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KATONAH RECORD. THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1914. .KISCO i -^^Tie Independent Firo Compaay la .CTa&ging for a lawn party to bo on tie St . FraaclB grounds on Auguat 26th and 2701 oa d If prepa.- $ilft>8 count for anything It will bo i'lBwn party wortli going a long wuy t& attend. Committees bare beca ap­ pointed and It Is well known every member of this company Is a hustler It Is needless to say that eac.i committee will strive to outdo- tho Other In Its department to make 'bo flSfalr attractive All the usual ottrac- fl^hij fomd at tlioee affaire wifl bo {a'eyldence and many now ones will bja'Introduced. .Many Invitations will be extended to \neighboring •companies and every- done to insure a crowd and givp »1) a good time As the details aro T^BTlred out notices will -glvon toj the public but It Is already assured that the party will be some affair an d pare t o attract the pleasure Beckers. The locals went to Brewster Sat­ urday and won a game from that ag­ gregation of ball playera by a score ol 11 —4. Chappaqua will be herp on 8ttarday and tho local boys expect to'keep right after the lead by tlm- nJlng the Quakors. i Considerable Interest Is being taken In tho Mount Klsco Civic an d Athlotlc Association und many of tho vlllago people have subscribed for shares. It Is th e expressed desire of the organ­ ization that DI P >Wagers co-operate, making tho association a success. Each $•' share means a vote and civic prldo Is determining its future Th e hull Is receiving Its last Improvements and a celebration In the t>liapi< of a dlnnor and grand concert will open tho en­ tertainment season. Dates for book­ ing are now being made. Last Sunday morning Mr. Fred A. Victor, of YonkerS. uerT/ercd an inter­ esting sermon that was [Mened to with rapt attention, in the Methodist Church, Mt Klsco. It Is seldom a layman will landle his theme as Mr. Vlctor-tiltrrwlrii-suoli vigor and^furcc- fulness, and the report of his ability as a convincing speaker that had pre ceded him, was well Justified Ho had an appreciative congregation, who aro desirous of hearing him again Silas Brown, a young colored man, was etruck by tho one o'clock north­ bound Harlem train on Sunday morn­ ing while walking th e tracks south of th o depot. No one sa w the accident and Brown wus found luter beside th e tracks by his brother Officers Piatt and Leopold wero summoned and they called Dr. Brown, who found tho man alivo, but badly injured an d uncon­ scious. His loft arm had been severed and his skull was fractured. He was taken to the Whlto Plains Hospital on a passing freight train. He died from bis Injuries on Sunday afternoon • Miss Sadie Granville, of West ll>ntt A-V0nue. passed her examination as trained nurso with a percentage of 94 Tola Is a splendid standing and re­ flects high honors upon the ^ young woman. East Main Street for about a week has resembled a sea of oil, and oil prints can be seen in almoBt every direction. The street Is said to be re­ paired, but In many places tho brick glitters stand from ono t o two Inches higher than the roadway, which linn JVftt been resurfaced. During rain, the water runs along the side of the macadam roadway unable to enter the gfatter until a depression In the gut tor Is reached. The rosult of this Is that tho macadam is being contin­ ually washed out nnd tl]e highway dc stayed, , Miss Mary Maclionald. of Highland .Avenue, 1» visiting relatives In Hyo, The municipal work for which bids rjjhre been asked Include tho paving oft Mftple Avenue. Lexington Avenue aid Green Street, the laying of con- r-r ^te walks at the High School, eroe fl^H 6f a wall on Klsco avenue, grad- Itjij- Slid laying of sidewalks on part jtS£'M4ncnestor Torraco. Iffit '..