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Semi-weekly chronicle. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1864-1864, October 05, 1864, Image 3

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Local Summary. Travellers Directory.^ Central.-^? a. m... Steamlboat Express; 12,10 i m., N., Y, Express ; 5 p. m,. 11,50 p. m. Night Hudson EiVer Eailroadi—Leave Troy for: New York. Express Train, 4,45 j 8,40 ,a m., 8,30; 9,15 p. m, Eensselaer aid Saratoga Traiin leaves Troy 7,35 and 9,,45 a. in.; 12,20 m.; 6,15 ; p. m.. Express. A train will leave Troy for Sar­ atoga at 10:00 p. M., on Saturday night only, on arrival of fiudson Eiv.or and Harlem Eail E.,ad trains leaving New York at 4:00 p. m , ; Leaving iaratoga onSunday at4:00 p. m ., con­ necting with Steamer Vanderbilt for New York • Troy & Boston Trains Leaves Troy 8 a. m. for Montreal Ogdensbui-gh, Boston; 12,30 p. m., Express for Montreal: 4,45 aooomodar tion for Eutland; 10 p. ui.^leepiug Cars, Ex­ press for JVIOntroai, Ogdensburgh and Boston. Troy and Lansiugburgh Rail Road. 5,45 6,15 6,45 and 7,15 a . m ., and every 15 niinutes aft^ or, until 8 P^ ir.. and then at 9 and 10 p. ji., last oar down passes Phcsnix Hotel 10,10 p . h . Mails arrive daily at 7 A. M-. and 1,45 p. M. Close at 1,15 and 4,45 P. M. Office open.Sundays, from 9 to 10 .A. Si. C oal D own . Coal has had a severe tumble, and somebo iy has probably been hurt. It is not the consumers, who have R X S S O l i t J T l O N S s At a meet ing of the Lansingburgh Young Men’s Christian Association the folio wing: preamble and resolutions -vvere adopted: WhereaB, it has pleased Almighty God to remove from us by death our late friend; ind bother, Wm. C. lan e a member o f this association, jBesoZaed that w e deeply and isincerely mourn the loss of him who was so good and exoellaut a member of this,association ; but we humbly submit to the will o f our Heav. enly Father who doeth a ll things well. Resolved that in him w e lose one who' in: social life was a friend t o all around him; As a Christian he was ah humble as well as an earnest follower of Christ. Resolved that w e deeply 'sympathize with the family of deceased in this their af­ fliction; in him they lose an aifeciionate husband and kind father; b u t we trust that their loss is his eternal gam, and if their trust is in &od they w ill m eet him in a bef ter world than this. Resolved 'that we attend the funeral Of jhe deceased in a body and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family o f the deceased, and that they he published in theLan-ingburgh-papers and Troy daily Times, and copied in M l upon our.miniiies' Joiw JorTBs Secretary, Special iVottees. E kesidential CaNniDATEsI —A sploncUd colored Engraving of G eokqe B, M o C. jeli . ajj and A wiaham L isooln , (on one plate,)will bo' sent to any address Br. W. R. MER WlN &. CO., 63 Liberty Street, Kew-York. S ^ G ircuit CouBT.—^ Qn Monday the 3d ‘ inst. the Supreme Court commenced its Session at Troy Hon. Charles A. Ingalls Justice presiding., The Calendar is smaller than usual, containing biit 357 causes. The cases of local interest on the cal- ■endar, are Geo, H. Otis ag’t. John Kourk, , Action of replevin for a wagon. Mr. Ball for plaintiff, C. J. Lansing for deft. Edward D, Strunk ag.t Ira A, Way, Ac' C. J Lansing f.r d e f t F, B. Leonard Pres- iJ,^\® ident &c. ag’t Everett Hawley. Action onl mvo t ------- — note. Defence forgery. G. 0* Parmelee in V S e d enyolope,\ta« for Plff J. 0 . Mott &r deft ^'“‘Tlare Stephen F Yales against D Eobinsoii, E Hyatt for plaintiif B P Bullard for deft. Farmers’ Bank against Hiram Slocum, iflj-kM r\n <ilOKnn O. T A C a v d to in v a lids* A Giorgymaii, wliila residing in .South America . . . tlon of slander. Briggs