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The Malone farmer. (Malone, N.Y.) 18??-19??, January 17, 1900, Image 2

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I The fi Y >rk. o •••ffioial '.t re? p.,. nai a;r the iK of Stewart <£r Co.. of Ne< nuker^ r*ud brokers. wLo hnv :*•!> infer^nd su the construction vl-^vpaa .;*::cd, b«s gone TO the Yu<r he.ul of rhi- finn placed-thecertainly • n- ,S(- Lawrence Power Co. in ana he ...ffnert half the stock of •nay. The liabilities of the firm. ill aud>. H. G. Stewart's liabi'i- MO. The u-r.al nominal assets are • : Ths M.H.s-eaa Observer says he reorganization of the eotr/pany :o there wa> a disagreement in the of -h^ new stock of the company us general iy thought that Stewart roz^ti out.\ along with some ft: nee t,har rime he tian had no Min^r-rir.n wirh tb* company, and ire will have uo effect oa the !-;u c,i the great canal enterprise, napp roller hoat ha* been v iagain • :rt. J\ew paddles have just been f-.jturiug the drilling of 14.000 i p!«c«rjg of 7<4.<«)O nv»f«'. Wbeth- if'\- vp-iii <^;_> any i>etrer t.han before Us h-e seen. It now has a rirni, a i m.to oaring invented H similar i:ii De cidimf ••Pill cross the ocean huii three days. Tbe Brooklyn •jiiudrieal ia sh.ape.and is known rV^-rew n.»at, b-eanse it has a se tinner* like corkscrew extending :.n to steru. When under way • -be! I of the boar revolves, while • -hell remains at it> equipoise. Viephoue. Telegraph\ acH Cable r oi eas-ieru New York ba^ finally j The Masse na Observer of labt week, ! tells of the result of the Carhoiie bazaar I held there in the town hail recently. That it was an enjoyable event is true. The time and the occasion both spoke of joy. it was also a Hnecess— j and harmonious success The receipts were something Hke.fl.lOO. Protestant was there as well as Cathode. Indeed, iu f-ocial matter* down at-.-Massena creed i* not the standard of friendship. Great interest centered in the contests,especially io that between the hotels. This wan for an American flag and A title of \• Most Popular Hotel io M»«sena.\ The rivalry was between the St. Lawrence Iao, St. James Hotel and White's Hotel. Victory came to the St. Lawrence lun and heoc« forth this beautiful silk flag will wave proudly over \ Massena's Most Popular Hotel.\ Mr. Wm. Williams is~deservediy , popular and hap, by his upright,honorable j and *k>ilfiil methods succeeded in living a hut el service iu Mas^eoa second to ncme in Northern Xew York. The cheer that ., wear up from the audience when the re- j suit of the ©outest-was mmle known spoke j eloqueutiy of - The km.\ The host and 'hostesH have our hearty congratulations. In thaokiag ail who aided in making the bazaar a success Father Nolan spoke par- ticularly <>f the part taken by non Cath- olics, and quoted the following from the poet MotM-e as exactly reflect!ug his senti- meat!«. The ver-e would serve well for a motto to every man of every creed: ' shai; : -i>k tile hratv s.,i«tier who fight- by my Tbe latest report of the pension office Jxs b.—Collector A. A. Lobdell sat at ha* just been given to tbe public. Tbe Fred McKenzie's store last week to re- roll*, now contain nine hundred and ceiv^taxes. j n ioety-oae thousand names, of which one-. As the special school meeting called j fourth represent widows and other de- nere last week was not largely attended, j pendent*. lae^amount paid on this ac fiorbing was accomplished to further | CO ua'tfaring the It&t fiscal vear was one the school repairs. j hundred and thirty-eight million five There w» a a sarge attendance at tbe { hnndred thousand dollars. The total meeting held at the \\ esleyen Methodist | outlay for pensions up to date has been church last Sunday evening, j two billion four Hundred million dollars, ! asum which, as the Outlook, Intimates, y g James Shaw was a_>*ia in town last week and loaded another carload of cattle, which he shipped Friday. ;. Mrs. Julia Jordan spent the holidays with her daughter. Agnes, in Stockholm J Fred McKenzfe ought to be coneratula i ted on his splendid sale of holiday good*. I ! Nejfcr Year's day, at the residence of tbe j id' M Alb D | would have paid for ali the real estate in U|e seceding States. Economically con- ide^ed, the afterclap of war strikes quite s hard a^ the original blow. The Wa r t « be Beaattfnl. , -• ._.