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'' ' V (^^\^•^ \ OL. IV. XXriSXX'ISJlTJDBHrV 1ST B-VEa-SrWHIN-C* iTSTT'mA.ri lU- XTOTXXZXTGI BREWSTERS, N. Y., SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1871. NO. 8. Thei-c Wast a \Bline. hte iloiiiy loved MircUe, «nd what was liin re wnH a time when Love's yonn^ flonw, J j>ftppln*a to And in her goniui great M lindding, !'\\ i^'ft. Cliet'rfully tliey Accepted the iattnrM AmnndBofhigrMitapBrfmnel 1 hcritflct of poverty and toffcther they '\'' \bSridiuu'\'''''\\' ^^'''^ ^°\\^ ' workol- Mirelle oUained a rcoomraeuda- geiillT nod-fcd In the goiaoneanlfsht flood-i*'on '» M'lo. do BaBtiaii, daughter of a Ins I iiobipihnt, as a clever, neat acwer. So :n at tho cMomfciit of my Innnly room., raiicli did she iiIpa?o Mile, de Bnstian, that :{;^:frJc^S'^^'7iSz^''^^T'' i «;«* t? ^f '>\^»'•\<l ^fycn^fod her TO \«nH\.il timo-UiongU,\uow all prcw-, f*.*,f\P\'•*,''\ ^\'\Ff^ \\A ^'^''P*i'\ *^\\- . tralo lviii(j, f^BcenlloBO mid Hnnpp'd, I oee it fado rnray I j J Tain I olrivo io ffill tho cmiiliWlg fcolltiR— ! foft«n <lnmi my ovorwliolming erivt, \ ' I \viiin\ I Htiivoto \atiir theoniHiiing feeling, .jiiflfimolT through iny tortHroil IitiHoni Hfraling; No boniil wiw hlOBhrmi hriiifjK my lii'art u-]ia. \ TfRH B» liriclit a gem I No \otlic:\ Hnwor Thut fiN)t i«f(iro my window nhnll niiiUiit, Ricro tondcr Lovo lioa blocdiug, and no power Can r&fHO it np, or bring \that lime\ again I Hero waa a timo vlton Lore's yonng Idoflsom, breaking, Bcattei'd aroniid so fragrant a perfnmul ?heru \was\n timo when Lovo'a young blos- (inm, hix-nking, a lladdeiiM minn nyc. within my heart awaldng i'houghttt ami cmnlionH I mav nnVr roaumc. 3ui) in that tiiun I With bitter'ttlghH and weep- int:, nolplesFi 1 watoli it through tlic lire-long day, jd dream of houra—but \now\ that flow'r in 8loei>iug; IJcfntlesp and ttnapu'd, I aee it fade away. CBAUt.G!l C. MACBI.BT. '• Tills \n tiot alone my work—ray liatcr Iianctvated tho head of irolofernes.\ \ Wonderful!\ was the reply. '' We do not whh, t o have our ntiuei pnt down until aftop the exhibition.\ \ You are too modest; but as you widh. Shall your Rtatuc be marked ' for sale V \ '^ Yej—oh yea; I bare made it t o aell.\ \But the prite will give you i large snm.\ '* Xut sufficient; bcaldes, i t It not mine yet.\ \But It will bo, and mo^t juetly. I congratulate you on the [Kwussion ofyonr S ninn, and also your sister. We will ke your statue awar in half an hour. Good-day.\ A respectftil bow fhmi all and Jules waa anin uone. He felt intoxicated with happ^nes?, aail'^uld neither move nor tbinlE until^ Wife, jirouscd by tho peraons come to tJMe 4innr tlic ntntue. Carofidly he tiuiK.>HntMlpi| llaiwmoval, and thank- fully lie watM*M t » H was driven out of I sight. He htiAiWeHy f^iiied bin room land lowered th*,« The HawkN >eKl. re fheckod our pace—tho rod road sharply roimding ; _ We lionrd the troultlod flow |0r Ihn dark olivo dcptlia of pinffi, roaumiding A ihuuBand fuot below; ( Abovf tlio tnmidt of the canon, liht-il, • 1 ln' grey hawk brcathlcHu bnnn, tOr on tht- hill a winged uhaduw driftud WJiero Ar«> and thom-bneh rhmg; ' whore, half-way, the mountain side vas far- rowed With many a seam and arar, )r bumo ahandonod tnnnel dimly bnrrowod— A mole hill seen BO far; To looked 111 Hiloiico down acroHO tho dialant Uiifnthonmblo reaWi. . bilciii-e brokmi by tho guide's cuusietent Audrealislif tipeoch ; [•Walker of Muri>hy's Wow a holo thruogh Pe- ters For tclUng 1dm he lied— Then up and dostcd out of South Uoraitot . . AcroHt tho long Divide. | \We ran him out of Slrong'H and up through Eden, And 'rroHs the ford below. And up tliia mountain {Peter'a l)rotbcr loadfii'). And mo and Clark and Juc \lie fim'l nit gamo; noniflinw, 1 dinrember Jci>t hdwihu tiling keiuoDund ; stanlfy employed with her torn flounces, einbrfcidcry, el<'. The salary Slirelte re- ceived \vi.<i sutlk'ient to keep the landlord and ioU\ from tho door of their twotw>m^. The finnteriul for Judith and llotofemes weroi iirociiretl on credit, owing to the poo'ij name and iiite-rrity of Jules' father, inherited Ii.v the sou. Sotogetherstruggled the«4 two noblo hearts, devoted to each oti fj- and their art. Tlieir Bccret wan im- paitid to uu one. During the entire two ye II I Mirellc had worked but two hours carl dny, devoting the remainder of the tifi to Fe\ungnnd watching her brother. 1 hvo tnore weeks would complete the sfcii ue, and in two weeks there was t o Iw , n 13 and exhibition of statuary, and for the I turned, looking lieit work of art t hero was to i»e a prixe of J\l*a thought, than fii^y thousand froncrt awarded. All the \ I have news for w< l-known sculptoi-rf of the day were hard How Julei longed to' a1 rork, eni'h cfmfident of success. Not a too, for you, Mirelle;* w d ol' tids hnd Jules breathed to his the wish to surpH<te 1 M*: .T, but each time ehewns absent taking silent as to anytldng in co' bn< s. her work hnd taking tiie orders of j the good fortuue^which had jtMt Bll c. de Bastian, Jules had stolen an hour fl-o n liis laljor, and Iiad Ijccu movinp heaven t'-M earth to obtain a place for his statue atthe grand institution that was to give till some one a fortuue and a fame. At Jim Jules succeeded, no for as t o persuade t» romniittcc to come and see hii work ^Tlich vit^it was t o bo paid tlio day Ijofore