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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, December 24, 1846, Image 1

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havilng E ' a b le. S iltW -' 'a id s >rep lor pill f lilh’s P ills, 1846. ir , - ^ N . litb i s >rug> s £ sT , f l l ' c l E p u b lis h e r haw i receivef^ nu-; A t p e r o u s a p p l i c a t i o n s for c o p ie s o f D j w l l n g ’s H i s t o r y o f R o i n m i s i n ; and! th e A n n e r ican S t a te m rri’s ilittn u - il, fro m p la c e s s o re m o t e frooi! E x p r e s s i FO iiies th a t th e e x p e n s e Of freighti rilled d thie e p r ic e i>f trie; w iu ld hav’e e q u a lle H p t b o o k s , p r o p o s e s to sen d th i lein by iijail in paper covers, the posi sge on whi ■Will not exceed 25 cenis per volnine: I fsucli persons will sen i Hie name «»f' their Post OiRce, arid: enclose th f 3 or 5 d illiirs, in goo 1 in n iey , they wi*l be present with one copy of Sears’ ■ B 'a u iifu i P i c i o r i a ' wc>ksv tliey sp e c ie fy'ihg w h icli boo k th e y p r e f e r . «Sears' Pictorial Works given away to personssuhscnbriig for h)'>wliotrs History of /fomamsm, or A men- c.in Siiiteman’s iVIaniial. T H E HIS f O R v l J ROMA M S M, By R e v J. Dowling, A. VI., Pas/or of the Berean Churr.li. New York I2th edition. Just published. t l M f i M I G I I l E M M E l T . W I L L I A M J . L A M B , © F F I C E C O R N E R O F S T A T E A | f P R I C H A R D - S t R E E D I T O R A N © P E O P R I E T O E . V O L . IX . L A N S IN G B U R G H , N . Y -, ^H O R S b A Y , DECEMBER 24, 1846, N O T I C E . to the Subscribers o f Harper' rial Bible. M . H . & W . B . F R A S E R , P L A I N A N I ) P A N O V BOOK BINDERS, NO iilC, lU V E R -ST R E i T , TRO Y , ( 'h e r the Book-anUfre o f Young n / f : H. A«fe VV. B. K R 4 S E H , would r« iT l . * Piientlully inform the ■ubaenbers I llie above nameil work, that th e y have how ready - nmnUerOf inoii apt h»id apecimeua: „ . . ot riindixg, which iorbeauty oi liepign. and- This IS a la rire OCtaV(» v-»lu n e , o f workmansliip, c a \ n o t bt Bur-— •tl V. ill) I nearly 700 pam FIPl’V IIE VUTIFUI SO IV! e iiolemirtic dollars. i\n o t b t Biirpasaed in the they would inv vite it e th e ir at w-li6 IM P O R T A N f v A T I O N A L W O R K . T h e J t m e r l c a u s t u t e m a u ^ s M l A i L M t i A . L ress, a i i j w i l i b f r -.!i ik Books ->f alldeacriptioiiB u^e, -kep* c o iieU n tiy o n hand,and s low as a t any oth«P establish- ink Hooks made to order, oh th o r i n< Musm bound in appropriate styles ( I n th e P r e s s , ■.!fly by ,1 l - ;e s , (‘m b c liislied w llh 1 S t it*-, to wlnoli the y would in Ihei tic bm c lnig. P r i c e 3 lor ihemse-ves N. R. :|*ti7ticul«r a ttention paid to J o t W o r k .- Bi-ink Books -if alldescriptioiii , ___ lice. Music bound in npprop T H E mmiK RIMS!! HA g I K RUID ! ! This rem a rkable disci.very has received the jiiiversul uppiobulion o f th e medical prolesNioii ol G reat ii.o u in , has how bet suiHcieuily beiore the A m e rcan |iubi to give a lair Vest of its power and efiicaev The Galvanic Kings have long been used i ; . ' i ' L r . v : iiig lo Ihe head, luce or lim b s; tio u t . Tic- Doioreanx, Toothache, Rronciiit.ts. Verti go. AervouB, or sick Headache, indigestion >if Joints, Ihimbago, Spiimi Com p laiiitt, .Veura.gia, Geneial Debilily, Oefi-iency ol Nervous Energy, and all Ne.voug Disor !er. I'lie.r extraordinary effect s upon the Sys- i ' ■ \ ■■ ^ . ......... . le-n must he witne-ssed to be beleived. and sell- «y na-i, I ley Wilt r e c e ic ti (inc ciipy IS eerunn PKi VFNTivn for the above o l lha Tile 4 oerifi-ill ,S iulein;in’.