-_-, r . vcl 'y latly wishes to appear attractive. By bride s parents, Mr. Albert Doa«lass and t.asiritf Stanley's celery Malt you will become so. »*--•- rr '\ - ^ * ' ..-,.., ! t»ie*rpte)'--ne^.<», dizziness, fain'tinj; spells, or female IC7 \\* i yom-»elf attractive you mn?t have good sound be one ' nerves. ^taJileyVt'efery ^HH.U. Giliet*4 tiu<Istr^n^th- j ens the nerves.\ and promotes sleep. Warranted miui ; $3.00. bold only by E. F. how bottle ey._ E'ia Crawford were joiDed in the holy bonds of matrimony. It is our earnest wibh that this uuiua m of everlasting happiness. Thomas Crawford, intending to locate in some of the neighboring viliages, is now negotiating a «l e of all his real 'es- i The German government, ,*\hot over the tat*-to h. s ,ou Welhngton. ; seigur e o f a J [e Qf ^^^ steamfcr g Saturday W L. Pattern «ccorop«nied ; b y Great Bribainf which claims the right hy b i S sister, Frances, and Misses flame, , o f Pe arcb>r contraband of war. The Boston^ tnk j Kniser demands reparation and protests Arts, Public | against the proceedings as outrageous. :njc ries WHITE MICE ARE H!S PLAGUE. Snfh TibrarvR k^UV j agaiDS t the pPOW i, ogs m outrageo Library.Bunker Hill Monument, Harvard ) German indignation meetings are/be Imversny Museum and other places of | he W and.tbe relations of tbe two eoantr the nested *ve Tine on^rh~ —i. Anv> e Ruff.-tJo M.rtin SaHtb. ^te I _-i! )i> .smM-i'fjot hefi»re Hie sinie^ aitar with nn-7 p™^dence U R n ? r ° I r^ * ^ su ^^iag the Boer« with war Providence, H. I., returned to bis mat erial, no matter how much trouble it home Saturday to prepare tor another . nm kfe-^. large shipment. ; \ ~L » ^» , ^ . . ._.- Hnltipi'.cation of « Pair Is DrtTin* Their Owner to Insanity. Two men met on La Sail* street. \Hello!\ ejaculated one of them. \Been >5L Tom?\ The other man shook his head. * \ . \No not ill: not physically ill, Jack-i It's—it'&_whit<- miff-.\ \Great heavens!\ ga*nod his friend. \Why I didn't, know you ever drank enoiiifh for—for that!\ \It wasn't drink, Ja<-k, it Wasn't drink. But i-orm- with me. Let me tell you all.\ When tb-r-y'were seated at opposite si<\es of a ismalJ table, the afBicted. man contin- ued: : \Ves. Jack, it's white mice. My boj% Thomas. Jr., got it into his head thsir ht» ought to have a pet. He wanted a dog, but the house is small, and the cook is tiervouK. and so we told him no, not a dog. most anything but a dog, and we finally r<tmpromised on a pair of white mice. I brought them home in a nk-e, roomy wire cage, and Thomas, Jr., was delighted. That was two months ago.\ The speaker paused and sighed feelingly. \Well. alJ went finely until about three weeks afterward. Then one morning the boy came bursting iitfo my rokn to in- form me that the 'niie^ had got some lov^Jy little tnk-es.' And' so they had; fire of them. Luckily the cage was large enough for the 1 growing family. Bat— well, in four woeks wf> had 47 mice, in six wf^kR l«0. Wo fcare up trying to I accommodate them all in one cage, and igar hf>XP3. work hask^ts, franker -Webb ill huv ]\tr aiid ifi'pei' TTn 1 Wii DOth ti hi bo£ It A The vacbt- is fv.ntr built at Morri> Height* avd vriifbe. t:HLue<i Elinda. Kvidenilj* he • '.x-iieve- in perpe-tuwting tbe-aaoie of bb ' former vreli-known ho-it. The princip.il dirnen-ioD- arc. length aver all, 141 feet; length o n waser line, llo fe^t: beam, J8 f.-°r, nnd drnughr, seven feet six lucbe!?. The yacht wii! he lieh ted by electriciiy .4:.<i w: 11 'he\c.Ti^^Hrtt.^! j- f uruished. She will carry a ?.hi'.'ty-foot uaptba aud three :>tber services K e t.^!