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T1 K K 1 T\* Tie expressed it as the senate's dutv to I he MalOne Farmer,: confirm the appointment WEDNESDAY, MARCH '-'S. VMl SCHOO L MONEYS . Dist >-, The JUacqueUe Lake railroad bill re ceivt-d tbe same unfair treatment in th< senate as iu the assembly.\ The rate of j present *'ear:— tfire was made two cents a mile, notwith- ; firs t v strict. standing it was sihowrn that this^bmaii piece of road, run only in Hun.mer, built for the benefit of the suramt-r campers of tlTat region, could not possibly be operated Ht that price.= A bill providing for the printing of Regent* examination papers iu the rooms of the university by its em- pioyes has lieeo reported favorably from \• r,- L •> tv . & •• j, l( , » m ,-.,-> r , o 0 mo j v r ; ployes has been reported favorably from _ A _\\;•\ & ' J\' \_-'-'---' '__ — j the assembly com rait tee on Way s and Means 3; iX) $1 -Jr> §i :r» ^a V) $:i •£> $6 00 $K,»oo I This is for the purpose of preventing by ':,*} r.? r 'i : \t' fS' *yL •><£ ilS)i an y possibility th« * ' The following is the apportionment of :hool juoneys to the several school di.s- if:fs of tbe commissioner districts for the K^^^ :% s^ 5W TW 9 so. 14 5 0 ; t n 5<\ s oo 10 50 13 oo-.18 00 , K;«» IO <X.I i'2 00 16 00 -20 00i as 00, tew i5QO«oo.30 00-38QuaO(XMOO(W ; HIIMBLK I..>i-J > TTAlJU T I i • AN • \ V i A M 1 M .V , , j? •NOMINATIONS. KM Kits->N i! FLACK S Ar'AVIS H \!.!YKH of the to the public. Oue of the most im- | 0 I portaut measures yet passed went through . the senate last week in response to au | emergency menage of the govern >i it establishes a separate bure-in o[ « ec t on in the city of New York I ti - w i take tlie control o' the jK>li>-,e>tH *il 11 *- h iud- T Dist. N otai... U .1 otal. . .. 3057'.' .. -.Mi r.o . . U'4 <.!.\ ••• f S-« BT iHTON Di-t :RKE. DHt TO WASH COLORED TABLE CLOTHS A great many perso who live on farms tod N<-> ,.$1,770 o3 f103 V, ....1435 05 $130 43 k went IJCIIWC T th e senate com iiiittee.on Fir nice Ihui-da y ; uight to advocate as large in appr>pna j tion for good roads this ye,ii as pos^iblt ! They expected to be heard u th e a'ter i uoou, -but the !-euatt re mail e< 5 in -e-*i< i ail eveuinw: aud it was aftei H< * eij o c n ek ! «t niiihr befure the hearios tou' 1 be < < ' • e<l. Tbe senator- were u p most < t h* nitrht. It i> expected that rti - \t-at - -if !•: M'ATF t APfTAt. , prupnatioti wjji b* about *i ><l Unit iv|i It \. Y., M-sr.-?:-mi. H««» i {niarion will have to w t i \nnfiir • bs- m-v^r berB kuowu t o : 'Mt-irar.on of urantre. brev-tlr ^ nr\ -u h«ve to do their own wishing, used colored table linen to stve washing. To Keep them looking • new and from fading use a little , \ Gold Dust Washing Powder in the wash water, *nd dry in the shade, I t is wonderful how long a pretty red table ciosh will keep its freshness-washed this w*y. Wash red or colored napkins the same way I> I N itrus >OK HOI-H ( )RK' THE N K FAIRBANK COMPANY, Ch*e. 9 o, S< Uult, N*w York, •••*»», ^u44Mi—iUte—; ;O fanner? au d UL> pei c ' xhibif.tf- of live -tnck, fni f Miry ;-irui farm products at tl ^ 1 Jnt prtn- stnrv < f v iii.i.ev.M - per - .Mate r';t; r HiiJ . providing }t UMP! ireen • tnu O I tii e iuvlituiion. rttl;t-r.Lteft the; . urn*; tbe drit e : <-'ou>i«ler;ib!e time %v ;) > &0 , tfca * r f e 7 : Zyti^lou of\ t bfeXvW^ •e ciay>. which : f ^ Jt , public 'i -»ea-:a r ;(H ,«s of tbe a-jcurrerj among rheNt committee on j call on the Friday night p eteebntr obliged tu ae- \ nanietl several setiators whom it claimed iterirtllv if it > engaged iu a poker game aud lost COB-; >ills which are ! «<i«\^>le >\n^ of -money. The -senators ! ]?