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The Fort Edward ledger. (Fort Edward, N.Y.) 1857-1865, November 06, 1863, Image 4

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\ DISo iW H I I T O INFALLIBLE LINIMENT! THE GHEAT BEMEDY FOB KHBUMATlSM, GOUT, NEUKALQIA, LUMBAGO, STIFF KECK AND JOINTS, SPRAINS. BRUISES, CUTS AND WOUNDT. PILES, HEADACHE, and a l l rheum atic AND’ NERV­ OUS DISORDERS. TTIOR all of which it is a speedy and certain JL. remedy and never fails. This liniment is prepared from the recipe of Dr. Stephen Sweet of Connecticut, the famous bone setter, and has been used in his practice for more than 20 years with the most astonishing success. As an Alleviator of Pain, it is unrivalled by any preparation before the public, of which the most skeptical may be convinced by a single trial. This Liniment will cure rapidly and radi­ cally, R heumatic D isorders of every kind, and in thousands of cases where it has been used it has never been known to fail. FOR NEURALGIA, it will afford imme­ diate relief in every case, however distressing. . I t will relieve, the worst cases of Head­ ache in 3 minutes and is warranted to do it. TootkachesX&o will it cure instantly. FOR NERVOUS DEBILITY AND GENERAL LASSITUDE arising from im prudence or excess, this Liniment is a most happy and unfailing remedy. Actingdirectly upon the nervous tissues, it strengthens and revives the system, and restores it to elastic­ ity and vigor. FOR PILES.—^As an external remedy, we claim that it is the lest known, and we chal­ lenge the world to produce an equal- Every victim of this distressing complaint should give it a trial, for it will not fail to afford im­ mediate relief, and in a majority of cases will effect a radical cure. QUINSY AND SORE THROAT are sometimes extremely malignant an daoger- Dur, but a timely application of this Liniment will never fail to cure. SPRAINS are sometimes very obstinate, ann enlargement of the joints is liable to oc­ cur if neglected. Ihe worst case may be con­ quered by this liniment in two or three days. BRUISES, CTTS, WOUNDS, SORES. ULCERS, BURNS AND SCALDS, yield readily to the wonderful healidg properties of D r . S w e e t ' s I n f a l l ib l e L in im e n t , w h e n used according to directions. Also, C hilblains , F rosted F e e t , and I nsect B ites amd S tin g s . Dr Stephen Sweet of Connecticut the Great Natural Bone Setter. Dr Stephen Sweet of Connecticut fs known all over the United States. Dr Stephen Sweet of Connecticut is the author of Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Cures Rheumatism and never fails. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Is a certain remedy for Neuralgia. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Cures Burns and Scalds immediately. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Is the best known remedy for Sprains and Bruises. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Cures Headache immediately and was never known to fail. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Affords immediate relief for Piles, and seldom fails to cure. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Cures Toothache in one minute. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Cures Guts and Wounds immediately and leaves no scar. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Is the best remedy for Seres in the known world. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Taken internally cures Colic, Cholera Morbus and Cholera. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Is truly a “ friend in need,” and every family should have It at band. Dr. Sweet’s Infallible Liniment Is for sale by all Druggists. Price 25 & 50 cts. i FBIEHB IN NEED. TET IT. DR. SWEET’S INFALLIBLE LINI­ MENT, as an external remedy, is without a rival, and will alleviate pain more speedily than any other preparaticn. For all Rheu- mat'c and Nervous Disorders it is truly in­ fallible, and as a curative for sores, wound, sprains, bruises. &c., its soothing, healing and powerful strengthening properties, excite the just wonder and astonishment of ali who have given it a just trial. Over one thous­ and certificates of remarkable cures, per­ formed by it within the last two years, attest the fact. TO HOBS^S DR. SWEET’si INFALLIBLE LINI­ MENT FOR HORSES is unrivalled by any, and in all cases of Lameness, arising from Sprains, Bruises or Wrenching, its effect is magical and certain. Harness or saddle galls, scratches, mange, &c., it will also cure spee­ dily. Spavins and Ringbones may be easily prevented and cured in their incipient stages, but confirmed cases are beyond the poasibili- ty of a radical cure. No case of the kind, however, is so desperate or hopeless but it may be alleviated by this Liniment, and its faithful application will always remove the Lameness, and enable the herse to traA^el with comparative ease. EVERT HORSE OWNER should have this remedy at hand, for its time­ ly use at the first appearance of Lameness will effectually prevent those formidable dis­ eases, to wbich<ali horses are liable, and which render so many, otherwise valuable horses nearly worthless. D«: SWEET’S I n i a U i b l e L i n m i e r u t IS THE SOILiDIEB’S F R I E N D And thousands have-found it truly A FRIEND IN NEED I C ^ u tio n .—To-avoid imposition, observe the signature and likeness of Dr. Stephen Sweet on every label, and also “ Stephen Sweet’s Infallible Liniment” blovwi in the glass of each bottle, without which-none are genurfis. RICHARDSON & CO., Sole Ptopnetors, Norwich, Ct. MORGAN &: ALLEN. General Agente, t - - 1,^1 ^ S t r e e t , Matt i »7 all-4«oJeni •wtywhar*/ ’ THE WOMAN’S FRIEND. JOH N S O N ^ S FEM A 3 L E P I E L S ! I Thousands of testimontals have been given,- showing that these pills are infallible in correcting, regulating and removing, obstructions of every nature. WARRANTED AS A SAFE AND CERTAIN PREVENTATIVE WITHOUT THE LEAST INJURY TO THE CONSTITUTION;. riTHESE Pills have been nssd by the Doc- X tots for many years, both mihrance and America, with unparalleled success in every case ; and he is nrged by many thousand la dies Who have used them, to make trie pills public for the alleviation of those suffering from any irregularities whatever, as well as to prevent an increase of family where health or circumstances will not permit. Peaialea peculiarly situated, or those supposing them­ selves 80 , are cautioned against using these pills as they will certainly produce miecar riage, although their mildness would prevent injury to hemth. Pull and explicit directions accomp-my each box. Price One Dollar.— Wholesale and retaif by W. J . Whitehouse & Co.. Kingsley’s Block, Port Edward, N. Y. Ladies sending* him will receive a box by return mail, postage paid. 'J he ut­ most secrecy maintained. Look out for counterfeits. The ingredients co.m- posing these pills are made known to every agent, and they will tell you the pills are per­ fectly safe, and do all claimed for them. Be sure you get the genuine article. J. T. SMITH, Manufacturer, 8:34 _______________ Albany, N. Y. FORT EDWARD Hartford Fire Insurance Company. O r g a n iz e d in 1810. Assets Janiiary 1,1863, $1,CF46,333.20. TTIOR POLICIES in this Old and Reliable X. Company, apply to D r . G eo . W . L it t l e . MEREDITH B. LITTLE, A g e n t . FORT EDWMD AGEWCY. H ome I m s u r a nce C o m p a n y of NEW YORK Assets January 1st, 1863, 61,740,495.68; For Policies in this reliable, First Class Company, apply to Dr. G eo . W. L ittl e . MEREDITH B. LITTLE, A gent . F O R T ED W A R D AGENCY. SECURITY C A N A L A N D L A K E , INSURANCE COMPANY OP NEW TORE Assets June 1 ,186-3. - • $728,4B0.34. First and second class canal boats insured by the trip, season or year—cargoes by the trip, at reasonable rates. For Policies ap­ ply to D r . g e o . W . L I 'r T L E . MEREDITH B. LITTLE, A gen t . NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ■pURSUANT to an order of Urias G. X- Paris, Surrogate of the County of Wash­ ington, and according to the statute, in such case made and provided. Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Henry T. McEachron of Argyle deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof, to the subscribers, the executor and executrix of the last will and testament of the said deceased, at either of their residences in Argyle, Washington County, on or before the 25th day of January 1864. Dated. June 30,1863. W m . CLAPP, Executor, JA N E R. McEACHRON. Ex’x. XnORT EDW ARD A N D W ASH IN G- X; TON COUNTY. USE THE NEW S U B S T I T U T E l o r J A V A f W H iTE & MOORE’S ORIGINAL MALT COFFEE, the only genuine manufactured in the United States. For sale by all Grocers. W irllTE & MOORE Manufaciurers. Nos. 2,4, 6, 8 and 10., Bieeker St., 18:tc. Albany. N. Y. E. & H. T. ANTHONY, MANUFACTURERS OF P H O T O G R A P H I C M A T E R IA L S , 601 Broadway, New York. CARD PHOTOGRAPHS. Our Catalogue now embraces considerably over Four Thousand different subjects (to which additions are continually being made) of Portraits of Eminent Americans, etc., v ia: 72 Major Generals, 525 Statesmen, 190 Brig.-Generala, 127 Divines, 259 Colonels, 116 Authors, 84 Lieut -Colonels, 30 Artists, 207 Other Officers, 112 ,Sftage, 60 Navy Officers, 46 Prom’nt Women 147 Prominent Foreign Fortrait-s. 2500 COPIES OP WORKS OE ART, Including reproductions of the moat celebra­ ted Engravings, Painting, statutes, &c.— Ca -alogues sent on receipt of stamp. An order fur one dozen Pictures from onr Cat­ alogue will be filled on receipt of §1.80, and sent by mail, free. PHOTOGEiPHlC ALBUMS. Of these we manufacture a great variety^ ranging in price from 50 cents to §50 each. Our albuins have the reputation of being superior in beauty and durability to any oth­ ers. The smaller kinds can be sent safely by mail at a postage of six cents per ounce. The more expensive can be sent by express We also keep a large assortment of Sterescapes S BUrCtcopic Views. Our Catalogue of these will be sent to any address on receipt of stamp. E. & H. T. ANTHONY, KanufUctuxers of Photographic Materials, 501 B roadway , N ew Y ork . Friends or relatives of poominent military men will confer a favor by sending d&thwr likenesses to copy. They wiUi be kept care­ fully and returnea uuiDjnred. Fine albums made to order for Congregh- tioqs to prfsent''tiO their P astor, or fo^other parpfHMS, witH Iwtabfe w«eidptfoTi«’Ae.''15;39 M A L L O R Y & S A N F O R D , Oor. o fW h its aacLOentie S ts., H, Y . FLAX & HEMP BBESSEL Send for Descriptive* circu­ lar. M alta , S aratoga C o ., N. Y., Aug. 10, ’63. M essrs . M allory & S anford :— G ents — On the 19th day of March w6 drew to the mill of N. G. Akin thirty-nine hundred and thirty (3930) pounds of flax straw, which he dressed through the Old Brake, and we re­ ceived four hundred and eighty-one (481) pounds dressed flax. We, about the first of June, drew to the mill of Wm. H. Buckley forty four hundred- and ten (4410) pounds of flax straw, which was d ^ s e d through one of your Patent Flax Brakes ; we received eight hundred and five (805) pou n d s of dressed flax. The flax was grown on the same piece of land, and there was no perceptible differerce in the quality of the flax, except that the por­ tion drawn to Akin’s mill was rotted in the fall of 1862. and that drawn to Mr. Buckley’s mill was spring rott-ed. which is considered not as gooA from the fact that it loses part of the oily matter irom the fibre, and does not yield as much per ton of straw as the fall rotten. You will perceive by the above statement that we received from Mr. Akin’s mill 245 pounds nearly ofdressed flax per ton of straw and from Mr, Buckley’s mill 365 pounds of dressed flax per ton. which makes 120 pouuds per ton in favor of your Brakes. We are recommending our neighbors to take their flax