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The Fort Edward ledger. (Fort Edward, N.Y.) 1857-1865, April 01, 1864, Image 2

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f F o b t E d w a is d L e d g ; ^ PO S T EDWAED. IT, Y.: Friday Morning, April 1, 1864. Our tTnion—May it be restored to peaco and happiness, and so remain through time. Alexander StepJiens. Report says that A lexander S te­ phens pointedly condemns the pres­ ent policy of the rebels, and that he has written a letter to Richmond in­ forming Jeff. Davis and his associates that he will not again appear in his . place as Vice-President of the Con­ federacy, while that policy is pur­ sued. W e do not attach much im ­ portance to that part of the story ' which relates to the matter of the letter. I t may be true, and it may not. W e do know that Stephen.^ did not appear in his place at Rich­ mond, during the last session of the Confederate Congress. Ill health is given as the cause. T h a t he is deep­ ly dissatisfied with the present policy o f the rebels we are prepared to be^ lisve. Also, that ho is heart-sick of Kiohmond,\ “ Denis tho prospects before the ConfccIomtes. P ' \ “'\ Thaokery, as well as Stephens cannot be ranked among j “ \''J’ p \ \a™<=>-ous to mon- the original secessionists; secession-; rn c o .0 cents, l o ho had ism did not commend itself to his ^loom. A^ 'G em JPiCTCRE jPOR A tt-^W e are in ' ^ rejseipfc of one of N fllie W iu - ia M3’ new Pictures of heraelf, set on photograph card to suit any album, and said to be a per­ fect likeness of N ellie , a little girl who from the lore of ambition comraenced the publica­ tion of a litlle weekly newspaper in the Yil- ioge of Penfield, Monroe County, N. Y., called the '■Penfield Exh'a,'^ before ehe was eleven years of age, which has been prolihe and self sustaining from the commencement, to the present time. Nellie is now in her fifteenth year and stands only four feet eight inches in her boots, she has since eleven years of age sup­ ported and educated her motherless sisters and assisted in supporting an invalid father from the avails of her little paper, which subscription price, is only fifty cents a year. We have been solicited to say, which we most cheerfully do, that Nellie will send one of her Gem Pictures, “free of postage’* to any person enclosing to her address ten cents, or she will send three pictures for twenty fiva cents. Editors receiving the enclosed gem will please copy, or notice in some) more appro­ priate way. and oblige N ellie , ----------- —^ -------- Harper’s M onthly is too well knnwn to need any pr.aise from ns. The April number contains “ Jour­ ney to the Source of the N ile,” “ Scenes in the W a r of 1812— I X — W a r with the Creek Indians,” “ My better judgment; ho saw too clearly the stern, terrible consequences wliich were likely to follow an attem p t to break up the Union, and hence he threw the whole weight of his strong mind against the measure, while it was yet pending. W h en the State i of Georgia voted itself out of the Union, Stephens yielded, and from that tim e has done what he could to build up the Confederacy. B u t that he is sick and discouraged, and di.s- .--BTeiaps-of-tiie W « e k . -- JEIDAV. The expedition up Ked River seems to have met with first rate snccess. Gen. Smith, who comraai ded the e.xpedition, by a tortonate movement has succeeded to capture R jrt Eupsey, a .