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Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1828-1828, April 20, 1844, Image 4

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•A«$GCmTION, Eegular t««ietings o f tliis Associa.tion ■>re lield ’on \Monday evening ot eacli| fceek at Temperance H a ll, at 6 i-0 6’- | FAKE, WAKREN, & CO:, RETAIL Dealei la Wines, ^ 8 3 S. D. SMITH, “ *'\*•* j in one iourth ota mile of the rivei, togetlier ' Argots red witii unumber htmdred cords of wood ^,i,nili Assatcetida i ----------- ‘ from the tarm, on the N A T I O K A L ^ I N S C E A N ^ C O M P A - 'M Houses, Stc I8 Barns fiiaroh 2 3 ,1 8 ^ . full . power to issu H. S. TRACT. A Fariii For Sale, o i T U A T B U in! O the town of East-: toil,Washington conn-: ty, three iniJes iidrth e S - ' S mtles from Schaghti- , being^SateA ^^*^**' ores—about 70 aoresThteryale alo.ng tbe river Alod* itid ibout tiO acreB tillable upland, thereiiiain-/A'liiin der ooverfid with timber. On said farm there Annatto ; s r v r s s , \ spared: from the tarhi, on t/i about two hundred hearing rvenierit buildings and .a.good ' the house, and' the farm well ll'fe luildings and A.gooS wetl ot | ] !, and' the farm well wvter- ti lit S f n o t being able to endure hard labor. Suid I Camphor crudit farm can be had for thirty dollars per acre^ 1 Gamphpr rehued with twenty tfive hundred dollars ] aid down, j Captharides BANK LANSINGBVRGH. .'S O ^ ^ M lH ireS S j tneuing year. Stale Agi*ieii]tural Lansingburgh, I • » 5 s a a ^ Lansinghurgh, erha. for sale State street, at the sign of the -AhVU and Sledge. LANSING & HUMPHREY. Lansingborgh, Marobi, 18.14. Hold-haolcs, Stops, Wear irons, etc ,tor sale SM c street at the si^^a of l^e .Anvil and “ ‘ LtA N S im itH U M P H ilEY . liaiisingburg^ii, March 1> JS44- ‘ ' K ' f c f r ' ' ” *- '\i r i L I ' ANDbd CUT SAWS, i i y i Howlands Philadalpliia Vt i and X ciosB saws in Store. For ' at the sigh ot the anvil and sledg Marchlt!, 1844. Two coses nrruuteU Mill ^^ U r c h ld.’lld L March 1 0 ,1S44. ptioii and: sale on oommissit of all kinds oAgricuIturaLirnplemem WoOld taUe_ thieoppoitunity to invite ihant facturers of such articles, to give them a shai facturers ofsuoh article, m w i - S S SaS’SifAXiia., s t s ^ ^ s ^ i s s New Yoijc. Among hicli ' Shellac liver l ^ ^ l S V a Seda Ash iS S S r S S L - ngpna’ Blood Es ot Burgamont j l r t i l Z S . Gum Myrrh DIEWOODS. Braziletto Camwood juslic,C «ba S | £ S - . | “ I I I jFrilft CftrD! .... * Apply to JOSEPH GALDWELt, j o , , . a ‘ J O U M T I S ’l*. a s S L . 0 . iribSoi'Kis™ S'\ S ' S . ! ' r “ ordet. fot tbe ..m e to oliiioai any extent. New Book Stove. S s s s i S g^i pose keeping on hand a general assort- ■ a S S S S t s i An assortment of S tatjosabt Letter and ■ Se':f', 5 ,bl.S‘eS'a.“'''‘'““ \ enamicii _______ ^ With a general assortment of Troy Agricultural WARB-HOirSE, . At 437 River-Street (Nearly opposite the Northern Hotel,) CONSTANTLY supplied with alldescrip* t.ons of approved’’Vamrn1Nm l,tmlii; lachinea at prices to suit the times.—: and machinea at priof Minor & korton’a celebrated Pre­ mium riow.s ; iAivinf:stoHGoimly Plows; Oiiondag .1 County Plows; Wright’s, Starbuck’s. &c &c. | u & . . g S 3 i f S , ‘„ r i ! - Fanning Mills, Steel and Iron Shovels ^ S W s s e s . S p i . 