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Semi-weekly chronicle. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1864-1864, October 05, 1864, Image 4

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Glad News for the Uufortaiiate! THE I.OHO SOHOBT FOB m j ^ O O T l B R j E ^ D ’ A T 1 . A S T m j p d B T M f i n v I l i b s . IR O N m T H E BL.O O P . / c u r e s I, pnAM v e » i i 1 It is well known io the medical profession that IRO N is the Vital Principle or Rife Element of the blood This i» derived chiejly from the € H E R O S ^ E _ R E H f E 1 >ir C h E R O K E E ^ I N J E C T I O N / Cempoonded from Roots, Barka, & Leaves. ChorokcB Remedy, the great.Indian Dinretic, I all diseases of the nrmary organs, snoh as : sistant to the Cherokee Remedyi and should be ■;ion in a way before unknown. The Peruvian Syruni ................. ... ‘ ' ' r - . s s i i i i n i Ii^wtions. 3 g o £ s .t . 3 ;,“ S r S i.., M.,„ Price Cherokee Imjootion, $2 per hottle or three 16yl ^ole propr'ieYo’rs, No.'sO Liberty StV N. T. I'H E G R E A T m m m medicine COMPOUHDED P CH E R O K E E C U R E ! fcbo face, Palo countenance, Insani^” OQO on which all can rely, as it haa been used in ourativo powers have been shfnoiont to gain victory C O R D I A L which should cominend itself as an agreeable; rx s r - S f g ’s a T ’*'’™'”'\' beverage, and also merit pepnlarity ) or pfeventi( i aoknowlodged by a,Il n The Peruvian Syrup Cures Dispepsia, Liver Complaint, Dropsy Fei and Ague, Loss of £7norgy, Low Spirits. I V I AV W --------- T H E P B ^ ^ U V I A I ‘ilY R l J - P Cures Obronio Biarrhcea, Scrofula, Boils, Scurvy, Cures Nervous Affections, Female Cbmplainta and Pbysioians, Clergymen, and others, will be sent Wo select a few of the names to showthooharao- ^'^'’^^V'JH'HEl'^TiLLIAMS, ESQ., Late Editor of the Christian .ddvoeate and J ^ ® 1 .. -------------- Umis ------ _ . , Ibraham lVendaii:k. D „ 4. Havos;?!. D, \ n f i t m LAST AND THi BE S T , NNUMERABLE attempts have been made to confer upon the civilized world a il agent for the: cure or pfeven ies arising from a Derangement of the DigestiTe ORGANS \But alt ef the articles hitherto produced are felt to be more less luisatisfactory ; conse- of the ablestablest andnd mostost eminent oitritr Medidical a m jmbers of o Me Faculty has bestovved isearches and enperiments as shoiild lead to production of a combination w h ich' would exactly meet the wants of the oOmmunity, a n t the result of lii.s labors is now offered t3 the public under the name of KEIXE 1 ’.S OLD CiBIN BITTERS. This preparation is not only an unfailing remedy, but a sure preventative of DySENTEBY, DIAREHUA, DYRPEPSIA, GENERAL DEBILITY, 1-EVER AND AGU , l o s s .OF APPETITE, CON­ STIPATION, INDIGESTION IN ALL ITS PH ASES, AND all such diseases as follow an abnormal con­ dition Of the glandular system. All those ex- land or sea, and inelarious climates, will find it Invaluable Companion. glandular sy !d to, the vioisilndes of war, whether on 01 to the diseases incident to hoi The Sportsmants Camp, the Emigrant Train should never he without i t ; and, as an agreea- very Family. 'orotions and pro- ble and gentle stimnlent, it Shoo.d be Fouod in evei It stimulates the biliary secretions and pro­ motes a full supply of the gastric juices, there­ by facilitating dige mentary canal with its natural stiniulent; at the same time that it imparts vigor and life to the digestive apparatus. Its delicious flavor recommends it to the palate of the most fas­ tidious ; no other article of the k ind has yet given such unmi gled satisfaction. All the ingredients used in this compesition inted pure, and of a s'riot vegetable Hclland Gin ski fu'ly and The sGieiGe of ieaiti, Every Mail Wis Owil iPliyw sieiaii. mmm my, H o llow a y ’s Ointment. The Stomache is the great centre which influ­ ences the health or disease of the system-- Abused or debilitated by excess—indigestion, or olfensive breath and physical prostration are the natural consequences. Allied to the brain it rordera. 