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Semi-weekly chronicle. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1864-1864, October 15, 1864, Image 2

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8eini-WeekIj|r dminicle. LANSINGBUEGH, OCT. 15, 1864. T hi ! C anada feisTiiB,;^The Canada; thistle, execrablej forever, and to be de­ tested^! hateful to sight or touch, did not come iirom Canada, but from Europe/ it has a malignant vitality. Its roots creep under ground. The vexed farmer has to fight them as one does guerrillas, one by one. Linnseus pronounced the greatest pest on earth, in Sweden. Pr. Barlington, in his history of {weeds, has given to this species the natne cur­ sed thistle. Few botanical terms will be pronounced more heartily. This is the very thistle-that came up to punish our first parents. It carries judgment and punishmen’t with it, both to man and beast. To have these thistles on a farm without|effort at exterpation, ought to be as disgraceful as to have vermin on the body. Now is the time to cut them down wherever they appear^-in fields and by the roadside. Never allow them to come to seed^as they fly upon “the wings of the wind.” F eom M exico . —^We have inteligence from Havana to the 8 th, and from Mex­ ico to the 26th ult., ’vera Cruz to the 1 st. Itis reported that 500 French and a 1000 Mexican troops had attacked 4000 Mex­ icans, defeated them, took twenty can­ non, killed and wounded 500, and blew Up the reihainder of the artillery. It was* also reported in Vera Cruz on the 1st, that Matamoras had been occupied by the French. Governor Vicario is reported to have taken Chilapa and On Thursday night the express passen ger train for Wheeling left Caniden sta­ tion at 9.15 o’clock,,with the U. S. mail and Adams’ express, under charge of conductor Sebutt. The train ran on time until it reached a point near Kear- naysville, between Harper’sFerfy and Martinsburg, when the locomotive, in consequence of the removal of a rail, ran off the track, and the cars were i brought to a stand still. The ground on each side pf the track is quite level, and the engine neither upset or injured. The rebel Moseby appeared with a mounted corps esti­ mated at from one to two hundred,who commenced robbing the passengers, among whom was Mr. Cole, general viz; $19 and a gold watch. Many passengers lost their watches and the contents of their wallets, pocket- books and their boots and hats. Among them was a company of emi- «.\peoted to take Chifanceago, and thus open communication with Acapulco. grants, who did did not lose much, for the reason, that their baggage was left behind in this city. After the thieves St. Peter’s Church in Rome will c tain 54,000 persons; Cathedral o f Milan, 37,000; St. Paul in London, 25,000; St, Sophia in Constantinople, 23,000; Noti T)ame of Paris, 13,000; St. Mark of V« ’pfee,7,0OO. The Haverhill Gazette-says the shoe business in that town is at a stand still. Orders are being countermanded, and manufacturers are doing nothing; some of them have closed cntii itirely. The de dine and fluctuations 5 in gold have brought.business to a stand still. A certain Scotchman, who is not a inember of the Temperance Society, be­ ing asked by a dealer to purchase some ' .fine old Jamaca rum,. dryly answered, “ToTo tellll youou tlie truth,th, sir, I cauna say “ te y the tru sir, I * I’ni very fond o f rum; for if I take main than sax tumblers its very ,apt to gie a. body the headache.” To make S teel ekom S crap I ron . Take scrap or bar iron cut into small pieces, and place 40 pounds in ble with 8 ounces of charcoal in and four ounces of the black oxyd of manganese. The crusible is covered jmd then placed in a blast furn.ace and losed for about one hour and a half to _ mgh heat.. The crusible is now with­ draws aaditscontents'poUred into ingpt molds, forming cast steel. . abii Only sixty-five in a thousand marry, says Dr. Hubbard, and out of this num­ ber three are divorced, eight run away, fourteen live in open warfare, about thir­ ty are indifferent, and only ten are re­ garded as happy. 