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Ithaca journal and advertiser. (Ithaca [N.Y.]) 1847-1866, May 26, 1847, Image 1

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; / ' u : Floor,Pi»st« ,, M S T E S P a B O W f e f e e d i & e . , EGO-^syi,roACA> ^^EOQaE§ fey ^i<PoiEvx?rles^ t ^ | ^ ^ .Iffapd^uLeiii e k tie ,:f v © B * , p . n I > R A w i m O P ^ liR O R S . A t the Office of tKe^Joptjj- C lfrk, on Tuesday, fflay IBihjthe and petit Jiirork were drawn for the ffipr^^wf tjie Court o f Q immon Pleas and Ceaeral (Sessions o f the Peace, t » eo% toence o ttihe seecnd ijtdonda^ in June heS , viz :• .Gtand J«r<rrs.^Si^oner KoMisterSd, Ci >ToHne>\ PeteitYaple, EdwaM extant, LewiI Poftfte r, ^<t7|w U i SeBiafnia P. B rake,' William Goodye ir, A|- ^bert J . ToOgood, Peter W o rden, W iiUatn (larpeii- tst. Fh-ydeu', Robert tJ. W iekham . 0ttfiei i i Eli­ sha! Cobb, George Pish, G-rqtm] Nathan Brown, G a iid WV Jewel, Schuyler Goldsmith, Joshna McEeel,; Chester A. Sm ith,'Jo; ejlh G Bqrritt, Charles Hali!, P* Luce. 1 iTaiit T . feluntingtOa, Thoma^^ Bowning, liliadai iXh|arle|> Oavis.AwnsiKg} Gewis W . OweDj i%ssM j ! Pfffit JuROBs.-^John L ynde, CafaiineiEi Gideon Tuthill, (?o«Av;, Efekiel Sanford, S |rad- el W o o leeer, IJenry Hunter, WiliiaW Jthbde:^, ,, ,0ri^de7r;JabperL a n n iig:,JbhnW .^|obs.A b rd- '€ Q S ’bETELT|llES.TR(j>|rED. ham Zerfass, Aaron Lovell, William, WilHs, ■ ^ ^ S S S S S l t e S l S K f t ^ M o w M il,D a v id BtxcUx^i}, Groloitf Rowlautjl S^aeoic , Isaac Pierce, Arc|hdbard Martin, John Bfm u h t|, Apoilos Rising,. William, W. Spence, Hall, Btetor; Jam es A. Haviland, A|>el : lurriti, ^laili Terry, tZgasJos^V tt a t i / B r U o a „ a X)a.vis, Isaac Hedden, Aaj/sliif # Pjhiletis, Bd- vis,;Bavid Murray, Geor® G< odwifl, George Robinsoh, Mij^es jndltrc fitanE-expectatlfia of it, need hardly be t istfei, ivMi tiS bop< , ihewifier,, r ra E P a T f E s r r h sbduH ‘a.beaftii'f, situmps ai fi&gwentsjof tegs, w f e one restored eye, qpuversfs by *J 2 ns.«nd|a:fcfs an iiitetel^ kgoiiig on a - aSieela k too {ffliOfclly reroSringi but tljose wboiiaverel-i,- 'sJ*jemBnineoesS?ni¥ llom tiib ntpresen aigonsiof otbers, but £g;g?a!aipxagj^^ '' jPfOHii fhe ‘ Wi \ b . Morning News:' AKbPu#:it dfepteciieE rfabiSionk ol-isuth a' ebaraeter, -n»eitlik«s forced : fea au aioyrtedge the potency of the \ lA r o » p * ® h ib a i6 ik .- | :citbgsympafln- by eSposinetO hiat!brm|(t dm ut tbe htmtan loTin, cttp;,led BtJDbiSG F ear 1^R B $ .t^A tigii4 is t|ie e - | fto it trees, land pear t sual montli for buddinj stocks may be then bt growing. B u t pear stO( lierthas ■e Ided provided t f a ^ are ' iciis stop growin g e a r : Tier th an th cheny,. the peach, or the j pf and thereibre an g arher day than Ailgt St is to b e . preferred. If the sap is not me v in g ,! the bud will hot live. By inserting i t n the my be done close o the ' hi|[ds. i f i t l s d e - , 'll be no q lance stock ifhere iayed till a late day there wpli t for it unless it is s e t nigh on the it not desi not one year,— >r niuie re-<ooii, pted it, tbcae fe- Spods p.v THE ScN.^—A late English agri-' cultural paper says there are now several' spots visible on the Sun, Those c AYestefo side are about 40,000 miles an|ater|laterl T h ingsngs arere largearge orr small-b’ T h i a l o patisoh, Com o '\pare \ \ ’\' dojcOOimiles Whkk ben ifi ^ >n.