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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, January 20, 1848, Image 1

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4 . : - , EANSINGBIRGH DEMOCRAT. feiil b n I! . t g t t \ % A E D I t O ^ ^ A ^ D '4M pr V e T< D E V O T E D T O P O L I T I C S ^ L I T E R A T U R E , A G R I C U L T U R E , A N D T H E N E W S O F T H E D A Y . t M s . N U M B E R 1 3 ( iHlSLAi^t^INRBtfRGlI DEMOt'llAT' 1 ' H E N E W-E JM O L A N B IS PUBLISHED feVEilY THURSDAY, mrgh Rc'melacr Cii., Neu'-York., F « , _'ay«Wp half ycariy. IE? Fifiy cents'a year anil bo added when merit is dekved lirymd one year. No paper or advortisomeiit 'will he discontinue, .uniil an'camgcs are paid .itp, unless at the optioi of the .publisher. .stinure, la-eclt, I js il,fi square » months, .'i (M W.eelis, I fn • 1 square .1 year, S (H .l-Lco!iimu G nio. 7 01' 4 eolmmi 1 your, iS'Od aeokuiinfimo f-dU' re 2 monlliBj 2 (J( ;l-2 column 1 year, 20 In i A square 3 iiionths, 3 (lt<3-4 column 1 year, 25 0(‘ 1 square 4 months, 4 Ob i column 1 year, 30 01! -i.jAdwertleomeiits, not .otlicrwige ordered, will be .copGnued (at the option of the editor) till forbid. «nd charged for accordingly. , .Degql advertisennoiits will .affixedhy statiio. 03“ Lettere mast he post paid; O t ' F I C E e and Richard .Streets, .over-P'iike <5.. liacliinan's Klore., 1 Square 4 weelts, 1 2.' ,1-4 •i'sriirrire S'tvcelts, - 1 !y l|-4 i atluarti 6 weeks, 1 7.' ,i-2 ei Jl- square 2 monlhsj 2 01 ; l-2 C( ill be charged tlie price Coritetof tllate at ' Bu inoss B ireclory. ITjr’ Husiness (Jard.s inserted in this cohiiim for ^ 3 00 pt'r aiinuin.^rp W . J . liA iiriB , jBooIf, Job & Card Priitlcr, 283 Wale slre.et Up-slai.s. I s a a c k a i v s o j i , Attorney and Doiiuscllor, FAKE'S 13UILDlNt..S. Laiisiugbui’gh and Troy Stages, isA a .'F a © 5 ;,a id .Y c isra d . Lesivi' till' priiifi[> il Hotels on Stiite sti'i'ct. H A l.-TED S . Trov, t'OLld & C'OR'Y, LansiB'rhnrgh, i ’rnjnietms. ~ 7~ ClAN^X iiOTEL, SSupt 5>y B . P E E T S , t ’orm ruf oiate and Itichard streets. U' ( 111(1 . .sli.'d and .stabling. JDK. A . C C A K K , , StJK & ffiW A D E n r T l S T , ih'xlracls Teelli rvillimit pain or siiileiiiig, Ity the use .)!' JViorii.ii's lidierial Vapor. OlHce on (.'ongre.'S .si. 2d door south of the Baptist Church. «5 w e E c m T S U R G E O N D E N T I S T S , uperior niamior. m j w iRW€5iiA:^i> Henith Insurance Company. Policies is.=ii.-(l he 1. U.V.VSOM, Aireat. F’\r sail' at the Derniicrat Oiliee. T . A . A l'SSE ? !, ur. Ai.n.i IV Drugs, Mcdkincs, Paints, Oils, Aat«l I> 5 ’« StultV, 2r'l Hfute, CTM.-rof IJi'diard .-treet. .■V5 A B ?,IiS;S A5 0 E2E SEOFLSC, B a r b e r and Hair DECKhieF, • 20:1 .1111110 > treet. fl , iJuyors put in uc;,q'!. ie cider. Sr.AME ik. 5?.kCM?5.'4,'h-. Be8ier,>i in tVines and Ll<iuors ' 4 stote ptro«t. Health Insiurance Company. INCORPORATED By tlie Lcgialaturo of Conuecticut U\Muy,- W40. Cohoes Hotel, of comfort and convenience, would be happy toi leqeivo thnoalls of his friends.and tho public,wboj may have occasion to travel in tho direction of C r Paitica of pleasure,:visiting those :magnifi-i house au agfeeubie resting place, ■where good ac- PdTEY C’a p . t a i $ ! 1 0 . ^ 0 0 0 . DiiiECroRS: Joel W. White, Jdliu G. Huntington, David Smith, Riifus L. Fanning, Johii'C. Holland, Win. M. Converse, Eaoeli B. Uitlver, tSaiiford Bi Meech, Giles M. Eaton. ' J ohn G. U unti . vguon , Tfeasiir. ENOCH C. Uli.'VPMAN, General Agent. j 'II ltd Institiiiion is novel ill its character,but Pr«>t<!etlf»u f u m r a u v e C o m p a n y , • K «\<<\> allits proyisous 1'.