^ • **M$>fo SHAVES J UPHELD IN COURT, jlte Plains Hotel Man Says He rjGets Beautified on Sundays as 1 ^Regular Daily Customer. ^Whether or no t \Billy\ Johnson has alright to got his Sunday shave be- eiiab a question of law in Judge Coon's $o}tce court a t White TUina oa last -inesday morning Six good men •jrn'd true decided that Antony •Jjlagllo did not commit a misdemeanor Irtien on a cortajn Sunday morning M mowed Mr Johnson's Saturday $|Kht crop of whiskers. ••(\The six good men and true wero Ijhjgeno IJolplh. George A. Nowell. ''iioe\ McCarthy, narton J Smith. The- ^Sttore 'Wecker and Thomas Brady 'yThey heard tho evidence and, per- Sapg ^thlnklng of the excellent manner 'lb (Which the whlskor crop on Mr Tihnion's chin Is removed and tho lm- a 'pved condition thereafter, they ask- . \1B h e guilty'\ Like most people tilling to themselves they got their <?wp. answer, \He Is not!\ and thore too are. vA state law makes It a misdemeanor lor-a barber to shave or cut hair on Bpnday. but It doesn't say anything fcbout starting a lob Monday, contln- Jikiag It every other day of tho week f l finishing It on Sunday morning, Ich Is evidently what Magllo doos 'Mr Johnson. ... tr: Johnson says he pays for his primming\ six days a week, bu t that fihe'Sunday shave is an act of char- j-.ttyji. It is also a public Improvement, £fot\ everyone who knows tho genial , Jrotel mah knows that Mr Johnson Is ^' fehaMtable, and when ho goes abroad t^ir'.Bunday in his renovated sccnory „• ' hlBjfrlends declare he does a charitable In letting the people ot th e village '/east their eyes on his Immaculate 'umqarance. /. The barber says ho docs not get paid for th e Sunday shave arid, al- i\ thobgh Attorney Mortimer C O'Brion, r aicftng for the Stato, sought to convict £fagUo,° , ~the six good men and true itUta* stuck to Mr. Johnson's story ijnght out by Attorney John J. , . JagHefi for tho defense. They found \ Not Gullty! \ .' ChartBlna One's Name. t not oclawful to take another ' i**ihi»,Uian your own, but unless you r |OTjjJJ! *wlth the requirements in the *\«jrtlje name jrou have taken will ly-an allai. There Is a legal math- ,'chaiiglng your name, and In ~ .'to th e best way to go about l^.wolild better consult a lawyer itfjflbtinty Judge or aome attach* . •4t r '.Kept It Dark. ' jehUeman knowa ho w t (Jeraldlno—\If yo yon. have kept It > - Mrs. lllrnm Smalley of Kast Hyatt avenuo, has returned to her homo af­ ter treatment In a city hospital. Miss Mary Regan, of Attorney . II. Banks' office, Is enjoying, a tv.o wfckfl' vacation. Miss Grady, If O.;!- tfeoa Bridge, is substituting for her. Mrs Anna M Carpenter, of Ciost- nut Ridge, Mount Kieco. died at St John's Hospital, Yonkers, Saturtf*, July is, following an \operation. She was f>3 years old and was a widow. There survives L Te-wllllger, of Kerhrason. 1'lstor County; and cn o sWtcr an d four brothers Funeral services held a t Fish's fnernl parlors on Wednesday a'tor- roon, a t 2 o'clock, Rev. C . W i.'«tr.. hnm officiating. Inii.rment h family plot at Chut/- nj» Kidgo. NEARLY KILLED * WHILE AT TELEPHONE. Man Using Instrument at Tarry- town During Storm Receives'Se­ vere Shock. Paul Shay, a former Whlto Plains policeman, was th e victim of an un­ usual accident at Tarrytown o n Fri­ day afternoon Ho was telephoning from tho Turrylown Railroad Station to New York City during tho storm when a lightning bolt hit tho wiro. SCiay was thrown ten feet nnd ren­ dered unconscious. It wa s thougjt a t first that he had been killed. He was rcviv< 1 by employes of tho station wlit> n pall of water over him, uad was removed to his homo In a carriage. It Is not he- llovod that bo will suffer any ill ef­ fects. Shay Is a railroad detectlvo being stationed In Tarrytown and having charge of the surrou.idlng districts Ho was calling tic offico of