<ctator withtbenigpE acu :c bfrrfof, • Webeg' itheproa'Ct- ctr of tWs:unf«r,«^n«*{8 bey V sfeclucte liim ftem the nn&lie the’ diJ i bj eoin- th?; S u n J d’amater, with— with w h a f| ;o the beautyspots on a ladys C t he.se spots On Ipimiles in d>amater, with— ,h for iustanco thi c!mek,;or c h ial Ask any two personsJ sep4 ai4teh to couipare the apparent size if the Hiju o | Moon with any known object a id sed hwv very widely they will differ, sat' it iqoks as large as a dtnnerrplB a«; largo as a large farm ! A spO ■. ..4Ved by Meyer, oh the Suii that, akw.vT in i to its diainater-^supposing i t to belcircui lal— covered an area of I,o20 millions o f sqi:aee miles I than; i f ' tht trecw' 'lOu j II b ' A thilng so sinible hnd so plain \ f| l i btye g iven f d o u h 'never w rm h ^ ^.Deligh ing rfBoinetins to t! ye gi pain, not know me weii; wii I briefiy tell, , point o l tan k A d , hs q h S c e p tiO iible a s a n y o t those |sM had refused in her hoon o f beanty; ami p M I nmny ^pubts, and many ! Gusgm o g s, she a t ||h g t h consented, with the ; proud decismn pfc: i|x character, to Put.her I am of a mi P ride i s my And CRpELTymf anc M y sist ers a re BpfiAf HrsTEi icj G rib M and I’m courted by rik’ lajp; W h o - pi izes iue with i visit i a h e r drelsing ‘nd ‘hep “id 'Msf iev A s am h I often [on-jher t o f et h rydam d , E and ffoLLY, MEtA.NbiOLT ; ly fair, , ender care ; rroom, ice p e r fu m e ^ b a m e t , , J , brown hah^ .w h lfi, at a little distance, And dc ze the ieriesome flight ^ ^re— ■in ’ y Garessefresses . . . ^ , _ _ i melround hound hei Abrokd—at hom o mp-^alar-—ai p-^alar— and near, Nay, rrjo e Sh e a h ray; ! plac’d h er waist; mys b indi m e —a t h [apanmu everywhere • to an [use myself}, to give iny mistre&^ paii leeze ijer v\1msl id twain; :tim many persons iroflce for Miss Gefle-, |e ‘ rather tall and fulltfor- 'we had J mefltliatw^ould adjust O^eh in, ler Wjaisl ill twain [ll i h f more she’s squeez’d;, to be pleai n ingmte ie is tnpst ClC! i to those|Who|hoid lost clear, ■ 1 m e dear, all their love> their 1 I almoj t sqi Yet s ir tngc to T h e m ( ro she saemel T h a t r n an ing m ij Becaus i to thosefwho ; F o r all their fonlness ; 11 quite X cruel inenstej|c prove ! I My lad r’s torturqs arJ my food: 111 freely drink h e i lirapd blood, 11 pluck aw ay the|lilie| fair, I A nd sp read® liv|d paleness there; :} I snatb i away thfe r o ^ s glow, .»And le the sicldfe sa^ron grow ; 1 bligh : the lustre of her eyes, ' And sf: ain t M r Pthslwith languid dyea; T h e ropy urchiniqallad a smile, rhe’d live avvhlled plant disease’sipunient smart. And 111 e the vulture, gnavvt he heart— My na he, u'pqp ydur p ind endorse it— ‘M y gentle m istr|ss qails me-^coasET. I a canaoj fad with a chi projected w, second, Supposi: varJ.s the Si a velocity of I,60Q;|feet h it to continue If raovt i g l p i S - - T8_. , , ^ -hiftctiwlip:taken ‘‘»rfefol s barba- ■ S E S i i p t e .t rats and it Woild tal wt H’s s u tfa ts! H is dlstancj is 93,00.