> , c omplaints tney are ei;ual,y lo b e recom- |)ril 1st, a no-v and enlarged edi­ tion of Presidents Messages l a tvV.i ituiidsoiri'A v-dum e s , 8 v o . The, w h o le collect! d Ifo n olR c ial D o c u m e n ts, T lis w o rk is e d iie d a n d c o m p iled b y M r. E d w in W illi im s , w h o s e lani! li.irity w ith o I Politiijal H isto r y a n d S i a l i s iuni sn h jects uen la i l v , a r e w e ll k'l-ivVii t o th e puhlic, a n d liirird a siil- ficieiii gii irn m e e for the a c c u r a c y a m ' li 1 -hty o f th is iiiv ilu a o le N .itio n a l VV-irk. P r ic e five d o lla r s , \ir p e r s ‘)i»s s riiiing the publish ­ e r s tiire ; d t l ' i r s . b y n i i i i , w i;i recei- V} I co jiy o f D -iw liiiji’s H isto r y of R »n liv s II, be la tiru lly i I lu s t r a te d W i'h rtf'v - tw q e l c g i i i t e n g r i v i n j s , .a m l O l ■ C')py o f e it.ie r o f Hie lollmv in:r b o iiv i f u l w o r t s . I f fi.'e dollars . h « ' ’iv.ri ■;! i Kutiiulaling.iuiiiulating. Thehe followingollbwing w ill b-! I r- tiH n i by (I\a ||. b n in d iu ;a r e daily ai T f s t r - i n r p i p i r c o v e r s , p u s ta g e f,h,ni ihundreds 1.) to -’5 ;e 1 s p e r v n lu - n f , t o a n y j.-.-i r t I “ r\Te''iirlt Ls ito*» xTract trom n,n..i>ilifn i. XT* tho follow nsr are the sii'n- i itiers I'lie l!l•^t is i n I x lxa cL .tt l.icii appeared oil l!ie 24t!i I Aiii.iiiy i-aily C itizen—Klai I h ililor I I 'm I’atei-t Galvni a-n.>editoiia Jutio ill Ih ■aianloy b inilh , i,sq g w e n a w a v l o snh.-oi„ers to I b.w-j li'U S lAHt'^ry* of Il'M in Uiul tllC iiu e iuivt*I inv*’iuionol this o f ini A n'rio 111 St.itnm Ill’s Vlaimai. < S i ' .'s’ iV-ivI-rs 'll toe Worlil. 250 , Iv'iowledga - E n- ofsuhj cts hr icuisr :vi oxt^osive III Lii'jiMture, Sbienci $ 2 50. S Mrs’ pictoral history of ih > revo'- utioi), with nu-nsrous plates extra gilt regard to th e ir ffficacy we ear two or thrt e c a ses iiave iailfn uii olice hiuii have tavur&biy im pressed our miuos. T i K . n r s t i n that oi a h giily respeciabie merchant ofNew YorK who a dared to us that their use speed i)y releived him ot a cough, sexted paii> 111 •he side aitdmuii} s^mplonib ot a pui- miTtturv c o m p iaint, »ud ho is now e n t l r d j w ill. The second in.tl we shall notice, i.- Ui.il ol a young; man nunied Robbins^ u resident of tile Cl y, who about one yeai « o 0 , g , a v . •“ I ot Ills U< dy. We accompanied a medicut •!ll L ib r a r y , 2 5 0 e i l g r a v - ii t-ml to liis retidence No. U() b e aver Street I on Sunday to enquire ir.lo his case; We found Uiat lie had been depiived entirely I of tlie use of one arm and leg, and lh.it ■ j seiisiiiioii hud been lost to the whole lile 3 8 2 5 0 . I of ills body. H r had been unubse to use TllO A 'lli'ric a il R e llgi-n is G ift bpok ' theli-g m walking or the srm i n e a ting, and c v , t . . i „ u „ c r n i r .h u t i ! > n s l r o 'n u p w a i^i ‘wt^ks““ he h ^ o f l n i r t y ol inir m -ist c.;lel»r.vlc<l A I tw-j and lour of Ur. C h r is tie’s Galvanic ncilil w r i te r s , sn ill iis M r s , | . H . Xtmgs ai d used the M agnetic Fluid, an.i I . w . ................... .. oprJdLj, fcj. M a ’^Oil. J . VV. rj»rovvn*% the uumhiiess began to give way to nian\ 0 . VVhi te r , VV. R . '-V llliam s , E . K lll-j eensa ion o tr e lurning lue and leelinp, per- H. p . p .. . . . . I wore the Rin .s he was unable to articulate ' d istiiic.ly, wa k or feed hinisell, yet new Seir-s’ pictural Sunday book, e] gaiiily illustraleil. Pric Ilia m s , E . G o u ld , . caid and W r e a t h o f W ild F l o w c n , b v .1. ' d istiiic.ly , w a k or feed him sell, y et M .'lloii S t e a r n s ; religio u s , M .oral' liiid ! t/'-’-s ' e - 'j . naes out, and for the E a w r l a m m o n , . P r i c e . 1 , 5 0 . | T a Clet'i ' s y t v ^ t R o s t m a s t e r s o t h e r s . lET\ vVaiiteJ in every town and .village tn the United State.?, rosp'iiisi^ ble III Ml to pr-icure su-isuribers iml eii vouches i in the sale of the above w orks spcairs toi Icsiity to the m en s o f Dr. tih e s ti e ’ vumc Rings, and ..lagnetic Fl-iid.’’ 