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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, July 31, 1844, Image 2

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l A N S i N G e U R SATURDAY, AUGU ST 3, 1814. tiuivsen for the fatest New York papers, ^ KT* The city of Dublin has nominal Persons by leaving tbeir names with' ted Daniel O’Connel for the Mayoraky. Sir. VanBenthuysen at his News Office, DEMOCEATIG N0MINATIONS. FOR PKESWENT, JAMES.OLK, K P O r’Tennessee. ifOR VICK FKliSlUENT, G t O R G E M . D A L L A S , 0T Pennsylvania. papt 'theii' residences the evening of the day of (heir publication. F a d s froin t h e ICccOrds. The 'vlrigs pretend to be all- The Lexington 'Gazette says: The relatives and friends of CoT Johnson in this neighborhood regard the nomina­ tion of Polk and Dallas ‘vhigs p as the death dence, and at Eretei;, was strongly a- gainst him. Tlie decision of the Ec­ clesiastical Tribunal is looked for with much impatience.-^Ewe. Jo^lr, H oee I'BL e DKHtAviry.-^In Philadel- liavoaiavon Monday moriningoraing iph Monday m a woman ' named Phoebe Nichols was found dead ' in a house, with a rum bottle by her A vv omad should ne&r lake a lover wiilvoulIvoul the consentons o0[ier heart; iior the c ____ __________ - - an husband without lEe cone urreneo (Tin € L i f m T H E T A I U E F For a AegA farij. Ml Mr. Clay ^he friends » Tariff: <‘I thiuk the present Tninff ill' llie innin is riglit an(t working firliis letter to Ten- ;l a high Tar-, if. ]\Ir. Clay of such! “ My exertions in' Cimgr.-ss have been, Directed 10 the ho oppose] • ‘1 never was in la- tend PKOTECTiOKlosurh “ f never Wiis briiUchea ol our domes- vor oT duties beii in iT a r i lf ‘as the most iffective argument n- •even to man---in favor of the present tariff -they call it exclusively a whig measure. A few days since, we charg­ ed, in the presence of a coon, the itucky delegation, with voting against Ithe bill, and made the charge particu- ilai'ly against Mr. White, the whig spea­ ker o f the House a t the time of its pas- which was denied by the cooit.--— promised him to put the facts in' print as they stood on the journals of the iHouse. On the passage of the present TarifFBill, in the House of Representa- \‘ves Aug. 22d, 1842, the vote stood For the Bill, IGl Against the Bill, 101 “The speaker announced the vote a bo ve^ and vc ... reason. ^ 'SuBSTlTCTE FOU C l t ^ M IN COFFICE— Beat the whine of a nfegg to a IVol'b. I put to it a small lump of buter, and blow to Clay’s prpspects for the P r e s i-i\ a with a rum bottle hy her , turn the coffee to il gradually, so that denc\% and support it with the greatest 'i.’® room was found a little ' it may-notcurdle. It is difficult to4is- ' . f S ' \ Z The Caledonia was telegraphed at ^Pfom Buckscounty, and her death ac- oston on Thur.sday morning at half cording to the coroner’s jury, wfif^aus- ed by the bottle imp she hadi^l^her side. j- STAR LODGE, NG. XXIX. A regular meeting of Lodge No, 29 O. of O. P. of the state o f New York will be held at Odd 'Fellows Hall. 265, State street, on Tuesday Evening next, at 7 o’clock. MYRON HOYT, Secretary. w V p r day morning at half past 10, and arrived at the wharf at on the afternoon of the 19i'h, and made the passage in less than 13 days, had declined one-eighth. Cotton had declined one-eighth. Money is ahundant at a low rate of interest. It was generally expected that the de­ cision of the judges, in the case of the Queen vs. O’Connell and others, would have benn read in the House of Lords on the 18th uk, but such ivas not the I voted himself in the negative. 'So the bill was reyetZed by that vote.” The whigs who voted against the bill IlED-HANbED M u RDEEINO Atlas sems to be own ini tins sems to be owning to a proper ;nse ofthe true character of, “ ihe gal- ntOraves,” a'hd his more guilty coun- I Henry Clay. Speaking of that niscreant,’’ Labranche, ti.c P adding .--- In good old colony times says a ‘';downeasi” ediloivi lady used to rid^g, on a pad behind a man; hut now n ily ride on a pad behind a lady The Cooperslown Freeman's Jour- Tliere are in this county ’ of men who voted Drugs & DEediciues*. P A I S T ^ : , O I L S . ; iinpetilion.’ ’ Aiul the Riclii Tiig.gues si> fur even sri(Vs/o”F Mr. A WANTED IMMEDIATELY AT THIS OFFICE, A BOY TO DIS­ TRIBUTE THIS PAPER IN THE VILLAGE. F airs .—The State Agricultural Soci­ ety will hold its Fair foi 1844,at Pough­ keepsie, on the 18th and 19ih days of A dams , of Alass. Messrs. Andrewsi Green, Ousley, Thompson, Trippett, Underwood,White (speaker,) of Kentucky. Messrs. Arnold, Brown, B. Campbell, 'f. Campbell, Carvuhers, Gentry, Will­ iams o f Tennessee. Messrs. Botts, Goggin,Mallory, Sunt' ers. Wise of Virginia. Mr. Casey, of Illinois. ivens. Lane, Thompson, of There I,as been a series of terrible ri­ ots in Germany, occasioned bv the lovv prices paid to the linen and cotton Wea­ vers in the manufacturing districts. 0 = l i e Fii'iii. DEMOCRATS ! Be firm. Do not 'flinch. Do not falter. Do not yield your opinions hastily. It will never do to give full credence to whig testimony. Let it not mislead you. Examine po- keepsie, Septen The Rensselaer County Agricultural , Graham, Mitcaell, WashingtoUj of Society will hold its next annual Fair at Tniy the 2d and 3d days of October, 1S44. lur list ( list of whig subscribers for our paper, for one year, payable when Polk is elected, is not yet full. Remember that in case he is not elected, you have the paper one year free o f charge, and if he is, you are to pay us two dollars when the result is known. TH.E..-F1.N A.1. m7 0.TTi m, nmic xnrt TORY! The New Orleans Herald of the 22d ult. contains returns from all the parish­ es in the 4th Congressional District.— The majority for Morse, the democratic candidate, is 191. The same paper contains the result of the special election to fill the vacancy in the state’ convention, caused by the death of Dr, Combs in the parish of Baton Rogue. The vote stood : For Waddill, detn., 310; Adams, whig, 202 democratic majority 108. The same paper of the 21st, contains complete returns of all the members e- lected to congress, the senate, conven­ tion, and house of representatives, with the names and political designalion of each; The result is as follows : Democrats. Federalists. Congress, 3 1 Senate, 9 8 House of Rep., 29 31 Convention, 47 30 ' ‘T.he'N*jp, Courier pf the 21st claims the vote of Louisiana ascertain for Polk by at least the following vote: Dem. maj. Fed. Maj. 1st District, 350 2d District, 500 3d do. 600 4ih do, 300 Messrs. Indiana. Alessrs. Debhcry, Eajmor, Shenperd, North Carolina. Mr. Foster o f South Carolina. Messrs. Foster, Linn, of New York. Messrs. Gamble, Habersham, King, Warren, of Georgia. Mr. Wm. Cost Johnson, of Maryland.' Mr. Mathiot, of Ohio. Be'sides these whigs who voted a- gainst the Bill, there were tohig dodgers who did not vote, sixteen —making in all fifly - J il'C whigs who did not vote for the bill. After the above vole, a reconsidera­ tion was carried, and a seconcl trial hn/l .uii It upg-eafed the ■viile stood Ayes 103, Nays 102. Whereupon, Mr, Clay’s Kentucky Whig speaker, Mr. White, agam voted NO, making a tie vote, and thus defeat­ ing the bill a second time. At this juncture two whig members who had dodged the vote, now voted for the bill, and thus it was carried. During all this time twenty'-one Deni- ocmtic members voted steadily for the bill, though in several of its details not agreeable to them. On the last vote, another of Mr Clay’s Kentucky whig friends, Mr Sprigg, vo­ ted against the bill, making out of the eleven whig members from that state, e i g h t who voted a g a i t l S l the bill. Of the remaining three who voted for it, TWO of them. Gov. Pope and T F Marshall, are said to both be in favor of yourse pinion and fixed principles of you itablisi\'’ ------ - When once established in your after a careful and, candid investigation of the whole subject, let a settled pur­ pose and firm conviction that you ARE BATTLlNG,.FOR THE RIGHT, ani­ mate and cheer you onward. Pay heed to whig reports. Turn not to the right hand or to the left. But press for­ ward. “Go ahead.” In short, discharge your duty fearlessly. Be firm. 