‘strong earthwork erected by the rebels on Red River. The capture of this fort lays the rivt-r open as far up as Ale.vandria. W ith the capture of this fort eleven guns and 300 prisoners were taken, together with a large amount of ammunition- Gen. Buford seems to be doing a fine busi. ness in the neighborhood of Helena, in the line of capturing guerrillas. The Union for­ ces in Florida have ascended the St. Johns’ as far as Pilatke, and taken possession of the place. Gen. Grant is engaged in re-or­ ganizing the army of the Potomac. There are to be three army corps, and two divisions. Three Major and three Brigadier Generals are released. A severe fight took place on the 5th a t Yazoo City. The fighting was done in the streets. The people fired from the buildings, and as a consequence the buildings were burned. The contest w.as a severe one, but finally the Union forces were victorious. The forces engaged ( n our side were the 11th Til. and the 8th Louisiana. The rebel Gen, Forrest is reported at Bolivar, Tenn.. with 7000 troops, stopping men moving North. Grierson’s Cavalry is on hi.s track. The ex- pidition recently sent into Matthew-s county, under Gen. Graham, by direction of tTu.'. Butler, has returned aRi r having .‘^erceeded in eaptiirinsr a large lot of horer-s. cattle and mules, tigother with several engines and 300 contrabands. SATCUDAY. The quota of thi.s t'tafe under Ih\ cdl foi 200 non men, wa-< 59 000. ’I’his nundier in­ cluded the credit- an i the defic'ericies up to the 1-t of Mtiri-h. It ri‘‘w appe.nis that by ''d'l.Ugthe nuinber of tecri.it-r oV, am d. l>e- t.ween the l>.t and 20lh in-<f.. to t^v nuud’er > f re-en’i>ted vtirans, e.s*in)atel at tiiout - ......... ... THUUSn.\V. A Dalton dispatch, through southern sources, informs ns that the rebel General Pillow has been placed in command of the rebel cavalry in Northern Alabama, and that a fight is not anticipated in that quarter at present. The Supreme Court of Georgia have unanimously affirmed the constitution­ ality of the rebel conscript law, which com­ pels a man to serve even though he has furn­ ished a substitute. Gen.’ Finnegan has sent a force to attack our men at Pilatki, Florida. We shall soon hear of the result if it is so. A dispati3i from Cairo says theie is mach excitement at Paducah among the citizens who fear another attack from Forrest. Mer­ chants and others are moving their goods and valuables to a safe place. Melanciioly Death of Captain H i r a m S. W 'ilso n , 93dl N . Y . Y , Supposed Poisoning by a Eat Bite, etc. \ TH E GREAT CAUSE OP Just FnblisJisea, in Seeded Envelope. Price Six Cents. A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment and Cure of Seminal Weakness, or Spermator­ rhoea, induced by Self-Abuse; Involuntary Emissions, Impotency, Nervous Debility, and Impediments to Marriage generally ; Consumption, Epilepsy and Fits ; Mental and Physical Incapacity, &c.—By ROB J. GUL- VERW ELL, M. D., Author of “ The Green Book,” &c. The world-renewed author, in this admiral ble Lecture, clearly proves from his own ex­ perience that the awful consequences of Self­ abuse may be effectually removed without medicine, and without dangerous surgical operations, bougies, instruments, rings or cordials, pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer, no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately, and radically. This lecture will prove a boon to thousands and thousands. From the New York Military Critic. Captain Hiram S. Wilson, of the ninety ^ , . . , . , , third regiment New York Yolunteers, for ,. ' ad(lrp.