• • • •otnirmteeK, ! took i r U P on tLi e floor aed tre^te/l it with : \:,\ i levity ia makiug their geueral deoiais, ! 1:5.. , I One senator .-aid he had never had a card ; ^7\ ; io his hand while in Aibnoy, Another! ;WX ' t01 I who WAS charged with losing !^32o said he 1 vehemently . neve r plttyed & game of poker in his life, j !n <f No 1 *,»eii by brewer*, glucose manufactur- | Another said he never played pokerUor j ' •>'. aud r-.cv dealers, but without avail, j thirteen reasons. The fir«=t was that he I ;! :mtor Mulby and ttie introdueePoT the I was always \broke and that made the : ;, L fnxigtu for a favorable report and got S Htatemeiat of the other twelve reasons un- ; f, \ The bi'll i? uow on general orders and j necessary. Still another said that he 1 Totai . i t.ro^t.lv he reached for discussion in wou ] d ^ t0 com P e J ^ e Paper to make • ^ r , Hv . ; iev r WP ^ ! A ti . -n ! po ° araouQt of losses set. opposite the |1;s t N \ • /\ r \ ' ' . ' '\ , \\' . * m ^ ~ w ; ! Hames of the several senators, for. in that ; 7. lltt ^^ lje _ » iftd _ e t( ; ••Dject^ rice and | case < he wou j,i be-'in about $225. The I 4 -ose :utu ;t. aud. with all these inter- j episode ^ bich Senator Ford created a day . •\ •> vehemetitly nghtint' the bill, with ! or two later wa.«thechargethattherewa?a '''\'a!. i! repie^utativessvTrtrmine about the j political alliance be'weeu Senator Sfrana- ' •ir.n. trip Htrempts may prove success-| ban. chairman of the -Cities committee. ' l>wf N \ : . Ojp of the glucose men .said that if | aud Senator Grariy. the Democratic leader •\' uv were parsed requiring the making | on.the floor. .This led to a bitter wmuale 5UGAR MILK BAKING POWDM Took Highest Diploma at World*: Fatt-, Chicago. o THI51STHEC00K j BY WOHL0S FAIR JUDGE /CREAM TARTAR BAJOHG PI / (Without a grain of Impurity) / AND TEN PER CENT THE HIGHEST OF THEM ALL <o IN LEAVEM1NC POWER <£> /^^. NAMELY .-15.6+ -r-*^ I NEXTHISHESTONtf 14.22 \ / THIRD HI6HESrOWX...;j3.*4- \ / Hence it look a HedaUAIl.Medals were alike} \ VD1PL0MA REAflST ^^- r - Awn nnirrvm i U*t-.hi It another inning I y~ n lit tee on Publii second District. ALTAMONT. . sios •>; | Sparhawk Saniiariiinv | Devoted to the Care. Comfort and Cure of the sick. Largest private institution in ! ' Northern New England. Special facilities for the care of | SURGICAL CASES, : particularly diseases of women,, and diseaees of the rectum. Medical cases also admitted. Bath-of all kind>. Write for circular. Burlington, Vt. North Batigor. xire hops and ba tuait, 1 yo to two dollar? a bushel, Ailuiis>ion wh-eh tbe intro- with no good results, except to show that \ bitt fHi\'i h a very bitter feHiog\'exi the sen 1 MAW H24 -liev. i!f. TILMUH- bv^an m«eiiusr> ! at the .-Huron \n^i Monday eveniiis. r-repirat^ry I Monfia^r «veuiQ«. Mur*4i *iih. : Tuesday evrains:. in ?p;T»- of the had mads, | many frnm this j.lac-e attended the iiano<- at j Baugor,. \ to'Axton. wliere'tii.-y^ l-.av^ i.«:-it:.>n> a waiting -irrner- would certainly not object to u:ITa \x)um iaany product. various localities ii£ iu the aggregate to $1,6SU,000, a decrease from Jast year's biii | day last The bill contains au appro- j ISl h S | i , which may break out completely i L and put a block to all legislation at any ; time. Another senate is to be elected thi* year, and it is certainly to be hoped ', , that it will not be so closely divided po- j ie annuiii .supply bill has passed the j lineally as at preseut.so that some results ' l ubly. It contain* appropriatioui for j may be accomplished by it. j various depart aieats of \govern raent —- . • and improvements ia various localitie . Village Kletiion*. ; Th\e election of village officers on Tues- i rkably quiet aad only ! - ,-.