to one of your Brakes to have it dressed, although it is fifteen miles to the nearest one at present. J. B. WEEKS, L L. WEEKS, I certify that the above statement is correct, as I saw the Weigher’s receipts for both lots of straw, and weighed the dressed fl ix mvself that was dressed at my mill. The flax dressed at Mr. Akin’s mill is corret, no doilht., as the above gentlemen are perfectly reliahje. WM H. BTZrCKLEY-. For Rats, Mice, Roaches, Ants, Bt d Bugs, Moths in Furs, Woolens, &c.. Insects on Plants, Fowls, Animals, &c. Put up in 25c. 50c, and §100 Boxes, Bottles and Flasks, §3 and §5 sizes for H otels P ublic I nstitutions . <fcc. “ Only infallible remedies known.” “ Free from Piisons.” “ Not dangerous to the Human Family. ’ “ Rats come out of their boles to die.” Sold Wholesale in all large cities. Sold by all D ruggists and R etailers everywhere. !!! B eware 1!!” of all worthless imitations See that “ C ost . ar s” name is on each Box, Bottle and Flask, before you buy Address HENRY R. COST A R P r in c ip a l D epo t 482 B roadw a y N. Y. Sold by \V. J . Whitehouse ic Co., Ft. Edward, N. Y. 8:47:39 Garden and Cemetery Embellishments. CHASE & Co., N. Y. OENAMENTAL IEOH WOEKS. Iron Furniture of every description. Bedsteads, of new and im­ proved designs with Patent Spring Bottoms. Hat. Cap. Umbrella and Fire Set Stands. Garden Chairs Settees, Fountains, Vases, Cemetery Railmg-i, Arch 'I’rellisps, Urns. Ivy Leaf Enclosures for single graves with or without Name Tab- Pateut Plower stand, let, a new and beautiful article. Flower Stands, Brackets, Ivy 'rrellises, &c. No. 522 B roadway Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, N Y. ¥ . J. WHITEHOUSE & CO., DEILERS j in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Qiis, Artists’ Materials, PERFUMERY TOILET ARTICLES. DYE STUFFS, S u r g ical I n s tru m e n ts, and in fact, Everything usually kept in a first class Drug Store. rVR. W ING’S CELEBRATED COUGH X J REMEDY. The safest and'surest med­ icine known for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, and all diseases affecting the Throat and Lungs. WHITEHOSB & Cos DTARRHCEA CURE. The safest remedy now in use, which hundreds can testify to that have used it with perfect success. Berry’s Celbrated Condition Powder, Dr. Gallop’s Syrup of Briar Root, Dr. GMltp's Headache Pills, Johnson’s French Female Pills, Clark’s do., Duponco's do., Anrant’s do„ Gheesman’s do., Herricks Pills and Kid Strengthening Plasters, Dr. Jayne’s Medi­ cines, the largest and newest assortment in town ; Dr. Ayer’s medicines, a full supply, fr^h and good ; Dr Sweet’s Infallible Lini­ ment, Merchant’s Gargling Oil, Flint’s Lini, inenf, Grant’s d o , British Oil* Gargling Oil, Wkichester’a Lime and Soda. Vandusen’a and HoHoway’s Worm Confections, Fane- stock’s and McLane’a Vermifuge, Durno^s Catarrh Snuff, VVadswortb’s Dry-Up, D d . Castle’s Catarrh Snuff, Marshall’s dp., Kar^ roly’s do^ Martine’s, Batchelor’s Waters’ Matthews’ Jayne’s and Harrison's Hair-Dyes. Dr. PerriBe’s Fumigator> a sure cure fo Catanh, ' - ' ' FO R T ED W A R D , K.. Y A FEW REASONS WHY THE AMERICAN WATCH IS THE BEST. It is made on the best principle, while the foieigo watch is generally made on no prin ciple at all. Let us look a t the- contrast. The foreign watch is- mostly made by women and boys, by hand. While their labor is cheap, their work is dear at any price. Snch watches are made withont plan, and soM withont gnaian- tee. They are irregular in construction, and quite as irregular in movement. Tl’hey are designed only to sell, and the buyer rs the party most thoroughly sold. Those who have kept “ aiiCres,” “ lepines ” and “ Swiss levers ” in professed repair for a few years will appreciate the truth of our statement. The plan of the American Watch. Instead of being made of several hundred little pieces, screwed together, the body of the American Watch is formed of solid plates. No jar interferes with the harmony of its working, and no sudden shock can throw its machinery out of gear. Secession of on« part from another is unknown to its consti­ tution, and in riding or any other business pursuit, it is all held together as firmly as a- sii.gle piece of metal. It is just what all ma­ chinery should be— Is/. Accurate 'Id. Simple. 