposition should be inclosed is ^ separate envelope and directed t the urniersignea, or either of them JOHN T. McDOSOCGH; Secretary of State. - WILLIAM J. MORGAN. Comptroller. Albany, N. Y.. March 31, 1900. '' \ Fo r Over Fifty 1 Mas. Wtssuow's SooTHMs&TBtne by mffiiona of mothers ttm ^eir teething. If distarbeda* ai*cktaa» „ , yoor rest by a sick ehiM suffering asd with pain of Cutting Te«4h s*ad at ©see a bottle of \Mrs. WInsiew's Seotiuag _ for Children Teething. It wl refleTe the poor little sufferer imraeSi»t«br. Depend upon it, mothCTS, there is no aititaie ahoat ft. It cores Diarrhcea. re^ral^tes the Stoa^eh ami Bowels, onres Wind Colic, selteas Ifee Gn»s, rednees In- I Sammation, and g&cm tea© and energy to the \ whole system. \ Mrs. Wasslow^ Soothing Syrnp*' forefafld»en teettting Is pleasant to the taste and is the paeacrtpaoo of one of the oldest and best femate ehysieSaBs and nurses in the United States. Price twenty-fire e^nts a bottle f Sold by aH drusgfete throoffeont the world. \ . DebUfay 3O—Frinary W« yy€ Baygfc'sm. FraJikiin Cc«ity. Cbarles W. Wiidln* ra* I F. Amsden^OIife Hickok Amsden, & J S. Lawrence. Meleee Heating A Plombinir 2SS 4 5f ttae C00 \ mi S drt^tpfete throaffeotit e Be ! ? jtwAf C._, Pursuant t& a jBKtgmetit of forecloaare i sale rendered? herein on the 9th day of ~ \ 1900, and'dnly entered in Assklut ooon ofBee on th* l* h day of Febroary. i*«r t A . ««, , undersigned, referee duly appointed tor sash i pnrpose by sail judgment, wfil se« at pabSc 1 anetk>n,to,the highesft bidder, on Frtta ^ tke 18tfc 1 day of Ma-y. at ten o'clock A. IE^ ai tt e fro«t f door of .-the Court House in Msloae r ~\ FraakliaConnty. N. Y.. the real estate 4. . „ by said. indga«fit to be sold and theceia descrifr-1 ed a»,folk)ws L f AM that faraet or parcel of land. *it»aie m tfce 1 Town of Maione. County of Fraafclfe aad Stase I o^Sew York being a part of Ux Se, 4Q. TOWB *feH> >*«>. ^asd in Maione Village, os the east s of Anasdea Stre^TBid described as follows: \—'ing at a point in the east Mne of Amsda* 1 hich point is the northwest oorner of 1 street ^ ...__ \ivi\ I ^ Iaads of * he ^ lon& IMht, Heat\i'p^wer AF* Company, and runs thene* eagerly along the north Bse of said company s Jaudi a distance »? - one haadred feet: tbenee aorth paraHei with tke 1 east itne of Amsden street a distance of fifty I The Utiea Herald, which wate reeenfely parchased by tb e proprietors of the Even-. .._ ing Dispatch* has been di*continaed» the [\ t: K '^ nee ^f st { 5 pa , raite l to ? aid.coi two having been consolidated and coming j of^ms<?«i O stretitf thlnee^southte <5id octt a s an evening edittoa under Lhe title j fifty feet to the 'place of beginning -*^\ Utiea Heraid-Dispatcb. : ft \ rh * lanrf s } n erii \ *\\* *~ **\ -\• ah l We run to All Trains. Leave Orders at Bauer' s a t {lie Head . s Here Is whal, A. €. Dairrmple, \w\ins dru? gist of Mt. Morris, N. Y.. said whjea speaking of the most 5>opn!ar and best selling Cough modi- cine now, on the market: \I hare sold nine j i dozen of Bauer's instant Cough Care tbe past j j four we^ks, principally for tbe Grippe Cough. ! {and I and It the quickest seller and gives' the i best sarisfaetion of any cough reraedv J bare in said tract, be the same tsore or erm-x of sale. <e*sfa down. at Maione, 2*. Y., this 3rd day of 4w7 JOHN W. GENAWAT. Beferee. MAKTIS E. MCCJUABT, Attorner for Plaiatiff. mvu% mm IN EFFECT FEB'T 1, N. M. Sabourin's j ever handled * n 25 and,30 ets' Sampled free at Restaurant or i^S^ r Ho^ton's. Malune an«i v.-b\. 