his chief in Now York City to make a report when the accident occurcd. Tho man at the other en d of th o wire was BhockcJ also, but not badly Injured. Th o lightning bolt grounded tho wire. Shay is the son of dolcctlvo Joscpli Shay of the White Plalne police force and served a number of years there. The storm which camo up sudden­ ly following the exccselvo heat, sw«pt with cyclonic force over many parts of Wi»tc'ic*.ter County, especially along the Snunrt shore White Plains did not 8cm to 1K> tho storm confer an wa s t'ie rase th e last heavy thunder storm, but tho rainfall was (heavy there du-lng the short time It Itrted. Tho out^MrtR of Mount Vernon wero demoralized, many trees being up­ rooted by the wind. The Borough at the Hnm* «uffered froTi th o storm also At Hyi Heach tho storm was >eavy although no damago le report­ ed. The Woman Suffrage party of the Fourth ABsnmbly District will hold un open ai r meeting on the city property on Mogor avenue on Saturday after­ noon at 4 15 o'clock Good epcakers will jidd.rc.B3 tho meeting und un in vltatlon Is extended to ail to Tie\ pres­ ent. Mr. Kpp an d daughter, of Baysldo, were visitors at th o home of' Mrs. Gloatzo on Sunday. Mrs. William K. Hoffman and chll drcn are spending somo weoks with relatives at Great Barington. Mass. Mrs. James Fronch, who recently underwent an operation for uppuudi cities, Is gaining rapidly. MIBB Mario Clark, of New York. Is visiting her aunt, Mrs. John Davidson. Rev. Byron Curtis, of th o Chapel, Block Island, officiated at St Mark's Church on Sunday. ELKS END Jl'BILEE REl'NION AT DENVER. Thursday marked tho cloeo of th o great golden Jubilee reunion of the Elks. Tho closing feature was a great parade in w.iich &,000 members par­ ticipated Detroit captured first prize tor th o hist appearance in lino, Rochester, got BCCO id and San Francisco thl-d For unique uniforms Cheycnno was awarded first prize: Nowata, Okla., second and Salt Lake City third. The prizes In each or thoso contest} we-.' $:;»n, $200 and $100. The p-ocenslon was more thaa five xnlloa long and extended over a course of six miles it took an hour and seventeen minutes In passing a point. The New York lodgeo marchod la tip first division Many of th e dclo- gticas disbanded Friday night. Some will remain there fo- several days to participate in n scrips of mountain excursions whi«li Vgln Saturday. Others are leaving for tho Yellow- stcoo region Th e Pottsville, Pa. and New Jensey Klks. 100 strong, plan­ ned t o l«ace Friday night for Salt Lake City and a tour of tho West. The Making*, flnt Phyalclan—\Can yo u maka anything ou t of the patient's trouble V Second Ditto—\I think If we manage right we can make about ATO hundred apiece out of It- Mr. and Mra. Frank X. D'Ossone. are at Atlantic City, where they are visiting hi s brother an d seeking the restoration of Mr. 0 'Ossono's health George C. Hoffman and family left this week for the Uorkshires, whert they will remain for several weeks^ Mutual Engine^ and Hose Co. wish to express their tjranks to th e pub­ lic for liberal support of Cieir picnic on July 2, 3 and 4. NEW WATER SYSTEM AT SCARSDALE. Mains Will Be Laid Through the Town and Water Supplied from New York City Supply. T^o residents of Uio Town of Scars- dal have decided to have their ow n water systom Thie 1* In lino withJfhe did no t refor to Cie signers of tho other improvements that have been recently made in that town an d just now It is th o principal topic of dis­ cussion Mains will be laid tnroug.iout Cie towu and water win probably bo se­ cured from tho New York City Aque­ duct supply. Tho question ha s been talked over for somo time, an d at tho request of a number of promin­ ent citizens of tho town. Scunsdnlc is making rapid strides of progress in the right direction A scwor system