<3.s. nn rec.pinf-, of six oents. or two noat- sorne time connected with the draft rendez­ vous on Hart’s Island, New York harbor, met with a most unexpected and melancholy death last Y’’ednesday. On South Brothers' Island. On Tuesday he discovered a slight j pimple on one of his fingers, which was i thought to be a mere trifle at first, but which i ; soon caused Captain Yfilson the most pain- | address, on receipt of six cents, or two post­ age stamps, by addressing the publishers., CHAS. J. C. CLINE & CO., 127 B ow eky , N ew Y oeic , P . 0 ’..B ox , 458G. TE R R IB L E DISCLOSURES. Q E C J'ETrf FOR THE MILLION.—A O m o st Valuable and wondeiful publication. A work of 400 pages, and iiO colored engrav- F ir r .— T uesday evening a bright light Wii'5 seen in n. south-easterly direction from this ]ilace, caused by au extensive contligration of som e jb ”’ fi<'d ttmt nil qn-ita-^ as-icm‘d y.rfviuu-to kind, Ii au p e a ied to be in the di- 2iiilono men are S me reel,on ot Um o n ^ il!,,--. b,.t 11,c ^ n ig lit was veiy d iu k a l i . d i t be ; 21000 j.ail rs hiv.. been enlisted. It fh.ve seen a t a g r e a t dis,atiC'«. A t th<’ nre rre«?ited the remainder of tlii quota will tim e o f w ritin g we liave n o t learned j befi.re the middle of April A noted 1 « ! eupninaby the name cf rianree. u has I'Hfn tliG cause nor the location. i . i t - . i, • . _______ ^ _______ jcan'uri*d near Fnestone romt. Gtn. {]-)P I Grant and a portion of his tfaff r- ar-hed Gn] j ings. DR. H U N I’ER S YxiDE MECUM, atl origiiiul and popular treaties on Man and Woman, their Physiology, Functirns, and sexual disorders of every kind, with Never Failing Remedies for their speedy cure. Ih e practice of DR. H UNTER has long been and still is unbounded; but at the earnest solicitation of numerous persons, be has been induced to extend his medical usefulness through the medium cf his “ VAl>E ME- rUM . H ostetter ' s C elebrated S tomach B itters is one of the greatest strengthening prepara­ tions extant. It is especially adapted fo those who are afidicted with the Fever and Ague, or any other disease arising from a disordered condition of the digestive organa. For the Fever and Ague there is perhaps no medicine in the world equal to it, as it. enters* purifies and replenishes the blood, which is so important to bring about a healthy action in diseases of this nature. The Bitters are now among the most popular, and at the same time, valuable specifics in the medical world. In reccommendiDg it to the public, we are fully conscious of doing them a great service, knowing, as we do, thier many excellent qual­ ities, and sure and speedy action in all cases where the disease is caused by irregularity of the digestive organs. A trial will suffice' for the most skeptical. S ^ S e e Advertise^ ment. For sale by Druggists and dealers gener-- aly, everywhere, 49. 4t. fill 8. (Terintr. His whole arm became black, frer- the symptoms prej=ented it is sup­ posed riiat he v,-as poisoned by the bite of a rut, d ,g. or some other anim-al of that char acto'-. Tlarfs I.s'and is said to be greatly ii'fc.-b’d with rats of the most dangerous and ven.\\nu3 charrcti r. and hence it. is deemed probiilil,? that C iptuin Wilson has been the vie'iin of a rat lute. Several doctors were calitd in, but notwithstanding all the effirts nifi'le to save him, Captain IVihson expired on Wednerday morning, while silting in a (“h\ir and perfectly conscious. The affair cinsed the most profound sor­ row among all the ntiic r.s on II irt’s Bland. | .structive scourges ever visited mankind.— , as Cant. Y'lDon was mnch beloved and es-i One copy, securely enveloped, will be for-I teemed for his gooil qualitio.s as an oiTie r ' warded free ot postage to any part of the j an 1 a man, tjenerai Jackson, the oommund- , United States for 50 c--nt 3 in P. O. stamps, | ant of the po.st, con.