1'aine's ? other ; HpiPalace Stables,. i>nid be i •• 1 Call u p 82-2 ! Sparhawk Sanitariiinv to the Care, Comfort and Care of tbe sffik. Largest private institution Northern New England. Special facilities for the care of SURGICAL CASES, particularly flisfas admitrtK.1. es of woaiea, and diseases of the cectam. Medical cases also B*th.s of all kinds. Write for circular. Burlington, Vt. \ To Cure a Coldi in 24 Hoars Take • 3 ASQ-PAO, : Contains nothing injurious Acts quickly and is a sure cure for! Golds ... Lagiippe and Neuralgia Headaches.! Price, 25 Cents- -~ FOR SALE ... C. W. BREED s vTfvvuTJvvwiSTJVxr^ I4w-i M ORT G \ 6B -8A 1.E.-WHEREAS, BE- fault lias been made in the payment of the money semired by a certain mortgage, bearing date tbe 33rd day of July. 1886. made and execo- ted by Joseph A.Piumb (now deceased}and Karia A. Plumb, his wife, of the town of Bangor, County of Franklin, and State of New York, as mortgagors, to the Agricultural Insurance Com- pany, located at Watertown, New York, which said mortgaiC was daly recorde<l in the Franklin County Clerk's Office, in Book Ho. 44 of Mort- gages, pa#e 330, on the !»th day of July. 1886, at four o'clock, P. M.. and no suit or proceeding haring-been began or instituted at law to re- eoFer the debt secured by said mortgage, or any part thereof; and Whereas, said mortgage was duly assigned by the Agricultural Insurance Company, xafd mort- gagee in said mortgage, to Edvrui A. Rich of said town of Bangor, which said assignment was dated tbe 24th day of Norember, 1&89. and re- corded in said Franklin County Clerk's Office December 6th, 1890, in Book of Mortgages «8, Dage4*»5: and Whereas, The amount eiaimed to be due on the said mortgage, at notice is the mm f 1 o f this notice, b the sum of #487.60 namely. f«O.o6\prin- cipal, and 187.6© interest, and that the whole amount remaining unpaid is the sum of $187.60. Now, therefore, uotioe is hereby given accord- ing to statute in such ease made and provided that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, duly recorded therewith m afore- said, the said mortgage will be foreclosed bv the sale of the premises herein described by tbe* sub- scriber, the mortgage assignee therein, at public ftuetion, on the I6th day of June* 1900, at ten o'clock In the forenoou of that dav. at the front door of the Court House in the village and town of Maione, Franklin County. N. Y. The following is a description of the mortgaged premises, so as aforesaid to be sold, substantially as it is contained in the said mortgage, to wit- All that pleoe of land situated in the town of Baagor, County of Franklin, and State of New York, bounded and described && follows, viz.: And is known on a map of a survey made by Potter Goff !H the year*!s!5 of the south-east quarter of township Kp. Five in the town of Bangor as the west one-half of Lot number ten (10). ooatalninjp fifty acres of land more of less excepting a*0 reserving therefrom twenty-nine and 1<-I9»sj«r«j, beine-a atrip on the west side thereof deeded from -said Joseph A. Plumb and Esria A. Ptutnb to William W. Humb b r deed recorded in said Cork's Office in Book of Deeds vo. m at page 13S, to which deed reference Is here made for a particular descripttoe of said exception. Dated March SO. 1900. EDWIN A —JLttorntys for Awignee, Maione, N. E. A. WEBSTER, Jr., Prop. Mill Street, - MALONE, N. Y. Disease Germs in Bread SEST F. KISG. before tbe Civic Center 'aahington. D. C . says: \ Granting that all pathogenic germs in the dough are destroyed by baking, and that the bread comes frwa the oven practically sterile, the loaves after cooling are packed in the wagons by the driver, and are later pJaeed by him in the grocer's box. taken Running sore*, ulcers, boil^ gimpies, etc., qaickly cared by BANNER\ SALVE,th# mo%t healing salve in tbe world. No oth- er '-jost as good.