^ the city of Hartford, Connecticut, insures ,s culeulntcd to alleytute the wants and distresses 1 against loss or damage by fire. Dwelling lanufactories, and all oth- inost reasonable, do to the subecri- Camion Place, Trey. E. BEiiL, Agent. Troy, October 184'?. JE T W A K T ^ K A I V C i : C O M P A W Y . C a i t i t a l i^aoo^OOO. R R T S I J K E S Dwelling lion M. SlaimfnHOrios, .Stubic.s, ai: other dcscriptlous of insurable loss and dainage by fire terms. Application for ii the subscriber, at hia office. No. 33 Third street, h S.\ '”' S l S S . Troy, October, 1847. ing their ordinary occupations, are .entitled to t benefit of Four Dollars per week—(for one year) —a sum sufficient to pay the ordinary expenses that accrue from such'siekiiess or calamity. The insured aro also entitled to a share of the surpli earnings of the Company. After dividing six pi cent, per annum to the stockholders, one hall ol the balaiico is to be applied to pay the balance duo andnd thee remainingmaining one halff is on the stock notes, a th re one hal i to be divided between the Stockholders and th Insured, in proportion to the amount of capiU stock held by each member, and.lhe sum paid by the insured for his Policy. Old Policies may be renewed by applying three onths before expiration. ” who becomes insured has the share o f the capital stock; ........................ . r r 3 r E . t i £ whicli his Policy of Insnrauce secures to him, but also tlie annual interest on tlie amount by him invested, and a full share of all the profits of the Institution. The guafantoe capital required by the charter has been filled, and the company are now issuing Policies o f Insurance. Every person w privilege of taking so that if the business profitable, bo will re< Policies o f Insurance. Apjilicatious for Insurance may be made at the offieo of tlie cciiBpany, No. 5, Strand, Norwich, t r e r \ :o may be made to 0. 33 Third street 'nil power to issiii ENDRICK, Agent. Lansingbiirgli, October, 1847. iKt«ll Hank’s Hotel. « . T ' & 3 S ^ B « S 5 f S : lently opened the Tavern in Scimylerville, merly kept by Mr. Williams.. It is situated a i rods south, of the road leading'from Union Villi Fire, Marine & Inland Columbus Insurance Company. '|3 H E Subscriber having received the Agency of ■■■ the Cohimbits Insnrauce Company, of Ohio, chartered 1833, capita!.$3(10,000, for the village of Laimingburgli and vicinity, will issue Policies on cargo, freight to and from tho city of New York, on as favorable terms as other institutions. Also, Insures Dwelling Houses, Stores, Mills, Manufac- lories. Stables, and Barns, and all o/her descrip­ tions of iiisurablo proi»erty, ageinst loss and damage by fire. Losses sustained will bo proniptly and lionoriibly adjusted and paid in money current at the banks of Hew York or city of Rochester. Uffioe H.S. TRACY, Agent, man’s I cliafacter,.Blandiiig and responsibili- ! ty of the above company, or ite Directors, refer- David Allen or John G. Me- I enco may be hud to David Allen I Murray of this village, j Laiisingl>ureh. JanuaryJi, 1848. formerly. A sh ■ctfnlly solicited., Jiuylerville, Oct. 1 oiighly repaired aiid .reiulercd more Commodious than formerly. A share of public patronage is irville, Oct. 1847. '£ oihmodio— ' i f S S ■ C o m p o u n d S y r u p of W ild Chen\j Harness, Saddle and he still continues the manu- f ctare of every v riety.'ml description oi'Harness,Sad­ dled, Trunks, Travelltns bags. Satchels, <j-e. ^e. ij-e it his old stand, 275 State street, Lansiiigburgh *,* Rep iring done at short notice. A choice assoriment of Trunks, o f various put enis, on hand for sale «Oi>)BY’S L A D Y ’S BOOK. ATTRAC'PION, with tlie largestcirciilatiou tuid greatest [lopularity of any ,■ agizilie ititlie liriilid V !,’ T>I?T>A dt.reS. Fuy, (from whom we have received a No­ vel cUe whici. we sliall sl.ortly commence,) Mrs. ML NTS. From the huiuls of tlic first artists, ami consequent­ ly, far superior to lllose in any oilier Mugiziiic ad- ’Y ARE COM- FIKJB, mAKlAC AA'D lALAAD iiY suiiA N r cx;. 