'The tql owing is copied Ir >ni f T h e O r ­ phans Advo.-.ali and tjocial Monitorj) the wel known publication in Boston edited by lli« Misses A. a r d E. G. Fellows. Tre- ,u . , .„ r i b , = r . „ „ l o „ t S . r , : , ' . - S S ^ t g e in th e sale ol th e a b o v e w o r k s speaks tor itself; to wIiD-n a v e r y lib e r a l p e r c e r ila g e j „ O H itijsT .E ’SG A L V A N lu KINGS, w , n 5 , , i b - . , d A M , , , , e . w - . i t . , a .ia \T V I'nervdussysteni has long been ackifowledgPd T h e diflicuity has been th a t While the pa tent received a henctU in one direction, he was injured oy Hie seventy olsiiocko. T h is _ diliicnity has ot late lieen in the great .iuea< Ready for Harpers elegant illustrated Uon of the gaivumcbatl rbatt«^^ 'Biu'the*gr'^S Bible. I des deraluin lay slil beyond, it wa.s to up-. f : E : sah-SClih i r , w ith d i r e c t i o i s ’ w ill have late been invented, and nave sudden y . « , . a i . e .h e b in d in g o f o n e cop,- g . . . - T . r . ' ” « « ? . very practical result uim es we were great* )f a sp le n • *yinhe t ciise. One ol her Hartclv ifvji s . i r i p . r . . - ,.c HuJd .vl.ich 'tcpo.npai.ie. m m t i i .i W iri'l iw , P a h le an.l; S- •rv e e ;. S W ilRnVmy^aim N o . 3, tlie Isrealiiei 41.4 ^’ultoii st, N. Y. B e a u t i f u l P i c t o r a l & E m b l e m a t i c B i n i t i u g s . f sm l” reme'dted\' i ‘‘'Vii**!'! Ivuiii ’ivttern N d id c<»IL*cii.»n o f 1 8 be.iutj to r e v ie w s . N o . 2, M a jiiif o f T r i n i t v G h u foh a n d o f th e C n ,i s r v e , . ; . 7 ' ^ \ . posscs.PlOil greatly benefited M n-u restored by their u se. of th e ftrorniscd litndj a iid th e T r i m s - W - a r e n ppy .e lesii y to wiiai we knou style >Ii|'i>bined* simp e iemediesarea.terall the musteffica- iiiriihi Wind )' 3, tile i&realiies taken o f the promised land, and coiX- burgh, sole agent for Lansii jeouhteffeifs ansingburgh, rford, and Cohoes. All sold else- in those places are worthless r p X J X 4 A \ 'T ' -ForthoDom-Jcrat. Playilig there, the soiirsfatowcli! Bnl, mourn noi 1 J c I E j 1 - l l l d M U t / I V . A 1 I '•WHAT';4to- ! .. .S H ^ i mBLLHIM ALL?'I For hpr.--aud. asnoW ye sit arpimdff.at •8 PUBLISHED l-.VEBV THUKSDAV MOBfHKG 'Twas nfitoigjit,—allWas hiish’d and still around, HomeJbiiijt altar, anddreain of other days, * ■■ A U U V B Hour.;«»(»i the welling skV had glow’d with its, Ere Azraers-B’yafts were sped, and tropt.ics F8rewoll|l8^iie,‘and;while wfc.gax:a,had faded, Won fmmthat blest, ihallow’d hearth, grieve n o t! the eyes of«,raph», tookiiig from ! ®'“ % 8 Y W X X A 1 I K S , \ce Corner o f State awl Ruhard kreet's, Over Fake ^ BucUman'i deductA'd when payment is made be-: fore the appearance of the second No. -of the subMMiription year. No paper or ad verlisement ivi 11 le pi be dis^ TO paid up , publishei. 0 paper or ad vert continued until an eai unless at the option A dvertisem e n t s th n n k f u lly received, and in s e r ted on the follow ing term s . 1 square 1 iveek, «0.75 1 “ 2 1 » 3 1 5‘ 4 1 “ 3 nilmonths 1 \■ 6 ‘‘ 1,00 1,25 1.50 3.00 4.50 6.00 10,00 15;00 1 \ 1 » 2 0 i 0 0 D ihrctory N otices inserted m 83,00 •per year. AH letters, &c.. on business^ eonnec- ted with this Office must be addressed toihe ‘LaHsingbtirgk Democrat^' and osTAGErAiii to receive atteni eyes ofseraphs, hiokiug froi Theirhonjen afar, glcamta fklntly thro’ the blue. The ataisr-lnvrfy in their pure serenity. In yonder bone, where peace, and love, and joy, Hadeverdwelt, there lay an aged-matron, Oler wheiA headthesuhsof fourscore summem Had shedUieirfenialrBys, and on whose brow, Tiitne'shaiid alone had penneddeop wrihkies. Long hadol^e liv’d tobless the world andnlan. iftedi