Is now being installed and Uio now fire automobile trucks that will 60on be delivered will make the ncc«88lty for a water system greater than over before. Town Clork J R. Ros3 said this morning that a public menttog ha d been called for th o purpose of 'lis- cussing th o situation In all Its angles. He eald that the town will nave Its own system without a doubt for tao citizens aro unanimously in favor oC| t',10 plan. j Mr Ross sfild the\ money would bo ly th e :esidcLt< of the wa irr district that will be laid out, and that at this meeting a commit­ ted will probably bo named to take chsrpp of Uie entire matter. As this Is purely an unofficial meotiag no­ thing of an official nature ca n be passed, said Mr. Ross, bu t it will glvo evcryono an opportunity to -et press his or Cior views on th o prop­ osition. .Tho water question In this town h- considered ono of vital Importance especially at this time when th e pop ulatlon Is Increasing an d n large nufn bor of now residences being conslrue tod. Some of th e houses havo water supply through the small servlco pipe? but no mains hn\e been Inld through tho town No hydrants have ever been Install ed in tho town and a t present th o only firo protection is a small chem leal tonic, entirely inadequate In cast- of a serious firo The hose from tin apparatus is the slzo of th o ordinary garden hoso an d in th o past whei fires havo broken out th e building havo been entirely destroyed •» The town has purchased two new automobile fire apparatus and thc\ will bo dollvorcd this woek. Thcst now machines ar o equipped with largt chemical tanks, being comblnatloi. hose and chemical, bu t even with thil apparatus many residents bellovt thoro 1B entlroly too llttlo firo protcc tlon. Tho only remedy, thoy say, U high pressure water service, which can bo Installed throughout tho town at reasonable expense. A sewer ays tem Is to b e Installed an d if th e water mains are laid at the samo'tlme much expense for excavation can be saved. * Where Americana Fell Down. Twenty thousand Germans sang \Dio Wacht am Rhine\ to the accom panltnent of 20 bands. The Amerlcanft who started were all right until thoj got t o \geachwertgekllrr.\— -Colcaitr Tribune. : GROCERIES : Cheapest *ZG&E£ Best FRUIT and VEGETABLES Try Our Spot Cash Store and Let Us Prove That the System Works For Our Mutual Benefit. Prices below are for one week only: Mason Fruit Jars, Quarts, Doz..55 c Mason Jars, Pints, per Dor . .50c Jar Rings (combination), DO'.. 8 e Old Dutch Cleanser, 3cans. .-25c Shredded Wheat, per pkg.. 12c Sardines (smoked, per can) Shad Roc, fresh packed, can. Kippered Herring, per ca n Domino Confectioners ' XXXX Sugar, per ib^^.^^o^. 10c 25c 16c 1 Lb. Royal Baking Powder, lb 39c EBERLE BKOS' CAKES AND BREAD B. F. BANKS / h GRocER sh MOUNT KISCO SAYS CHAKUES ARE ONLY \HOT AIR.\ Engineer Downer So Characteriz­ es Charges Against Bronx Park­ way Commissioners. ' In an interview which appeared In the New York World on Saturday, Chief Engineer Jay Downer, of the Bronx Parkway Commission char­ acterized as \hot air\ th o charges recently made against th e commis­ sioners to Governor Glynn by Fra»lc Tucker, of White Plains, George L Miles, of BlmeTford and Uaac L. Tur­ ner, of Mount Klsco. \There Is nothing In them\ eald the (Xilef Engineer, \except the die- satisfaction of a lot of politicians and condemnation sharps 'jecauso the com­ mission Is spending millions of dol­ lars in a great public Improvemsnt and Is spending the money econom­ ically, white they have n o finger In the pie and no hope.