7dns ir t h e side Bower. ney8 participate in their recuperative and regen- Erysipelas and Salt Rteum tlnaciously refused to yield to any other remed Eruptions on the Skin, tn a bad state of the blood oi Female Complaints, life, these tonic medicines display so decided an “ SsiSSSi-'Ss.. nature, being pure seientifioally combined wi'.h such medicinal Purchasers will observe that our bottle rep' resents ,a log caliin, and that a fiu'simile of our R e t J d i s i g ’s R w s s i a S a l v e REDDINGf R U S ^ i SALVE R E D d T\( i T r U S S l I f A L V R forwarded by Express to all parts of the world. Soldbyal.re^p.Ub,e^.lrgh^^^^^^ nlSyl Sole Proprietors, No, 69 Liberty S t., N.Y. And bv all druggists and Country Storekeeper RENSSELf^ER COUNTY COUPONS'. Persons boldine them will present them when.duo, at the UNION BANK OF TROY, for payment. S. 0. GLEASON, County Tici.s nier. Semi-Weekly Chronicle |fll) f M ug © itt, LAHSINaBTJBQH, N. T. thorized to pay, ou the certificate of the Pro­ vost Marshal of the Fifteenth District of New York, or the proper ovideno- of a regular ap­ pointed mustering officer of the United Stues service, endowed by the financial committee of the Board of Supervisors of Rensselaer county, the sum o f three hundred dollars to eacti person purchased or purchasing a suita­ ble substitute or representative, on of before the third day of August, 1864, and five hund­ red Dollars to each persoii having furnished a suitable sub-tituto or representative si ice said yTe wonld respeotfully inform the eitheni of to ozeoate all orders in the line of tU i village and vioinity- that we are prepared JOB PHXNTXNO WITH HEATiniBa jurn dbbfatom , JR R B Y THE BEST OF WOEEXEN, We can furniih OIROUUAR8, LABELS, OaiOXS^ BILL-HEADS, HAlB-BII.i.8, ) PPSXXBH, 4U S l everyiliing pertaining to B ook An> J ob 4 a everyiliing pertaining t< ^•fkRVB.jkpon short notice. ■igtafUif done In a inperlor a iHD A t bbasohabub nooiB. 131^ Everything done at this office warranted lo give satiafution. TK im s-H O A S B ON D B I .n r E K T . _____ _____ IsTirs Cures Boils, Ulcor-s, Cancers. '“ S i s - call for five bundred thou<^and men, and ored ited to the quota of any town or ward of the .f K . . . . . , . . , , County Treasurer. REiNbbELAER COUNTY Bounty Enlii-tment Loan. M ILITARY COMM UTATION —The commutation of One Dollar for all per­ sons subject to military duty, will ho received by the County Treasurer,, at his office, No. 312 River street, up to the 1st day of October next, wliioh will exempt the persons liable to military duty for the year 1864, larBOUNTY b'TOPPED, At a meeting of the Committee of Finance from the Board of Supervisors^ held on the 14th day of September, 1864, it was JSaoiiicd, Thathat allll Countyounty Bountiesounties offeredffered for men •solved, T a C B o hen to fill u p the-quota Rensselfer County under the call o f the President of the U. S„ date of July, 1864, are suspended on ’ after this 14th day of September, 1364. W. E DPIFREEST, 1 J, E. WHIPPLE, Finance MARTIN Mil LEE, / Committee, J. J. ARMSTRONG, ' THOMAS GALVIN, ■rks, herbs and roots, as render it one of the o.st i ffioacious Tonic ever prouuced. dgnatnre is upon each bottle. Any ating eltlier Bitters or B Ulle will be ■d and punislied io the full extent of pvosecu ale by all dnieght--, grocers and saloon keepers Ihrouphout the e-untry. J. li. KELLEY & rO., Proprietors, sol3iu.6] No. 118 Liberty S-reet, New Y’ork. P u i i t f E J h m C ! o i t i ‘- '- W v l i m q : e r , J.t t'T 's s firmly to the tub in a liiigle second. IVarranted with or without Cog-Wheels ^ it took^the First Premium at Fifty-Seven State and County Fares in 1863 and is without TSlSJ!.& y ? tt' 5 SSS 5 'rfw«» and all others, and t -th t ' i - ° ’ Patented in the United S ates England, Cana­ da, and Auatialia. Agents wanted in every town Energetic men can make from $3 to |5 per Putnam Manufacturing I G en -1 LEMESi Iknow froi ifif thee processocess be conductedondi properly, it is a per- th pr be c feet weld of the two. Nearly two years ago my family commenced all of its functions as welf as.it did the first time it was used, and has become an indispensible ar­ ticle with us. I have closely observed several \^perfect as.possible, and I ban cheerfully - -.