-idered the deceased as ' or 3 copies for .SI. Address, post paid, DR. I FEMALES ! FEMALES ! FEMALES C Use that safe, pleasant remedy known as HEMBOLD'S e x t r a c t B u c a u . For all Complaints incident to the Sex. No- family should be without it, and none will when once tried by them. It is used by YOUNG AND OLD In the decline or change of life, before and. after Marriage, during and after eonfioementr to strengthen the nerves, restore Nature to its Proper channel, and invigorate the Broken down Constitution, from whatever causD’ originating. Use no more 'Worthless P ills ! Take HEMBOLD 8 E X T R A C T BUCRU. See advertisement in another coluu n. Cut out, and send for it. 49 4t- U S E XO OTHER I BrciiAx's S pecific P ills are the only Re­ liable Remedy for all Diseases of the Semi- nal, Urinary and Nervous Systems. Try volume that s t a U be in tile | „„„ ^ hands ot p/ery family in the land, as a pre- n u -n r t r , . E Cue box will perfect a cure, or money refuu- veiitive 01 St cret vices, or a.s a guide for the , c., . u -i • ^ r - ’ , , ded. Sent by mail on receipt of price. alleviation of one ot the most awful and de- JA.MES S BUTLER Station D, Bible House, New York, 4S:13t General Agent. HUNTER, York. T h a t v*:vibstanti.il vi.-^itor, .... , „„ , , ; r**ppPron llursday last, nrd w.is rpi fived satisfied with present aspects o f mat- I A thnilie ivlonthly, appears before u.s | pnthusiasui. G-r-s. Spd.j;wi, V terSj we do n o t doul)t. H e sees of its usual, crow d e d w ith f'ond s u b - j and ir*r cock, are I'm? Ci.n s Ci.riiu ..rd.-rs in course that Hie postibility of d e tach -! stanlial readinp: from Am erica’s best | tb*? -^^•“>7 f>f tbi- Potomac. On Thursduv ing K e n iucW ftcia tl,«'O U 'vnieis. L t a i.ib ! W , & x e , Il.Jm es is no longer an open question; a l s o , and other.s equally noted, li«1p to | into the vichntv of Vi'a-hinirton. that the hopes of the Conrederate.s make the xVtlantic a welcome visitor ' Gen. Pleasanton hm been relieved of bis in Missouri, Arkansas and L o u isana,! in every Ivra.sehold where it i.s known. | cavalry command in the Army of^iillivaii. the P.ito- arb thoroughly prostrated; that the ' Gen the April number and exam - mac. and ordered to report to Gea. R.^st- same is true to a very groxfft e x t e n t , u-. ^ ^ movdit . one of lii3 most efli lent c.fiicers. The m inina w^re yesterday conveyed to this city, guarded by a company of the eighth regulars, toeelhor with a number of the brother < fiijers ot the decea.sed as pall-bearers, auiong whom were the foilowbig: Gap'am S. B Fiitz. Ninety-sixth N. Y. Y., CapUiin G. A. Yi'idker. On» Hundnol and S xty fi'lb X. Y. Y dred and Third N. Y. Y.. Cant.rin W. (xriin \•T. One Ilundredtli N. Y. Y , and Gaj .'ain o ’.' Sixty ninth X. Y. X G. brother that is body was placed on t’lie Albany boat lart j want tO CUrC him No. 3 Division street, N'ew 9:7:52. D R U X K E X X E S S CURED. ail.COHOL .VURESTED. Spermatorrheea can be Cured. Dr. Rand s Sp<-cific cures Spermatorrhoea,. Seminal Weakaess, Impotency, Loss of Pow­ er, etc., speedily and efiectuallv. Its effects ate truly magical. A trial of the Specific- will convince the most skeptical of its merits,- Price SI a box. Sold by all respectable Drugiiists or sent post-paid to any address, by J J K romer , 41)3 Cliestunt Street, Phil- Gircuiars sent free. 9:426m'. P ontiac . M ich ., Sept. 18, 1663. M r . K r o h e r : I received the box of Dr. Zane’s ViUidote ycu sent mea few ciaj’S ago, I adelphia, Pa. Giipfain Y”. IT. Gro-iby, One Hun- land gave it to the jierson according to di | . ..... .. . i rectioiis ; it has done him good, and lie. .