'jvHE Subscriber having received the Agency » of the Camden Iiisurahce Company o f N. X, Capital’^100,000, for lauisiugburgh, and vicinity, will issue Policits o« Cargo, freiglrt to and frmn the city of New York or to any other port, on os fa­ vorable terms as other institutions. Iioeses sus­ tained will be promptly and honorably adjusted and [Ktid in moneys current at the banks o f tho State' of New York, niid in case of ditrercnces the courts of this state will be acknowiceged. This Company has been chartered since 1832,to take Fire, Marine and inland risks ; its capital has the managetneut of the . . of a careful and judicious Board of Directors, eoiisis.iiig of some of the me wealthy ami iiilliieuliul men in Hiat section of N< .iersey, having iievet litigated but one suit. len. Agei .And begs Icax'c to refer to Harj'cr Brat.bers,Leuvitt Trow <f- Cn.,J lierk 4 Co., Seaman .j- illatr, Sheppard 4 ov/H, John Boitmlpy,Esq., Wm. Burger, Shi Phelps tj- Ca. Fire, Alariiie and inland lieeh safely invested, and the Company is in the hands of a rd of Directors, eoiisis.iii! Is-mild nil'll pioasa111 to the tioto. p(rh,etly safe M< H1K j/cO T T .A G E S AND NEEDLE- .-inJ l.,irmU'i.smils rp, n.l.o,,,^. ami \, t it 0, one ol j \\ u|.;K,&c.„il|iistr ted with line engravings will ?!,e most, pewcrfi.l :.ul n rlam rem. das lor «m- ,,^0 cmitmuecl iiiid.si.cli other grand feuturcs,as t.nilipln>n, t f lilF C’Dll^lUS, COtlKs, us!/ium, bnT»»..t?r. l., fl... . frjntl;iuj bi'iud, i ViT rojl.iiJji.lil. ]>;i lib in tlif blue* or hrfu-sl, {Mid goiKiriii dt Mily oi'tiui coii.-:tttullon, jt.'iut wu.-' evi!!* uivui U l ! E) Mic >kill ol‘imiii for the vrituf ui' ill* iifil.clt'd pi-UiF. IVrtiticulcs and cv- id‘’iK*f ‘^of its woiidei'ini rtiriiiivo powursuro daily |e, far superior lo lh< .ND UTILIT’ BN E D . ' i-.i: i'l.'iu-i ■; of lib vvoiidei'liil curative powers are daily P riwived from all quartets. It i.s iiiqjoss.blo to S i-oaccive the aggregate'of siitVer.iig aiul nimevy ' rri.ft I..... salo ' ' ■ OP we caloirlato the immense benefit lliul tiliall ac- ctitc from it hereafter. All ages, s< xes, and cou- iaited, and health restored ity the use of Dii. S.WAT!?t:’s Go.viroL’.N-n S yiiup ^ of Witu I’ iiekhv . How many sufferers do wo diiily behold a]iproaeU- ng to an uiitimel.y grave, wrested, in the bloom ifyoiitli. from tlioir relatives and friends, afflicted i.ewt ,viUi the latalniqlady, co.vsuJit'Tio.N,wliicli wastes (.i.aking tlireo ptibli ho miscraBleisltfit'ronmtd iio is beyond: the power if buman skiil. If snob stilTercrs wottid only lOno copy two years iiake trial of Dr. awayuo's Compound Syiup of ' ild Cifcrry, they wottid find titemselves sooner elievod: than by gulping tlio various inefl’ective omedioS with which our newspapers abound; this Vegetable Remedy’ heals the ulcerated lungs, (opping profuse night sweats, at tho same time Idfioing, a natural and healthy expcctoration.and ! r . s s s . r ¥ r i , s r i s ”r . : a miudtbat Dt, Swayno is arogular practising , Jhysiciap, who ha? bad years of experience in ■('ImisoaseS of tlie lungs, chest, &e. The (original. ' fillnd ohly) genuine article is only prepared by :Dr. tdf’f • Dr. Siivayno’s Compound Syrup Of WildChor- f ' M r is put. up in sqiiuto bottles, enveloped with