llli exhibition. Still did Jules keep stiont, laring to disappoint his patient little sis- tf*, but lio|>c was Iiigh in his heart, and ho lid scarce resiruinhin impatience. Even Af lie lay n^Ieap on the sofa ho was dream- ^^ • wii,en Mirelle tt>- tt>** a^d careworn, l^td^erkr fw\ lier. .j'^lliesaid. \ * hun news, and Um uMraM ^ of t'lic- fast approaching day which waa ninlvo liis fortune or ruin his ambiUou. After working steadily for two IIOUIH] irello reus-cd, took off her apron, washed i r iMinds, and seated herself at lior sew- p. ^-Iiich was to replace by her own ,n'in:>idery a flower, wliicli had l»eon toni J M\ 1l)' tome aristocratic foot in piunps or ptei t lioots. Tlirough habit Jules woke Tiiei If withlu fifti'cn niinutesafter the two outi had expired. \ I Lte ns URual, Mitvlle ?'' he exclaimed, f>rin ing t o hi>4 feet, and pre|>ariiig to take he 1 ace Mircllo bad just vat^ted. JcBt bdwtiio tiling Uem.nBund { / \ 1 wi^li we could see the termination of Borne H»V 'twBB wadding. Hi-ine a Boattored tm-l^^^^ j^.^ ^.^.^^, ,^,^r» ^-^^^^^ Mirelle. x'iom*iu»:D«.. a.---«iirt. • I, \'^'iiii of impatience!—that is bad, •'lint ill imo mitiufo nil the hill below him WtiB jil*it oiifl Bhecl of tluiiie : Ouardiu' the croiit tiam C'Inrk atiJ I caUe<l If bint, And wall, the dog wafi game. I Miielfv, witiihi tlinw weeks of the com- \llo made no iilgu—the tUv* of hell wtiro roniii bira, Thcpitofln.llbfhiw. ' Wo Hat and waited, but we uovtr found bUii, And thou wo tunied to go. '.\nd then—vou BOO that rock that'a grouu si With L-happarvl and tan- - ' Kulliin' rri-ii uul - it uiigbt hov IICJI-U a gri/Hy, It might hev iKeii a man.— --Suthiu' that bowlod and gnabhod itateeth and about t-d ' 111 miiokir and durl and flimii'; ^utliiii' that Hprang into the di-tithn about it, Gi'izrly or tuau-bul gumc! JUDITH ANU H0IX>FEB.N>>4. Who is there?\ said R young man, ,r(^|K>use to a knock at the door JUI. Mirelle,\ replied a sweet girli^lt, ii roice. , The door was instantly thrown o| ind Mirelle St, Croix entered her 1 '^Slie was attectionulely reueived by brother Jules, and alter wiping hiii tmi on the tikirt of tho bloufo he vviv clumsily relicvi'd Lis lister of im eoori bundle she bad iu her armn. '* Take caie, Julu, that is lace and ^iJD. fift l>e crushed,\ an:t:iouBly uid Miitl, ssely watehiiig her Ijiother .15 be lujiJs precious burden down on thu only ini- cumU'red chair in the room; >)ut the weary hnAt in hit; Midler's faa- h placed the bundle a lilllu rougiiU gave the chair to Mirelh . \ You are very tired, little one ui. have brought home more wcaryiu): v Surely Mile, du Bastian wdl not with from you her custom, if ftn* one we«-k oesbc to work.\ ''Ko; but bhe uould for liial wt^okV- placo mc, and Pans ahomids with clVr, dreas-makcrri. KhouW Mile. Ue llaHln f'\^.\\-\. find some ote belter than 1 aiu It is lit \•^l>'\ J plelhii'of our work,\ Baid\j\ules, anxiously. \ tjir work is not complete iiniil it ha« fou'iij a purchaser—OIK- iiiut will pay ii sum lar^enoufrh to allow you t o study its you wiG), and to travel and see all that can be wf^ in connection with your art.\ *iAnd where is Mirelle while her brother it Ipciiding all the money ?\ said J ulcs, bcttvveu strokes of liis mallet. 4 At l^Mua, i«ady iu her tiwii—which ijl dime at the sale of your next slaiue, Irivol where you have traveled—to see d i-lti^y all you have seen and studied.\ \ Ui<J I travel the world over, fee and tidy tnerything, it would aviiil mo nouf<ht !i!u>'4K'i>ii traveled with me, and I could IK voir dear face and nliidy t o tiiuku you \'' all'ectinnately buid Jules, leaving •J-. l\-om you have not luidi the purchaser yet, we will dismiss ^tae I llnful subject.\ \ I will dismiss the subject on condition 'hat you ceoho t o work at that nonsense.\ \Tins nouseiihe, JuIeM coht wliat to us would be a tiirlitne. 1 mus-t have i t done, OH Mlie. de Basliuu wisLes to wear it at ^ some exhibition that is to come olfiu two wiA'ks, aud I have quautities to do for the occasion besides thiH.\ *' An exhibition in two wcelu,\ repeated Julet^, reeiumiug his work. \ Yes—of pictures, I think,\ carclcasly replied Mirelle. \ What kind of a person is Mile, de Bas- tion 7\ oxked Jules- \ What un odd question, Jules j you iioter s|>oke of her Iiofore,\ VTIiiit dou't atuwer my question, Mirelle.\ ^* She iti t>eautiful enough to bo a study fr your next btatuo if you will call it upon tbcm. \What isyuur nm^T'WM all he said. ,; \MIto de Bastion has given me tn-oMroa of invitation t o this exhibition, which tt'lu 1« one of statuary. I wonder if there will l>e one such btatue ax ours there 7\ proudly said Mlrcl'e, going t o the curtain, evidently with the intentlou of looking ttgain at, \Judith.\ •( f top. Mirelle, I want to let a night liass without looking at our work ; *Iien, on to-morrow i t will be a little new t o tis, and wo can better judge of it.\ \ As you wish; but, tell me, will yon go to this exhibition?\ \ Most undmibtedty.\ *' I shall enjoy i t so raucli.\ ' *< I am sure you will,\ replied Jules, tliinking al\. the time of the great surprise ho had for the little pale face beside hini Tho next day had scarceiy dawned when •Tules r<Me t o keep guard by the curtain and t o build castles for the future, but not air castles. It was a dull gloomy day ; but to Jules all was bright, lie was restless all the morning, and ho insisted upon Milvllo getting ready on hour before the time. In fact Tie kept her in such a bustle and confusion tbat she liad no time to tliink of \Judith.