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fHHi 's Suits-High Class l$l^^nUc&s ,'liidading WoodhuIJ,' >Goodale and Bull, Robert f ^Widts&Co. * - * . From Qur R C g U i ar stock. Sizes 34 to 46. Former Price $9, jl^fS. 209 Splendid Suits To Go at S6. TABLES AT HEAD OF STAIRS m I FOUR Iff..; 1 *: , m£K BAILEY & CO.,' mi -S '.'.'^MM MT. KISCO. m ' Let's Keep The Spirit of Xmas and Make .19 14 A Happy New Year All Thru. KELLOGG & MEAD HARDWARE, PLUMBING, HEATING. . Mr. and Airs. George Ferris Reynolds^ will celebrate- the- twentieth miniver sary of tholr' marriage, nt their Cherry street home tomorrow afternoon. They will recciVQ H .their friends from three to sis o'clock. K . - — . Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ulrich have been entertaining the Misses Field, of New York City, during the holiday reason. An Epworth League Social, alivaya enjoyable, will be held at the home of Mr and Mrs. DeWitt Benedict tomor­ row (Friday) evening. All will I K welcome. , ' ' Mr. Guernsey, about a year ago the obliging clerk at Clorhamjs driig store, is-again employed there. \Will—open- Monday morning following a -.ceks' \holiday vacation Janr/t Chase, daughter\ of^VSUorf - j^atonch .school Chase, who was reported ill with diph- li eriu fast week, is rapidly recovering Hid it Is hoped tile nuarnntinu may noon ho removed and tiro disease dit ippuar from the village. No- new cases 'have been reported. •Willam X). Clark returned from. Co- li'nibia University to spend the vaca­ tion days with his parents. .Mrs. Melville Allen and daughter, Miss-Florence, of Salisbury, Maryland, are visiting with relatives In the vil­ lage. Charles Allen is spending the winter lu Florida. Miss Gladys Brown, of ftichmond flM. Is spending'a week with Mw Ael .an, of Cherry street. Wo understand that all the- stores will close at 7 p. m,-beginning next Monday, for the winter season. .'. The holld.ny rush ,has been extra heavy at the locci post office, as is, of course, ~irue of all post office branches. Postmaster \Arnold and his assistants have hnndled the' mails ex­ peditiously ,and 'he patrons of. the nfllce have had no complaints to reg­ ister \ - Some skating has been enjoyed by the\ village youngsters _aIon\g~ 'the^ edges .of the Jakes this week. The ico is still thin and parents should, . „„, „, , . _ _ _ be careful with their consent and! n^\ a «<in-^ Richest Treasure, should keep the' skates under cover The Presbyterian Christmas enter­ tainment was held at the' church on Tuesday' evening, 'and was enjoyed by a largo assemblage of the school and its friends. •-'-'.. Following is the program: •.< .Prayer—By the Ppst.or. ^ .j Greetings—Scott Morrison. Scripture • Rending—Mr. Mead's Class. Song—Primary ClOBS. Recitation—-Baby May's Gift.\ —Janjt. Hajt Recitation—Edward Dunn, - Hymn—\Hark -the' Herald Angels Singi— School. until the cold snap 1B several days .ofeer.'*'\ ' '\ -next- two Mrs Seth Jones and daughters spent Sunday at the home of her son Walter at Scarsdale. and Viola A new ice box has this week been installed in the store of J H. Morn son. v- liss Gussie Ilenedlct, of New York as. the guest of relatives and Miss fnenda in the village on Sunday Housewives interested in \vacuum clcauers will find something of interest 'n a now advertisement' on the llftl-' pago this week. Considerable—excitement occurred, n the village on Tuesday afternoon NdUtfoxccedihg cent6 for first ini-'crtlo^i and 15, for\ each subsfiiiuulit Iriserlii.n l &g'FAltM- of f.0 acres, with