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The Adirondack record. (Au Sable Forks, N.Y.) 1908-1920, March 06, 1908, Image 7

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- .· '' •. I .... .. , ... ,·.~· .. -1re·- · · · ~~A~ •. ~ ' ·- ·~~~,. ·4·· .. I ' it\s-<if~ ·or····D01lll bel~JA\ Prt!ltill._t; l'railier . • few ·--.,, .. -·--,.- ~ •u••m~blle, ;~t~M. '· · . Boiler:: : ' -~ . ' .. INSURANCE OF-· ALL KINDS. Forks, N.Y. Phone 8L REAL ESTATE ' Agency. R9al El\ta.te bough1 sold 8-tld ron.ttd, Sevora.l ~•nn•, llotels, . a.nd VIII••• lle1idenc•• n.ow on our IJ•t. ' Tltt ... eearc~ed and llUaranleed. · Lo&.nl made e.nd pro• cured. E~ey .T1rm1. FRED E. TRUMBULL, A-usable Fork.N. Y~ .. frie~d• ;u;~&.y .e'te!l~, Jl!iiCarc!Jh 1, •h~ oc~l(ln ~lhg b ho:Doit.l rap:idlJr~p,~.tng . ~hlr~nth btl~~)'. • . ~-~mora w~re ~IIDtn• ·~l)::tlhia west .. tllai- •he a}jv.Qinment ot. . . the ~.q~ter o~·-11!0'1, \!Vit~. Jl?i!·~~ir for ·the oomiilg term bad . . _ 9f Dep~ty w_. 'W{,. Staub Q184~ bu$ no f*'ts biTe come· to· Bntra.lo, 'i®reased theb:- me~p.l;l_!l)f_Bliip oo~ing l!aln~ . - ' ll7.'new meinlle2s wl.!J~A;~~le'd e. • ..C *-· · George Smith·has &lre&d:t giYen membership •and ,won.t~ ~a.&~ . 1f'~ :Ia. a ... new a.uto- •· n~be;r ·9f te!Jts whicq . Concel't piano which -~hey are he.t way ·tJUoup tb.e · bir.ve·been ,ent~ly • than plea.Sed with. On ~ebruazy \ __ ,_,;:;...- After .. ~uu PUIIIU.asl aae car'ta a ~aO.me one, amUn th~y h~ld a banquet in honor {)f P:l~t.Gi .. A ~a in tiM .fr~. ~Q\1!\ - . -wa~ 11w \lm. · Tu pof!sesses ~Y points of merit. winning. .the piano, Grea.t Oonmiande~ J¥iau reellid.: up ·w. lloe Mabel Snow g~e ~party, Monday J. :a. :McDonnell, and G).oe.a't R: K. J~ An ~m~ wiUl a av~ning to a. nmnber of her :triends. lil. Dewey, of Eulfalo, were · tQ.oll:· ms place. After- a very enjoyable evening of and spo~e en¥:ctainingly on P<)in{s Mile~ •cLwt .. wu1 caa~, games and dancing, refreshments pertaining to the O;rder. Depuf!y W,: ilandl.c~pf l.5 teet 1 M\'\. Me-- sezyed. -All :ceport a Vtll'Y good tillle. W. ~taub of Buffalo,. was presept as . ja· n!)W' ·~ng. :Mr •. M-cLva.ll..'' No. copies of The Record can be .the guest of honor and. the tent·in a.p· 11.\. h?9-ted to eltller side. : • purchased a.t this p:ffice. The paper preciation <Jf ·his services p;resented Th~. girl 1n brown watched tha will be on saJe at the newsroom in the him with a fine umbrella with his !J;>iQr carelessly. When ;Mr. McLeau Bosley Block after this we'ek and name suitably in~oribE!d on the handle. <appelj-red \she gave a . sudden ·aeart copies may be secured there. This Members were present from tents in 'and h~r dark cheeks llnsted. Then she leaned more llrmly on tb,e b!Ulk, week •they will be distributed free. the s111Toimding coUAtry. ·:Members her cbin 1.n her ha.hds: ~ What might have been a more 'ser· from .A. usable Forks drove there in or· Mr. ).{cLean advanced, unrealed ions al).to accident occurred to Mrs, der to b~:present at the J:!_au~u,et ~tl his line, made a few preliminary IJ:rQ- James Rogers and daughter Je11nette, all reported a fine timt>. tiqns and 11.odded unconcernedly t~ while at Albany. 