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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, January 07, 1847, Image 1

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M O R T G A G E SA L E . •tlrTtiER,EAS Nathaniel Jadpcks and SaJ- W ly Alin hiei wife, late ol Lansing- urgti in the county of Rensbelaer, and state of New York, by indenture ofMort-i gage, executed to Jokn S. Fake of tliej same place, bearing date the l^th day ofj Oecenibecjin tbe year of out Lord one thousand eight hundfed and forty three and recorded in the Clerk’s office of the county o f Rensselaer, on ihe Sthdayot! Jahudry, lM 4,intooo’kof Mortgages Wo. dollarsi, with interest thereon, did ‘hereby, following described propertyrto wit : A L 'that certain: 80 uth'haif part or moiety of a 1, ■that certain lot, piece, or parcel ot land, situated inthe third division of thev llage -of Lansingburglijin the county of Rens­ selaer, and which is known and distinguish­ ed on a map or chart thereof made byFilo- rus Banker,ias lot number three hundred and ninety four in said division ; and the isaidsouth half part thereof hereby con- LHISIIHIMItCl DEMOdtlT. Fleafis to read the folio^ria^ Notice, publisher having received mi* JL inerous appiieations for copies u f Dowling's History o f iiom a n isin, - ‘ the American tStiitcinan’s Mail N O T ICE. t'o t'lie Siibscribei's of Harper’s Piclo- riai Bible, M. H. & W .R F R 1 S E ® , PLAIN: A N D P A N O T BOOK. BiMBllS, wo. 316, RW E R -STR£tT, TROY, '■veyed is bounded as follows on the north ( (iver the Boeli-Stere of Young Si Han.) iby the north: half p art of said lot, on tho ^ h , & W. B. FRASER, would re­ south by lot number three hundred and Bpeotlullyinform the subscribers ninety tbreo, on the east by state street, the above named work, that they have n< WILLIAM j. LAMB, O F F iC E COENEE OF STATE AND EICHAED-STEEETS, H P -STAIRS. EDITOE AND PEOFEIETOR, History o f Eom an isin , arul jxiwmicao St!itcfna:r]’s Mohuaf, from places so rcMiiote from Express routes that the expense o f freight Would have equalled the price o f joses to send flier lend the i LA,M S ING B ¥ E G H , N . ¥ . TH U E S D A y , JANUARY 7, 1847. THE DEAIOCRAT IS PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY MORNING,: B Y W J X A H t B ;e Corner o f State and Richard Ovtr Fuke ^ Bachman's Street’s, C Troy, bysaid mortgage ami unpaid hundred:and fj'ty two dollais. And no suit at law having been < menced for t.ie recovery of the .same, No­ tice is hereby givi=-n iliat by virtue of the pow^rof aa!e contnini d in said nuirignge, and accnni.ing to the statu to iiisuchcase made and provided, tin' above described prenii.sos will be sold at ptibiic auction at the Clinton Hotel, a public bouse kopt by Troy, March 38. 1846. Hotel, a public bouse I . J, B Polittin the village of Lansingburgh in said county ol Rensselaer, on the 6tii day of Petiruary, 1847, at 1 o’clock P. J of that day Dated Lansingburgli, Octi ber d l. 1846. JOHN S. FAKE, Mortgagee. I R ansom , Attorney _______ _ The Attentioii of all who wish to B U Y I T S invited to the general assor I X just received by the Subscriber, many I of which having been bought at Auction J for less than actual v alue, can be sold at I Bargains, a few of the Goods are as fol- I lows, at these very low prices. Printed I Calicoes at 5c. yard ; Curtain Calicoes I 4t 5d. yard ; Brown Sheeting, 6d ; — ■ Mouslain DeLanes for one shilling;— ■ Slack and Brown Broad Cloths lor La- I dies Cloaks, and for Caps at $1,50. and l $ 2 , yard ; Colored Cambric at 6c yard, ■ for Linings ; Spool Cotton 2c ; 100 lbs. ■ Cotton Batts at 6d and lOd j 50 Dozen iBIack and White Wadding. I The Ladies are invited to call and ■look at somebeautiful New Dress Siikt'; ■of different kinds, very wide Black and BPlaid and Stripecliangeable Silks; Rib- Ibpns new styles; Gloves; Hosiery; Sat- ■linetts at the low price of 2s 6d, 3s 6d, ^ 8s; Fancy Cassimeres ; Black do., Plack Doeskin Cassiniere; Black Beaver jCloibs 14s to $ 4 per yard ; Biocha IShawls with green, black, bine and kilode col’d middles, prices $3, $6 50, h 9 50, and $15; F ig’d Damask worsted IShawls, difeient colors and very hand- ftome; Cotton Umbrellas at 4s; Gingham fcmbrellas at 10stol6s, Small Woollen p laid s for children’s wear; Large Wool piaids for Cloaks and cloak linii TH E GAL« J M ! ! C H R IST IE ’S lAGJ^ETIC ELUID] ? Tins remarkable discovery has received of the medical to give a fair test of ila power and effioa*!!y The Galvanic Rings have long been used ingto llie head, iace or limbs; Gout, Tic- Dolorean.