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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, January 06, 1848, Image 1

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L A N S I N G B U R G H D E M O C R A T ■ T f t f i . J E A E . ' E D lip o l' AN d '^A^PR’ i E' DEVOTE© TO POLITICS, LITERATURE, AGRICULTURE, AND THE NEWS OF f H E D^Y. L A N S I N Q B U R O T , N . Y , , NMBER 11 , 1 TWO © 0 ^ 1 a | s ^ \ t e a r . THE!LAi\siJ!^RByRtlH BEMOCMT IS EiJBLISHEE EV’EIIY TIIU'E^E.VY, , ■At Lansinghurgh, Ri’.nsselapr Co., Ncw-Yvrl-., ‘F^r $2 00 a year, '■ Payab'e half yearly, cents a year will be added when pay- 'went f^dehyed beyond one year. No paper or adyortisoment will be discontinued paid lip, tiiileFs at the opt _ _ wgEe*ms ol-Advertisiiig. [SUtcen lines or less make a srjiiare.} 1 Rrjuare 1 week, $0 5(JI square 6 iiumths, ‘ w 3;kveelis, 1 Ubil G I L B E R T ’S PIA N O E O R T P l An9 ;Music Saloon, BOARDMAN BOILDINGS. rilAHIS splendid Establishmeat is now Open,and JL embraces the most extensive assortment o f Instruments ever exhibited in this city ; va—'— ' city and a regular branch of the parent man tory purchasers will be sure of finding a t all $500 or $1000 Wanted, TW Exchange for Bread, Cakes, or Crackers, c r.,, Baker, 187 John st. i square akveelis, 1 Ubil square 1 year, B 00 1 square'4!.weeks, 1 25il-4 column 0 mo. 7 00 1 squiftStSiWeeks', ^ i .50h^4 column 1 year, la 00 1 square 6 weeks, 1 7,i|l-2 column (iitio 12 i srljuare 2 moiiihs, 2 OO 1-3 Sob 1 square 3 monflik, 3 00;3-1 coli 1 square 4'tnouths, 4 OO’l column 1 jedr, .30 Advertiscmeids, liot olherwisc ord red, will be ,tion of the editor) till fprbiid,, .... at the Troy Salooi I class of mstrainciits us can I pal manufactory of Mr. Gilbert, and prices. The instruments will be wo kept in tune one year free of cxitensc Also in connection with the above wi a well selected .afsortnient of all tlie fashionable MDSIC pubiisbod iii'Boston iccordiiigly. pcmoiil^ will, he. charged the price eAbyglafne. : rdiotters must he post paid. vObVf- OFFICE I CbrnMtqf;:gtate«4--Kch,atd.Sti . ,, &B,aqkman’s Slot Directory. ■ Bushie.ss Cards inserted in tliis column for ^3 00 por annum. J~p ................... Book, Job & Card Printer, •*’! ' -2H3.■State street Up-stairs. ________ ISAAC RAWSOM, AttOi-ney and ponn^cllor, \ ’ pAKEiS ■BUILDI.XGS._________ I Lansiugburgli and Troy Stages, 'H A % :iF''H O U B I.Y j LIW E . Leave the priiifipal Hotels on vState street. H / ^ ^ S ^ i ; V r ^ : o n s m g b « r g i . Fmprkiors. ' ^gUJNTON HOTEL, K«pttJ»y B. i»EETS, Corneii,of'State and ■Richard streets. [O’ G( kk 1 SJicd aij(i Stabling. B Extracts Teoth without pain or siifl’ofing, by4lic B use of Morton’s Etherial Vapor. Office oil Congress st. 2d door south of tho to-L'cr-, r^Baptist Church., , ^ W E E E H ,t ^UEGEON DENTISTS, M' llat'mway’s Building. All pporations pprformcd in a siiporior niaiinor. vi AE»V EAGEAIVD fiiealtli riisiifaiicc Company. 35 I Bolides issued by I, r a n s o m . Agent. “ ' ^'sSli'k'ijE3’§ BEAN I i i , 'CKNtll.-VI- ASsOUTMENT, sale at the Demorriit Oliicc. *1’. A. AVSlffiS, . l)i-; .LKtl IX Drags, Medicines, Paints, Oils, ■ Aiul Dyo fetuffis, 0234, State, comer of Richard street. M O B E H O E iE T iafbci* and Bair Dresser, eb’t •: 069 totate Mreet. ITf^RWbts' put in compicte order. cfF-AK'E & BACBiM A Y , Dcalei-s in Wines and Liiiuois, 2 a3 .'Stale street. A N B . SHOE STO R E . I 4 lisrEATOY, at Ids Store, No. 309 ■ J m - ^ s ia t e suvet, keeps eoiistautly ou, hand a ■ general assortniunt of Boots and Shoes of t ■'style andlqaality',- tu tiro eheiipest prices. ■ Bn' J lis a task consists in pari of .d'ies’ Gaiter Hoots; Cent’s sew’d cal I Mis-s is do ■ j,adies’-lvid Slips ; B d i Ihi.