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wM ^ v *' 1859' 1913 Adam^ Store Now' Is the time t o \make your We are showing th e best line of ChrlBtmas purchases, whl|e the se- Fancy and Staple Articles In North-' \lection is la-.rge and you can shop er n Westchester an d Invite your •ln_comfort.' . . , .. Inspection. '\ . Handkerchiefs From '5c -to -$fc00.\ - A fine\ a!ssortAien't\''put u _upJ-on'e'i' three or six' In fa'ncy^boxes,- make- very acceptable g'fts. ' Plain: and InltlaU -• • ' 1 taote'. Paper, In Holiday, Boxes '25c, t o ?1.50: Xmas Cards and Booklets, 1c to $1 Silk \Hosiery for men \and women,' put up two pair In an attractive package, 51.00 per Pkg. ' We have purchased a sample line 'P.f.'White Goods 'consisting of centre' , pjece8, : Covers, Pillow tops, Scarfs and many other articles\. Ma,ny_ pieces are linen, trimmed with lace. Thesis goods are* being offe'red a t wholesale prices. , ' The fancy china on display in ou r hardware department surpasses anything we have ever shown be­ fore. \Just come and see for your­ self. -I TOYS. The large 'room over our main store..has been turned into a toy ohep, where we are showing an as­ sortment of foreign'and domestic .goods\ that will be sure t o please /the children. ._. I . .. , Shoes for \Men Women and Children Rubbers\ for all size Shoes * 1 • Rubber Boots. Short, Storm King and Hip HATS, CAPS, MENS UNDERWEAR and RUBBER COATS W; B. ADA MS : & SON, Inc. Bedford HiBsT N. Y. BEDFORD HILLS. , ' . •'-.\' Bedford Hills. Dec. 31.. Misq Mary A. Farley\ of. Rochester; N' Y., a- forrn.ir ste .varl a t the I«» formatory, is ayenillng tho \\cok-'!ii3 K ^grewithfrien^s. . . —' flre~~clsfernB~are now -ccniplet- ec 1 an d ready for inspector., Con- tra'ctcr A. G. No 'iS\ii oi this village, deserves \credit for- rhc Way ':e buttl­ ed the comploliot. of thorn as lift clBterns for nre purposes- may ..be ncededlat .any.niomimt. The Railrpad'.Qninpany lins 'insldll- ed a steam slioMl In\ the., sand \lifiuk near -Babbitt's Crossing, ami same\ is being used daily tp exea>;aia dirt for the filling 6f 'the ne w freight yards here. # • OS' $1' 't •' i G. R, SCHMIDT BEDFORD HILLS MARKET GHOIGE;MEXTgrAND VEGETABLES FRUITS IN SEASON '- My ai m Is t o always please the public and my success leads m e to believe I am succeeding In ap­ ing so.. Give m e a call when In '<need of anything in my- line an d I'am sure you will come again. ' Jobbing Promptly Attended To. Estimates Furnished... Telephone 462 Mt. Kisco. . CHARACTEfr.SHOWS IN BACKS * ' .. , i Straight and Upright Carriage Means •»• \. You Are Determined, Energetic\ ,- - •'-••••'Sri'il Reliable'. ~~ , If-you>-Tmc*\*ris 'straight'ftn£ upright , you are correspondingly' Straight In your conduct. You will: hold'your head. ' up, for you are not'.afraid to look* the World In-thoi face.' •'\ Even when you're sitting you-'keep . your back straight. Thera is an air, of- real 'strength aboui you—both physical =• and mental. .In shjrt, you have plenty of backbone. You are \determined en­ ergetic and:to be.rslled'upon. •. . ' If your back is* stooping and round-, . ed yo u are' a- creature as weak as you' . look, yo u are prone to lolling about , and too lazy- s or to o feeble' to \take a \ front rank in thffbatthroT life'.' The -—tramp.