a • • v..New<iomb :& bt> coimmiocl Riid-sitch other grdiid feutiires as can .t L.ST 01 i s readers, w,lifroi|i time tc - ---- COLORED FASHIONS ovory month, lilt t reil Irom the Fn-mlh to suit the more ruodfst lasto ot the Jadic.s.of tbis coiiiitiy. TIMS is ’riit. iibsTTi.n 'to sin sciiuie , I’erM.iiM.ommcnc\itg with the January number, will receive Mas Lesmes new N ovel entire, as the portions t Iready published will be ro- priiiled in tliat number. No ciiminiition in the u- siial interest and variety, uuT a . v incuease i . n iiie ' .Vl’aiUE!’. OFl’AOI'.S. ■One copy two years, Two copies one year, Five copies one year, (with, an extra copy to ihe person seiiduig the orderj) $ 10,00 l a r r - ’ - s y s as a commission. This com­ mission cannot be allowed when the Lady’s Book' and Dollar Newspaper are expected for $3. Address L. A. GODE A specimen copy of the m paying postage on the < above sent tc le order. ’ ; ( f c . g r a i n t A . ' . ' z : .............. ■ The amount of specie brought by the! V isit Tsloilonia was $10,000. toe Ivoo: Boffawd liew and beautitm df the maniifacturer r ‘ lf,er whifch our cush Jaine.i trger, Sheldon ^ II. L, B ulkiiev , Secretary. January K, 1 h 4H. is,Juhi, imn s'oy,Jesse id aU of Camden. N, President. ’O T ICEof an Application for the discharge of an Insqlccni Jro/n his debts, pursuant to the pTonisions o f the third article of the first title oj the fifth chapter of the second part of the Ke- rised Stdtittes. Debtor. Notici the county of Rensselaer, ii — _— ----- CO first piibliiilied Jiumary 6lh, l84r', creditois to appear before Hon. Cliailes C. Parnie- iee, Jttdge of Rensselaer Comity, and Cimiisellor in the .Supreme CourUiit his office in tho city of Troy, on tho 18th day of Nluich, 1848, at lU o’clock in the forenoon of that day. 1TEU.SON & S M iriI, Attomies, Troy, N. Y. n e w s ^ e X a e r c o u n t y , r « ticc is hereby gtveti llml a County Court Court ol R-essioiis will be held at the Court Hi in tlie city of Troy, in niid for the county of lieiis- ’ thirdhird Mondayonday (1,7th).1,7th). off Jsatmary e., on the t M ( o J I) and the jitrors wlio arc to serve for tiie trial cityof Troy,, emhefj 1847, at 10 o’clock, in the forenc ed this 21st day ,of December, 1847. A .« . .‘•IIELDON, Clerk. 3 in the same courts will 10 directions of tlie Revisoi itutcs„at my To Let, ■T !. mechanical buBuiess. Possessiim will be given taintbo other dollar as a commission. This com-; the best Mills, by the single quire or toam. , ^ --J single quire or toan.. Printing Paper for sale by the quire or ream. A few hundred; old ne-wspapors, suitable 1 rajjping paper, for sale cheap. _____________ L I S T O ® l a B T i ’JBttSI O E M A IN IN G in the Post Office, Lansing- burgh, January 1, lS48. BS C. Baxter, Philips McCrintyv Ewili O. Neal, 3-5= rbiii e . Dean, Joseph ShenSan, JphnElwell, Henry'Paylor, Michel Farrell, Sarah L. Van Dusen, Bedford Filkina, John Whiting. ,C«tbamie Merrii, t 6l-t). 8 M T fIa ?MaMw(«r. A lilic oil tile raging Canatvl. A life on the raging Ganawl, A home in its inudiy deep. Where through sunimer.spring, & fall T)i<> frogs their revels keep. Like a fish on n hook 1 pine. On this dull unchanging shore— Oh give me ihe packet line, And the muddy Canawls tliiW roar. Once more on the deck I stand, Of my own swift gliding craft— The horses trot offon the land. And the hoat follows close abaft. W e shoot through the turbid foam, Like a bull-frog ifi a squall— And like the frogour home, W e ’il find in the muddy Canawl. The sun is no longer in view, The clouds have begun to frown, But with a bumper or two, W e’ll say let the storm come down^ And