'llhe <iarranagainst trpper Jay t~t. No. 81j, have in tho 'titoe•keeper. Jlehind bl.m·, eaaer- a telegraph P.ole throwing the occu- past few months increased their mem- ly · W.a:tcb1ng hi~ prowess, ~rou~heli p8llts out and nearly destroying the to quite 1111 extent and have a his swOJ\fi: frielld a,.nd ally, Dr: Mu- C¥· No t~erious illjuries were receiv- number more y.et to join. They have well, muttering encour~ement alld ed. · purchased-the :necessary articies to ba e~eer. i · ..,..A very pretty wedding accuned used in the initiation. Tll,e new rij;ual .Again. and a&aJn M.r. McLean oast. on Tuesday Teb 25 when Miss is giving tho !>~st of satisfaction to all The crowd,· a1otent.l-ve, edUcal, a.p- . . • · · • . who ha.-~e.seen 1t used. On Fobrna.ry »lauded. 'rhe &1~:1 w·ateMtl, ~t \'Vtoi J\enrue B1uley and lir. Wm. Oaise, of 14 the tent gave a social hop which jtli!Ver le&Ymg !.Um. At !Jw;.t 1w ~~ Burlingtoll, were united in marriage WIIB very muoh enjoyed by llll p:cesent. 'to becOJ:De ooiUIOlQ~-s. li1a. e,yu at the Holy Nanie church Rev. Father They i~oidently \netted a. snug sum wandered f!l'om 'tiQe mM'lr.er& ~Wid hJ.s 0 '0 ..., · ,_ Th' tor theU\ general fnn-1. OJlD.or oouolaiu.og. . e happy con- Old Wliitofacc Ten~ No 730 of arm lo4t some· of 1UI &te&4ineaa. 'l'~ ple lefs on the afternoon train for a Au~ble Forks. on January :.~7 moved airf amilecl alowq. short wedding trip, 1\fter wlUoh ·~ey into their OWil l\ooms and in honor of Auc1 $b~n he -.w ller. ller b~O'Wll will reside a.t Burlington. tho occasion sened a banquet to its •Jte looked U.ea,4ll,y lllto h1a meii$.- .A.a a number of persons have ex- members, one of the tinf:lat t~ey ~d blr ~ look ..,-!jlf-a frulk •. ever given, abd the. comm1tteea m u \\ ... d. u _ .. •- pressed a desire to see ow ~ew 81m- charge oei\tainly deserve great !!~edit. Gil, .,...,. oue ra ·Ill lilllrv.,.. - • plex typesetting msohine we have de- On. February 3 the tent sel'ured tho Dl41 1 ~\w.ll~~ ... ~ . ·.,t~ ta 8 , Ia. ).H. cided to extend to evel\Ybne an invita· services of Deputy W. W. Staub of \\·-- _ &I r -'\,_ • ~ -.. _ ; __ • • · . Bnfralo, and up to Marob 2 had ad- ,_.JI. loii.Jln& to Mt ...... ~~t tlult ,..y- tlon tQ _()all Satpr.d.ay it.t.t~f!loon and see mitted 27 now members with still a .. llmmer wlan a. had. \ell lt tQr ~ ~ll s.ame in operati~n. The represen· number. JllOfjl .to ~oin. ' On February fb\at u4 Olli)\ UIQ.e. •. 'l'hu U lwl.. ts.tiv'e of The Unitypo Oomp1111y lias 3 the_.~t divided its membership a.lld loOked at him from Jlo ~FiiUlall ~ kindly 'llomented• to remain !or tho stnrted a. contest known as the Reds areen bushel &lid JUlW lt 1u•l1 \~ · _., anrJ ;Blues, with Andrew C&SI!a.voy cap· . ' · M!!!MN•M~~•!Yn!fl!!Y.I!!IMMiff e'\ftreas PtiJ\POSe u.r. de_monstrating the tain of th& Reds lind James Hopkins am.o.uc llundre~ ot other laces, 'Ina. machine to anyone mterest.ed. 'l'be on!1tain. of the ]3lnes. T~le l'Ontest lt ~u 11Wl the .s•me-. ~· ha:d Il-liG n:iaOhine wlll be in operation. from one WAA for.n.ew m.embers imr\ was til f'X· f~JJowJD( a wbl.dinl( brook am.Ollii to flvo o'clock and a.11 are moat cor· pire Oil'll!:'lroh 2, the. P,efeated side to the Naw Hampahtre lillla, mak4~ a A. (. JACQUIS AUSABLE \FORKS . Eastman t Kooak ···-AGENCY. VIGtor l,OGK ano Saf6 Go.