\ Mr. Downer, who i s also secretary of tho commission, made it clear that an expert witness, and both gentle men insisted that Mr. Miles would be a good man for us to employ. \Wo told Mr. Miles that his ser­ vices would in all probability not b e neoded, but we would file hl6. name. On May 25 he wrote sending the com. mission further credentials as to his character as an expert witness and appraiser and these were returned to Ciim a few days later. \Now we have these charges sign­ ed by Mr. Miles an d two other gen­ tlemen, who evldontly know no'.htng about the matter. They have never been in the offices of the commission to get information If they had tiey would have been advised as to what Is being done nnd would havo seen the utter absurdity of their charges.\ The article 3taies \Mike\ Walsh, Tammany leader. Murphy's lieuten- and in, WcstcCiostor, gets the credit generally for engineering tho charges and Congressman Oglceby is said t o be actively engaged In pressing them Messrs. Downer and Stevens said that a report would be In the hands of the Governor within a week giv­ ing a full resume of the work done charges as sent to the Governor \They are only figureheads,\ ho said, \an d wo know somebody elso b y the commission. is behind them, except possibly George I L Miles, who may be acting on his ,GOO DRACING AT WU1IE PLAINS TRACK. own Initiative Mr. Downer an d T P. Steven3, t counsol for th e commission, took Plenty of Excitement in all the tumB about discussing the charges! Classes at aaturtiay's JViatintx: w'.ilch were made t o Gov. Glynn on! fevent. June 29, accusing the commission of „. ' , . ,, . . „ „ , , - ... , „ „ „.„„,,. | The iioreemen an d horse followers delay, neglect of duty and an absolute , ,. „ ... . „ ' . .v. . . . of White PUlns an d this section gcu- Tailure to carry ou t the purpose of tne , „ , commission. w erully ' udw 60me eACellunt :aci ^ at Tlo commission wa s created in , tUo I umi:lee * vent f al , th<J whltd 1907 by Gov. Hughes, under an act 1 ' tat » 8 uack **iurtoy afternoon un- providing for converting the whole ? ep lho of J Weetcnester course of the Bronx River Into a ,DrlvWs Uub and thero , was plcnLy park r,servatlon. Tho act was pass-, oi ^ cmon : L _ i:x all .° r tue ^clasaoa. ed subject to the approval of the Board of Estimate, and Mr. Stevens explained that the board registered a qualified approval, cutting ou t about 130 acres of ti e reservation. This caused a delay of years, white the commission marked time. The power of th o hoard t o ''enter a qualified approval was questioned in the courts In a test of the validi'y of the bonds Issued for tho required money, and it was not until May 27, 1913, that an amendment to the. orig­ inal ac t was passed, permitting the qualification insisted on by tho Board of Estimate, that Uio commission re­ ally got down to work. \Wo have acquired land to th o val- uo of $2,500,000, In round numbers, and have done it at a cost of less than 1 per cent.\ said Mr. S '.even3. Asked for the oxact figures of th o cost, he said it totalled $12,236, and added: \When wo romcmbar that tho con­ demnation expense of acquiring ,$10,- 000,000 in th o Ashokan proceedings was over $350,000 yo u ca n seo wCiere the shoe pinches. \Congressman Oglesby of Yonlpers gave tho wholo tiling away last March 9, when he appeared before a committee of the Board of Supervis­ ors of 03slnfng and demanded that maps bo filed of our proposod im­ provements. *Ho was representing citizens, he said, who wero interested in tie property, an d h e was sur© thoy could ge t • a bettor price for their holding If t'ie maps wore on file.\ Mr Stevens oxp|alned that the board had been buying the land needed, a parcel at a time at about Its appraised valuo. He said there _was general satisfaction among tho owners of the land. \Somo of tho land,\ said Mr. Slovens, \was actually donated t o tho city by public spirited owners, somo- thing never bffore Cioard of In a pro. ceeding to acquiro property for pub­ lic tmprovemente.