\ Had she asked to see it, Jules felt as though ho would have told her nil, but he succeeded in L'et*i\c hrr oft' in good splrli.=, and without a word in ,et.i.ia to -'dndith.\ As they approached the hall Julus grew nervous, and almost fearful to enter; but hefelt Miiello's hand on his annandbewos brnre again. They followed the crowd aliead of them, and m a few moments found themselves in the exhibition room, which wus densely pSiJced. Jules placed Mii^llc in a place of safety, and left her loramo- mcut to a^certiun where \Judith\ was placed. Ho soon saw his statue in the center of the riug—all the statues were placed in a rinic t o avoid l>eiug touched or pushed. Yojt, there was his \ Judith\ on a high pedestal of l.lue; crowds were gaz- ing at it, and Jules iMtued fora moment t o hear some ciiticisms up-ju it. A lady and gentleman stood close to bim—they were the perhonilicatiou of womanly and manly beauty, aud the stroi^ reseini.lancc be- tween th-'in pronounced them brother and sister, 'iu this couple JuU-s turned his attention, and heard the lady say; \ Anatolf, I would give twice the amount of the prize to know the artist that created that statue of Judith.\ \ Uue of our many sculptoi's, DO doubt,\ replied tho )>i-other. *'Xo, tbeie is no nahie t o it. U must be w;)me poor artist who dcmt not appreci- ate his own genius, and who feHin criticism. I must kuow who it is, ajid 1 must have that statuo if it is t o be liought.\ Jules waited to bear no more, but went in searcli of Mirelle, and brought her to where he liad liccii standing. • \Our Judith, Jules,\ was all she could with M. St. Croix and then bring him to us.\ • Hirellc gladly obeyed, and her brot]|fr did the same. She foond guests and a dinner awaiting Mile, de Bastian. \ I wm determined to bring lioroe the victorious artist and do honor to him by this little reception. I little thought you were that artist,\ said mademoiselle by way of explanation. \Mybrttther had more, much more to do with the statue than I had,\ naively said Mirelle. '* I shan't give you more than your share of praise, nor shall I forget this worshiped brother, fttirolle,\ kindly replied ^Ille. de Bastiam A little later Jules came. He wa^ courted, praised, congratulated and tensed in turn; but onewot^ or look from Mlle.de Uastian he valued more than all. But the day camu t o an end, yet Jules and Mirclio never forgot it for it was their last day of jwverty, and tlieir first of prosperity. The two artists were often to be seen at tholiomeofMllc.de Bastian. Jules told .Mirelle he waa studying tho face of llelciir do Bastian for his next subject, but from the announcement some months later, of the approaching marriage of Jules and Helene, Bllrelle was inclined to believe that i t was the heart, and not the face of Helene that Jules had been studying. The ^tudy had been mutual on both sides, as ^taa evident iiy tho happiness reflected from heart to face of bride and groom. Mircllo would have l^ecn bridesmaid, but she was at the same time E u-t of brid& to Monsieiir astian. And so for a time art g&\e place to love. ** A Dmonatratioii** In Parlx. The following is tiio dosoription of a soene in Paris :—A body of 800 men were dragging, a weU-drosRed man, who, bare- headetl, was held by the collnr by two Chosseurs-a-pievl. Loud ciiea of \ To tho river I\ \ He is nn informer, a spy of Pietii'fi I\ were heard, while other voices exclaimed. \ Thoy want to re- store their bludgeon days. Xo ptfy ; nwny with spies 1\ It wna sUted that this pei-fion imd been aeen, pencil in hand, noting down the numbers of the battalions wliich made their niipenmnce upon tho place. Upon being quostioned by the two soldierc, lie ivplied tliat it was no buaincfis of theirs, and it waa asserted Uiat lie struck at them with a citste'lele. He was then aeiseil, nearchcd, and upon him were found a revolver and papers proviug tliut he belonged to the Police. This discovery esosiierated the crowd, itnd the unliani)y man was dragged to> word the camu, into which he was about to bo cost when some bettcrHlifiposetl IMrsons thrust him into the gtinrd-house, and the officer commnudiug the post ordered tho gates to be closed. The quays were thonged vdth an excited and furious crowd, wlio demanded the sur- render of the prisoner, and tho execution of the papular aentoDce, The officer climbed upon tlio railings nnd explained to the mob that it wus bis duty t o retain the prisoner in order that he might be conveyed to the Prefecture, and be- sought thorn to be calm. His exhor- tation waa not listeuod to. Ctiea of AtlfMpt to Jlsf«sMnAto;ZerrlllA. \ We are completely bJiti-'fiLHl with our work, and intend t o continue in the same rood I\ Such was the literal text of nti nnon^ous letter reeciTed by tiie i unhappy widow of Miirslml Prim ou the day his remains were carried to the Atocha Churob. It was no heartless hoax It wna a message of warning to the other public men who had takt-n a piomiucnt pait in elevation of King Amadeo t o the tbivnc. Some of these men treated i t na a joke, but others did not. Amou,^ tho latter were the Ex- President Rnis Zon-illa. Ho took the wamiug e^^pccially t o himself, as ho hnd borne a very oouspicuous share iu tlie King-making. He presided over the Cortes which roteil Amadeo, and over the Commission who went to Ttnly. Since tlie death of Prim, Zorrilla has ItRTfUy ever appeared iu tho stroota with- out on escort of Police, and he hos lieen ridiculed in some ol tlie papers for this extnioidinnry wire of liis life. Theiv is now little doubt that to this precaution he owes his escape so far. He received a verbal mesHiige that if he would grant an intemew, the parties desiring it |>erformmg the] (. xiiey wont t o let him escape t\ \Gii -'ur Anatole de , him up to tw!