1 | 4 « i , ? ; Corn ‘^hellers, Cliaaic &, Wash Tula, Ro'^tCnlterB, Pails, Slrav; Cullers, Pine & CedarWare, Garden Seeds, by the pound or in smalleb quantities^^^^ WARREN, 437 River-.t. i l S S S r S i f e IE \ “\nesfa\ & e r K m t f n l a c Sarsaparilla Hond PAINTS. I S ' ® - ' Alep | P ^ < * inoil Litharge fine i m Chalk, rubbish ,,...,«i^,’''a s 5 vsa^sja cleansing and filling carious Teeth withygo thereby arsesting the p.rogresB of decay, i rendering them usefui for many years. Mineial Teeth ihaerted upon, the most reas-, onable. terms All operationo both in filling and inserting Teeth, warranted to give com- BAltDKrSSS. Balm of Columhta y V restore it on bald places : and oa | children make it grow rapidly, or oh those.I who have lost the hair from, liny cause. Al* ir try it. Remember this always. Rlieniiiatisin and all Positively cured, and all shrivelled muscles | and Bone Liniment—but never without the! of Comstock 4’ Ho. on it. Boardman & Gray’s P i a n o F o r t e s . reat the improvements are in 5 ‘ caunut be sui o u . . . . . » • ries, the Grand Action Piano Forte, as one decidedly better lor sustaining thi -j, fN pursuance of the power vested in in L by Chaptei 10, of the 1st Part of th :evised Statutes of this Slate, I Georg Brust, Colonel and commending officer of the 262(1 Reginiciil of Infantry of the Mili­ tia o f the Slate of New York, no hereby are wholly prevented, or governed if the at­ tack has come on,, if you use the only true, Hay’s Liniment,from Coins<ock 4- Co- All ires and every thingre ievedby it that ad­ its of an outward application, It acts like charm. U seit. Horses that have Ringbone, Spavin^ and ills, entirely cured by Root Roofs’ Founder Ointment. Mur this al' horsemen. 5-,^sss:..J|figE., \SS.a... June|l-843. ..jsFxai., Roorhs No, 11 Fourth-street, neatlvl opposite ihe Tiioy city Bank, I T H K I * E be mav at ali times be con ^dei learahce to be p ^rteeliy natui 3d w ith g o ld o r tin w h i ViH p r e v e n t further de- ‘ eay througli life, dtnial L S. Delavan, 104 Pier, Albanv : N. Webb, Rouse’s Point, The under”- —-'— The undersigned respect'uliy.solioltn eon Z l ; r '^Troy,\j;ine 1843. reasonable and all operations | iF y n i i k i i n B o o k i3 h i9 e v 0 . 21616 River.iver-st., Over ihe t'ranklhirimMin 2 R Troy. F BoohSlfn and Hart’s, (^for ’ ~ Dailey’s Magical ® « 2 ? S Z ” |S lore-Young ’r . ly Z. Clarh's.) I -lyT H. FRASER, gratefuMor the pat. ' L Y l . ronagewhich has been oxtendeilto him, for the last foul years, respectfully in- forms the citizens of Lansinghurgh ana its vicinity, that he remains at the old and: well known stand, and would iiitorm those who aresuhseribers to Graham’s Magazine, Lady’s Book, Lady’s Gotnp.inion, Parlour Companion, or any other o f the popular periodicals of the day, that they can huve them done .spiti various styles ofbiudirig, and at prices to suit thetinies. Music Books hound in appropriate style Stirap Books and: Herbariums made at “■hort notice to order. F a r e R e d u c e d . Yot k and Montreal Stednihfia* P\!.\ f iiS’c l S ’'*'\'\*'' t h e LAN Is Pfitile lesday, nesday. Office TERM payable h N o ,paj rearages ; A fail a virillbeGoi m ust be p .0 = Ye m mR \m m A t S t printed,in with the a peisan 4e. i : , g m Paper Hai River-st. m I I | al the same 1,\?irfurU.eVn;> ‘'•“\•'\“S E r IS; The boats of this line are built of iron, in . As there is no :c .L a ., ,eu minutes, and no I'ailure. it will cureij Lin’s spread plasters A better and more nice am! useful article i never >van made. All should wear tliem regularly. Lin’s temperance nciple of substituting the tonic in lulent principle, whici. NEW VOLUME OF GOODEY’S LADYS BO' I J(}!: OK, JS43. ol. unless oUierwise agreed in.sured at very Tow rates. For (roighl or p-issage, Inning hand. Juno T s i ’-T* River and .Slate