(6,000 fliiles I Lighjt. v\|lich traveils atthe atastouisM ng r a te p f I9g fcbp miles in a second o nly reaches tha earth Sjjjiimhtes addfeighteen sfeebSsafter it|leavea jtrh e real jdiamater of |h e sun itself is 82h Iv tawn ( m ’dcs^.: Its volume Is 6Go tiifles. ' tqlin kh of the planets together. APTAis F f-owav P.A|iDOi«ED,--4Ye terday S'fjr Barnes, U. S. Markhall ;receive I froi '•<. shihgtprf a , p ardonj for C aptain , Flow ry, cOni-icted in lafS . of tlie ofi m c o c f ■ ig out the schooner ppitfiro for t l ? slav e e,: CoL Rarnes prpcecded to Sa lefn i a afternoon,'and cansbd the captM t to i e ' rqh ased .from jail. Tllh Spitfire w; .S cap- rcd o a tlie coast of Africa ip Jan ^ 1S40, jCflpt. Bruce, then in command of the F ; ship T ruston. , [Boston TraV.- T mrs.' Ol aomestic tyn thoug-hMhat Ins vieve arbse from med figure, presenl, that o f the skinny 1 death had rQlioyed h IB s w iping proceb It niay be said, indd« d, to have, been cai^ried i on in public, surrora de£Lj.nd rcgulatefl by np for h e a n d S is ^ fide- _ _ _____ _ - :o be aloiie together till the day on which p e proposals were p a d e and accepted; and d aen then the affair over in less than a ie aai' ’ morning, in short, v as both sides were ha^ '*' was ifl' friends. . i ;! ' 4d the -wdding proceeded With- , . ily speak­ ing, is incorreet. 3| h e accidents, however, were! separatel' ' ■ ’ ' ' ............................... ................. ... .................................................................. S ' 3 | S ' f e S S ' £ S __ _ a striking contrast to moment another gehtieman jum p H o h b o ildl from whom and commanded ‘thfeni ffaiitiiikly tfoi to i l R ;:s £ E 7 c-'i •Jir„u\afet£g' . sides were hart' at work; and Sir Beter invited to djjmer to;meet the Isidy’s separately invisible to th e naked ey^e, and are therefore indpSfeTibable to the pen, al- thopghj somehow orhfher, Sir F e fer feltihore and more anxious as the fatarm p m ent^rew near. lie tried to love Miss Genevieve, b u t ;fok as i f he could not take that liberty. • H e once called her ‘‘Jenny’’ aloud in h er ores ,i a . - 2 ^ '’fom Chamberd' Journal. P a j b e r s o n € o .- r - A T a l e . Mi$s 13 enevieve;|Fate rsori was the daugh- ir of a wealthy mefcl.aut defunct, and the ster of i a wealthy iparchaiit living. Both of well iBown firm j3f, liaterson k Co; > .She a consideribi; fortune of her own, xpectalLons,; 1 ad once been reckon- d a heailty; and was |till a very personable yom an ef some forty ye.|a'3 of age. Ti bhe remained iVA’ss Gei ov; f ntjrely her own fau t. ecu ina: ried ovCr and ov niou cou icil and the c JUi t ieefl opened, to her nine I ' vas evei said that she. In d hat she he better half of the ^ h iicvie'0, in eflect, Am her fadb‘g* She hadieai drable g )od sense, kindly eivough feelings, and ample fortune; | u a l l ' these adyant,! ’hat.1 eve Paterson was She m ight have r again; the corh- p, Idermen bad p th an Once; and it actually refn.==ed vie throhe. Miss ud— that was She had i easonable beauty, toU — ----- , — j| C3 - . juwic* was of pourse John Singleton; .and the jWit and a beauty, h s measure of prosperity baronet was annihilated bv the look of jndig- Was full. H e had iothing more to live for, ..-/...'a;.;, i... pnd ngeordingly he djed*, anti v vas an ( 1 & Co. idjof Paterson, seflioi .nd thei e was Pate son Miss-\ Genevieve ■ ^ b o r n in the purole.