\, Toothache, Rfonchit.is, Verti- pattern. tein must he witnessed to be beleived, and is a certain pri ; vi .: ktivi ; for the above complaints they are equally to be reoom- ' Certificates bearing strongest witness ol >Atraordim> effects of these articles, daily accumulating. The following are mere! r offered as a sample of hundreds old similar character. The first is an extraot irom an editoiia which appeared on lhe34th ot June in th Albany D aily Citizen.-Stanlay Smith, Esq The Patent Gaivahift Bings, Which are laking such a stir in the world just now, are novel invention of this age of inren- VVith legard to their efficacy we can say that two or three cases have fallen un- derournolice Which have favorably im­ pressed our mimls. The first is that ol a higlily respectable merchant of New York who fleeJared to us that their use speed­ ily releived lihn of a cough, seated pain in the side, and many symptoms of a pul­ monary complaint, and he is now entirely well. T’he second inat we shall notice, is T A K E N O T IC E . WANBELL ^ JACKSON, |iESPEC T F D L L Y announces to the in- habitants o f Lansingburgh, and cus t'omers generally,that they have purchased the goods and utensils contained in the BARBER SHOP formerly kept by Mr. L Ransom, deceased, where they will be in constant atttnuance and pleased to wait upon customers, in the most polite and at­ tentive man iier- They will endeavor to keep their raisors in good order, shave ea­ sy, c it hair m the must fashionable style, and o'lierwise wait upon gentlemen in the ioompanied a tPedical friend to hie residence No. 1)6 Beaver Street on Sunday to enquire into his case. We tinel Ribbons 4c. to Is. and 2s. per found Ihathe had been deprived entirely -ard; Bed Ticking a t the low price of pf the use of one arm and leg, and that Id; Wh-i. Cotton Ldkfs Is; W h L L i . v ! - - f - , \ and 4s; Super Blue black ihe leg in walking or the arm in eating, and t $ 3 per yard ; Horn Coat'tlie physiciams said they could not help. Coat Butm n s; and whhei ill wool, Is 6d to —3 , Colton [\iDgsiird used the M agnetic Fluid, and 10c to Is; Satin and Bomba- the etidets upon his paralytic limbs is as- ;ine-Slocks ; Cravats of all kinds from tonislnng. Tbe deathlike coldness left them iU . *Sj B,.w„ Li„™ T,.bb ciuth, ;j. ” lable cover^, gioen Haze, j.,,p.aiion came out more freely, and hehas 13, Needles, Bob- ueu,, rapidly gaining and w.hiie before be bleached and un- vvore. the Rin.s he wa,e unable to articulate Ipaccas for 2s 6d per dbilnc-ly, w a k or feed himselt, yet now look dt Uic LroodSf and t f you coiuing to ourpcjsona luiow ledge, certainly? ion't like, doiit buy. teslity to the meri s of Dr. Clbestie’s Gal- til k Yelvel a In d DverCi fla n n e ls all v flan n e ls ]0c ■ ellow Nankeen; Pin: K n , Gnash, Diapers; lle.iched Drills; Alf I'ard, silk Eo/itc awl J; Shaded .Vleri ■rab, and BlacI ■dkfs; La< deducted when payment is made be­ fore the appearance of the second No. of the subscription year. No paper or advertisement will be dis­ continued until arrearages are paid up, unless al the option of the publisher. A dvertisements thankfuMy received, and inserted on the following terms. 1 square 1 week, $111,75 1 1,00 1 \ 3months 1 <■ 6 1 \ 1 year 1-4 column 1 “ 1-2 1 D ikectory \ifi'i; ORY N o TJ 1,< 1,25 1.50 3;00 4.50 6,00 10,00 15.00 20.00 TOES inserted at $3,00 etters, &c., on business connec­ ted with this Office must be addressed I the ‘Lansingburghingbtergh Dt Democrat,’ to receive attention, lER THE P oor .”