~ . Catalogues on I Application~ D. & H. Mileages ht and sold. dially invited t.o caU and inspoot tho serve ~resbmeuts t.o \the w'!nnen. ~eault9,r.v eaat now and ~~11. Whill . ~ The Bl es were defeatecl..AUd on Mon· aud·d-'-'~ aro\~d b nd. ..... \•d \o·m ... II!I.Dle. Sohool children will call from dny evening of this weak servotl ro· ·· ......,, ..- 11 e \\ ,.... • '\ four ta•flve. o'clock only. freshml\nts which were very muoh en- UllOD ll~_r. She Wlls aitcf.ng O». a/!ill!ll:, · \ • 3 · oyed by all pre•out · her .blue gingham. skirt held cate- The Record is by ~&r the best me; · · fully about her knees her teet da> dinm of publicity for AuRable Fo:ckb bltpg, in the cool wate'r. lie t~m- n.nd vicinity. This is rather a bold ·Want:•d H·ia 8n•re, bered no\V her err of di:smay wheu statement' but \figures wont lie,\ aut! At th~ dedlt'atlon oJ n monlliD~tnt In she had seem.bim, and how she fled we l'nD truthfully sn.y without fear of Nt>w York re~e11tly two guns or n nn· !rom the rock and~ \1p the ua.nk. eontrndiction that. we have tll~ l!u·gust tlounl~:unrd field battery were ordered ~ut once among the bnsh~s she had bonn fid01, }Jwd in 11d'nU1ce l'ir<'nlo.tiun to nre the unttonnl snlu.te of twen.._tJ· tur~ed nnd laqghed at him, _£VOll as any neWS}la.per or JWrlodicnl, that I one auns. After tile twlinty·llnrt clJarge sh~~raughed now. , is being distributed at this plaro. . i'nd been exploded there wns n momeD· • Allan, for~eaven s sake~ w~at. is A r~>pf\[sontn.tive of the Recor•l ·will 1 ary p11use, and one Gf the guiUiors or· lit. Hdsave yo seen a giiokt · l\lnoty 1 11 I' u U.d t' M rl f I clered llllothur shot rammed heme B.lld s~con gOlle, man. and the1 e ,rou ca. on p<'l ver lSl'rs on ay o stand Wh!>l aUs you •\ each week to sl.'<'ure changes of ad nnrl tile triG'ger pulled. The otllcer in charge I D . M---':eU. 1 . \ hi lll ~ . . ot the tirin& r~Dlled up a.od demnnded r. \\\\ s vo ce recalle... lii 121 we w'onlu n.pprccmte the eourte~<y 1f r th ,.. dl , ___ I to his- surraundiugs · He squared his · u1 rom e o~ou ng gunner lUI ezp-·· · advertisers wo d have ch~g1•s of tlon. \Well. the oilier gun llrod ulev~n sh_9ulders, stepped forward and'ro.Ls- oopy ready at th11t time. It 1s ue<-cs- !Vlots, Blld 1 w~aan't go!JI:;: to let thllm ed his arm. But he gould ·see o~y sa.r;v for u.q to econumlze as mu('h. a· bn'l'e anythlni on Ill!.\ wJU bla repl,1. the girl's ta~e. and Ills band shook. possible and tlus kin<lness will':tnn.ter· The !wok flew out-far to one side. i&lly $Slst us in thts respect. Queer R•corlla.. A glrl's shriek rang through tha The \alue of a cauntry newspaper In lrle:ltlcu and Peru the anclel:lta aUllAess. \fhe girl ill bNwu pressed depends iarg1lly on the quantity and nsed, a C!Ord about rno te-et lxr length her ha.JI.d lo her c~eek and took It 1 . • 'ts 1 1 \t d '\'\11tl t ltl I •. a ... ~. ... aw~. dr~plq; wltll blood. 