-kiiis; • . t , B-Childrcii’sM oroeeiiHoof ■iMissoSK’ leiit’s sew'd calf boot; do peg’ll do “t .. Men’s slips and pt ilses none hut t'.ie best imilerials, r articles he offers for sale, lerionee hi lu,.' hud in, titC' oxefi’.s'lbathet audJl)qt-& ; , A s \ c iisosiu.- J.nituiuJSclurc.s, all the urticli Band frpin‘Urn long e.xpononi ■'busin^s„. those wlip jiatronixe S ' b , Rjpi) il.) Seal do t'lilf Boots ; ilipon tluv-Mtieles .being of tile in's! quoluy.- I .'V genera! a, sorlnu'iU of LiMics' and B jhoh ’ s RMlihers aml Orrr Shoes, on liaml. ilepeitd i lit' tile sliortest 1 .ake this opportunity of ^ humorous friends: and patrons, f leavers,; and be hopes by diligence at incc to ruorit u coiituiuuiiee oflhe.sainc A, n. EATON. -ili'bc kept ,m O N L M E N T S O F T H E M IS S IS S IP P I. | T h e Chinese w ere acquainted w ith the art of raising sills' O n e of the m o st interesting subjects-which can engage ® Bi C., and the Compass at least 4 00 years attention of the historian, the antiquarian, and the naturalist,*paper a n d ink and w riting 200 years B. C. T h e y were ac-' ^ j j ' T o 7 is the m om itnental rem a ins of the past in the valley of the|quain ted w ith printing by wooden hlocks A. D. 504, and w ith 0HN i^ h o R F M ^ fw o u id iti described b y Mr. F lint, and other trayelers, in thejmoveable types 1050 ; Porcelain in the sam e century ; boring’ J zens of Ltuisingburgh and Vicinity, thaCho fal’ off West. By these a ccounts, it a p p ears th a t the impress ofw e lls and the use of gas, suspension bridges, lire eftgiti has on hand,a great varietyqf paper, hangings of'.), ’ - . . . . . . . . . , . • v ,i , . ,/•. all the newest and latest styles, at No. 4, EKza-f' ' ' \ .............. 1 . .J jenny n een louna in rnepeai-necls, and Tossircomiormations, -xu meumiiie uiey u c a i with u u success uiai whole pilatory o'aiii, iiuis rinpartiiig to red or fair hair a black hue, w i will last until it is turned g rey or falls off from age. M. Ibert, in as full an assoritinonfof every bethStmo^^^^ il® soils these^apei^ bn oommlsMoijqueh^ foUnd in the peat-beds, and f o s s il‘coal form a tions. Also, a ent of Plano Forte’W l e tools. Canterbury’s aiidl’iano clolhs of all the “ amouiitof properly ihsiirod ifforent variety of paltp.ns. ; -r ICT Constiuitly oh baiiil, P.aiio Foil 'ianos tuned and repaired. im portant rfrid extensive c h anges occasioned by fire or w a ter in the whole great valley of the Mississippi. I hen the regular icks, th e riiedals, the implem ents of iron and cop- NEA'any seven jm,Li ^ toll C’pvnty MuUiel I'ubirm Company un-walls, the bi’icks, t h e iliedals, the im p lem e n ts of iron and ’ rthe new sy;siem.,comparpd «’«i“ he fimt r e - ^ a so il th a t m u s t h a v e been undisturbed for _with the a lphabetic characteis w ritten on the cliffs, a ll plainly ■'■\show th a t other races o f m en have existed and rmaaod a-jav MaiiMou Hall Doai'dhig’^diool. I 'HI ■ Institution, under the siipi rv-isioir of Mr.' L R. L. Ross, is sltUiiti'il on the banks of the Hudson, just below the villago of Greonblish, in a vicinity, cxoecdiiigiy beiHitiftil imd-beattliy, cuKy of access, and is liiuiteii-lo 25 pujnls. Tke Win- ir term commenOed on‘AlDud.iy,~tli'o 7lli of Sep- Applicalioiis should be made to tho lA'incipal. aU A C K lLN BUSH’S Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods and Oarpet Storc.