-,.-. 3Ast. The Republican 1 *3.<Khi for the road* on the 6t. | ticket was tbe only one in the field and in : [ Hey;!- Indian reservation aud a re-appro-j the absence of all contest the voting was ; r-rUtinn :> T ' the fH.oW voted last year for | slow and spirit less. Even the appropria- • r.ir retu-...vai of t he. rU-ad timber from the I tions. over which there is usually a contest. •. \;.wt--i ; i,tt)'i at Tnppi-r Lake, The bill ) did no? arouse but iirr-le opposition. The ! apj«roj:!-:;triuu' *K.i«Hi tor a lock in the dam j ticket elected is as follows. K^rwasiac Lakr i* now on the order of j President—R. C. Thompson. ii:ini sv.iaam iu rhe assembly and will j Trustees, two years—S. C. Paddock. G. l>vohAh[y :,u- UjHt ii(in,e Tuesday niurn- ! H. Nickelson aud Dan. Clark: one year— •f^- J jC. X. Roby. , - —- •- j Collector—Henry Baker. ; 'Tic •.•;• 'V.f itujnn\! measure^ passed I Treasurer—F. K. Maliette. !•>• the a--fnit)iy -ince ou r last writing ! The appropriations, including a covered }•!•>.hi !•>•:.- ;bf -a'ie no<i usf of trading i sewer on West Main Street from' Rock -r.Hriip-. wi-,u-h proved such a nuisauce to j lia d to Wellington street, were vuted. and M.-ilonr ;i;wvi!Hai- a yrav or two atco that. ;' are as follows: uf.-tM- iryiuir theni. ti.t-y were obliged to i Ei'-ctri'- lisrlus <:•>, i>«> vulrv inr<) A wrin; *n~ .-f.-mpact an t t o us e i w \ater rent.. A''.;.\in T .h(-:n. Tic biii Wh- eijeryretic-tlly opposed. ; yV/!,',' 11 ^\ 1 - {un '* ' ~- l J \' Hl bu t pif»st-tl Gy a iartre majority . Assera- i sjalarvViV^erk. r;!o •)[v,maa KeLsey's biii triviujr wome n ta};- I s \'*'\\'»f treasure!- ':<i payers iu viilwues and tovvus the right to j < } ^-'. J - ut -, i * s: ' e<s< ! '''\' i: ^ vote m I»K elecfious on the (jue^iou of approj-'riKMoii- iii-,0 pu^.-ed ifee assembly Miss Annie L. PI a busifies* this week. Elijah Sawyer has DICKIXS .' 105 74 - 3 27 ~:> •• Ea.-r with a carl. hi: aeo, has joined the circle <u h retiini to ilyfk? Park. David Dust in is moving t<> r> l€ . Hyd , the north road this week. j John Boardway. who ha> b^eu r. Axton since January, returned Lome tue tir<r part of this week. He reports the Sam* ! Clara Lumber Co.. be!t.,r off. ti'iau <onw <-f tlM-ir | iieisrhbors. havina: •'sjotteu in \ the!: 1 entire stock IHsi 0. ill 19 'X 04 long step *(Mvnrd v the biii become ;t 1; t'ill is dead ;JI tiie .• up in urn era I ordei original form covej matte r what rate bear, 'i'heu Seuat. Poljc, 1.\ In the above no amount appears for the highways, the board of trustees having thp power to fix tbe*um, which will prob- ably make the total about $lt>.500. am nd :e. This would be a oniHD sntfmge should w. The mortgage tax j nate. When it came ? it was restored to its riir all uiurfgaues no jf interest' they initjufj r Cogtreshiill moved to | ID Chateaugay the citi/.ens ticket won t.y exempting all nrortgHges of j b y majorities rangirig from 55 to 41. tic.- .'H tidier, which wasadopted. i electing the followiug ticket: President »;!i.in,tb;it rorrn, would rai ^ but | J. S. Kf^sane: trustee; -I. C Laneto: col- mey ,inf, w.iiii.i rvnder a State tax | lector. Barney Haney; treasnrer, G«o. G. a - ueee>-«ry as ever, the amend-i Rentlev. u,,h,Knel i of it- .lea,., wbichl ^ ' Dist Di*t !>;*? f.irar a SANTA rl.A X-. i .. . .s;41 T..:a:. 7.7. H ' \\ Nc. ! fe«4 . . -T\ i Tola\: •AVKitL\ WESTYIU. N\. 1 . . ,.stu H '77 ! 