'l'hen qua 1~ Q• 1 ~cm news 1 .,ems an - Y apun · rom.mu 00 •J.e ...... rea ...... she quieU;r sUd dQwn on the ba.llk. nearly every resident weekly !mows of and to wWch a number of awn.Uer Mr. Allllll McLean dropped his rod a number of ltBppenings that wo\\ld be threads ;were attached, like a fringe, and lea.pell from the pier. Dr. Mu- tt> keep a record· of' evmts. Thls wns interesting 1md whioh might be mis.,e<l called 11 qiJipo. Each eolor of trwg~ weU · waa a elose seoond. Cries and by our local writer. We wonld be denoted a . certain thl.ng. Sometimes commandS· ftlled. the <air. ]j)r. Max• pleased ta ·have every reader fnrnisgh white stood tor peace and red for war; welfl,u<$'hed. MCLean to one· side and us with any news which he may havP In other records white stood for silver U:f,ted 'the girl. Ile made a qulek !llld until we are more fllllliliar with und yellow ~or gold. These cords con. examination. ~ locai events the same will be great!~ tJtltuted a register or births. deaths. \Stand . .bn~k,\ he shouted, \don't ~ appreciated. mnrrluges, pdpolnUon flt to bea.[ nl\Dls orow(l-l~·s ilnly a llesh WGund. She's the newsroom to distribute gratuJ. ~es. to hEli\Ba!f tbere WBS a hospital drel'S- I Arrangements have ·been made al ·Jr. the stores ID..the government mn~o· fainted- that's all.\ Wilen she came . 1'1 lng on her ~ace and a strange young WJIIiM~rnllm&~OOi!m!rlllil~illlli!S'i1!11m~ tior,Iy-ooplPs of t1lis week's Be!'ortl mall bending over her. to all who may rlPsire to nall for t.lu A Careful Scot In the Strand. \Oon't tf; alarm.ed .. ~ou're all Cooper & Palmer Ausable Forks same. We sinC'.erely regret that ow He wns 11 Scotsman. nnd he held \Up right. It•s n most dlatressing a.cci- first isime is 11ot of ll more newsy char- the trailic In a busy pnrt of the Btn1:nd dent. but I .was fortuu~te enough to actM\ but som~ of our mabhinary dir. tlll a policeninp came along to move_ be on hand wth my kit, aad I don't not arriv~ until late Moudny afternoon. him 011 • \Look here, my man. you belie- e it will leave a very bad scar. It> wa.-< n~t until TnesUay that- tluf'sa·nl must not ~~Y thet·e. ;ou ar?. blocking 1 can't tell you how badly my friend WJ\S in opera-tion which lP.ft nH littk the traffic. ;, \Tha~ fl rlcht said th~ feels. He will neveJ: cease to regret time in \hir-h to do our typ>'g&ttiug Scotsman, but I \\e lost threepence: hig clumaJness. And now if you wlll We howt>vPr lm,ol arlvt\rtised t1· t·om· \Move on, ·1 s:ty. You cannot hold up meuce publi<'atinn thl' fust week ii .. ·· · I tell me where you live, my aulo is Marf'h a111l, knnwi'Ug thP \'alne of arJ. the traffic. \But what ~m 1 tal! dne at the door and l'd better take you ' vprti;~ing aiul ii:t fulfilling;rbn·t:rnl'ts,•vl for my .threepcnc£?~\ qnened the son or i home,.. • - \\\ , deterOlined to do t 1 Il' best ... we I'Onlr Caledonia.. ''I\ll look for the three- I \You're very kind,\' she answered •. unrler tliP C'irl'nm~tan<\es. We heJ:'l>b~ pene:e and return it to. you if you call in a shak voice , H • tty l:.l + put forward a ~hl'et with all the alJiol· again.\ said tbt> pollt'ettlnn, and the, iv e Y, · · er pre c n f ogiE>s of tile s~a on anrl urg~ the [•ou '!lcotsman .departed reassured.-:West·~· qu e.r ~- It .was 1 !JIY own fault. I + ,i•IPratiou nf our reaue:c::~ until oke ar 1 •minster G.ni:ette. · . .,. !