bulldtncs, -.situated nhont 1 1-2' miles ' from Platnsr 'splendidly adapted truck Or'dairy farm,, fine jS^c^water supply. For.rent nt a rcastfn- price, need & Clark .Co^, White Y. , Tel. 151G. ^ISF OR - RJ2NT,—Kurn'shed. 7 room col- Itage, in Mt. ICIsco. $2!V -pbr month to 1st;' longer term, if ^desired. B? Cranston, Real Estate and g'jgfrTnsurance, Mt.. Kiscp. . ' Fortunes Spent In Trouaseaux. * claborata trousseaux of mcn> ^^•-.liers of the smart sot would havo made $-fa- queen-brldo or-n crhtury.ngo'opoij -Mvlier oyes^'with trmaz^rficnt li is'-an thins for the daughter of-a »?S ?'-iaUlionairB on getting her bridal tin- fe^\«ry ready to ordur 20 ..or ao hata, V jVtrlmn >.cd •with osirlcti and other.fcath- 'jBrs\ to- harmonize with as tnj^iy Evory goivn needs a dlfftlhct pSsijiat\; The equipment of a ri 'c^i brldo ^j5 .1i/;looked on as ir .complfcto If It docs ^np't contain at least 30 .gowns and 1 a troniatati does -not mean tho ,wlll get 'no more dresses for a ^&i ^e 'a't:-.' \When l!ngcrl$ and little orna- : »j-''^eirtfl alio-nro-taken Into conaldera- It Is plain a young girl Iri^-New S sniArt set.must spend many wiftthoiisarids of dollars for her outfit and ^S4Vprai ; .-womeii' hare' iipont 180.000 to iOO.OOO'.^ •>-«iLuek'y He WaB-T-here^. . fctfeifeber In a-certain tqwn(w a con- Ii6raieiy • decline .to .be more. BpeclDc) ' l, ! £'ire'iat'cle\al of trouble to make a K.'ln'ihJs c?aS8 understand a point in i'ldasori.''Finally,',iowover, lib suc- __ 'dik!; > -fln'd',-drawlng i a, fong hreath, f -Btt^lceorf ^VIt-lt-wasn't for me you *• '\'(be \tho. iEteateat-^oatay lu thte Germany's Blow . to a Great Trado -,. Seriously A Feit on .Both Sides of-Border. Announcon-.cnt. hay been made that the German atthorfles h'aVo suspend­ ed th.e liupoitatlcn of live geese, rforo itiifsln on- 0:.e frro;ind that tl.ero Is a considerable amount of disease prcva- Iont- lu the frontier di.-irlcts of thai country ' Coming, aS rhi-s prohibition does, mi- mcdlnte.'y prior to the period wiien Im. ports ol live, geese Increase r?rldly the question Is serious alike to breed­ ers in Russia, who Will Jinvo largo quar-titlee of birds turo_wn on their hands; to German gooso fnttcners, as they will -be un.iblo to fill up their pens, for the home production Is total­ ly InsufriclenL,,to -mfet their require­ ments, nnd to housewives In Germany, \&lo will find the' already- high price of what ls-anu. Important article ol fxod advance sjlH further and prob­ ably bo prohibitive.. Russians- state that, there liiNid Jiistltication for this In -the Intelesfajof German dealers t(i lorco down .prices and na a measure of fiscal protection ,to German brccd-< ers. . . \ ^ Germany imports.'' annually about S^OOO.OfJO live '•gcoBo;* of which seVon- elghts cothe *frdriv RUESln, who'ro tlie ^e bir'ds * aro bred vhc. vast uuinberB throughout tho Wstcrn and Routhwest- OITV govcrumontsj* Th'ey ar9 bought, from the raleers by. traveling dealers\ who drive thera.ln huge*flocks to tho-, frontier stallbns,' where thqy »aro 'on- tralnetl .for despatch to Berlin and 6th- er ^.elttoV. .•' - The cars used for this purpose aro 'built In four- decks, oaeh car holding about 1,200 birds. Special trains arp run In the. st»ttE0t,' consisting 'of i. dozen to t.hlrty-tlvo\ cars, in'.'-accord: unce with the supply. *-As .many, as 60,000 'geeso^have been, known - to ar­ rive at Magerrlehhof iriarkot. rior)I» r on a. single, 4ay.— We3ttalnBter Ga-. nette. . . ; - -. ^v-, - \v i. '^M !i ?0.