1--N 4 .7\ luM d UK Total id Tot ih •. Better i»\s :)s :i :-i! IX. \, , :j . No. 4. - •;. . >-.-». (j . . Wise . s:«t .> i -' io: SIC, 10T 115 #1.0(15 l-i,7K- r.. ( 10 lay afternoon from (ianiner. Ma-?., w 1 ^nt to see his step father, who wa> sick. ' reported him about the same. ' Mrs. Isaac Lyons, of .Mountain View. U he sick iist with pneumonia.*\ MTKJr>hn ; McDonald, of Sarunai- Lake, home on a visit to Mr. I.^uis MeDonai<l for a Deafness Canno t be Cure d By k>ml applications, as they cannot reach the i diseased portion of the ear. There is only one ! way to cure deafness, and that is by constitu- tional remedies. Deafness is caused by an in- flamed condition of the mucous iiniak of the Eustachian tube When tbis-fube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness is the re- suit, and unless the mflaminatkm can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condi- tion, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the irjueous : surfaces. '• We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrhi that cannot be cured by Hairs Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O. Sold by druggists: 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the best. ;-gg Duane , MARI-II 24. —Miss Minnie Currier commences her spring term of school Monday. Nathan Trim has moved into\ the Woodford house. Warren Smith, of Norwood, visited frrends and relatives in town this w.?ek. Hals^ Spraffue. one of Meacham Lake's best guides, went to the sportsmen's show and had me misfortune to fret lost in the city. His. S. A. Ladd and also Ge<»r:re Selkirk, who have been to Montreal for treatment, are expect- ed to return to Malone thi- week. rrvimr Ladd went to Montreal tliLs week to come home witli h\> mother. I would respectfully atmouace that I have purchased the e Millinery Business for- merly conducted by E. M. MAKER, * and shall endeavor to keep it up to high standard of excellence, and by courteous attention and UP-TO-DATE GOODS, 1 merit a share of the patronage \ a^of. the tadies of Malone J and vicinity. \ MRS. S. A. KEARKS. Call and See I*. Everybody \Welcome. . ! ' Sy $ir: Henry Kin- has-a~&ore .eyy. He i emery diHt'in it. i Kev. Father McDt-rniott. wh>. basY,een staying tat the sanitarium ai Paul >mi(h's istatiuu^re- I turned home to Alexandria Bay on Mondays I Miss Uattie Benoit a.-romp^iied him. 1IU health ! i^much improved. j Mr. Charles .Tones w-aTr married last Thursday in Malone to Miss Ida Turner, of Banjfor. N. Y. Mr. Heiu-v Hunf. of Alexandria Bay. was the * \-nest of Mr. Joseph Benoit last Monday. I onenf John Fraud man's boys i< on tlie -:ck ist [Ti. Wbipple ha Than Rich.\ Wise people are also rich - - ~~: „, . , . . l , J : when they know a perfect ;ol:..weil:i short tim* after i. y tbe afiop ! ' wo tll>Kt - t s %ve re al><> )n the Held at; 1 r ** , *< rioii ,.f u inotioM :o strike oui'ihe enacting f Fort CovJngton. Tbe following were i remedy JOr all annOyinq dlS- ,;ia:i> t -or tlie biil. Th e vote t o kill Hj'e I electecJ : President. Walte r M. Herrick; : ._., .f it^ rf i i>j ' Forlvs: treasurer. .lames | eases Of the DlOOd, kidneys, liver and bowels. It is, Hood's Sarsaparilla, which is perfect in its action, It so regulates the entire sys- 1 to probate. ; ' ord ••kuow-.titiiy\' i;j the provision\ mak : I'^tnte nf .ferome T. ncjnald^oii. I i« it a i:rinu- if a policy slip is fontul on ' rion f o I>n l 'H-h for clnims rile<l and •rder Mr. and Mrs. W iJienry Kins's house '; Euiiene Dnnton his rented bis farm to i.u.'ene I Glazier and is goitin down East. • Mrs Edward M< -Donald is on The :-irk list. t 'MJ-'H. Kinj: has moved into .Mrs Mrarham's T^'Mr^aiid Mrs. Edward M.