— Such was the injunction of one of the greatest inthropistsnthropists thehe worldorld everver phila t w e saw, and whose teachings it should ever be our aim and effort to obey. A t this our aim desolate lid faces and sunken cheeks that ap- grown peal to us daily ; the tiembling urchin There is too little n his tattered habiliments— the fam- parental authority at islied widow, striving in vain for the - - nd oHierwise wait upon gentlemen in the poer shivering lost approved manner. They ask to be |yt has made hi sympathies, «nd d sustained tion and jive, They are familiar w business, having had a number ofyi perience. PoBoins, Stocks, Gollars, Suspenders, Cravats, Raisors, Perfumery, Brushes and a great variety of other articles, they have on hand and will sell cheap. w o r t h y o f n o t i c e . DR. SW AYN E 'S Compound Syrup of W ild Cherry ! ! Tne Original and Genuine Prepamtion I may truly be said, that no one h as ever been so successful in com­ pounding a medicine, which has done to inucii to relieve the human family, to rob disease of its terrors, and restore the Invalid to Health and comfort, as ilieineentorandproprieter of th a t most deservedly popu­ lar family medicine, D R . S W A Y N E ’ S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. f^O N S l'M I’TlON. which has BO long bat. f y ffed medical skill, is now effectually and permanentiy cured by Dr S wayne ’ s C ompound SvBur or W ild C herry , and all diseases of the Lungs and Breast, such as Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Com­ plaint, Spitting Blood, Pain in tke side and Breassy Palpitation o f the Heart, Consumptives!— Read am • ■ ’ Cm ■d R e flect! Another wonderful C u re o f Con­ sumption in Nm ristown, P a . We tafce ureat pains to procui eauthentic and respectable certificates and never give It aftords me great satisfaction to lay be­ fore an American public the wonderful suc­ cess of your Compound Syrup ot Wild Che-- ry, in curing me oi that dreadful disease, Consumption! after all other means had fail­ ed. 1 was attacked with pain in iny breast, lucii affecting my voice and lungs.and -’-ooine voice and sore throat.. My ere costive, appetite nearly gone, lomacli was so very weak that my n was at a loss to know what to do ery thing I used in tho shape of 3 immediately rejected. 1 re lonUis m this awiul conditior very nvucli a a iroubleson ..Lua.auu . ..ack Twilied Beat ev teft rT eW edV b enefit in one direction,'he ■loths; black silk fringe and laces for was injured uy tliese v e rity ofshocks. This lim in in g mantillas and cloaks; PHid dilBcnWy has ol late been i.ithe peat meas „„tilTt gradplly p^tored me to l a s b m o L ; D .cn.sk T d . b S .nd.Sw , ..l , f f,...d. g mantillas res ; Damask Woi s ; Drab Satiriett and K t can iage casbions and leimen’sand ladit n spools; 500 piec ■gs, hew, handsop Bended Curtail ’sw e a r • Yory practioaFresult Unless we weie great­ ly ly inisiakeu in tlie case. One ol her hands G auiion .— All prep, asirior D r f &waynd SyruP of litchels, Baskets, Horse bl I a II the above Goodsand many more. Bn be found at the Store Slate l e e t , Lansingburgh. 1 H. T. WALBRIDGE. Lansingburgh, Get. 1846. fcxander Walsh Lansingburgh (particu' ^ W o f tbena a t this office and receive 0 the Cultivator Almanac for 184 Itii and strength. Several of my fr: e aft’ecttd in the samemanner that 1 wi -' o declined using the wymp, the: Aomsto.wn, Pa. itions from the Wild THE CITY OF OUR GOD. (From the “Guide to Holiness.”) Jeiusalem, Jerusalem, Tliy gates'of pearl unfold, That Israelis weary tribes may come And walk thy streets of gold, Andibatlie in fountains pure and bright, And quaff: theliving rills That glide along the fields of light. From Ziorfs blooming hills. I weaiinessaiid painfulness, mger and in thirst, In journeying thrbugh the wilderness. By sin and sorrow cursed, Their feet liaYe pressed the buining sands Along the desert road, While seeking in .these stranger lauds The city of