she’d been found spake, she did. lonely sufferer’B couch. And, whikttiending o’er h-nl, had whispered In his eat, balding him, e'en thougli ho felt Tlie seipoAt^ b.te, to look aloft and seo The ctps8i,e^dti on which a Saviour hung. Her bount^is hand hud fed the hungry poor, [cold. Whose h o^i^ were dreary, aiid whose 1 While povariy flew, quite scared awi 1-4 column 1 1-2 “ 1 T A K E NOTICE. W A ISDELL 4- JA C K S O N , iE S P l i C r F U i . L Y uniioiinccsto the h.tbiiaiilri ui L -insingburgli, and cus •inters g o iieraiiy,I h a t they have purchased hei<uods aiid'utei.Fils cuiitaiiied ii i '.I k .iAUBEtC S H O P form erly kept bv Mr. L iCeiisoin, dHcensed, w iiere lliey «'ill be in roiisinnt u tteiiasnce and pleased tu wail pun ciistuiners, ni the most pxlite and at- uLlive m a n n er, 'i hoy will endeavor ti xei'p tiieir Mis- re in good order, snaVe cn- -iyi c ,t hair III the lilott fashionuhie sty le Ju J ’O'herw Ise wui'. upon geiiileineii lii tin most approved inaniier. Tpey ask to be 'MU'aiiii-d in th e ir efforts lo g i v e s i t i i ion and tive, Tli.-y ore fa:miiiii r wUli itism e is, liaving had a iioinber o f j e a r i Poso'ms, S tock s , Collars, Siippenders, O rav jts, Knisore, Perfum ery, B-ushes and- ■I great varieiy of o ilier artii les, they have •.'II Iniid nnd will selj cheiifi. W O R T H Y OF N O T I C E . J J / i . . . W A Y N h ' S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry t 'I'he Original anti Genuine Preparation I may truly he • a id, tliai n o one has evf^r been so Hucceeslul in com* pounding » inedlFiue, w h id. has done so m inn to relieve the harnsn tamiJ)-, rol)d Beaseof its terror*, and r e s tore the 111 valid to MeattlianU com 'o r i| as lliei/ieeK /oraiidpropriefor o l th a t m o st deservedly |.opu- u i r s v ^ r A N ' i r s Compound Syru p o f Wild Cherrv 4 ^ 0 N S r M P T r O N . which has so Jong bi fled m e tical skill, is now eflec,ually Old permaiieiiliy cured by Dr SWAV-E’r Ooarouau S«RUP o r W ild C hcrrv , and i diseases o f the Lungs and Breast, such l.'ougJu, Astlima, BronchllH, i.jv e r C o i plaiiit, Spitting Blood, i’aiti In Ike side and dreasB, TatpUation of the H ea-t, Ac. Consumptives! — Read and Reflect ! Another wonderful Cure o f' '* sumption in iS'o) ristouw, Pa, We take trea t pains to procu'e authenti. and respec table certificates and never give a . . . .sfr.. I t aflords me great satisluction to lay be-, tore a n American public the womJerlul sue- ol your Goinpouiid Syrup ot tVild Che - ry, ill curing me ot that dreadful disease, . oiisumptioii! after all other means had tail­ ed. 1 Avas attacked w.tU oaiu in-iiiy breast, very iiuicli aflecting my voice and lunga,aiiu a troub'esome voice and sore livoat. My Dowels were costive, appetite nearly gqne, and aiy stomach was so very weak th a t my lician was a t a loss to know w Jbal to do Uiiiig 1 used ill tl.e shape ol tine ' for monl.'is in this nwluf condition and gavj up all hopes cl ever recovering.- liearing it the wonder ul cures daily per loriiieaby your inva.udble meiltciiie, in Coughs, Colds,Asthma u Hooping Cough, all diseases o f the Lungs and Breast, 1 re tuclantly deteriiiihed to try it- 1 purchased • botlfeofyoiir A tentH inthla place. (Moore « l.,oi.gaKer ) which appeared to take hold of niy disease, and r'eiieve mei J continued using I t until it gradually re«loreu me to lieahli am isirei glh. Sevtrai of my Iriends were affecUd in the same manner i h u t l was iiij sell, WHO deelin.jd ifsing Uir yrun, they, i am sorry to say, appear to be fast apprpuc- hmg Itialhourne w’hehceno traveller returns. ,, Ae 1 expect soon to .euve these p ri l, 1 give sudden y ^ gtaadiiig momor a l to tlie great 1 relation „ f yoor invaluable Com|-ound'. led some I'. C. W ilcox . Aon M own, Pa. C abiion .