'Ill; spotted .Ulas ofyesierdiiy says: “ With the blood mark of Cain on his forehead, his hands still dripping, fe, with theblood of one of the and warmest liearlod of m ml hesitate to take his seat )is fellow men in Congress, aif- though not a twelvemonth has ela|| since he sought out and tpf'fc the under the covvaid'y she'ieiti|pf a di of one who -had never inju'fed His p.arty d il not, on ' hesitate to present .this t derer for the sufFrages men. He has been boateii’ Gri^i wo.' old have been the disgiace of tlie peo- pie of his district, had here-elec­ ted. But what is to parly who gave the port to this man, who ihe feelings of a noble anff. innoci man by unprovoked insult, i iuminated the hml wrong ;he life of his victim?” for Harrison in 1840, that now sny Ciay on the question mor- nal says: res upon s they cant ills, aside which the; n thev;’'^will hs seen ali?; I e fron lloncst, , ifttir dealing, const hi's barik avowals, to hostile in pi'incpai. icientioui and felt at th e p ^ l^ The Supreme Court of Alabama has decided-'that oontraers made on the .Sabiiiatli ..are void. If that is so, lh(^(,gi!ls hiftl better select some other evening for couriiug; if they don’t two [C f T h e island ofE.isVBoston was rchased about ten years since at the thousand iLllar I Lemon, p , - Piiite Root, and loolscap, Pimento, Panacea, Swaims’ S S S i e i f S K S S f \ do. prep’d in balls, do. Deans’ do. llrandreth’j Sr'' Alum,* Arrow root, Si,!?\\’ Annalto,^ siihs, Burguiui}? Pitch, Cream Tartar, Camphor, Calomel, s 11^ probablv i|ti .any other,;havi A'ced itf value vanth suchLPap by V ialjing; the life of his victim?” ,y- We .hope the whig papeis will-’ not object to our remarks in rega|d;4b‘l^ ri’ Clay, so long as we >><!» ««' litliets than thes( ml,’’’ disgrace to the people, ton Post. creant,” ‘‘blood'mark shelter of a duel,’’ ivd-haiided mur4< , &C.&C.—ii)( ■■egal ,, ie np 'harder spoiled fiJis- Cain,’’ “cow, ided murder, C.&C.- 1 such rapidity I’l auds upon the Treasury to n riiiHis amoun'Lj hdye recently b« ^ d in. New .!i’ofk,,At>pmtnlr ii Chloride of Lime, as Chamomile Flower Garb. Ammonia, Chocolate, l i S ' : : , , , , Corrosive Subh (’hrome Zoilow Adyerd dihibortii ing warehouse has :ed trauils fo the anfount of ini Plasters, Wells’ do. Shermans’ poor ers, rink Saucers, Preston s Smelling do. Browns’ Pulmonary ojuls.Lowe risen, Reeds’ rate, Pulmonary Balsam of l..ive.wort, Mrs. G. • rraniners. Pease’s Candy, Pumice Stone, B e Encoiii'agtcd! We would s.ny to every one of democratic friends—^BE ENCOURAG- ed. Hope ! Rejoice ! Let joy light up your countenances, and the bright pros- iliivh$3imiOOO. A, number dheiii Cuts,loin H o u s e ,ii)fn 'been ill),p'iicatedi* ! i W Z ■ “ 1 ilunk,’' siiid- hDe 4 incriclr.r.' ;t • np- - ()th er, oiiAwharl in Yew-Y'o n,S-vi/n ; looking for a eeitajn ship, “ I limik ,^lm ilk and Cl.iy ate idt.ntic,il on-' the orieof her e v g s ,” pointing id^ii la-rgi- bjecl of a I anff— that limy .gye.joval buoy, whk n was Iving nenr tlie iS-“‘ tlo liiglans, do. Cicutte, do. Taru.\i(cu.*ii, do. 1 i^vo-ciamu.', f e , \ liri. Kose I'luk RcUen c?t( liubarb oot. liiur Lead, do. Valerian, buirur Lead do Riiei, fy bW' ul Oil, Elas’io Gum Rings, Sul Soda, Pol subject [iicidei ipoosed to a high of a tariff \ pect of victory, gladden your hearts.— ofl the timeses ar< 3 times are propitious.— 'The signs o the tim are propi Be not discouraged. Be not dishearten- en, leirow avmoerats. isvery aspf»-:r .fn the political horizon looks cheering. We this, not to boast—but because believe it to be strictly true. It is an nimating consideration, that the demo­ cratic paity throughout the country er appeared more united. The nomina­ tions at Bal'imore of Polk and Dallas, iry where hailed with enthusiasm. Henry Clay must inevitably be defeated if this spirit protection no political cupitrl made upon; this question— the whigs are repiiei enting that the annexation of K i t attended with an increase ivenue,£ and lilt Sr fccammony, Sulpnur, frairacajilli, Salseratu a W H ? N o w , a f f i M t u ^ i l h ^ would be extended by annexation’,' what would the whigs care about it?