^ • v - — . ' 0 iw r otfb ot poUttcB qnd put aome.poU.' priced Sjtles'^t -Kfoyt Bro». Co;- -- . - • • -. H nfinnrf. a'ainn nt\ wn»V ft™* \'r* \\ OrloanS 'EicayuhoI. , - .*>'%'SXfr^$?V\ ? • u !l ^f!#?.^ « -'- -'. -r ^^^-^a-^Bo ^^Eejjgjfe.j • . '* - • - * r ^ . • z\. %>V^. &%>7$Z-f*r >->*^>K-' :?Z%%;~:'-*,tlr--1 : : . i % . Two at a Crabk. A*good wav to B6tv6 .ti*Sdf durfcfod\ ern problnma *ould be to take all prio- j 'Don't miss the Saturday Under DOB put of politics .and put eome.poll-. prlcod S.ales^t Rbyt BroB. Co; about \ o'clock when the fire bell called tho firemen to the luuch car f Fred S. Clark, from which smoice was issuing Hand extinguishers were employed to put put tho blazf! il;out the coffee boiler and it was ndt necessary to connect tlie hose w1t.li the t hydrants. The blnzo was • caused _uy tiio Jirenklng_pf tho valve on tho gasoline pipe connecting the boiler, causing the pluce to quickly 111 with smoke and driving the pat­ rons to the street. The blaze ca'us- eif about ?;iO worth of damage to ,ho car and equlpmeut. Mr ''lark, with commondable hustle, sl.-irlod' at once to put the- place to rights aiid ,1a accomodating all • cu's u'mers with the usual service. A Son was born to Mr. and Xlrs. Les- lor J, Kaynos on Sunday. » WILLIAM I). UETEGROVE WINS IN'EJECTION CASE. .ustice Morschauser Yesterday Dis- . missed Grccnburgh Contest in John- O'Leary's interests. Justice Morschauser Monday dis­ missed the rase brought In tho Ihter- est of John O'Luury, of Elmsford, wfc'i was°dcfeated in tho last election by William l\ Uptegrove, the Republican candidate for supei'intend'ont of high ways lii the Town of- Grecnburgh. The -contest was made on tho clcr- lion rcturhs froliy tho 10th District 'town' Of G>cenliufgli» but ^recount In court allowed Mr, Uptngrovo v\'lth ovVii '\ore vote? .than was given him by th- • <-ctton inspectors Real Angel of 'Death. s MT>st of .us' are Inmiliar •.. ilh Ihe beautiful and artistic coni-pptloa or French, 'wherein a young sculptor who !H plying\ his magic chisel upon a block of stone .and summoning •from tho snowy depths of the marlilo.tho dream face of his soul's idea, is g°ntly tojiehed by the wist- ?ul-cyed- Angel 'df heath and -tho sklll- Jul arm forever' stayed Thp whole creation Is mnrvolously beautiful and the world Is better for. Its birth. N'ev- erllioipss, it Is allegorical .and mis­ leading. Tho rcnl Angel of. Death In tho case of tho thin-faced sfiulptor was not a sad-vlsngpd maiden of; ciaSsIca\! profile • - •• \\ - ••• A - . , •:. , _ 1 in all probability It was n mlnuto, rod. f^! 1 \'^i^*! organism floating nmld motes of dust nnd known \to scientists as the .^bacteria tuberculosis.\ Tho writer 'does not want to be a shatterer of ideals, hut. the sooner Bueh pootlc no­ tions of death are done away.-.wlth and the 'mass of the people educated In a common senso way ta tho dangers of dust and,bacteria, the bettor it will bo for humanity In general.—J. G. Og- don In \October Papulnr Mechanics, HU Strong Belief. The Intelligent talesman was being examined to pass on tho jury in a 'murder trial. \Do you believe in cap­ ital punishment?\ inquired tho attor­ ney. \You bet I dq,\ camo tho prompt- response. ^'I'mogln' tho trusts, and I want to seo halt ot Wall Btreet In Jail, .whore -they belong.