^ ^ ;Ier stf tely walls t ^ never accelerated by ^ n y voice more po lvepul than that of her I'own iri ilination; her pompiexion was 'Ideepene d by any glov ------^vi ids of Heavei wmre not permitt id to j So. many sucee in r nose blue. But o f all the adni irers on th e ' trounhesome [of her (•reatuess, all he slaves of her 1 eau^ [clear Bie \ \ ‘ the ministers of her pride, the. most and. after a time, mi |ty, all_ |enthusi|istiG, the most! devotedf the most per- meverinit, whs J o h n B i igleton. John Si igle- s l i l i r \ S i B S i s s M a r d w t u ^ h : ntbo O U l s t a n d /N o. Aurbra-Sireei Uhack my qiinoiiiy. Patent Leather, ihqeThread,W iiid >w-Slmdes rod n'irajimirjrs \VorsteitTa!.*eh, Cofa and Fn ges or_jaJ vinda, Coach Lace. IJraf-'>artd Silveridatdd Huji; lands,Sil iet and Brass citrfaiii Frames lUidrCJlai**. AlLkiods of Malleable (roll. Wood Hemes of I desciiip- tiona, and in short every tbi'ijg khatcan be- asbef for in be trade. AH of which is offered: unusually low f|t Oasli lyiv pldCuijtnmersan to call and eaamuie ray. UHI kct . HT-tv TL mw./ 1-847.— The S p r in g C a m p a i ^ Open at 8 4 1 ■ ^ M . ' j Efevid‘;.r®iriisy“^ ' Eijen 0#Vrift Handkercldeis. 'M I p s 'U’s t i ’s&T Vestings! silk awl a: ilasses', should cnil aud seti tiaal Aavert1ser,J IhoaRpiiffeih twsete uiionRris extrafctrdiimrr cure, f M r Onew^StdoTeamfo who buy Sarsaparilla. .i.^d aftpriues from- four -sbil- c otincss ts a uuarf In- bulk. . i>»m®le Stands nfons ou4 teputaitoB it has I '™y &attecti.veairs: of severe j t i al. cVeW 4ay |n5d9nc8-on,accouht o f the asrpnikninf'cttreft p • ! d : s ^ i a , > S 5 - 5 S r Mdanii I It has ttc F i n i n g s k r w d s i6 f L .H .b f S S X # . p . r A s i f ' ; s s ' k i r , |o a « k u t t n l { w d , S 1M»«I i idU ' .§ak tanned K|ps, i 1 # '“! MpnetandBaincbS; I n doK .|a.tekins; . . 3tOO - m .rncoa.M a d fass,a.f Tarapico M ivl9,1847- AdmliratSpn; a t tli« T H - T rho«(iv«dby Express, tfareecasesof 1 od feP wKioy' c«.nBi8t ini)ate of[TuBcan4 Straws, P« nnnstttble, China Pearl; .Eu^and; Birdseye. 6 a fau, |sc. Also CliUdren’e Rikts of all |tbe abovf i above aasprtraent wilJ'be rpptenishedjWBelciy b: sold at the’ lowest possible uriceK a t I- ^ •EBNIAEL’S^ ,ApT^lg8k3-g^R --K-.-j tfcr.tr..:.-::;!*'—3::XC V p & l .inp.Ne wab a sort of ch irity-boy, a soeci 3S of and lad, who had: jbeegme atlai ’ iride. And t Were swjallpyved up py, bet* pride yvashavny to be vfondi'rcd at., Long be-: ,fore Mil 4 Genev,iev( came into the world, krx*!.. fo.fU iiv Tiarl rent^o nf 4ii?i f^ma.U llfi.. could th nk of noth ng now- but his wet |m d gi’ei tnss.^, pres: int and prospcctiviivc; when tp these were added a child ^though j the .door w as Opened for h er by sii i |in only clftld-r-a da igliter, who was both ^a . o th er w as o f pour.-^e John Singleton; -ealth . kejght, made Lilr t an d ,r e t u r n s - t h o u g h [the •f to li ve was b u ried; nant sur]'prise vie.ve as-.shp Itt cannotannot jturned iipon.him by M iss Gei i ewent out o.f the rhom. I c hp said that he resumed his co posure when hhe was gone although lie b f thed more freely. Some terrible idea appar-- ed to; h aunt hjs thought?,- which every now And then he Vfould lav hold of, as if were by piexion was pever stratagem, and attempt to dfowu in the .clar- Iw |but that of anger the J et. . And be |vas scHcces.sful by degrees.