\ , Mr. Downer then told what ho knows of one of tho signers of the 4 »*argoe. \Th's man Miles.\ h o «ald. \is a real estate man Ho camo Into this office on April 24 with a Westches­ ter politician, who introduced Cilm. Ho, told Us h o wa s an appraiser and I William Deveson's entries got a first and second an d In uo fourth race, which went an extra heat be­ fore It was decided, he came ou a llttlo hard luck whon hi s Queen Court bfoke so repeatedly in tho last heat that he. was ruled out. Tho fourth race was tie bi g event of th o afternoon and was won by Itoyal Mu.-ch, driven by Mr. Mann Mann sent hlc cn'.ry over tho course in th o cleverest manner agulnst a field, evt.ry horse of which was a capable contender. T.io summary follows: ^ 1st Race, Class B Trot and Pace. 1 1 2 2 Paddy 11, ro g. B. Walton .. Claude M, b m, W. Deveson Glady3 G, b m, J. Connors... Tlmo 2 24 ; 2.2 3 1-2. 2d Race, Class A Trot. Baron Dare, bk S, W . Dev- j eson 2 Princess Patchen, b si , J. It. Gordon 1 Tlmo 2.2 8 3-4; 2.24 1-2; 2.27 1-2. 4th Race, Class C, Trot and Pace. Royal March, b g, S. Mann 2 1 2 1 Hills Dillon, b s, F . Hill 12 3 3 Olfden. b g, F. Dunn .4612 Katonah, br s, J. Flynn 3 3 3 Queen Court, g m, W Dcvcion 0 4 5 Tlmo 2.27 3-4; 2 2G 1-2; 2.28 3-4. 2 28 1- 5th Race, Class D, Trot an d Pace, /dell McKlnny, bk s, W. Mann 1 1 V. ill Hall, b g. W F McCame 2 2 Marlon WllkB. b m, J. Flynn 3 3 Time 2 41 1-4; 2.39 3-4. 8hakeapeare In 1793. What, we wonder, would happen to tho London manager nowadays wh o should dare to put on the stage such a version of a Shakespearian tragedy as was played in Ireland a hundred yoars ago' Mrs. Earle lu her book, \Memoirs and Memories.\ glvos a Dublin play bill in 1793, which Is worth quoting The play was \the tragedy of 'Ham­ let.' originally written and composed by th o celebrated Dan Hayes of Llm erlck an d Inserted In ShakeBpoaro's ^?orks.\ Tho title rolo la taken bj a gentleman \wh o between the actr will perform several solos o n th e patent Imgplpo. which performs two tunes at tho same time.\ The Florence Automatic Oil Stove and Glass Door Oven are the FINAL WORD IN SAFETY, CONVENIENCE AND ECONOMY. My Stock Is Complete Come and See. Them G. E.\GANDNT - Mount Kisco II. A. TAYLOR, Manager JOHN F. WOODRUFF & CO., \ONE PRICE\ Clothing and Gents Furnishings MEN'S SUMMER SUITS The Correct Thing Here for Men and Boys. \GENT FO R TARGETT'S LAUNDRY CO. Mount Kisco, N. Y. Danbury, Conn. . GEO. B. CRANSTON Real Estate and Insurance Agent Broker Appraiser INSURANCE of every description, including Fire, Life, Accident, Health, Liability, Plate Glass, Burglary, Auto­ mobile, etc., in Strongest Companies. MONEY TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE. TITLES EXAMINED, BONDS, MORTGAGES, DEEDS AND LEASES PREPAID. 5 FIFTH 1<» W. MAIN ST. J Mount Klsco. N. Y Telephone Connections EIGHT COMPLETE DEPARTMENTS Fully equipped Machine Shop. Our work us Good as the I test. Tops, Dust Boots, Slip (.'overs. Etc. Fire-proof. Never Closed. Best Cars. Safe Drivers. All Hayncs Models. Complete Stock of Ihs Highest Grade. Tire and Tube Repairs of every nature. 16,875 SQ. FEET CONCRETE FLOOR SPACE. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN THE AUTOMOBILE LINE. TR1-STATE SUPPLY CO. WHITE PLAIN8, N. Y. REPAIRING PAINTING TRIMMING STORAGE ^ RENTING CAR SALES ACCESSORIES virr CANIZ1NG TEL8. 496-497. RASPBERRY JAM The foundation of good jam is cane sugar. Crystal Domino Granulated is the product of sugar cane refined tillnothingbutsweetnessremains—thecartonpreservesitspurity. Send your address nnd top of a Crystal Doailno Granulated Sugar,Carton, and we will mall you 2 Books containing over 100 assorted fruit Jar lapels, printed and gummed ready to put on the jar. * 1 THE AMERICAN SUGAR REFINING CO.. ADDRESS'. NEW YORK

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