1 W ashington , Oct. 12.—Chief Justice , Tanney died to night at eleven o’clock- after a few days illness. ;; FROM MISSOURI. Sti LouiSjjOct. 12.~^The rebels have ' deattoyed the Laurine bridge, near Se- Eedialia, on the Pacific Railroad, one hundred and seventy-five miles from \ftei-'e.. ; • - Price is'still reported ini the^ vicinity of Boonoville, with Gen. Sanborn har- r ^ i n g his.rear and flanks. t A T E S T N E W S i General War News ANOTHER RAID IN MARYLAND. B altimore , Oct. 14. A, small body of Mosby,s guerillas crossed the Potomac into Montgomery county, Md. during the last twenty-four hours. Some 300 penetratedpenetrated ass far a far asj Adamstown to-day. It is understood driv they have been driven back. On Thufsdi Waters’ Celebrated Palmonica, MaUnfaetured and sold hy S. 6: G L E M 0 N ,Z \Z River turn. HAIR d y e , ha IR DVE, i Water’s- Premium Instantaneous Hair. Dye ■ is warranted n ot to injUis the Hair, aud io be the best and cheapest li the country. 'War^' ranted to g ve perfect satsfaoiion, or the mon- i ey refunded. Mannfaotuiedaiid-soldat. S. 0. G m : 4 S 6 r S , 3i2 Eiver Mreet, ' B&Di;Ai>s|prkE; blq O d mkER. Sold by bottle )r’s Sarsaparilla, soJI ticket apnt for the company, who proceeding West. From him they took all he had, completed their depredations, they order out of the ears all the passengers and then fired the train. They dashed off. Some of the packages in the express were not disturbed. The other carriages w ere broken open and (heir contents plundered. There was little of value in the express car. The contents of the mail are unknown, The baggage car contained the remains of a sol, dier on their w.ay to his friends. ‘ None of the pa senge-s weie injured. The engineer and fireman were scalde.i, but not dangerously. Detatchments of cavalry are in pursuit. The roads are not injured, an 1 a ll the trains are running as usual' ^ I S ’ Sheridan has destroyed m o re than a hundred m iles of railroad since he commenced his w o rk. QUARTERLY REPORT - - The BANE OF LANSINGBUKGH, on Sat ­ urday, the 24th day of September, 1964. Loans and DUoonnte, ....................... $194,622 42 Overdrafts,........................................ 882 27 Dae from B a n k s . . . . . . . . , , . . . , , . , . , , 24,492 63 Duo from the Dirootofs of the Bank . . ...................$35,600 72 loal Estate .................................... .. cLh Items........................................ . K. Y. and U. S. Stocks and D. .8. Certificates of Indebtedness...I... 843,990 00 Bonds and Mortgages......................... 15.900 00 Bills of Solvent Banks andU. S. Notes 12,233 Loss and Expense Account ................ 59 Capital.. Ciroulatif Loss Not tinn Registered $294,900 itei on band ....... . 455 Duo to Banks. ....... Due Depositors on i 294 445.00 66,861 34 30,150 60 581,538 75 $1,122,996 -09 STATE OF NEW YORK, { „ County of Renssfiaer J®®' F bidsbick B. L eosard , President, and A lexahdxb W aish , Cashier of the Bank of Lanslngburgh, anassooia- tod -Bank located and doing business at Lansing- bhrgb, in said county, being duly and severally sworn, each forhinseif aaith, that the foregoing is. in all rGspeots, a true statement of the condition of the said Bank, before the transaction of any business on the morning of Saturday, the 24th day of September, in the year one thousand , eight hundred and sixty-four, in respect to each -and every of the items and partioulars above spe- I clfied, according to the best of his knowledge and belief; and (hat the business of said BaUk has been and is transacted a t the location aforesaid-. LEONAROrP? hEXANDBR WALSH, CosMer, evetaliy subsoribed and sworn by both denonanU, the i2thday of October, 1864. G eo . H. H ia e x A n , Justici aforesaid'. President. Gleason’s New Drog Store, No. 312 River street^ TfiOY, LOOK OUT liOS THE BIG MORTAR. FO R COUGHS, COLDS, And all affections of the Throat and Lungs, use'' le in use, sold at', rx Bitters, pints ind Langley’s Bitters, pints Smd INES AND LIQUORS. A large assortment of bottled and draught; Liquors, expressly for medical and