our God. But in this wilderness no more Lot IsraeTtent the fold. Nor longer stand upon the shore Where Jordan’s waves have rolled; Along thy streets, Jerusalem, Along thy streets of gold, With everlasting joy shall come, Thine Israel’s gathered fold. Shall hail at last the trumpet tone, That from the land and sea. Shall call their slumbering kindred homo To swell the Jubilee; And then, oh then, Jerusaloni, Wide, wide thy gates unfold. For Israel's conquering tribes will come, And walk thy streets of gold. ison how nil I sunkei >y- lany are iheeks that his children, no matter how pooi tliepal- be, or how large his childrens ;rewithal|to sustain litfe, ’ shivering female, wh( li and the striving fe lustain alien to hui apathies, a turned her forth un­ guarded to battle with the elements and die, it may be,in the streets,remind us that however binding this divine im junction may be at all tim es.it is now aeculiarly em p h atic--one that should be, and, by the charitable, assuredly will be obeyed. No one knows how soon his lot may be reversed. In ils^iinceasing revolu­ tions, the wheel of fortune may some day place him among the poor. H o w many, at this very moment, are lan­ guishing in all the horrors of most ab- ;ect destitution, who were once rich n the world’s goods, and on whose lips dwelt in perpetual sweetness the self-deluding promise—“To-inorrow s'lall be as tliis day, and more abun­ dant.” “Remember the poor!” In yonder gloomy prison, there lies one who made gold his idol. H e forgot the needy in his distress, and Ihe ap- lealsoF the wretched woke no echo n his heart. He was not his \broth­ ers keeper,” so he hoarded up his sur­ plus lucre in his coffers, and permitted the dying and the destitute to meet their doom ; but as be “meted unto them, even so has it been meted unto him.” Not a rajt of affection cheers now the gloom o f his prison walls.— Left alone with the fearful phantoms of the past, how agonizing is his re­ morse. “Remember the poor’’— clothe the naked, feed the hungry, minister to the distressed, and their prayers and blessings will fall upon your head like lich incense, more de- sii able than gold or jewels. cs A FABLE FOR THE YOUNG. A little girl and boy were once sea­ led on a flower bank, and talking proudly about their dress. “See,'’ said the boy, ‘ what a beau- hat I have got, what a Fii ket and trowsei s, and what pair of shoes; it is not every or who is diessed So finely as I am.” tiful new t jacket if shoe s; it is no J finely as I am.” “Indeed, sir,” said the little girl, “I think 1 am dressed finer than you—for 1 have on a silk nelisse, aud a fine fca- 1 have on ther in a silk pelisse, aud s f h a t; I k now that my dress ist a good deal of money.” “Not so much as mine,” said the boy, “I know.” “True,” ;said the sheep,grazii by ; “but ther Were worn on ih of some of iny family before they wt yours ; and as for your hat, 1 kn< that the beavers have supplied the, fur for that article ; and my friends, the calves and oxen, in that field, wort not killed merely to get their flesh tt eat, but also to gel their skins for youi ight m e pi IOC ui the books, proposes to send them by m ail in paper covers, the postage on which, will not exceed 25 cents per volume Hsuch persons w i# send the name of their Post Otfice, and enclose the 3 5 dolla rs, in.goo i money, they will tingclose ^ dollars, in.goo i inonev, they w they speci- See the folly o f beiug proud of your clothes, since wo are indebted to the meanest creatures for them ; and e.v then w e would not use tliem, if G did not give us the wisdom tocontri the best way of making them fit to wear,and themeans of procuring them for our comfort. DISOBEDIENCE TO PAKENTS. Young man, that was your father.