^ No. 202 River street, 'J’loy. Subscriber is neW prepared to offer the A public '0116 of tile largest and best assorted stock of goods to bo found tins side of New- York, and his arrangements are such that his stock Is almost daily niilenislied; by selections made from the latest iiiiimrtaliousfboth from New York and Boston markets) oY tlio iibvest and most desirable styles of goods selected with tho greatest care and pwdinsed at tho lowest rales; thus making his assortment at all times complete, and is soiling at prices wlilcli must defy competi­ tion,—adliering stricllj tohis origiiipl undestab- 'lisbed rule, the one price cash sy.stcm. An exam nation of the stock ol cai|ietiag, oil cloth, &c. is parlicularlj iavited,which this season is uiiiisualfy large, lioviiig been received direct from all the different m iiuilaciurers aadiinporters, ■and particular attention paid in selecting the choi­ cest and most recent iiallerns of lirussols. Three Ply, extra super,suporiiiic, fine and,comm on car­ peting ; Brussels, Damask, Venitian, aad Veni- tian stair do,, Chenille, and Tiiti’ed Rugs; Cae- nillc, tufted and Jute DooiMut-s. ik large assort­ ment. of Oil Cloths, of various paltcnis and all vvidths, from 3ro 24 feet. White and . laid Cau- • m Matting. A full .assortment of stair rods, rumb cloths, linen stair covering, &o. ^ V i .S. yCiVt K E N B U S l^ who is now in C h ina offers (accoftling to Abbe Voisinj one of the directors of foreign missionaries,) a living proof o f this in-- ternal coloring of the hair. T h i s is the reason w h y the Chi^ nese people have, from the earliest ages, been called the “d a r k haired nation,” amouiitof properly ihshrodi ^ i, 8264 d 8 sho\v that Other vaces ot men have existed and passed avay. As regards agriculture, they obtain, by nleahs of mhiiufeS ^ “ ofpeipM,! 6.845And\vliataworlr!, says Mr. Flint, must that have been when and other means, regular results, which suffice to feed three cjudihgAgenfs^dndiiectV’sfces, 4,617 the mammoth and the megalonynx trod the plains, and mon-hundred and sixty millions of men, provided they are not via* Jalancoin favor of dm Company 1st year, 2,234 lizards, whose hones are now rescued from the soil, and ited by storms or other natural calamities, In horticulture,- Vholonumb” oiid^^^^^^ 6,181 which must have been dt least eighty feet in length, veared^lhey are acquainted with the art of changing the colors of “ amoimt of property insured, $5,130,223 (^ije rivers and lakes ! iflowei's ; also of foicing flowers and fruits, and producing from » '■■ S S S ’..p..«.l.»l., “ '“ ’l vh e miglily I'Bmoiiisof Ihc paM, lo whitli « e have aIl»dcilN''arf trees as fine fruit as lliol generally obtained from large w . , , S b S ' l n i ; ! the eri-tonce of throe dislinet races of men previous trees ; in fact, they seem to be possessed of the power of pro- Llie whole amoimt oT ciainis for loss by fire u K jq anival of ihc existin'* white seUleis. The monuments ducing in the vegetable kingdom phenomena which woiua ber A e tlie^deSn o^ffiSSany^^to^i^su^^ t^e fu’st, toi’ primitive race, arc regular stone walls, well;regarded in these countries witli admiration and p'easure. but die safest propoiiy.thcy have adopted the fpl- stoned up, brick hearths, found ill digging the Louisville canal,i I t is very probable that, in order to meet the requirements of or Slone, medals of’copper and silver, swords, and other implements of the arts, and keep up With the progress