this song we’ll sing one and all, While the storm around us pelts, A life on the muddy Canawl, Oh, we don’t want “ nothin else.” q F i i Z » R i i ^ The pen does the fighting. The wronging the righting, Inviting and slighting, The praise and abuse; Yes, every profession Must make confession— Our pride and progression We owe to the goose! M ISC E L A N Y . T H S H IB U R R r iA N A N D T H E H D G . OR TH£ A d v e B tarea o i ^ a C r l c k a n d th e (Fron^lhe New Orleans Delta.) On last Friday morning, an occur­ rence took place at ihe corner o f Relig- ous street, that was eminently interest­ ing. A friend, whose name if necesa- n be mentioned, had a “star” pig that was in his yard. By some acci­ dent or other, the “gintleman pig” es-- caped out of the yard, and darted down the street. He wasa short-iaiied stri­ ped, ugly-looking pig, and gave ofFence te every body that he met. No matter however, for that—-he was genteel, when persons did not run against him But, unfortunately, in his pre- arnbulations, the pig aforesaid ran aga­ inst the sacred person of Mr. Patrick Miillowney, a gentleman who boasted that he was “an Irishman fron Virgini- a,“ or, in fact, one of the double“XX’s” as they say in their direction on shot bags. Mr Mullowney.nt the time that the incident took place, was passing by. Me ivas a short gentleman, with legs that evidently been intetided for a duck and a face that was redolent with gotid huimr. The pig running in between his legs, knocked him down into the gutter. Patrick was ihe most angry mt^n in the world;covered with mud and slime, he got up and dared the pig to mortiil combat. •'Ve villain! ’ said he, “is this the way that I’m to be served ! Am I to from th'e oiild coiinihry to be insult­ ed by an Amirikin pig* Put this in yer pipe on smoke it.’ With this Patrick endeavored to strike the pig, w^hp ol.1 the while was standing his guard, grihBinf as if he wanted to plunge his tusks into the leg.' of his opponent. The pig after hearing him­ self insulted, made a dart toumrds Lis enemy and endeavored to anihilate him. Patrick gdt out of the way, and squar­ ing oft a l a iJeaf Burke said— ‘■)s it there ye are? And ye’d in­ sult ati innocent citizen (ioming paciblv along the street. Oh, y e bloody-minded inonsther! Take that an that, an this an th is!” With this Patrick let his opponent have dine or tivo blows in the nose,- which through thd r force knocked hitti off his hind legs. Mr. Pig however, soi recovered himself and being maddened by the treatment he had received made! another dash towards his opponent. In this ihstatice science .vvas dfhoi avaJL iib. far as Patrick was concernedl The ebivatrie jAg, full o f bravery, fiie'indyin'! fdignation ;; bit his assailant oii the arm and ran his^sharp tusks Into his thigh. Patrick soon gave up the unequal com­ bat and prancing about as i f h f had St. Vitus’ dance, screamed out, “ Ob houlv Moses where are ye now, that ye don’t come to the aid ov poor Patrick?” “ What’s the mu'-ieiP’f^ked a person who rushed on the spot after hearing the noise, “ Oh, it’s a gentleman sow I’ve been wounded by! Oh, murther! rourtherl he had tusks like the teeth iv..a harrow and I’m ruined intirely! Luk at me leg and me arm.” ' “ Well, what's the use of your talking why don’t you go home and get your wounds dressed? You are severely ihoug not dangerously hurt, and you’ll by all means repair to your lodgings and afterwards send for a jfhysicir Patrick bowed and staunching the blood that was flowing from his thigh pressing the side of his irowsers into wound, he said, “God be wid ye, sur; biU it’s satisfaction 1 must have.” He then