-is- an-excellent. esample. \ \ . \If Jjrpti are a criminal, your back Is, >\ stopped or rounds but the scholarly , • stoop of the • bookworm must not be'. ' ' confounded with tho forego'ng. ' There -Is a difference whichJsrdlMcult t o de­ scribe, hut it id readily recognized, by i[ the close*observer.'*' l';\.<;:-clf. yeu are-.mean-atid; cevetpus ypiir I f? ? bac'k Is-narrow- andifo'unded 'and your j£jlhouiders aro (high. Yo u aro BIV— YORRTOWN HEIGHTS.: - ,i- Yorktown Heights, 'Dec. 31. Mr..and Mrs . Howard Ely, of Cam- Uen, N. J., spent Christmas wijth Mr. and .Mrs. Arthur-Cox. - . Mrs., w: E. Vail is visiting her daughter, .Mrs. William Autch, .in •VcnUer8\. - i A -The_ Friends -held - their annual Christmas festival for the children' on Christmas -.eve. The Church was filled ,.tp it3- utmost capacity, -and -the children rendered t'lelr varicus parts in a most creditable manned,\ reSelv- :ing hearty applause.. A'number ef. special prizes were distributed fcr at­ tendance and the usual gift, accom­ panied by.?, hex pf candywas given- e&ch scholar and teacher. 1 The PQB- iter,- Mr. Evans, and the organist. Miss.-Paircblld, were each presented 'wjth a generous gift in hank notes. Owing t o a bid night the Methodist •exercises\\ Were not 4»s well attended on Tuesday , night However, about 'forty: braved the storm' ana listened to the •good program which had been prepared. The..usual distribution of gifts took place, at the close, of the 'program. : - The MIsseB Genevieve and Theo­ dora Hallock, o'f -White Plains, are S 'lsItinK their \aunt and 'uncle; Mr. WnVT Mrs. • George ,j.- Purdy, , ^ \ r ClarencePurdyVarirt ^Master*- Her ^ •horV'-Thorne were 'Christmas ' guests of ftfr. and Mrs. Theo. Purdy. . Tlie new \c^UB^eT-of-G^B^Burhanks on Klsc'o Road is about ppmpleted nnd will\ be ready fpr occupancy in a few days. Members of tile Honk aixi \Ladder Company \sv-Hl please net fprpet the meeting an d election c*. officers\ en Monday, Janu&ry 6th, 7.3(1 p . ra. MIsa Edith Deacon, of New Ycrk City, Is spending the holidays with hc>- parents, Mr. and Mrs; W. B . WTlght. 1 * Will HIneB lias been' wearing a broad smile for the past week. The boys are wondering what It is for. A costume balfwas given at the Montlfore Home jast Saturday tor the benefit-of the patients.^ \This Is ,nn annual • affalrr and' i s enjoyed b y {cpmpllsh all; , 1 Children's exercises were held last Sunday evening at tho Methodist Cnurch. A largo attendance was present, and-same was exceptionally good. Harold H. Haines Is home for New Years from Newark, N . J , where he TTas\ bee\2~employecl_for the past sum­ mer, r— _. Mrs. Margaret Mangln and ifiss\ Theresa, of Hudson.N. Y, are spend­ ing tho holidays with relatives here! •\Charlotte the infant, child .of R. F. Prigge, Is very sick with-'pneu­ monia. We hope for..an\ early re­ covery, * .—Suiting this week is berils; enjoyed hy both young and old on Lake Ma- rler- , ' \Edward-Milmore lost a valuable |jlorsoMast Friday. The animal in aonte unL-nown way brbke^Its leg In the stall and had to be shot, \Marl In. Haw!ey is now employed in the plumbing shop of A. T. Watkins. John Foslio la t o have an open­ ing of hi s new hotel, \The Club f/ouse.'\ Wednesday evening, Decern. ber'31s't.'\ \ • . —— ! CROTON FALLS. Croton Falls, Dec. 31. The schools will opeii on Monday following th e Christmas, an d New Year's holidays. Principal an d Mrs. Warner have been visiting relatives at- Copake,.Mlss.Kenypn a t Middle- HIo Opinion. pill (reading)—\Here's a guy Just -wftpj eragy—that-never nspd. terbacker or liquor or played cards.