3d. Strong. 4dh. Economical. We not only secure Cheapness by our sys tem. but Quality We do not pretend that onr Watch can be bought for less money than the foreign make-believi-s but that for its real value it is sold for one half the price. Our Soldie)''s Watch (named Wm. Ellery) 18 what its name indicates—-Solid, Substan­ tial, and always Reliable—warranted to stand any amount of Marching, Riding or Fighting. Our next higher quality of watch (named P. S B-jrtJett) is similar in size and general appearance, but has more jewels, and a more elaborate finish. Our Ladies' Watch, recently brought out. is put up in a great variety of patterns many of them of rare beauty and workmanship, is quite small, but warranted to keep time. Our Young Gentlemans Watch is neat, not large and just the thing for the pocket of Young America. Iheproof oi the merits of our Watch may be found in the fact that we now employ over five hundred workmen in our factories, and that we are still unable to supply the con­ stantly increasing demand. Our three-quarter plate watch is thinner and lighter than the others we have describ­ ed. Its fine chronometer balance is delicately adjusted to correct the variations caused by changes of temperature. These watches are chronometrically rated, and are the fruits of the latest e.xperimenta iu chronometry and are made by our best workmen, in a separate department of our factory. For the finest time keeping qualities they challenge compar­ ison with the best works of the most famous English and Swiss makers. ROBBINS & APPLETON, Agents for the American Wa»ch Company 14:17t. 182 BROADWAY, N. y. ELECTION NOTICE. SHERIFF’S OFFICE S.4LE.M.1 W ashington C o ., Aug 4,1863. j Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Statutf s of this stale, and of the annexed no­ tice truiu the Secretary of state, that th^ Gen­ eral Election will be held in this county on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November next, at which election the officers named in the annexed notice w 11 be elected. B. F. McNJTT, Sheriff. STATE OF NEW YORK. ) Office of the Secretary of State. > Albany, Aug. 1st, 1863 ) lothe Sheriff o f the County o f Washington: S ir :—Notice is hereby given, that at the G meral Election to be he.ld in this state on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November next, the following officers are to be elected, to w it: A Secretary of State in the place of Hora­ tio Ballard. A Comptroller, in the place of Lucius Rob insoD. A Treasurer, in the place of William B. Lewis. An Attorney General, in the place of Dan­ iel S. Dickinson. A State Engineer and Surveyor, in the place of William B. Taylor. A Canal Commissioner, in the place of William W. Wright A n Inspector of State Prisons, in the place of James K. Bates. All whose terms of office will expire on the last day of December next. Also, Judge of the Court of Appeals, in the p.ace of Henry R'. Selden. who was ap­ pointed to fill the-vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Samuel L. Selden. whose term (for which he was elected) expires on the 31st day of December, 1863. Also a Justice of the Supreme Court, for the Fourth Judicial District, in the place of Enoch H. Rosecrans, whose term of office will expire on the last day of December next. Also a Senator fdr the 12th Senate Dis­ trict. comprising the Counties of Washing­ ton and Rensselaer. 