>. Dr. Webb gave tbe topmer Eifridn to tbe government duriDiC the iate war. and tbe new craft -x-ill replace her —Plattsburgh Press. y farmers are com -blankets or robe* you will. h'u;i j plaining of an epidemic aran^ turkeys - voa WAat & iivown & Mayn. which fs bndly depletlog their flocks Tb< disease afft-cf> the liver and intes»ti»e« aac ynuog fowls and car! be determined in fowls which have been dre>v»ed. By a ci'we exaoiinatioD of the liver whitish sput> wii I be revealed. Peart street carriage repository. Horsemen's goods tif all de.seripiioas, and cutters atrd •ighs- of late>t styles nud patterns • tins and even tke bathtub were brought ) into requisition. • •- I \Naturally; two or three escaped every i day and lived__at_Jarge^_£eiiMing_Jn__lij -purchaser chantable p d buggies, sleighs and duce taken in exchange. and AlthoUiZh Goovernor Ruo.sevelt advises tbe repeal of the Hurtou law to present it,s abuse by the holding of pri^.e fiabt.-j, be is uot averse ro boxit>u ami\ wrestlir g Brown & Mayne enn napply the wants of niar-ches for *rnu-*erueut. UP says ihey the most fastidious in cutters and sleighs , promote manline.v?. aud eught to he t-n- Ir will soon be winter and nothing can be con raged, bur when any sport k carried Dicer for the family than a brand new on primarily for money ir i^ iri^a-riger of turnout. Don't purchase without first ; losing mneh that is valuable and of ac exHnjining their «tock. Salestootrss on \ quiring '-ome exceedingly undesirable Pearl street near tbe Olyrnpia hotel site | characteristic^. Best Coffee for ihe Money! Used in Millions of Homes! Try LION COFFEE and you will never use any other. It is absolutely pure Coffee and nothing but Coffe*. Accept no substitute Insist on LION COFFEE, in 1 Ib. pkgs. These articles mailed FREE in exchange for lion heads cut from front ofilh. LION COFFEE pkgs. By express, prepaid, for 110 lion beads and a 2c. stamp. Frame beautifully finished Ut»!d Collar Button. Sent by e*pf ess, prepaid, for 80 Ik>n head* «nd a 2-cent stump. When ordering either clock. STRENGTH, PURITY AND FLAVOR re your nearest Express Office, if there express office located in your town. Genuine Hartl-Enamel and Gold. Ladies' Scissors. Stylish Belt-Buckle. Box of Colored Crayons Handsomely gold-plated\ with Roman finish, and set with ruby colored jewel in tibe cemer. This will be < \. occasions by like to wear different The gold-finish goe* well <jiven for 20 lion The Lion's Bride.\ ' Length, five inches, suitable fnr ratting, triKmiDg- arA general honsehold Hi vea for 12 lion heads and a 2c stamp. Ladies' Apron. Mad Child's Drawing Book. Given for 35 lion heads and a 2-cent stamp. A first-class razor, made of Best English steel, and extra hollow-ground. ures t>enea£h, tans affording enjoyment, a».well as instruction to the hand aud eye. These drawing books and the box of crayons go v«*rv well together There are six \different kinds, arid each drawing book requires o lion heads and a 2-cent stamp. ~ : Rubber Dressing Comb. Dorothy and Her Friends.\ For 10 lion heads and a 2-cent s Length. 7 inches, full size and weight of gentaae India rubber, finely inisbed. Appropriate for a ladies' d ug-case or for use in tee household. Naval Box Kite. See it Fly! A bright, cheery picture. For 8 !ion heads and a 2c. stamp. hirty inches longind fely folded, but\ can quietly be spread to fly. Every American boy wants one, and older persons ulso Similar to \Par- •ehesi,\ which has been played ia east- es si before the dawn of history. The illus- tration shows plas of the game, with usual counters, dice and ^£ ^ companying it. A never tire of playing. GJvea for20 lisa beads and a 2-cent stamp. Size, 16x24 inches. Given for 8 lion heads and a 2-cent stamp. 