Keech for Plantiff, r e s - i ““mbei-s, have heen already cured by this iioble remedy. Prompted by a do- I 81V0 to benefat the ufflioled and unfortunate, I will send the reoeipe for preparing and using this modi- 0 who needs it. Jnly20yi, rurmers uamr niram ruocum, There is ndtliing more certain to prevent action on S2500 note ; C J Lansing for plff. I feinalo im-gulantius thou Br. Volpau’s Fe- Trustees o f Lahsi|gburgh against Lart- .ilumarriad lady can enjoy perfect healtli ngburgh Plank KogdCompany. E Hyatt Bruggists^ ______ T he SoLinitn’s T rue F eiesd .—For over foriy years, Docter Holloway has been supply­ ing all the Armies,of Europe with his Pill.-i and Ointment, they have proved themselves the only medicines able to cure the worst on. sea of Byseutery, Scurvy*, Sores, Wounds and Bruises., Every kuap-^ack should contain them. If the readec of this “notice” canuot get a singburgh Plank Ko.iJCompany. E Hyatt for plaintiff, Bomcyn & Peck for deft. Same against M L Filley; same atty’s as last case—Injunction case. William W Bryan against Isaac Vanveoh- ten, action o f slander, C Lansing for plan- filF B Keach for defendant. Erastus Davi- j. soil against George H Marriner, The no­ ted piano case. E Hyatt for plaintiff 0 J Lansing for defendant. Notice is Iiereby given, puiBuant, to the Siatuie of this State, and of the annexed uolioe of the .Seoretaiyof -State, that a general election will ‘ he hold in tliis county on the Tuesday succeed­ ing the first Mondiw of November next, at which oleotionthe officers named in the annex- JOSkPJUrli'TTEESHdLL, Slwriff. ot the county of Rensselaer—Sir: Notice is hereby given tliat at the general eleotipn to be liMldin tliis'Stute, on the, Tuesday sucooeding tko first Monday of Koveiuber next-,, the follow ing officers aro to eleced, to wit: A Governor, the place of Horatio Seyinp'nr. R 1 Goveror, in the place ot David A CuiiaV Commissioner, in the place of Frauk- irli A. Alberger. An Inspector of State Prisons, in the place of Abrnliam B. Tappon. All wliose term's of cffioo will expire oh the last day ot Becembur next. , Presldout and Vioe Also, a rppe.seutalive in the thirty-ninth Congi-es-a ot the United States for tlie Ififteenth Congressional District, composed of tho counties of fiens,selaei- and Washington. County Officers also to bo elected for the saicl Tlu-ea Momhers of Assembly. A^Shoriff, in the place ot dosoph F, Batter- shaL. A County O. Oieasou. A Supei-in Treasurer,,in tho place ot Samuel ^ I , “ R e S S S o,n. , John S Campbeil against John 11 Camp-1 not make as much profit as .on other persons’ :11, late of the 30th Eegiment.-Action 35 cents, 88 cents and $1,40 per box or , ' I only to wait and they will see the good time which has been coming quite awhile. T..e Scranton auction sales, held monthly in New York, have become the criterion of the coal trade. The other day the monthly sales came off twenty five thousand tons of coal, varying in description, were sold, ahd the prices realized an average o f $2. 40 per ton less than the sales of one month pre. Vious. Gold is bringing every thing down in its ilecline ; one commodity after anoth- ' 'er is coming back to reasonable prices. The speculators-are demoralized, and hon­ est people are rej icing. Owing to the decline in the gold i nmirket, w e learn from promin ent Trojan ■merchants that on some days their business ' -isiiearly Suspended. ' Last Sabbath the rain poured down in such torrents all day long a few mil£s north of us, thatvjn MechanicqVille and vicinity there was no services in any of the ’church. es on that -day. A lbany F ield O fficers K illed in B at ­ tle .