-r- J ;ci -!essive duckings a t last told iip-, ;rc Which now. kept Feler wonderdd.whe|thef | i s ent my^t’as taking him. '\V a p b V tbps hurrie.d: i^ptbe country to be confined in ,a p rison; q r a |o n -' v e n t .? W a s his housent to th e J n P d2|;d fo 1j J . be e.Vtorted by brekd and Water\? ,-H slicked' jm in John’y face, b u t . th e impassable fe.ktlji'’*^^ Iy in |. wou H I l --------- „ her.® ncestors (if sh b had any*) i meverini f, ierrani ’knows I John Singleton' wne ;:fady en dirined in the unimaginable fiue[ry o f • M.S mm ter’s drawing room, hov eyes, o >en month, an 1 as if they would iiavt they cid swallow b ir. She became from that nom e n t a paVt of his cxisteaGe; sh^ wa‘d tl|e soiii—-the e mtoric meaning, ;as it )f Paterson ki Co; H e respcctedl, and in some aort di jaded, h i s ' master;;.but hel> who was his niasters idol, he woislipi- ped.' ] n the coursfe c f years the eiTan. 11 Ihijl lecM i; the clerk/ Poor Mr. John Singh ton!- when he took tc .-sometimes a t t h e verj table a , which sh'e £ at—-when the cup,and saucer in his h and C aittered like a, pair c f castan its as she spok i to him! S p o k e i|n j5 and iHi idly too;' and a ing-r-oh w h a t a yqicf ■whai :tn car, w h ^ i piano!— and hearjt i ed b^ dectricity, ,r. ----------- , —. :instilu;oent and h is 1 osom? In the qouree c f yeaEs b e Clerk bees me tfie Co. Poor Job i Sm |.k ton, Esquire! :ie, had seen with his Qwm e ms his young mistress groW from' i a iittlo jdrl into a full, lown woman,, and froia A Cull: down woman nto afl old m aid; but to^ himi-slie was his yo mg mistress still. .As for ihimself, the' cDw'^feet. of time wme deef ei ting their trac >s dt the corners of ff s eyely the'light grad ml powderings of Snoy, wepe i beginning to t ill on his ehe'striut liai; ■.; anditl e slim figure c f the errand Jad had al­ ready waxed intp t le respectable fullnes 3, not yi t ungraceful, < f the prosperous merch­ ant: j or Johm Sing] Jton, Esquire, was n o v in his fiftieth year. But bis heart was! sti if , sound .—still true. ] le loved Miss GeneyieJ e w ith the love of a ] artner of the firtn^jppt touch jd, it may be,, but not rendered fa[ tic, . by. those* ling ;ring dreams o f yiQ4|fi whicl play upon thf [fimagination wdtiiout.aff fecting the judgm mt, liove qf any q tn jr land he would hai e considered profa|ait ?■; th a t i 3, if he colvld save conceived so absErd and n lonstrous an i( 3a a t all. ! - T o M iss Genevie-e, John Singleton, h id ! t s late, whose humility she admired^ id p ralswort’- ........ ’ Lcquaiiitani re s y d m atters of devhtlon; but 3m n Singleton, Esquire, as parjn jr o f the firm;, commanded hor respcit, andT as a persona! adherent of h e r ovj n, th rlu gh thick- and : b in, .even h er friendsM]- Stilij.ali thpse ch|racfei*s were Inseparal blended . M iss Genevieve hi d been known to shed a hhaif when mentally contrasting the uniftd'm ^ethi ion o f John Si tgleton with some real or itnag inary slight in iicted upon her pride, l(he idea p f any w anner attachment between them r 1 the ind ignant hlood of ly) into her fkpe. i. after a ti 8 ir Reter, knowing that it would be