\ Hank- He-didr't 'went,' Bill—heallorswuzl\ —Kansas, City Star. \PM LITTLE, BUT I'LL, TRY\' 'sly.. You'generally-have the ____ 'i ;,pearanc'o \of drawing 'yourself! ;up lnu> ifg^j ^aS; smail'aicompass da possible. ' You J Brave Child of .Section Foremsn Saved Train and Set Example for . - - - All Others. 1 1 Sh'o was only • seven years old , Eileen • Martin, tbe\sectlon foreman's daughter, as she stood reaching up t o a-telephone at the llttle'.fbwn of Alta, Cal„ telling rthe agent at the nearott station\ that a'rail was broken. Child-, like, she.knew .the semaphore\signals had come to\ the track to see the Over­ land Limited whirl b y and had watch­ ed \the long\ finger drop, letting tho train Into.tbo block. ''Tin pretty-, little, .but ril. try,\ she said, .when' the station agent aBked ber .If. she could not stop the\ train~that was post him, and started out with her sister of fourteen who had Just appear­ ed.. They rap down the track, stopped the train and saved a-^reck, - Pretty much; every primary school In the city ought,'within the -next we'ekt ,to hear of-Eileen's 'll'm~. pretty little, \lilt I'll \'try.\ The' alert' attention' [hichjehew the semaphore signal;-the . ^ (fc^jvhich nnderstood- r wh'a't'-'fa broken rail meantVtb'e declslbn.and lii-\ Itlatlve,. which, alone sought ; the.-tel'e> phone, the courage with .which sh'e-and herrslstei».started up.-tbeirack;-way.lng their, a'prons'to stop theibigiOyferland Wmited-as ifrbore^down ipon^them'^ thes'o;are^the: qualities irhlch through, Hfo bring.self-help,' for\!others; ; a'u8cess' 5 and>iapplriess.-;• -!.J- ' ;i\ : , \ port, Miss Kelsey a t Copenhagen The Christmas, entertainment \at the Presbyterian.. Church, on Wednes day evening was in-every way. enjoy­ able,, and recitations, .music an d other features wore pronounce'! th e best ever by- all the* large atotndarice.\ New gray paint\ has added t o the attractive appearance ot th e - roofs cf the Jueng8t machine slieps Miss Abrams, wlie Is spending the winter at Pine Bluffs, S. C.-remem- hered her friends liere v/ith bunches ef_jnistletoe. \Hearts and _ Pipmon'ls,\ tho title of the new play being rphcarserl by the Klschawnn Tennis Club, 1B at­ tractive, an d the plnv itself will bt> Just as attractive if the enthusiasm of the rehearsals Is kept up. An, nouncemenfc of -the date will seon be mpde. The metion picture shows will horreifter h e gl_yen .o n Wednesday, evenings. The \rap.nflgempnt has made a-great hit locally w3th clean ahn'vs and attractive features. Tho Men's Club expect t e add an­ other pool table to^Jhelr equipment se'nn.' What they start, ont t o ac- Is ; nd t long In th e making, vnncl it Is safe to predict that that now table will snon fie an added at­ traction to their pleasant rooms. Christmas services at St. Joseph's Church' on Christmas morning were largely attended.' SALEM GENTER. J_._ _ NORTH - SALEM. North Salein, Dec. 31. Mr. Clifford Meldrum, of New York City, spent Christmas week with'his grandmother, Mrs. Christopher Mel«-j drum. The friends of Miss Belle Poole, of faterson, N. J., are glad to learn th'at she Is rapidly recovering since her recent- accident. Miss Sarah \Vail cf Brewster spent Sunday with'- ner\ Brether Mr. Arthur Vail- and family.. ' Mr. Fipyd Keeler and daughter, ef .Englewpod, N.'J., were the guests\ of- Mr. and Mrs . H. Hobartv-Keeler over Sunday. '• - Mr. Francis Bloomer is spending a time at home with' bi s parents. Mr. and,Mrs. John T.