—- What would Henry Clay care about the extension of Slavery! But the truth sh»c., j - ' E V i , would go for it. There can lie .pc our wives and daughters work in the jujuba.i aste, di'ublof it.— May ville Sentinel. kitchen!!”.—FI Clay. . .laines^ Powdei A TnRri.i.iBra I n c ih e n t — -Tl Ambers Cabinet contains a lettei cribing ill- ; IlSr' rum or a qua.i;t of wntcr?” “ Rnin,mosi a s s u r e d ly s a id the oihef, t'for 1 se w II man ihaLweighel 210 pounds stag- wilhea.se.” _ . Fbr Working Men! t If gentlemen will not allow us .to have ). black slaves, .theyilmust let \us have f white o.iesi; for vve cannot cut of harmony and energetic action is not suffered to flilag. f May the 0 on, as it has begun— and ;ood work et every democrat, by his own individ­ ual effort, add a freshjmpulse to its pro- le, pom;. Soap, Catlile, le, whiteitfor riiili Sponge,Fme & ners use,) , Speruiaceli, Ginger, ground Sal Nitre aS. Root. Super Curb. Soda, Harlem Oil, SoeayCamiry . lienip iBa'nd paper, ’ dhe election of P o lk & Dallas. S i Allaiis Re-puhlican. SINGULAR AND FORTUNATE lESCUE. ;ains a letter des- mlancholy event I'ptely 1 this paper, o! the e fifos- ion of a powder mil! ft Danby, Va., causing the death of tl adds:--^Mr. Smith was to the scene of ruin: he caught up the 111 St boy he came to, whose features were so difigured as not to bereadily cognised,yet alive and possesmg his uses; as he was beai 7 ? The Western p.apers arc^c.rll- I the benvorehl iji ihu’t pqrrioH r couhtiy., to aid in leljevintr the iftd floQl ihli y., to distress occitsiohed by . i he hft( oii the Mississippi. Theifam'lies vvlu. is-?sv\Apt awav;* are saicUj ig f(ii:‘lhe necBSSai-ies ol life. - ' f t Danby, Va., property'was three boys—and to bo>suffeUhg foi.'lhe necassafie; s tlie (irst to tush fife. ' \ *' ' ....................................... KENTUCKY. The election for state ofliceis and arrived at this port yesterday from Bos- I A .' ton, fell in with on the l9th inst-, in latlitude 3S 40, long. 73 80, a brigan­ tine capsized and nearly full of water. The schooner Washinfflon, from Nort’ small boj, about ten yea 11 State street b ill into the stream of age, wi :t bTidge,the failing gi emotion, said I am your boy,Pa! thepoor lad died in a few ‘ W lIAT NEXT.?- county representatives. Demcmratic m.ajority, 650 125( iority. iV U ig T e s f im o n y . We don’t know what value out read­ ers may he disposed to place upon whig opinions but as it is now said that Mr. Polk is an unknown man, arid without talents we present ibeni with the follow­ ing, which was publislieil by the editor of the New York Tribune, before the hoininalion was made: ■ “In 1839, James K. Polk, one of tlie ■ ablest iheri aDd most powerful speakers in ihe soulh-w'est, took the field as the administration (Van Buien) candidate for governor, and after a. canvass precedonted vehem'ence,, in proved himself an Kentucky, ■takes place on Monday next. The first returns will reach us early in the ensu­ ing week. In that stale, a fine and firm spirit pervades the democracy, and we do not doubt that Col. Butler will be supported with zeal, and in a manner worthy of the cause, and of a candidate so well deserving the suffrages of the democra­ cy. The majority for Gen. Harrison in 1S40 was 25,873. Caroli, two vessels cut a hole tom of the brig, and to their great prise found in the forecasile-of the ’ \.llebc ss of im- ivhich he proved himsell an over--‘rnatch, both speaking talent and personal addr add popularity, for his- opponent, Gov. Canrioii, he was elected by some 2,500 majority.” T h e J e w . — We h.nve received from , Mr> Van Bentliuysen the second eiim- beT'Of fills highly interesting novel, b; Eugene S ue, and for the original cop; of which, Winchester o f New York paii iSjOOO francs. This work abounds witJ scenesof the most thrilling interest, in the richest style of that truly popular author. W e are also imlehicd to Mi, V n n E en- Gf course we do not :poct the election of Col. Butler. This would iiidica’e a chai lange in Mr. Clay’s state surpassing even the great and lain changes in