\ drowned his voice. Son wo may be permitted th« matamiou —bv |x)ne of them. \The TUAM girl,\ he -•JlUi.\ Hut fivm what »ipriiig»> her U?auty— >mtheheqi-l and brain, or fiommillinerii* iiit and powder'/\ From the heart, 1 am stu'e. Wera 1 uaJ t o her I would have her by me—love ler and )>o as devoted to her an to a The Tnnbce tiirL Tho Yankee oirl is treated at lengtli i n a late Satttrdat/lt-ftieu; hy soma uno who has evidently «*haa hia Mfclout\—if wonld communicate to him important j Missouri Facial find Knaflffi. Ho^' to raise bofts—Take hold of the tops aud puU. f^uicknilver han boeu diaeovcrcd in Noxubee County, Miss. Confidence in au unfaithful man ; in timo of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint. There is no one olse who has, Hic pow- er t o be 80 much your f rieuil, of so much yon enemy, na youii^elf. Three thinga oie important if you wish to keep friends—to give uinch, t o ank little, and t o Uike—uolhing. Sir Morgan Crofton, an Eiiglitth b:iTo- net, has l>een sentenced tn imprisonment for drunken and disorderly conduct. Iron wide enough, says a recent chroni- cler, t o belt the globe with netting n vai*d wide, is made yearly into cages for birds. Nevnr pride yourself on having; done a jiaiticnlarly mse thing; it may hereafter show itself to have been pnrticnlarly foolish, Danbiiiy (Conn.) IH raising apple seetis r the western markt-t. Eight barrels Bhipi>dd for were recently to town iu s. Ubo created always ^ the year liu taken snys, \ was bot-n t4> livein gives oue the notion of a to ru^h through spaci^ . on the move ; last year ui before in San Fraucitito ; aruubnok to New YoikoulMr vavto Cairo ; you meet heron tbo Fjttanirai, you flirt with her Ju tlw Blerm IfaiMW, you jostle her in tlie stadioa of B(Nf«, and you cut her in th» TaJleriw (lardeus. She IS equally fond of mtpiier and senti- ment ; aud breaks into one's morning rhaspsody over the siini-ihe to spout out nn order for a hard boil egg.uud twu Klic-es of ham cut lean. She is silent wlien her montli is full, aud that la for tunutejy very often. But a great deal of her e<mversation, when it U fioptv, re- fers to the ideaaaiitcst uioUes of Imiug it. She is groat on t-iMee if'hite, aud cTidcnl on hotels. Hei* ixteketbook IH full of charming recipes for dishes hhehos met with, mixt^ up oddily with descrij)- tiuua of Homo aud thi> names of her koeils pretty alick / ant of my way.\ Life takes a froo IOKX easy turn ir, this abuenoe of maternal uu]>erv{BioiiV^or u certain noisy kind of flirting^touody iu tho Yunkce girl's equal.\ He goes ou to tiay that she is a very nice girl, all i n aU, but Ims a bad bubit of forgetting one ju»t aa boou as 6ue tnrus his badi on her; which fully aceouutJi for the sour milk in /(ituocoannt \It is difficult to Hay,\ he remarks mournhUlv, \ whether she is uiitrried or not; if ahe is, it does not matter much, lor her liuabaud is as often without her us mth her. ' I love my hmibund,' she tcUs you plumply; 'oh, yes, I love my huslmnd, aud a good many other people besides I' And then she g»)es down Uf supper again, aud sen- timent is forgottt^'U in sh^'ny cobbler.\ II was Dickeus, wu twlieve, wlio tlrst told the Euglish thuttiheny cobblers were u great institution ; aud ever siuoe the diboovety no KiigliMhuiuu has written about Ameiieau people without at Ittast ou^ uUusiou t o it. A €ure for BfiipejiiihL Iu the Oatetie I/ebdomadmre, Dr. say, and then cliiift to her brother to hup- Goutarot recommends for tlie turm of port herself, for tl.e Kurprine had been as dyti^Htpsiu iu which there is dilHeuJIy iu sudden as great, and completely umicr^'ed tho digedUuu uf situcliy articles of food. I— t'l.- t_^.. 1..1-. i...,i I— ,:„.. „:...->. .jjjg ijjyj jjj y^y uitrogenous bubalauco de- 6ht ii a valuable jewel iu an odd setting, and I wonder bho is still madejuoiselle.\ \She is not going to be married, or I hau-myftelf for id!eueM.,\JuJ*''*'\lJ ^*« been, kept busy with other -laiiu..!] lult'a. '. Iwoik ibau this.\ (hange her wind natural she should retain thora) aud w then would 1 tlud work ?\ \How 1 patiently exclaimed Jules. \ Now you paiu me. Are you not wtj If inf> da\- and night, and will i t iiut bring i\ a fortune? We arc both so young. Wli| lie little probation 7 It i» hntuu apjM to tt good dinuer,\ cheerfully re^ic Mirelle, laying aside liersliawl and buuiie mid donning a laige white aiiruu of i hanie material a« her brother's bloutA-. S was, indeed, a Uttle oue, and flie lai apron covered her oompletel^\'. She rol her sleeves up fo (he elbow, dispiayii |ierfect arm, and evidently fully \m for work. '' Now, brother, for your ^iourn' sleep and my two houru' wink. \MufttI; will vou not K-l lue lake Jlace?\ *' Not for a memeut.\ \ Then I will oln-y ti ou«,'' and ing the aotion to theV. ord, JUI.