family use, ] at GLE.aSON r Traiaes, Sbonldcr Braces, &c. r applied by 8 0. GLEASON, Rnsggist. PHYSICIANS’ PRESCRIPTIONS ’ Carefullyprepared at GLEASON’S Drug Stori 12 ^ All orders by Mail or Expiress will r e , ! leive prompt attention at GLEASON’S Drug Store. No. 312 River street, a few doors above tho American Hotel. n9tf The Secretary of the Treasury gives no- tie^ that subsoriptibns will be received for Coupon Treasury Notes, payable three y’rs- from August 15th, 1864, with semi.annuali interest a t the rate of seven and three- - tenths p e r cent, per annum,—principal and; interest both to be paid in lawful money. These nptes will he convertable at op­ tion of the holder a t maturity, into six per cent. gold bearing bonds, payable not less than five nor more than twenty years froi their date, as the Government may elect. They will be issued in denominations of $50 $100, $500, $1000, and $5000, and a ll sub­ scriptions must be for fifty dollars o r' some multiple of fifty dollars, As the notes draw interest from August 12th, persons making deposits suhSequeiit to^ th a t date must pay the interest accrued; from date of note to date of deposit. SMCllUDVMMESOFTIlISlO.a: I t is a N ational S avings B a n e , offer­ in g a higher rate of interest than any other and the best security. Any savings bank which pays its depositors in U. S. Notes, considers that it is paying in the best circu- lating medium of the country, and it c a n ­ n o t pay in anything bettor, for its own a s­ sets a re e ither in Government securities in notes or bonds payable in government Convertible into a Six per Cent. 5-20 COLl) BOHD. m IA8T A1 THE B E S T o havo been made to confer upon the civilized world a CORDIAL which should commend itself as an agreeable asarem e- ‘oabe or prevention of dis- heverage, and itlso merit popularity ai dial agent for the '’oa're or prevention s arisiug from a In addition (o the very liberal interest on the notes for three years, this privilege of conversion is now worth about th- ee per cent, p e r annum, for the current rate for 5-20 Bonds is not less than n in e p e r c ent, p r e m m m and before the war tlie premium on six per cent. U. S, stocks was over twen­ ty per cent. It will be seen that the actual pr- fit on this loan, at the present marlcet rate, is not less than ten percent, per annul Oeraagemont of the Digestive O R G A N S . . But all of the articles hitherto produced a felt to be more or less unsatisfactory ; couse- ■y one of the ablest and most eminent ;rs of our Medical Faculty has bestowed quently oi Members t mnoli time and (bought upon such researelies and enporiments as should lead to ijroduction of a combination which would exactly meet the wants of tho community, a n i the result of hi-i labors is now effered to tho public under tlie name of KEi.LEV’S OLD CABIiV BITTERS. This prepardlion is not only .an unfailing lody, hut a sure preventative of ire prei DYSENTERY, DIARRHEA, DYRPEPSIA DEBILITY, F PITE, COE- AQDE, LOSS .OF APPEl STIPATION.n •N, INDIGESTION IN ALL ITS PH.9cSES, AND all such diseases as foUow au abnormal c dition of the glandular system. All those ) vicisitudesicisitudes i led to the v of wai-, whether !ases incidenit and malarious climates, will find it au r sea, or to tlie diseases inciden to hot Invaluabb Companion. The Sportsman’s Camp, the Emigrant Train should never be without it hlo and gontlo stimulent, it ; and, as an agreea- 00 Should be Found ill every Family. 16 It stimulates the biliary secretions and pro- afull supply of the gastric juice!:, there­ by facilitating digestion, and furnish the ali- mentary.oanal with its natural stimulent; at the same time that it imparts vigor and life to 1 apparatus. Its delicious flavor tlie digestive tidious ; no other article of the kind has ever recommends it date of the most fas- yet given such unmingled satisfaction. All the iugredientt used in this composition are warranted pure, and p f a strict veget nature, being pure Holland Gin skilfully -scientifioally combined with such medicinal harks, herbs and roots, as-render it one