^ays ; \MORTGAGE SA L E , he don’t w.int any mo'-e rum, I have a ’ a confirmed drunkard. 3 A prrMon of the fleet which went upi Red II'ver, Arkansas, appeared Iiefore Alexandria with respect to Tennessee and Mi-v-1 g e s r a o J v y , w ill, its <!..ul,!e sissippi. H e m o st see also, tlm t i f . theindepende.noeof the Confederacy: contaio.v “T J ' I U ' \ ’ P'see. was recognized to-day, it oonld n e r - ; ■ I-acnard was co„,„l,.d w.,b w..ho,. an- night and taken to that city in care of ideut. S. Chauiljerlain, of General Jackson’s staff. box. Yours, f TYEF AUL T having been made in tha pay- ,,, ^ , , f jL-'in-nt of tilft intmeys pfcured. to be paid i lease send me another | (,y„ C'rtain indenture of Mortsraee, executed A. R. * ■ ------- ------- among Again, that Stephens i.s heart-sick ' ^ thousand useful things •we are inclined to believe for another reason. Mr. Dvivis told his friends that if war followed, it should be \ ii,u.rL*kyops it. ■0(1 tn N n r t lu 'r n ct-.il . ___ for the L adie . s . N o womkr that it is .so jiopular with them. complied with without op- , ,1 - , , ^ ....... po.mti mg. The army in Y estern Louisiana er attain to the im p oifance of a n r s! , piafes, two coniinn.-d stories ‘ L ayam on the move. Gen. Lee’s cavalrv class power among the nations , py popnlar wiitiTs, besides ])ein g , *'*^^'R’‘^^^‘’’’^P^^'*’‘Bhcc.i!npaign, Ifisadvancc b ' -L - - ’ - - I occupied New Ibeiia .several days since. j riift guerrillas have again mado their appear- I anco in the m?ighhorhood of Baton Rogue. Frank j S'-me .'kirmbhirig has taken pluee, resulting I in every instance in fiiVur of the U d IOII Lr- transferred to Northern soil, S t e - ■ ------ ^ ---------- U’es. The Union Josses at Foit Delcujsey phens, in a speech of great power ' Laily’s Friend is a new j .we get (].)\ri as fallows : - 7 killed; 12 m..r- before the Georgia Legislature, drew ' ]>ublished by Deacon & \ ^ ’ 12 ?pvmdy ; 27 slightly ai.J a vivid picture of il.e doc l a t i o . , , '1*^ '''■-'I'1-\ ^ \ L ' l r i w l ” which would follow an attem p t Evening P ist. H '| Gd. Ho.-kins, with about 4d0 of ilm 7th break up the U n ion. Mr. Hfivis | competitors in IVnnessco. after a severe fight surrendered, promises have entirely failed Bte- I circulation, and will surely : From what has reached us it appears that pheoc predicti ms h a 4 feecn \verified | b-* by facts. Every attem p t to trans- ' the News Room, fer proved a di.sastrous failure. The spiing term of the U n ­ ion School commences on Mondai’, 4th inst. One box Dr. Zinc's Antidote, will cure the mo->t iriveterabi drunkard. It can he given without the patients knowledge. Sold by all re-'ppctable Dru£rirists, or sent by mail, by Jmix J . K romer , 400 Chestnut Street , Pnil- 9-126.11 A sob or green Quaker would be great a ennority O.S a di.).,)pa( d Ilt-b'-ew: imt not so pre.ut a one after all as to find the wiuinn who (lid not } refer the J. ?tI»r’roe 'i’iiyh>r G Id .Medal S 'op to ai.y other the world c.in pr.^duc'^. Wile tars il iiiak^.s old clothes l.iok as well as imw, and a cr<.<s man Ih.^ ptea'-'antP't and mo.>.t lovely ci'fature on the gliiije. Try it, and our wmd f >r it. you will always patiuniz ) the Gold Medal Soap. j by G-harl s N. Mend and Melancton Smith, of F ort Edwa''d. Wash ngton C mnty. New York, ot the first part to B.ighrod \Y. .Sher­ wood. of the s.'irne phic *. of the second part, and hearing date the 2d day of February, A. D. l6.')6; and recorded in the office of the Clejk of \Ya.