sts , ’fro on the principle the place of the l l i p i g 5 - - S S i i , s ? LOOklNG-GLASSES, Portraits, and Pictures framed in Gilt jo h n ^ n ^ h IT S m a n , ■^C * 265 Stale-street, would respectfully i a inibrin his patrons and friends, that he 6 prepared to manuracture either Looking- Glass, Portrait and Picture Frames in every varioty of s tyle. He has in his employ, a dc'roitlefroin New York, a first rate work­ man, able to make every kind of nice G ilt Ho also continues the House and Sign Pniiitirrg, Glazing, and Paper Hanging bus­ iness. Orders promptly executed. A share of public patronage is i full, s okeitod. Hi* tetins are cheaper than the cl Laiisiiigburgh, Augiust lO, ifi-'S. M»™rA'sr;,rib'!,,'?r’p.,e., Pumps, for wells and cisterns— quality improved and prices The immense number of these Pumps in use, and the univereal celebrity which they have obtained where they are best known, are now d omed sufficient reference. B j ” As a caution inregard to iimilar kinds of ;'umps in circuUtion which have not my label upon them, the pipe and wooden parts of which being made of Whitewood, and . , some of them Of Cucumber-Wood, I deem it e I proper to say, that all the wooden pipe of my 1 manufacture is selected from ’ ’ ' ’’ T o commence w iih July, Original Paintings by the first Mas ters of the A rt—(triginul De­ signs — Original Si alter We offer as follows:— 1 copy Lady's Book and 1 copy ofGodey’ Cenlre'lableOrnutiient, ciintaining tSelegan lotint and steel Eng-avings, for l^lt. tm m 'im e io lime and place a s alia li b( 262(1 Regiment. g...‘!!rssS’- eeDr Lin’s s ig. ' nature, thus:] Doctor O. C. Liii, M D V w effectually cure sick keadache, either finthe Nerves or Billious. Hundreds o mies are using TV PE Reduced Prices, T S K J 'an^Sif& ^ -S „...i c«^av4»f\*trn<»'T?'f»nnilrv. p.»rner ervos or Billious. u it with great joy. R . I I t ’S t l i x l i ’ o f K c a f i k I lorlhe certain prevention o f FEVERS or any general sickness, keeping the stomach in perl'ert order, the bowels regular, and a de ' termination to the surface. Colds, Coughs, pains in the bones, hoarseness, and Dropsy aie quickly cured by it. Know tins by try . . .a d y ’s B o o k a J S i r X ^ : : ! ? i ji; B dt iSsIH-si The Cenlre-tahJe Ormmient ia the HrsJ oi' tile kind tliut has ever orig'inritoci in country and, orcouree came from tlio ofliei of the Lady’s JJooit, tiom wlience ull o U um designs and ui«aw wer/» pjed V’e have n o w iiiL J i d ten original Paint, ingsj ou tJie m o st celebrated artists oHUv , F ? b ',A „ \ ! J ,f S h {—and Raritiin Cana — ,3 ------------ - — aSiTlirough in tw . and » uaiidays. and no l aiishipment. on Steam b o a t JLine. One oftiie steamers of this t.ine will leav* for Philadelphia twice a week until fnrlliei notice Freight taken on the m ost reason* .(ble terms, anti \.l! roason-.ble eb.irges paid 'll coo-ls destined for Pliiliidel|ihia. Ship. ;>ers will find ii (,> ihei. advantage by ship. ,>ing by (hi.s -oute, aaitistbe ebt-Epest ar ‘ lU r f i v p ] , | 4 2 public in ’’ | : r : t r IS advant lUte, aaitistb e cbt-Epest and iinat expc-ilif ions noae of transportalionever lilered to t;,e ,,nblic. I’ackc' .tgenuic.s W hite P ike , heart - stupf , free from sap , and being boiled and well saturated in a re­ sinous ccmjjosition, is v sped a superior arlicie- warrsnted m every n ¥ w & N . 