—.4li ptepvralioiis from the Wild Cherry Tree except Dr. Swayne’s are both fletitious and countertiiet, and s- rung up years after tins val iable medisiiie Imii intro- Whosolove was bliss, and whoso memory falls, hiiig, cheering, like dew iipon iho , yincad—for, tknowthe fio whiclrso your heartsto hers, will still prove strong. Long had With a n g fll meekness giftc At Jfeiust ( i|t, u id as He spi Mhe had s a ^ th ’d the lonelv ose hearthstone IV bile poverty Hew, quite scared away, Out th ^ ’ t |e broken panes and creaking doers. E'en at hcj|aftitonch, the invalid'seyo prew with joy—the widow's heart was glad. And orphstis,'laughing, shouted loud her name, 4s in the distance, her lov’d form was seen, Apd even Wept, as on their little heads, ,iS)ke placcd'hdf h>ud, and btess’d them with a kiss. A polish’dRodein God s own temple, she For yoaiB^ad shone,—emitting, not a faint Apd feeblq.raj'i but shining forth so briglit. Tliat no bitphel V er could hide the gleam; for, lake Bomeibeacdn on a distant hill’s high Apex, she hadMied her light so fat, that A world might see, and seeing, faith possess. Apex, Bhe-had-bhed her light so far. The saint, .who withher sat and talk’d awhile, Was sure to fcel.that He, whose Spirit dwells Within the temple of the human soul, Hadhung;the lamp of His pure lovo in hers. And fill’d it well with oil, that oil from H av’n’.s Own fount, which ne’er burns out. The siimot too, So giddy, and so light of heart, that ho Had faiTd to leam from all the books of God, Of Nat«ie,«ndof Fronideiico,howho .Might truly wise become, beside -lier sat In awe, and listen’d while she'talked of Iloav'ii, And painted out the way which Jed thereto. Aud often, tliough he fled Iter presence, and WouIdfainfoTget her words, yet oohscienoe, rous By kmdHesB, would her sleni voice add, aiid force The guilty culprit to the Saviour’s feet. God’s own conunisssion’d ones, all faint With care And toil, and yielding to tlie outward man, ^Likc Paul W ild ( iieri.y, and purchase no oth<-r. Tlie genuine ailic.e is prepared only by Dll. gV\ A> Nr., whose office Inis been removed lo t o s K rthwest corner of EIGHTH and B A i E SVieels, Philadelphia. The Balsam and other spur.ous ar.icles ul Wild Cherry, have been sold out and .-esold oiil, and tin obliged'to resot to lalseln to m a k e tlieir e^wiiout lul of old, a t wise Oainafiel’s feet,) Would sit St hers, aud learn- While he, who on India's far distant shores; beholds the Heathen gods, with their mad vot’ries bowing Blindly round,—weeping, eiyiiig ’Lord, how long!’ Has felt new courage stirring deep within. In answer loherpray’is, and tried again. Mhe surely was what she profess’d to be. And though she spoke of earth and earthly things, Yet wouldslie blend sweet tho’ts of God with all, And boar one off, unknowingly, to that Bright,happy .homc, where al! her treasures were. Thus had she lived and Walk’d in fear of God. But now. the summons came,—she too must die. Not as Ihe God-defying Infidel, Died she—with hope of Glory ne’er possess’d. Not, doubting like the deluded one, who Woiidets if the hidden and invisible, the limaginM form—the soul—wrapp’d within dark material shroud, like light'ningin The muffling clouds of midnight’s brooding storm. Whose presence makes him all ho is, should live, .Or die, or waste by worms, as does indeed. Its fellow of the dust. Nor, as does the Worldly miser, who locks his colters close, Then hides-the key, lest some may share with him His gain. But, as the Christian dies, with hope glorious, that the bright spark within, Caiightfrom-the Universal Soul, would live ayoi though a dark mask of breathing clay. Awhile its glory dimm'd. Behold the scene! Aroundhereouch there stand the lov’d ones of Her heart; those whomshe s called hers aiid.tralii’d From infancy’sgay mom—and yet, not all,— Her ch ildreh, weeping, that