im} eratively required of him, , g o t ’ ” ■’ ■ hw Jadv-love the compli- in the drawing- tip valiantly fe pav ment of preiientiug himself in room the lirs, man of the company. stair.cap, anu The baron t was daunted for a mornent as !Geutdr|Wing the glare of igbt and bcniitv broke upon his IS when tl e door was opened; T h e c h a n - iors seenii d unsteady : the Hour was a lit­ tle steep ; hiti mustering his couragej he\ allted hardily up the bride, and attempted to ish into conversation, h'he served, y s if she liad impted was eolclr—1 , y s if she h not forgotten the matter of the d o o r; but she was likewise beautiful the claryt felt warni at liis heart, and the b ar­ onet perseve :'ed. H e a t length Ventured to •'her hand in the fact :ed her to perea cur i-'Oter, ‘you Willi nut d( my q w n ^ A me lead iiGcessful by degrees.- duckings at last told u ll spectre Which now. kept magic circle of the decanters! me. S ir Peter, knowing th a t it squeeze geiilljr h e r little dropped/by f e r side ; and that i/ ■■■■*■■ imger a eiuliini 1, he 1 er side ; it waa (jot wi'thdi ?d pressing.' ‘Surely,’whis- ,, wiio was now beyond fear, deny me such a faVor f Let ibe instrument, myi| angel-^dt fg^ ^She 1 ranted pressing.; ‘S indiCati\]( the ioreib'u looking iaces aps gathered about th|5 carriagt , ., _ changing borse.s. | They n t length of these phenofAena 'necessari iiv produce ‘ dis- p . . « - be supposed a t their riestinatfon. Up^^as S S s m a i l s h b r e of .lifted ppt of ?he yehjieje, burrm4 t r o n |; h a Ject, in TamaTMnVtipon i t I*'; ■large apd handsome, .hall, whisked p i abroad; dA'i ve o f Wood: dkiiss, oV !4ater in Which partly from surprise^, pairtly frqm- partly from sheerinapitipn—^knpeliiig 3 leeit of Miss GeuevieVe. ■ The steaMboat had been unable tc an d r- ig ^ t th e ; .mb , ..'hfcH 'in t h e same less im .as effectual in w,rd,.mvn,viiin, and W i i n i a i J 3 '•« whrab n.e <.ff.cer in ID 1/3 ch.«Brt I6v the French coaslj| w |th safqty, mida lei ing off aud on alfday, had returned to,Dover-f!; E lr Peter threw a feverish look a t tbe dopr. Jb’ir Peter threw a feverish look a t thfe dot the windows, the,’ chimney, and the: 1 heayi a deep sigh. .‘Aljadam,’ said he, ‘spare., mS. think ihat, so iar as it U imb^Bd bv theharl s S S S s i s i S i S fii' vt-lnbliyoV ilovy’offer to v o te--4^d ,*; . f if IS-' ri«it vou-ffavA aof.ifiddeaii,v .todtpstsesf, anity'M f 5*1 p , , „ i , » 1,.^ . , , 1 . n'lptl.'iraJ slrali le-fl jsfollow s-i’^ ted of husbapd ‘You ask tiiig'ir— you sue for my ijanq. ‘ (light hd'Ve been pardoned; b he had pfoni )unce-d was the terrqV of Miss m ig h t hdve he had pfoni mnee G e ^ v ieve’s lifo. _ ^ ‘Siir/ yaid shC; reddening to' the foots of the hair, .and 8a! h ing a lightning'gjahee upon the culprit, T w )uld have, you to know that 1 still b liss Hitei'son !’ She turned away ■5'.ou e n treat' m y :pPrdoi t Vi ‘And I refuse ft. ij |tise,. snv.andmlie’ ti n, he answer as fi.aal.'; Open the dobr fof -lil: e ; th4 fatal Word ft^eman. M r. Jn h d . S ingleton,’' doi th _..L' .D—.T. ‘'W evieve,]teliing.him wi.thm'the iterso n ; Sh e turned a rsfae jspoke, ahd wMked,;like a bou|geofse e to the other end oPtlierborp. oPtherborm : ‘ — — ‘ tt entered.: :ted to the it|e, and tlieir second in search the baronet. T h e fe was no baronet., 1 ‘W h e re ij Sir Peter, Miss Genevieve t ^whispered John Singleton, as Be beflt over her chair? ‘J doq’t k low,’ replied she sulkllv.