\ For sale by all drug- dists. The chief end of man depeods on whether he is wanted to do br%iu work or rvrn errands. 14-15 j Mixd. i A. M. P. M. ! 1:30 Lv. Tapper Lake Ar, 1:86 Ceotrai Jc. no*) . ChUdwold i-2$8 Rilda« BapidaJunctkm *£%> TteyPcad ni-.l] S:*? Braadon ii ts«a Madawa«ka _ no Ar. k^l y irrapped before they come in the posses- sion Of the consumer.. When you consider th» possibilities of contamination you will allow that there is abundant opportunity for infection after baking. The remedy for this danger is the wraih ping of each loaf as soon as it cools/\ If ladies will ask for bread wrapped in waxed papers, that are absolutely dust and water proof, they will do much toward brtngfn^ about an adoption of this health-protecting article. In these days of close trade competition, customers, whose trade is desirable, can obtain from tradespeople any article of use they may wish, and in a matter where health aad cWuS- ness are involved there can be no excuse for th« ladies who buv bakers* bread not calling for it protected in the above-named manner, inasmuch as it dam not cost the consumer more per loaf. Bread so wrapped not only I* kept from all contamination, out Is preserved thereby in a moist and edible condition*-for a much longer period of ttuw without becoming ** state.*' Taylor's Family Bakery, B . € , TAILOR , Prop . I^O f ICJB.—PUBSUAKT TO ASf ORDER Of L^ Hon. Samuel A. Beman, Surrogate of tbe kmnty of Franklin, and according to the statute _a such ease made and provided, notice Is hereby livea to all persons havfcw claims aninst Joseph P Hadley. late of WestvtUe, in mM county, d«- eeased.that they are required to exhibit the same, with tbe vouchers thereof, u. tbe undfTsigrwKi. executrix, at her resident* in Maksae village, ia '1 couaty, oaor before the SMst day of ,July 5aQQary gth, lfi«? MiTTi! I. HA»I»BY, Kxecntrlx. = GUUBSBT 4 Wsixa, Attorneys^' 5w«T Home and Lot fdr Sale. E.HOUSS OK ACAD1ST 8T, orJ£Tu teol mente, bath, hot water fitted new thronsboat. Alarpb^ n tiom. For terms iiajutre at Brown A Pearl srfkakme, SLY. * - RhecunatfHia Cured in ii Day. \Mystic Cure\ for Rheumatism and Neuralgia radfeaily cures in 1 to » days. It* action upon the system is remarkable and mysterious. It re- moves at once the cause and the dlwase immedi- ately disappears TheJirst dose greatly bent fit* 7-5 cents. Sold by C. T **^* * - A poor man i it rich. CASTOR IA For Inputs and Guldren, jtratly beut fit* <*ru^ist, Maione. knows -how Bears the Signature of When a society girl marries she imag ines the world is? eclipsed by her hooey Tr y i;r*lB-O! Tr y «;r«la>O! Ask your frooer today to show you a package of QRAm-O, tbe new food drink tBat tskm th« place of cojffee. The cblktrerv may drink it vrHb- out injury as weila* the adult All who try it liken. 6it£j&~Obas that, rich seal blowa of Mocka or Java, hot it is made from pure grams, and the most delicate stomach receives it wfth- cmt dkte^ss. U the pric* of coffee. iSc aod «e per package. Sold by all grocers, ^ Is in iamn visiting her ito 11, of Stow tnikm* Mr. JQ. B. Tta% W, Carter, <i Ashboro, N. C.,h*d kidney trouble aad OM bottte of FOLKY's KtnsET Cuax ai£ect«d a perfect car*, aad he says there t« BO oth«r rm&dj tka£ will 'eotupare wffcli It. _ Aecvpfc no bi Fox sale by afl drattiato. 8:40 9.W ' •7:47 8J0 Dtekinson e^tr. Ar. Xofr» Lv. LT, Moira Ar. 9*B Ironton ts^s Ar. Hog&ssburg Lv. SS6 933 5^ Lv. 5:30 Ar. Moira Maione i-M 9:90 1&15 11:17 nM 11:10 A..M. P.M. Lv. Moira Norwood Ar. Ogdensbarg Lr. A.M. P.M. Coal$6 per ton. .5<r

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