their inotlier soon Must go. Stem manhood bow’d in grief, and those, Who oft had shed a tear at others wo. Now shed them at their own. And while tho air Seems close .that fills tlio room, fleet thro’ the Briglit angel forme are waving, watching l Re.finer’sJire, ,while, as though ’t would e: Her feeble pulse leaps up. She speaks, ai Of llcav'u, aud smiles at Death's uplifted dart; As Jesus’iiaino she hears. Her voice grows weak, Life comes and goes; -the spirit lingers on; A Mother yet)—she loolcs around, and while Gazing in each tearful eye of sous and baugiiteis Whomsho’s lov’d so well, asks of them, “ What tidings shall I boar to distant realms Above,—wliat, dear ones,, shall I tell thy sire ?” 'That Father kiiidi wiiom ye all still behold ; Form, feature, air, mien, gesture, e’en os irue, And life-like, as when erst, hi tones that thrill'd Your hearts, whoso truant wills his coiiiisols, grave And holy, mildly drewfrom error's path, And taught ihee what to shim and what piifsiie, “ What shall ! tell him ?” The throbbingspf each Heart are hush’d. Wailing for iif answer, still She gaz’d, ‘we'ro coming.’ ‘whatail?’ ‘Ycs mother, All!’ those adtiilgffo'arts rcpli’d. Lifiing up her Hands injpy,:“wiiAT am . ! siwll i TEiLtiiM all ?” StaV| S treet Albany, Haviland. Keese, 4- Co. I O-Xpircf s, aud tall She said,iandwhi8p’riiig to hei “Yes, Jordaids narrow, vci \X es, jorui The vict'ry ly servant, Lord, depart in peace,” ;r first born son, she died, indow from rcry, now,” s last dark shi veil is rent away. Ill endless ponce her soul beholds, e’en face Tor face, her Savioii But oh! how lijghl! radiant siuile is t'ty’s .won,—-the To' fuce,hor Saviour. Death's seal had left its mark> MV D N G L E , l iih . F - i i i o i.v . ’ OR THE EFFECTS OF PnPPER. lickcrbdclti'p coiu-iins a cap W.-ilcrs, o f whici) Tlie KuickcrbdcItiT coiu-iiit! ilal story by John e fdllovviiiq is the emteh At the dinner table tj takes 11 bottle o f c; i S o n “parson’’ layehne pepper fr.ni t his meat season his meat vyilh titers were atientiwe to The addition ol such a full, his pocket, to s The two fan all his movements, the sauce when tlu*re was such a fu supply o f gravy in the dish seemed I them inerely .a supenflLiity; but the f ploriiio gontous of Aj-ix Talemon \i •ixciteil by the pepper, a tondimi iliat \ya-s altogether new to liiin, and perceivin\ t!wt the effect w.is grateful ind a p p e l i s i n g ’‘pray sir,” .suid he, 'ould you have the goodness to let s taste a little ofthiil red saft ? “ With pleasuie’’ replied Hie F lit I riinst. apprise you (hat it is pep­ per and hdi .salt; pepper o f the stron­ gest lorce, that I received from a friend in the tropics, and,’’ said he handing it to him. ” 11 very few grains wtif go a great way.” A half tiecisiue glance at the size o f my tincle and then at his own portly fignre seemed to intimate that he tho’t side a s he losen die grair\ ;d it ig ll -aB s s a a s K F ^ :' ■ ., i a l l C O O iPE E 'h tiO I I} D E f j i ' JlRAllAiM ’S m a g a z i n e for 1848. S o » w./Ae trons / d r Asm SuU triptiom s'i IM A H A M 'S A jn e ricai. M o n thly W agaEl ii new volu.ni , m dsd h ^ e g i t i l a a U e o ^ P t i t u high rei>iital.a.n in Uie UtM,ary worlsl, »• reg«/arcoiU»i6«t rs.uiad d ilio n t o * ]ireviou» Isu , embraciuR the first namce in (iienatiouo is * suflkiciit g tiaranlee, that the work will sonlinuc to be the p rincipal medium of c t iij- munioatioii bexwefn the test m tlurs a n d iha- ’\Graham-s Magazine has been, trom itt estal.lisiimeht, more Ihaii- ah.y o lh e r.'th H il- voniB periodu aV 6 t the pvople of the Urn- tad .-j-uies. '1 hough ll* Ipan d o e - n o t *n- lircly exclude artiel.-8 ot tlie mcsl im p o llan t -haracler, s u c h as have raised IHnSkwood Old some otl-e i foreign journals to th e if ii.gli mfluence-nna repul’.t.on, its page* a r t other publ.caiiohs of sim ilar ai7n*by the literary and artistic tnerU o l itB.coni«til«.