limped off, thinking no doubt that he had. been greviously insulted; while the pig relying upon bis own dignity and flushed with success intimatedby a sarcastic grunt that he was perfectly; satisfied as to the manner in which he' had conducted himself in the combat. Yesterday morning Patrick, with his rm in a sling and his thigh covered with bandages came to the house of the proprietor of the pig that had assaulted him. The owner came out and reques­ ted to know what he wanted. With a sullen scowl Patrick said— “I’m come for indemnification.” ‘’Indemnification sir, and for what ?” ‘For the pig»” said Patrick, grasping his crutch convulsively; “the pig run his tushks into me as if be wa* a rhi­ noceros or an eliphant. Not an hour of work have 1 made since the eccidint tuk place, and I now come for the indimni- fication for the loss of niy time.” “My friend, it is impossible for me to indemnify you for a loss with which I am in no manner concerned,” “But isn’t the pig consarned, and is It the pig your own property, an aim ye liable by law fer the ax ov the heavy bodies, like husbands, from flying off into space. Wives be lenient to the merilal cigar. The smoke always hides a disagreeable part of the bailie. The M iu o r i n o r a ls^ f o r n r a rrioil “The last word” says the Londgn “Punch,” “is the most dangerous of all 1 n f ern a]i m ac h i nes. H usba n d a n d' wife should no move fight lo gel it than ihev Siruggle for the possesion (if a lighted bombsliell. Aliirried people should, stu­ dy eq«-h Olliers w.t ak points, as skaters look out for the weak part.'! of the ice.tn Older to keep oft’ them. Ladies wiio marry for life shoiiId'rc’iiieraber that the onion o f angels with woman has been forbidden since the flood. Tho wife is 1 of the social system. Unless acts there .is nothing to keep I into space, leriial cigar, dis.agreeablt wife who Would properly discharge her duties, must never have a soul 'a- bove buttons.’ The liberties of Eng­ land have been won by mutual conces­ sions. Let the husband who would ac­ quire the privelege of asking iriends to dinner without notice, remember thi.3 when his tyife hints a new bonnet, 'i he wifes want is thehustbands opportunity. Don’t trust too much to good temper when you get into argument,, The In- dians produce fire by rubbing of thed est slicks.” -Mr. Seth ihe follow- CoLD 'W atiu for B urns .—Mr Hunt, of Northampton gives the : ing statement of the success of treating with cold water a severe burn and scald in his family :— _ \Cold water was applied, by immer­ sion till the pain ceased ; the water being changed as warm. The part v with wet bandages, a dry wollen one enveloping them, until the injury was healed. The healing was rapid and eff­ ected wUhom leaving a scar. 'The in­ stant relief which the cold water gave froin the exc.ruiialing pain was hihgly gratifying.” 5 3 ’A man may leave a patrimony to his spn;but how soon it may be mort- id ! He may leave him money;but blemished repiilatioh, a gUod dducatjpn, and an iaw'ard abhorrence of vice in tiny shape or form, those cannot be wrested from him, and are better than tl of gold and silver. ICT’ There is more grit about ll V fer the ax ov your pre- Answer me that now.” “W lij, if that boar pig o f mine and yourself had an altercation, 1 of course could not be dragged into the matter.— When you were attacked, why did you not get out of the way of the pig?” “Me git out ov the way ov a pig !— Och, that I ivercame here to bU tould that 1 should git oui'ov the way ov a pig. And me walking along, loo, thratin ■— ry one in a daciiu and rispictable n ner, an the bloody-minded hog to come an altock me! No,matter, sir, iher-s one place where a poo.