of civilization, modern ivitii roofs cpvoredwUh^ate or metal, 3^^^ punt assures US that he has Seen these strange and genius will discover, during many future ages, after long con- ■ ' CJaffiUDwd^^ with shingled ahcieJit swords. H e has also examined a small iron shoe, en-tinued efforts and experiments, a multitude of useful inven tions , ^ crusted with the rust of ages, and found far below the soil ; 'Avhich were previously known by the Chinese, but which are Third,Class—Tai\or’s shops, sjioeraakcr’s shops, ^nd a copper axc, Weighing about two poui'ds, singularly tern- hidden in their books. FourVh uLT-^8toL‘'’hoi'seI,‘'tl^^^ boarding^peied and of peculiar construction. T h e s e relics he thinks,^ house^. acudeinics, churches,school-houses' y ' _ __ ix-i ______ i «. /-vT ivnics* luses^, academics, , . 2 per coitt. of insured value. Fifth Class— Saw millf., Andreum—-Bj S. Bo«gIilon, 28.5 Sla te fcjti Oft, L m isiiigb iirglu ''T ' l l B Subscr.biT li.iv.ug litlftl up an estab- 1 lisliment in llie n o4 c rgaiil style, aad liir- iiished it with every eoiiveuirure, 1- now ;ivi’p:ircd to receive biinidi-is, ui-ii fnni'sh t, n.-n w.tli jih-as- ant parlors and rooms, and as good accDumiod.i- tioiisascuii he ioiiiid m^uy i.Uier fbtabl.bliinriil of the kind in thif'^e® # . 'i’li- rooms ia thi.s cstahlislimciit htwe kdeW^sLi’iicicd iii tlio r.ch- eststyle^of rnoderv. archi.tl^pro, uiiJ liirnsliodiii such a ■^y ak.tonndie- tisoirflolh eornl'ortabie aad Comiedtedwitii tile Hiardiiig Goiifp is an c.x- teiisive and splcmlid eating lioiise, or “ Re.staiir- at,” whereevery luxury of t..o isciisoiiis always lo be foii'n'd jn p.-ofnsioii : with Uy-li-rs, Frait aud Refrcshineiils of ail kinds. C. S. llOUGiiTON. J. P. M'AKE.MAN fc CO,, 75 Moiden haao, N. Y. Fall and VYinU'r Goods. r^O M E S T ’U'l Woolen 8!iii'l'i aad Uraavors \ J from the Ispwieh raeUuy, Toitsmoulli, Co­ hoes, Shakers, ami all oihei-sia Ibis comrtryi Al­ so English Merino, Se.itc'.i Liimbs-wooi, Silk, casbrnero and cotton tihirts, i)raivci.s,and Hosie­ ry, of all kinds, with a liirgcassorliiicnt of Liiioii ■and mislin Shirts, cravats. Scarfs, Gloves, Sus­ penders, Einbrellas, sclf-iuljm.tiiio stocks and cra­ vat ties. Pocket liandltcicliiefs, Russia belts. Shoulder braces, Morning Gowns, Ac., together with a general assortment of ariielesnsimlly- kept ra a Hosiery or Gcntleincii’s FimnKbing Store. The most ol’thcartick-simneil ..hove arc itiired by ourselves or to order, and House and Sigh Painting, ‘ ’ vvilli wilich be may he favored masses fiif* and sands Tlic Farmer’^ Cpiapanj. ;ad ore, far ffom the mine, stratified rocks, earth ids, spet mains, belonging to a tropical climate, clearly indicate some icimens of organic anim a l and vegetable r w ells an d th e use o f gas, suspension bridges, lire eng in es a n d paper m oney in the eieventh a n d twelfth certuriesi ■ In medicine th e y tre a t w success m any disorders tvliiclJ hitlierto been deemed incurable in Europe. T h e y are also acquainted w ith the a i t of dyeing the V tern, and thu s im p a rtin g to red or fair ha ir a blac k hue, w hichich - --- ...... —,'must have belonged to a race of civilized men, who m u st h a v e | 'W e ig h t o f E ggs .— T he average w eight of a newly-laid I, not exposed by tho for 'disappeared hvauy centuries ago. T o this race he attributes'egg is a b o u t 3 1-2 oz.; the white generally w eighs I 3-4 oz. > rceiit. itr Stopos hieroglyphic c h a racters found on the limestone bluffs, the. (lie yelk 1 1-4 o z . ; and the shell a n d skin 1-2 been exeb.did?'’ ’“‘’'\Ithe hieroglyphic c h a racte rs found on th e limestone bluffs, ihe^tlie ye lk 1 1-4 o z . ; an d th e shell a n d ski This Company amprobibitcikby tbeirBy-Lawsl,gj,, 3 ^jQs citjeg: and fortifications, in Florida, and the regular • r- ------- r o “ '!f;4 Y i £ . \ |S 'i i » j E S .° /,M iK p a rks ot anoivnl live o a k . set near them . T h e bricks foundi A F F E C T I N G IN C I D E N T . T l ,e rnllorvi„g story tve heard a short tim e since from A T’be folicics of this Company are free from thcMyearths, w ith coals of the last doiuesUc fire upon them . J he ^ . J I^j iifc _ a n em igrant fi-oin I r e lan d : - ■■ ................. - of differenee may L settled by arbitration in county where the loss happens, and that any iubured may at any time hdthdraw from the c y paying his proportion of the los CpolmVkhXce. land display immense janor. iv ian y oi u i e m a i e l e g u ia i ...o-u,- Jtwo y^Xand‘toh rccesris S u t a p ! ^ ematical figures, parallelograms, ellipses, andsecUpns of circles, = 1 of them contain skeletonsof h u m an beings, bursting sigh of a fond: m other, a{rd no obsequies b u t jan d display iinmense labor. M a n y of them atd regular math-^j^^ fathers and brothers, and pitying strangers. As blue tvaves rolled : . 3 ™ '\ “ |son.e of them ace eighty feotin height, and have icees grotv-1 ^ \N.\.k ibis c.\teusive patronage, the flonrislmig jjj,r qh them apparently of the age of five hundred yeais. , S a r D S b a T l i e y are generally of soil difl'ecing from th a t w h ich sneronnds » » ; .over them, I clasped my own babe more strongly to m y bosom, a n d prayed t h a t heaven m ight spare m y own child. B u t (lii» ana “ .... I ’ l .. j >»«ib nv3 ..w. I t sickened, and day after day I saw th a t Ps tacir largo accmnuluicd cash fund, the Director4They a re generally o f soil differing from t h a t w hicli surrounas^.^^ ebbing an d the work of death begun. O n F ridav i;:l “ ”% i g l , l it di.d, and l» avow the necessity o f seeing w h a t w a s iiripiiiar and only plan upon which a Farmer’s b e e n found convenient to build tov\ ns and citics , one once so beautiful a n d still so dear, given to gorge th e m onsters ‘T l l ' n r s r s j u r , . .1,3 l.o » s l.t.ce.lrn » r t« > l* 'v a s le v o lW in th e c .n t r e o tC l n li c o .l .c ,an d c a r llo .d a f,„,„ all around nio. T n fund warrants tile belief that no tax will be no- of huiiian boiics reuioved fi’om it. One ol Ulcse mountis n iay . j evasive answers to those wdio inquired io\7\tlm!re ffiritibbc” ^^611 in C incinnati, m w hich a circular piece o go c , a fo ld e d itin m y arm s, and sang t o i t , a s if m y b abe ’ with promptness ami liberality- ;ioyed w ith coper w as found last year. A nother a t ot. i.ou , sleeping for a ii h our, wiien the cold long sleep of d eath Honrv Bnlklev, .Toiin Bowdisb, .called the falling garden, is pointed out to stiangeis as a grea ^ w eary day and night had passed away, and the- SM iw 're';'^’ n iGunosity. M any fragm e n ts of earthenw are, Sabbath came. L ike others, I Avore my n e a test dress, and p u f Soiomon s. Gowon, Benjamin F. Agaff, ‘curious workm anship, h a v e been dug up thioughout this ^ sm iling face—b u t o l i ! it was a heavy task, for I felt m y f t S S r . i \ P “\ ■ O n M o a d ay, the death of C e c h ild cortid _ _________ Isaac w. Bisliop. ___________ land some idols. T h e y all a ppeal to be. longer be concealed, but, from regard to m y feeling^; the S t e a m b o a t F e r r y . hardened in the sun. lese ^ , ‘ jeap tain had it enclosed in a rude coffin, and promised to keep rnOmccUlicdcmamlof plemcnts, indicate a race infeiioi o , - ^ burial, if in that tim e we should m a k e land.