0dUN01.rOFPIOEES TO BE ELECTED. Two Members of Assembly. Two School Commissioners. A County Judge in the place of Oscar P. Thompson. A Surrogate, in the plqce of U. G,.PariB. A special County Judge, in the place of Henry Gibson. A specid Surrogate, in the place of Leon­ ard Wells. Superintendent of the P oor, in the place of William Olhpp. Two Justices of Sessions, in the place of Loomis-W. Gunn, and EH,Skinner, Jr. A Coroner, in the place o f James Savage, All of whose terms of offi-':e will expire on the last da^y of Decembeit next. Yours, respectlhUy; J. B. MAYO, M. r>.; M e d i c a l E l e c t r i c i a n . & P h y s i c i a n FOR CONSUMRTION AN D CHRONIC DISEASES, Ty^OULD respectfully inform the public VV that be has taken rooms for a few days at the Park Hotel, Sandy Hill, for the purpose of curing diseases of Mind and Body, and of the Throat and Lungs. Dr. Mayo uses In­ halation of medicated vapors, whereby the Medicine comes in direct contact with the diseased parts. In connection with Inhala­ tion he uses Electricity, and Medicines, when indicated. The discovery of Inhaling Medi­ cated air for earing diseases of Lungs, and air passages, and putrid diseases, and the dis­ covery of Electro Magnetism for the cure of nerveouB diseases are destined to shed innu­ merable blessings on our race. These agents effects cures when oidinary medicines entire ly fail. Those who have suffered long from painful and obstinate diseases, and those who have vainly sought lelief from advertised medicines, and those who cannot be cured by other Physicians are invited to call. Dr. Mayo can furnish testimonials from many eminent medical men, and can refer to thousands of persons for proof of his success­ ful treatment of Consumption and other di seaees. Sandy Hill. Sept. 25,1863. 23:3t M A N H O O D ; H O W L O S T ! H O W K B S T O B B D ! Just Fablished) in a Sealed Envelope. Price six cents. A LECTU.iE ON THE HATU,^E, TREATMENT AND RADICAL Cure of spermatorrhoea or seminal weakness. Involuntary Emissions, sexual debility, and Impediments to Marriage generally. Ner- vou-ness, Consumption, Epilepsy and Fits ; Mental and Physical Incapac ty. resulting from self abuse, &c —By RO'BER f' J. CUL- TERWELL, M D., author of the Green Book, &c The world renowned author, in the admir­ able Lecture, clearly proves from bis own ex­ perience. that the owful consf quences of self abuse may be effectually removed without medicine, and without dangerous surgical op­ erations, bougies instruments, rings, or cor­ dials, pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately and radically 'Phis lecture Will prove a boon to thousands and thousands. Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address, on the receipt of six cents, or two postage stamps by addressing CHAS. J . C. KLINE. 127 Bowery. New York. P. 0. Box 4586, Q E R T lFiC A T E OF DB- CHILTON The Oriental Eihflatant i^d doxfipouaff r r r a i s Eastern d Gu»jAa\ qf enchantment -*• has for a g ^ been the theme of song and 8b,ry among the Turks* Arabs, Persians and Hindoos. It is a delightM and harmless exbilarant, a perfect sutelSlutfe for Liquors. Opiates, Narcotics And of all kinds produces nmst affilightfai exhllaration without the exhausting, physical reaction which attends the use of other Htimulants — It acts upon the nervoos system in a most wonderful manner- as a medicinal agent is unequalled, curing almost instantaneeasl^ Nervousness, Debility. Hysterra, &c. Ite success in the first stages of Consumption is m. st? marveloae, melaneWlly confusion o f thoughts, depression ot spirits, &c, find im­ mediate alleviation. It is a great promoter of b®auty. givinsra youthful and d*-Iicate expressb-n in the coun­ tenance—imparting a most- surprising cheer?