-A let i arnu^e him comfortably ou the H. -oaly bed he hud known for yi-yj rtunted his fao« to tlu- wall, and \t f -MiO ft(»t lu^leeii. .\» bOou ;is Alir lUred hereell'thut he \va^ u^ti:(-p, sfa ^ the room, divw iuaiU- a ivxl euii revealed what ? A wiudu.v ! No,: livojk of twoyear- - -a hta'ut, n-pr fudith with tiie head of Uolufem: id. The coUfM'pl iou and execut j| idmh-able. Jt WON \hv iK-i-tfxlic lud tht exact couuterpwt ut uu Jl-a^ the work of J ule* and hii* ki \I ho|« she won't ibout the exhibition.\ \And wherefore?\ \ 1 should not like her to, after you had ^l^aiued your eyes over that lace.\ I\ You w« odd, Jules, iu youi- i-emarlta.\ (\Eccentricity of genius, Mirelle, laugh- i^ly replied Juled, dropping the curtaiu upd shutting liimself up with his work as viun Ilia \v;>ut whenever his thoughta wan- 4i:red from it. ^lirelle continued to MOW, iiuicbed ber ,voi'k, put it cni-efully away, aud oecttpied herself iu arranging the room, which, in her ,abM-uce, Jules couti-ived to put in dn-£d- Ifu] duorder. J uU'S woriced for bome houn, •then he ceaM-d, to nsj-take of hiiilute diu- i^ier, and tifter that he took his customary eiifwalk of ludfan houj' with Mirelle; letuni- her. Thelady'Julej had'been listening t o piiSSbd at this moment, and tapi>ed Mirelle lightly on the shoulder. ^Vou like it, little onePshe aald, *'8umuch, mademoieelle.\ \Judith will get the prize, aud 1 shall get Judith.\ \ You, mademoiselle T' \ Vea. i am going now to tell my (kther to purchase it. 'I'iio prize will be awarded iu half an hour.\ Wittiont wait- ing for a reply, the lady patsod on, but not without glancing in wonder at the com- panion of Mirelle. \ Whot-ould he be?\ \Who is that, Miivlle?\ queitioued Jules, '* Mllo. do Basiiau aud her l<roth«r.\ ive Some Foot Chaaseurs got over tho railings and we.D followed by many of the crowd, and recaptured tlie poor wretch, whom the National Guards on duty made no eflbrt t o aavc. Blows fell thickly upon him ; he vas hustled aud kicked, and appeared almost dead. There were at that time about 20,000 pei-sons collected ou the Place de la Bit.stille ; but, al- though thobu who called for the death of their victim only numbereil 400 or 500, of wliom a great iJroportion were mere gumius, no attem]>t was made to prevent the execution of their blood- thirsty decree. Xius piisouer vraa drag- •ad tomid Um Bovlavard.. Boiu'ilou, ho Eeoiiir Io IN aUoiwl to •hoot UMaiU, nw diMwwa Khtrkeld fafm put him li- te fifaiML«i«««>^M«lt^ mtttion to the crow* -\Wiu ym- allow the prisouer t o blow out his brains with his own revolver ¥\ *' No !'* was the re- Eponsc, followed by cries of \To the water witli him 1\ A move was then mado toward the Quai Henri IV., ond there, doubting whether their victim might be nM» t o swim, they look the pre- naiiUon of tying his anus and legs, aud in that condition he was curriod as a mere bundle ou t6 a barge, whence tliey flung him intu the river. Tlie cun'eut immediati^ly l>oro away tlic helpless man, at which sliowers of stones were hurled. Some men belonging tu river sLcuiners attempted t o cast lifu'buojK t o the drown- ing man, but they were driveu off by the furious exeenttions of the mob, and nitiuately doHisted. The body drifted under tho piling al the point of the He St. Louia aud was no mora aoeu. These horrible j^cenes lostod for upwarda of two hours. Upon Uie Quai Henri IV., two ]>ersous who ventured t o explain against tliese brutid proceedinga, were tliem- selves aatiailcd as police spies, and threat- ene4l with death. Other persons were similarly treated, aud boivly saved them- selves by opportune tiigbt. In the meantime the Pliice de la Bu»tile con- tinued to be thronged, and tlie coifes aud wiue-ahoi>B drove a flourishing trade,\ CoudlUon of the Plegaua. Tlie present condition of tlie Piegau Indians, con'oeruiug whom bu little has liMoii heard since the massiicre of laat year, is thus reported by Colonel John Gibbon, commanding at Fort Khuw, iu a letter: I ac<^Himpauied the officer to witnoas the di^tributiou of annuity goods to the TiidiauH, audfouud it.Hi>embled thereaomo six hundred ludiuus, men, women, and children^ priuclpally of the Piegan and Blood tribes—tribes of tho Block Feel Nation. I never hoard Indians talk more peaceably. Bird Chief, an old man, Mho wua in the tight «ith Colonel Ihtker last yeer, said he had not had u good night's sleep siuce that light, aud luiu ever since boeu moving from place to plaoe, ex- i>ecting eveiy duy t o Ix; attacked by aome- liody, hu did not kuow vho ; tluit they aU wished to live at i}eaee with tho whites now, aud to have n o more trouble. A number of others spoke, all iu the some strain. They iJl expn^ssed pleua- tu'o i u huviug on agent living umoug theUL They oil set^ined aatiafled with their privieut ugeut. Major McCarthy, auduud tliat I would bo burpri»ed ii I revelations respecting the nuthoi-a of tho assa&^inatiou of his friend Marshal Trim, whom the tribtmals of justice have not yet lieen able t o discover, though they are couatantly arresting pereona \on suspicion.