-Hunt enter­ tained Mr : and Mrs. Hiram J. Kellegg and- familyion. Christmas Day... , °- Mr. WalteYiRitch'otDanbury, Ce'nn., apent Sundn\y .with' hi s par'en'tsMr. 'diiil Mrs. Walter pitch. , The annual meeting of the Dorcac Sewing Society will' b o held at the .'loaj 'e of Miss Susau Hunt next Wed­ nesday, January 7th. The many friends In. this villago of •Mr. and Mrs . James.»Itonoy regret t o I'-nrn that they are t o move from tliis ,V'ace to Pcrd'y'a. where they have re­ cently purchased a home .\ ~ Mr. WIHIam Roney and*, wife en- 'foycd a Christmas visit .with Mr. Ron-'| oy's parents here. i , '- -Miss—Augusta—Johnson—of White Plains was ' the guest ot her sister Mrs. William ..Burn's o n Christmas. Our' public school having been.clos­ ed for the holidays,,will!reopen Wed­ nesday morning, January 7th. The Christmas entertainment given in. tho Methodist Hall last Saturday aftornoon was well attended and n .very 1 plcapantytiine passed by all who •-•\ere present. . \ William R. Finch andnephews,' Mas­ ters Walter and James Palmer, were guests of, Mrs- Joseph Adams of-South Salem., on Sunday, last. \--•— - Introduced- Herself. — . Mother (anxIously)-^-\Don't' go neat the horse, dear; he doesn't know you. \ Child (to the animal)'—\My ith Dorlthy -Perktus. hqrthoy.'' Friday Dickens' Lucky Day. Charles Dlckcea TOSS not' or.o of those wh o ra supcrailtlo .ii cosccrn- Ing^Fi-iday. It was o n Friday- tjiir many\ of tH6 codd'things .ca.'i'c to hTSi!\ ind.Jt .was p n .\that .day tht\. he cn'tar-. ed u'\p'on price and took pes' session.-of .{Jad3 Ulil,- the oud thlzj' be/chorlshcd mOra.lbah a'.l ot his otiv e'rVposseEslpnii, It'was GrMs ,Ii;il tljai- .b'e'-h'ad-gazod\uijon\ T.'htn; a wuu bit ot. a boy, with a-hope then*\sbi.ie'iUtV tlsnfl'Jqf^fruiUoi)', -that' h e Eight Th\ ^.^j^fft.^ — ..- . ---..i..,-\ •*><-% fofbwn._lt.8om6-dav; and it^xtu Gad? vvAnd 1 ' flhe\'\wa8' only' seven -years;piHill 1 -whose/.waihs'. he oovorcd vit:i roir \prettyUittle/V but ready to''ftry.\^';^rs.\in,almost Qriertal moK'ni^ctcc- Salem- Center, Dec. 31 and Mrs . -T. H. tlartwcll and Mr, and Mr s Geerjre HatweT] visited relatives in Ridgcbury- en Christmas- Day. Mrs. E. P. Finch and Mr. and Mrs W. Gar/iold Gardner and children, .spent- Christmas Day with Mr. and MTB O. Dewitt Quick, a t Croton Falls. Tlie dining room was tastily decor­ ated t o meet tho occasion, an d tftp fhristmasj, feast wa s greatly enjoyed As this was oneof the usual family gatherings^ Mr. and Mrs. W . H. Gard- ner. W. H G »«lTier, Mrs. E. S ( l-.ynes. and Miss L. L; Lynes, of Pur- dy's were also present. Mrs. James Webb and Mis . C. G \Sw.lhg spent on e da y the past week, in Danbury. ' Joseph Hall was .called to Peeks kill recently owing to the serious ill­ ness of-hls-hrother.. Mrs. \George Wilson and daughter, visited relatives In Kldgefleld over Christmas. D Mr. and Mrs. A. Whitney Lobdell ~an*rt children, of;Plens»ntvllle, enjov- ed a Christmas visit with Mr Lob- ' .dell's parents here. <t Our -Town' Board held its final meeting for ihe jear 1913 on Satur­ day- last. - — The usna\l Christmas- services were 4 Jield-In St. James' Episcopal^ Church on 'Christmas Day, -the' Christmas Krao -and—apnrooriat'e i>ery'Ices' wer \ •l\0ld last Monday evening^ in .the ChurrTi, at which time the preseTit\; were distributed to the .children, with value. In proportion to the- record of attendance during the past year. •' Once more the small ponds are covered witji Ice and th e Ice covered wjth skaters. The boys and <jlrls, .however, have their eye on Tltlcus Lnfce. Don't'be In too big a Iturr.y to 'tr y TltlcuB. It i« a long way to the- bottom of the lake. Mr. and Mrs , Flovd Reynolds spe?t Saturday in ' Danbiiry.