other states. Besides, very great efforts will be mEicle by the pai'tizans of Mr. Clay, well knowing that n serious reduction in the majoril will proclaim to the world Mr. Clay’s receding popularity in Kentucky’. But ik for a reduction in the tl the' bot- W lIA T NEXT.r- up in Philadiphitt a femal ican assoiation! Though sel a little boy twelve years of age,w they soon released from his dark and folitary confinement. When found, he was sitting on the head of a cask, with his feet in the water, but had plenty of provisions near him. As soon as he iw daylight he commenced singing errily, and was taken on board the schooner Washington. The boy stated that he was from Ja­ maica, but could not tell how long he had been in confinement, and supposed the rest of the crew of the brig had per­ ished, The Captain of the Herald did Strang either, for native American Louis R e v e ille. They are gotl lalNative An fo there would be And hours after. it ing way, fel drowned. The wife of Mr. Carvey, residing in iplar lene, Northern Liberties, Phila- Leatf.Wflite ’\ ■ ■ 'b S S ', I B I I ' b .,,.. Mustard, ground Magnesia, Madder, » £ \ S .............. - Langmgburgli, Jaiy IQ, li-’4.1. |ir \ ' f K „ V do. Co Uon, - .40. Hemp, T/onca Beans, ■ Virnish, Gopal do. ...or Furniture, do. black leather, Valerian, do. Ein,lif!i, Verdigri.ss, Vials, all sizes. Varnish do. Mo fall’s Medicines,. Sanifs Sarsaparilla, Sand s Clove anodyne Tooth Ache Drops. without them’—St. Poplar Icne, Northern Liberti delphia, was on Wednesday of four children, three fine healthy boys and one girl. The mother and children well happy to state, are duing as an be expected, jV E W YORK EQUITABLE INSUR'- ANCE COMPANY, Capital 8300- 000. H. S. Tracy, has become agent for the above Company, and will be ipy to receive the applicatic “Did you present your 'endant V inquired a •‘some temales will forgive a liberty, but not a slight. Y o u 'm y steal her picture, though it were set in gola, without offence—but if you steal the frame and leave thtt portrait, you a doomed man.’’ In the connexion witii the above3ve comesomes thee followiniilowing— c th lo ‘‘What can I give you to remember ted a dicpnsolate girl down id-hat as Tie f the He: not learn the name of the brig or that of the captain ; but from the fact that a boat was picked up at sea on the 14th inst. with the captain and crew of the brig sir Lionel Smith, from New York, for Kingston Jamaica, which vessel was ____ ingston Jamaica. 'T capsized on the 10th inst. and a boy y’s drowned (as was supposed)in the wreck, onable to infer that this is do look for a reduction in the major­ ity, not only in this election, but in the Presidential contest. Mr. Clay cannot ■n to Geiieta] We coniinand the support givei Harrison, even in his own state, should as readily concede Kentucky to Mr. Clay as Massachusetts or Rhode Is­ land. Of all ilie great West, that alone remains, with even probabilities in his favor. Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Missippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Il­ linois, and Michigan, six of which stales were carried for Harrison by gigantic votes, will now, most of them, perhaps all of them, go with an equally prepon­ derating vole for Polk and Dallas. it is reasonable to 'infer that this is the same vessel. If so, the little fellow ist havehave been inn his glooravorav and Ic been i his glo and lone- prison for nine days. Such a mi- 3US escape is scarely to be found :ord .—Baltimore American. C lkrical D epravitv . —The charge of seduction against the Rev. Mr. Fair- chi'cl, of Charles'oivn, Mass., has been undergoing an Ecclesiastical investiga­ tion at Exeter, New Hampshire, The testimony against him, if true, sb him uo as a to'ally depraved man. however, pronounces it a wicked spiracy to extort money. He was una­ ble however, either to discredit the girls testimony or to throw suspicion upon her character before she went to reside with The Cnnadii papers state him. The public opinion, both in the tiiere is a good pro.spect of abuip npighburhood of Mr. F ’.s former rcsi-' crops (hroiighoiil tint country, Colton, the author of Lacon, says, some females will forgive a liberty, the defendant V inqui his client.” ! did yourhonoi.” did he sav?” “He told devil.’’ “And what did 1 came to you-’ 1 ?” “ W hy, then iccount to wyer of And wat me to go ;eive the applications of 1 as may wisli to be insured against and damage by fire in their build- loss and damage by fire in their build­ ings, Merchandise, Furr.iture,and every descriptiontion off property-operty- He is now solely do o pr id in the business of Insurai ■ ' ’ 's -hole tir to °which he devotes hi who solicits the favors o f hi; n this village, 01 , Mrs Cliloe Esm Monday evening md, aged 49 years. and he solicits the favors c and the public generally. Surveys taken for those y of the Insurance Com; any of the Int vicinity'. ie applying to ipanies in this by.!” aslu cast,to her bell-lopped led bis pefllar’.s.cart, to‘the Sourlhen States with a lot tin notions.'’ You haint'got five dolii about you /laveyou?” said Jonathan. The young lady “hollered New Grocery. ■T A- PITMAN, 219 State street, Lan- singbuigh,Groceries, Wooden ware, Stone ware, static B r a i n a r d A' C o ’s IN D E P E N D E N T MAIL ARANGE- AIENT. young ’ and cl;he match was b.*(oken right out • off- DviNO.-But the truth is there, bolongs dwellerveller on the boiders of the 01 kingdom of dei and man belie' a peculiar worth, ivosthit^tho whispoiiiig ■of spirit from the inystcrous land reac- ihe ear which bows itself to the m this acounttho wise and iho ; ong o f earth listen silently like disc pies, and piously like little children, the precepts wli’ch arc breathed foi from dying lips. lOOL MASIFll W'ANIBD lady in separating from a uini,ant, gaveave her the folio .NIBD— All lowimr written character “ Madam, Siikey Dayy livedved withith mee wonon yeiiriui'leuriui'i ivenven ful serv g character li w m w y I montlis. cookiii bukiii and is worry henest nDd.shc h.as no sweet arts. •e, sla full a &c &c. irtment of 1 sale for, and itoeks of Tioy- u s s s s a s Troy, Rochester, Buflalo, Portland, and the principal cities and towns in Maine, from Liisini'burgli, Jel; 10, 18-14. Aiidraeum Place. BY C. s. HOUGHTON. 23-5 State street, Lansingburgh. ^^FIE subscriber having fitted up an establishment in the most elegant style, and furnished it with every con­ venience, is now prepared to receive boarders,, and furnish them with pleas nt parlors and rooms ; 1 ccommodations us can be . as good 3 foiin.'I in any other establi-shmcnt of the kind in lli'e country. The rooms in tin's establish­ ment have been constructed in the rich­ est stylo of modern architecture, and furnished ineueha way as to tnake them both comfortable and pi irtable and pleasant, tetl with the Boarding Horn is an extensive and splendid eating house, or “Rostaiirat,” where every-lux­ ury of the season is always to be found in profusion ; with Oysters, Fruit, and refreshments of all kinds. e, s. HOI uhsoribci-, Lansingburgh, May? <'HESTi\UT POSTS Irom 8 to ’ CP 'ong„ for sale low by the Wo ?.15 fc r ’.e-Slreot. ^ F I T C H , FASHIONABLE MILLINARY, ), 231 Slate:Street. llial she has opened a no w Millinary Esfab-* I lia I she lias opened a no w Millinary Esfab-* lishmeiit. at 231' Stole street, wChOre'she intends to carry 011 the businees ip- ail its brunclics. She lioepf s:rd\i'rL' tilee latestatest fashions.ionB. l fash Bonnetts cleanedi ,rf;riaircii apd iFimmedi thehe sliortestliortest notice.otice. at t s n ■She Jias as forcvna»> in her shop pericnced hand, whose work .she o mniond. \Vlulled, a , an apprentice to the Millinury business. Apply as above. Lansinnrbu-rgii,. May s 4 , 1841. i 1 A batio at this offico, FAEI YKS SKS; K r V r . ' ss,sr .TIONJS I’rin S'jj: to their w at' matfiria Printers’ i will be sei o whicii X p o iiii; llie gr-at lain .ti'C hillierlo constant I 'thorn'thorn i\ - in e selves, al O' Ij oont gein-rully tumisli tl ■witli tlie Jobbin; 1311 : -Co so Ihi ’”iposud oneolTl) the payi ih( GO To c .Origini 3 Ii jnezzotir S3 del rri ' Over tl ¥ r fc'ii Vicinity \ S ' ; - Si tl nvil and

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