- fulness to the mind—a vigor aud elasticity of thought unknown before The debilitated*' and those suff*'ring from want of vital enerf win be restored as it were to new life ahm vigor. Ebeumatic patients will be benefited! in a most remarkable manner by its hsA In* Chills and Fever it surpasses Quinine, 1 d E b > paiu—induces sleep—restless peraoue ar«^. immediately quieted. Under its influence- all classes seem to gather, new. inspiratiom and energy the Soldier Laborer and Travel­ er and find their courage and powers of en­ durance increased many fold, the writer, speaker aim business man gathers a vigor o f thought and keenness of pen eption truly as­ tonishing. persons in the habit of using atra- ulants. &c., find it a most valuable and abso- lut/^ly harmless substitute. The G unjah is obt ained in various portions: of the Ea>*t, and imported to this country in a crude state prepared and put up with great* care and scientific skill, the quantity we are selling and the flaiteriug notices daily seeeiv- ed (.*f its happy aud beneficial effects is a suf­ ficient guarantee of its success as. rile most wonderful medicinal agent in ueeferthe euro of the class of diseases enumerated. fi^ T h e attention of the Medical Faculty is invited to this new Therapeuric agent Put up in neat style, and for sale by Drug­ gists and Dealers generally. J@“Sent to any part of the Country by Mail or Express. PRICE 2.5 cts, 50 cts. and $1, pei Box, Postage on the S i box only nine cents extra. I3IPORTED ONLY BY THE g u n j a h w a l l a h CO.. New York and Philadelphia. (See story and /arge etrcular). AgenfaOffice 36' Beekman s t , ^ Y. JI^“‘Beware of Imitations.^^g 5@“‘For sale by A. A. Skinner, Sandy Hill, and W. J . Whitehouse & Co., Fort Edward. 26:6m. Office of the Laboratory of Dr. Jas. E. ■] Chilton, & Co . No. 93, Prince St., s New York, February 20.3863. J Messrs. W hite k M oore having submitted to US a sample of their “ Malt Coffee” for analysis. &c. From the result of onr examination we are enabled to report that after giving i a } thorough investigation, chemically we have j not found anything in its composition that is j objectionable, or in any way detrim*‘ntal to health ; on the contrary we believe that its , use as a substitute for Coffee will prove j JAS. E. CHILTON & CO.; i Analytical Chemists. j THE BEST WORK FOR CANVASSING AGENTS. HARPER’S PICTORIAL HISTORY. OP THE 6 m T REBELLION IN T H E U N I T E D S T A T E S . Messrs. Harper & Brothers have com­ menced the issue in Numbers of a complete H istory OF t h e G reat R ebellio n in t h r U n ited S tates , 'riie work has been for many months in course of preparation, by a writer every way qualified for the task. The ntroduction contains a clear and swi- ciDct account of the formation of the Confed- The undersigned were the first to place ■ eraoy of the State.s ; the formation and adop- t.he above named article before the public.— j tion of the Constitution of the United tales, Its unprecedented snecesa has induced others j anti the establishment of the National Gov- OAU noN. to attempt its mauufacture. It is nvmufac- lured by a process known only to ourselves, | and the public are cautioned against purchas- ] ing an. interior quality. | WHITE & MOORE. i Sole M:OJi.fac-turers, | Nos 2, 4 6. 8, and 10 Bleeckcr St., Albany, j N. Y. For sale by ali Grocers. 18:tc ; ----------------------1 ------------------------------- I N o t i c e t o C r e d i t o r s . | P U R S U A N T to an order of U. G. Paris. | X surrog.ite of the County of VS''ashiogton. j aud according to the statute in such case ^ made and provided—Notice is hereby given : to all persons having claims against tne es- 1 tate of Seth Cooley, late of the town of Gran- | ville in said county, deceased, that they a'-e j requ red to exhibit the same witu the vouch- i era thereof to the undersigned. Executors of all and singular the goods chatties and cred­ its that were of said deceased, at the resi- : deuce of the undersigned. M ilo I ng . alsee . in the town of Hartlord. in said county, on or before the 12ih day of March 1864. Dated August. 31.st. 1863. MILO ISG.4LSBR, | ROY.4L INGALSBE ( ^'^'‘cutors. Kotice. rilH B Firm of E d w a r d s . H cbbel & Co., X is lh»day dia.