—In the organization of regiments in this city, during the present -war, the first a/id m lin object of our citizans was ttie s6 lection of competent officers to take charge of the men. How w ell we havU^uoceeded the following proud roll of honor will fully prove. The names appended bo'ow arc only the field officers who have fallen in defence of their country and flag, to say nothing o f the host o f line officers who have met a similar fate: Col. Pratt, 20th Regi- ment;Col Bryan, 175th Col. Benedict, lG2d; Brig. Gen. Rice; Col ’ifilsui, 43d; Col. Morris, 7th Artiller/; Col^Iackson, ISIh; Col. Frisby, 30th; Lieut. Col. Fryer, Ma­ jor Wallace, Lieut. Col. Yisscher, 43d; Col. Springsteed, 7th Artillery; Major Bo gart, 162d,andCul Townsend. W hit place in the United Stales can show a brighter record than this? The body o f the missing man, Martin Haley, i f Albany was fouiitl floating in the river, near Van Wie’srPoiiit, on Friday. - CoUNTliEFEiTs.—Counterfeit bills bel>, late of the 30th Eegiment.—Action for alleged violent assault and battery by deft upon plaintifi', at Justice King’s offi'e, little more than a year ago. N Daven­ port for plfiintitr, R A Lotridge for def’t. Daniel Foigussou agaiust Thomas Curran aitisn of sl.inder. E Hyatt for plaintiff 0 J Lansing for defendant. Eleazer Lockwood against R E Cipperly, action on judgment, fiefense, payment. R H McClellan for plaintifi; C J, Lansing for defend int. Edward P Sulley against William G P Campbell, action fir assault and Cattery with a hoe several months since, C J Lan­ sing for plaintiff, R A Lottridge for dof’t- The Court couvened at 12 o’clock on Monday and after liearing several ex-patte motions, adjourned till November 21st, 1804 The Special Term was adjourned to the Chambers of Justice Ingalls, where tions can be made and Special Term bti.si- uess done until the adjourned day o f tlie Circu.t. make, : ___ _ ________ - V.. s ::.y III Troy, Oct. 3,1864, by Rev Dr j jJ Tuclier, Lr CHARES ALTHHUS, of this Village, to Miss CHARLOTTE REICH­ ERT, of Troy. kRKETS. ,$11 l>0al3 6 Secretary of State. L A N siN G B U K G H MAI S x S i E v . ; lis ; : : : ; ; : ; ; ’:;::': oS:::;::;.v.v.vr. Pmaioee, . .................... ......... T l l E G I ^ E A T R E M E D Y . STR. iTAMRS CLARKE>S CELEBRA’IED FEMALE FILL§. Prepared from aperscriptioii of Sir J. Clarice, U. I),, Physician Extraordinary to the Qiceem This medioino is unfailing in tho oura of all tlioao viufu!inful andnd dangofousangofous disoasosiaoasos to whiohhioh thoho fc—'malo - constitution is subject. It modorales all c pa a d d to w t fo and roiuovos all obstruetions, and a apoody cure [ may be relied on. TO MAuaiBn LAnina j it is-pcouliarly suited. It will, in a short llmoi I bring on tho monthly period wicli rogula: :s A C hange .—We see that the Troy IWu’g has treated itself to a bran new lo ­ cal editor. This accounts lor the improve-, inent this week in its local columns. TChar- iey” is bound to shine, even in Troy. W e sympathize with the Sund-ay A’dioff- in having lost its worthy foreman. ^ t L aid U p .—The little steamer R. P. Saxe, which plies between this city and West Tioy, was laid, up Saturday by an Cident to its machinery^ much to the disap­ pointment of those who had occasion to cross the river by the way o f ‘ Morrison’s I ^ T westv - nine recruits wei-e sent \off last, week by Provost Alarshal Forsyth., . E ^ H ome . - T he many fli-iends of Capt. Frank M. Cooley, will bepleased to learn that he is home on a brief leave ot absence. 6 ^ There will be a regular meeting of the Young men's Christian Association to morrow evening at McMurray’s Hall at 7 ‘o ’ clock and 30 minutes precisely; the Pub lie are invited to attend. {gp“'SAi> ACCibENT.