\ Being excessively aaxiona to do what in him lay to clear up tliis fearful mystery, Zorrilla said ho sliould bo Milling t o see tlie parties Iu tjucstion inhison'n house, Galte San Mateo, in tlie o\'euing. He was told that would not do. They would uot coino i o bis house, but woiild meet him at any other he might appoint. He fixed 10 at night, iu tho house of n friend living in Callo Fez. Piiuotiial to Ids appointment, lie went, and stayed till ueaily 2 o'clock in the morning. It is needlesi to any no one came. He was accompaiued by Iiis par- ticular friend Dun Luis Hernandez. A couple in Iowa got divorced lately, but uot appreciating the comforts of single blesscducsa were renmrricd the next doy. Tho Ofiscrver \Year Book\ gives the list of deaths of American clergymen, 1870, with their ages. The average oga is tJl years. Ttie coal miners of Ortut Briiatn pro- duced lust yciir 107,000,000 toua. worth £27.000,0{Jl>, and the furuacea made 5,000,000 tons of pig iron. Thou const not joko au cnem;i^ iuto a friend, but thou mayst a friend into au enemy. To be dextorons i u danger is a virtue, but t o court danger is a weiUtneaa. An impudent youngster came very near getting liis cars lioxed tlie other ui^lit at a M-edding party for wiahing tlie Th^v'lcft about ToVdockrand wVilkwriii! biTde \many happy returns of the day.\ tho direction of Seuor Zorrilia's house. | At San Francisco, in tho celebration They liad not gouo many steps \«hen a t of the capitulation of Paria, one of the a man emerging from the shadow of a j bauuers in the Geinmu proeewiion bore the inscriptiou: \New dish—frog smotlierc-d i u Bauer kraut.\ A Kentucky wedding was intermpted bv a young girl, with a babe in her arms, forbi'ddiiig tlie buns, ytut bridegroom, asked them to exciiM hte a moment. •lepptd g«t wul shol Uoi WUtaly O^li. DiyutenNbfia^'apttirad Iftm, tlie oiotmoua sum bofnis nioii.'V, and WOO,(K>0 cleansed and eounterieit revenue i^taittpa. They have a steam shovel oft 4ba Mis- sissippi Central Ruih-oaJ vAicfa tekea from the solid bank of eorCh aud loadi a train of eighteen dump ears ia tliir^- niue minutes, carrying about sevanty-^^ cubic yards of dirt. It is btiid that if nil the doga of tbla couutrv ato Mas fed to liogs, it would make '«riO,(X)0,0(K) worth of irark. Add to tliis ttie value of sheep tliuy deatroy, and aomething of an idea of the curse of doga.cim be obtained. Thu Bgrieultui-ul useocitttiou of Shelby oounlv, i'eiiuct(aee, will offer a premium of ttl.OOO for the finest and beat tmd most abundant cotton crop produced on a singlo acie, and tifKKJ for the gri'utest i-oru ci-op pi-oduoed on the some area of gioiiud. Hero's one of Punch's beat things : \Women are aiid t o have stronger at- toclimeutfi than men. It ia evinced in little things. A m.*ui is often attached to uu old bat; but did you ever know of u womuu having au atluchmeut for au old bonnet'/ Francis Creely, agedeijjhiy, ofteuauid colouel could not be disturbed ; that he ] he nould l>e willing to die Mben he hud was i)articuhirly engaged. Aftei several ] seen Ids youngest graml-daughter mur- ineflectual etloit^ t o obtain on uudieuee, j ricd. He attended her wedding the doorway ran rapidly past them. Senor ^orrilla noticed tho Urcident, and re- nMii^t*ft to hia friend, '* Lo presmtia ; mlMiOf vendidot** **Iihoughtas much, wa at« 'adld* (doped.\) A few yai-<U foithea om and iSiSJf Stv.'.f' to ttw CaUc San n«!«a, a nanov atreet v^uffi ^P^OM on to the CalJe Pez. ' FJ-OIU a doHt Sttz uer in this street two men enuryed dona* ed the sidewidk, and fired at them. Tha bidls, of whicli there niust have been at least seven, to judge by the murks they mode iu thu widl uf a currier's Rhop No IU Cidle Pu/, pdssi-d close behind thein, but fortunately witliout touching tiiem. With great preeence uf mind, Sentjr Hernandez pulled out his iwolver, and, firing it twice, run after the asaaasind, MIIO fled along the CoUe San Iloque, loiiviug th'ir li-uhuca (UunJerbmO on the [ gi'Otinil. In the dark filmdow betwei.'ii two of the lamps they disappeariU, and as there wua a wutcliutan at the other end of iJic sti'eot, who dechires no one iiiu out of it, tliey mubt have eut*'red ^ono of the hoti»eH, doubtless left oj)en foi- that purpose. A Xew Anredole of the Iterolullau. WHjen Washincton determined t o croiw the DeliiM-ure and burju-ise ihe Uenvtiuns at Treuton, h£a plans were discoveied in s6me way by a Toi;y family living ou tlie Penusylvauiu ald^-. A voung umn of tliis family was disputehuil across the river to warn the Hc-asian commander, Colenel Buhl, of the intended atttiek. He reached Trenton i n safety, aud goiug to Colouel lUhl'a headquait< rs, asked for uu interview. This M'O* i-efu^ed by tlie Mentry at the door, who f^uid that the voloptKl in bud^ aud'grauis during their geiiuination, and known as diiutfae or maiiiiie. This bubatuuce, as is geuei'olly known, iuduoes in hydrated starch the proces!» of uaiulysiri, by Mhieli i t is con- verted into de^tiiiie uud glucose—the forma M'liich all starch aud sugai' must asbume before they are fitted for uutri- tioiL The orgtUiic mutt4.'r ooulainod in the mixed sahva, and the fluids of the auiaU intestine, aie, in heulth, suffideut to estubjish this procoas ; but, iu a con- dition of the aihuenUiiy tract clioraetor- | ^^^^ compare the present issue of goods !??..l!I*'!!!^T^!ffi*..**'il*?^l \?