of the .ost efficacious Tonic Purchasers will observe thathat ourur bottliottle o b rep- that a facsimile of onr tatmg either Bitters or Bottle will he prosei ed and punished to the fuU extent of the Is For salehy all druggists; grocers and saloon keepers throughout the conn J. B. KELLEY & CO., Proprietors, selSmSj No. 118 Liberty Street, New York. E i 1-I|;10AI This is the best and quickest for i i r i A i l l i H AtNiSS •in use, it; S o f t e n s t h e L e a t h e r AND PRESERVES IT^ f e o h , ____ It also takes' GREASE OUT OF CLOTH CLEANS PAINT, AND REMOVES STAINS ON H O R S E S . No groom or hostler should be without it, to wash and softening tbeir horses ieet after travel- Also a new lot of - — R y ’COMBS, Its Exemption from State or Municipal Taxation. But aside from all tho advantages have enumerated, a special Act of Con­ gress c.rc«tp(s all bonds a n d Treasury notes J rom local ta.vation. On the avei« age, this exemption is worth about two per cent, per annum, according to the rate of taxation in variou-i parts of the country. It is believed that no securities offer ! great i..ducements to lender as those issued by the government. In all other forms of indebtedni'SS, the faith or ability of private parties, or stock companies, or separate communities, only, is pledged for payment, while the whole property of tiie country is held to secure the discharge of all the ob­ ligations of the United States. S ubscriptions will be eeceived by the Treasurer of the United States, at Wash­ ington, the several Assistant Treasurers and designated Depositories, and by the FiKST KATIOSAL BAKR OP TROf. And by all National Banks which are de­ positories of public mon^-y, and All respectable B’ks & Bankers throughout the country will give further information and Afford every facility to Sub- oc8.\| scribers. RENSSELAER COUNTY COUPOrf BONDS —RonsselaOr County Treasurers Office, Troy, .August 3,1864.—In aocordauoo with a resolu­ tion passed by the Board of Supervisors of Rensselaer County, .August 1,1864^ appropri­ ating three hundred and forty thousand dol­ lars, or as much thereof as may he deemed neoeosiiry to fill the quota of said county; i der the last call for troops, 1 hereby give : ce that the county will issue its Coupon ioues, . fo too hundred thousand dollars, ■ith interest at seven per cent., payable semi annually ; -the principal to be paid as follows: $100,00.0 oh -tho' 5 th day of February, 1873. County Treasuer’s Office until August 9th, 1864, at 12 M., when the same will he pub- iioly opened. The right is reserved to rejeef any or all of the hid=i, if considered necessary tr, or promote the interests pf ” -” P 0 W- E L E To suit the times. Whips from 37cts. to$9api$ce. JA M E S E . P O I V E L L ’S 5«lya3^f“ S i ; ' S r ' ^ 2 C S ^ . Y CAETES DE¥ISITES, P e r Bozen. ^ —AT— J. W. F. Blaiichartl’s PI! T(iaAPIll(] UAUEin', Ko. 2 First Street, Opposite Troy Uonsc, Troy, N. ¥ . y I & N E T T E S , Ambrotypes, Lettertypes, nd every style of picture,-from .-in AVTC MADE IN THE MOST'ARTISTIC MANNER. Particular aiteution paid to Pictures o( Deceased Persons ^ Pictures copied to any size in the best possi- t 1 n n BOUNTY TO ALL SOLDIERS qpi^U U dischargod on account of wound* received in battle. Marsh & Bates, A d justers o f Arm y Ac­ cou n ts, And Agents for the Collection of Blolintv S 910 UC}', Prize IHoncy, B a c k Pensions, aiiit a l l other J u s t Claims against tlie Govcriimcnf, 18 and 19 MusBiim Bnilding. opposite American Back pay of discharged soldiors' cashed presentation of discharge and pay certifitatei. D esirable Ilesid e n c e FOR SALE, stream rimning through the -c-ntre of .tlm farm. There is a convenient dwelling-house, two barns, a well and two cisterns, besides two sheds and stalls and a new wagon-house in oourse of erection, on the place. It is.a fine farm eithes for stock or grain One-half of the purchase money may re­ main on bond and mortgage for a long term of SECOND HAND STORE, E «,3< Ti 6,45 E3 Tliu ded ' reglf m ciniii 6 y Vi m tist cl standi AV.D

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