\ • ., To \Keep Your Dog,Well. - ~ LlnBeod. oil \once a week la\ a great\ help to keeping a dog in good condi­ tion. For a-grojvn- dog°uso one tea- sp6onftil;\for'a puppy. .one=nalf;-.. ~ - Motion pictures have developed so wonderfully in the past three year.i that it is possible to see many of the leading events of history and repro­ ductions of classic literature', ou the picture screens. At Katonnh mill tlvis Hvcning Manager Packer has : arranged»JLl^\% \V for the hiatoricarreproduction^fTLln- v | ociiool coin's Gettysburg addres. Four other comedy and feature pictures wilLbe shown. On Saturday evening Beveral star motion picture actora will appear in Macbeth, Shakespeare's' tragedy, so well knowii to all. Other pictures will be shown to make' an excellent pro gram. -' CITIZENS BANK XMAS CLUB OPENED. Large, Increase of Members Al -J ready Shown Over Good Record . Of 1913. ,„ , - •:- . r The Citizens Bank- Christmas flub opened Monday\ morning and < rowds of people have joined. The. numbers who camo to the baifk eager la take part in this novel and practical, plan of saving money exceeded the expectations of il>e bank ofllclals, and they were kept. busy making out cards tor them. l-'lcures cannot be had as yet, but they greatly exceed the first day of thj5 11)13 club. • Cashier John Burling was In per- «onal \charge \offOfe\Christmas Club window that morning, and he said Hint in hlK. CFtimation the 1.914 club would have three times as many members as had the one which fin­ ished two weeks ago, and which dis­ tributed about $30,000. The remarkable success of the first club.nnd .the efflcl'dnt manner In whjflu the funds were 'handled by the bank olllcials have been the mea?* of bringing many more Jnto this sec ond club than -were in the \first. There arc many, too, who Btarted Inst year hut did not finish, who have entered with the intention of staying tintil the end (- and many of those who were in last year will take out more than one. There jre two clubs, in the \first of which the member pays 2 .cents die first week, and 2 cents addition­ al enrii week for fifty weeks arid re .civcsjhe sum of-25.50 with Inter­ est at,, 2 per cent. In the other th<\ r.'ombor pays 5 cents, the first wao'l; j.nd 5 cents each additional week for fifty weeks and receives the sum of *(;:i,75 with 2 per., cent interest. Tho' order of payment' ; !may be reversed,\ •hat Is in the'first $1 may be payed 'he first week 'and 2 cents less eaelr v.-cok after,'and-in the second $2.51 the first week and 5 cents less each week. * * Had Sorted the Bottles. - ' \Here said the proprietor ,of th* place, \Is a 'little gift for you and Jake. Each bottlo Is finest old Ken­ tucky rye. You drop in at Jake's on your y. and glvo him M B, will, yon?\ \Sure epliod-the grateful one. 'On his wn;. ho fell and broko one bottlo.- \Poor Jake,\ he' -.murmured, picking .himself up.—Nashville Tennessee. Even So. \I maintain/' pursued the opinionat­ ed man. \that a\-woman ought to stay at home attending to . the ' dinner.\ \You're wrong,\ persisted his equally opinionated friend. ~\lf Eve'had been out lecturing Instead of passing around the \fruit we'd have been spared a mlghty'slght of troublel\. | When Loqking'For I A PLACE TO EAT VISIT j FRED'S CAFE' MY MOTTO ;\eieanlirie|§ is Next i to Go&ftiesV'. i Open from G a: m. to midnight; Katonah Ave., \Eatonah •Mariam Barrett. Ouet«—Beatrice^ and Julja Mead. - Recitation—\Helping Santa Claus\— Bertram -Griiber. • •Recitation—Florence Knaprt. Duet.—The Misses May Kennedy: Recitation — \Christmas Morn\ — Charles Kaschop. v • Recitation—VThe Worshippers 1 '—Mil' dred Gumhol'dt. / Song—\Under the Stars\—Miss Ken­ nedy's'-Class. - Recitation—\.ffinmie's Christmas\— ' William King -. Recitation—\lu Bethlehem\— Bertha Wrisht and Agnes Pronay, Song—\Mule Town' of Bethlehem'-'— - Sole agents for '-' The famous ROYAt SCAMfE .