\ - We understand ' C- G. Rxvlne ha ? hired- tu=\Brarten../nrm at North Fal- em, which -vtii h e vacated h y Messrs. Finney an d Roney on April First. . WHAT. WE OWE TO WOMEN Ever TRey Havo Been the Maker* H>f-tho Home and Providers . of Comfort. Social progress with primitive wom­ en was stimulated and encourage^ by their relation to. homo life, to dross' and Jo manners.- Wo'have already alluded toHhe wtXkren' as tho authors if the home or shelter. It is thp fe­ male bird that makes the nest, tho /jmale mammal that digs the burrow fpr her yeung and the female beo that make's\ the honeycomb as- a home for her^. The'hum'an female more than 1] \the rest created her home. But, a> \only \Is this true, but she differen­ tiated tho heme, and all parts of tlie mest elaberate .esjtahllshment were Jnatituted by Tier or'darner af!count.~l Tho first- homes were cbeefless 'caV^s. - Fire could not b e made in, .them because of the smoke, so wom­ en sought out a cavo vlth an opening! In the rear, or a rock shelter w'tUT'a high curved^ roof^ When she became &-\dwel2er in a tent sh e searched \for the oldest wood,' learned the aryst*- Ties^f tho fuel problem and even In-'- Tented tho coraj to Induce tho wind! .to draw a iittle-of tho smoke there- from-and to Increase her comfort.^-' \ To the women of the' household wo are indebted for the' oyen\ tho ehlm-\ uey and'the chimney.! a>nier l ..''tnty kitchen, tho.dining room,, the family room, Jho separate be d chamber, it has been-- a wonderful. evolutlon, :, rey suiting in .comfort/taste and morail^l.j •^rOtlfl T. Masoni \Womaa'a Part)iii,] PURDYS STATION.. •\'''.;• \ PurdysTTJeo. 81. A;party pt- young people made \up 'of Furneaux White, George Miller, Walter\ MUter, Misses Hecht, Ger­ trude Smith an d May- Bailey, enjoy­ ed the production of George M. Co- 'iianS \Potash .an d ^Parlmutter\ - on Christ mas' night.. Miss Katharine Pronay, af Katon- ah, was.on Monday the guest.of Miss lluth Martin.- Mr^__and Mrs . R. l'. White enjoyed i family' reunion at their liomo\T)h \Christmas Day, having • a s gueste their children and famllieaTMr. and •Mrs.'-J.^J'.'Masterson, of Valhalla,^Ir . and Mrs. 'Gilbert Lobdell, of Salem Center. • Mrs. D. Booth arid daughter, Net­ tie, spent Christmas Day and tjhcj week-end at the home of her Bon, C. v.. Booth, at Bronxvllle, returning to her home here en Snfurdny Rphert Ostrander, of Croton Falls, i -enewed 'old acnuamtnnces in town- in Monday. \J3ob\ is always sure of many hearty handshakes when h e chooses t o visit the vicinity towns, -md his genial smile Is as broad as over:—: ' A family reunion' tooiT~f>la^e at the heme of tho Misses. Mahoney on. Christmas Day. ' \ | ' MIBS Gertrude Smith was the Christmas Day guest of Miss Eliza­ beth Purdy, at Klntonoh C. L. Hunt,- of Goldens Bridge, i? i frequent visitor among hi s friends !;ero, being ever soljcitouej of tflie sick, and hi s visits aro always wol-\\ come.' \* W H. Gardner and family attend- .