— Sunday night, as 'the 12:30 train was coming up from New York, when near Adams street, a young man named John Bowman attempted to jump from the train, ahd fell under the whe els of the cars, which passed over both of his legs, mangling them erribly. The unfortunate man was taken jO the residence of Mrs. Charles Dumey, oii Adamtstreet. H e was attended by Dr, W hen a D rink may be taken M edi . the Corn Exchange Bank of New York.l or duck, or pork- thedenominatiouof$2, aro in ehcula to which onions may have j-casonm\ly ______________ J tcred; invariably after salmon; when there c.'?* Gen. Jos. B. C arr left Troy la t e ' « any washing being done at home; when a iturday evening, to rejoin hi^command at person feels 'faint, and doesn’t know what is the front, instead of Friday evening, as was the matter with him; when a friend turns up 57 , ,Uy of Fobmarv,'1873; previously stated. The best wishes of his ^ f ‘«‘’ absence of Several year.-; when ,a $ 100 ,000 payable on the 5tU day of I-’obniary, many'friends go jvith him. person has the toothpche; when a person Sealed proposals wilt bo rm-ivod at the ---------------------- has lost at cards or wlien a person has come into: a large property; when a person has m et with a misfortune, or made a tremen­ dous b.jkgain; when a person has quarrel­ led; when a reconciliation has taken place; when a person is on a sea voyage, or goes between the acts of a five-nc! Iragady; or M r . G eorge H. C i » le , tbo well-known assistant cishier at G. V. S. Quackenbusb’s (.by goods store, lias resigned his position, to act as dispatch Ijearer in the army The responsible pi-sition he formerly occupied has been assigned to Mr, John S Saunders. RENSSELAER COITNTY COUI’ON BONDS —Reussflaci- County Trciihiu-urs OftloB, Troy, oSiigust 3, 1864.—In nccoi-danco witli a resolu­ tion passed by the Board of Supervisors of Rensso'lier County, .^ugiust 1, 1864, appropii- iiUng tlii-BH hundred and iorty thousand dol- lai-.s, or as inuc-h thereof us may he deemed necBBs-.ivy to fill the quota of said county, 1 derllio lust, cull for trooiis, f hereby give tifo that tho county will isSue its Coupon Bone.s, fo.- two hundred tliousand dollar.^, with iniore.s'. at seven per rout., p.tyahle semi _ i proposals wi . licly opoiK-d. The right is reserved to reject any or ail of tho bid-\ if cOusidoi-od necessary ’ to protect or promote the interests of the county Coimty Trea onthly period wicli regularity. 1 Each bottle, price One Dollar, boara tbo GoTorn- ’ mont Stamp of Groat Britain to pfov'ofit coUntot- CAUTIOK. Thesb Pills should, not be taken by females du- rins the PIRST THREE NONTHS of Preg. nancy, as they arc stireio b.-hng on miscarriage but at any other time they arc safe. In all oases of Nervous t Pains in tho Back ar.d I oxorlion, Palpitation of tho Whites, those Pills will olfoot a ouro when all oth- !S liavo failed: and althoi f, do not contain iron, calomel lugh a powerful omei, antiriony, F a l l Fashions, in ascending ill a balloon; or after Qojning oil’ S i lk ^ H a t s , A djol ’ rk ED. — In cornplianco Witb a nu- the jury of a coroner’s inquest; or when you erously signed petition of the bar and ac, i are sittinsr un for wife; or when a friend 1 C, are sitting up for wife; cording to previous arrangement, the J u d ge! drops in to smoke a cigar; and, in fact, up- adjourned die Circuit and Oyer, which m e t ! on all suitnble occasions of sadness or nier- yesterday, until the 21st of November, The Union Barty advertise a grand demonstration to come ofi’ this evening at the Baptist Church, at 7 1-2 oclock. Mnr- tin I. Townsend is named as one of the speakers. riment, when a feel rather low, or feels in very high spirits. j The Democrats are fitting up a club room over the Rensselaer County Bank, anjoining our office. ly S o L D O ut .—Mr, Aaron Vreathea- A H eavy C asting .—The wife of a Troy moulder, last week presented her husband with a fifteen pound casting. It was all baby.