-U..nald have moved ' inti> Mr ilwu.on's house. ! Miss .Tuna L+wiev is t.-aciiinir s<'fi(_.oi at Mnun- tain View Mis- Mary I.etmey is ai>o teaehmg at owl's VIead. Mr. Joseph Benoit. .' and personal proper! ' fsaiHh Prun.-v. «.f N. r'. James Moove. - . Thus th e nmtte r tvilli trnsree - K j:ot reatii tt!M .i-t-rabiy. Ht thi> session. | F< * n l ahHr: Li()11( The cbief CHuit witii the i>ill WHS that it i •-»•••—— M.. t ine<l l.r i>e jali y a- inequitahle nn.l tin | M'BKO«A'ri!' S COt'HT . '.is l.;ui ;t- itV.wui.l I if made.' The Proceedings in Surrogate's Court for ; ! the week ending March 24th, I9u(>: | i-y-r.hop bill ha^ i Estate of F.rars I,. Howe. * Will ad- ; j t SV M ,f ] ictii an - pHl'rt'd -iijss a .v or ;{j. Th -. A: i h o i> ? provision mak : iwH«ni.ieroinf j •oiicy slip is found on ! rion f o I>n l 'H-h for cl s-quire> crimiual iuteut i nm(it > « u 'i entered. ist th* per-ou having | Estate of Joseph 1). Woodward. which has ti*m fo sued Hsta appr lVti- atories tern as to bring vigorous health. It never disappoints* Goitre-\Fo r 42 years I had goitre, or tiled ami inventories ; swelling on my neck, which was dis- | couraging and troublesome. .Rheumatism 1 of Kliza Meur?. Petition of ' also annoyed me. Hood's Sarsaparilla Alears, executor, for probate of | nir.-d nip rorupirtely and the swelling has 'd and citatiou issued returnable j entirely disappeurd' A lady in Michigan th. saw my previous testimonial and used •n*** __ j Hood's and was entirely cured.of the sirae 011^ Hw < hunhc * an d N<>< i«ii<««. : trouble, .she thanked rne for rei-onunend- %vn5 nut a proper subject for a party cau- | The quarterly communion service will j witli constant headachy nf>rvo.'i?ju- > ss and ens. ;iu«i leaving iuiuit-difttely_aft*r the j be held Ht the Congregational church! »»o_ appetite. I'sed \Hood' Melro LYNTH.- In Sumraerviile. Mass.. Sunday. Mar. 1>< WOO a ibiughter to Mr. and Mrs. Win. P. Lynch. W£ FOOTE.~ln Hiirtford. (\»nn.. Tae^iay. Mdr.-h airtU. lifiX). a -ou to llr. and Mrs. Myron M. Foote. irACTHIEH. Inrhateaujray. N. Y,, M ri rvh :?. 1900. a son ro Mr.'and Mrs. Henry Gasnhirr. TRYON*. Iu ^t. Kt-^is Falls. N. Y.. luesday. Mar<-h 13. T.W, a son to Mr. and Mrs F. !.. Fryon : an impossibility. . ... . however, thought , daii^t-rous ureeedent to establish that i «or»tii: neve luidiu- of policy slips on th* I Wl! 1 h l .Mi -houid he cont;]n-)VH evidence of l April '•'.< - \ | CIWJOKX-SMITH.—At the Ji^n.o. .-f th- bride. Man-h 14th. l!»X). by Rev Wm Thoni**. Scott G. Crook.-and (iertrudr N. Smith. ».oth -f Bailor. N. Y. JONES -TCRNEK.-At the home..f lit.-l.ri.le.. March-.\-' 1!>TU. by Ut-r. Wm Th-.ma». (.'harle^ A. joue-- of Mountain Vww, N. V.. and Kin L. Turner, of Bangor.N.Y. confirmed, nobody voting in the negative except Senator Sullivan. Senator Malby defended the old com mission and express- ed his rf-grt-t that the senate district which he represented, etnbraciuK half, the Adi- rondack wifheruess, bail been ignored. in the make up of the new commission. The regular meeting a't tbe W. C. T, I*, rooms next Friday afternoon at three o'clock will be conducted by Mrs. George Hawkins. The subject will be '-Non- Alcobolic ^dieation, \also a continuation of the talk givep at tbe convention cm ''Mothers' Clubs.\ A full attendance^ desired. not get it lor less. Jt is spring medicine. It makf s the weak stron ALBKRT A. JAGXOW, Douglastown, N. Y. IivorjlU^the nonjrrltattng » lakewith HTKI<1« ; KiCMapaVil ! SAM'OMB. In Cnateatitray, N Y.. M^r-'h il- j 1*MH>. Ertrl, son of Mr. and Mr>. Edward san.-omb. i iiiTPi about four Vfnrs. PAKNABY.