- FINEST FOOD PRODUCTS IN THE^ORLD. • * ' Fre^ Fruit and ars FIne ^^ eS fic^toccos HUYLER^S and-M^K &TILFORD'S CANDIES. , Telephone 241 ^ ; , .-.'U., ~?„RATONAH, N.-Y.< Recitation—\HoVv Christmas Came' —Marion Louizeaux. \Story of the\;.. Shepherd\—By ' Six Children of Miss Barrett's Class; Recitation—\Jolly Old St. Nicholas\ —Inez Hickok. Recitation—\Do You?\ .- - —RuUi Holmes Recitation—\Bob's Plan^— Edwin Covey. / - .. floeitatlon—Sydneyi—Hfckok. Song—\It Came Upon ,a Midnight '. Clear\—School \ftecitation—-Tlie-Jtlhild . Jesusl'—MayJ Loutzeaux. <-y* • Piecitation—\Give Freely\ — Helen-fl Bi,arfer. .' % V. \• Duet—The Mlssci Covey-and, Bene-, \let- , •How Many Children Show Thejr Love\—' By: Four Girls of Mrs. Arnold's dlass'.' ^ - Reoitation-^'ICIiristmas Addition\— Arthur Schaefer. rhorus—\Silent Night, HOly Night\ —By Youn? Peop!e-'s Choir. At \the close of the program Santa Claus passed 'to the chllSren of the school a bountiful supply of_candy and oranges and—a-social hour_jvaa enjoyed. ' Officer James Russell received a severe Injury to .his chest and bach, on Christmas Eve which has since kept him from- duty. His horse stumbled, throwing hirik heavily to lhe_ ground. The accident occurred near Engineer Coffin's residence, and when the officer recovered conscious, ness he m>de his .way to W B home, where. he was confined for several days. He expects to resume duty again on> Monday. (NEW THE CODE HIMSELF Former Telegrapher Corrected tho Error ofJTwo Young Men In a Memphis Hotel. Oiie whoso 'ear has been trained to read intelligently the .elicit ot a tele­ graph instrument sometlmea puts this mining to the test under otra'ngo coa­ litions.' AU instance,, whjch resulted ,n embarrassment, apologies, and Jnnlly In a pleasant acquaintanceship imong the persons concerned. Is' told o'y\ a'certain Ohlo : farmer who'spent- sis/early years in the employ\ of the Western Union Telegraph company. . Some years after Impaired- healthy aad driven him from .the telegraph of- Ice to the farm, ho and hla wife were spending a Bhort vacation--In . tho- louth. While they were dining in a arini in Memphis two young men en- tet \ and seated themselves at tho tame tablo with tho couple from the west. After a survey of the strangers, one it tho youths took up\ his fork, and tapping - It' In an apparently careless vay against the edge\of\ hla plate, ipelled out In the Morse code:' ^ \Do you think they are bride'' and {room ?\' \Yes surely,\' tapped hla companion. \Just watch how; Eoft. they-are.'\ • ' /tImmediately, to the'dlamay-of the' pbujngmen, the fnrt of. the supposed Bridegroom joined in the conversation. With great rapidity It tapped, .out:- \Gentlenienv ,you. are mistaken. We. have'been, married - five ..\yeara' and 'have 'three children.\—Youth's-.Com­ panion. rHOW^ARE^lML*G#telGH^ BILLS\? ARE THEY LARGE l \ ; Wtey Not Haye Your : Meter Tested By-a Disinterested Party ? -•-< Meter Testing a Specialty DEXTER & IMSEN Katoiiah;;N.,Y. .A. HARDWARE, ; and PLUMBING ^ TGNAH^^ Y; ^ • Stoves, Ranges, Kitchen Supplies, Garden Tools,^Farming Implements, Builders' ; Supplies, Refrigemtors, Freezers. EVERYTHING USUALLY FOUND IN A FIRST CLASS ' HARDWARE STORE. Steam and Hot: .Water Reading.' ^ Sheet — Metal Work.:^ if •!