-d the family rgunlon nt th e home jf DeWltt Quick, C.roton Falls, on Christmas Day * _ Mrs. A. Young is spending the holi­ day season with .her daughter, Mrs. -J-pssIe—Y-oung t _of_Pleasantvillc. _^ro^Harjnoi^_ajiuZX8mlIy7 \'5frB6fiP- er .^r spent several days last week at the.ghome of Jils'mother In Hart- rord\. ' Mrs. Hopkins, of White. Plains- spent the holiday at th o homo o t E A. Hopkins.. • • Miss hlzzio Hynarfl spent W6dnes- i .lay in White Plains. . . Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Miller spent Christmas Day with relatives in. the .village,, of .White Plains. Elmer VanScoy, of Youkers, spent the holiday at the homo 'of' his moth­ er, Mrs . Kato- VauScoy, in this vil- lasej _li* x • Frank Pierano\ residing about two railed east of tlie village, died on Wednesday after a long illness. He was 4.'! years of age . Funeral ser­ vices were held on Saturday. Inter­ ment in Kensic'o Cemetery. Supervisor and Mrs. l-\ S. Rey­ nolds were guests at th e home of Hubert Vail, of Brewstor, on .Sunday. Elbert Brown is enjoying th e boll days n t the home of hi s daughter, at Walton, N . Y. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Burr; of Itidgebury. were recent guests of Miss Lillian Knapp. r C. L. J Martin was a week-end guest f> of Miss Vina Minor- at tho home of Miss Miiior's grandparents, Mr. and Sirs. Ira Mekeel, pf ' Yorktown ITelghtaT '\. ~ ' Mr. and Mrs. \H v N . Voris and son' wero guests of relatives in Whin Plains on Christmas Day. Miriam Knapp, who has bean a via. itor at the homo fif Mr. and Mrs, J H. Martin, for a few weeks, • has returned, to her homo'in Yonkers. .We \are glad to report that Samuel Austin'seems to. bo improving, Blowly from his illness. Stephen Fuller returned 'fronf- the Caaman Hospital' on Tuesday even. Ill's of last week... and is much Im­ proved. ' . ' Mary Minor lias been on the stc\- lfat .'for- th e past week being confin­ ed to th e home of J. H . MarMn. .On Thursday last Mr. and Mrs . Frank —Reynolds entertained Mrs. Fred Reynolds ' and daughters, ef Pawling, alse Mr. „and Mrs. E. Har­ rison and family, of Danbury » Mr and Mrs. David Armstrong, and family, returned to their home in Rahway, N. J., on Mondav after 'enjoying a few days visit with Mru.- Armstrong's parents, Mr. and MrH. R Barber t Mr.\ and Mrs S. IT.',Smith-recently entertained Mr. and Mrs. Willis Smith;., of New York City. Mr - and Mrs. F. t>. Parkus wore pleasantly\ surprised bn\ Wodpesday evenlnsj ef last week. when, their daughter. Miss Isabella, ef St Jpn- epli's Hospital. Patersen, N . J., ar- rived home lo spend Christmas wlih them. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott. \HueRtbi _of Armonk) were . alsi)' welqome guests. \ ~ : ' Primitive •Civilization.\ Woman as Jail Governor. - Mme. Jenny Porchet, who . ha s charge of tbo prison a t Afgle, in the' Canton of Vand, Frunce, is now 12 .years' of aBe,-and 31 years ngo she married the th<fn\prIson T governor.. ..