— W hile those of e th e r w;orks a re uitl.m.-ar,, o r anoiiymous. th e contriluU o rsto this tre th* most e m inent aratl.ors ot our a.gc a « d coun- ry numhei co'itains gems whrcl) „ „ oRUbUshmenl i t Imt be n the pwHifer m magazine luer&Hure: and that llie ciintribu* the United Staresihui. ite v e t bef.rc posEfs. sed. W ith 8 ch a list o f w riters as oiir pa­ ges exhibit we niav cballenge Hie crlticisin i f Europe. T h ere is no riiagazme sbrosd ih a t present! any thing like such an array ll em inent w riters as Ja n e s Irp iiim o r c l!blf./.au, lion. R T .C o n rad, H .T . T u c k e r. \M w ^ A m tlfa B !'w e lbyT M iss Sedgw ick. ton. Miss R a n d , Miss H.'etvey, and oib^r..'; Many names of like c elebrity are necessa- rily om itted for Want o f space. W hile the nipsl. able w iiters of th e c o nn- try are engaged as perm anent contnbutois to G rahair’s M agazine, the Ar/f a re jioi o- seemed to iiitiiriate that he tho’t the cmtioii very little worthy o f r\'*' * by a man I'f Itis cubicitlar inches, rapped the bottle on the side had seen the parson loosen jli of his fiery stimulant, .tppried same way but withoiit the same cau­ tion, to his gravy, and used it freely with his meat. ACCOMPLISHED AME lly Ihe first intim.itieaor.hi84riternal- •oa^;ub^«iVe7/®’rhe^mLt^eleg^ sailant ; hemmed stoutly repeatedly vings th a t have ever apiieardd in America i f he W.1S detertnined' to maintain are*'no!rprei'are?ra^ riet * as i f he W. 1 S determined his g round; his face became scarlet ; in iiiiliarllriil warmtii took possession if ill's frame, the ton.sils of his throat hiiffan to sw e ll ; eves glistened, he ladled a way a tear faom his .qbstruc- isd sight, .spread abroad his arms iike Sampson gropeiitg hir the remaining illarsof tiie tcinphe inpl of Gaza, and agony o f distress and pain, muginnbiti to him in hiscifean His first note was that o f aarruat bi*in‘ He bull in his own cattle yard at home, i ’he word dues no justice whatever to iiFt«, and are resolved th a t a national tone shall be s tr ic tly observable in “ Graliaiu.” — H ereallcr w* ihail place ih the efgVaTers’ hand»*iino tu t Americanpicl'ares. Out own country abounds with the finest scenes in the w o rld. H is fuH of limtorical a iio c i a - tioiis, o f tli’illinir interest, and on eveiy hand subjects sta r t up, fit for llie^p a in let * the sound, Forluniitely he did not cough ! My iiele concerned at the accident, re- jmnieiic'ed him to allay the pungency ilh B glass of water. He endeavor- etl to say “will that put it out ?\ liial had just lUgl ’ ge«‘ - „ I, ilopili and It Bacchus continent Of die Judies. “Jedediali,” said lie, could ai liciiiale, “for the does my irioudi i.l.ize rmteiits been more geiitie, iiiiglit s IcKgth, breadth, ilopili and lieiglit, have W!»n from Bacchus the whole m as lid ids sake my moil Anoilicr jar o f water seemed In sure him o f his safely against iiit na! cniiibu-!tion.and bts ptiwcr of siiecch neasure returning, .md vviih ill .somt me measure returning, .md it liis self possession, he strode in “l).t yoi you r«'i’ a an d a c c n s l e d him 'U know, mister, that I took \1 am, indeed,” s lid my uncle; it cfoili.” 'mV am, indeed,” : humble tnember of ••Oil, you be. b tliitik it any hmv coiling lo travel about the coitntry this here waV. r.Hrrving life!) fin vuur breeches ?” ------ u ^ _ _ _ AssoeiiVTiois OP Inr-As girl,” said that ‘AMEa\‘crN ‘*TAT’rLE GROUNDS — Giving a o rreclpictures, taken on the spot.or the places w h ere the most remaTkable bat­ tles have been fought. TheSe eiigroving* will be o f the liiuliesl order ol a r t ; and we rday nientm ti that; in ofilbr to ensure a per­ manency ill the elegance Ibr which these djs- sl^ns hiiVe already become celihrated. we ,, have engaged Mr. S iii.llie toe three years on made fii'ra lai-ge jug liiat Imd jnsi l,o!