>honldn t have tried. to make him ·'· duly {ruder way. . Io:>k at lne. I'm Margaret Perry, \You're rather a young man tQ be and I'm stopl)ing with my aunt.\ The Republi<\an ('leut.()rs·of the towJ. left lu l'harge (}f n drug. store.\ said She named the address. \I'd like of Blank B:cook lll'e·reque$U>ci to ·mee· -the fussy old gentlemnp. · \Have you to go home. pl'ease:• ID CU.UC'US i:u...tlig basem!'nt of .tJ]/i•boUsr IJ,UY dlplomu ju It ;was really SUrpriSing .hOW IDaiiJ' PR forml'rly d<>rnpfed liy Dennis Gpno, i) \\Vhy-er.. slr.\ replied tbe dl\llg calls Dr. Maxwell was obliged w . ,\CHCAL ffOUSE PJ\INfER~ t11E> vma~e rif Alli!aole For'K.~. N. \· Y. C'fertr·. \buCh have -~~ pt·.·plu'aiiotfOf ·roa.rur ~o ·be-·absolute1Y\ certain:-that · PAPER HANGERS. Decorators and, Uphol~t~rs. • OJ:\. Saturnay, Maroh 7 ,\ 11!08, at : our' ow~ that's just ns good.''-Phtla- tt.at flesh wou:dd was healing •PJ!tl- o•dor·k p. m., f.or tlw pjlrpO~f\ o delphia P~ess, ·, ;~e% And when it was healed n~ ele•;ti 11 g delegate~ to a RHpubli('a• sPemed prbfes...\'ionally interested i:D ~ty Conv€:tition, to be held at t.hr P<lor' Grinctstpne. the ~car. . \ · Court H~ ;,ilnlle ility of Plattsburg The · minister. with his ll.ttle. son When. Miss Perry returned to New ff. Y. ,\Maieh 24, 1!){·8, at·2 .Oc'elo!'k 1J .'harles. was rallhi~LQn lltLOIIl parish·\ ~alillJshlre, Dr~ Maxwell sent and re- m., whi<'fi is called for the p'urpose o .uner. who poured her tl'Ollbles into ·hili celvedc~dally bulletins . ....-: .-.~ . . . . ·. . .A 'year later M·r_ Allan, Mc.Lean 1:-I-'P.'If•Ptiirut r]p)paatt>> to the Htate \illll <ympatnlzlns ear, ending with tbe re· . .., 1 ted ,.. . b t · dd. 1 \' _ .. , . . . owe a a.. es ma;;u at a ·-we .ng vent,ion. a.lsfl dl'le~ates f.o the Distrir .nark •. I \ e bud my nos~ held .to tlle tn ~~w Hampshire. The b~ide had I Con;.rresSirinal ConvEmtinJI, anil tr ~rindstOUl' ror tblrty Yl!fll'!r.\ a: scar on her~1ceft ehllek '' trru.s.tdf AUf'h othPT buBillPBfl as rna.: Charlie,- \\·ho bnd ~~n l~oklng in· Attffir \the ceremony sh?t'urned ta I propPrly o.•lh!i befo~B- ~al<l . mflcting. -<>trUy u~. ~~~ ~ld_}ad.r. brsmntl~ re· the b'est qan. . .. ,.. · , I Call at tire ne\;t~to ·m in the Bosl~': uarlrect. '\'\ell. 1t hmm t worll the mula \Allan she. s.aid; laughh:i.g, \I !'>: ,>. . Bl k f~r-rtopi~>'l of this wet•h's R('e >Ut-Ile. end of It off yet;!' ·• f.'hink_}'ve J'!llrgiV'Em yqu for t11at uu- 1 ~en•s for thE> bPst a.s w-ell nR or · ~ · · \- _, furt.tna.te <;ast of yours. \Itt flll't,\ -' h . · . \lr•' y 0 p~·.k:--ie>n s, livin~ 'n otlH· Hl!d Seen Tl1ere, . t 0 ,< 'hPapp~t, of American' aucl +...- .• ;·• ~ 11.:: m . 11 . 1 0 a t· ·w t • \There is uo doiJ.!Jt •• Auld. the 'stuCe:nt l. 1 oliillg up at' her husband, ··'I'm not F.;,.,,:r.., \viLli P•per · ;J: o--liPr :e<· ·'\ ·S:.' \' . ,- · · •f raw,_ \tllut IDiJUY 'p_eo,J;le b;n,e lw·en_ ;:nre but ,that I .sl}all thank you for It w • • ll'l tl• P. • . . \ ' . ' •· ' ' II I't• .. M .. l . . • 'I' 1 ' uprisouC'U. alt~o11g~ l!luoel'nl of any • a my .e. - rs. ~am Moses. .'