\i^^^^ they beemed vejy the young luuu went away, k-aviuga uoto with .the ivquodt that it shuiUd i)e given to liidil jiiiunidiately. This note eou- tniued the iiiformutiou that Wubhingtou would cioss tlie river that r»iy night It was uariiod to tlio uulouol, M'ho wa» eiigroBsed by a game of chess. Hearing ihut it wa>< left by a young man, aud ap- l>reli€uditig no danger, he ]>ut it iuto lus other evening, near St. Ltmis. and tukiug part in thu dunce, fell dead, vrithout o groan at lier feet Tlie old folks iu a Hulhvan county fomi- Ir M'erc someM'lmt siui)ri(i\d the other day, when, ui>on rebultiug the famili- arities of a youDg (tuntleiuuii Mitli their only d&ughtoi-. the young mtui up and t'^hl tliem thai is wn^u'l any of their ))ouket, vud M'ont on with the game. Bu- [ bu«ne.-is, for they'd lH»eu mai'ied for a fore morning li;.'ht ha wiu> routed by the ! vear. liom) attack of the Americans who I* Quilp unJ his wife had a bit-of con. drove in hu pickits, and came su.ldenly , j^^jj^^ tJieoUier day. \I own that von ui-ou tlie muiu body of the '>ewildered | ,,„^.„ ,„„^. hi-illi-mcv or iutefttiual juices, this aubt^tuucti prom- ises to do fur atai'ch and tsugiu' iix inte^- ^pouiue \'aiuuoav oi ui e ;»ewiia»-r^i I have mor e biillianey than I.\ said 'tha Hessians, who fied iu aU dn^eiions. OoL j ^y^^, ..1,^ I ,^/^ tj,^ ^^^ jndg. uioiit.\ ''Yo-^,\ said Qui]}j, • '^our \You M-ere right about her, Jlirelle; j final digesUon Mlmt iH'pspiue does for she lb mdeed worthy of all yom pi-aise.\ I the albuminoid ailicles oi food. He om- The half-hour passed slowly, uud at the I ployb the remedy in doses of two to aix end of it the gentleman who lud passed i grains after eueh meul, uud aaya that it Judgment to Jules on his statue eutei-ed never actji prejudicially on the digeative the ring, and ivalkiiig t«^the u-ou-r. he ad- orgaua. dressed tho muuh pleasedj nitb former ibstias. Peace MiUi tho Piegaus is much to be debJred aud con be eoHiJy uiuintaiued, provided they ; patch from Washington buvs : The striU- con be dealt witli jiwtly. The ugeiit | mg out of on upjjropinitiou in the lialil monnt«^ hia borae, and gidluiitly but vainly eudeavorod to rally his disor- dered troops, and as he i-odo buck toward Treuton, alter going aome distance iu tho vctutitry, he MUS luoi-tally Mounded by a mtibkut bull. He tVll from hiu horbc. Mub cajiied into a hoube (atjll pointed out),and died. Iu his pocket,alLcr dealh, y\hH found unopened the uoto referred to. USITEU SlATBS CUBilKSiCr.—.V di»- chuiee iu niuli'.viug bliOM*u tliat'\ Quil]> was informed tliut he uub a brute. A good bfiury is told of a Gennun bliou- maker iu Utica, N. Y., Mho, having made u juiir uf boots foi' u gitutlemau of M'hobe fluanciul iutcj^aity he Ijud cou- aiderulde do'ibt, made the following reidy to liim M-heu he cidled for the ar- tide: '*lin itoota ish uot quite done, but der bill iulj made out.\ A iiuui M'us arre«t4Ml in Buflahi hist oomphuus that uf the *S50,O0o ajmropria-1 OmUbub biU uf ^•}m^m!\ii^ih^ ^u- ' ^^'^^ lor aU-^^ng u Uiriclol- bait When tod bv Cong.esH for tlie Pi,.gaiib onlv I atructiou of a building to be u^ied for I \'I't'^if\**!'\ *^** \^\*/V^ I'^f^*^ ,?**** r OtX) \•\-*^'•' \\—i\ >.»•- -\• i..,jii 1 * A\ ,1,...™..; J :. * Itiitiou. \lou could n t eat aoil, aou visitai?r He explained thoi- ougUlv the plan of the prize-awarding; how K)rty of tho most critical, juat, intelli- gt;Ut and M'ell-known gentlemen hu . .j selected to pass judgment on the btatuc ; how they had juuiucd judgment, aud that it n'OB his duty as well a^ pleabure to ^ivc Taa total uuinbai- of Bcondinavioua iu the Uuii(Kl States is oblimated, at the (lose of 1870, ut lOO.OOO, of which about 00,1100 are rebidents of Chicago. They number 880 congiegutious. 140 nxiniBtom and 50,000 commuuicimts. They h»vo a lth^Ei;:;;^:t.^5rbi: tt^M -- .-^ ^.^^^^y. ^^^ »17.0tfo Mort£ of goods has vet reached I bunk noto imd bond eng^l^•in^ and print- *;^*'V»- ^T^y^^^^'i ™ uhTi thlh^ him. Jhe Indians appeuie*f verv d.«U-1 ing, is probably the hiat eflbrt in that di- \^« {\iM**- \'•>**; ^,?. Ti.il I^ Id tuto and aome br^idltufli.. ooffoe, and ! re^iion at ,a-ci-nt It upi>eai-»a- in de- \ '!:^!f,\,!^'^:'t^j!!, 'H;t ;...iif,,ri*;l; sugar ubould bo sent to them without do- {bate that the iMjbt uf the cugraving and AH iMTuiEtn'iKo (jL'EmK'H bus come up for uolutiou iu Nevada. Tlu'ce mail rob- tndu on the bers. Mho plundered Ccuti-ol Pacific Iload s piiuting dune in New York'during the : tUcal year uas ifl,8A<'j,0(>'!». while that idoue here cost 81,lb5,irjC.^, being a i Having of &OtJO,Utit<.tt!i. Mr. Gurl'uld'a , bill fur replacing mutilated ui- Murn-out aoid tho y oubl hiiu Kixmuutha. The judga had no uj>i>i'eciutiou of delicute humur. A Pi'ovideuce man, about a^ven years ago, M'as jH'i'biLtdod to tak<- r»>me t<t')ck m a fuiicv ooi'poiulion for u bad delit, uud Jt-ceutly bume of its eroditurs, liudiug lljiug he r^*umod hi« work and liilened t..' »«:erluiued it. and the judge*, the commit-1 ;^.!:?„\L\i„?h..^\ .^\A\?* •jLtll the pruibcij aud tmwum^cmcjut Mbich yfcuue from the heai-t of hi« tstster And io iliat regular way juisbed tlie two M'oeks, all buX oue diiy, aud that day the one OD lid which tiie commitu« were to pObS Uieir iKi iudgiueut on Judith and ludoforuuti. inrl Slirelle wa^ abbeul, and Julw sal awaiting h)^ judge*; they cuwe late, aud one at a J^rcj time; but they all came, aud to the aeveu iQvrll who uuuibtjxjj the commit lee Jules uu- tee, aud ilated Ittir all. Tlic ghubtly head ol i\ ed a chaim to MiriiUe-- hor woi k. and to ihut head tdl her em-dly Imppioes.