«hington. on the 5th day of rehniary, A. D, 1856 in B lok No. 7, of Mortoagey, on page 197. &c.— and said 0 1 T T . 1 . 1 , 1 J p Mortgaae was. on the 15th day of June A, SWALLOW two or three hogshead.s o f ; ; Sherwood, duly ‘ Bu-'hu,’ - Tonic B'tters,” •‘.Sarsaparilla,'’ aa„ig„ed and trac.«ferred to D.Aba 0. ‘Nervous Antidotes,’ ikc, &c., itc. and af- j Menrg, and on the 17th day of November, I er you .are satisfied with the result, then try i Mortgage wa.s, by said Do- ‘ tha G. ars. duly assigned and transferred to • A. F Smith, who is now the owner and : holder of the s-ime. And there is claimed to - ! adelphia. Circulars tree. ria. Also a full stock of school books, stationery and inks constantly oa han d . the war to Northern soil h;is | A new and splcn id assort- The 1 |]]ent of PiioTOGiiAPn A lbums , just desolation which Stepliens saw would , peccived and for Sale by Frank Har- follow the act of secessicn, is sweep­ ing over the South like a dood. S ad AcoiDEiv'T— M an S ebiously S calded .— A very serious acciilent occurred oa Tuesday morning at the Paper-m ill of Allen B r o s , Sandy H ill, wliich nearly resulted in. the death of Mr. \Y iiliam Sm ith. It appears that he had been dissolving some of the ash used for bleaching purposes in a vat of boiiing water, and was standing on the edge at the tim e, and the cover coming down struck him on the back, tlirevving him into the boiling mass. The vjit was five feet deep, so that he was j Peterson’s, for April, bus covered all but his head and one ' arrived, and coiupare.s favorably with arm. A man standing by seized jtg predecessor.*?. The engravings, him by the hand, and, drawing him I fa.shi'm-plate.s and storie.s make it an out threw cold water on him. H e | invuluahle nunih.T fur the l a d ie s . is alive, but the chances of his re Madame DeMorest’s Mirror of fashion, spring number, contain­ in'! double paged colored fashion £ ^ \ T h e new novel, “ Cudjo’s Cave,” a story of the rebellion, i& pronounced by all to be the best thing out. Everybody should read it . Pi ice $1.50 —lor sale at the Bouk.sture. ------------ ---------------------------- Benedict Brothcr.s, & Co. have sold out their Produce Store to Mr. Green, who will euntiume tlie businCf-8 at the old stand below the rail road. Give him a call covery are extremely doubtful, hfis a large family. Monday morning a man was j piate.s, patterna, &G, For Sale at linrfc''\at the new lock which is build- ttarris N ew s Rouro, ing in thisi place; by the cap.^izing o f the pile-driver. How serious we fiave been unable to learn. MdCLELLANrS. R E P O R T f?r m J o * t Frank Harria'.' CiiEAP RKAP15.U,— Ten cent Mag­ azines,. Ten cent Noveks & Ten cent Sung B um I vs . A huge assortment at The News Room. N o v e lettes, new & standard works, also on hand.. Ky. Most of the inhabitants fl»id across rh‘J Oliio on the approach of the re'oel force?. Four attacks woie made on the Fort and rc- pnled. Much of the place has been burned. A large amount of public and private pnqior- ty has bei-n destroyenl. The Union Joss amounta to 12 killed and 40 wounded. The rebel loss is supposed to be muck greater. The last heard from the rebels they are re­ ported to be fallim? back- A dispatch from Paducah says : The home guard surprised and captured Col. Oroslan and seven uf his guerrillas, near MoySeld, Ky, , TCESDAY, The rfb ils are paid to bo in strong force before Cirnttanooga. Deserteis report Gen. Bishop P. Ik as reiiiforc tig Gen J.'e .Tolin- pon- Gen Long-treet’s cavalry attdi 'r G*>^ Martin, )i:w reacJii d Marietta. Gtulgitt. He- sertere in large nuiiib'TS ei.n»iir,;e. t-i ei mein. Gen Forrest is the man who made ’he at- tack on P. daeaJi- so ir is said We would like, to ktioiv 1 mv Ji*‘ sni c-“ed. d i<) cro'iB the whi.F .