\ At his death the authorities adver­ tised for a successor, and among \the applicants wa s 'his' widow,'who 'had managed th e prison during- her hus­ band'?' long Illness. Another poinfe m her favor'wis her physique.. In hefgh't Bhe wants only an Inch of six -foet;' and possesses the muscles of n \wres- 1 (lor. The prison commission doubted lier fltncfis, but whpn she offerijd to try 'l.ar'strehgth Against'the*, moat powerful gendarme, all doubts 'sub­ sided. The prison is said to' ba \the Ironing Day Comfort With an .electric, phi iron you can-do your ironing where it, is coolest—out on the back porch JBT any room where* tjie breeze in­ vigorates you while you work. A,/, fo this-the comfort of an - Electric Flatiron \which uses only about 15 cenlsworth of electricity'for doing the weekly ironing, of >an average sized family, and \you Have the reason why thousands of families throughout the country are using electric flatirons. • - . For Sale by Telephone 108-J. KATONAH AVE r Telephone.Company 115 .Telephone W. II. Clark 33 CERTIFIED UNDERTAKER , .Of . Hoyt Brothers Company FUNERAL DIRECTOKSand LICENSED EMBALMERS ; • -Katfjnah.N.Y. W. H. CLARK,- Residencc^Beaford Road, Katonah, N. Y. Branch Office: Residence J. Smith Clark, Bedford Hillo. FATE AND A COW - By M. : QJJAD CopyrlBht,y?013, by Associated Lit-' orary Pross. i Day as till' cow t| loiyii uu'wii. \i~c«- .-fessor. you must rvv that you must go I —you nn'ist sve ill\ . \ ^ .• i \I do s<w ;Jt,\ Jie ri'iilled, \and >\vhile. I I'aiuii'i th'part fnrn th o nbed, I ca n • cllisiii on tiio top of It\ This he .•iccomiilishpil by inal-Ing Ills - way lUroiigb a p\p la th o i'pof.. IIiV wan now lit a iiosltlon cf- -jirop'rlety, ' but llii-re was' th e cb w -iiKaln. When shi! is::w liiuVpcrclied up there,'KO near - Profe« S or Slocnm.of the college at' ^} so . fn , r ' » h \ ***** 'Vf\'\^\\ Madlsou was fifty .years old at a ec-r-; ,lf,f • , • 1 \ 1 \' - nna Ht uml \ e - lwft Wh} ' ; tain date. He'was tall aml'ntnoi». shouldered and \jngalnly. He-wasTct- .Icci'it and uiidemoDSto -iitlvo. and .soclt.'- .ty knew \hlra not ut' all. Miss Deborah Day of the'some towithad rcucherl the ago of forty-five. She was plain of fiici?, nnd frigid -of attitude, and lie? charms were inlsning. •' • 11. was one Sunday in church that fall! brought the old bach and tho old luald together in I hi; Snini; pew. au d tiity (ir.ug froi'n tlie sauio hyinn-book.. „ m . llni;v I'atu, through if'iiiiitua'l BC(iui\iirtai|oc,'| inn;r.i'i»«if nw Ir.troiluced them .after life scrmoK Af (j,,,,;,, , l .,...-n'i i 1:,- -Tiiltod' fow eveninss Inter th e professor..enll-.j y m . SJI-HVV' ;i:nl I'II'I ? Ci ed. The talk was'of phllosoiihy. rio !! JIO'VITPI\ cen-.UU SOUS « ixilicd again, and they talked o t thettsif-!-,-, ( ^ Sl !,!o t„ ,.,. L . e:n I) *otli<- j )hy. He made n third call, am] thi; age ' r,.^,.., r wlwl.f V .i'i -hied lh'.. ot th e world was under discussion for .. kJ ,,\ \ k . ;e;u-''ca out an hour.' After Hint it was for the; y ;i .., j ny ' s ' Rlu- f, •cow to do hor part. —. \ \j oI.i.-s;». Thou lie :'i t hi.* s:r .:i One evening, juit at sundown, Silas | )u ; , pruii 'i 'llii;: wAy. nwd > l>ay walked forth in a mDadow to j s |,!-i K ^, Tliun th e o I ro w gather a few daisies. A t the- same ]1PV in i M \ to melt tin- fn» : hour it singularly happened that .Jl\' r0 \' fessor Slocum .sought th e same mbad- ow In search <jf geological sjioelinehs.\ Tho Wily discovered her daisies, the. professor discovered his ifobblos. th e iit<M .Mi.-is l\ay- was shrloUlng for pro- livlum. iio'wu BcnmiUlitl Jhq pro-.' fi's-in' sinil the\ cow took p.) running a wmml—t -t)* 1 — sliod — tu~llnil. WIIPI- P Im , had disappeared. Thi» lij|t<v)r of tb e ^tii-d [mil iiow beeoiue' xi) d.r!; that p'Uhlng ronld be Been. ' I n ir.riii;: fo !:li , i , ji;.ll!c-i tlit* door some i.'inrc tin; ;>ro- fi-.