- 1 1 - , - , , , i „ , n , W e , . e r i r h e c o f l & n was placed in th e boat w floated at the ship’s .singbargh Troy.- vVest; T h e third race are th e Indians notV e x islin^ W e . u ^ \ ,, , P . T fo t h e w e s u o v i e w d a rk speck on the waves, which f fiightsiidt it Imwer Ferry,ffomFcrry-st.WeBtTr«ytoWaBh-, W e have travelled fai ciiough then’,iTlm u g ht of my d e a r c o ttage 1^^^^^ t:& ^ r ^ c a m 7 a n d Fo^r st^m o u n d s, and exam ine their character ; and can easily im a g - ^ ^ fi-iends j[,iiad left behind me’ IS four Cabins, which the feelings of the philosoghipal traveller, as he stands on m ingle niy tears w ith iheirs. By night I w a tolv .... R _ ® __ iUi-w o/va# 111 lli^. nitofniincl SlleUGC 3.11(1 SOll” ,-f . i /» __ Ktv /la.TT — wvvw. - ------- - from exposure^ ^ ---- , ^ anci lOUgecl TO Itiingie iiiy itjujo witii nfautumibv onrsoivosor to ovikv. mid are ivar- the disagreduble (he rem a ins o f biu ied 3 g e t. h i t h e .profound sileiiGc aud J a y look e d fO¥ t lie'la n d — I\ :3nuaing))Wffb,dcl I jp r o t W t i o s t lLisui’aakro C o m p a n y , I J 3 f_j^|pity of Hartford, Connecticut, Inf M- H..& w . H-b'RAtSL’.ii, N o . 216 R iver Street, Troy. Over the lmok Store ol 1 oi/?tg d^'IJcmt, Boo k^Biu d i n g . public.' tliat tlicv haveaddeii to tbein'slablislimeiit one of Sir. B. Nberadaiis E.nbossiug Presses, by; which llioy are -wiablcd to do any kiiid ol woik iiy tbeir line. Tliey have at colisiderabip expense got some most splendid palteviis cut expressly for^ the “Harper’s Pictorial Bible” so that subscribers- .,li? the work can have them done bi Troy as weif as iu New York or olpcwhcre, aodlhof-'c w.pliinjf amago by fire, I) B«onsSs,-8toros,. Mills, Alannfactories, and all oth- ■ c r insurable property,■ on. tlic most reasonable Troy, October 1847f ' |jET«AA«rSERAWCE CORPAA’ aljie property, against looIdiig-Giass korc. j a m N s f f i i r i S l ^ o t S L i o andm-khis country the NeW W orld I J tail Lookiug-Cias.? Etore and Factory, No ojje p h y s ica l revolution attei < of various patterns and sizes. I’lcturo Glasses of . .. ii. r S S £ S i ‘ S “i 1 \ S : a b t s and seiEScBS op china . % iT i...»»». morocco, .at prices as low us can bo-done in BOsto xsS'\4riii« D A M E L T l A M E t a ’S f ’’” ^^^^ 'Si'»'' “ “ “D » o t m IJ th eir naiiieB but llie sm all boat a n d maije to r llie shore lo fullil Ills . DAMpL l.-'tAsp.ObL, MrigU^e, their race, have pensbed, .title d t«^o, but f r e n the deek of tile ‘ ‘ ’ ’ ■ ’ '■’ice populous abodes! W e c a ll ^ them .as tHoy d u g tb e g f a v e , un d e r tlmtfiick It is old ! Age after age, forest trees, ofi the edge of a kiveet glade, which .other, have passed over It, but;^j^^^^ dovVn to the w a i e r - a a d iu m y heart I blessed them,. land prayed th a t God would reivai-d tbeir kindness to tlie liy- ilng a n d the d e a d . W hen they returned qn board, the captain ....... ....................... ..... cam e to me and s a i d - - “M y gocd w o m a tvlh^ place w h ere y o u r people hid fio m th e rest 6f the son is buried is Greenville, oh the coast o f INew B iunsw itk. B „ h » . . v o b e . „ ; . a . y - t . niy heart, and would^ reniaini meet in a brighter and y t b o c a s o ,/o r a c w ^ the sa m e ffoUV C h in e s e bimks.

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