^tato of K^-n eky A .tleiUl opp '-ition. and Wl'h.aif l.emg Kr.o«n C d. Hick«, tlie cyrninauder of ilm F o rta' P-iducah, made a .alliint fJi-fi nce. Four tini<-s the r- bels came fo the agsa'tlt and were each time sncceES- fully repulsed. ■WEDNES0AT. Reports from Fhi ida ??ate that the Un­ ionists of central Florida Lave organized, g«'Te into camp and eummeneed operations againsr. the rebels by a raid on their salt works. They have had two encounters with the rebel cavalry, whipping them, and taken ten prisoners. The rebels attempted n dern- onptration an the neighbt ibood of Ili'ton Head, but were lo'ied. The r. j,ort (-f the Ciplure of X’lhitka is e .nfiiv. ■]. Gen. For­ est, who made tJie atti'ck on Paducah is said to be moving in the direction of OoIumbuS, Ky. Gen. Grant reviewed a portion of the army of the Roto«n«s « i Tneeday. Tidce care c f your he.olth and that of your cli’idom, and u^e no oth e r .‘-?-ueratus except Herrick Allen'p Go'd .Medal ri.tleratns. It is ackTiowIedfcvd as be-ng the only perfeetlv h.irndefS article in the market; is pecul’ary , ‘cid-pted to benefit weak ston’aehs and dy.s- i peptic persons. Try one paper, and you will ; jiave no other. I se it instead of soda. D I eeipt of price—which is One Dollar — post j H much better, (iroccrs and Drugais's sell f ne liox of O'tl D:ictor Ruchau's English Specific Pills—and be restored to health and vigor in legs than thirty days. They are purely vegetable, pleasant to take, p-ompt and salu'‘ary in their elUcts on tiie broken- down and shattered constitution. Old and you.-g can take them wi'h advantage. Im­ ported and sold in the United States by JAS. S. BUTLER, Station D, Bible House. New York, General Agent. P. S —A box sent to any address on re it. Depot 112 Liberty Stieet, New York. JD I E D . KILMER.—On the 14th ult.. at Rock City Fulls, N. Y.. Mrs. Julia A. P. Kilmer, wile of Charles Kilmer, of that place, and daughter of Biizilla Parks, E^q., of Sandy Hill, aged 33 years. A loving mother and devoted wife; an af­ fectionate sister and faithful friend; she lived the joy of all who became acquainted with her, and died regretted by a large circle of friends. BLA\W IR.-At Fort, Miller, on the 26th u t.. infant son of Peter and E-ther Blaw -is, aged 5 months, of congestion of the Jungs. THOMP.'ON.—At Noi‘lhumberiand,on the 2Hlli u l t , Thomas 'I'hompsom, aged about 80 years, of congestion of the lungs. YANDERW ORl KER.—At Northumber­ land. on the 28'h ult.. Martin M. Yander- woriker. ag-d about 70 jear.s. S P E C I A L _ N O T I C E S . Piles—Itching P iles, Positively Cured— slso \ Blind ard Blecdin Pileg, Fistula, salt Rheum, and all diseases of the Bkio, by the use of rossjian ' s cure . I tching P iles is generally preceded by a moisture like perspiration, producing a very disagreeable and dietresaiug itching, particu lariy a t night after getting warm in bed. No humbug—as a trial will prove. For sale by all respectable druggists. EOSSMAN & NcKINSTEY, Huns IN. N. Y„ ^ Proprietors. W. J . ‘WiiiTEHOUSE & Co., Agents, Fort Edward# N. Y. VST Sent by mail for lixty oenti.- 31;3y. free. 4S:13t R O U T S H IAW A T H A H A IR B.EST0- R A Warranted to resto-e faded and gray whiskers to their original color. Superior to dyes and every other preparation for the hair ! in liie natural and life appearance it gives, instead of the dull, dead black of dyes, so be due on said Mortg-ige, on the first publi-- cation of this notice, t'le sum of ’I wo llun?