- How could you make use of language so disrespectful ? You don’t care ? You will talk as you please,no matter ? If we were in there wj thin ten engage, a boy wl: dient to his parent— who shows soli lie respect for his father. A you' who was saucy to his parents we ne' turnout well. H e nears you of a clerk, and there was ;hinhin tenen hundredred miles igage, we would not you.t We should be young man wit t hund m that we could en< consent to take y afraid to trust a bt er knew to turnout well. H e resp< nobody. If your father is in the wrong, and you are certain of it, there is no such language. No excuse for will respect you foi will condemn you. be treated with the Boatilifu! Pictoria’ w g i L fying Which book they prefe Sears’ Pictorial Works given aw a y for Dowling.s A meri- T H E H I S T O R Y ^ ROM A N By R e v J. Dowling, A. M ., Pastor o f the Be rean Church. N e w York I2th edition. Just pubJished. This is a large octavo volume, o f ' nearly 700 pages, embellished with , FIFTY BEAUTIFUL ENonAViNGS.inband- le emblematic binding. Price 3 i m p o r t a n t ” n a t i o n a l W ORK. T h e •lim e r i c u n S t a t e m a n ’s In the Press, and will be ready by A - pril 1 s t ,anew and enlarged edi­ tion o f Presidents Messages In two handsome volumes, 8vo. The whole collecUd from official Doc umeiits. Williams, liarity with our Political History and anguage. N o one r it. Every body A parent should le utmost respect by ted and compiled ie fami- Siatistical subjects generally, are well known to the public, and afforda suf­ ficient guarantee for the accuracy and fidelity of this invaluable National VVork, Price five dollars. DC7“An persons sending the publish­ ers three dollars, by mail, will recei- of Dowling’s History of respect paid to ity at the present >day, ^ » go into many families and hear the language daily used by the children. ‘I will,’— ^‘woh’t,’- ‘I don’t care,’— ‘I t ’s none of your business,’— ‘I am old enough to know what is it,’— and the like expressions, are painfully common. Largs boys, and even grown up gills do not hesitate to give their mother the lie, and break away from their express commands.— They will do as they please, and go where they have 'A mind. W e \vish such children could only see how they appear in the eyes o f their acquain­ tances, and if they have any shame, it ist flush their cheeks. There is truth as well as rhyme in a couplet o f landoiph: “W'hoevet makes his parent’s heart to bleed. Shall have a child that will revenge the deed.” Of one thing we are certain: an uii- utiful son and a dirobedient daughter, cannot long prosper. iFor a.sdason they m ay apper well to the eye of a stranger ; but their self-will and stub­ bornness are soon discovered,and the; are despised. A child who disobeys his parents will not hesitate to abuse any body. Neither age nor talents receive respect from him .—[.Portland Bulletin, ■ m — FATHER’S CARE FOR HlS SON. Beauliful and becnmiiig in the [laternal God is the unwearied lentsof the parent to his child ! low little does the unthinking of the paternal God is attachments o f the pare Alas ! how little does the ui spirit of youth know of the extent its dovotedness. Thera sits the fro’ ard. Fretful and indolent boy. The care that keeps perpetual watch over his moral and pysical safety, he mis­ names unjust restriction. The fore­ sight that denies itself many a comfort provide for his future wants, he de- lunces a.s a soidid avarice. He turns from his father’s face in coldness or in ;r. Boy ! b o y ! the cloud upon toil worn brow has been placed there by anxiety, not for self, but for an impatient, peevish son, whoso pil­ low he would gladly strewn with ros­ es,though thorns should thicken around his own. Even at the moment when his arm is raised to indict chastise­ ment on thy folly, thou shonkh thy pare; hand that “Hold your peace,” said a caterpil- ■awling in the hedge ; “you have corrects thy er- orlds would he rod ofi reproof did he not per- !sitv of crushing liisown and bless loathes the li rors ; and not for vv( use the rod of lar, crawling neither of you any • 0 - proud of your clothes, tor they ai \’® only second-handed, and have all bet worn bv some creature or othei, o f ! :and,the,y amt other spi ly ol th. ijjyet been sol'l out -and'i lithe