-s-'-;^.,'t- KATOMHHALL; Moving Pictures Thursday &• Saturday Evgs Hall 25x50 Feet to Reirt » For Special .Occasions COMPANY L TO HAVE, ACTIVE ATHLETIC YEAR Blfd-'o Home'^nstinot. ( Spectators at a fire' • witnessed atf Interestlrig, if tragic, ^sample of. the actions of a bird whlcji- was guided only,by.the instinct, that, Ua Home was In danger. Tho .flames had' be­ gun to creep albrg the \edge ot tho tower nnd every shingle on 1 the.roof T ?as puffing a ]Utlo-Jetr'of -flamer when down- wheeled a- pigeon v which had been' dislodged from\ tho tower and lit .In the midst-of ilie ; flre' and Brooke. Picking.Its way -along,, utter oblivious to the flames\< : that ;inuBt have, been singeing its feath'ora, tho pigeon went straight for H B neat. ,A tongue or flaine leaped, put-jjnd-the pigeon^, scared i.nto\*t*8 r 'Mr'X ,Then>. an- If irresistibly drawn Into It; •tbo^hlrd dived into- the .furnace'.beneath and disappeared from . sight—PaBa'deni News. - ... •' \ * - MJ . , : . ' • Don't mlsB' th'd • Saturday • Under- pflced- Sales at Hoy't' Bro«.\ 'Co. Physical Director William J. Fran­ cis of Y.-M. C. A. WU1 Have Charge of., This Branch of Com : pany.- •' . Physical Director William J. Fran­ cis has been-engaged as instructor of athletics at.-Company L,'and It'is expected that this will' give an im­ petus-to-tilings of'an. athletic nature among -the. members of. the White Plains r company,. , , . \... •- Beginning with the New-.'^Ye'ar',; Mr. Francis, •who is-physical \director\at the Y. M. C. A., wlllSbegiff the form-\ tng of' gym classes- and basket bail and indoor baseball 'teams. Among the members of tho com­ pany there as some men that are re- garded as good material, and it* is thought that with sufficient teaching they can be made to show to^,. their. best advantage.- The drill^ hall would - make a perfect gymnasium, and It has., already the equipment. It is planned to nave Indoor ten­ nis, running, wrestling.- 'and every other branch, of Indoor athletics and gymnastics. •' .This will be'a bUBy -.-week-among the morinbers. of the .company, as preparations are being made for the company Inspection,' which -will take- place on Wednesday night, January 7. , That the local- guardsmen wilh be up to • the •• standard-.of •• former • years' i's -certain. '- - ' - -' / He Understood, - * . • The'young^man-.had asked :for. a horse'that_wa\s geatle,and Bafe .-.Aa he drove out of th.e Btabie the livery, man said: \The spring on the right side of the buggy iff--tHe ''stronger,\' and the young man blushed until his ears looked like a-Bunset ih.a'chromo.' '-. Products of Arkansas,, -Arkansas is first among, the states In thpj'production .of. twp.. minerals, bauxite and_novacull.te, the former be­ ing 'the ore of. ah'.mlnum^ncl 'the lat-- tei« the sourcd^o'f'th'e'' : iarger'part ot the oil-stones produced' in^fhe* United States. •\ r , • v^\\'-' ,..\ Poor, NelghboK- .';„\..''... , .Snbbaljs—\Wfiafkjnd of p'edpie^aro the • .Neitdofesr^; J Outaway a—V'Hels negligent.. aid r8nHt\le ~B8 .,/The. Jgar'den loss \taVloi ^f ^e 'iiir full- o'fVfio'les, \and ho •hjve'r/.thIn 'kB r jOf flxlhg^-itli'—^ow' 'Orloans--picayune:. ' •\ r ~^T. G. H. KNAPP Plumbing, Heating, Sheet Metal Work, Electrical: Work •, ! Mo ^Tia |c %N^':r Estimates furnished on all kinds of..' work In the above lines. ^eTihone-flMR.- JMi Morrison BAKERY V Gonfectionery^ • MORRISON BUrLDWG' .KATONAH, .N. Y.. . I Telephono '20-M>-,i/,\ OpRosite L Deppt : \T:m^@^!(r is now v better prepared 1 ., \'than jteyer 5tp : ;dbM^our '_^i;*:l)S6faraig,> : : r »none;:, Getestagates now. \ \ - '^^^•^^xv^

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