-olved bv mu ual consent. J. M EDWARDS, J M. HUBBEL, F. D HODGMAN. Fort Edward, Sept 1,1863. The business of the late Firm will be con tinned at iho old stand by the iindersiened. J M. EDWARDS, F. D HODGMAN. TIMBRE LAND FOE SALE. A TRACT situated in Hamilton County, h C jlou the head waters of the Hudson Mver containing about Eleven Thousand acres, heavily covered with Cherryy IHne, Spruce and Hemlock Apply to ALMET REED, 159 Front street. New York. NOTICE. rri BE accounts of E, A. Cray, of Fort Ed X ward, N. Y., have been placed in my charge for collection. 'This Bot.ee is inserted* for the purpose of saving trouble, travel and letter writing. They must be settled immediately or they will be sued. Inquire at Wait & Reynolds’ Law Office. BOB’T S COLEMAN. F ort E d w a r d , April 17,1863. Special Horioe. r n o a’l persons indebted to the late Firm X of E d w a r d s . H ubbel & Co., will please call and cfettle their accounts as I shall re-*- main in town but a few. days and all accounts must be aettled without delay. J. M. HUBBEI v . Fort Edward. Sept. 2 ,1868- H o u s e a n d ip<ot f o r S o le C h e a p . P|ESIEAB!|E(Y located in the ullage and a 4r/cb*ncef rV gpod bargain* Terms easy. Eaqalre of ^DGAR B U L L ,. Port EdwMd,. Sept. 18,1863. 22:3*. ernment; the origin, development, and pro­ gress of the doctrines of Nullification aud secession, and the various phases which they assumed until their final culmination in the Great Ri-bellion. The History comprises a full account drawn from the most authentic sources, of all the Events of the War ; the intrigues of the Southern leaders at home and abroad. the gradual deletion of one section ; the great Uprising of the People for the mainte­ nance of the .4rmy and Navy ; and the bat­ tles by se*a and land The Illustrations comprise Portraits of all those who have borne a prominent part in* tbestiuggle; Maps of different localities y Plans of the leading actions; Views of every scene of interest, aud of the most important; Battles. These Illustrations are mostly from drawings taken on the spot by artists deputed for that purpose to acooiapany every division of our Army and Navy. Every facility at the command of the Pub­ lishers has been employed in tUo preparation and' execution of this work ; and they cohfi-- dently believe that it will form the most trustworthy and valuable history which can be prepared ol T h e G reat S truggle fq r t h e A m e r ican U nio n . MODE AND'TERMS ° PUBLICATION. The work wid r e issued iu Numbers. er,ch consisting of 24 pages of the size of “ Har­ per’s Weekly,” printed Irom clear type upon fine paper, and will be probably be completed, in about Twenty Numbers. The Numbers will be issued at inlervals,. if possible, of about three or four weeks. The price of each number, which contains* matter equivalent to an ortiinary volnme, will be Twenty-five Cents. The Illustrations in each Number are alonfe worth the price asked. Men out oFempfoy-.- ment, especially SICK AND DISABLED SOLDIERS, can find no other work so sure or ready and good profits. For furthan parttculars ap­ ply to the Publishers, HARPERr& BROTHERS,. Franklin Square, New Yoife ....... . .... Valuable Lands for Sskifi. O E V E R A ii desirable parcels of Osale. belonging to the-sstate of Dr. W. Norton, deceased. Among them IJiaores, adjoiniug lands of John Case, one and a bal^ mUes from the village; also de-sireble Lauda­ tor building Lots, Gardens and Pastures, neap- the Railroad depot, east of the canak J. B. THOMPSON, Executor, CATHARINE NORTON* Executrix* Fort Edward, Sept-17,1863. 22;4t. M FIAX. G EOWm. T> Y sendiag your flax to mills where S an - X J ford & M allory ’ s Patent Brake ft you will get irom IfiO to 120 pounds more lint to a ton of straw. Besides your flax will be worth more ih martlet, as it wiH pr^fma. Bjors over the hatohel. A pau^hletcontam- ing lull particulars Will be saiht to any one. free Of charge, by addressing MALLORY & S A N F O ^ Boom 26 Harlem Railroad BiiildiBg,

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