* man can get jus lice—and tnay I be stuiid for hogs pUd- dins if the aflair ov that hog won’t be sillied there!” ore grit about the Presi- dent than most people gave him credit for. His reply lo a late “call of the House,’’ '■hows, that the very last per­ son to poke slicks at, is Mr. Polk of the White House. In fut'iie our anti-war \ mds had belter stir up imal. They asked for mi Knick. <tne$tioiis w e l l A u s w e r e d . recce, proposed to liim, in rapid sue- ccs.sior. the following difficult questions. 'Fhe philosophei replied to them all, without the least hesitation, ahd with how much propriety and precision readers can judge for ihemselve's: What is the oldest of all things ? GoD-r-because he bhvays existed. •What is the most beautiful.? The W orld —Bm^ause il is the work W liat is the greatest o f all things? F pace — because it contains all that a created. What is the quickest of all things? Tnouaiit— because in a moment it can the end of the universfe-. SI.'? fly to the end o What is the ^ le strongest Nccessiiy— because it makes man face nil the danfiers of life. What is the most difficult? To know yourself. Jo know yourself. _What is the most constaht of all things? ■E— because it still retnains vyitl after he has lost everythIh^ A Sobfi story is ttild of President Hum­ phrey, df Amherst College. One morn ing, before reciiationij som eof the stud­ ents fastened a live goose in the Presi­ dents chair5-=-'tvhen he entered theroom and discovered the new occupant of his Seat, he turned on hiS lieel, fifid copUy observetl, “Gentlemen, I perceive that y®R have a competent instruetor. a f id ^ n thousands ley asked for meat, but they bone—rights over' the head— 4, iaio less than thirteen persons, New York last week of apoplexy. The London Punch says il is not triie llmuhe rail way works are being stopped for want o f iron but the fact is they are delayed for want of tin. : A husband in Philadelphia adver­ tises his wife* and says he will pay no debts of her cpiitracting. The amiable lady rep ies that people need not be lulomiedi as he pays no debts of any NtiV iNVEfitiO.v.— A Yankee has ta­ ken out a patent for aa improvement in ■the “scales of justice.” [IREN PiG-.— The Angelica Ad- eaks of a pig ten months old ighed, when vocate len inoni slaughter lard full of apple' for a lucky i'el- liMiLESi— Men are like bugles, the more brass they contain, the farther you call hear them. Ladies are like-uilips,, the more niudesi and reiirivg they ap- ;ar, the better you love themi P kovekbs — The Jews have a proverb that ‘he Who brings not up his son to some occupation, makes him a thief,’ and the Arabians say that ‘an idle per­ son is the devil’s playfellow.” lEr'Dempslhenes being asked why he was su'ek a coward in biutle, said “hid dignaiion was always so strong, that while fighting, his feelings were sure to, run away with him.” A man with an orchi trees, lately advertised low with the fever and his fruit down for him. A fellew went into the Sf. Charles one clay, and called for n brandy toddy. After t.aking it and diving pretty deeply in the lunfcbjhe tvus going aWav when the barkeepfef reminded him that he did business on the cash principle. ■ “Oh ah exdfiiife itie, John.’’said bee “the fog cftine down so heavy this mort ning, that 1 eouUl not ra m a dime,” DC7’ Mr. McKepn of New York, the ffiend of Bishop Hughes, will, it is said receive tlie appointment to Borne. The Philadelphia firemen spilt some in(),re bad blood on Wedusday evey uing.—They ought tpjje (ed,,Bpg j 0 shaR(

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