4 3 r l U v e r s t . T-f-oy Agricultural VVeiehouse. G l d F s t a b l i s l i c e i P a « S i |{ ^ c t ^ F F I C E . For Cabin, second Cabin, and Steerage Passengers, from Great Britain and ■m. mauulact red at CONA’EK.’S Unite a r j iK 'C 'r K W bejiad at T wenty per cent , keuuction irom 'The undersigned respectfully inform ' old Patrons of the Type and Stereotype loun dry, formerly known as .fames Conner s, and more reoenti y as Conner and Cot'* «- and the public in gensral, that they execute orders for f j o r n s .—The French Plaster is India Hair Dye Colours the hair any shade you wish, bul a r s a p a rilla„ loundExtracL 'The I'ls Printer.s’ & Binders <Ey.lRVClJOtl.^C. IV3 River strctt willreceive Good Wa.Ts. Merchandi and Produce, a forward pror. plly •% r p ; iL still^ i Nos. 29 and 31 GOLD Street New York. re inviiecf te’c^U n d examlneYhetri. Ireland, No. G1 i^outli .Strcol, New York. B subscriber con- JL tinues to make en­ gagements in this city for I nssagcs from l.iverpool, of persons residing in Eng­ land, Ireland,Scotlanu and Wales, wlioii) Ihetr fiiends send for- The ships comprising this line il every week, they are all ol first class, coppered, and American built, commanded by Gkiltul and careful men, and the frequency and Luality qf their departuie, prevents ?,..r “ * nd every other artide iiece»ea plele Printing Establishments; .terms and of as good qualii) other eelablii-hnient iu the linilec lock’s. )ou will fiud it sup( others. It does no uequire puilii Dr. in’s C elestia! IS aim of S & | £ S S ’l l Borders, Cuts, Brass Rule, articles .oanulaetured at the all other reduced L tth! h for extracting el ^ — r ----- „ e face and tee for extracting all soreness, and coun-' erastinj the cflfecls o l eafomel on the tcetli end gupii, bii 6 rojt(»'ing them to pecfecl \ o l d by ADAM THORBURN, general a- gejit, alNo.OD Congress,street, Troy, and by ih e pEoprietor, at his dentist office, 1!83 Siata-Siree fhansingburgh. punctuality o f their departuie, prevents the heavy expenses which olten occur by delay in Liverpool, particularly as agents ol the first N e ’.v articles got uptoorderon being fur- 2 9 V . JExpectordni. Will prevent oi-cure all ineipient consump tion, Coughs and Colds taken in time, am is a delighilul remedy. Reincinber the nam friends, may lely that every aUentmii wtll be ' given by them fo-promote the ooniiorl ol'lhe passengers. Steamboats are leguiatly run. lingdo Liverpool /roin_Uio vtiriou^ ited for the ser- aee and’the mat icularly adaptet ,ei Trinting. tereoiiping fun .TAMES CONN'ER & SON. N. B. Such Newspapers as will copy the above three times, will be eniitled to pay in, It is maue, partic vice in Newspape: All kinds ol Stereoiiping furnished to froni Liverpool to New York is now consbie I --------- rably reduced. Drafts to any amount to ASSIGNMENT NOTICE. TO K N G. SW E T T , having ibis <Iay made an Assignment of hjs property band effects lo the undersigned, in (riist for tlie benefit of creditors, all bavilvg d-amands against hint quested to pioEciit the same, persons indebted to'him arc i to make immediate payment t )Ut further noth Chestnut Posts. «t Ur.«* wtUr. .. i3s. r O t* ‘ 4 jriiost t«asoSo**terms. requesledii fi'tn wilt be’liquidated by the undersigned. ubs(fiiber.No Lansingburgh, May ? ) 1843. e.visting un- } a delight jul retnftdy. »d get Comstocli’s. Koluistock’s Torniifngc Will eradicate all worms in children mr a dulls with a eerluinay quite astonisbing.