-nr.r 'M^ilowii .nud rolled over: In liy!ii;r to go t o hls'iisslxtuncc Miss Pay J st >iili'iily found liersc'.f t:]>\:iwliiip.- CUD n person -maipn In frighting : when .siH\.\oii).r;id , by a i M-,V «'iod. with a-« .,.*,, Ci 'ieV'rtlMjfYi'jJ-^\: '-'* >jllhi\?v-!.ii i 5 - 1 ?-\ t -r she\ ve ' , is !«*. ci : «!aj . uml 1 tli.> b .• .'id \Hot !:de lip i-briyy out 'the turilcilbves if • It >it t > h'.v'i!; Iivi\ nw k- to do i<. . s-.. > -.-ivi'. n IH'IIII W oT wanijng a. •', r'trc.ti •' t-S-^IU' or I'.'ii .rods and thou • :\i \ for- V' '<•' o ' s iho .<!:ed like a ru!i\iVv.ty_lor»_ n:K ! i».. two people discovered each other., and-i. .sdVlift^f-^falr -vf 1 squareT:''-'' 5 i \(w .r. together thoy discovered n cow. A tlils -Os of it c.iv^; ,n like a I-. '.s.; ..f cow may lie simply an animated object on th e landscape\ or sh e may be n dis­ covery because she' Is 'enraged ;ovcr tha loss of n horn ki'iocic'cd'off In soiric v.-iiy 'anil because she has her head down and her'tnll up and i s charging the pebbles and daisy gatherers. . . - Then, th o fifth discovery showed up'. It WHS.n cow shed twpnty rods uway, 'ii .rough affair that had seen bet­ ter 'days. The meadow was retired, and th e shed was more so. - They reached It just In time for the pro- feasor \to find aboard and.liar tliocli- rTraijpo'iisninsHhi; co\v:aiiil-hitei\-oii to further strengthen It. T'hoi'o was no doubt, about the bovine being liu ear­ nest. Sh e made frantic efforts.to. tear dn 'vu ^he v -Slif : 8 . with her remaining liorn, nw\ when she could not effect entrance she stood.on xnurd to Keep I'.T victims froih coming out. Dark­ ness suddenly fell, an d than, the i>oc- turbed couple suddenly realized their | situiitioii' '- * L, NA \Professor Slocum. 1 jitust leii.ro hero ! Q tills Instant!\ . osclnlmed life liorrlffril - Sil'ss Bay. *. .. - '.. \An d s o must 11\ was the, reply. \It Is not properl\ .. \' *v - 'Tortainly not:'\- * \I shall bo a laughlngstoel.:\ \And 1 the sumo;!' ^ , * \I cau't \co. t Uu\t you ^uiustt'' said ^IISK K»\1. In the c.-.v(ii^ .s[ie was mivtti • v. i.a bPams r.iil doarrl-s, aj: »*i!ie feasor .took..oil.•i'litagc otflh-' n.-easloii to (ea r the u > .r nsldo and -lien pa'l hi-; compnoliui o... iiito th e oj '.'-.i. .Tlion.' tlfy ran for nearest iViii 'O.. |f' w ..\.<ni:t \dr ^fiiflf.i !.i fill do.wii'.liree.-iir fi-ur times, bu t t'..«\> fell. 1;. w 'agii't' 'e'lilnently.|iiot ..i'i'. \ In n the f< . c wusi l'Mched ntid th • «•\'•> %.-as haril\.. i theli tit\ II. for tlie t •'•\•' •-•'•'r to iht<>,\- MI**^ IW.v oVer and iii 'Hvtakc a S'-ranibfe - \Wmself bat the- way •'It\ ^Viw\ . wiii'Mced. '• Their as soon'as';;! he' man.l5< \t !i~iiT5e ~\could' giTt .-lils-bretiHi-be' jiii'.-.nl .(he Inevltiible. Tbey were '-both - \ . tntten .Hl and frizzled.-Tfiey'tiad togvth-'\* A<F passed\ through peril by tlooil and\:- ilro (ami iov.-); and ronjanr-e ba d cowe-^j 1 , to_tl:olr, hearts a t last. ', ./, - \.Miss Day. I have lovcj ; ydu vfro 'in^ _t.he Jlrst:\ aiKiotiiicod the pro[fe3sor,. ns^ J iirtook her baud. - \ ;• - t , i^r-'yi \And I—I\— she roplleti affor-gaspr\ for breath. . - •C -'j^''. Of course she had, too^niid otcours 'e- ..- l > Ihnt settled it then.and there.-JThe'dljt\ /l »t....,;,h..Vi^-Mtl'.'«^\'*^il«;'»y 1 - x best .mimaged - In Switzerland. , - , -•.-.-•--,-,-.• -J ..anted ftwo'y.\ itt\d*i^^^^il •. -orer»two hnmun \beings luVbe>llkeTUi6r v iirerage.

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