^ectfullyyours. J no . W. WHEKhEB, Cleveland, Ohio, Many years’ experience in the galvanizing business enable me to e&doish the above state- mens in all partioulers. , Jso, C. L effbetb , Ho. 100 Boekraan sti ................... S. C. N obibbop , Agent. every condition of health and station in life. Piles and Fistula. i X U i S i ; ’ entirely by the use of this emolliont, warm fo­ mentation {^huuld preceed its application. Its healing qualities will be found lo be thorough Both c S s # s . i r - s S s . Mercurial'.renrial Eruptionsruptions Pilesiles Pheumatismheumat E P P Sore Legs Sore SroaMs Sore Heads \ s / ‘Vss., sS: Ulcers Wounds o f all kinds.^ CAUTION '—None arc genuine unless the words •• H olloway . N ew Y ork and L ondon , \ are discernabh as a W ater - malk in every leaf o f Ihe huok o f diredions around e' Cli pot or lor. Ihe same may be plainly seen by H olding th L ear to the L igiis . A handsnmi- reward will be given to any one rendering such information us may lead to the detection of any party nr parties r.annterfeiting ihe medicines or vending the same, knowing them to be spurious. *** Sold at the manvfaclory o/Prof.lIoLlo- TTAY. 80 Maiden Lane. New Vark, and by nil re- sp'ctable Eruggisis and Eco.lcrs in Medicine th-nughont the. civilised world.in pots and boxes at 30 cents 70 cents and ?1.10 each. 0 ^ There is considerable s.iving by taking T i l l iLLOWAYo N E W Y O R K ^ P H I L M E L P H U O S H & B B W T A I , IRON WORKS. under the above ti ery description of ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK, Cast, fiVraught anti Wire Railings, For enclosing C e m e tery C o t s , D 'w e llln g s FUCLIC SQUARES, ^C. Verandahs, Circular & Straight Stairs, DOORS WINDOW GUARDS, Stable Fixtures, Fountains, Vases &c., also, having purchased of the late firm of Iluti inson and Wickersham, Canal street, their < tire atock.of Bedsteads, Cradles, Furniture, 4o.,they now offer to Ihe public, at their Hew THE MOST EXTENSIVE STOCK 0 ORNAMENTAL IRON GO to be found in the United States. Tt ' lachinery for making Wire Railing, Farm Fence, Window Gnardk ORATING, COAL SCREENS &.O., CHASE & CO., (Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel.) 624 Broadway, N. Y. • s m m m ' Hate you sourls, disease and dandruff ? Love you oleanlincss like those, £ their exquisite toilet, Pine for the fadeless glow? ' ^ ‘ to my grardffil“sTE^^ wonderfu^meritoi'ioii.-qnnIitiCB. It is for sale by s S : F. LAJi/BiatT. 92 Broadway. M l Ge STEALING’S AMBEOSXA Is for .sale a t! II the princiiial watering plnc- Sin B ob ' t P etl , in a recent lecture declared it lo be bis wish to see these United .'■'tales sef arnted nndnnd independent.^pendent. Tl.e.e 'Wietch'ietch' Ie ctt himim use inde Tl 'W l h use Sterling's Ambrosia and tuiin wisdem from the ' Yankees. DRUGGISTS HAVE IT. Do you wear that .abomination ealled a wig, n«e STERLING’S AMBROSIA. id you will soon be able to discard your wig, nOUSANDS AP E U S I N G _ ■ T R Y IT, and you will E G R E T TTl NEVER REG R E T IT I NEVER R E G R E T I T . Sg\ J of the scalp, and itching of the head, entirely e- radicate dandruff, preventing the hair from falling \ her preparations, and can bo relied on. F i v e Tlsoissan<l R e f e f e i i* ce.s c a n l>c se e n a t th e oflice, 121 F ih e i’ty^ s t r e e t , N. Y . FO ^ I) 6 1 .dSS'rA f,rcr::T ,r K ^ ^ ^ dates of Dr. Sterling, who have undertaken t«. succeed iu palming oB upon tbe public articles ot a similarname to the “ Ambrosia.’- If they posses* • any merit, which is questionable, they do not de­ servo the support of the public because of their at tempt to secure lo themselves a patronage at the expense of the former. To rob Dr. S. of bis rep­ utation .nd his Ambrosia of its extensive useful- is both a meanness and an imposition upon. S H S S iS S 's li ■ K F i g W^T D b . h . h . . s t e r l in g & CO, Eole Proprietors, 121, Liberty •6t.,-N. or tele by all Dru^ipisti jnl-ly

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