-. J, the work <^ JuW. oiiil it a truLhfuluia^s wnature ia art thut or^ Mddom }t»X* Jult* had^t'euioed <>f«| >at uv\Mt uuLii withiQ Lba he Uxi& able to lei rp to thut tiins he had iL lof ui« piafntbfUpoi: hiutfelf but M hull fathi r uud ) iuoj«, hv imj«rt4>d hia (bi ]\4 t i> the prize of fifty thousand fruucs avardcd, and the bum of a hui:'b'ed thouboud fiiuicb is offered for the bta.ue by Mouaieur dc- BobtianMho wax oueofthe jud^e^. Beolcmngappluutfc lollowod thia fpeech, and amid it all Mirelle and Jules btuod re- Iff vuiled hi^ treasure. For Muue luiouleb' <-«iviug bieully, but bO Lhuikfully, tho l<^ 'T^A' n\*il*\ •l\'^\' '\\ '^\\\•\*-: (tJlis under th« ohl Norwegian Svnod I; .d undoubtedly all present oon^:rat«-,,,^ Augburg S.minarv,*^at Morshail the two «rt.«ti whobe gemus bad . ^,^ ^^ « PlofeascV^ and -' ' bcldom U«-i. equaled, JtdL* ^t. Croix and ^ ^ , ^j uuArthe Uono N MIV. Mu^lle bt. Croix, hi. mtw; to tiicm c^^J^'i : Oii Ammalmia Wis., vith two Piofeabciri and is undi-rU . k)nferenco); liie Augustatia CoUege! ti^^ j.„ubt-rs have U«-n indicted by u th e and Seminary, ut Poxtou, 111., with thrve I^Ceusors and ^ btudeula (under were convicUad, and I'libon beniug out twenty years tach, Hdequute puniKhmenf under the lawa of ' n\\\ \J'-\*\ i\\ *\ '\\\\•;,' t\ 'V/'T^T.^\ forueor intimidation, and for lias offense the Auguatoim Synod- )— Chivuijo Juur- \UJL i Si*- bilenee i-eigned, and then, with one accord. their earihly god~-ou i t thifht^^ef the M-vuijiidgi« turned and cxu-udnd their bau'iri to JAIIM. 'i'hc priuuipaJ then Mud : \Your work r.liall have the most prominent pobitiou iu the exhibit iou, aud I would not hoaitaieto give ycu the Uft.y thtmsand &-auQ» ^ utouiout; iler« ia a nea- rra iu yt^paill you haro commouoed it, and withyMtt will end- Your uame, if you pluut^* Juh» cutdd uot reply, bo ovfjcajpf KM two he by hiir good forttuii'. 'i'hc gdi^tiaiv liu I t»w tJnifc' oad undarbtood, wau of tj^jufA ii^u« aa they MOJ^. wlmt tht toeUug 1 of apour,bU'm^'Iin^iutibt,M*ho,tJ ' or aud poM-iiy, ifc suddenly raibed ('.'' lurtuue. kiusr a H%bt pau*^. J rewui'd of tlitir takuit, penieveraucc imd goodntaa. *'You are to oome homo irith ine, Minjlk-.\ Mirolte looked u|> and aaw MJle. d« BatLian. \ 1 wiut uot fur on introduction, HiJtx- rS^ieiir &t. Croii.\ she oantiuuod, extooding ^ tii-r Lund and warmly bhakiug the hand i^ the obtouuded Juh^b, who Utgau to bolieve lu uiiiaduc, and prayed they might con- uuuo. '-Is ii>.<t our bUcocwi gn»t, oiodMUictiMiUf/\ artUtfife];^ boid Mi)elk. \ U ia but the ouuameuoemeut, daai United Stttttts Grvud Jury, and, ou the 7th iubt, U. H. Marbliul Lujumoii, on The UHW city id K.tLtmu, Orogon, bix million of m>ix» will IN; requii-od, i tliongh but foui-'wifks old, ouutuinti live would oobt, if autirely fUivuv'd and hmiditid iuhubiiuiit;, uud boaht* uf lour I'lmtbJ, iu tlie Buieuu, »l,tiU2,000 ; £^1- drv gouOs aiidttJ-o»;<ry sluioa, thi-«e reb- graving ti.OitO aeta of phiiub ut (fWG per , luuniul*-, iau-i>eiit-r ahu^, Uackwoith bcU ifTHO.OUO ; localizod paper, li,O0(',- ^bop, boot uu^ thoe bhup. aud aboyt MAMaAOKB n SrAiK.—Hoi-iiages iu Spain ui-e arranged by the purtieb uiost cou<:t-nied, aud no foi-iiuie is utM^ebaorv j mutiuu .i>f ]>i>tt».-t A«..>m,K.*K ^ '\^ ahoeU ul tKS.SO per J'OCX) alM^t*, i thirtv dMelliiiga of vurious grudua, fi-om S^d^ i^tSSbo^iS^^^^ paiei-oUoM-ance tor I a um. bt^O f-iie to a du^ t*^t No rum SSidTor S£o ^^Lwn^'Se ^n I .t\\* »«tib.tod in*^iri;.ting. . W,OU>; 1 ahopb uiv \...^A. and* not a light IUM. Under the udvxce of Atto:aiey-Gcu- is\i^^.^,,,j^^^^ A mv ^^J. OTH. __ ___ ^itii Bockuer the waidoa declined to |(xw ; U>iai, W.OUitOOO. oLthepartuf UielAdy.tbeV*i.ya^^b.-ing|<'\«>lJj' \^^ '^i« demand, and Oius a t very generouB and dihinttjobted in their ! P****^''\**^ **^''\?^**:{^ ' bJ*o IT, wy MAS.—A acumKU. _, built in tiie United''^.\** impcdimeut ^ his biiewJi. M«« t j^ love uflJairH. Iu cubca where theie is u buuutiful bhieh iy MubiJeoently irapj^bd by Mr. H. EdyOtU , of Labo. ilie fox, when truppod, made '*\'tt({alla»t<-ffort tooboupe l*y att/uUang guaw ofl the [iaw that >!iud beei. SAIUNO vEeaELB . I uau^'hf, and bi;L0ot4od in dcy^'g HP wiUi , . , . , . ^e oxotptioji uf u buuiil aiv^ *'• At this n.^., , .i 4i,--i** ^^71 -1—-'•*''.— \*-w. v«« bhipb ai* lorty-one,/'V^i'W^aia Iium Uio gangway. The tur uQiut bhif-Jintf had mud^y-ner too weak themuuey to the hitter. But the OMI of; of 57.107 tona, and tj^ schooneiB 519, i»\ to rej^ort the acudent to the liv.l u^^xJ^^ll^.r ^f Te t^^ audi unions lb boiiaUde, that tiiey ure ! of 56.008 tunU*boMing the couhtini >ut*-4uait.M-hu wa* on the umater dack; iLd S »i^'^^i'\ ^? \*:?''\\-'w ^\\^i '^''t^^'^^^ ^'•^ \*»-• ^'^ i\»*'e\ idappS but ^-^ ^ <«^t***^ <i^t ^ could not ^^ eudod thcb>i:e, quobUouUie right of the«h-irchtogiunt,Xhe*uWi veabtOb uumWr 290 6/70 - wt^r a word - atopeabiiuoub unOfaT buch wi«umat*acet. tiijo ton», tUtj* being aix ooeun ».tcuoor», wii-- tJit umM<a In'the boutb of bpaio i t in the oubtom ' ei^htAU) tor the lulea. tmd Wii en f^ *>»^^- quitat!;; for oom-tfcl'ips to go on for a number uf riverb ; tiie Uugt* teportod oi* 102, and '**^ct^ inuuediotely .iii-uok up ; .. . _„ yeiirf-.tlicpuient* leaving the ytuing poo- the ooxial bo^ts 6l:i ; or a gmu;l total of \Tht AaoihJ'-.byy laowbow*, tittle Mlrettd. 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