- ‘T h e a I know i’ ffemarked John \in a voice of:aw3d.- ‘SVhy, w i a t do ycAr* know ? ’ Speak ? Yod daulited hitnV miss ; I saw it all a t tl table ; and something dreadful, 1 havi doubt, has happened here. He is gonr ’ ‘Gohe ! W h a t do you'mean ?’ ‘Why, tliat he: 15 gone. All is ov^j dofft distre, : w o rst, anq At this ep :h ^ e w ’^-ootr presenfed r him with! g idoors ot an qtnm roqm. '‘^ i s 3 Genevidve;!.!’ . . , :. , ‘M r. John Singleton I—:® promise d is;' service the gratitude .of hji'y .wiiolh le leant heavily upon h is Erm, qs bff and John, after sufi^red so much, . c m k t 4.vv..,. iy; s u p p o rther with lone a r m ; qq h e toojk .two. ;Sh-el;leant heavidr s t i l t , A gland of tqiTc|r tibm without.- : ‘Iwell l l said she, almost bfdathles, a s John ' -entefeiAhe room. ‘fie'f/i.0ne !’ replied John. <Oh mj exclaimed Miss\'‘Genevi’ve Clasp­ ing lierjhiiids, and ready to'(feint., ‘Don t distress yourself, m'iss,fori will fol­ low him this instant, i f you bid nfe !* ‘‘Y o u ! Oh, John Singleton ? --O h ? ’ And catching him by the arm, she b u rst into tears; i t was now John’s turn to be a t the fainting; but surprise kept him up. • : ‘W h a t do’ you meani Miss Genevieve said h e. ^Ain 1 to piifqae him or n o t f I ‘Pnrsue him ? Then he i s n o W g o n e T * B a t h e is, M iss, to Hover in the mean time, by the night coach, that \vas just passing; - -------- — . - - .. - - S 3 ii 3 3 ?? f ■ „e«t on» K t . » « . « e . o a l l e / S : <.:' ....... .... ........... . ............. ^ ihission, -was i n i - . ^ , .u. Robinson, o f-this toi,vn, fo r m e rly f o i nebeefc. m '■ w f r.om 7 o ? a f r i g i t f u i ' ^ i L g d ' l t o n S Smith has comdup to sue-me, andi J WB-Ut t town, b u t I am jiie’ 'student' |ad: T«|r0senta!^ tive; w h a tisyouT W ishT -’ s'W lly^ith# Jack: briefly stated the matter, Wheh We re,ina|ked to him that it whs a plain, simple ci Isa V ^ ich W * * they two, o r tiidir neighbors^ f i o t t hey lived f4 mfles .distaj% )oight..m setiltiLt that there was ho-mBed Of a lawsuit about it. To this h e repfied h a t h e w a s Willing t d vet fer it. ‘W a ll,’ ' say s we, Tick 'yd ilr^- ndkn44 ouhiw e 1? H e tejpinet, ! iVe-ittoyha-as-a^;- At this point in the ease, he lot k m tees tiieY a p tio n s t mtes, rtiF % file-^eHbraf heal cefehrated writer o f vaudevilles, being caiight recently.in,ashoW f- -v, deti a portico. y A i very ■ thei wind'ovv ap d . i g i t a .WE ofU ie H o w TO r a E T s T A i,AW srat.-^fflf. p im . cipal law reading Was by. o u t joWn fiteside, jr S M Jtsps. but most o f the fast y e a r s-studwp; i e o f 'theH(|)n/J%OE.v| ^ j, ■ ^ sfetfi tit Financ'c, TM fohcW ing d^^^..ai,ogane sh.gwsh.qws th ba i tt fheheiin- i ,, „ s t t :M » S O O O m buT , w o ^ t o . ^ ..... . ....... .. ihg0,:h a V l a g ^ M a t Work a f t s. m et by h i s master, feturnina ;asaa, I buy him, and j id: ' ’ I S ' S e Master. B u t where did you g e tth e m o n - S % M L a , me trade: m e i h e m c> R J G I N| A L ; S f A I N i D ; 1 11 I'S'

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