-i, ' ' r e S r iE j™ \ c i''l ”*K E K U tti. reple„i.hed h .ra » e d ,t boldly .e ld. lips, and t.io k a d r a u g h t Unit. Imd its i.ouse of Rawdoir W n g h t & I’ateh, eiN f for York, for a supply of mosi exquisite jii'ctuiea o r a supply of iiiosi exqiiisiie ji|ctu r among which we tiray m f ition t i ef'es of IndiilHIndiilH andnd Trarn-rarn- Scenes,cenes, gelel upp inn bii 6*T6*T a T S g u i b magnificent style, and reprosent'itg, front sketches taken Iroin nalure, tiu most b e au­ tiful scenery of oiii W estern coiiniry. Oiir Southern Views- engraveo by the saiiielioiise vvhioli have b«eh so widely popular, will algo be continued 'i he expuisitc fciimlc heuila engraved by this firiii-i»-umonf< wliicli we m ay instance t h a t bf ' t6. Stepheiis, wfiicll has iiev r been equalled in this c o untry— will be lu r tlier aiippi ed liy >,-ssrs. H. V'. d. H,.- whose facilities aiii t jehls, ir tiioir line of the world. W e iiiav Jiave ail the test Ariisir Kir o f that !. b e you ? And do y<m ■ consistent witli your about the cimmry in iK.Vs.—.“My dear lid man to mo, Tons it is as it penstoymir blessed father. When ai about ten at night, yo'iir rnollfer. darifliiga stn’rkiiigor wlmtimt—looks “I ’ll tell you what is meai ciation nf ideas. T:iu.s it is as it li.ap- istoym ir blessed father.- When- full iqfftt me-—1 c.'ii’t help it—;l tlimk a Icni'in. then I ilmik o f whiskey leads me on to a gla.ss— a glass goc-s III notiling 1 hot water cries out suga: for a spo Ml ; an-l lief.tpe •J.'ick Ribinson,’ wliiskey— ' bill hot water- r —stigarasks .voir CiUi sat name of your blessed ancestoiv who was a vesy quiet chap and came over with'tin* Normans, I say to your mother; and all beginfi'fng with the lemon o f hei looking at me, “My r/eiirjhe toddy !'' And this, iny dear girl, is tlit nssoeia- lion o f ideas. ------- 1 6 3 . ------- Shelling ©«f.--^Forty-four tons ol lells hove been sf-ni from the Ars-inal At Rome during the past week; arid are their way to Mexico. art, are unrivalled In sn.ely say tliut we have a * T o K T K A I 'f s “ o F H fe«. ture originated by the proprietoi of'Graliiini, and suceessliilly earned out. W e defy any H E Z E t iT lN T . —Mr. Sariain will unlit li us Ibr tlici iiefr Volume, a series ot ins magnificent iV.tizo* lints One will appear in January. W’d ue-d not say to iiie readers o f Graharni th a t these blihiaiitpifetiires excel a.ny.nirazelinli »vci issueil in America, ah(i h is finest ellorts f r o m n a . TU R E , trutiifiiliy drawn by an able artist, to takfe a p lic e in a d&( a ritiieht, g i up ex- oressly tor ihe ladies for llie m-w voJuiiie, •oiuhraciug the L a test FA P 'lJO A S , wi»h let- ers on top.fk fcnnnccleii tviili female iiifer- e e u . Will a lso form a leature in the Kew otlieis, will furnish a series of nintising sket-- oiies, whioli will bo haiidsoinrly iilusfrateA Iiy Cfuoine or Dar'ey. We shall also Have llits a t I'ashion.W e L ifein LeUerqfroiti- a - 'irOMd, written >y F J G rund Coh»ul lo- Viitwerp, who will a 'so furniah us w ith I lie earliest literary i n telligence, and short noti-- ces of now works, prior lo t'lieir a ppearance here in the shape o t reprin’ s. This w illgive •Graliain’’ a positiim to adjust th e value o foreig \ works, bePbre the purchaser h ere lit r been duped by pii>fs pa-id for by inlereU edf Single c^rpies,- $3 p e r a n n u m f-n o a ranc e- s :: ^ Any postuias'eTjO r o’thcrperBon>, W'isjiir.ff ’ose e a o 'v p y , as a specim en, w illbefum ieb- -id by a d dressing th e publisher p o st paid. E d ito r s copying w ill be e n t i tled t e a n e * ' e h a n g e f e r o i ie v*af. GEQR.ftE 71. GRAHAM^

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