- it is the same as that made by Fah itock and sells with a rapidity almost inet f libie, by ComBtoek& Co., New York. T o o tl i D reips. KLINE’S—cure eSec- Entered according to act of Congress tn Wit year lb42, by Cometoek & Oo , in tlu Clerk’s office of the southern dlstrici t By applying to our agents in each towt and village papers may, be bad free, show­ ing the most respectable names in tlie coun I try ibr tlrese facts, so that-no one can fail to' 'believe them. Be sure you call for our articles, end not: be pu*. off willi any stones, that others art as good. Have tiiese or none, should e your niofto—and these never can be tn '■ t h e “floe’’ Trinting Frets .Vlacbine and j a Baw Manulactory, in consequence ol the addition of-new and improved mauliinery to their work, and the reduction in tlie cost o f materials and labor, arecnabled gre.itly to reduce-Ibe prices of,tbeir Presses, ami ol Trinters’ and Binders’ nialcrials gpiierally as will be seen by ibcir newly printed circular, to which they beg leave lo refer. This establishment is under the personal superintendence 0 1 Richard M. Hoe and Rob­ ert Hoo, and they afsiire their friends and t .e public gPiieralii tliat notivillietandilig the great reduction in prices, all art cles manulactured by this eslabllsiiment shall retain the high reputauoa ivliio:: they have bitberto BUstained. It will also be their conslantendeavor toimp-ovc the quality ot them in ever pjartieinar They flatter thcin- selves, also, that t)io r ild Irieiios will not o”lj continue their layers, but I bat Primers’ generally will appiecio c their endeavors to furnish the very hestar .icies at barely remu- I nerating prices. I Orders iron any pn»t of the country lor all articles'used by Crinters or Binders, imlu- Ci-.g Type, Ink, Fape-, &c. will be executed with the greatest care and promptitude, and on the best terms. Jobbing w'ork and repairing will be done •at l-lm lowest possible pri. es, with every at- ‘-Mitionand expedition, K, B All articles manufactured by this Jtablishraenl will te stamped R- UOE & s irom abroad may not be iteisr':- Newport, New Ltndon, Sir;s; 'I K ir\’\'\ n nn/ollierplac( receive eonsqnn.or.iE o f a r c l. up'.n the Ccnals or Lakes, o Boston, ProvJilcncr Baltimore, Alo,\aiidiii:. Uichmomi, *'‘w :il also .. r tiny port Large and commodious storage always ready, and co-ninission solos made with prj.iiiptuf 8s. 'I roy Way 15, 1843 the TruiJiPes ol* the village r Lan- tjinjrburffh for the detection onU viclion of The niccndiiiry who rnufcd the re in this viUnjre on the niolit of *!io 2<I o Juneiiut*. VValter Ciiijniian, Clerk. Lnrivinpbiirg-li. .lime 5, 1 843. s : ; : iS hberal | tion, an p e d ^ . f tlie^ LA iN S lN G B U E G H A C ^ E M Y T ' r ® l r iE Summer term of ibis Ihstiiiit* on WES Cl iiimenced on Thursday 4th b 1 Mr. f). T. Grinnolda-fs engaged a i Ei- establisbra Co so that persoi.s irom abroad may not be imposed upon with spurious articles, made Trinters ofneivs) Trinters of newspapers who will publish Uiis unveuisenient with this ncte, three times before the 1st or July next, and send rnc of their papers to us, ivill be entitled to the payment ot their bill on buying four times the amount. pAvr ifinsingiiUTgli, JHnuary Lansinghurgh, June 14, 184s. ’ t° 3 a &AKgSfet.| SflltOl IKHIKS, Sdiool Hewarris, Toy Books and other arli. c es pertaining to feliools. From an experi. tnte o f several yciirs in the School Book trade and troin tbe facjHtieS oftered us by pulilisli- ing,we con supply goods in our line at whole­ sale or retail as low as can be bouglit in any CT' Country Mercliants and teachers are cs- p e e i a l l y i n v i t b d t o e ^ a ^ ^ a ^ n ^ ^ ^ JusticesBlRnks Xbr sale nl this office I Constable’s Blanks for sale her . A lUi* office. Hi' *,(11 p _ _ _ _ _ s k .” ?r.sf Ms

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