--lnT;'o'.u U'v< r. NY. . Tuesday. March'X !W. very sadu.'rr.y. Mr* Roru-n Parti HEAl'DHY. -lii MaU»tv\ N. Y . M;ir<-!i 20. VMh of <'hronk r riephritis, Kti Uoavidry. tiged 73 years- Mr. Keaudry liad hme t.ven President of Ma- lone and was a member of Notre Dame R. <\ rlauvb. He was a war veteran anti a irjfoibev of nreuriau Post. The fuoeral ocmirrtni from the ciiiM-ch last ThTirsda>\ raorninif, H larjre number of the members of Brentiau Post atu'iuliru: tn a body. L*PLANT--In Mafotie. N.T.. Manh K. l\«», of meninjritis, Julia La Plant. a^e4 75 years. H \N1>L1N -I n Bellmoru, N. Y.. \March 2i. l'.W0. of paralysis, Catherine Haudlin. a?ed 86 ye^rs, Mrs Handlin had lived with her son. John, in' Boltnwnt for many years. The intemient-was In the cemetery on Fort Coviji£tor> Street, Malooe\ Do you take cold with every change in the weather ? Does your throat feel raw ? And' do sharp pains dart through your chest ? Don't you know these are danger signals which point to pneumonia, bronchitis, or consumption itself? If you are ailing and have lost flesh lately,, they are certainly danger srjfnals. The question for you to decide is, \Have I the vitality to throw off these diseases? '* Don't wait to try SCOTT'S EMULSION \as a last re- sort.\ There is no remedy equal to it for fortifying the system. Prevention is easy. Scott's Emulsion prevents consumption and hosts of other diseases which attack the weak and thote with poor blood. SCOTT'S EMULSION is the one standard remedy for inflamed throats and lungs, for cblds, bronchitis and con- sumption. It is a food medi- cLnf of remarkable power. A food, because It nourishes the body ; and a medicine, be- cause it corrects diseased conditions* 5<x. and fi.op, all druggists. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE With a higher grade of Goods \'* have opened in Hayes 4 Block, East Main Street, With an almost endless varity of Clus*, Housekeeping Cm Granite and Tinware. j Ribbons, Hosiery, ! Handkerchiefs, Collar* | Ladies' Toilet Articles, j Fane j Good*, i In great |>jrofu>»iott. 'New Goods Arriving Daily, No Trouble to Show Goods. An accurate time-piece will not cost you much if j-ou know where to buy it. Try C. A. Cant well. I \More Than He Bargained For,\ . A man often gets when be takes his j linen to a laundry that hasn't the reliable | reputation that the Taylor Laaudry has I for the careful hand ting of your linen, jfce., j a* well as the beauty of the work that is j always put upon your shirts, collars »D<1 | cuffs when done up at Q. C. W. Taylor's j lanodry. j ''The Proof ofthePuddingisin Eating It \ ! TAYLOR'S LADNDRY, | 5 Aoademy St., Malone, N. Y. I ~ ' Phone, 59-2. Farmer*, AMeation! No progressive farmer can aaflord to be { without a silo. ID order to keep up with i other lines of trade tbe farmer must avaH j himself of improvements* in bis hosiuess. i A good silo must be gas, water \a.nd air I tight, and io this respect and all others | the Roood Silo is aa established saooess. T Dry fodder has not half »s ranch feeding v;*hit* &s the *ame com put up in »ll*ge, and cows do bet-tar oo silage by 100 pee 1 cviit than op any other kind of fodder. j It is not as expensive, it is cheaper than, ) pasturing. Round Silos come all fitted 1 and ready to pat up, and CAU be finished in three <laj». Roaod SHoe cast kwi and have better keeping qualities than aqnare ones. For particular*, address A. EaHe^ aireut, Malooe, N. \ \ £o«i)ige oor« «*4 at wholesale and retail, 2tf Get your el«c*ric*l supplies of ML Beach, 19 Fort Co*in«ton Si. lft^ L^-r:_r •a '•4

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