— 5fVdy News, Wax, boot and shoe manufacturer, has out his business to Jesse Spicfr, a former partner just returned from N ew York. Mr W, has been in business in this, i illage for more than twenty years and :has always maintained a good character fdr ability, industry, and int- grity. llr.fSpioer will en­ deavor to please his customers. ' C apt , S chuyler (jiiosBy, of Gen, Bank’s staff, came North with the General last week. He is w ell known in this vicinity R esigned .— The Eev. Mr. Robertson, of the Park Presbyterian Chuich,has resigned his charge, and taken;up his residence iii Salem, with a view of regaining his health. His people very generously oU'ered, to sup­ ply his place for six months, and allow him [nested him to T he Washington Bounty Fair has proved a complete success, notwithstand­ ing the unfavorable weather. Fancy Cloth Hats, Soft Hats, Stiff Brim, Fancy Hats, Fancy Cassimere Caps At 374 River street, Troy, N. Y. S HA T. : anything Full direotiohs in tho pamphlet around eaoh paokago which should bo carofully prosorved. Solo agont for tho United StaJ.es and OanOdas, JOB MOSES, 27 Co’rtlaud St., NEW YORK. Sold by all Druggists, talning 60 Pills, by rotuln mail. RELIEF IN TEN MINUTES. B R Y A N ’ S PUmONiC WAFERS. 10 Original Afodioine established in 1837, and ■st article of tho kind Over introduced under the name of “ V uljiojhc W afers ,” in this or any other country; all other Pulmonio whfors arc countorfoits. Tho Genuine oan be known by the amo BRYAN being stamped on onoh wafer. Aryan’s Pulmonic Wafers. Relievo Coughs, Golds, Sore Throat, Uoarshess. Pnlmonii [j.J^ As I Mnnufactiiro, goods oan bo pro­ duced at very roasonablo rates. Call and iu- pseot styles and yrioes at 374 River street, J. R. PETT i E^^ ■ Aryan’s Pnlinonic Wafers Roliovoasthma; Bronohilis, Difficult Brealhi'n';^. Aryan’s Pulmonic Wafers ' , Relievo Spitting of Blood, Pains in tho Chest: Aryan’s Pulmanic Wafers Relievo Inoipioilt Consutdption, Lung Diseases. mia Wa ryan’B Pulmonio H Mrs. M. Entwistle, Tlie renowned Clairvoy­ ant Boctress, Of Troy* whoso bold and enlightened treatment ; tontion of those laboring,pnder any of the various ; oharaotera or forms of disease,such as.oonsumptic-’ that time to recruit, and requ withdraw his resignation, but by the advise of physicians, be thought best to cease tirely from his accustomed laboi least a yeor, and therefore his pab....„. .v, , . . . ■ , . , , ‘ while Swelling, Worms, Tio Dolouroux, Debility, lations with the church here are severed, Nervousness, Spinal deformatives, and diseases of « d t e s » . f o r t h , 1 t h u . . b . . t „ i.h « rf this and fbroign-lands oan produce. Hgr system of treating di leases does not make sick to mako woU Aryan’s Pulmonic Wafers Are a blossingjto all OlusSps and Constitiitiohs. Aryan’s Pulmonic Wafers Are ndaptod for Vocalists and Public Speakers. Bry'an'h Pulmonic Wafers Aro in simple form and pleasant to tho tasts. 7ol only relieve but elleot rapid and lasting cures. Bryan’s Pulmonic IVojljrs Are warranted to give satisfaction to every his own congregation, and a large circula- this city, who hope at tion of iriehds hi no distant day to hear his voice again in the Christian pulpit, pleading for truth and ^rightepusness.— Whig. would be happy to euro all who suffer ness or pain, that noehetiabod hopes ......... Office hours from 9 a, m. to 4 p, m. No family should bo without a box ol' Bryan’s Pulmonio Wafirs In the House. No traveler should bo without a supply of Bryan’s Puhtwnio Wafers In his pookot. No person will over object to give for Bryan’s PuMonie Wafers Twenty-five Gents. ^ JOB MOSES. Sole Proprietor, 27 CortUnd^Sf Sold by all Druggists,

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