- drt-d and Porty-Nlup Dollars and Forty Fiva - Geiits ($-2-19.45). The premises are described • in said .Mortgage as follows, viz : “ All that certain lot. or piece of land sica» “ atecl in the village of Fort Edward, and is ‘■a pait of larm lot No. 141, of the Argyle.i “ patent, bounded and described as follows'* : Beginning at a point where the easterlyti '• line of jdecbanic’s street intersects the “ northerly line of Mill street, and runs thence ' “ along the north line of Mdl street, north . “ 87deg 2Uiniu east twenty five feet (25), then “ north 6deg. 20min. west one hundred feet,' “ then .'south 87deg, 20aiio., west twenty-fiVO* ‘■feet (25), to Mechanic's street; then along. “ Mechanic's street, south Gdeg. 20niin, easts “ one hundred feet to the place ot begimJag,- “ excepting the width of five feet, along the-- “ whole east line, to be k'p t open and used for a lane or passway for both parties— “ neither party to have a right to obstruct. “ said lane or passway.” No suit or pro-- ceedings having been instituted at law or in equity, for the purpose of recovering thC- thia the most critical observer cannot detect Us nse ; m the simplicity of its application, | debt \secured by ‘the said Jlortgage. or any it being used as easily as any article of the : part thereof. Now, therefore. toilet, and in its beueficial effects on the head as well as the hair. It makes the hair soft and silky, prevents it from falling out, re­ moves all its impurities, and entirely over­ comes the effi cls ol the previous use of prep­ arations containing sulphur, sugar of lead, &C. Hoyt’s Minnehaha Hair Gloss, is unexcell­ ed in keeping the hair in curl, or in any de­ sired position. Hoyt's Imperial Coloring Cream, changes light and red hair and whiskers to a beauti­ ful brown o'r black, and an invaluable dressing for whiskers. JOSEPH HOYT & CO., 10 University Place, N. T . Sold by WhitehQuso & Co., F o rt Edward, and by dealers generally. DO YOU WISH TO BE CURED? D b B cchan ’ s ExGLTSfi SPEdiFio P ills cure, in less than 30 days, the worst cases of Nervomiess, Impotency, Piemature Decay. Seminal Weakness, Insanity, and aHUrinaiy. Bexual, ai.d NervousSy.stems. Try one box. and be cured. Quo Dollar per box. Sent, postpaid, by mail, on receipt of an order. Address, JA S . S. BUTLER, Statioft D, Bible floage, New York, thereof. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said Mortgage, and the- statute in such case made and prov.ded, said mortgaged premises will be sold a^publ^, auction, at the office of Wait & Reynolda, in, the village of Fort Edward, ou the 23d day- of April. A. D., 1864. at ten o’clock in the,- forenobn of tha,t day.-— D4fced.iJaq.24ih. 1864.. A. E’. SMITH, Mortgagee & Assigneq^^ \W ait & R eynold ^ Atfy’s, Fort ]Mwardi. N. X. FO.E'r EDWARD MOTT & SON, against and agamsl T HE W ORLD! | FORT EDWARD 1' in ^ H O keep constantly on hand » fttfl andf T T complete assortment o| Canada Pine- Lumber, dressed and undressed. Framing timber of any leneth and size required.— Doors, Sa‘h, Blinds, PiBe Picketfl, Lime,. Cement, &c. FLOUR r ™ FLOUR ! J . M. M ot 5 5; S on also keep a li^ge. »n^ well selected eUmk of F lour , which they offer a t wholesale s,nd retail, a t pricee defy-, iog eomperit oa Merchants, and all i ’ivar Dealers, in this and surrounding towns, a ^ particularly invited to csdl andeXMiine ouDi* assotimeut o f F l p p l befoi^ semJif'g order*- to Troy or Albany, as we pledge oqrjielves.tft.' supply all parties ouas favorable least ) as can be obtained a t eithlQt o f ! citiesj or Olsewhera, •T

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