·'': • ' \' ~ni~h<>d 0'0 n.Jl .Toh 't l\fl\S. C:Qilsby (hu~ging OOJ;J-(, dmi't ' . \ ' , _.;.- • · · · , 1 · · . . ·.. . '' ' · ·t' kno 1 1· ~-l•<·t•, ~-~·re/ \oiu\ to 'flo u!Joat '\ .':_t~·,;,w·t_ll~.t l_>y·· ·su_·u:.· e:.:t\~I_'ieU<·e· .. ' ; \t Soot· Pr6dtiQfion. ' \· Al>so Carciotgc Pailll\ 'i' \ \ \\ ., \' . ~ .:- poor. d:II\llng F'h!o. . , · '\Y()u dou't. ~:r.y so:. Let's lla ,.e tile· tf is f.m.ll:.ulnted t.qat :London p1~o-. \· .,.,. 'l'•ickly an'l'l In 1il'st-clas!' \'j Jllr. Gn!lshy-Why.,.whnWtils hln'l? . fo!;i<'\ . · :. . . ducos fi1J',1l:'oo tons. ef ~soet, year1y; · t :\1t'f'. 1:adRl•Y .· !tn ~Jll'i·\:_J-Wl}~. . ·:nwrl''s.llp stm·y to lt. ,.,.m!'l•e)r }md Wliic~,. :\v.onld be wQrth·.!ls fertilizer : .,. haYrn·t·~·oti nptlcetl. ho_~ t~l'n,ttiY iru- l:J.,lP ,f_ruu 1ucl;; !Q li!!~dJ·uwni!Ii a~~·eral-J~!rt .$~!ffi;OOfi,.. ~re are a;lwfl.,\\9 ~<+·H··\'·. • ' _ ·;~ - . ~, wr 11 -; 1ic-til·ro~s w)lcnevar .tllP !Jn'IJF, J1li'ii'i<fffilt_wm• lrll'k<•ll t;p.._u\:ermght,\ 50 ~pus pf soot susp~nded above l.nn.. .. ·.·+i-+ .... ~+~++·H·+++++++ cric~?~P:{clt. .: eA-4GI,H.IO~ ~ eJ!•gr;~J,ll.. : ~.01J,lp tll~ fprm o.f smokfi!. . ; . I . • ,, . ', J. . 'f _,.. ~-?>\ _..,;/\ .n •' ' ~J -\ . . .. ·c::.--·-•.-- .J......-~~......:...-- .... ---..:. --~ ~ ~· . '· ,. AtiS4Bll SU PlY .«t \ \ ,~,y-' ,, l - W ~ \are showing our · S>pring line 'Of White. Mus· lin .S~irt Waists and suits. We were never in a bet· ter posi tibn to fill all your req uiremerr ts in this line of mere handise than '(' now. 4 Every woman is attracted by. distinctive style, fit and general natty\ appear- ance . We have them in two .styles long sleeveP, open· in front, short sleeves open in back. Prices frQm $1.00 to $5.00. ' . , . And Dame fas~ion says ~HOf£, they ar~ as be a.utif ul as ever. .With sever~ go 1rl n:ochh ~o ~t>ler t from you may be RUJ e of making a sati..~fal·tQl'y !!del'tion, al!!o sure of two oth 'l\ et::Sei;tti-aJs i l a ·j e-llly .go~d Sho~ style ani fit. fou are eerta.in to fh d these and morP, in o 1r ne': Spring line of tan. Pumps and Oxfords\-- · Tan Pumps with leather bows Tan Oxfords, button oi' lp,~e ' We wa I t , v ry boy and girl · in town to\ c:IJlaw a picture of the. Naza.reih waist. .... .. ,. . $1.50 to $2.,50 $1.50 to $2.25 You don't have to be a 1 artist as the contest is (on mt·u tc boys )md girls n~t ov1 r 14 y~ars o1cl. 'I'h ,..1 is one PI the u lilY sk~ tc1es drawn by a little c us omer a '~Yl days 18'0 ~ ... ·• fhl-'re arf> flt.OO JH~lr.P~. He is suh~ to}' in onP, so is every ne thut en~e ·.;; ~~osk y()ur · Il other about t..,P ~aza eth wdst, th·n eorne he1e and.·get the rul ~ of tl1t! contest. \f e are a.nxiot~l:l to l:lt'e who is going to· get the :first prize~ · It may le you. ~- ~emem.-her--t.f:-is;- -If-at a-ny .-time-vrrui- p-urchase should not prove. satisfa. ........... \ in every detail return it t~ 'us,· yo-ur . . I . . . .n:toney will he prompt~y ref~nded~· · .,...........,. :0: ·•; P, 4 IW\iW4 K: .:::&.4 rtJpa:ii;• AIJ5ABlf-SUPPl Y '(0~ •' I I ~ ~ '-~ - . .. Avsable· ·E~orks,~N . .- Yr~, . , ~ . \'· ~ -~ ,. . ~-·· . . : . _- V -. , ·L·~~~;;?~'( . . ,, ,, . ·-~~-'-'~ . ~ '~ .

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