50-Foot Clothes Line. Given tor 15 lion heads and a 2-cent stamp. Made of closely braided cotton rong. and will give the best of flailed free lor 40 lion heads cut from Lion Coffee wrappers and a 2-cent stamp. time you buy a poundpackage of LION COFFEE you have bought something else, too* Don't overlook it! You have bought a certain portion of some article to be selected by you from our new Premium Lists! IMPORTANT NOTICE, THE ABOVE ARE ONLY A FEW OP THE LION COFFEE PREMIUMS. Another list will shortly appear in this paper! Don't miss it! The grandest list of premiums ever offered! When writing for premiums send your letter in the same eo package with the lion heads. It more than 15 lion heads are seat save postage by trimminjt down tbe margin. Ask your Illustrated premium list. Address ail letter* to the T«ar*twa>s know LION COFFEE by the wrapper, it is a sealed pack- age, with the lion s head in front, it is absolutely pure if the package is unbroken. LTCWlOFFbb is roasted the day it leaves the factory. WOOLSON SFiCE «#v», tne?' Hans Aa- dersen has \ storyofabttf- falo that scorned the snow flakes. \Pouf he snorted, '* I can blow you away with a breath, what can you do to But the flakes kept falling, fal- til th bffl jlt bid e p g, ling, until the buffalo wasjalmost buried, and the hunter slipped aldng the snow crust and made trim an easy prey. There's another hunter who hunts to kill, who makes many a man his victimi because of a folly like that of the buffalo in Andersen's fable. It's a littl« thing to have that uneasy feeling in the stom- ach after eating. Sour risings and belch- ing are also reckoaed little thing*. Yet these little things are among the minor marks of a disordered condition of tjia stomach and organs of nutrition and digestion. Of themselves they may not kill, but if despised they may opea * pathway to some deadly disease. Don't neglect the first symptoms oC indigestion or \stomach trouble.\ TIMI timelyntse of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medi- cal Discovery may avert a more serious danger. It will surely cure any disease of the stomach and organs of digestion and nutrition, excepting cancer. Mr. Ned Nrlaon. the celebrated Irish conwdls* and mimic, of 577 Roydea Street, Camde«, K. I writes : \ We fulfilled an engagement of W weeks and the c6fistant traveling gave m pa-ntry nx night and begging by our chairs ; at meai tirne._ They took snch a iikinxr to 7 We \cotTfe\ Qyit \ th'dj r j^tft' - to rriakTiig' her ' room a sort of mgeting place. Thfe result : could have be^n foreseen. 'My wTfe has 'been doing the cooking- now for several :-*veeks. 1 have got so that 1 shake my boot* from force ot* habit before puttin;/ them on. One morning I fourfh two iu . my shaving mug. .And we have them served up to us at,' rable in the cracker jar, the sugar bowf*-^jd the cheese dish.\ ; \But why didn't y>tL,-ge*-^at.s?\ asked : his friend.* ! \Cats? Great heavens! We've,had 20 ; of them. We can't keep them about. I They stay three or four days, get so fat^j Ixh&iu-the^ .canlt. scaJk^&ad .tiiieja_cxawljie = _ jeetediy to tbe door, accompanied by a frisking contingent of white mice! We've I tried cats, Jack.\ \Well then, rat poison; have you tried Ithat?\ i \Oh. yes: quite early in the game. Ttu- mice seemed to thrive on that polsen. We TTriect\ traps, too\. They CSTigiit irfew. jnst fa drop iu the bucket. And \aU the time 'they kept right on increasing. We haven't ; taken a census for nearly three weeks now, but a moderate estimate would 1 place the number at about (300. Just ; now, when I met you, I was on the way to see a man who has ferrets. 1 shall try 10 get a few dozen good, healthy ones-.^lr' they don't help— What's shatV\ he ' sfirieked. ,; \What's what?\ asked his friend. \That? Why, just a piece of white pa- : per'\ '• \Oh I—I thought— Well,,.! must get ; on. I don't suppose you'd care to buy ithat house, wouid you? No? Weil, good by.\' 1 And the man afflicted with white mice crept dejectedly around the corner, togk- - ing nervously at every piece of tor^^a- per that fluttered in the breeze.—Chicago lurer Ocean. I had tried everythinjr possible to cure it, till last week, while playing- at B, F. Keith's B#o»» Theater, Philadelphia, in the Nelson Trios » professional -/rJena of mine advised me to try Dr.. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. I tried \ftranUmrank God. with good results.\' Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are • ifi for biliousness. ICE! ICE! DON'T CONTRACT for your ~ Ice for next season until you get prices on . _. . INDIAN LAKE 1 1 lilt} 1 1 Purest and Best in the Market, A.SHERWffl&SON 3d West Main Street. SHE GOT HER MONEY. The Story of a Jnvenilfr'a Joke and the Sale Thereof. Grip day the ll-year-oid daughter of a ' jouni»ya~.an j humorist sat down in coid bk>od to build a joke. Her unconscious .\humor had brouylit many >bk»kt'ls into the bouse, lor she was a bright chifd, and her papa was too cood a business manager to ; allow salable jokes; to go unsold. This ' joke, however, \was prepared hj? the hu- I monKi's d^'ij-'htcr with the idea of put- i ting it on the market, and the humorist. I recognizing in it u commercial value, tick- led it o5 on his typewriter and sent it to I market. 1^y gvoat good fortune the joke found favor ia the eyes of the editor)- who re- ; mitted #2 in payment therefor. • \Frances/' s-aid her father, when the • check came. \I have soid your juke. ; Here is half a dollar for you.\ * KYances was happy. She told every- body of iter literary success. She aiso \. told her mamma. i \Frances/' said tnsEnma, 'p;-j]>a i got more than .TKJ rents for your joke.\ 1-,/'\ K' ; Then she went after papa. \Papa how much «fid the editor • pay f'ytni for my joke?\ she asked. : \Two dollars.\ \Aud you gave'me 50 cents'of it?\ : \Yes. but you sec I had to do the work of typt-wriTrnir it. and mailing it. and paring postage, and sending stjtrups for its return in case it was not available.\ \I see.\ ' Frances went away. Presently she-re- IGYPSiNE, We want your money and you. want our fence. We will exchange our fence for your money. None gives better satisfaction than the Keystone. H. B. SMITH, Chateaugay, N. Y. ! DON'T FORGET THAT JORVILLE MOORE I KEEPS FOB SALE i IT. B. Cedar Shingle, Matched ; Spruce Lumber, Pine Lumber, I Pine and Hemlock Lath, Clap- i boards from $5.00 to $20.00 per 'thousand Pme Ceiling, White ; Woojd and Cherry. pure lead and oil. the best mixe'i paint that can be made, in all color*. Floor paiat that cannot be excelled. \\Floor varnish and was aud all iate- rior finish. Tbe best good* are the cheapest. Don't fail to try \Papa.\ she said. **you charge a hipk tiinmi<sion fur selling jokes, don't you?\ Pa pa. made no verbal repI* s **He took ?1.50 from his pocket aud h&nded it to r. She put a doHar carefuliy^n her little purse and handwi 5<J cents back to her pupa. \1 think that's about right,\ she said.— Harper's Bazar. for Kalsomlning; will never come off. The only plac^ fo get Fay's Manila Paper for walls and ceiling. Remem- ber the place, 17 Milwaukee St., Malone, Mott's Nerverme Pills Inerednlou. : A. country rector was'showing a party \oi his parishioners over the rectory, when | they came to a small room tall of curios. j Feinting to an armlet of dull gold, tee ! cle rgy m a n re m a rk ed: j \That ornament was found in a tomb i in Mexico, Central America. The tomb was probably 1.0U0 yea-re olfl.\ An old fellow standing by fidgeted, j scratched his head and then remarked: j \Scuse me, sir. They must 'ave 'ad j yer. America wasn't discovered COO year I ago, let alone 1,000.\—Answers. I T%e Exception. I \W^pisen.as a rule,\ remarked the cyn- ; leal oachelor, \are . given to 'exaggera- i tion.\ „• \ «. ! \But there ar* exceptions to ail *ules, ! you know,\ said the sptnster, 1 ' \True.\ \»plied the c. b., \and the *x- eep^ioa to this one is when they tjyk about tii«ir own age.\—Chicago News. \ air?< «r gaiB ©I a&tr '• sex, such as Ncrvrxs Prcstration, Fal&og or lost Man&ood, Impotency, Nisfetjy Ems- < uocs, Youthful Errors, Mental W orry, ex- | cessve use of Tobacco or Opkan, wfckA ; kad to Coosumptioo aad W^y, $1.00 ! pc*»box by m&II; 6 boxes lor $SJO$. STofrs CHEMICAL CO., Pnp t temi m For aale hf C, W. HIBE. Broone • Habit. \tmefVal style vHe can't help it. He's been an nsher To cere 1,& Gripp*. V«ep w»r», ». tutknj weUdiugs/'—CleTelarid Plaio j the feet* and take Dr. Miles* Nerrin*.

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