mosteffica- proprihlors are obliged to resot burgh, sole agent fo Waterford, and Cohoe where in tho! counterfeits isingburgB All sold else other spurior- '> been sol'I o I been removed they were upon e i g h t h and i S s i r i x \ id resold out, and the •esot to lalsehood worn by some creature or ottiei, ol; which you think but meaniy, before they were upon you. W hy, that silk has first wrapped up such a worm as; 1 .” ' “There, miss, what do you say to; that ?” said the boy. i “And tiie feather,” exclaimed a bird perched upon a tree, “was stqlep f^’pm, or cast off’by some of nlpfililde’t®’ ' ^ “What do you say to t' ' ' repeated the boy. \WelL were neither ceivc the necessity of crushing l)i feeling, to save then from thsolf. F o r g iv e n e s s . — How beautiful, how bliine the praymr, forgive us our L'spassas we forgive those who tres­ pass against us.’ But who; would be: thus willingling thus to be judge I is there tliat does idged '! Who: hope for mori Maker, that IS to be ji oes not mercy at the hand of his Maker, than he has shown to his fellow inen '! And yet how positive is the isentence, ‘it )y forgive not men their trespasses nci- will your heavenly father forgive ’^ u W u r trespasses.’ ------ -------------- , 1 )— The papers says.t hat wood i t per cent in advance of last win lAlbany, also in Roches' This work is Mr. Edwin Williai] ve a copy Romanism, beautifully illustrated nil fifty-two elegant engravings, and le copy of either of the following beautiful works. If five dollars is sent by mail, they will receive one copy o f the The American Sutem a n ’s Manual. 2 vols. 8vo., and one copy o f either o f the Pictorial Works.— T h ey will be transmitted by mail, bound in strong paper covers, postage fr&m 15 to 25 cents per volume, to any part oflheU n ited States. { 0 “The following are the books jiven away to subscribers to D o w ­ ling’s H istory of Romanism. and the American Stateman’s Manual. Sears’ Wonders of the W orld»250 igravings, Price 8 2 50. Sears’ Guido to K n o w led g e -E m ­ bracing an extensive range of subjects in Literature, Science and art. Price- ^2 50. Sears’ pictoral history o f the revol­ ution, with numerous plates extra gilt P rice $2-. Sears’ Bible Biography, 2 5 0 engrav­ ings. Price # 2 50, Sears’ pictoral Library, 2 5 0 engrav­ ings Price $2 50. Sears’ pictoral Sunday book, ele­ gantly illustrated. Price $2 50. The American Religious Gift book containing contributions from upwara o f thirty of our most celebrated A t merican writers, such as Mrs, L- H. Sigonrney, J. W . Alexander, igonrney, J. W. Alexan— , pring, E. Mason, J. W. Browne, J. G. Whilter, W. R. Williams,E. K j caid and Miss H. F. Gould. Pri ir, G. Irowne, J. is, E. Kin- W reath o f Wild Flow ers, by J. Milton Stearns; religious, Moral ana Entertainment. Price >^1,50- To Clersynien P o s tm a sters an d others. Wanted in every town and 3 in the United Stales, responsi­ ble iiien to procure subscribers and eii g a g e in the sale of the above works to^whom a very liberal per centage will bo allo.wed. Address E . Welker 114 Fulton St. N. Y . Bcaiilitul Pictoval & Eiiil)lciiiatit‘ Bindings. ReudiJ for Harpers elegant illustrated Bible. 03?'Porsons collecting six copies ol this Biblo and forwarding them to tho subscilbvr, with direciioos will receive the binding of one copy gi a t- '^ Pattern No. 1 , consists of a splen­ did collection of 18 beautiful Scrip- taro views. No. 2, Magnificent view s of TrinitV Ehei'cb nnd of the Com- m n n io n W ludow, Table and Servee;- No, 3 , tfia Drealitea taken possessaon o f th e Pi’oraisod land, and the T (igiiratioii of Christ on live rffount; ol Christ on live mount: No. It, i, betuilifu! BngUsb and French -tvlo combined- B.\ W ALTER, M t Fulton st. N.Y^,. Ciuiitry nnv-!pti>ers, : 0 opyiiig the whole ,if liis adv nisemeit nndqivingU B ixm - sjriiims, shall ift entitled to a copy ot W ' o-n of the above works. All who may com> ply with these terms will pleaaesenda

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